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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Life, Uhhh... Finds a Way, WI: 18 {Leena/Se'ng}
 Posted: Jun 18 2018, 03:46 AM
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Leena sat on the floor of her wherhole, dangling the abused corpse of a wild tunnelsnake above the head of Samantha, her treesnake. The treesnake was wrapped loosely around piece of scoria carved to resemble a tree branch, attached to a natural stalagmite left by the original carvers of the wherhole to be used as a place to set a water bowl or the like. Beneath the "branch" was a tiny coal stove, with wetted moss stacked atop it... the resulting damp heat infused the porous scoria and made a decent simulation of a tree branch in a jungle, the natural habitat of Samantha's species. Usually the treesnake only used the branch while Leena was sleeping, spending Leena's waking hours wrapped around the neck of the blackhandler and leeching her body heat, but recently the treesnake had become more unwilling to leave the branch as her body had grown thick, like a sausage.

At first, Leena had been concerned that the treesnake had become ill, and the swelling was the sign of an infection or the like. However, after some inspection by Se'ng, who had become an increasingly common sight in the blackhandler's presence after discovering she was the owner of a treesnake (one of the only two in the entire Weyr), he determined that Samantha was, in fact, merely pregnant, the swelling being the result of eggs growing inside her body. It seemed that the other treesnake that had made its way back to Dalibor from the Grove Expedition was, in fact, a male, and nature had taken its course at some point with the male tunnelsnake finding Samantha by way of pheromones or the like, and apparently their encounter had resulted in eggs.

Samantha eventually snatched the dead tunnelsnake from Leena's grasp after she had shaken it about enough to simulate live prey... normally Leena allowed the treesnake to hunt on her own, if supervised, but ever since she had become more sedentary as her eggs grew inside her, the woman had shown increasing concern about her eating enough to support both herself and the growing eggs, along with worry about Samantha's ability to hunt on her own with her increasingly egg-swollen body. Se'ng had come to the rescue once again, bringing her fresh prey to feed to Samantha... prey that Leena suspected he extracted from the mouth's of his own tunnelsnakes, considering the fresh injuries he often bore on his forearms and hands when he dropped them off, injuries that looked like the marks of the needle-sharp teeth and claws of an upset tunnelsnake that didn't want to give up its kill.

As Samantha settled in to swallow her prey, Leena's eyes wandered over to the other side of the dimly-lit room, where Se'ng sat on the edge of her bed, watching the feeding carefully. She hid her eyes beneath her curtain of black hair, not wanting to make her inspection of him overly obvious, hoping that the dim lighting in the room that his non-wherhandler eyes weren't as adapted to would disguise her focus. Something about the man had started to draw Leena's attention beyond mere friendship... though considering she was the first male friend she's ever had, she had no idea how legitimate such feelings were, or if he felt anything in return. For all she knew, he was here merely for Samantha's sake, and his Beastcrafter interest in the unique specimen she represented, and saw Leena as just a means to an end. Unfortunately, Leena's lack of experience with socialization as a whole, not to mention the opposite sex, meant that she had little to no frame of reference to understand just how much of her feelings were just as a result of actually being paid attention to by someone for any reason, and how much was actual, deeper feelings for the attractive young man.

Looking away towards Samantha again, Leena moved her hair behind her ear nervously with one pale hand as she smoothed her skirt out with the other. She had even found herself dressing differently since Se'ng had started visiting her wherhole more often once Samantha had become gravid, dressing more for appearance than for blending in or disappearing... for the first time, she actually wanted to be noticed. Today, she found herself wearing a knee-length light grey dress that hugged her slight frame, with a bodice that scooped to show a modest amount of cleavage (appropriate, since Leena's slim body had only a modest amount of cleavage to show at the best of times) and long, form-fitting sleeves. Since she hadn't left the room yet today, she was barefoot. In the dim light of her wherhole, the color of the dress along with her pale skin likely made her look like some kind of ghost, but unfortunately Leena was far from an expert in fashion to realize such. "How long now do you think until she lays her eggs?" Leena asked, her whispery voice directed at Se'ng across the mostly-empty room... the woman was not much for decoration, and her fur-covered bed was her only furniture beyond a surprisingly large chest-of-drawers with a small mirror and washing bowl atop it, and Leesk's stone couch, which was currently empty... the wher was out getting food, as he had learned to dislike Se'ng's visits to their wherhole, since Leena increased the light level for the man's benefit to the point where no shadows large enough for Leesk to hide in existed anymore, and so he found excuses to be elsewhere when Se'ng came calling.

 Posted: Jul 17 2018, 10:18 PM


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Se'ng was the only one in his life that seemed to appreciate the budding friendship he had with Leena. While her treesnake had been the only reason that he sought her out initially he found the woman to be just as intriguing as her pet. Slowly but surely he'd spent the better half of the last turn getting to know her while also learning more about her treesnake, Samantha. Leena trusted him when it came to her beloved 'snake and the burgundyrider felt honored to have earned her trust in at least some regard. Freyothh was far from pleased - every nighttime visit drew the dragon's wicked tongue until he grew bored of being ignored and went to sleep. As for the others in his life, well ever since he'd realized Samantha was going to clutch Se'ng had managed to make Lotan and Akurra angry... tunnelsnakes, however 'tame' they might seem, were not fans of having their kills stolen straight from their mouth.

His arms bore plenty of new scrapes as well as a few gashes but he knew that the treesnake needed the meals, his arms would heal. It was all in the name of garnering more information about the strange arboreal species of 'snake. The fact that it also endeared him to the blackhandler might have had something to do with it as well, but just a tad.

Watching Leena feed the fresh kill he'd brought along with him he craned his head this way and that to get a good look at Samantha. It seemed that every time he came to check on her she was heavier, "Ah'd think within a sevenday, maybe two. She's a biggun ain't she?" The beastcrafter in him wanted to do everything he could to ensure that the treesnake was comfortable to ensure that her clutch came without issue. He'd gone so far as to travel south in order to collect some of the moss and foliage that grew there, stopping by to have it cleared as being safe before he'd left Grove Weyr's territory. The most recent plague to hit Pern had come from flowers in the south, he didn't want to be a vector in bringing something else nasty out of the jungle.

His interest in Samantha's young was twofold: he didn't want to see Leena upset if the young did not make it or were born unhealthy, and he wanted to be the first beastcrafter on the western continent to study the birthing habits of treesnakes. Overall he was cautiously optimistic about how things would go, he'd seen Akurra lay plenty of slugs, shards she'd eaten some of her own young when they hatched and he doubted that Samantha would be much different in that regard. Still he wanted to be as hands on as both Leena and Samantha would allow even if things didn't go as he hoped they would.

"Are ya planning on keepin' 'em all for yerself?" Se'ng's voice held a soft teasing note to it. Whenever he was in the blackhandler's presence his tone was soft and the pitch of his voice overall more quiet than was typical. She was as unique a specimen as her pet and he'd learned to adapt to how she wished things to be done so as to not offend her. "Ah wouldn't mind havin' one, dunno what Akurra and Lotan would think about that though." Certainly they didn't enjoy having their den walking about the Weyr without them more often than he'd ever done before, but Se'ng wasn't taking chances with Samantha being egg-heavy and the two tunnelsnakes being territorial. Perhaps someday he could introduce them and see how things went; for now there was too much that was unknown about the treesnakes in general to go rushing into such a meeting.



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