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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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While not unnatural in its violence, the dual hatching of Copper Queens Laanasuth, and Zelsk, has brought many changes Pernwide to the Dragon Candidate program. Raising the Age of Candidacy, and laying more rigorous emotional requirements on those admitted into the program and permitted to stay after. Dalibor has settled into an easy peace with the hatching fading into memory and young dragonets and wherets visible as they come into their own.

Included in their ranks are two colours new to Pern. Indigo dragons, and Pink whers, as well as Dalibor's first instance of a dual-bonded Wherhandler. As always, the West seems eager to produce weirdness for the rest of Pern.

Curiously, a steady flow of messengers seem to be traveling between Grove and Dalibor Weyr during the early sevendays of the new season; which is already proving to be milder than some in Dalibor's recent history.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Test the Waters, {Riyd//Oreanda//Zasime} AU: 18th
 Posted: May 17 2018, 08:07 AM
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As far as he was concerned he had waited long enough. As far as Eti was concerned, she thought the same thing. As far as Riysk was concerned, it would be too cold for him. Riyd was in defiance. The star, though, of this test would be the goggles he had perfected. As far as Riyd was concerned, they were guaranteed to make him a Journeyman. Even though he was certain in his ability, Riyd was nervous. He stood there, wrapped up and warm watching the waves lap at the shoreline, waiting for Oreanda.

The Betahandler was the leader of Dolphineers at Dalibor... The handful of them anyway. Eti swam around in a circle out in the depths, sometimes coming closer to the shore to spit water at Riysk. The cyan would then try to pounce in the direction of the dolphin but with her eyes covered to protect them from the light, she never succeeded. The relationship between dolphin and wher had always been amicable ever since he had first introduced them as a freshly graduated wherling.

I am so ready for this. Riyd told Riysk, rubbing his hands together.
Eti promise Riysk she rescue Riyd if he sink from cold.
He turned his gaze to glare at her and then shook his head.
I won't sink.
Remember... Take off silly clothes if begin sink. Riysk know Riyd think they help but not convinced. Maybe not make go fast enough.

Reluctantly, he agreed, looking to the shore as Oreanda arrived.

The swim would be tough but he had been training his whole life for this. The quickest kick underwater was a dolphin kick, emulating the movement of the dolphins. This would be accompanied by a pointed position, and arm movements that brought his arms from in front of his body to his side. The stroke most effective above water was either on his back moving his arms like a windmill accompanied by alternating, fast kicks or a similar position on his stomach, turning his head to the side to breathe. The arms always had to be close to the body, the closer the better for speed. For conserving energy, though, he would lie on his back and perform a similar action to that of his underwater strategy.

It would work.

@Ruin @Leo (if Zasime wants to come and cheer Riyd on =) I can also assume she's there if you like!)

 Posted: May 23 2018, 01:50 PM

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Oresk swim with Oresk's! Oresk swim best no other swim like Oresk, especially not Oresk's Osk HAHA the Blue was struggling to reach out of the leather hammock Oreanda had wrapped him in to snap at Osk's shoulder in the playful way young creatures seemed to do. In fact, the Blue rather enjoyed cavorting all over the Bronze's sleek flanks and muscled shoulders every chance he got. Osk even bore a few star-like gleaming scars from these encounters, but tolerated them far more than Oreanda had ever expected he would. In fact, the father had taken an even more fatherly role towards this child now that it was bound to the same Handler, and the originally enraged Osk had accepted his new place in the triad of their bond with an equal one third share. I swim well, have large wings and was taught young. Boy is all spines and bulk, not good for swimming. Good for sinking and then die Osk snorted, but Oresk snorted at the same time, both for very similar reasons.

Oresk's Osk not know ANYTHING why Oresk's keep Oresk's Osk should throw away Oresk think all time, but Oresk's nice. HA. Oresk swim just fine, Oresk's Osk see! Oresk had seemingly forgotten that he had tried to swim and had sunk quite like a rock leaving Osk to fish him out much like a floundering boulder. And that experiment had only been in the relatively calm Lake within the Weyr Bowl. She would not trust the beast to the ocean, though was confident in the fact that all the pods would be there. He would not easily escape the harnessed leather swaddling she had wrapped him in and slung across her shoulders, but if he should? There was safety and certainty in numbers. Where go any way Oresk demanded.

Be quiet, boy

Osk chided. He'd asked what humans called their male children one night not too long ago, tiring of chasing after the Blue in all variations of Oresk, child, egg, and son. 'Boy' seemed fitting for one so boarheaded he confided to Oreanda. It also allowed him to use Oresk's name when things were more dire or important, something the Bronze hoped to ingrain in Oresk's mind for the future when they would hunt together. Oresk seemed oblivious as of yet, but Oreanda had hope for the sanity of her older Bronze wher. Oresk's Osk be quiet! Oresk's Osk thing just because make Oresk that Oresk need listen Oresk say NO Oresk smartwher better than dumbshiny Oresk's Osk, so Oresk's Osk be SHUT UP instead Anda reached back over her shoulder to tap the pointed snout with a mental pressure added in and the Blue fell silent, though he was still hissing and peering through his goggles.

The subsidence was riotous by day, so the swim could only be done then. Which meant goggles for all whers. Luckily Oresk was not so much smaller than a full grown White wher, in comparison to an adult blue, so she'd only had to modify a pair of the small Sport goggles to tie around his spiny face. The spines had proven to be a problem. They came in faster every day, sprouting like feathers from every feature. She'd padded around them with leather and moistened it so it would swell and dry in place. They were already walking up to Riyd as they finished their exchange. Oresk craned his neck over Oreanda's shoulder to give the other Wherhandler an appraising look. HA this Oresk's mate I see You know that it isn't Oresk thinking Riysk very nice HELLO RIYSK I ORESK, I better than Oresk's Osk agree?

The Bronze seemed to ignore the exchange, instead going to where the Black dragon was waiting to transport them to the subsidence. They'd only be able to between to the nearest Island which Oreanda still carried a picture of in her mind from all those turns ago with Valha and Mith. Then it would be a flight across the sea until they saw a thousand dolphins porpoising through the warm blue waters. Mith had shown her such pictures of them, their sleek bodies so fast and fleeting. It would truly be a sight to behold, for those who could behold it, and she thrilled for Riyd. She, Osk, and Akke would be swimming as well, as would a hundred other dolphins, some partnered, some not, but first they had to get there. They would all check and re-check the harnesses carrying the adult whers on either side of the Black before they left, so as they did that, Oreanda explained the process to the other Dolphineer.

"As you know, we are one of the oddest of Crafts. It is not so simple as choosing to be a Dolphineer, going to the dock, and picking out whichever dolphin you want." Akke was already gone to the Subsidence, his kind were the fastest dolphins in the sea, but he did not prefer to be carried even briefly by a dragon. Their swim across the subsidence would be the last time she would see him this turn, already late into autumn he would be migrating back to more tropical shallows to spend the winter in warmth, not returning until sometime in the Spring. She always missed him. Still missed him, even after all of these turns. He had been thrilled that Oreanda had bonded to a second wher; he had always known she was destined for greatness in one way or another, and now he was a very old dolphin, with a very old partnership.

"The dolphin chooses the partner, and the human accepts it if they wish, but the human cannot choose the dolphin. And that is the least complex part of our Craft. The Contract we fulfill by serving them, and their duty to protect our waters and warn us of danger. They protected us even when the contract was forgotten and stories were told about their existence in hush whispers and drunken Harper Ballads. They are loyal beyond all measure, but extremely demanding and expecting of perfection. Because of this, because of the merit-based evaluation, we have the swim across the subsidence." She continued as they checked to ensure all partners would be safe during this journey.

"A human and their dolphin partner must swim across the subsidence, a great whirlpool of meeting cold and warm water, to prove not only that their bond is strong, but that they are capable and work well as a team. There are two subsidences on Pern, and the location changes based on the time of the turn. The season. This late in the turn sees us going to the Western Subsidence, which is good for us, it's closer!" Oreanda laughed softly. "Apprentices hoping to become Journeymen are not the only humans you will see at the subsidence. There will be their teachers, like myself and Akke, who also often cross again to reaffirm their bond. There are female dolphins, who must cross on their own before the Tillek permits them to bear calves and strengthen the pods. There are young bachelor pods who want to compete with one another, and older cows who simply enjoy the thrill of crossing after a long life. Bulls will compete as bachelors, but their crossing is far more powerful and more for show. There will be contingents from all the pods on Pern, leaving only enough behind to fulfill the contract and protect the waters for the short time of the gathering, and there will be the Tillek."

Oreanda said the word with a reverence much as she would describe the Queens Couineth or Laanasuth, yet the Tillek held a special place far removed from any dragon, because she held the wisdom of the world within her melon and could speak of things no human living could remember. No human living for generations and generations. She spoke of things that a human could only guess at, and dolphins were not so keen to give up their secrets, often choosing instead to laugh at their human partners for their lack of memory and human-way of storytelling. "She's an enormous thirteen-foot bottlenose," Anda breathed, "As long as some dragons, though without the tail or wings, but she speaks like a dragon, if a dragon were wise and did not forget and had seemingly lived for a thousand turns. Sometimes she makes little sense because she speaks in riddles like all dolphins might, but most of the time she has wisdom to impart on everyone. The pods will circle her, and there will be many lazy evenings of storytelling where the dolphins will discuss all the ages of Pern they have known."

The Betahandler paused briefly, her hands flat on Osk's flank as she strapped him in. "It's wondrous," she spoke at last, saying simply. Then she smiled bright and wide though her head never turned in one direction or the other and if they could not see her, it did not matter overmuch. "But we are going for the swim, so that you can earn your Journeyman's knots and take some of these Apprentices off of my hands!" Oresk eat prenty-cees the Blue said helpfully, and she jiggled her shoulders just enough to rock him slightly. Osk huffed, and that only inspired the Blue to start reaching for him again to snap and nibble. Boy the Bronze chided firmly, and Oresk threw himself back fully into his wrappings to let them carry him, deflated and petulant like the child he was. Oresk's Osk never let Oresk have fun Oresk's Osk THE WORST EVER "We're ready over here," she called to the others, pointedly ignoring Oresk's small tantrum.

Instead, she reached out to Tamath, I'm going to give you the image, she said easily; having long ago mastered her Gift. It was endlessly useful to be able to speak to dragons, and now it was equally effortless. Far easier to speak to them, than to their Riders, though she did her best to make acquaintance with all of them so they wouldn't be too hurt by her ability to go into and out of their lives. Their private thoughts, their conversations. Even their dreams. She mustered the image up in her own mind and traced every aspect of it until it shone with a vividness. Not unlike, she imagined, a drudge wiping away the dust from an old tapestry. She modified it slightly, setting it higher in the air than it had been when Mith had made it, as if she was stepping back away from the downward view of the island that had been held in her mind. It had been a handful of turns since she had traveled to the subsidence, and the island could have been used for exiles, or even found itself new growth in face of the odd Threadfall patterns.

No reason to risk it.

Once it was shiny and fresh in her mind she reached again to Tamath and passed it on, echoing it back and forth between them until he gave her the affirmative that he had received it complete and whole. Then she withdrew so he could send it back and forth to Zasime instead. Oreanda wouldn't need to do this again, should Riyd ever want to return to the subsidence and use the Blackrider for a lift. So long as they kept the image fresh themselves. She waited until everyone else was ready, and until Zasime gave them the go-ahead to mount. She took the furthest back perch on the Black's back, so no one would be prickled by Oresk if they should be jostled a bit in the warm thermals coming up from the subsidence. Then they were gone between and she saw only as whers see. Mostly in infrared, but with hints of colours enough that they could suss out a dragon's shade in dim lighting. Here, beneath the force of Rukbat, the dolphins burned like mini suns themselves and the ocean was a hundred thousand fractals of burning light. The goggles tempered it, but instead of seeing the shapes for what they were it was like embers rising into a dark sky from a fire.

Oreanda still thought it was beautiful.

A thousand dolphins porpoised far below, the smaller ones--like Akke--showing the speed they had against the larger ones who could hardly keep pace in bursts much less at travel speeds. They chased silvered fish and small calves around the great swirling white-capped waters of the subsidence as it spun lazily in the ocean below. Lazily on the surface, but beneath? Already there were dolphins visible in their crossing attempts, and a handful of humans as well--also here chasing their dream of Journeyman's knots. It does not matter where you land she called to Tamath, not bothering to scream above the wind whistling past their heads, though the tillek is there, she surmised, drawing attention to the swirling molten mass of glass shards rippling in one location on the eastern side of the subsidence. The Black could simply settle down wherever and tread water, the dolphins could feel his presence and some were already squealing with excitement. Oreanda could feel a handful of other dragons reaching toward them, and greeted each one not unlike a dragon would, feeling their surprise and joy to find a Hears-All overhead.

There seemed to be one from every Weyr, if not more, not surprising considering the Subsidence was swum biannually leaving hopefuls to wait and pool before each swim began. All manner of colours seemed to float below on the sea, their wings outspread to hold them aloft, and dolphins jumping merrily around absolutely tickled to speak to their winged brethren though humans had long ago forgotten that both species had been modified in much the same way making them more closely related to each other than to the humans they bonded to. They, the people of Pern, could only marvel at the antics of the dolphins and see silliness, while dragons could only accept them as an intelligent species in the sea, but dolphins? They, like the firelizards, remembered ages past to when things were far more civilized, advanced, and scientific. Yet their words seemed like superstition and mystery, appearing to the humans as all wildly advanced things do--much akin to magic and fluff.


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 Posted: Jun 8 2018, 09:12 PM
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With the arrival of Oreanda, Riyd knew that it would be now or never. Well, that wasn't strictly true but he had every intention of succeeding this day. He bowed his head to the Betahandler but today she was a Journeyman. For the purposes of this duty, they were both working with the dolphins and he was her apprentice. Eti would be meeting him at the subsidience. Together they would prove their mettle and show the strength of their bond. It was not the same as graduating with a wher. The bond between himself and Riysk meant that she had as much desire to see him succeed as he did. The bond between himself and Eti seemed all together more complex. Eti could choose not to work with him. It was entirely up to her discretion. Then there was the Tillek whom he had yet to meet.

Riysk turned her head towards the blue wher as he began speaking with her. Her fin-like tail flicked from side to side in an almost arrogant manner. She knew he was a hatchling, small, loud and obnoxious. The cyan was calm and almost icy in her movement as she approached the blue.
Very small. Riysk observed, Little tiny wher, Riysk think. Smaller even than bug. Osk agree? Think Oresk not even able to keep up.
The cyan turned, feline-like and strode away from the blue to stand near Tamath, ready to see her handler's success.

As Oreanda began speaking, Riyd listened intently. He had never been before. Never been able to attend with others. Having only fairly recently graduated, in the grand scheme of things, meant he'd had to put his Dolphineer training on hold for some time. Now he was ready and certain he would pass. The strength of his shoulders had turned from that of a teen to a man's. His swimming form was the strongest it had ever been and his long distance swimming was almost unparalleled to the other people in the Weyr.

Once they were ready and mounted he grinned to Zasime. The whers were all secure and in a moment they were above the swirling waters. It was truly nature's brilliance. The water spun and churned with danger and majesty all the same. In moments like these he wondered how such a world had come to be. Soon they were landed and Riyd climbed down from Tamath's back.
As always, we thank Tamath and Tamath's for flying for us. Riysk told the dragon with reverence.

"I have developed some goggles that are for use under water. They keep the water out of my eyes and allow me to see," Riyd told Oreanda, "I will also be testing and using these today."
There were so many dolphins below, all of them ready for the test. And Riyd was ready with them.
Riysk will await return.

@Leo (again don't worry too much about replying to everything and don't feel obliged to reply at all just feel free if you want, to tag in whenever and thanks for letting us have Tamath take them =) )


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