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Dalibor Weyr > Crescent Hold > Yes, but have you seen rocks?

Posted by: Captain Sep 13 2017, 10:25 PM
@Rii ((I started! SUFFER!))

Gathers were full of people. And Vatalian seemed out of place, long limbed and perpetually pale, he stood out in the world of tan farmers and riders. He was out of work clothes, at least, though he'd somehow put the thick apron back on after changing, probably out of habit, which ruled the vast majority of his doings. He'd realized it once he was in the group of people and sighed, but it was too late so he went with it anyway.

He found his way to a table selling necklaces and the like and that, of course, drew his knowing eye. He studied them, scratching his cheek absently as he went over the quality of the stones and made a thoughtful noise. "This one would have been better in that setting," he pointed out as though he was the one that made them instead of digging them up. Unaware of the man's glare, he pointed at it. "This one looks better when the sun hits it, so as a ring it's properties would have been more emphasized than as a necklace. And this necklace has a flaw, your price is outrageous." He tapped the stone with his finger and smoothed his apron as he straightened his posture and turned to go. HE had no one to buy pretty things for, so lingering didn't seem prudent.

He took a step and nearly bowled someone over, jerking back and looking surprised that someone had been that close. This is why he didn't leave the mines!

Posted by: Rii Sep 14 2017, 01:51 PM
Nori fit into the Gather crowd quite well. Just another nicely-dressed, smiling person among dozens of nicely-dressed, smiling people having a good time. The only thing that set her apart from the holders that made up the bulk of the crowd was the knots on her shoulder. Dalibor's orange-and-blue, and the dark red shade used to note the rider of a burgundy.

She did like Gathers. The people, the laughter, the music, the treats - because Nori had an unmitigated sweet tooth even now that she was a dignified and experienced dragonrider. She planned on shopping around, getting her fill of bubbly pies, and hopefully acquiring a partner or three for dancing. Probably find someone to go find a room with - another night, another one-night stand, the way that they all were. It had started after Cesare and just kept going until it had become a habit. It was fun, it made her stop thinking for a while, it helped her sleep at night.

Nori had stopped to peruse a stall's offerings, attracted by the sparkle of pretty jewelry. Her own adornments weren't terribly expensive - they were her mother's - but she was fond of beautiful, shiny things.

Her eyebrows shot up. Apparently not everyone thought the same as she did. She stood there listening to the journeyman criticize in a blend of amusement and dismay. Stepping a little to the side and forward, she took a closer look at the wares that the man had so much issue with. They looked fine to her. In fact, she thought that they were really nice.

In stepping forward, though, she put herself inadvertently in the line of the critic stepping back, hurriedly taking a step back of her own to keep from landing in the dirt. "Sorry! I didn't realize you'd be coming this way." She smiled up at him sunnily. "Was it really necessary to nitpick his work? I thought a lot of the pieces were real pretty."


Posted by: Captain Sep 19 2017, 11:10 PM
"They were pretty," Vatalian agreed with a nod, turning to focus on the rider suddenly speaking to him. Surprised by the sight of a pretty woman, he smiled all the more. "But the craftsmanship was not to the stone's advantage. He could have highlighted their differences but instead he tried to hide their flaws, to make lower quality stones appear higher instead of making those flaws appealing. It's an insult to the gems. And anyone that buys them thinking they're getting something they aren't."

She seemed nice enough and he studied her knots slowly, clearly picking them apart as he had the jewelry. "But Smiths always think they know best," he rolled his eyes as though this were a long suffering argument. "And never seem to appreciate that which gives them their bounty. Oh, some do. Those are the good ones. He," he jerked his thumb over his shoulder at the still fuming smith, "Thinks he can cheat people out of their marks at a gather."

"Just because a gem possess a flaw doesn't make it worthless. It makes it something to be valued in another way. There are ways of highlighting that and making it desirable, but no one ever seems to think that way." He sighed in a way that seemed overly dramatic to be about rocks and shrugged. "A miner's troubles, I suppose."

Blinking, he looked at Nori like she'd just appeared. "I'm Vatalian."


Posted by: Rii Oct 8 2017, 09:37 AM
She was delighted by his smile, and it made her beam cheerfully. At his criticism, Norilana giggled. "You make it sound like the offense to the gems is worse than the offense to the people." The odd phrasing amused her, but who knew? Maybe this miner really did think that the gems were more important. Some people got really weirdly invested in their craft.

Smoothing a hand over her hair, the rider tucked a few of the long, dark strands behind an ear, her brows drawing together as she considered what he said. "How do you make a flaw look like... well... something special? I mean, I haven't met any crafter that doesn't try to omit a flawed piece or use it for something that doesn't have to be flawless or something. And people are the same way when you think about it. We pretty much always hide our flaws and try to make people believe they don't exist."

She sighed. All of a sudden it seemed like this had taken a philosophical turn. Shaking her head, she looked up at him. "Sorry. I ramble a bit when I get thinking about things." Looping her arm through Vatalian's, she smiled. "I don't think the smith had any intent of actively cheating people, just doing what he thought would make the best pieces with what he had." Stepping a little bit away from the booth, she consequently tugged him with her, trying to divert more potential conflict.

"I'm Norilana, of burgundy Noirath." She slid Vatalian a flirtatious look up through her lashes. "You're a miner, then, Vatalian? Do you specialize in gems, or something else? Or no speciality at all?"


Posted by: Captain Oct 16 2017, 11:29 PM
"It isn't the gem's fault, now is it?" Vatalian huffed. At her question, however, he lit up and quickly patted himself down until he found the pocket he was digging for. He withdrew a slim chain with a piece of quartz on the end. He lifted it up to the sun, where it quickly became evident that something inside the stone had fractured, spiderwebbing through it. The setting was simplistic, covering as little of the stone as possible and drawing attention to the supposed flaw, making it seem beautiful instead. A sunburst of silver completed the setting, jutting out from the bottom in a mimicry of the fracture inside.

"See how the setting doesn't cover it, doesn't take away from the gem itself? It acknowledges the flaw, and emphasizes it. It makes it the entire point of the piece. He," he scowled and jerked a thumb over his shoulder, "Had a similar stone, but buried it beneath wire to hide it." He allowed her to look at the necklace if she so decided, then slipped it back into his pocket as though it were just another mark. "If a smith doesn't appreciate the gems, they won't work for him." He nodded, as though gems were people that made such decisions.

"People hide their flaws, that doesn't mean they don't become obvious over time, nor does it mean they are something not to be suffered or endured. They're there regardless, we might as well embrace them. I'm very well aware that I am brash and opinionated. It's why I'll never make Master. I'm as good as they come, but I won't coddle anyone." Well, at least he was very self-aware.

"A pleasure to meet you, Nori." And he sounded like he actually meant it. "I am. And, yes, in gems. I cut this one," he patted his pocket. "And had the setting specially made. There was a smith back home that worked with me on doing just what I've been rambling about. We made some beautiful pieces together." He sighed wistfully, as though the smith were a lost lover and not a work partner.


Posted by: Rii Jan 8 2018, 08:12 PM
"Well, no, it's not." She was amused at the level of animism he attributed to rocks. They were rocks. They didn't have feelings. Although, wouldn't it be funny if they did? I wonder what a rock would think like?

Leaning in, Nori looked closely at the piece of jewelry the miner had dug out. Her eyes widened with appreciation. "Ohhhh..." It was pretty. The burgundyrider had a longstanding appreciation of all things pretty and shiny. "That's really nice." Ugh, that was so underexpressive of what she really meant, but she was trying not to babble and coo too hard over the pretties. People didn't really respect you when you sounded like an airhead.

She scratched her head. "Flawless gems cost more, too," she pointed out. "So sometimes people are trying for the look that they can't afford. I can understand that, even if I guess it isn't perfectly honest to pretend to have marks that you don't." She sighed. It had eventually stopped being a novelty to have nice clothes to wear and plenty of food to eat, but Norilana had never really forgotten her roots, and her roots were as a complete nobody.

"There's an awful large gap between enduring a flaw in a person and embracing it. And I don't think some can be embraced. If someone has a flaw that's hurtful to others, then what?" She shrugged. "Maybe the same is true for gems, although I'm not so sure I can think of a really obvious case of a flaw in a stone meaning something else is harmed."

"Then you're not from here, if back home is elsewhere? Where is home? Are you looking for someone who might work with you the same way here?" She craned her neck upwards to smile up at Vatalian, brown eyes sparkling with interest. She did so like to meet new people.


Posted by: Captain Jan 24 2018, 12:52 AM
"Oh, yes. It's usually so they can make it appear flawless and drive the price up. Which is a terrible practice because once you're found out, you're a fraud and there goes all efforts at making marks and you're never becoming Master!" As though he stood some chance himself. Vatalian chuckled, shrugging and smiling to himself.

"I understand the idea, I just find it silly. There are flaws that can improve a gem that might otherwise not be as valuable if you focused solely on them. And some cast aside flawed gems without any effort at all..." He paused. "Or give them to apprentices to polish." Which might have been why he had a good appreciation of them himself. So much polishing.

"And not all flaws should be. But many are harmless. Some would consider my obsession with my craft a flaw. I do not. Does that make it one?" He blinked at her owlishly, clearly desiring her opinion on the matter. But she brought the topic back to rocks and he was off again. Nori would learn better. One day.

"Most of the flaws are the result of poor craftsmanship, that is true. But that doesn't mean it is entirely our fault when it happens. Some are air bubbles, other times a fracture in the surrounding rock led to the stone being fractured itself. Or it's simply other minerals inside the gem. Those are my favorites," he confided with a smile.

He shrugged when 'home' was mentioned. "I wound up in Crescent a few turns back. I suppose it's as much home as anything. The smith moved back East sometime..." He wasn't sure when. He should probably remember something like that...

"What about you? You're a rider, aren't you? Where is your dragon?" Because dragons are always RIGHT THERE and a rider is never without them. Right?


Posted by: Rii Apr 19 2018, 07:21 PM
"Maybe you're just more creative than them when it comes to flaws." She smiled up at him. "That's a pretty good trait to have, I think, being hidebound has to be awful." Like seriously awful, she couldn't imagine how grumpy someone truly traditional had to be in this day and age, there were just too many changes happening turn by turn to even get by a day without being reminded of something that didn't used to be the way it was now.

Nori gave the question due consideration. "I guess it depends. I mean, if you were so obsessed that you're more likely to keep polishing a rock instead of trying to help someone whose life depended on your help, then maybe it would be a flaw? But otherwise, you're just... doing your thing. There's not much wrong with that." Satisfied with her answer, she nodded. Very few things were entirely black or white, she liked to try to consider the shades of grey when she talked things through.

"So like... a rock inside a rock? That really would be hard to work with."

She lit up at his return question. "Dalibor's been my home for twelve turns, ever since my brother and I were Searched." The less said of before that the better, probably, there were a lot of prejudiced people out there that didn't like it when you said you were holdless. Even though she'd been all of like... twelve at the time. It didn't mean she'd been a criminal. Or at least nothing that counted.

"I am! Noirath isn't far, he just doesn't fit very well into the Gather grounds so he's hanging out sunning himself." She caught Vatalian's hand in hers. "Would you like to meet him? I'm sure he wouldn't mind."


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