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With Mutorin of Dalibor's discovery that a number of plants found in the southern jungles can be used as a remedy to stave off the worst of the still unnamed 'plague' the fatalities seem to have tapered off. Most of Dalibor's ill have recovered, if only in time to mourn their losses. Even still a number of Dalibor's wings and prides have seen fit to transfer away following their recovery, as if the Weyr itself was responsible for such a disastrous event - not realizing the plague was spread to the far reaches of Pern by a handful of persons that broke the quarantine in their delirious state.

All things considered life is moving forward calmly for the denizens of Dalibor Weyr and its beholden Holds. Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. Only time will tell what the new Lord and Lady Holder will bring to their Hold, but all are hoping for none but good fortune.
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 Sluggish, TW: Medical stuff and death.
 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 10:12 PM

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So as pretty much everyone knows while I was away for academy my dog Emmy passed away. I've been home about 3 weeks now and it has been hard. For awhile I was not on-site at all because I was literally waking up, working, coming home and just zoning out... or avoiding my house completely because every time I entered a room and she wasn't there my heart ached too much. I'm doing better with that but it still sucks. I'm finally getting back into a more 'normal' me though.

However now there have been a number of medical things going on with my family which may or may not affect my activity for a short time. My mother had back surgery a week ago and last night was admitted to the hospital after going to the ER for chest pain and shortness of breath. She has small blood clots in her lungs. She should be fine, they caught them early, but she's still in the hospital. :/ And as I write this my best friend is about to head to the ER due to extreme migraines (so nothing life threatening). So yes! I will be spending a lot of time at the hospital for a bit at least. I'll try and pop in and out as I'm home, I'm off this weekend so I hope to chip away at more owed threads.

I'm sorry I've been so sluggish with my replies and I appreciate everyone's understanding. All of my personal RL stuff plus holidays = me a mess. I'm working on it though cuz I love you all and don't want to leave anyone hanging. <3

 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 10:16 PM

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I hope your RL gets better. I know how scary and draining medical stuff can be...Get back to stuff when you're more you. So take care of yourself~ <3

 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 10:27 PM

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I'm sorry to hear about everything you've been going through Ivy. When it rains it pours. I do hope that things even out for you soon, and you're able to return to a level of normalcy. Take all the time you need, there's no rush. I hope that something wonderful happens for you over the holidays. <3
 Posted: Dec 6 2017, 11:01 PM
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*tight hugs* Don't overdo it, lady. We'll still be here when you get back, don't stress. I've been hella pokey on the tags lately, too, so I feel you on that aspect. Take care! <3

 Posted: Dec 7 2017, 03:36 PM

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Real world ALWAYS comes first.

We'll be here, whether to RP or to chat you up. Holidays make everyone slow, nevermind anything else happening at the same time!

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 Posted: Yesterday at 12:48 pm

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I'm so sorry to hear you're having a hard time, Ivy. But real life, the health of people we love--and your own of course, both mental and physical!--always trumps everything else.
We will still be here when you return, and I'll be keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.
My inbox is always open for PM'ing if you need or want to chat, too. I hope that you can have a good xmas irregardless and that things look up for you as the month goes on. <3 xoxox

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