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 A Necessary Conversation, AU:18 Tallis/Rae, pre-feast
 Posted: May 10 2018, 11:38 PM


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Incoth was so small, Tallis got a room to herself. It was nice, actually, although she didn't really have it ALL to herself. But she didn't mind sharing with Incoth, and Hope was quite well behaved. In fact, she'd taken to Incoth almost immediately, trilling flirtatiously at him from her perch on Tallis's shoulder. With Incoth fed, bathed, and oiled, he had given Rae directions to her room and fallen straight to sleep, his head laying in Tallis's lap as she sat on the bed.

The new weyrlings, the girls at least, were all clustered into the rooms at the corner. Tallis's room was the first occupied room on the right, three doors down from the entrance. It wasn't the biggest room, but she didn't need a big one. Incoth was, if not the smallest of the clutch, certainly one of the smallest. There hadn't been any Whites or Greys, so the only ones that might be smaller than him were the two Blacks on the boys side. But that was alright. She hadn't wanted a big one anyway. Likely, he'd be just the right size for her when he grew up.

She'd asked Rae to meet her in her new room because she figured it'd be the simplest spot, rather than meeting outside it somewhere. Plus, Incoth was fast asleep and she really didn't want to leave him so soon after Impression. She'd had some time to think while she'd been oiling Incoth, making sure to pay attention to what S'vor had been telling them of course, and she knew she needed to talk to her little sister.

She'd practically raised Rae herself, especially those first two turns after their mother's death. Rae had become so dependent on Tallis's presence, that this was going to be good for her. To branch out and find her own feet, maybe even her own wings. So to speak. It would be nice if Raeni found a dragon of her own. But there was also the thought that maybe Rae was just too gentle for this life. Tallis knew it was too late for her to avoid it, but... No, she wouldn't force a decision on her sister. She would simply help Raeni make the best choice for her. She couldn't play guardian forever, after all. Rae had to learn to choose for herself.

The knock on her door was quiet and almost timid. Just like her little sister. "Come in," she said gently. Maybe opening the door herself would have been the more polite thing to do, but with her sleeping dragonet's head in her lap, she didn't really want to disturb him. That hatching had taken a lot out of all of them, after all. She was almost tempted to follow his example, in fact.


 Posted: May 22 2018, 05:41 PM


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Her sister had Impressed, and she had not.

The hatching had been scary, and what had transpired after had been even worse. It had been decided that those under twelve turns of age could no longer Stand as candidates. Not only had she not Impressed, but now she was not even allowed to Stand for another whole turn and a season! She had seen not one, but two of the candidates run off the sands, and apparently that had something to do with it. Yet she, who had stayed, she felt should not be held accountable for that. Her sister would almost be graduated from weyrlinghood by then! Raeni was absolutely miserable and downtrodden. More than a little bit nervous and uncertain. No longer a candidate--at least not really--and now she did not have her sister's 'skirts' to hold on to, as it were.

She was happy for her sister, truly. Yet all her imagined dreams and plans of Impressing together and being weyrlings together, of graduating together...it was suddenly shattered into a million pieces. She had gone quietly back to their once-shared room, where Jump, Pounce and Skysong had all curled up on the bed with her. Incoth's words came to her not too long after. Instructions to Tallis' new room, with her new dragon...a dragon who, she was surprised, had spoken to her more than once. He was probably a very nice dragon, and she loved her sister too much to be truly upset that he was the reason Tallis and she were now to be apart. Yet her steps felt heavier than normal as she made her way to that room, where Tallis would be waiting with Incoth, her new dragonet.

When she arrived, having left Jump and Pounce in the room and bringing Skysong along, she peered into the room curiously. It was bigger than the barracks. A lot bigger. She supposed that made sense, since Incoth would not stay small. She stepped into the room quietly, taking immediate note of the sleeping dragonet, and feeling suddenly strangely out of place. Still, Impressed or no, Tallis was her sister. What was she going to do without her? She suddenly felt a lump in her throat, but she swallowed it right back down. Babies cried, not girls of ten turns.

She didn't speak, since she wasn't sure how loudly she could speak, without waking the young black. Instead, she took another few steps forward, until she was close enough that Tallis could talk quietly, and set the volume herself. She smiled, but it was a little sad--she couldn't hide that so well. Skysong inquisitively looked at the black, but taking a cue from Rae, didn't chirrup or trill, or even make the whistling sound she liked to make. Both girl and cyan firelizard were quiet.
 Posted: Jun 14 2018, 11:27 PM


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When she saw her little sister, Tallis could tell that Rae was holding back. When Rae was close enough, Tallis reached out and pulled the girl into a tight hug, though not tight enough to worry about accidentally squishing the sleeping hatchling's head. She didn't speak. There was nothing she could think of to say. The Hatching had been the pivotal moment in their lives. Tallis was to be a Rider, if she and Incoth both survived training, while Rae wouldn't even be allowed to Stand for another two Turns. Tallis actually took some comfort in that. Sure, they'd been told over and over again how violent a Hatching could be, but they weren't Weyrbred. They hadn't grown up around this. It was only by a stroke of luck that she was one of the first to Impress, which managed to get her out of the danger zone before the murderous Red dragonet and the Bronze wheret could start wreaking their destruction.

Finally, she loosened her hold and softly patted the spot next to her on her new bed, hoping Rae would take the invitation and sit next to her. "You will be allowed back into Candidacy, if you choose," she finally said. Her tone was soft and gentile, the same tone she had used in the past, time and time again, when comforting not only Rae, but little Tali as well. "You may not believe it, but I think this is better. It will let you decide if you're truly willing to risk everything to become a Rider." She looked down at Incoth, gently rubbing the spot right behind his headknobs. "Whether you are willing to risk your life for the chance at being chosen by a hatchling dragon even with all your flaws." She looked back over at her sister. Tallis hadn't been on the Sands when the girl had died. When the Bronze wheret and the Red dragonet had both been culled. She had already Impressed, and been moved out of harm's way. Protected by Weyrlingmaster S'vor and Green Absynth. Out of the line of fire.

Yes, Impression had changed her life. And it was still sinking in just how much her life had changed over such a short amount of time. "No matter what, Rae, we will always be sisters," she said finally. "Talisen will always be our brother. Nothing that happens will ever change that."



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