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 Needing a Little Help, AU:18 {Xialas/Unavir}
 Posted: May 24 2018, 10:58 AM

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TW: Minor references to blood and medical


Xialas wasn't prone to swearing, but as unwanted tears of pain pricked at the corners of pale eyes, he found a little relief in the breathy hiss. His back was a mess. After the hatching came to an end and he no longer had any reason to keep on his feet, the Candidate collapsed. He made it to the healer encampment beforehand but there were worse off individuals in need of emergency care. He wasn't going to bleed out or die in some other gruesome fashion right away, so he laid there, unable to move, almost numb. Any attempts to pull off his own armor to unstick wet leather from sodden bandages sent his head spinning and his vision out of focus. Xialas felt weak and useless. Helpless. Eventually, he ended up in the infirmary, peeled out of that overheated and ruined attire, wounds cleaned and wrapped. The slashes were deep. He was advised to avoid lifting his arms above his head or turning in certain ways to avoid opening the cuts, or potentially inflaming the muscles beneath.

That meant he couldn't change his own bandages. He knew how. A part of him wanted to do it anyway just to prove he could take care of himself. He was an apprentice healer, he could do it! But pride had little grounds when you literally were unable to perform a task. It was part of healing, but the limited range of motion was infuriating. Xialas wanted to go back to his normal routine. Instead he was here, sitting on a chair, waiting for somebody to help clean and rewrap his back wounds, shifting impatiently. Normally he wouldn't be so agitated, but in the attempt to regain some normalcy, he'd pushed himself to far during his chores, and opened something up. Now one of his shirts was stained on top of this whole loathsome ordeal, and breathing made the claw marks feel like they were pulsing in time with his heartbeat.

He'd take almost anyone's help right now.

Just so he could be done with it.


 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 05:21 PM


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"I've got'cha," Unavir knew the struggles of the freshly wounded. His own leg was wrapped tight, his calf pretty much entirely gone. He walked with a crutch and a pronounced limp, but the boy didn't let it get to him and, generally, refused all help.

He'd finished changing his own bandages - Much easier when you could see what you were changing - and had watched Xialas struggle. It hadn't taken too long for him to approach, though he'd waited until he saw the defeated slump of the other boy's shoulders before he hobbled over.

He was, clearly, his father's son. Tall, dark hair and bright eyes, there was no denying that he was one of X'vir's brood. Unavir flashed a toothy smile at his fellow candidate and drug a stool over so he could sit. "Xialas, right? I've seen a lot of you. Obviously." Since they were both cooped up in the infirmary. At least they didn't have the added bonus of infection and illness that the newly minted bronzerider N'ax had been hit with. Small graces.

"Hold still, this part is the worst." Wet cloth touched his back, and Unavir winced even though it wasn't his wounds being tended. He knew the feeling and sympathy was strong with the young man. He was already searching for numbweed, something that had quickly become his favorite thing. Anything that staved off the pain made his life just that much better...


 Posted: Yesterday at 12:17 pm

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Xialas wouldn't say he knew Unavir as much as he knew of Unavir. In that passive, somewhat disgruntled, I'm stuck in one place and this other person happens to be here with me, sort of way. While he was no longer confined to the infirmary and free to go to lessons, Unavir's injuries were more...intense, than his own. He didn't walk away from the hatch with any missing bits. The other candidate had less leg than when he entered the Sands. All factors considered, the bloodiness of the dual hatch could have been worse, with more deaths and more injuries than occurred. Candidates were helpless fodder, at the mercy of the hatchlings and their mothers, but it was worth it. Pale eyes flicked to Unavir's leg. It had to be.

"What are y--eeerk!" Xialas bit back a groan as the other boy tended the wounds. Looks like he got the help he was looking for. His face burned with a faint dusting of humiliated pink. He hated this. Loathed being in a position where he had to rely on a fellow candidate for help doing a most basic task. It was helplessness. Weakness. He pursed his lips in mute resignation until the boy was done cleaning the cuts. "Should you even be doing this?" He motioned to the boy's leg. His tone was harsh, though anyone who spent time around the apprentice healer knew that Xialas tended to be abrupt with anyone who wasn't a superior. It didn't exactly make him popular with his fellow candidates or apprentices, but he did have friends.


Despite what Jaq'n said, he was now a weyrling. He'd be a rider soon. How could they continue to be friends? As for Em'ry and Rome, well, they might not have said anything, but he knew that they'd left him behind too. It didn't matter. He was fine before them and he was fine now. They were just a distraction from his goals anyway. Right?




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