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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Caden, Apprentice Beastcrafter, Dragonless
 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 01:18 AM


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Caden (Cade)




Trader > High Reaches Weyr > Trader > Dalibor Weyr

Apprentice Beastcrafter > Dragonless > Stands Dragon Candidate

Age-Out Date:

Caden was always the kind of person to do what she felt was right, before and after the loss of Charth. With a strong moral compass, she never did what others dictated she ought to if it interfered with what she believed was the right thing to do. Stubborn, Cade never believed in the word 'can't'. Instead, each new problem was met head on, and the girl never gave up until a solution of some kind was found. She has always had a strong presence and voice. Charasmatic and well-spoken, people tended to listen to her when she had something to say. She could motivate them to action through not only her words, but the fact that she always acted according to what she believed was right herself. She sees things from a unique angle and perspective, and she can often shed light and clarity on situations or problems at hand. She won't be afraid to question things, always wanting to know the facts and see the situation from all sides before making rash or snap decisions.

Caden works well under pressure. If something needs doing, she's the sort to get out there and get it done. She has a strong sense of enacting justice and won't tolerate behavior she deems to be cruel or wrong from anyone. She will stand up for herself, and especially for others. She does try to appear more hardened than she is, and tries not to let others see weaknesses in her. She will go to great lengths to be heard and to achieve her goals. She will always stick to what she believes in, however, and this is a driving force for her. Cade works hard, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty or of tough physical labor. She doesn't care for laziness, and will always be the kind of person to see a task through to completion. She can obey orders well enough, but this young woman is the kind who can take the lead and genuinely cares about other people, no matter who they are. Sometimes she can push people to hard, wanting them to see their own worth. Wanting them to understand that they are capable, that they are skilled and worthy. She has always had confidence in herself. Not the egotistical kind, but the kind that simply believed in her own worth. Intelligent, she catches on to things very quickly, and has a very good memory. She likes to work with her hands, and to invent new and better ways of doing things that make it easier on others.

In relationships, Cade is loyal and serious about the person she takes an interest in. She is drawn to honesty, those who are not afraid to commit, and those who can be brave and strong when needed. On the other side, because she herself is a strong individual, if it is a girl she would likely be drawn more to an emotional and open type--someone a bit softer. She desires to protect those she cares for, friends or otherwise. She will fight for them, and always have their back; she is the kind of person one would want to have at their back. She is fiercely loyal, perhaps a little too honest as she doesn't bandy words and speaks her mind freely. Sometimes people can't handle that level of outspoken honesty and be hurt accidentally by it. She hasn't ever lied to save feelings, for instance, but rather at least tried to suggest how something could be made better. Since she is not shallow, no one is 'ugly' to her. She will not pursue a partner based upon physical aspects, but rather a deeper connection emotionally. The only time she can truly be said to be impulsive is when she fears losing someone she loves or cares for, or is being self-sacrificing in the name of helping someone else.

Caden can accept failure from anyone else, but not from herself. She is hard on herself, and does tend to beat herself up for her mistakes. In others, she can forgive, and give second chances. If something she does causes someone to be hurt, or something to be lost by it...it is all the worse. This is the state of mind she is in now. She cannot forgive herself for what happened to Charth. She blames herself, and if she were not so strong, she would not be alive.

Post-Charth and family Cade is in some ways the same, and in some ways very different. She feels like half a person. She cannot sleep at night, and has to remind herself to eat--she literally has a schedule written out for her, and lives by that schedule. She is much more bitter and prone to anger now. Self blame is constant. She has always been very strong, else she would have asked to be taken between. It isn't like she hasn't thought of it. Still, for some reason unknown even to herself, she lives each day in her own personal hell, unable to leave the world, but hardly knowing how she is supposed to continue living in it. She transferred to Dalibor Weyr instead of going back to the Weyr Charth and she had been at so she wouldn't be plagued constantly by memories of her orange in all the places they had been. She did not want to let what happened to her make her fear the presence of other dragons and their kin forever, though, and so chose Dalibor over going back to the caravan. Besides, she didn't want to be around anyone she knew, or that knew her family. She wanted an entirely fresh start altogether. Perhaps it is her anger that drove her to once again go to a Weyr rather than a Hold, as well. Frustration at feeling weak, as it were. She is fighting to get some semblance of her life back. Still, every night, the nightmares haunt her. She is afraid to fall asleep, for they always come. She tries to keep busy as possible, and almost always it is exhaustion which sends her into sleep once more. The constant reminder of what she lost is hard on her. Yet part of her self blame and punishing herself means she stays at the Weyr, as well. She sees every day what she lost, and the self blame continues.

She has something else to aid her in her battle for survival: anger and bitterness. She is blunt and short with her words, always seeming to be all business and coolness and hardly all that empathetic anymore. Perhaps she feels people's problems are minimal to her own. They complain about relationships and friendships, and she has lost everything. So she is short with people and has little tolerance for their complaints or feelings about things she considers 'trivial' by comparison. She doesn't really pity herself--yet she can hardly bring herself to empathize with others. She knows what pain is--real pain. How is she supposed to listen to their problems and feel anything other than wishing she had theirs, and not her own? It is something that will take a lot of work, for she was ever the person to be just and fair and moral, and now, while she still has a strong sense of these things, she is lost in her own life and world, too far gone to really care. One day at a time is her motto, and that's exactly how she plans to survive: one day at a time.

Cade fights to find purpose, and in working with runners, and animals, at least there is some sense of it, no matter how it is such a small thing, for her, to hold onto. More importantly, it keeps her busy. She spends all waking hours at her craft. New to Dalibor, she has no friends, and doesn't really want them. She tends to push people away by her overflowing anger and harshness. If anything she is clipped and professional and does not come across as friendly. Instead, she sounds angry and bitter, even if she is respectful to her Master and those she works with. Helping animals makes her feel she is doing something of worth. Yet the loss, the emptiness...it never fades. Her greatest fear is that it never will.


Play-By: Daisy Ridley

Cade is very typically Pernese in appearance. She stands perhaps a little taller than average at 5'7", with a lean, decently muscled and toned frame. She is truly a petite build, with a cup that, if there were Terran measurements, would sit at a size 'A'; she would wear a dress size of 4, however. Despite being small-chested, she does have decent curvature in her hips and buttocks--she does not wear dresses, but in her clothes one would not mistake her for a male. Her legs are long and shapely, her hips flare out, and despite not bothering with makeup, one would not mistake her face for masculine, either. Her skin is lightly freckled upon closer inspection. She has brunette hair that is slightly wavy, shoulder length, and usually tied up or back to keep it from being in her face. Her eyes are hazel--predominantly brown but with a bit of green-and-gold if one gets closer. It is the outer rim that is most notably green in color, but once more, only if closer. Otherwise they appear honey-brown to most, often an amber color in brighter lighting.

Her face is suitably pretty, yet not strikingly so. She would be considered a little over average by some; she does nothing to try and appear attractive to anyone. She has lips that are not super full, but full enough. A nose that is unremarkable, neither small, nor large--suitable is the best word for it. Neither thin nor thick eyebrows arch above expressive eyes. Often she looks serious--as she usually is these days. Her feet would be around a size 9 in Terran sizes, and she has always thought them a little large--but not cared in the least. Her hands are deft and yet strong, with light callouses. She works hard, that much is evident just by looking at her. Practical is her clothing. She prefers shades of tan, grey and brown. If she were to select another color, it would always be blue. Her nails are kept short so they don't interfere with her work or collect dirt under them. Though she is not afraid to get dirty, she does keep herself in good order.

Cademar (Father, Trader, 40, Deceased)
Reiana (Mother, Trader, 39, Deceased)
Reidar (Brother, Trader, 9, Deceased)


Caden's life as of the past two turns has been one of loss, a true test of just how much a person can take before they break. She was born to a wonderful pair of parents. They had always been Traders, in a smaller but close knit caravan where most people were related by blood in some way. She was the first-born, and had her parent's attention to herself for the first seven turns. Of course as a Trader, she was essentially raised by her entire caravan, as Trader children are. Each contributed something to her upbringing: a skill, life lessons, playing a part in her life. She loved her life, and proved from the start to be an independent, yet sociable and friendly, child. She liked to dress in trousers and hated to wear dresses. At first she used to say she wanted to be a boy. She said this from such a young age, her parents wondered if she really felt as though she was one. She certainly acted it. She liked to rough house, hunt, climb trees and catch all manner of wild creatures. She preferred learning to fight--though the staff seemed to be her weapon of choice, she was quick to pick up how to use the others, and hand to hand was something she proved quite good at--and how to hunt than to learn sewing, cooking, or other such things. Her favorite hunting tool was the bow and arrow, which she spent many candlemarks practicing with day in and day out.

She learned well enough and proved smart, but had a poor attention span. She'd rather have been out on adventures, or doing work with her hands. While her memory was good, and she loved stories, she didn't much have the attention span to sit still and listen for long periods of times. She liked to run with the boys, but would readily make friends with girls just as easily. Until she was seven and her brother, Reidar, was born, she liked to say she was a boy. Then when he was born, suddenly she stated she wanted to be a girl. A tomboy through and through, she had simply wanted to be able to be as strong as and do all the things the boys around her could. She still hated dresses, though. She loved her little brother from day one. They had their differences as he got older and annoyed her some, but it was clear he adored her, and she him. Then when she was 11 turns old, they were at High Reaches Weyr and she was Searched. She really wanted to try Standing, but her parents fought her on it. They were very tight knit and did not give up one of their own easily. Still, she was stubborn and persisted, and they allowed it. Only later would they come to regret that decision. To wish they would have fought it harder.

She Impressed at her first hatching, to an orange sub-queen who announced herself as Charth. The pair had as strong a bond as any. The orange was not always easy, though that tended to be typical for a orange. Strong willed, vain, stubborn, and often lazy, they did come to a head at many times and argue. Cade managed to win each time, and soon they were working much more smoothly--despite Charth's lazier tendencies. Weyrlinghood had its challenges, but they had a good Weyrlingmaster and they worked very well together. Cade's drive and determination to do well and make an impression--to matter at her new home--were the reasons for their success. Charth was loyal to Hers, and wanted to make her proud at the end of the day.

Their first fight against Thread would be their last. It was a horrible twist of fate that the first fall they participated in was Doomfall. Everyone was needed, and so Charth and she were delivering firestone to the lower wing riders. A clump was missed, and while Charth was waiting for Caden to go and fetch more firestone to load her up with, it hit her on back and wings, and she went between to escape the pain and to stop it doing more damage. It was too late, however. The clump had been large and the score was too severe. Her pain was Caden's pain, and Cade was crying out, screaming for the Dragonhealers to save the orange. There was no way they could have, and before Caden could even get to her, she went between from her injuries, leaving a wailing, stricken Caden rocking back and forth, the rider who held her having to keep her clawing at her own skin in the mere memory of the pain, and the grief of the loss.

Cade was all but catatonic after the death of her orange. She was wasting away, refusing to eat. She wouldn't speak to anyone, lost in her blame and feeling as though she were half-dead. She was only thirteen. It was her family that came to get her. Her little brother that begged her, crying, to please not die. She left with them, back to their caravan. They kept her going, though barely. It was her little brother that she mostly kept living for. He managed to reach her when she could barely find herself. She was not the same. She felt she would never be. She still felt lost. Half-alive. Barely spoke. Yet she was alive. The dreams of Charth were a torture no matter if it was nightmares or 'good' dreams of her. Every time she dreamed of her for good or ill, she woke having to feel like she was losing the orange all over again. She came to dread sleep, and would stay up until exhaustion found her and she passed out. Only in this way did the sleep seem to tend to be more devoid of dreams--or at least of any she could remember. One day flowed into the next, and she began to at least have some semblance of a 'normal' life. Her family kept her going. She was never alone, being surrounded by the caravan's people, and her family. While she was very rarely smiling and never truly happy, she came to a sort of acceptance. There was nothing she could do, and while she would still blame herself, she at least tried to think of it less. The nightmares continued if she did not fall asleep out of exhaustion, so she continued keeping late hours, keeping herself as busy as possible. Klah became her drink of choice. She relied on it to keep her awake until that point.

Three turns passed. Life was as good as it was going to get for Cade, in her eyes. She was not really happy, but she had come to some kind of terms with her life as it was. She continued with keeping busy, always doing and never stopping until she finally found deep, dreamless sleep. She had, a few times, utilized fellis to help sleep. Her parents tried to not allow her to take it too often, fearing addiction. Constantly they told her she was strong, and she was not ever alone. While she felt their presence, they couldn't possibly know how alone she truly felt after the loss of her orange. They offered her a firelizard egg, and yet she refused it. She actually more than refused--she lost it. She snapped and stormed off, only to break down crying. She didn't want anything to do with anything dragonkin. Not dragons. Not whers. Certainly not firelizards. Her younger brother Impressed it, making it hard for her to be around him. She tended to avoid those who had firelizards in her caravan. Every time she saw an orange, it was even worse. Yet her parents hadn't one, and her brother, whom she was closest to, had to send his away or leave him behind when he wanted to see her, else she had to numb herself and seemed tense and uptight.

They were very unlucky that they came into contact with someone who had contracted the Jungle fever from the South. Things were at least feeling a bit steadier for Cade. She was managing. Living, though not entirely living. She was still unstable, but stronger. Her little brother showed signs of illness first. Then her mother. Then her father. Then her. People around them began dying. Her brother, being the youngest, worsened the quickest. He passed first. Then her mother. Then her father. She never even knew, because she was delirious and no one would tell her. She recovered. She'd always been strong, both physically and mentally. Even being broken, after the loss of Charth, she was a survivor. Yet when she asked for them, and she was gently told they had not made it...she snapped all over again. Only this time, instead of turning into a crying, lost mess, she became numb save for her anger. That anger fuels her as surely as hot coals on a fire. She couldn't absorb the impact of what had happened. She couldn't deal with it. And so she simply did not. Instead, she decided to leave the caravan, and once they arrived at Fort Weyr--the next place they'd been headed to--she asked a rider to take her to Dalibor Weyr. He agreed to take her, and she made plans to apprentice there or work as a drudge, if need be. She could have chosen to return to her caravan, but she wanted no memories, and she was tired of feeling weak and afraid of seeing dragons and whers, and even firelizards. Dalibor, she had heard, was the most accepting Weyr full of all kinds of people. It was small, and not as overwhelming as the larger ones would be. High Reaches she would never return to. She could not bear to be reminded of all the places she and Charth had been, nor to see the people she'd known and her weyrling class, or anyone from her past life. Fort was more close minded and too large for her liking. It was to be a complete wiping of the slate--a new start entirely that would force her, through pain and anger, to deal with it all.

Once at Dalibor, she finds a Master Beastcrafter who suggests she might find some joy in working with animals, as she spends her spare time in the stables and seems to enjoy their companionship more. So she decides to apprentice under him, and that she will specialize in the same thing as him--the behavior and training of animals--once she is able. It gives her purpose and keeps her busy as she can be. Oftentimes, she will go help out drudges and in the kitchens in her spare time, doing everything she possibly can to keep occupied until she is exhausted enough to fall asleep.

At this point, her life feels surreal. She knows her parents and brother are dead. She knows her dragon is dead. Inside, she feels empty. The nightmares continue. Only now, they include her parents and brother. When she wakes in a cold sweat, she finds she was crying in her sleep. Yet she never cries while awake, and has become simply numb, bitter and just what she is: a survivor. She sees dragons and firelizards, and also whers, daily. She chose the Weyr because she felt if she forced herself to see it, to deal with it, she would be stronger for it. In a sense, perhaps she is. Yet is it really dealing with it, if she cannot even allow herself to actually deal with it, and begin the grieving process? Instead, she is in limbo. Just existing, not living. Just existing, empty save the pain of loss. The only sense of purpose she has is in the animals whose lives she saves--she could not save her dragon. She could not save her family. Still, at least she can save them...but who will save her?

Adoption Preference:

Transfer only please~

Cross-Impressionable Yes. Second most preferred to Larka.

SubQueen Impressible: No.

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:

Purple > Brown > Grey > Yellow > Indigo

Banned Colors:

Green > Burgundy > Pink > White > Blue > Cyan > Black

Preferred Personalities:

Something different, yet similar, to her.

Undesirable Personalities:

- No disabled dragons, please.
- unintelligent
- foolish

In-Character Considerations:

She is dragonless so cannot Impress for a year real life time from the day of acceptance. She also requires a Stands Impression token due to this.

Mauling Preferences:

Only very minor, nothing lasting mauling allowed. Nothing above the neck, nothing beyond minor scarring, breaks that heal, that sort of thing.

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 05:28 PM

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