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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

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Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

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K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 IC Weyrling Rules
 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 02:04 AM
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You are free to break rules as long as you understand that there can be consequences, and as long as you rationalize the scenario in which the rulebreaking occurred (ex. how a weyrling managed to leave the Weyr without permission). Please PM your own Weyrlingmaster to discuss any rulebreaking, even that which may occur privately. WMs are not perfect, but you should negotiate a plausible scenario rather than assuming your weyrling is unsupervised. If your WM is on hiatus or otherwise unavailable, contact the admin or a different WM instead.

Weyrlings are the most fragile dragons in the Weyr, and since dragons are the most valuable output of the Weyr, they are protected zealously. Everyone in the Weyr is aware of this, so you should never assume your weyrling is completely unsupervised, even if you know the WM is not around for some reason.

The IC punishments for rule violations are decided by the Weyrlingmaster (or, if they are OOCly absent, by the admin). Since weyrlings cannot be kicked out of weyrlinghood, their punishments are often creative, though more usual ones include extra chores or being held back from graduation. However, the most serious punishments will never be given out without your consent. The real danger of many rule violations is the death of the dragonet; young dragonets are emotionally fragile and may between due to trauma. The Weyr may also forcibly transfer, upon graduation, a weyrling they do not feel will be an acceptable addition to the wings. Again, these punishments are not to be given out OOCly without your consent, as we do not wish to make any character unplayable or force them out of the game. However, ICly, weyrlings will be very much aware that this is the reason behind the restrictions, and will not endanger themselves or their dragonets because of it.


K'ton of Blue Ironth [Jenn]
S'vor of Green Absinth [Ruriko]
Nia of Pink Koeneth [Catsitta]

01. Hatchlings should be attended to as if they were your own newborn child, except the size of a horse and constantly getting larger. That is exactly how demanding they are. For the first three months, hatchlings rarely think about anything but eating and itching when they are awake. From three to six months, they still have to be fed 2-3x a day and oiled 2x a day, with touchups when the dragonet complains of itches. A young dragonet should never be separated from their rider.

Wherets do not need oiling but should still be washed after every meal. Wherets are significantly less likely to complain about being hungry, tired or dirty, which means wherlings must actually be more sensitive to their needs than Weyrlings are to their dragons'. Wherets are also self-sufficient from Hatching, which means that if you let them go hungry they will find their own food (such as your pets) and if you don't keep track of them they are likely to pick fights with other whers (and even people) of almost any size.

Dragonets around nine months may still eat 1-2x per day, but that declines rapidly to once every 2-4 days by eighteen months. Dragonets tend to require at least one oiling per day through fifteen months, and one oiling every 2-3 days for the rest of their lifetime. Note that some dragonets become very spoiled about oilings and may continue to demand them even when they aren't needed. Dragonets should always be washed immediately after Threadfall.

02. The Very Brief Day in the Life of a Baby Weyrling (0-9 months): [feed hatchling, wash and oil hatchling, nap hatchling,] breakfast, chores, [feed hatchling, wash and oil hatchling, nap hatchling,] Weyrling lesson, lunch, [feed hatchling, wash and oil hatchling, nap hatchling,], chores, Craft training/duties, [feed hatchling, wash and oil hatchling], Weyrling lesson WITH hatchling, [wash and oil hatchling, nap hatchling], dinner, sleep.

The Very Brief Day in the Life of a Juvenile Weyrling (9-18 months): breakfast, wing drills, chores, lunch, Craft lessons or chores, Weyrling lesson, feeding/washing/oiling dragonets as needed, dinner, sleep.

Wherlings have to feed and wash their wherets with similar frequency, but have only one lesson (with the wheret in the latter half of the evening). Wherlings have more time for chores and Craft training.

03. Rest days are a thing. There is one every sevenday. Weyrlings still have to meet all the demands of their hatchling, but they are exempted from chores (aside from Threadfall duties) and lessons. They must still account for their whereabouts to their Weyrlingmaster during these leisure periods.

04. Young weyrlings (0-9 months) are completely forbidden to leave the Weyr grounds except on special occasions. They will usually be allowed to attend Gathers at Crescent Hold, and sometimes at Western Hold, under the supervision of adult dragonriders. However, you should make sure to ask your Weyrlingmaster if your class is allowed to attend any such events; it may depend on the Weyrlingmaster, on previous class events, and on the age of the dragonet.

Senior weyrlings, after choosing their personal weyrs, gain a little more freedom. They are expected to check out with the Weyrlingmaster and to only leave the Weyr in groups, for designated purposes, during the daytime. They may not between anywhere unless accompanied by a trusted adult dragonrider, and should never be out of telepathic range of assistance.

05. Weyrlings are trained to respond to any emergency by returning to their Barracks or to their weyr. They should not engage with any kind of aggressor or other anomaly. This is to protect the hatchling. This includes weyrling healers; although those interested in pursuing the Craft can work in the infirmary, they are not to engage with an ongoing crisis, including working during hatchings.

Senior wherlings may be asked to help with security crises, but should only engage if specifically directed to by the Wherlingmaster or Alphahandler (or if she is unavailable, the Betahandlers). Senior wherlings do not report to prideleaders or other authority figures during emergencies, and should remain in their barracks during non-security crises (i.e. a fire breaks out, an avalanche occurs).

06. Weyrlings are completely forbidden from any kind of sexual, romantic, or flirtatious conduct. The bond with a dragonet is the most important thing about weyrlinghood. Dragonets can become alarmed and between due to unfamiliar sexual sensations or due to confusion resulting from their rider having feelings for someone else. Weyrlings are taught that they are effectively bonded to a young child at this stage of development, and it is considered severely abusive to neglect the dragonet in favor of human bonds. Friendships and familial relationships are treated with somewhat less severity, but if it becomes clear that the dragonet is being neglected in favor of personal issues, visiting with such people may be forbidden for a variable time period.

07. Weyrlings are forbidden from alcohol or drug usage, except on the orders of a healer.

08. Weyrlings and wherlings who still reside in the barracks are not permitted to obtain any non-bonding pet that is not already an adult with the exception of whersports. Non-bonding non-adult pets such as puppies (canine or icehowlers), kittens (felines or western felines), or tunnelsnakes require far too much upkeep and training to be seen as suitable pets for one bonded to a young dragon or wher to undertake. Once weyrlings or wherlings have moved out of the barracks and their dragon or wher is older receiving non-bonding pets is acceptable though still not overly advised until graduation.

09. Girls and boys should remain in their respective halves of the barracks, mingling only in common areas. After selecting personal weyrs, weyrlings gain a little more freedom, though their comings and goings will be watched in case of assignations.

10. On Threadfall days, Weyrling duties include preparing firestone sacks and assisting healers. All Weyrlings are drilled on basic human and dragon first aid.

11. Unlike Candidates, Weyrlings have a very specific chain of command in order to foster group cohesiveness: the Weyrlingmaster, and later the designated Wingseconds for the class, are the only people they should listen to outside of Weyrwomen/Weyrleaders. This means that if the Weyrlingmaster tells them they have to report to the stablemaster for work, they do have to listen to the stablemaster's request, but random dragonriders and craftsmen cannot on their own initiative demand that Weyrlings perform minor chores for them.

Wherlings follow a similar chain of command, with the Alphahandler (or the Betahandlers on her orders) coming above the Wherlingmaster if necessary.

12. Practicing Betweening or firestone usage without Weyrlingmaster approval and supervision is forbidden. Some whers may never be trained in firestone usage due to their volatility or other concerns.

12. Starting at 12 months (after initial Betweening and firestone training), Weyrlings will attend Threadfall in a Weyrling Wing. Though technically assigned to Lower Flight, the primary purpose of Weyrling Wings is to ferry firestone, and so any Weyrling may briefly be exposed to Threadfall at any flight level (with the exception of queens, whites and grays). Weyrlings are expected to fly until they get tired, and in some cases this means they can be in for the entire Fall, as firestone ferrying is less demanding than fighting Thread head-on.

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