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 Whose Crime Was Being Born, {C'ian//Norla} Late AU 18th
 Posted: May 13 2018, 07:07 AM
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There was nothing illegal about what he was doing. C'ian had made sure of that a long time ago. He didn't act like he was doing something suspicious but he also didn't waltz out into the Weyrbowl like he was keen to be questioned. Thread wouldn't be falling that day, Autumn beginning to turn into Winter meant that Thread was falling less than usual. The predictions stated that he would not be needed.

Therefore, he had a group of very important people to meet. His Weyrmate knew where he went, he could hardly hide it from Roselle. She knew how he felt about the Holdless exiles on the Western Ring Islands. In his mind, the people deserved a second chance. Those that were called the Palefolk had lived here on the Western Continent long before they'd gotten here. Then there were the children of the marked exiles. The children of the Palefolk. Their crime was being born. Some of them even had parents whose crimes were potentially excusable. His focus, though, was on the community and the children.

Therefore, he brought things that could help the people start their lives. Seedlings for planting, supplies that they could use to become autonomous. C'ian never took anything that would be missed and always made sure he got permission. He wasn't a thief after all. Some of the crafters were happy to help and very few of them asked where he was taking the seedlings. For the most part, they just didn't seem to care. That said, he never got the best and so the community still needed help.

For this trip, he would simply be checking in to see how everything was going and what else he could bring to help. C'ian tightened Shirath's straps and prepared himself. Anyone who asked would get the same answer. They were going out to stretch Shirath's wings. He'd been getting plump of late. Something that was almost patently untrue, thought the purple, but it worked well enough to get people to move along.

The early hours of the morning saw the wherhandlers about halfway through the second shift of patrols. He had no doubt that they reported his comings and goings but, again, he made sure that he used the same line again and again. Either Shirath or he needed to lose weight and couldn't do it at the Weyr because all the good food was here. If they questioned why he had gear he would let them know that he was worried about getting lost in the wilderness and wanted to be prepared. None of it was technically a lie and he had never hidden the fact that he visited the Palefolk and Exiles. No one really asked about the details so he'd never bothered to provide them.

The Wingsecond was about to leave when an approaching figure gave him pause.


 Posted: Jun 26 2018, 12:08 PM


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Well aware of the rider’s comings and goings she had been considering approaching him for quite some time. Leaving the Weyr when two queens had clutches on the sands was out of the question and this was not something she could as one of the Betas to take up in her stead. This was uncharted territory and Norla knew better than most that when going into the unknown you must exercise caution. With her own bag packed and settled upon her back she adjusted the straps until it rested more comfortably. It was heavy with blank hides and plenty of chalk - useful tools when one planned on mapping out an area. She had stopped in the kitchens a few evenings before to pick up the provisions she wished to bring: dried and fresh fruit, dried wherry jerky, and even some carefully packaged wherry eggs. Plenty of wineskins filled with water and juice accounted for the bulk of her pack’s weight. If she could have brought more she would have, but if all went as planned this would not be her only visit.

Norsk watched from the shadows as the purplerider readied his dragon for their journey, keeping her in the know until he was making his final preparations to leave. It was then that Norla approached, walking across the weyrbowl and waving a hand at the man. She did not call out so as to not draw too much attention to herself.

”Care for company?” Though she did not know the purplerider personally she knew plenty of him. The slightly eccentric man’s reputation preceded him and in this instance it was a good thing. From what she had heard his mindset was far more aligned with her own than others in the Weyr and she needed all the allies she could muster. Lacking her bronzen shadow she spared but a brief glance towards where he had settled to watch; he was not so much distrustful of the rider himself but of their destination. He would have been more at ease if he had been invited to go along… but he wasn’t.

As she closed the distance between them Norla arched a brow at the rider and gave a knowing look. Though he typically shared his stories with the children in the creche they had made their way to her ears as well. He was sympathetic with the Palefolk, she was hoping that meant he would be sympathetic with her cause as well, ”I might have a favor to ask of you, if you’re willing to make a stop somewhere else before your intended destination.”


 Posted: Jul 14 2018, 07:53 PM
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Even though he wasn't technically doing anything wrong, C'ian still tensed at the approach of a woman, one whom he slowly came to recognise as the alphahandler. C'ian's face coloured but in the darkness, it would not be terribly visible. He stayed still a moment longer, eyes flickering around to see where the bronze wher was hidden. The last thing he needed was to be placed in the Weyr's prison. Roselle would have been very displeased if that happened. He already knew that she was hesitant when it came to his friendship with the palefolk and the exiles.

"Company?" He asked and stopped as she said she had a favour to ask of him.

What kind of favour I wonder? Shirath asked his rider, excitement and interest starting to creep into the purple's imagination.

Shirath knew that his rider was going against what many in the Weyr thought. It seemed to him that the handler knew exactly what and where they planned to go. This meant that it was more common knowledge than they might have previously thought. In Shirath's mind, it was his duty to protect all the people of Pern. It would not do to ignore or worse, condemn people who had made a mistake once in their life. All the people of Pern meant just that. These palefolk had agreed to move, they had been on the Western Continent first. How horrible would it be to be forced to move from one's home?

Unthinkable. They had been the rightful owners of this land, here before the rest of Pern 'settled' here. How could it be justified that they had been killed and exiled simply because they wanted to defend their homeland? Granted, Shirath's opinion was heavily coloured by his rider's thoughts on the matter.

"What kind of favour?" C'ian asked after a moment, "Shirath and I plan to fly all around, gotta get that exercise in. I'm sure we can drop you off somewhere."
He glanced towards Shirath and then back to the handler.



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