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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Jyderin, Master Tanner/Handler of Black Jysk, Leatherworker, Dalibor Weyr
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 08:41 AM
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55 Turns - [Winter, 162nd Turn, 10th Interval]
(Hetero, has slept with 1 man, does not sleep with same-gender unless an established relationship is there).
Dalibor Weyr
Wherling / Master

It isn't hard to see that the redfruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Jyderin is Z'dyn's father, and the Master Tanner's chosen craft - both honest and well-practiced work - has instilled in the larger man a measure of self-worth that is very seldom unsettled. He's an almost overpowering presence at times; Jyderin loves to laugh, and gets on well enough with just about anyone.

He does have quiet moments, however, and in those times one can find him usually reflecting about the loss of his family. He is a family man through and through; the loss of his wife and eldest son was a huge weight on his otherwise outgoing and chipper spirit, and as a result he is fiercely protective of his only remaining child. Z'dyn is regarded very much with the Poppa Bear mentality, and he doesn't fare well (as most parents don't) with someone picking on or harassing his son. That sort of conduct is usually met with a rare amount of hostility.

He is very proud of his son, and doesn't waste any chances to tell people as much when he encounters them and the subject comes up. Jyderin is also the source of Z'dyn's centered, focused work ethic - you will very seldom find the older Master Tanner either not working, or not outside if he can be at any point. The man almost seems to thrive on sunshine, and can always be asked to help in just about any means of physical assistance if possible. He doesn't shy away from hard work of any sort.

Jyderin is easy-going and surprisingly just as easy to talk to. He has a fatherly approach to almost everything, which comes by having to raise his only remaining son pretty much on his own. There is a weathered sense of guidance to everything he does, in relation to anyone else. He doesn't accept or encourage brash and 'quick to act' behaviour, as he believes it's the easiest way to find one's self in trouble - be it with a Weyrleader or a Lord Holder.

Unlike his son, he has a rather nice singing voice, and tends to hum/sing when he works; though never well enough to be a Harper of any sort.


Again, it's obvious where Z'dyn got most of his appearance. Jyderin is 6'2", with the same shade of black, middle-shoulder-blade length hair that his son keeps - though Jyderin's own mane is not braided or worn in dreads like Z'dyn's. It's slightly curly, somewhat - some sections more than others, but all the same it's normally either worn in a simple ponytail, or gathered behind his neck with a leather band. It has long since been intermixed with gray; a product of stress and age all the same. Much the same is the varying goatee/"soul patch" of facial hair he wears at any given time, though he has gone clean-shaven a time or two. Z'dyn tends to poke fun at him and tell him he looks 'baby-faced', so when at the Weyr, he'll usually always have something there.

He is relatively well-built, and is the reason Z'dyn was encouraged to start looking after his physical health much more than he was prior. Jyderin prides himself as much as he can on maintaining a decent appearance, though more often than not one will find him covered in tannin and various other unscrupulous things that source from being a Tanner. He doesn't mind getting dirty in the slightest, and as a result doesn't shy away from any situation that would warrant that sort of result.

He does not have any major or notable scars, beyond one along the backside of one elbow where he fell off a table during a rather...amusing night at Cove, prior to their departure to form Western. It's about seven inches long, from middle forearm to up the back of his tricep, crossing his elbow straight up and over. It's not too wide, but noticeably lighter than the rest of his otherwise heavily tanned skin.

His eyes are the same sharp, unrelenting and fierce shade of blue that his only remaining son has inherited, and like Z'dyn his gaze tends to be indicative of his attitude or demeanor. Kindly when he's in a good mood (which is normally all the time), but potentially cutting and harsh when he feels he's been wronged, or is particularly upset with someone.

His attire tends to be practical, though he wears nicer things than Z'dyn tends to - something that has been a hard thing to change for the Ironrider. Jyderin tends towards earthtones all the same - browns, tans, creams, forest greens. Almost everything black, gray, or white he owns was given to / continues to be given to his son.

Like his son, he eats like a Runner; the only limitation to how much he can consume, is what he deems is proper for any and all company he might have at the time. He never turns down food, and most of his encounters with Z'dyn involve some form of it - he knows all too well how much his Ironrider son shares his adoration for a good, hearty meal.

The recent departure of his most recent wife and children to a location unknown has devastated him. He recluses himself in his workshop most of the time, and only ever really comes out to let Aura and Feo stretch their wings, or to speak to the Beastcrafters about hides. The rest of the time, not much is seen of the Master. Z'dyn is a near-constant companion.

Prominent Relationships:

Naturo, Brother, -3 Turns - Igen Hold
K'jus, Rider of Purple Hijistath, Brother, -2 Turns - Telgar Weyr [Deceased]
Mutorin, Handler of Cyan Musk, Brother, -1 Turns - Telgar Weyr
---Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth, Son, -18 Turns - Dalibor Weyr
---Kelsira of Blue Divith, Ex-Wife, -21 Turns - Igen Weyr
---Kyzekeidon, Grandson, -41 Turns
---Keivhyn, Grandson, -45 Turns
---Eziryn, Granddaughter, [Winter, 13th Turn, 11th Pass] - Igen Weyr
---Iveryn, Weyrbrat, Dalibor Weyr - Son (Identical twin to Vir) [Winter, 14th Turn, 11th Pass] - Igen Weyr
---Virayn, Weyrbrat, Dalibor Weyr - Son (Identical twin to Ive) [Winter, 14th Turn, 11th Pass] - Igen Weyr
---Kelliran - Adopted Son, -45 turns - Igen Weyr
---Sirin - Daughter, -49 Turns - Igen Weyr

Jakobian - Father - Deceased
Dyne - Mother - Deceased
Zadarin - Son - Deceased
Keidia - Wife - Deceased

Gold Aura - Firelizard - #BA9F08 (Hatched Spring 7th Turn, 11th Pass)
Burgundy Feo - Firelizard - #91192d

Jyderin was born to a Drudge father and Tanner mother at Cove Hold, in the early Winter. Eldest of four sons, he was the first one who chose to pursue a Craft, and as a result of many long hours spent helping his mother (and by extension, his Uncle, who was also a Tanner), he finally Apprenticed once he was old enough.

Things progressed relatively happily for him as a child. His younger brothers were much like most; he played with them outside, learned with them, and saw all three of them grow up, find spouses, and move away to other Holds. He chose to stay at Cove, and it was there he met Keidia, a Kitchen Drudge.

From the start, Jyderin was head over heels for her. She was pretty, with long, dark chestnut hair and bright, wide honey-brown eyes. The most gorgeous thing he'd ever laid eyes on, and when he found himself stealing into the kitchens at all hours to try and talk to her, he knew it was pretty much decided.

Keidia was several months pregnant with their first son, Zadarin, when the pair were properly married. Four turns after the birth of his firstborn, Keidia gave him his second son, Zykeidyn.

Zadarin was the more intellectual of his boys, and Jyderin was overjoyed at seeing both his sons prosper - Zad with the learning ballads and various other means of Harper-aligned teachings, and Zeke, as he was so affectionately nicknamed, with the sometimes unforgiving and brutal physical labor of being a Drudge.

Jyderin was long into his Journeyman Tannercrafting by then. Having walked the tables for the rank-up prior to just past his eldest son's tenth Turnday, he spent many long afternoons doing with his children what his mother had done with him - working on his craft while he kept an eye on his boys.

Happiness wasn't to last, however.

A particularly harsh, cold early Winter saw his bright and bustling eldest son fall ill with a sickness that left him bedridden, weak, and unwilling to eat. Everything he consumed made him sicker, and Keidia succumbed to the same illness some days after her oldest. Z'dyn didn't get the chance to see his mother and brother; Jyderin kept him away from them, as well as himself, for the sake of ensuring that his only remaining son didn't fall to the same debilitating condition.

With his face covered and gloves on his hands, Jyderin saw his beloved wife and his firstborn son draw their last breaths, and pass quietly into the night.

He was devastated for sevendays. Z'dyn was only thirteen turns, having only turned it a few short days before, and Jyderin had no idea how to raise his son on his own; though he had been doing so most of Z'dyn's life already. The now-Ironrider was instrumental in maintaining his father's resolve - Z'dyn refused to let Jyderin succumb to grief, and when the call came to set out for the formation of a new Hold some turns later, the pair of them left together.

Z'dyn was nearly slain on the trip, when a canine belonging to one of the other families strayed from the caravan. It attracted the attention of a wild Black Wher, who mauled Z'dyn severely. The recovery was painstaking, and it was Jyderin's turn to repay his son's positive outlook in the past. Several months passed, and eventually Z'dyn recovered from his injuries with his father's care and well-practiced patience. Shortly thereafter, when the Hold was still in it's fledgling stages, Jyderin was suggested for, and obtained his Master's knots.

It was an exceptionally proud time in his life; not only for him, but for Z'dyn, who had watched his father struggle with personal demons as well as the fate that had been thrown at them. Time and time again, life had thrown them curveballs, and time and time again, the pair of men had succeeded in picking themselves back up.

When Z'dyn was Searched, Jyderin was overjoyed. The chance for his son to become something more than what he was, though there was obviously no snubbing Z'dyn's work ethic and capabilities as a Field Drudge. When his son Impressed not just any dragon, but a King, Jyderin found himself wondering if perhaps all this time, he had been underestimating his own flesh and blood.

And so, after attending a Hatching at Dalibor, and the subsequent Gather at Western, Z'dyn convinced his father to move to the Weyr - both for the sake of Dalibor having a Master Tanner on-site, as well as his own selfish reasons of wanting to have his father closer to him. It worked out well - shortly after his arrival, he's proven to make fast friends of most he's met.

Either way, Baihujinth is certainly happy to see His much more positive, with his Sire there. The big Iron gets along wonderfully with Jyderin, and the Master Tanner enjoys conversations with his son's Bonded almost as much as he enjoys talking to Z'dyn - though Bai would never admit that.

Wher Name:
Wher Age:
>1 Turn [Spring, 17th Turn, 11th Pass] - Wild Wher Clutch
Wher Color:
Black - [#2e1e1a]
Wher Length:
5'6" long x 3' tall @ Adulthood

Wher Personality:
[From Impression post by Ruin]
Jysk is a quiet creature like many of his colour. Calm, even reserved, he prefers to watch and plan his moves ahead of time. He doesn't always know the best course of action where chaos is concerned, and will always require the gentle guidance of his Handler during times of duress. He will truly shine in private, or small company, he is a family man through and through, and is always willing to expand or contract his inner circle depending on Jyderin's own family relations.

However, this wher fears no challenge, and is curious enough to seek the answers for new questions, even if this means forging into uncertain waters and head-long into new situations. At these times he will be hard to wrangle until fully trained. He will be exceptionally curious about the things his Handler can teach him, even moreso about those things Jyderin cannot teach him, always a constant force to learn more and discover better ways. He is not by nature demanding, but he will occasionally be inspired to have needs where love is concerned. Jysk is tender, sweet even, but you wouldn't know it from the calm intensity of his emotions.

Unflappable and dogged, Jysk will remain at his Handler's side through thick and thin, he will not stray or startle. Truly the only thing that will inspire great response in the small wher is an honest threat on Jyderin's life. Even then, his response will be the graceful strike of a viper, rather than the brutish force of his larger siblings. Jysk's true happiness is to simply be with his Handler, wherever that may be; whether they are long candlemarks working on his Trade, or sleeping in a warm bed on sunny afternoons. As he ages, with a gentle hand, Jysk will become a steadfast companion.

Wher Appearance:
user posted image

Delicate. Maybe even a little beautiful, though his proportions seem off in every way when given time to regard them. Large eyes set in a head with a too small snout. Double fan of dragon-like spines curving down his thick, yet serpentine neck. Even his body is long and spindly, though he has delicate long legs with which to carry himself. His wings are wide sails, they will serve him well in gliding, but they may be awkward and in the way until he learns how to manage them. Even his tail is as long and sinuous as his body appears to be, terminating in a slender and whip-like forked tip. His hide is an unassuming matte black, with the exception of flecks of orange--a rust-like patina. Though you can find these faint flecks on his wings and belly, the majority have gathered on his hindquarters and tail. He will reach an adult size of 5'6" x 3'

Wher History:
[QUOTE=Ruin,Apr 22 2017, 03:23 PM]

If the Iron noticed his clutchmate, he didn't indicate that to the people watching. Of course he had noticed their arrival, and he was plenty content just to remain, watching, giving them a safe place to shelter and the chance to leech strength from his presence. If that was what they needed. Really, he'd be anything they needed, so long as it was good and true. They didn't speak, and did not move, but simply continued to be a boulder in the Sands, as if still within an eggshell. The hatching of his sister also went without remark, he did watch her to make sure she wouldn't do anything too rash while he was there, but for now she seemed to be focusing on the others. The white robes. The people 'ooh'ing and 'aah'ing.

So it would continue then. Him not moving, the rest of Pern turning. At least for now.

The same could not be said about the wheret in the Stands. It was always moving. At first he had been calm, if curious, but now that he had seemingly escaped the wrath of his false mother and the Red he wanted more knowledge. He was scurrying with more certainty now, asking more questions, still forgetting that he required a language they could understand. Or perhaps he knew, because he was never offended when the questions went unanswered. Maybe he was simply gathering a list of things he would ask his Bonded when he chose. Norsk received no reply from the little beast, except perhaps a side-eye look and a distant skitter as if to evade capture. Then Raisk was yelling at him! He became even more spooked and uncertain. All he wanted was a moment!

There were things he needed to figure out, and no one wanted to give him time. He wasn't dangerous, just misunderstood. Didn't they realize that sometimes, you had to know what you were getting into before you jumped in claws-first? Go, go scare off the boulder in the Sands, what if he never chose at all? The little Black felt harried, and more and more he felt like the Hatching Grounds and the white robes below were unwelcoming. But where to go? Where was safe? The little babe did his best to navigate the edges of the wall and the stone benches, trying not to find himself blocked in as he went. Certainly the more panicked he became, the more he would be pursued by the grown wher trying to corral him, but he didn't know what to tell her, he didn't even understand the world yet and she was threatening to end his life.

It seemed to be too much for him, the excitement, the chaos, the extra attention. It culminated in a moment; one little misstep on the stone wall. Raisk had been yelling at someone else and he had thought he might just be able to hide from her, but then she was there again. He could sense her eyes on him, and he lost his footing. For a heartbeat he could have gone either way, crashing down ten feet to his possible death, or into the soft bodies of the gathered crowd. It was into the crowd that he fell, head over tailtip in a spinning ball of baby claws and teeth. He did try ever so hard not to hurt anyone as he fell, but he was truly terrified in that moment. Would the Red eat him for this? Would the people step on him? Would they toss him out like he was nothing?

It was into Jyderin's lap he ended up, whether or not he was covered in hot klah was entirely up to how things played out in those fractions of moments as he fell. The little Black cowered there, pressed against the man's chest, his eyes a roiling anxious mess of yellows and oranges as his body shook hard enough to rustle the dry membranes of his wings and send motes of shedding skin dust into the air. He'd been out of the shell for a very long time. If the Gold firelizard invaded his view, he would pull away, curling even more into whatever protective layers of Jyderin's clothing he could find, thinking that perhaps Nevisk was coming for him. The moment of change may have been imperceptible to the people in the Sands and the other spectators, perhaps even to those sitting closest to the Master Tanner. Was it a touch? A word? A feeling?

The little Black became still all at once, then laid his skinny neck back until he could peer up at the man whose life he was invading. Why they chase, they no let wonder at it all? You let them take me? They throw me away, I not want do big things, not want fight beasts or be Queens. I want learn. You learn me? I say, why these ones with funny strings on shoulder like sister neck. Mean what? I say, big whers chase little ones but why, frighten, if explain and calm much better me. I say, Jyderin see better with Jysk big eye you say yes Jysk knows best! As he'd been speaking, his tiny body pressed into the man, he'd calmed. His eyes had once again become a bright curious green, and all his world seemed to fall away in lieu of this one man. Still, the little wher would not impose, offering at least that much choice if the man wanted to give him back and walk away.

Jysk need Jyderin

Adoption Preference: Kill him off, preferably by passing away in his sleep. He's been through a lot, he kind of earned it.


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