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With Mutorin of Dalibor's discovery that a number of plants found in the southern jungles can be used as a remedy to stave off the worst of the still unnamed 'plague' the fatalities seem to have tapered off. Most of Dalibor's ill have recovered, if only in time to mourn their losses. Even still a number of Dalibor's wings and prides have seen fit to transfer away following their recovery, as if the Weyr itself was responsible for such a disastrous event - not realizing the plague was spread to the far reaches of Pern by a handful of persons that broke the quarantine in their delirious state.

All things considered life is moving forward calmly for the denizens of Dalibor Weyr and its beholden Holds. Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. Only time will tell what the new Lord and Lady Holder will bring to their Hold, but all are hoping for none but good fortune.
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 Sun In The Sky, You Know How I Feel..., SP:18; Beavaeth's Flight
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 05:33 PM
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It had been a long while since the last time she'd Risen. Beavaeth had grown so much in her recent turns, much as her bond with her To'rua had as well. Hers would never be a Journeyman, but it hadn't lessened his desires to teach V'ael the ways he'd learned. Winter had always been a hard season for both of them; Bea loved the snow, she loved the cold air across her wings, her snout, her back, but her To'rua didn't enjoy it. He spent most of it either curled up in bed, or close to the hearths in the Dining Hall.

The coldest nights were spent in the Hatching Sands, where the pair of them talked and pondered the next clutch of new life to hatch therein. His fingers worked in the furs, restless for reasons he was well aware of. Beavaeth had been glowing the last several days, the transparent membranes of her delicate wings marked with their otherworldly dark and light spots taking on an ethereal hue as she prepared for her next venture to the sky.

She wasn't often away from him. To'rua wasn't often away from her, either, and in some expanses the Igen-born man and High Reaches transfer wasn't exactly the most libido-having man in the history of Pern. It was all the better than Beavaeth understood, and she too had little desire to share the skies with any given male.

But sometimes instincts overwhelmed part of one's reason, and To's eyes closed as his Cyan took to the ledge, peering gleefully and curiously at the world below her. The dragons going to and fro with their many markings, their bonded people, the things and supplies that Weyr and Hold required for everyday life.

She wanted to be nowhere else, and with the soft Spring's first rain peppering through broken clouds along her hide, she flared her wings with an absolutely pleased sense of self.

It is time, MineOwn. I have called Zwiyth's, I imagine she will be here shortly. Do not fret. It is Fate, isn't it?

The smile it earned was amused, and instead of lingering on his furs, he took the bridging of his mind with his Cyan's in stride, rising and stripping off his shirt, his socks, pulling his cyr wheel from beneath the bed and beginning to spin and rotate within the metal frame. His hair, braided back away from his face, whipped across his back and shoulders as he moved. Around and around, in a perfectly balanced display of core muscle strength and dance that was only further empowered by his dragon.

I have found my wings, came the gentle call of the nebula-marked Cyan, Come and fly with me. I may choose you, I may not, but the day is radiant and thus, Fate has decided before you upon whether or not you will rise or Fall with me. Oh the rain is so nice, won't you come and see?

 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 09:14 PM

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The cold of Winter and early Spring wasn’t as noticeable in M’rat’s weyr as it was in a single man or woman’s weyr with three children all under ten turns and various firelizards between them. Of course the cold didn’t stop females from flying and Higarath wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity especially since she didn’t seem nearly as violent as the last Cyan that he chased the fact that at least in length she was only a foot smaller helped quite a bit. Seeing what was coming the Bluerider ushered out the three sleepy children and their pets with Hilrat in charge seeing as the boy was the eldest and was the most used to the routine of what happened.

The Blue left his weyr amongst the rain and cold of early Spring, quickly as he could the Blue caught up to the much younger Cyan noting with no small amount of surprise that he was the first male there. Hopefully for Beavaeth’s sake he wouldn’t be the first and last male to brave the weather to chase after her this flight, though it reduced his odds of winning it did mean that Beavaeth’s choice in mate was hers. Higarath comes of course, whatever the weather it is won’t deter me. Whatever happens as long as it’s your choice as long as it’s your own is a good ending even if I’m not the winner, said Higarath keeping a respectful distance from her.

 Posted: Dec 8 2017, 04:29 PM

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L'aars stirred from his quiet, morning routine, head turning towards the mouth of his weyr. Jaireth ambled from his couch, his body tense at the anticipation of a Flight. A few moments later, he was at the ledge, eyes towards the sky, searching for the female that beckoned males to Chase. Beavaeth Rises. And with that, he was gone. Off the ledge in a few stokes of his wing sails.

The iron climbed higher and higher, meandering his way towards the cyan, rain dashing against his hide like sparks of broken glass. Already a blue pursued, keeping his distance from the beautiful female. Jaireth maneuvered his way behind the fighters, a low grumble of approval in his chest. Jaireth comes to you. Your hide is a patch of clear sky amidst the grey of a storm--it beckons. The last time he pursued a cyan it was raining. Though His remembered that day more than he. Claws against hide and the flow of ichor paled against His' memory of Misqith's Flight. No thunder rolled and roiled. No lightning flashed.

Though he did wonder, what was fate?

The word held little meaning to the iron.


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