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Posted by: Jenn Nov 8 2017, 05:04 PM
Right so... Plotters are not my strong suit so here's the 4-1-1 of what I have so far.


Dragon Candidate
Sneaky, determined, tenacious, grounded

Unai is a dragon candidate weyrbrat. She's twin sister to Captain's Uonai and has a quiet conning. She's not a shirking violet, is something of a tomboy (though she is all girl and knows it) and will let people take the fall so she doesn't get in trouble. She gets angry but you'll never see her explode without warning, her anger is subtle and sneaky. Pick on her sister? You'll find your bed short sheeted. Pick on her? You might find trundlebugs in your sock drawer.

Friends: Yes
Enemies: An even bigger yes
Lovers: We'll see.


Rider of Blue Ironth
Easy going. Honest. Charming. Curious
Potentially promised

K'ton is kind of an idiot. Oh he means well, but he doesn't particularly know when the best time to keep his mouth shut is. He's honest almost to a fault and hates telling a lie, even one of omission. He fancy's himself as something of a ladies man and can be quite charming when he puts his mind to it. He's pretty easy going so not much really ruffles his feathers unless those feathers happen to involve his dragon then all bets are off.

Friends: Yes
Enemies: Sure why not
Lovers: We'll see.

Apathetic. Curious. Reflective.
Potentially involved

Aline and Jiorrelth have only been bonded for a little under a turn. She's not so much the fun loving party goer, and would rather just cruise around alone. Jiorrelth on the other hand is a complete flirt. He'll flirt and talk to anyone who'll listen. She's willing to make friends if you work at and Jior will make friends with anyone

Friends: Yes
Enemies: Sure why not
Lovers: We'll see.

of bronze Uputh
Strong. Quiet. Stoic. Leader
Potentially promised

Miridan comes from Western Hold as an apprentice beastcrafter with a yen to be a dragonrider. He has a bit of a hero worship thing going on for them and just knows he'll be joining their ranks... Eventually. He's studious and always has whatever lesson or chore he's doing done in a quick and efficient manner. He has a bit of a dominate personality and really hates it when people don't do what he says, though he'd never admit it nor would he show any outward signs of it. He doesn't get explosively angry (something that makes him do such a thing would be super amusing) and he isn't a brawler.

Friends: Yes
Enemies: An even bigger yes
Lovers: We'll see.


Handler of Cyan Edesk
Pensive. Humble. Decisive.

Info here soon

Anyway, there you have it. I'll update this periodically with new people if I remember (I always forget these things). I'm slow at replies so if you're not okay with that it probably wouldn't be the greatest of togetherness. I also do not enjoy group threads that are not event threads so please don't offer them, you'll just get turned down. I very rarely give out my discord so please don't ask. Do tag me so I have the alert

For my brain to remember:
Beginning - 2 creation, 2 adopt (K’ton, Miridan creates, Edelan adopt) total: 0 create, 1 adopt)
30 posts - 2 creation, 2 adopt (Unai, Teral create, Aline adopt) total left: 0 creat, 2 adopt
2/2 Extra Character slots total left: 0/2
*150 posts - 2 creation, 2 adopt
Totals: 0 creation, 2 adopts

Posted by: Zane Nov 8 2017, 09:54 PM

Welcome! 8D Excited to see your first character on the go, and I look forward to seeing the others as well.

In any case, PLOTTINGS.

Miridan seems like a fun guy. (Extra props because Once Upon A Time is a good show). I've got several candidates, so feel free to peruse. The first that come to mind are Everane and Embry. Everane could always use some more friends, and by more friends I mean cute boys to admire. She's kinda a bit of your average girl in the sense that she gets carried away with pretty faces and charming personalities. xD

As for Embry, well, he's a butt. Just... a butt. Has an attitude, and hates to be wrong. Doesn't warm up very easily, and tends to inadvertently get himself into both minor and major conflicts! If you want a thread for Miridan to be like "that guys an ass," then Embry is probably your go-to.

If you're wanting friends, then Everane is totally your gal. She's only fourteen, whereas Embry is twenty; and hey, Embry could surprise us both. He could, potentially, make a friend. If Miridan has nerves of steel and all that. lolol

Totally up to you! My others are free for you to peruse as well. I have a plotter up! Attack it if you wish. ~

Again, welcome to Dalibor. <3

Posted by: Jenn Nov 9 2017, 12:03 AM

Embry and Miridan would amuse the crap out of me so hard. Miridan definitely has nerves of steel and it would be interesting to see how they interact. I'll definitely take a look at your shipper and see if anyone else catches my eye.

Posted by: Captain Nov 9 2017, 12:37 AM
@Jenn! My love! GIVE ME YOUR MIRIDAN! Throw him at Inali! Watch her try to make him do what she wants!

Posted by: Jenn Nov 9 2017, 01:01 AM

Yeeeeees lets do this! It’s going to be great

Posted by: Zane Nov 9 2017, 02:49 PM

I can start the Embry x Miridan adventure off for us if you'd like? xD
I was thinking they can be doing some sort of heinous chore, because there's nothing Embry loves more than the mundane aspects of the life he feels stuck in. lolol

Posted by: Jenn Nov 9 2017, 03:48 PM
Yes please!


Posted by: Kittenmitten Dec 13 2017, 08:39 PM
@Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn Jenn!

K'ton isn't on your jobby but I have IDEAS for him anyway! So Lavana's a new candidate but also a new Harper at the weyr and teaches children's classes (reading/writing/history/etc). K'ton's blue likes kids, so I had the idea that K'ton might try and get her to bring a class to see Ironth and maybe flirt with the new Harper, either not realizing or not caring that she's a candidate (he's totally worth breaking the rules for, right?!). idk thoughts? XD

Posted by: Catsitta Dec 31 2017, 05:29 PM

So possible plottings~

I have doots in Xialas and Zaephor. Xialas is a perfectionist and a control freak and incredibly arrogant for a kid his age. But, he has a good heart and a genuine interest in becoming a dragonhealer. Chores threads are always interesting with him. Butting heads anyone? As for Zeph, well, not sure if he and Miridian would mesh at all, but that's interesting in its own right. He's selfish, melodramatic, and has a bit of an internal clock going on as his age out date draws closer. It doesn't help that his younger sister impressed a wher at the very first hatching she attended at Dalibor. He also flirts with anything that moves, but only sometimes on purpose!

Not sure who'd I throw at K'ton since I've only two full riders, and one is occupied with class things. But I'm game for a dining hall meeting because everyone has to eat. Both Nia and L'aars need more friends. Though if you want chatter and flirting, Nia may be your better bet. L'aars isn't the best conversationalist. Though it would amuse me to have a 'search' thread with a blue and Zen, since my pretty boy Harper is doing his darndest to pretend that being a journeyman Harper would somehow make him less noticeable to search dragons. He'll never be a candidate, but it could be amusing to see someone at Dalibor try to convince him to Stand.

Zel and Cesselia would be the most likely of my crew to encounter your handler. Zel because she is a wherling and her bonded likes to try to make 'allies' out of everyone she perceives as possibly useful. And Cesselia because she is a 'brat that has a bad habit of not staying put in the creche at night. Cess is fascinated by Whers and has recently obtained a icehowler puppy. I'm always game to thread with her with as many different people as possible so that she can progress emotionally and regain the confidence she needs to hold normal conversations. Also, puppies. Who doesn't like puppies?

Posted by: Jenn Jan 4 2018, 02:28 PM

Miridan and Xialas would be hilarious I think xD. Either Zel or Cesselia would work great with Edelan, though I think it would be more amusing to have Edelan and Cesselia tossed together because Ed has some kids in the creche and Cess is close to their ages. Zel and Zelsk would be fun I think with Edelan and Edesk. Edesk doesn't particularly care for other whers so that could be interesting. And trust me, K'ton would try his damndest to get Zen to stand if only to make Ironth happy.

This was a far tougher decision than I anticipated XD

Posted by: Catsitta Jan 4 2018, 02:34 PM
@Jenn I game to do any thread you're up to doing. Is there 1 you'd like to start with and we can go from there? Zen is mine that needs the most threads, but I will never tire of Xialas' attitude or Zelsk's manipulations.

Posted by: Jenn Jan 7 2018, 12:39 PM

We can definitely do a thread with K'ton and Zen then! I can get something started if you tell me where he'd most likely be. We can do something with Xialas and Miridan later if you're up to it.

Posted by: Catsitta Jan 7 2018, 12:41 PM
@Jenn: you can find him anywhere really. The lower caverns, lake, bowl, dining hall

Posted by: Jenn Jan 7 2018, 12:45 PM
You're so fast XD! I'll get something started in the bowl then!

Posted by: Harbinger Jan 24 2018, 02:21 PM

Miridan and Xavinyra need to meet. I don't know if they'd necessarily butt heads but Xavinyra would do everything to compete with him. She probably has for the past turn since he arrived! They're both Beastcrafters, too, so they have that in common as well. I'd love to thread them together.

Miridan and Caelen seem to be two of a kind, and I wonder how they'd get along?

Edelan is welcome to join Tariv's budding poker game. If nothing else, Tarisk would love to meet them. She and Edesk will be best friends forever. Because Tarisk is best friends forever with everyone.

Sorry I can't think of anything for K'ton. He could always run into one of my characters at dinner or something. I dunno!

Posted by: Jenn Jan 31 2018, 06:11 PM
added Unai

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