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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Ulian, Rider of White Rivath, Candidatemaster, Master Mindhealer
 Posted: Mar 30 2014, 04:24 AM

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Name: Ulian (Frm: Ulianaxio)
Gender: Gender-neutral
Age: 29 Turns: Spring.6.189I
Sexuality: Pansexual
Location: Dalibor Weyr via Transfer
Rank: Candidatemaster, Master Mindhealer

Arrogant, assured, calm, soft-spoken, composed, these are some of the ways a person might describe them. Truth be told that arrogance could also be explained away as complete certainty in their grasp of the art they practice, but it has never mattered much to Ulian how others may or may not perceive their actions. They learned early that, when it came to healing, they specialized in an art only really dabbled in by the Pernese, a holistic approach to human health: a mentalist, a companion, a counselor, a friend. Whatever word used to describe the dance between healing an open wound, and healing a wounded heart and mind, that is the dance that Ulian was constructed to perform.

Empathy. Lacking any true gift that they could call their own, it was the gift of dragons ascribed to Ulian by others. They understood, they listened, they did not judge or besmirch. Deeply attuned to their fellow Pernese, Ulian, while by no means encompassing the true empathy of the Dragons, has learned throughout the turns how to read in others emotions they may not want to divulge. Beyond that, they have learned to become a person that others want to divulge these secrets to, free of societal constrictions, fears, or concerns. This need to be non-aggressive, non-threatening, and confidential, has taught them to be soft, gentle, and project themselves as without an ulterior motive: The people who seek out your guidance want to know that their darkest secrets are safe with you.

Their holistic belief in healing means that they heal in many ways: Through sounds that remind the client of their home, through emotions, like the ones they felt when they were hurt, or through touch, like an energetic release of pent up anguish or anger. Their skills include aromatherapy, herbal folk remedies of the Pernese people, baths combining the aforementioned skills, physical therapy, counseling, and social therapy. Ulian gives their clients what they need, which is not always what they want, as their Craft is a mixture of physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. No less important than the Healing done on Threadscores, threshing lacerations, or bites from large beasts.

Because of the outlandishness of their Craft, steeped in mystery and superstition, some folk, those Holderborn in particular, can have an aversion to their methods, but even in the face of persecution Ulian has stood firmly beside their own beliefs. The healing of the self does not show craftsmanship like the faint scar left from a well-sutured wound, but Ulian has slowly acquired a growing list of references from Traders to Blood-born Holderfolk who attest to the Healer’s own nature, as well as their Craft.

These vouchers have lent credence to their own inner beliefs, and have made Ulian even stronger when faced with persecution, as they are possessed of this inner-peace, they are non-confrontational even when themselves under attack, preferring to redirect the anger, or simply bow out of the situation if permitted. They will not run, so much as deflect, because they understand that new things cause confusion, and a confused person is willing to lash out against those things that threaten their way of life as they understand it. Ulian themselves can sometimes be construed as a threat due to their carefree expression of gender: as far as they are concerned, they have none.

Of course they are biologically either male or female, but they are simply who they are as a person; they dress as they feel on the day, and act as they feel inside. Through understanding of fellow humans Ulian has come to believe that gender causes conflict, and conflict is an unnecessary agony in a person’s life. They have no drive to lead men into war, or find that perfect mate who will forever be a trophy and produce many heirs to hold a land in their name until the end of times. Nor do they wish to wage battles for a scrap of land that seems somewhat better than another scrap of land. That is not to say they do not understand these urges, because only through feeling and accepting can Ulian, or any person, properly assimilate and accept themselves.

With age, and success in their Craft, has come an inner-enlightenment into who they are as a human. They would never call themselves special, or extraordinary, only different. When a client feels as if they do not fit into the world as it was made, Ulian helps them understand that no one feels as if they fit into their lives, and that it is only through dedication to the conflict of living that we can make our lives fit us. Ulian’s peace, and seemingly sorely won acceptance of themselves, is however a fragile facade: As is asked among the people in their craft, who heals the healer?

Typically used by Healers to allude to the fact that they are a precious commodity, Ulian has adopted it as their quiet mantra: While they are so busy mending the heart and mind of their fellows, who is there to soothe Ulian’s worries, or assuage their guilt over those clients they cannot help? Because of their ungrounded, unhealed spirituality, Ulian has weakness inside them; though because they are aware of these overlooked psychological needs, they are better equipped to understand when periods of rest may be needed. For this reason Ulian can come across as a loner, as they remove themselves from typical societal pressures to bask in solitude that is not wracked by worries, or torn apart by anxieties.

Ulian’s own worries, fears, and anxieties are few, as they are confident in all aspects of their life, however, due to their empathy they relate and feel their clients own emotions on a personal level. This in and of itself could be considered a fault in Ulian’s personal operation of emotion, however they are adamant that feeling is equal to understanding, and their clients need to understand that pain can be expressed when shared with another. Sessions leave Ulian drained at the best, necessitating a warm cup of klah and perhaps some light hearted conversation with those they may consider friend, but harder sessions can leave them borderline depressive, and in order to cleanse any negative emotions they have taken on, they seek out the comfort of darkness and solitude; often an unmarked stone hallway or room devoid of any sensations tactile, auditory, or visual.

Where friends are concerned, Ulian is much like a closed book in which a great story resides: Closed, you may judge them by the somewhat dusty or tainted cover they wear, but once you have read that story, you will find them a cherished companion. To become this close to them can be difficult, they are not gullible or naive to the negative emotions that the people of Pern can harbour, whether that nature is due to being a brigand, or a bigot. They go cautiously into all relationships, inwardly, as outwardly they are always expressive and open. Inside, however, away from the extroverted exhibition that is their expressed character, Ulian is selective and almost uncertain.

While they know better than most not to ascribe stereotypes to every person they meet, sometimes in their darkest moments it can be hard to overcome past verbal assaults, and take that most important step toward friendship that is opening up and trusting another. Luckily for Ulian, their work does not require that they have trust in their clients, only that their clients trust them, and as they are honorable, professional, and above all else selfless, this trust comes: sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it does come.

As a friend, Ulian is loyal, kind, supportive, honest to a fault, and tender. They still cannot say they are entirely open with those they become closer with: This, however, is not due to any paranoia or fear on their part, but due to their work. It is important to maintain a disconnect from clients, it is important that Ulian is always portrayed as being a rock to rest upon, or shelter to hide within. Ulian believes that if they were to allow themselves to be vulnerable, they would never again be able to offer counseling, support, and most importantly, healing, for those whose impression of them they had ruined by opening the floodgates in the first place. For these reasons, they maintain that serene facade, and seek lonely comfort in the dark when they require healing of their own.

When not working, and not undergoing self-therapy alone, Ulian can be found socializing. It is very important that they stay at the forefront of social and political goings on so they can be ready with whatever therapy is needed for those who come to them. This may involve being at every gather to overhear, or partake, in the gossip of women being forced into marriage, or men being groomed as heirs. Ulian revels in celebrations, and not for all the reasons many folk their age do, rather than look at festivals as a time of joyous freedom, they consider it a vat of endless knowledge to better their sessions and better themselves.

When there are no social events, they spend the time copying endless notes in their hides, or re-reading notes from past work with former clients, though this can never be done where social contact is inevitable, such as a dining area, because Ulian holds their work to the highest amount of confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of what may be divulged by each and every person they session. While work is of the utmost importance to them, it is the work itself that they value, the Healing they accomplish with a person is carried with them through all their days as a victory for mental, and spiritual, well being on Pern. It is their own personal quest, to do away with any stigmas the Pernese have over those that may be going through emotional suffering due to unseen, hidden wounds. The paperwork that comes with such a Craft, is a less savory aspect of it, but Ulian is no shirker: Once the writing is done they are off again to the mess hall, or gathering chambers, to find more fellows to converse with.

Impression has not changed Ulian’s personality in any meaningful way

Ulian dresses as they see fit each day, this varies depending on their mood, the weather, their work that day, or other outside factors, but it is never determined by their gender. Ulian has found that on some days they prefer the cool freedom of a light summer dress, and on other days they prefer the warmth and comfort given by heavy wherhide work pants and a jacket. There is never any question in their mind as to why they dress the way that they dress, only what will that dress be on this day, or that day. Rather inventive with their wardrobe, Ulian enjoys blending the cultural garb of several regions of Pern together to form one cohesive outfit.

In the summer, it is often the desert garb of the Igenites that flow freely around their ankles, and wrists, while being bound around the midriff by thick wherhide belts. In the winter they will mix warm furred leathers with softer inner fabrics to both keep away the cold, and stay reasonably fashionable. It is in their best interest to always look professional, they never know when they might meet another prospective client, or someone filled to the brim with gossip and news that might bend an ear to someone who looks reputable.

An oddity of Pern, Ulian’s hair is a stark blond, as pale as sun-bleached sand, and they maintain it down to their mid-chest or lower when growth permits. They attend to this luxury daily, brushing and combing, though sometimes for the sake of laziness they will braid it, bun it, or lash it into a runnertail. Their eyes are a hazel sort of green that washes out into a blue-grey depending on the colour of their clothing, and they are set neatly in a chiseled face marked by angled cheek-bones, a broad chin, and full lips. Above their lips, on the right of their face, rests two light brown moles, which are usually concealed by powder or mineral foundations to blend in with their otherwise pale skin tone.

Ulian is tall, standing at 6’2”, but lacks any of the mass that might make them intimidating. Instead they are svelte, narrow in all parts of their body: their elbows, knees, and other joints accentuated for the lack of muscle tone. As a Healer, Ulian has never had to work so hard that they might fill out in such a way as to seem athletic. Instead their Craft has kept their fingers nimble, and their mind sharp, traits that are important for their line of work. Those fingertips are capped in strong nails, grown out a quarter of an inch so as to be useful, as they have realized nails are, and sometimes painted as it please them on the day, though usually they are so busy as to disregard that pleasure all together.

They have come to learn how to tailor their appearance for each client that may call them: Some coping with aggression are able to overlook Ulian’s stature in light of their slenderness, those who were abused by men or women, can be disarmed from their terror by Ulian’s neutrality, and those lost and alone stricken with fear, can draw comfort from a soft shoulder and welcoming body to lean against. Attire, for them, is limitless. Like all things they do, it is done by how they feel, their expression of themselves. Ulian intends only to look as they intend to look, they do not pretend to ascribe to one gender or the other on this day or that day, and they certainly are never seeking approval of their peers, or to mislead them in any way. They are simply existing, shaping their life to fit them, and living it to the fullest extent possible while seeking peace, and progress, by Healing those around them.

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White Atypical Combie Whersport: Aya
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Axiosus - 43 - Father - Journeyman Healer - Rider of Green Emperith (Southern)
Ulianna - 53 - Mother - Master Healer - Rider of Blue Girratoth (Southern)

Annaxio - 17 - Sister - Sr. Apprentice Healer
Iosanna - 16 - Sister - Rider of Orange Ninath
Osulia - 15 - Sister - Sr. Apprentice Healer
Xioli - 14 - Sister - Rider of Cyan Corlith
Liaxus - 13 - Brother - Jr. Apprentice Healer
Ianos - 12 - Brother - Jr. Apprentice Healer

Quick-Start Points
  • Ulian created the Mindhealing Specialty in 04P at 15 turns of age
  • They have spent turns with Traders, Crafters, Holders, and Weyrfolk alike.
  • Their Impression to White Rivath (in 08P) further separated them from others.
  • As Rivath became better (16P) they started seeking companionship.
  • Achieved their Master’s knots (SU:17P) at 28 turns of age; remarkably young.
Pre-Dalibor: Finding & Founding
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Ulian was born into an already established and strong-headed family. Before they were even a twinkle in their father’s eye, their parents were breaking ground with what was, and was not, possible on Pern. Perhaps that was why they turned out so beast-headed, or perhaps it was something else. Ulianna Impressed at Southern Weyr late in her life, she was already an established Journeyman Healer with thousands upon thousands of candlemarks under her belt. The out-of-age Impression would have left any lesser woman head-over-heels in confusion about their future, but it did no such thing to the twenty-six turns year old Ulianna. Not only did she find the time to rear her oft-times sullen Blue, but she found the time to continue practicing her craft, do her chorework, and learn everything there was to know about being a Dragonrider.

The pace she set went through her life from Impression on until this day. When her Girratoth took a special liking to a Green by the name of Emperith, Ulianna thought nothing of it, until she met her Rider. Axiosus was something of an anomaly himself, though he was ages behind her in Healer training as his Impression three turns prior, had seen him snatched away at the tender age of thirteen as only a junior apprentice. Axiosus wasn’t any less driven than his future weyrmate, but he was also happier settling into the life of a Dragonrider, which was just as well for Ulianna, who had her eyes set on Masters knots.

She earned them late, at the age of 45, but before then it was on to the second half of her life plan that Girratoth had only slightly inconvenience. Family. Holderborn as she was, she had absolutely no intention of allowing the creche to raise her children, everyone knew Thread was coming, but long before she would need to worry about silver falling from the skies, she would need to worry about menopause. She only had so many good years left in her to birth out the children she had wanted her entire life, and just enough time left to raise them herself when Pern was not yet at war.

Axiosus, to his eternal credit, did not let his weyrmate down; in the turns following, Ulianna gave birth to seven healthy children, and while Axiosus liked to take credit for at least five of them, Girratoth was always given partial credit for the final two. Dragons always seemed to keep their humans healthier than the other people of Pern, and while pregnancy around, and especially after 40, was not unheard of, her terms went without incident.

Those years before Thread were joyous years for the family. Oh it was difficult work raising squalling infants, but they were raising children, not dragons, these were fit young people who would be ready to follow in the footsteps of their parents, in whatever way they chose. As the first born, Ulian should have been expected to uphold family tradition by becoming a Dragonrider, or a Master Healer, but if there was anything their parents understood, it was life having a certain way of leading a person in circles before it sorted things out.

Axiosus may have Impressed early, but until that point he had been invested in his Craft, unwilling to compromise until Emperith captivated his mind with her rainbow-hued eyes. Ulianna, of course, had written off Impression, though she had never really considered it before that point, she was already on her way to Master rank when Girratoth changed her life forever by pulling her out of the Healer’s bivouak on Southern’s hot sands. Sometimes she would tease him by wondering why she had even bothered to be on shift that day, it was her scheduled rest day!

No, Ulian was held to no grand expectations, they were allowed to choose their own path, and stumble from it, or find a new path and follow that instead. While the decision to Apprentice was not made early, they were given tutelage in Healing from a very young age by both parents, allowed to observe, and queried later on all aspects of what had been done. By the time Ulian decided they did enjoy healing, they were already at an advanced stage of Apprenticeship that was quickly recognized by the Journeyman they were placed under.

Much like their mother, dragons were never a consideration for them, instead they focused on their Craft, and through that focus discovered a passion atypical to the desires of many Healers. It occured at the Crafthall itself, as they watched their fellow students break down from anxiety, and terror, as lessons and tests would approach. Ulian saw the need for a different kind of Healing when they watched parents weeping at the death of their children, and even when children wept for the death of a pet.

So much time was spent teaching Healers how to heal a visible wound, a threat on the life, but Ulian saw wounds that were just as fatal, and far harder to diagnose. Mental health, spiritual health, these were not unknowns to the Pernese, but they were almost unspoken, a person did not judge his neighbour on the things he might think, and only a dragon was truly capable of knowing a person for who they were, otherwise what was Impression, anyway? Ulian believed they could accomplish enough without the telepathy of a dragon, simply by listening, and understanding.

Their work began in the early turns of their Apprenticeship, as long as they were studying and performing necessary Healer skills, the Journeymen and Masters saw little harm in allowing Ulian to pursue a skillset that, while little understood, could not outright be condoned as worthless. As they practiced sutures, they would speak to their classmates, picking up nuances and seeking to understand not what answers were necessary, but what the right questions were to elicit such responses.

People, Ulian came to understand, were creatures of habit who vastly underestimated themselves in all aspects of their lives, until it was time to be serious, in which case they seemed to swing completely to overestimating their abilities. This seemed to leave them swamped beneath and endless weight of guilt, and an insurmountable burden of regret. Even as Ulian was learning about the people they wanted to serve, they were also learning about themselves, chiefly the gender-neutrality they felt.

It was a confusing time for them, in terms of how they attempted to fit into the societal norm, while also finding happiness they knew they deserved to feel. The breakthrough came in large part due to the studies they were hosting on human habits, emotions, and psychological health. How could they expect any man, or woman, to open up to them in honest discussion, when they could not even be honest with themselves? How could they encourage someone to remove themselves from darkness and be proud of themselves and their beliefs, if they were, themselves, hiding from the truth?

They couldn’t, of course. It took a few turns of hard consideration before Ulian understood that they could not ascribe themselves to one of the socially acceptable genders, they found themselves occupying a position somewhere in the middle, never straying too far in either direction. Their dress, their actions, everything seemed to settle in a comfortable midway point that left them room to explore their pleasures, entertainments, enlightenments, and knowledge in a way that brought them comfort.

Once Ulian had accepted this key aspect of their being, it was as if a world blurred by double vision, snapped into place. It wouldn’t be easy for them, not in a place such as Pern, not with what he had already observed and learned, but there was a limitless peace, and strength, that came from understanding themselves that could never, from that moment on, be taken away.

As always, their family was supportive. Oh, they doubtless did not understand the changes their little Ulian had undergone, but they never faulted them for it, nor did they reprimand, scold, or otherwise attempt to ‘fix’ them. This familial support was incredibly important to Ulian, and it allowed them to understand the great loss a person might feel should they lack that strong foundation. Friends supporting you is one thing, as they knew from those that supported them in their Craft, but familial support was an entirely different factor altogether.

Ulian reasoned that, in many ways, they would be willing to sacrifice much in the way of friendly connections, and success, in order to keep that bond they shared with their mother, father, and siblings. Not that it had ever, or would ever, come to that for Ulian. No matter their choices, they were not going to disappoint their family; Ulianna and Axiosus had worked so hard to succeed in her life, and build her family, that simply seeing her children living happily made her proud and gave her joy.

As Ulian furthered their studies, it became apparent to them that they required further training, and study, that could not be supplied at the Crafthall. Of their own action, they decided the best course would be to travel along with some of the larger Caravans that criss-crossed the continents. It was rare for a Caravan to be able to afford a full-time Healer. Such a Healer was typically expensive, because they were forfeiting the job security, and safety, of a Hold position for the open road and unexpected danger.

None of this troubled Ulian. They bartered a humble seasonal stipend, on condition that their board and feed be covered by the Caravan, it was not hard at all to find many Traders willing to deal with them on those terms. For seven turns they spent their time equally between the studies of Healing wounds, and Healing the mind. The Caravaners were a boisterous bunch, but unwilling to divulge their secretive feelings to just anyone, it wasn’t until Ulian saved the life of one of their daughters that they finally began making headway into the world of spiritual Healing.

It was not from plague, sore, or laceration that they saved her, it was from herself. It was not an uncommon thing in those turns before Thread returned, for people to look upon their lives and judge whether or not it was worth living in the face of dying a horribly painful death by a falling silver tendril. These thoughts were rampant among those who felt cast out by Pern’s Holds, who knew that stone walls and iron gates would be barred if they needed help, and they could only rely on one another.

The Caravan Daughter had decided her life was worth less than the dust they pulled from the ‘beasts’ hooves each night, and had decided to take herself from it in the night with naught but a rope and a tree. This was a dangerous thing, because Caravaners kept to themselves, true they were family, but in a way that no Holdbred folk could understand. Not only would they not be likely to involve another person in the affair, they’d be even less unlikely to involve an outsider.

Oftentimes a Trader was successful in leaving the world in the dark, because no one would break the honor of privacy to intrude, though if they did, they would be quick to stop such actions. This time, however, the daughter was lucky. Her youngest sibling spied her in the darkness, and youngsters, even young Caravaners, have no such need for societal mores such as privacy and minding one's own business. When she had seen what her sister was doing, she went immediately for her father, who rushed out to sweep his daughter into her arms and lock her away in their wagon.

Understandably the daughter went wild with grief, her state anguished because that which she had wanted most was kept from her by those that she loved most. The father was beside himself, and in that moment, he took a stand for his loved one and did what no other Caravaners were inclined to do, he involved an outsider, Ulian. Ulian spent many days with the daughter after that, introducing her to many forms of therapy that they had been developing over the turns as they understood more about human nature.

Scents and smells of her childhood, a therapy of aromas to induce her body into a state of relaxation. Of course these aromas had to be tailored specifically to the client, otherwise Ulian may have induced the girl into remembering a traumatic event, such as that night by the old tree, but that was where questions and answers came into play. Once the father had decided to let Ulian in, he was compelled to answer any and all questions the Healer put toward him.

In the end, it was the daughter’s fear that had trapped her into a cage of hopelessness. Ulian brought her family into the therapy once they had a hold of her anxiety, and showed her that they all worried about Thread, their future, and each other. Ulian allowed them to express their love for one another in a way that allowed the daughter to understand that she was not alone in her feelings, or in the world, and left her with exercises to help her remember that.

Redirection of energy, they called it. To master one’s own mind and lead it away from negative thoughts and emotions so that it could rest in a more stable environment of logical thought. From that moment on, they had believers in the Traders. Word spreads like wildfire through a people that depend on communication to keep them alive in the world when Hold and Hall will not. From that point onward, Ulian had their choice of whatever Caravan they wanted, and pay that echoed the faith the people had in them.

It was one thing, that they could simply suture and heal the usual Road wounds, it was an entirely separate thing that they could be a comforting shoulder, a soft touch, or a kind word to ease a troubled heart, especially as Thread fell and people realized they would never again live to see a turn where they could travel the Road without fear, or shelter under the open stars. A brief break in Ulian’s eighteenth turn saw them Walk the Tables at their Crafthall, and following that Walk came their posting at Crescent Hold. They had gone from Southern, to the North, sometimes back and forth again, in the span of the seven turns since they had set out on their quest to better Pern by bettering their minds, and at this point they turned their sights to the yet unexplored Western Continent.

Perhaps out there in the ocean, so divided from the rest of Pern, a great sort of cultural divide would exist in their societal functions. Ulian was convinced that, with Dalibor’s proclivity for producing odd-coloured dragons, they must also be quite adept at producing odd-flavoured people, and perhaps they housed them as well. Nothing had ever stopped them from going forward bravely before, and nothing would at this point. They returned to Southern briefly, to share congratulations with friends and family while procuring safe travel to the Western Continent, it was then that they heard whispers on the winds of something interesting that would be taking place near their new home.

Word had come through the Southern trains, along with several oddly squawking crates, that a very curious auction was to be held at none other than Dalibor Weyr. Ulian decided that it was simply too great an opportunity to pass up, so they invited themselves along with the ship that departed to cross the open sea. During that voyage they cared for the creatures on board, as the crew had already sworn them off as worthless for any sort of hard labour, Ulian may have heard a whisper or two about bad luck with them aboard as well. The travel was, otherwise and thankfully, uneventful, and three sevenday later they were landed in Western.

Ulian had barely a day to investigate the people of that Holding before the ship was bound for Dalibor, and they found themselves needing to assure a certain specialist by the name of Hanibaal that they were quite capable in caring for his menagerie, otherwise they would have been left flat on an island with no real way of securing a ride. As it was, they arrived with the goods, and were able to give themselves a quick scrub in Dalibor’s lower caverns before attending said auction with the hopes of purchasing one of the critters they had taken care of on the way, as companionship while serving out their tenure across the narrow sea that divided the Weyr from the Holding.[spoiler]

Dalibor & Impression: A Rock in the Storm
Ulian settled in and began exposing the population of the Weyr to their particular Craft. They were met mostly with acceptance, though some pockets of fear and confusion persisted--even among the Dragonriders. They were Searched, and out of curiosity accepted the role as Candidate, still remaining mostly within the Infirmary. The dual hatching of Copper Jainath, and Tan Sixwith, proved to be the hatching that held their dragon; a damaged White who seemed far too terrified and violent.

Weyrlinghood was a difficult period for the both of them; Ulian brought a sense of normalcy and a foundation to Rivath’s life, but they were forced to see clients with their dragon coiled up in their office (or in the case of some sensitive Dragonless-hiding in a nearby room). Ulian folded in on themselves in order to take care of their dragon, and the people of the Weyr. Very little time was taken to care for themselves.

They graduated, but not into the Wings. Rivath was deemed too unstable to work alongside the females of Horizon, and Ulian preferred that outcome anyway, as it gave them all the time in the world to practice their Craft. Both Rider and Dragon settled into a life together as Ulian worked with her to overcome her fears, the screaming she always heard, and bring some clarity to her flowing thought speech.

The process would take nearly a decade.

Current: Everything & Nothing
Rivath came into herself during her eight turn (16P). Though still prone to violent outbursts if she feels Ulian is threatened, she no long mauls someone for simply wearing blue, and her moments of clarity last far longer than ever before. She shows recognition of other dragons on a personal level, and has developed a tenderness for her own kind and spending time with them that she had never shown before. By her fifth turn of age she no longer had to be in Ulian’s presence at all times, and began extending her range and independence.

This gave Ulian all the more time with their Clients and with themselves. It was around 16P that they realized they were somewhat lonely, and had been spending far too many turns locked away in their office or their weyr without ever having made true friends. Of course, it was always possible that others considered them a friend, and they hadn’t known they were allowed to do the same--far too polite for their own good.

So they reached out to others; old Clients like V’di the former Dragonless who was rebuiling himself. New people who never seemed to mind that Ulian was slightly different from most people. Anyone, and everyone, willing to spend a little time getting to know them. They were working on this aspect of their life when a notice came in SP:16 from their Crafthall.

In SU:17 they, accompanied by Masters of their Craft, received their own Master’s knots; achieving what they had never expected for the Specialty of Healing that they had created themselves so many turns ago.

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Dragon Name: Rivath
Dragon Age: 9 Turns (Season -8) Winter.08
Dragon Color: White #FFFFFF
Dragon Length: 15'

Dragon Personality: (By Cath)
“I can kill you with my brain.”

Rivath is extremely intelligent, but her clever mind is buried under layers of eccentricity and strange fits. She forgets little and often pulls out facts that seem to come from nowhere; sometimes she appears to be a prophet, proclaiming that a patient who seems to be improving is going to die just before he does. However, this is often buried under layers of what appears to be babbling and confusion. She will often claim to dream of screaming, and she is frightened of being left alone by her rider. She is as difficult to manage as the reds she despises.

Rivath also has a love of the arts, especially dance. She is childishly fascinated by all sorts of entertainment. She is pleasant and sweet when she is distracted by something beautiful, or by a logistical puzzle. However, if allowed to slip too far into the rabbit hole of her own damaged mind, she can become a tiny whirling threat of doom. She hates the color blue on humans (blue and cyan dragons/whers/flits/pillies don’t bother her, but a person in a blue tunic is potentially in danger of a mauling). She is intuitive and fast, and will make an excellent fighter.

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Spoiler (Show/Hide)
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Dragon Appearance: (By Cath)
Rivath is extremely small, even for a white, but she is beautifully proportional, built slim and sleek like a dancer.

Dragon History:
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

And that was when the screaming started.

It reached the mind without going through the ears, a psychic wail, an air raid siren, a bloodcurling shriek rending the brain and warning imminent disaster. It reached every dragon, every wher, every firelizard, every human in the hatching cavern and for some distance beyond it; it made Vinnie, supervising the preparation of the night's feast, cringe and wonder if she was going mad. It was inescapable, as Lionel discovered when he bent double in pain and clamped his hands over his ears. It was terrifying, and Miraguel tensed all over and tried to overcome the deepseated urge to run from screaming like that. (He also had the urge to run toward it, to protect whoever was in such distress, but that was impossible, as he was unable to tell where the screaming was coming from.)

The screaming startled the fallen egg, which went totally still. The two largest eggs immediately showed signs of life, and after a minute, they both broke open, expelling an orange and a brown who fell in a heap, dazed and confused. The blue started badly and hurried faster toward the candidates.

Something bad was coming, Syzygy thought, her eyes wide and unaccountably filled with tears. Something bad. And somebody here, somebody somewhere, was trying to tell them to escape now, while they still could.

The brown and the orange, meanwhile, picked themselves up carefully, turning away from the candidates to watch the spat between Jainath’s children. Was she going to try to kill the bronze? Was she going to try to kill them, or the candidates? It was impossible to say so early -


This manifested, to most in the cavern, as another, more intense scream of horrified foreboding- it made the newly-Impressed Sheth cringe. Only the brown and the orange, and maybe one other, understood the words underlying it. They glanced at each other again, a silent communion between likeminded comrades.

i know what you did

The starry blue's head popped up at that. Zerendel would hear it too - the screaming voice, not screaming now but purring.

i know what you did

you drove her away

you look for her to make sure i am not hurting her

i could not hurt her worse than you did

i see you

i see all of you

do you see it, leath?

The blue cocked his head curiously at the candidate, lost in this little triangle, the two of them and the unseen speaker.

you love him.

Yes, the blue said.

and i love you. make him be different

make him better

do not let him forget

make him REMEMBER -

The ghost voice escalated into another scream that touched everyone, then faded off

show everyone what his sister was telling him inside his mind.

she is going to kill

Meanwhile, the burgundy’s tail was lashing, but things probably would’ve been fine nevertheless if he’d had a minute to get over his tired and hungry irritability. Unfortunately, he cocked his head toward the two smallest eggs, and then snapped his neck around, baring his teeth in a snarl.

Probably his sister had said something ironic. That was probably the last straw. Probably.

The burgundy turned on the two remaining eggs and smashed his paw through the smallest one, and there was another shriek, this one physical instead of mental. The little white flailed her way out of the shell, tiny, delicate, no match for her much bigger brother if he chose to hurt her, or so it would seem. The brown was nowhere near them, there was nobody to come to her rescue -

The last egg in Sixwith’s clutch shattered, and a very, very peeved black threw himself onto the burgundy’s back.

Brown versus red, or red versus orange, that was an even match. Brown and orange versus red...well, everyone had seen how that went. Wretched little white and whirlwind of hapless black against a very muscular burgundy? Well, it looked a bit grim, all things considered.

The black tore desperately at the burgundy - not my sister, not my sister, how dare you - and didn’t stop even when the burgundy muscled him off and, angry and deliberately, stomped on his leg. The black screamed as a bone broke, and the white screamed too, another mental echoing scream that blasted everyone present and finally made it perfectly clear who had been responsible.

It was fortunately not a killing blow. Very fortunate, as the burgundy would not have survived if it had been. The white went still - horribly and frighteningly still - and she locked eyes with the burgundy when he turned back toward her. His paw twitched like he might lash out at her again.

Then he stopped. And stared.

When the blue from Jainath’s clutch hissed at him, the burgundy started badly. All his bravado had dropped away in an instant; perhaps no one would ever know what the white was doing to him, inside his head, but he looked terrified, starting to tremble. She took a single step forward, every line of her graceful, small body poised -

The brown, feeling quite responsible for his siblings at this juncture, had immediately started for them, and he barrelled into the burgundy without so much as a by-your-leave. The burgundy barely resisted, and their brotherly tussle was brief indeed. The white didn’t even look at them; she only had eyes for her brother, her true brother, the brother who would always be a brother and her heart and her soul.

He was not her love, though. Her love was elsewhere.

Gently, she put her nose under the black’s shoulder. It was time for her to carry him.

They swayed and limped their way to the candidates while the brown had a little chat with the burgundy behind them, and the white was absolutely unerring: she strolled up the middle of the candidates and put the black down in front of Syzygy, looking up at her.

tell her

Once she was satisfied with the rainbow of his eyes, the white turned back to Ulian.

It is VERY crowded, Ulian, she said, her voice high with anxiety, her nerves badly frayed by the events of the day. It’s getting very, very crowded! Won’t stop, never stops, not until you make them. I couldn’t sleep, there was too much screaming. I’m so tired, so tired, I don’t want to go to that place. I am Rivath, I am Rivath, don’t let them take it away from me - we took her name away, ripped the name out of her lungs and sent her to the place I can feel on the edge, the quiet place - she looked better in green. My name is Rivath

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

This was a very difficult time for Rivath; it felt as if all the other dragons were in her head where she couldn’t get them out. She was constantly assaulted by screams all around her, and was convinced there were people in blue coming to take her away from Ulian. She couldn’t be much further than a few feet from them, but had no idea of what difficulties that posed for her Rider. Wholly dependent on them, she was very much a child that needed to be cared for.

Change began slowly.

Ulian was always supportive, and comforting. They encouraged her to come into her own, to accept independence. To grow. She graduated with her Class, was possibly at the bottom and close to being held back, but due to her size and eccentricities it was probably not worth the added effort when Ulian seemed capable of controlling her themselves.

She did not graduate into the Wings. It had always been Ulian’s preference to practice rather than fight Thread, and Rivath’s erratic behaviour made that all the more possible as many of the Wingleaders weren’t comfortable with the idea of having her in the air with them. Especially once they discovered she liked to scream during Threadfall.

Growing Up:
Both Rider and Dragon settled into a life together as Ulian worked with her to overcome her fears, the screaming she always heard, and bring some clarity to her flowing thought speech.

The process would take nearly a decade.

Rivath came into herself during her eight turn (16P). Though still prone to violent outbursts if she feels Ulian is threatened, she no long mauls someone for simply wearing blue, and her moments of clarity last far longer than ever before. She shows recognition of other dragons on a personal level, and has developed a tenderness for her own kind and spending time with them that she had never shown before. By her fifth turn of age she no longer had to be in Ulian’s presence at all times, and began extending her range and independence.

As Ulian sought to make new friends, so too did Rivath.

Adoption Preference:

Tokens Applied:
  • Savvy

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