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Posted by: Mopsy93 Sep 11 2017, 09:44 PM
Seeing as he grew up within the curved walls of the Weyr, first in the lower Caverns and then in his father’s weyr, Hilrat walked pretty comfortably from across the Weyrbowl over to the Dining Hall one morning. Of course he wasn’t alone seeing as he was accompanied by his own firelizard Blue Garrnan though he was trailing behind a little, his father’s Bronze Morrier acting as a sort of babysitter, and Hilrat’s more recent addition of Pink pillie Yissi. This morning routine was going on since before he could remember, though it had changed considerably with Hilrat leaving earlier than either of his parents or his two younger siblings along with the addition of Yissi.

It didn’t take all that long for the tall eight turn old to reach his destination in the Dining Hall, the young boy heading for the line in getting food. He gathered the usual things that he would have for breakfast and some meat for his firelizard and not Morrier since the Bronze usually didn’t accept any food offered to him from Hilrat for one reason or another. With practiced ease he found an empty spot large enough for him and his family that was likely to follow after though it might not be all at once.

Posted by: Ruriko Sep 30 2017, 12:31 AM

There was another individual who'd grown up in the Weyr, and knew much of it and its layout off by heart. The six turn old girl was also accompanied by creatures not human. The large brass pillie had never been seen separated from her since she could remember. Knight was her guardian, as true to his name for the blue eyed child as could be. She had Impressed a blue firelizard, Stitch, a couple of seasons ago now. On the same day, she'd been gifted a rosie egg by Saowyn. It had hatched a male rosie, whom she'd named Gin for the drink her father was having when it hatched. She was sad that Sao had transferred, but there were so many people in her life, and the two most important were a big part of it: her parents Roselle and C'ian. She was fortunate to be raised by a pair of dragonriding parents. There wasn't anyone who was not new to the Weyr that didn't know who Rosian was. Still, with all the transfers, she had lost her closest childhood friends. Now it was just her parents, and her little pets.

As she wandered into the dining hall, the bright eyed little girl looked around to see if she might spot someone to go and talk to. She was never really lonely--how could she be, with her parents and her pets?--but she was lacking in having social interactions with children who were closer to her in age as of late. She did not, perhaps, realize she was missing this. Yet instinctively, here she was, seeking out other children of the same age or near, to her. She spotted a younger boy, and recognized him as someone she had seen often enough about the Weyr. She tried to recall a name, but they probably had never spoken beyond a couple of sentences. Still, she wandered over, dutifully followed by Knight. Stitch sat on a shoulder, his tail curled about her neck, looking around--likely to see what food he might get into. Gin was in her shirt pocket. She had taken to asking her mother to have clothing with pockets for him, as of late. The wonderful mother that she was, she had made sure her daughter's requests were met.

Once she neared the boy, she took a seat across from him. Yes, he was more turns than she was, she decided. Still, he was still a child in her eyes. So was she.

"Good morning," she said, tone polite and yet friendly. "Are you here all by yourself?" Knight spotted the pink pillie, and offered a chivalrous 'Oom-pah!' of greeting.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Oct 1 2017, 02:57 PM

The lanky eight turn old looked up from his breakfast meeting the girl that had just sat down’s blue gaze with his own blue-gray gaze, he knew the younger from around the Weyr as a fellow Weyrbrat though not personally. Morrier didn’t think of it as a big deal so he didn’t react to the Weyrbrat sitting down on the other side and Garrnan as a younger flit who looked up to the much older and larger firelizard so he didn’t mind either as he grabbed a piece of meat set aside for him. “Good morning,” said Hilrat matching the six turn old’s tone. “For now at least with my pets, unless you count my father’s Bronze firelizard, M’rat at least with my little sister and brother might come here later.”

Though the pair of firelizards were content to continue on with what they were doing before Rosian and her respective pets had arrived Yissi was more than happy to come over to the Brass that accompanied Rosian. Meehee! said Yissi in her usual exuberance pretty much saying ‘Hello!’ The Pink crawled closer to the Brass not really caring about how the Brass, Rosian, or the other pets would react to her coming closer to the pillie after all she had no reason to fear there’s no need to hunt right no after all.

Posted by: Ruriko Oct 1 2017, 10:09 PM

Rosian seemed to accept this answer. She was by herself, too, with her own pets. She liked pets, even if they did not belong to her. She looked at the bronze firelizard, then at the blue. She liked blues--even if this was partially biased by the face she had her own--and she thought it was nice that they both had one. He had said the bronze belonged to his father, though. Rosian wondered if maybe only older people got to have bronzes. She, for one, was not acquainted with any children who had one.

"My blue one is Stitch," she told the boy, and then--because it was not polite to not introduce others and only one--she added, "he's Knight, with a pointed finger at the pillie, and then pointing to her pocket, wherein a small rosey stuck its head out, "He's Gin." She looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to introduce his pets. Her parents had raised a polite little girl, that much was certain! Stitch, meanwhile, wanted meat, too. He chittered noisily and then scurried in a very quick motion down Sia's arm, onto the table, and over to Hilrat's firelizards and made a loud squawking sound. The little girl frowned, brows furrowed. "Stitch, that's not nice! Come here." It was a very stern command, and the blue wilted a little, though he shot her a look that clearly said he did not want to. He wanted meat, too! Where was his meat? Couldn't these others share? What did they need it all for, anyhow?

"Stitch is naughty," the little girl said with a heavy sigh. "I try to make him be good. He doesn't always listen." She wasn't about to give up, though, so leaned forward to try and reach the 'lizard--who promptly darted out of the way, making a piteous creeling sound. Her arms were not long enough to reach across the table, and she frowned again, looking at Hilrat apologetically. "Sorry he's like that..." She trailed off as she got out of the seat, walked around to the side of the table, and picked the blue up. She turned him around to face her--he was still small, and not full grown yet--and looked him in the eye. "You be good! Being bad is bad. We can get you your own meat. I feed you." This last was chiding. She did feed him, and took care of him. Very, very well for a six turn old. She never forgot and oiled him every day, and gave him baths...he didn't actually seem to like baths very much. He would get dirty and prefer to stay dirty than to be given one. Still, he begrudgingly allowed it. With her firelizard in hand, she walked back to her side of the table. She was spotted by kitchen staff, who knew her well.

"Will you be having somethin' to eat, Miss Rosian?" The robust looking female cook smiled at the little girl and then looked across to where Hilrat sat. The woman clearly recognized him, too. "And you, Sir Hilrat?" Rosian smiled brightly, and replied, "Eggs'n'sausage please and thank you! Oh--and meat?" She glanced down at the unhappy blue in her lap, and the woman smiled and nodded, awaiting Hilrat's decision.

Knight, meanwhile, extended feelers to touch against Yissi's, a friendly pillie greeting and getting to know whom it was they were meeting. He was careful, as she was smaller, and seemed to find her acceptable, if even likable.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Oct 2 2017, 10:27 PM
Hilrat hadn’t really seen any other people that weren’t old enough to be a Dragon Candidate that had a firelizard ranking higher than a sub-Queen/King counted among their pets. He also hadn’t seen one being accompanied by a Brass pillie, or pillies in general though he probably wasn’t looking for them especially near the lake aside from the time that he found Yissi’s egg. “The Blue firelizard and Pink pillie are of course mine, Garrnan and Yissi their names respectively and you know the Bronze beside me. Can’t say that I have seen a Rosie before, I’ve heard of them from my parents and the Harpers but this is the first time that I’ve seen one in person even if it is from across the table,” mused Hilrat peering over the table towards the Rosie briefly.

Garrnan being Garrnan moved away from the table once the other Blue firelizard even if the other Blue was much younger than him, Morrier of course didn’t have any of the Blue’s caution letting out a low toned hiss as a warning. “I guess you could say that I have the opposite problem with my Blue, being too much of a pushover, though he does tend to be more sensible then what most think of when they think about a Blue firelizard.”

“I’ve already gotten my breakfast but maybe an egg and some blueberries,” said Hilrat politely unsure though recognizing the cook. Meanwhile with the two pillies Yissi enthusiastically reciprocated the Brass’s gesture though less careful considering how small she was compared to the Brass she could get away with it easier than he was.


Posted by: Ruriko Oct 9 2017, 07:55 PM

Gin, seeming to understand that he was being inspected, stood up on his hind legs and gave a surprisingly loud sound for so little a creature.

OOP! It was the only sound the rosey could make, after all. Rosian smiled at the creature as it scurried halfway down her arm, holding that arm out for Hilrat to inspect before Gin was back up her arm just as fast, sitting on her shoulder and peering out from behind her hair.

"They're very shy. Just like to have one person to be with." She had tried very hard to see if she might get Gin to actually like anyone else. He merely tolerated her other pets so far, which was at least progress from how he'd avoided anyone but her for the first two seasons she had him. Now he would sit beside Stitch, and allow Knight to touch him with a feeler briefly. Yet the interactions were not long. Usually the end result was Gin running back into her pocket, or up to hide behind her hair.

Sensible. She knew the word, and thought she knew its meaning, and so, she replied, "Stitch is not a sens...sensible, blue. He's just naughty a lot. I think he's very smart, but he's stubborn." Her face looked very thoughtful as she said this. She believed the blue was smart. Just because he didn't listen, didn't mean he was not smart. She had come to this conclusion upon realizing he understood what she told him, but simply chose not to obey. Maybe that even made him smarter than smart. She didn't know for sure, but she thought it very well might.

As the woman nodded and went to fill their orders, she looked across the table at the boy, and announced, "mommy is going to have a little brother and sister. She said she will talk to daddy. I think daddy will say yes, and then they'll put a baby brother or sister in her tummy." She sounded pleased. Her mother had asked her if she wanted a brother or sister, and she had said 'yes'. Now she fully expected that there would be a baby in Roselle's stomach right after she talked to C'ian, her father, about it. She did not understand much about babies, nor where they came from. Her mother had told her daddy and her would have the baby together, and she had accepted that because they both had her. She did not understand much beyond that, and had not felt the need to ask, really. She might, when the baby was in there after they talked.

"Do you like having brother and sister? You have both," she confirmed, and then asked, "which one is best?" She wasn't sure if she got to pick which one her mommy and daddy would have. Nor did she know which one she wanted, but thought maybe a sister, because then she'd have a girl to put dresses on and share her favorite clothes with. Still, she had never had either and nothing to compare it to.

Stitch didn't much like being hissed at, and made a rather unpleasant sound. Rosian frowned, and tapped him lightly on the nose to be quiet. He quieted, but not happily.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Oct 10 2017, 10:25 PM

The young Blue wasn’t something that Hilrat hadn’t seen before, or for that matter anything that Morrier hadn’t seen before seeing as he had more experience with other more difficult to live with firelizards. “Good to know if I come across other Rosies in the future,” said Hilrat though he didn’t know if he would see anyone else with a Rosie anytime soon. “I figured as much judging by Stitch’s attitude with Garrnan and Morrier, not sure how smart Garrnan is though.”

Hilrat had a bit of an idea about what exactly goes on to have another child, seeing as he had already gone through this twice before most notably with Mihil seeing as he was born when Hilrat was six. He wasn’t about to try to come up with an answer that he could make sense of let alone a girl around his own sister’s age when he didn’t really know (or want to know at this point) this specifics himself. “Minayra is nice enough, and Mihil’s only two so I don’t really know about him, though I might have a much different opinion of both of them when Mihil’s around Minayra’s age is right now.”

The Bronze didn’t regret any of his actions encouraging Garrnan to take another sizable piece from the pile set aside for him in Hilrat’s breakfast.

Posted by: Ruriko Oct 12 2017, 05:24 PM

Rosian couldn't have known that different colors were possessed of different personality traits. Blues were actually known for being thoughtful and intelligent creatures, and yet Stitch was young and wasn't the sort who would think before acting. Sia had seen Saowyn's rosey, and yet no others. They were uncommon, her mother had said, but as time passed and the roseys at the Weyr laid clutches--though they would likely be very small, as Saowyn's only had an egg or two--there would be more about. She would have liked to meet more, and have 'friends' for Gin.

"Saowyn went away," she told Hilrat sadly, and then added, "I didn't see other rosies yet. Just Gin. Saowyn had one though." What she meant is that she hadn't seen any besides Saowyn's, and now that Sao was gone, none thereafter save Gin. That should have been clear enough though. She looked at Garrnan and Morrier, expression thoughtful, before announcing, "Morrier looks like maybe he's smart. I don't know about Garrnan either though." The blue seemed to allow itself to be told what to do by the bronze. Weren't bronzes important in the Weyr? Maybe the same was true for bronze firelizards. Her mother and father had explained that gold and copper were leaders, and bronze and irons were what were called kings. Roselle had done what she could to educate her daughter, insomuch as Rosian was capable of understanding, anyhow. The same could be said for C'ian, her father. So she knew that they had a Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, and then a Jr. Weyrwoman and Jr. Weyrleader. Roselle had not gotten into details about the fact there had been more than one of that latter for a time. She knew that the bigger dragons led and the smaller ones followed, but that sometimes the small ones could do things too. She just couldn't recall all of what they did.

At so young an age, the difference in Hilrat and Rosian was notable. While she was bright enough for a girl child just turned six, a couple more turns would really see her changed and able to keep up with other, older children in conversation and understanding. Even from five her sentence structure and use of vocabulary had grown significantly. Still, it might not have been enough for her table companion, who had a sister her age, and thus probably saw her as just about as interesting at this point. Still, she would not notice this, and would continue to treat Hilrat as though they were about the same age.

She nodded, considering this. When babies were small it was hard to tell if they were nice or not. They didn't understand anything! So she understood that Hilrat couldn't really know such a think. "Thank you," she replied politely at his answer, and then, "I think I want a sister, but a brother wouldn't be bad, either. Do you like having them? Brothers and sisters?" She wanted one, but she had not paused to consider whether it would be an enjoyable affair, just exciting to help take care of a baby.

At that moment, the woman returned with Rosian's food, and placed it in front of her. Stitch immediately tried to rush at the meat, but Sia held him fast. "You wait. I feed you, remember? Daddy didn't like when you did that to his food. Even if this is for you, you need to wait until I say it's okay or feed you, like we practiced before." It was fortunate that Sia's first firelizard was a blue. Smaller and easier managed, he might not have been so easily managed as a bronze or larger sized 'lizard. As it was, he reluctantly obeyed. The few times he'd tried to rebel, he'd had Knight enforce his little lady's commands. The blue was learning, though it was taking time. He was young and very impulsive, and prone to stubborn behavior and tantrums when scolded or he didn't get what he wanted.

Sia thanked the kitchen worker, and began to feed Stitch slowly. He kept snapping the pieces up quite quickly, so that she had to do it more slowly to show him it wasn't okay to do that. "Is Garrnan your first pet? When did you get him?" Sensible enough herself, she thought that maybe Hilrat's blue had not always been so well behaved as it seemed to be now. Maybe it had been naughty and he'd had to teach it to behave? If he had, and even if he hadn't, he might have some advice to impart. She was not a stubborn or prideful child, and so while she was at a stage where she liked to do things on her own, and was growing in independence, she had no issue asking others for help or advice if needed.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Oct 14 2017, 08:16 PM

Hilrat didn’t know if Stitch was an outlier, or that there wasn’t as big of a correlation between colour and personality as most thought, then again he didn’t really know either since he didn’t meet all that many firelizards yet. “Maybe as we get older we’ll find others with Rosies, whether they have bonded with since now or have had them as long as you have and we haven’t met them yet,” said Hilrat.

“As far as I know Morrier is pretty smart, and with Garrnan I guess he’s above average for a Blue flitt? He’s certainly not prone to getting distracted like some other Fighter flitts, at least when there’s not a rising female involved, but whether that’s a sign of smarts or not is a different matter entirely.”

Seeing as Morrier was older than the boy that he was bonded to, and even older than the Blue Dragon that M’rat had Impressed, the Blue trusted the opinion of the Bronze rather than reluctantly following orders inforced by a Brass pillie. “I like Minayra okay, though my mother and father thinks that that might change as I get older, whatever that means.”

The kitchen worker came back with the food that he and Rosian had requested earlier, first Rosian and then shortly after Hilrat’s egg and blueberries the former of which he immediately dug into and set aside the blueberrier until he finished the hot parts of his meal. “Yeah, Garrnan is my first firelizard I got him during the Winter of the twelfth turn right before the Storm of all Passes hit.”

Posted by: Ruriko Oct 29 2017, 01:40 AM

Hilrat's words were sensible, Rosian decided, even if 'sensible' was not the word she attributed to her decision. When the icehowlers had come, there had only been one or two. Now there were several. The same could therefore happen with rosies. She liked the thought that there would be more. Gin was a good pet, even if he was not particularly friendly with anyone but her. She would have liked to know more people who had them. So, she nodded in agreement, and replied openly, "I hope so. Maybe Gin would have a friend!" Firelizards, from what she understood, liked to have friends. She was a complacent child and happy with her three creatures, and yet as she loved all things, would not have been sorry to get another pet of a different kind.

Sia did not particularly know the ins and outs of flights and what they involved. She was too young to know, and nor would Stitch chase until she was much older and could understand. As a male, he did not have to chase, and had he been female, he would have waited anyhow. So, while she understood flights--she had even seen all the male dragons chasing female dragons, and the same went for firelizards or runs with whers--she could only understand it as Garrnan liked to do the chasing but otherwise he listened. "I don't know if Stitch will do the chasing," she said, looking at the blue curiously. If the girl firelizards were going to play that game, would Stitch do it too? Maybe, she thought, he would. If he wanted to have fun though, she wouldn't stop him. Again, she did not understand exactly what it entailed, except for that in the end, someone won and then that game was over. At only six, she had not even connected that eggs followed some of the chases, because they certainly only followed a very select few. By the time she was eight she would have caught onto the connection there, however.

She was not sure why he would not like his sister if he got older. She had found the longer she was with someone, the more she liked them. So, curiously she stated, "I think maybe that's a mistake, because I like pets and people more after some time." She looked thoughtful as she began to eat her own food, interspersing it with still feeding the blue. She was too young to remember the 'Storm of All Passes', and so she asked curiously, "Storm of All Passes? What is that?" She ate and watched him curiously, wondering if maybe there was a story she had not heard to go with the title of the thing he had mentioned.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Oct 30 2017, 09:54 AM
“You never know, Gin might just get a friend,” said Hilrat not really sure himself. His experience with pets was mostly just with firelizards and pillies and the two pillies that he had any long term contact with had very different attitudes. Garrnan tried to keep his interest in flights to a minimum, but the Blue flitt couldn’t help himself sometimes though he hadn’t won a flight so far so that was a good thing in Hilrat’s opinion. “Firelizards can surprise you in that regard, though hopefully it will be at least another couple of turns before he decides to give it a try.”

“I don’t know, something about the difference between girls and boys, my father has a good few siblings of both genders so he probably knows a thing or two about that. The Storm of All Passes was a really bad Winter storm that hit Dalibor a little under three turns ago, I don’t really remember it either seeing as I was four turns old at the time. It was certainly bad enough that we moved into my father’s weyr for the duration of the storm, and didn’t leave once the storm passed seeing as I’m still living there.”


Posted by: Ruriko Oct 30 2017, 05:42 PM

Rosian was pleased with that thought, and gave a small nod between her bites of food. As Hilrat mentioned the differences between boys and girls, Sia thought hard about that. There were some differences when boys and girls were all grown up like her mother and father were. She knew a little, because she knew only girls could have babies, and that boys and girls had different parts. Her parents were very good at teaching her what she needed to know at appropriate times. Of course they could only explain that boys and girls had different parts--the only differences she could see was that her mother's chest was not the same as her father's. So, in her innocence, she commented seriously,

"Yes, there are different parts. But I don't know what else is different but parts. I love both mommy and daddy the same. Maybe it won't matter what different parts your brother and sister have, and you will still love them the same even if they get those parts?" She was trying to be positive and helpful, though if an adult were to overhear their conversation, it would probably cause some amount of amusement!

Rosian was clearly very interested in Hilrat's telling of the 'Big Storm'. She didn't remember that at all, and she loved stories almost more than anything in the world, save dragons, whers, and other animals. New stories were some of the best kind of stories. "I live in my mommy's weyr. Did you live somewhere else before your father's? Like the creche?" She knew most of the dragonrider's children were cared for by the creche. She was happy that she was not one of them, and only need go there to play with the other children. She knew she was fortunate because other weyrbrats said she was 'lucky' that she got to live with Roselle. She had never known it any other way, though. It would have been hard for her to not live in Roselle's weyr with Tsereith and her mother. Still, for creche children, they had also never known differently, so life was generally all right for them.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Nov 1 2017, 10:29 PM

“I don’t think that they meant that when they told me that, my parents did say that the relationship between brother and sister can be different than between two sisters or brothers,” said Hilrat a little embarrassed at how the conversation turned to that topic in particular. He knew about the physical differences, well at least as much as an eight turn old could be reasonably expected to know about even if they were the studious type as he was. Neither he nor Rosian couldn’t be expected understand immediately what the adults in their life were getting at, mostly due to their inexperience and still being in the middle of growing up.

“I don’t really remember much of it, seeing as I was under four turns old at the time, what I can remember I think that I was living between my mother’s quarters with the other Weyrfolk and in the creche,” said Hilrat shrugging slightly. “Minayra doesn’t remember anything pretty much considering she was only a turn and a half old when the Storm of All Passes hit and Mihil was born around three turns later.”

That’s the funny thing about memory sometimes, though you remember it clearly at the time in a few short turns you could forget most of it.

Posted by: Ruriko Nov 6 2017, 12:03 AM

Rosian seemed to accept this explanation. Even if she did not understand it, a moment of puzzling over it had the little girl accepting that perhaps she was not going to right now. Sensibly, she chose to reply, "If I have a brother maybe I will see." Truthfully, she was now hoping that she could have a sister. She did not want to not get along with her sibling. They were going to be the best of friends, after all. That was what she envisioned. That, and helping her mommy take care of a baby. It would be some turns yet before she could understand adult things truly, and even for Hilrat that might hold true. He was older, but he was still a child.

She continued to eat slowly and methodically, pushing her food apart so that one thing was not touching the other things. Her face fell a little with disappointment at Hilrat's poor recollection. It wasn't his fault, she knew. Yet she'd been hoping for a story, and that was not what the boy was able to give her as he couldn't really remember much. She didn't blame him in any way, and gave a little nod, chewing her food. She remembered her mother telling her she should finish chewing and swallow before talking, so she did that, and then gave a reply.

"Maybe mommy or daddy remembers. I can ask them, thank you." She poked her food a bit before looking at Hilrat curiously. She had wanted a story, but maybe it didn't have to be that one? "Do you have any stories you do remember? I like stories. Mommy and daddy tell the best kinds. New ones are also the best though." She looked hopeful, reaching down to pet Stitch on the head. Knight was still dutifully watching from beside her. It was, in his mind, his 'job' to watch. Being ever vigilant and protecting His little person. Even so, the brass was very relaxed. He did not think to find a threat to her in the Weyr. Yet he watched anyhow.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Nov 6 2017, 11:04 PM
“Maybe, though it might take a few turns after that to figure it out assuming that either of us ever do,” said Hilrat shrugging. Garrnan had finished the meat on the plate set aside for him by then, satisfied with the free meal (well free as the Blue was concerned not so much what went into the meat getting on the plate) he was dozing back in his spot. He didn’t rest as easily as he looked though, with Rosian’s Blue still close it the pale Blue didn’t trust him to not try something on him even with Morrier so close to him. Though Stitch hadn’t done much of anything since the meat had came to the table for him Morrier watched him carefully for unexpected movements.

“Sorry, I guess that I’m not all that good of a storyteller, I guess that stories come from personal experience or hearing them from other storytellers and I haven’t had much in the ways of experiences or hearing them. Most of what happened that I can remember happened to people that I don’t know or my father while fighting thread. How I got Yissi isn’t that special either, I just found the nest that she came out of while I was walking along nearest part of the Weyr Lakeshore at least closest to my father’s weyr.”


Posted by: Ruriko Nov 7 2017, 03:17 PM

Stitch seemed to be aware he was being suspected of mischief, and all of a sudden got up, and seemed to slink towards where Garrnan lay. Sia was watching him though, and said in a warning tone,

"Stitch, don't you think about it. Leave Garrnan alone. Be a good boy, remember?" The blue shot His a sulky look, and then lashed out and swatted a blueberry right off the girl's plate, hurtling towards where Garrnan lay. Likely the innocent one of the pair of blues was not suspecting it. If it hit, there would be a chortling sound of laughter from the younger blue. Whether it did or not, Rosian frowned and reached out to pluck him up with both hands and turned him around to face her. "What did I say to you? That is not being a good boy. You say sorry to Garrnan and to Hilart. Right now." Stitch growled, his fairly longer than average head knobs seeming almost to flatten as he looked up at the girl defiantly. "Right. Now." Sia was using her best 'mom voice' on the blue, and the firelizard caved. He turned his head to look in the general direction of Garrnan and Hilrat. He still seemed to be chittering--as though mumbling under his breath--but he gave an amicable enough chirrup to the other blue, and a little more stubborn-sounding one to Hilrat. Then he looked back at His as if to say 'is that good enough'?

Rosian sighed and plopped the blue down beside her on the table. "I'm sorry. I can't make him stop doing bad things. He seems to like being bad. Only I know he isn't, not really. He likes to do things he wants to do. He thinks they are fun things. Yet they are trouble things, and he gets into everything." In regards to what they'd been talking about, she added, "I can maybe try to figure it out. But yes, maybe I won't." She sounded a little displeased about that notion--the not figuring it out. An inquisitive little girl, she preferred to be in the know.

"That's okay. Do you want to see the snow after breakfast? It fell a lot. Do you like snow?" As a child, she liked to play as children were wont to do. It didn't seem to occur to her that Hilrat, a few turns older, might not think playing in the snow was so much fun. Yet he was young enough, still, that things like that ought to be enjoyed, if he was inclined towards that kind of thing to begin with. "I have a lot of stories. Mommy and daddy tell me all kinds. If you ever want to hear one, I can share," Sia told him, offering a slightly hopeful expression. She liked to tell stories, too! Even if hearing them was nice, it was just as fun to share your own.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Nov 9 2017, 12:01 AM
Garrnan’s eyes flew wide open darting behind the larger Bronze beside him just grazing the older Blue’s wingtip, while the Bronze let out a warning hiss considering how he wasn’t about to tolerate Rosian’s Blue’s attitude. Rosian didn’t like Stitch’s behaviour and was quick to reprimand it though neither of the the two firelizards nor Hilrat thought that Stitch was being sincere in his apology. “My father’s older Pink and Yellow pillie can be pretty difficult as well. I’m not really the one to tell you about that considering the fact that Pink Issana doesn’t have much interest in me and M’rat won’t let Yellow Yerina anywhere near me most days.”

Yissi was certainly interested in the prospect of going outside to play in the snow, who knows how long it would last considering the fact that it was still Fall and wasn’t properly Winter yet and this would be her first Winter. Garrnan wasn’t really interested in coming along, and just as likely to go back to M’rat’s weyr then coming along, while Morrier was willing to come along after notifying M’rat of course of the change in plans. “Why not? It would be nice to play with someone else aside from my family, and hearing stories of course.”


Posted by: Ruriko Nov 14 2017, 01:04 AM

Sia nodded, at least appreciating that Hilrat was telling her she was not the only one with a difficult pet. She did not love the blue any less for all that he wasn't easy to deal with, or misbehaved where her other pets were well behaved. Gin might have been shy and reclusive, but he hadn't done anything to ever warrant her having to tell him 'no'. With Stitch, it seemed 'no' was his other name. "How does he teach them to be good?" The question was laden with curiosity, and more than a little hope. Perhaps if someone else had pets that didn't always behave, and they were older, they knew how to make them do as they were told?

Stitch was perhaps too bold and brazen for his own good. Even when hissed at by a full grown, much larger fully grown bronze, the blue didn't even bat an eye. He simply ignored both firelizards altogether now, appearing to be sulking. To be fair, he was young yet. He'd a lot of time to grow up some, though it would always be in his nature to at least be mischievous. There would be no helping that, though the green and purplerider's daughter could not have known this would be the case. Knight would come with them, as would the blue firelizard and Gin, tucked warmly away in his pocket.

She gave the two-turns-older boy a friendly, pleased smile. It would definitely be nice to have a new friend to play with! As an only child--though perhaps not for too much longer?--she had to rely on socialization with the other weyrbrats. Even should she have siblings, they would be at least seven whole turns younger than she was. Maybe more. They might tag along and look up to her, but they'd not be in the same age range, so would be at different stages of growth in their lives. It was unlikely Sia would be an immature child, and would only humor her younger sibling by playing games with him or her. "Do you want to go now, or do you have to wait for your daddy?" In two turns, she might also be calling her parents 'mother, father, mom' or 'dad'. In the meantime, she was six, and they were merely 'mommy and daddy'. So thus, so was anyone else's. Her small mind was intelligent enough for her age that a couple of turns older wouldn't be too much of a divide. Even less so in another turn or two. By the time Rosian was seven and eight, she would speak in a far more mature capacity. In the meantime, she was capable of playing with weyrbrats who ranged from four turns old to eight or nine with enough ease, fortunately for her.

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“He less tries to get them to be good and more keep Yerina from pretty much anyone that he doesn’t think wouldn’t be very sceptical about anything she says with Morrier enforcing it though that doesn’t always work. As for Issana, he doesn’t do much considering how even if she’s annoying at times as far as I’ve heard she doesn’t do much of anything in need of correction, not that she will listen anyways,” said Hilrat. Of course this was all from an eight turn old that wasn’t the person that the pet problem was focused on so he didn’t know the true extent of M’rat’s provisions in dealing with Yerina and Issana.

Morrier huffed slightly, it wasn’t anything he saw before especially since he was far older than either the Weyrbrats or the four other pets involved in this conversation. Garrnan went back to his previous position as well as his level of caution his eyes still open waiting for whatever came next.

“Morrier’s probably going to tell my parents anyways, but I might as well send a quick note with Garrnan,” said Hilrat pulling out a scrap of hide given to him for that purpose, writing down a quick note to M’rat and Hilminay before giving it to his Blue. The pale Blue happily went betwee not wanting to be around Stitch longer than he had too, with Morrier following shortly afterwards. “What about you? Wouldn’t your parents be worried since I am older than you so it would make sense for them to be worried about you as well.”


Posted by: Ruriko Nov 18 2017, 11:49 PM

Sia listened and seemed to take all of what was said in stride, giving a small nod. It wasn't exactly helpful, but she didn't think Hilrat knew that, so it was all right to simply take what was said as him trying to help. It was likely that Morrier would have gotten on far better with Knight than either of Rosian's other two pets. They were both, in essence, guardians of their little persons--even if Hilrat was not Morrier's, and he looked instead to Hilrat's father. The pillie watched but only took action if it was needed. Most of the time, it was not. He followed the little girl around, an escort to ensure her safety as best he could manage. The largest of the male colors of the pillie species, there was still not much he could have done against a dragon, wher, icehowler...still, he could do his best.

She watched Hilrat make up his note, but in answer to his question, shook her head and smiled a little. "No. Mommy and daddy don't expect me to be waiting here for them. I came all by myself. Today I can go to the creche or I can stay in the Weyr or play outside. Mommy's busy, and daddy too. So I go do what I want." Her parents knew that she was safe in the Weyr. Stitch might have not been obedient in the manner of Garrnan or Morrier, but the blue would definitely alert Roselle's or C'ian's firlelizards or dragons if anything were to go awry. He was loyal to Rosian, despite his misbehavior. She had only suggested Hilrat let his father know because M'rat might have expected his son to be there when he arrived for breakfast.

"I'm not allowed to go too near the lake. Do you want to build sculptures of the snow? I went in it a little bit to look before here. It's sticky snow, so we can make things." She smiled, then, excited by the prospect as any young child might be. She thought maybe they could make snow-dragons and maybe houses of snow to sit in. She waited for him to join her, standing beside Knight. "Or we can throw snow, but I'm not the best at hitting and it's more fun with lots of people." She didn't have any really close friends among the children around their age. Just weyrbrats she played with from time to time. Still, Hilrat might know a few.

Posted by: Mopsy93 Nov 20 2017, 12:48 AM

Morrier did a lot for M’rat over the many turns that the firelizard took pride in to varying degrees, some more bothersome than others mostly in keeping an eye on Hilrat or Minayra though keeping M’rat’s other firelizards and pillie wasn’t something strange to him at all. “Just want to make sure,” said Hilrat, though he was older than the girl by two turns his parents did seem more worried about his safety even within the walls of the Weyr that was the only home he ever knew.

“Alright, though I doubt that I would want to go to the lake even if you were allowed to considering how cold it is, though that’s probably the reason why you’re not allowed.” Even if Hilrat was a little more experienced with playing in the snow than Rosian he couldn’t help himself in getting excited and smiling along with her.

Meehee meeheeheehee! said Yissi something to the effect of ‘You can count on me to be there I want to try too!’

“Yissi certainly seems happy, though I somehow doubt that she would be any good at throwing snow and Morrier doesn’t strike me as one to join in so building things with snow is the best option it looks like.” Hilrat didn’t know many people outside of his family, and Minayra was probably the only one that would be interested and she still had yet to have her breakfast so she was out.

Posted by: Ruriko Jan 12 2018, 06:51 PM

There had never really been much need for Roselle's firelizards to watch over Rosian. She had been with her mother or father her whole life, and once she'd been chosen by Knight, the vigilant pillie had guarded her valiantly. Stitch was currently under the little girl's protection, but he would grow to protect and watch for her as much as she did him, now. Her rosey was a curious creature, but too small to do much by way of protection. Not much was known about the intellect level of the small creature. He was not as connected as either pillie or firelizard, but certainly intelligent in his own right.

With an accepting nod, Sia thought to herself it made sense for Hilrat to want to be certain it was all right. She was old enough to begin to understand that there were things that went on within the Weyr that were simply 'bad' or even 'sad'. A lot of things happened at Dalibor, after all. Not all of them were good things. The reason she was not allowed had nothing to do with the cold itself, and much more to do with the ice that would cover the lake during the colder season. So, she answered, though sounding a bit uncertain as to that was what he meant or no--the fact that it was cold and that meant ice, "Mommy and daddy say the ice is dangerous. They don't want me to go on it and fall through." There was a bit of displeasure in her tone at that last. As if she would! She was a big girl and she knew better than to do something her mommy and daddy said was dangerous. Still, it was often hard to see the edge of the lake when the water was frozen over and it snowed heavily. Inside she knew it was important to listen and that the things that they told her not to do were to keep her safe.

Oom-pah, voiced Knight gently, and if he could have smiled, the pillie certainly would have. He liked when His little charge was having fun, and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the pink.

Sia nodded and glanced at the pink, a pleased smile on her face. She loved to make new friends, and Hilrat and his pillie and firelizard seemed like they'd be good ones! Nodding once more in agreement, she confessed, "I don't think Knight or Gin will be much help to throw but maybe they can help build! Stitch, too," She added, when the firelizard tilted his head to the side, looking interested. Knight had been with his little one in previous winters before this one, and it was easy for the pillie to help push snow or even roll balls of it. He'd learned to do this when she was only four, two turns ago. It was dubious firelizards would be much use in the gathering, but they could certainly, if they wanted, pack the snow down with tails and make things if so inclined--dubious whether or not they would be, however. "Do you know anyone else who might want to come and play with the snow?" If Hilrat had other friends he wanted to invite, the more the merrier!

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The more he met other Weyrbrats, the fact that Hilrat and his sister’s parents were more protective and them supervised more than the average Weyrbrat though it wasn’t something that really fazed him. Probably as both of his younger siblings (and any other siblings that might come up later) Morrier would leave more of his duties in terms of caring for Hilrat with Garrnan and probably Yissi considering how naive the pillie could be.

“Many rules are just there for those that aren’t sensible or would try anything that they weren’t explicitly told not to do,” said Hilrat.

Meehee! practically yelled the Pink not really caring what anyone around them thought of her, hadn’t stopped her before, saying something akin to ‘woohoo!’

“Looks like it will be just the five of then, don’t really have anyone available to come with us other than our own pets willing to join in,” said Hilrat laughing slightly at his pillie’s enthusiasm even if she didn’t have any idea any experiance with what they were talking of doing. “My little sister, Minayra, might have wanted to come along if she was here and had her breakfast though I don’t know how long that would take if we waited and it’s not a guarantee that she would want or allowed to even if we ask.”

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Rosian only knew her own small little family. Her mother had said that maybe her and Sia's daddy would have another baby. She was excited for that, but Roselle had told her it didn't happen right away. Even if she did not understand why it didn't, she accepted it and was waiting, eagerly, for the day when the baby would show up in her mommy's belly. Hilrat's words caused the six turn old to look as though she were weighing them and thinking about them. She agreed they made sense. If not told to do things, some people would do them--or pets, like Stitch! So, she gave a nod and a smile, and slid down off her chair, picking up her plate to carry it over to where the empty dishes went.

"That's okay. It will be fun!" She replied, and then added, "we can go, since we don't know if she would be allowed." She also smiled at the pink's enthusiasm, and walked towards the dish station whilst Knight followed along behind. She assumed Hilrat would follow them, along with Yissi and his pets that had remained. It was good to have someone to go and do something with. She hadn't enough friends her age--more acquaintances. Her mommy would be happy to hear she had played with Hilrat today, and she hoped there'd be many more days they got to play together. Maybe they would become friends! That would be very nice; he seemed like a nice person and she would like that. Plus, he had a pillie and firelizard too! With these thoughts in mind, she made her way out of the dining hall once she made sure Hilrat was following along behind, eager to play outside and have lots to tell her mother and father about later.

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