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 Tedaon, Master Healer, Dalibor Weyr
 Posted: Dec 13 2013, 04:26 AM
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Name: Tedaon formerly T’aon


Age: 59 159th turn, Summer

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Location: Dalibor Weyr

Rank: Master Healer

Personality: Tedaon is a curious character. He is relatively quiet and reserved often inward thinking as such. He will generally keep quiet and respectful most times and will be slow to show his emotions towards people. Many seem to think he has a dead expression and, when he is sure that no one is looking, he will generally have a downcast look. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect about Tedaon is that he looks as though he has lost something. All the time he seems confused about things. Occasionally, he will talk to himself and this is perhaps the most telling sign that something is wrong.

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In order to distract himself from the fact that Diasith was betweened he often immerses himself in work and tries to think about nothing else. If he ever does think about Diasith then he will pretend that Diasith is actually still with him. This may also happen when he is speaking to his black firelizard Neras. He will sometimes refer to him as Diasith. This often happens when he is around dragons or their riders as he will feel the need to blend in with them.

The best way of describing Tedaon’s personality is ‘split’. Although not in the typical sense. He will try to show an impression of nonchalance amongst others but will sometimes allow his grief to get the better of him. This does not always result in his sitting in a corner moping but rather may cause him to think Diasith is still alive. Rather than getting all depressing he may actually seem a little unhinged in his desire to show everyone how absolutely fine he really is. When he begins talking a lot this is generally a sign that he is trying to distract himself from reality. Only when he is alone with his thoughts would he really allow himself to feel the sadness simply because there is nothing or nobody to distract him from the fact that his soulmate is dead.

Tedaon can think many different things to what he actually shows outwardly. Sometimes he will be hateful of everything and everyone around him whereas other times he will merely think of nothing. He will always try to show people that he is fine when in reality he’s not. He just doesn’t want to dwell on his past, fearful that someone will blame him for the events that led to Diasith’s death.

Turns have passed since the death of Tedaon's dragon. Turns that have been spent surrounded by the dragons of Dalibor Weyr. It has helped him more than he would ever realise or admit. Certainly, he has become more sociable, even taking the steps to become a master of his craft. He may not be the most charismatic person but he has gained an understanding of the politics involved in becoming a master and has, in fact, thrown himself completely into his craft.

The turning point was meeting with his brother whilst completing his training at Healer Hall. He came to the shocking and horrifying realisation that Diasith really was gone. That a part of himself was and would always be lost forever. This realisation allowed him to accept the loss and begin taking the steps to move forward with his life as he knew his dragon would have wanted. He refuses to talk about the loss still, refusing to even acknowledge one way or the other what happened to the black. He still acts as though nothing is wrong and will take great steps to convince himself and others that he is perfectly fine, thank you very much. He has also become less hateful of the Weyr and people around him. Instead, he sees great value in the work he does.

He has also stopped drinking as much as he used to, realising he needs to stay sober in order to do his work to the fullest of his potential.

Appearance: The most noticeable aspect of Tedaon’s appearance is his eyes, so dark that they seem almost black. As with any eyes, they show some of what he is thinking. They never smile along with the rest of his features but seem dark and soulless. Even when he gives off his impression of happiness his eyes rarely reflect what he is attempting to show people. Like any older gentleman he has a few wrinkles on his face and his brown hair is flecked with some grey.

Normally most people would let themselves go completely if they had lost someone as close to them as Dragon and Rider. Although his features look haggard and somewhat stressed his weight has remained constant. He seems slightly on the underweight side and looks tired almost all the time. When standing up straight he stands at around 1m 95cm, rather tall in general although with his diminished appearance it is difficult to actually recognise this height with him slouching a lot of the time when he walks.

His face is slightly angular and sharp with a strong look about it. His hair is generally short and he has some stubble on his chin and around his upper lip. It too is flecked with some grey. This look seems to contribute to his tired appearance.

Tedean tries to hide his wounds but they are still rather noticeable, particularly the fact that he has lost about a quarter of his left arm. His features are scarred and he definitely looks as though he’s seen a great number of battles in his life even though he has only really seen one.

Dakin (Father, 65)
Serai (Mother, 63)
Eladon – E’don (Brother, 46)
Rariden (Brother, 45)
Fesar –(Brother, 43)

Pets: Black Firelizard Neras (15 turns)

Personality: Neras tries to be as helpful as possible but more often than not he gets it wrong. He comes, usually, as soon as he is called and is never far away from Tedaon. This is because Tedaon can rarely go even a moment without his Firelizard to keep him sane. He needs something nearby to keep him focused.

Pink pillie Telist

user posted image

This adorable peach-colored pink (FFB6C1) has a dreadful habit of falling off of things, because she loves to climb. She scouts out every area she is introduced to and will rarely be located at ground level. However, she is easily excitable and will proceed to lose her grip and bounce to the floor. She loooooves Tedaon and Neras to death.

History: Tedaon was born in Telgar hold to loving parents who had already had two sons. Serai was one of the master healers in the hold and Dakin a journeyman smith. Sarai was well respected and, as such, so was her family. She always had the dream that something greater would come of her sons and pressed them into vaguely knowing the art of healing from a young age. Of course, they were not old enough to actually become an apprentice but Serai found it important to teach them some basic skills hoping that they would continue in healing until one perhaps became a master. Of all her children Rariden seemed the most adept healer and the most enthusiastic about his role as a healer. Thus, when Eladon reached 12 she did not send him away but rather kept him on and made him one of her own apprentices whereas Rariden was sent to Healer Hold at Fort.

Although Serai had pressed them into healing Dakin attempted to direct his sons towards smithing. Although he recognised the healing capabilities of his eldest sons with his two youngest he attempted to influence their love of smithing. Fesar and Tedaon were thus slightly trained in both healing and smithing. Of course, as it happened Fesar was far better at smithing than healing and was eventually sent onto the Smithcraft Hold in Telgar. Although he was still close to his family for Eladon and Tedaon it was strange to rarely see their younger brother.

Eladon was by now fifteen and still unsure as to whether he wanted to continue being a healer. He had always loved running and being more energetic enjoying ‘hands on’ work in contrast to healing. It was at this time that a Green dragon arrived at the Hold. The dragon, Carith spotted the two boys in the Hold as potential candidates. She informed her rider that they had the required to become candidates and both boys were transported to Telgar Weyr. Even though their parents both had their own designs on the boys they agreed that becoming Dragonmen was a far better career.

Eladon stood almost straight away and impressed a wonderful Blue. Tedaon, at the age of thirteen did not impress at the same hatching. He was slightly disheartened to know that he and his brother wouldn’t be weyrlings together. Tedaon was set to being a healer in the Weyr over the next couple of years failing once and impressing the second time.


Tedaon shivered slightly in the cold winter night’s air as he waited on the sands. He had already approached the Clutching dragon, a red Hareth, and offered his greeting as well as reverence. Now he waited as other candidates approached the sands and waited around watching with nervous and excited eyes. He looked up towards the crowd and spotted his brother, E’don, with his dragon Larth watching on with some indication of nerves. He heard Larth make himself known to him.

”E’don wishes me to tell you to remain calm… And good luck…”

Tedaon nodded a little surprised and pleased that his brother and Larth had taken the time to actually come along and let him know that they were supporting him. He kept nodding as one of his fellow candidates walked over to him. Kalir. Tedaon nodded to Kalir neither of them really feeling up to talking the cold night air serving to practically freeze their mouths shut with the addition of nerves making it unlikely that they would try to speak.

There were only 6 eggs on the sands and at least double that amount standing. Even now standing there Tedaon was a little concerned but he pushed the thought from his mind knowing that it would only serve to upset the hatchling when it came. He took sharp breath as a few of the eggs began to move and a crack appeared in one of them. After a few moments a pink was introduced to the world and rolled around in the sands for a little while before eventually sniffing at another cracking egg. She suddenly pounced forwards on her black brother as he rolled out of his shell and onto the sands. The black was barely visible in the dark night but the eyes were glowing slightly indicating where he was.

The pink shortly lost interest in her brother and began wandering around sniffing the candidates where as the black stood resolutely watching each one of the teenagers standing on the sands. Another cracking could be heard and a yellow hide could be seen backing out of its shell shaking its head slightly to remove some shards from it. The black watched its siblings as the pink began running across the sands and the yellow started crooning a little prancing around with superiority. Hareth almost purred with happiness at the sight of the yellow knowing that this was not a common colour.

The pink had by now stopped at the feet of a candidate and sat there patiently as though waiting for the girl to come to terms with the development. At that moment two more eggs cracked and two greens fell into each other as they emerged completely from their shells. Although the black had hatched second he seemed to want to wait and see what his siblings did before he actually wandered over to the candidates. As though judging the reactions of each one.

At that the final egg hatched and a pink bounded from her shell and began brushing past her siblings and particularly the black in a rather suggestive manner. The black stood resolute and then turned away towards the candidates and began walking past them examining them knowing that his sister, the yellow, had already impressed also.

Tedaon watched each impression forcing himself to remain cheerful even though with each impression his own chances became lessened. He smiled and congratulated Kalir, or K’lir as the yellow impressed to him. He turned his attention back to the black entranced by his actions. The black seemed more intent on making sure that his siblings found Theirs. It was only at that moment that Tedaon noticed the black staring straight at him and he seemed to have been doing this for a while. Hareth gave her son a slight nudge as though telling him to get on with it so she could eat. At that the black walked majestically forwards and stood at Tedaon’s feet peering up at him. The black seemed to nod with satisfaction.

”Diasith is here now, and he is hungry. So, Mine T’aon, let us go and eat something together.”

Tedaon, or T’aon, was startled but a flood of emotions ran through him as he nodded and took the black to eat.

”Of course, Diasith”

He thought he heard something of a chuckle from the small dragon.
”No need to be so formal T’aonMine.”

T’aon laughed a little and the two made their ways off to find some food being the last couple to find one another.

-- -- --

After impressing Diasith, things changed drastically for T’aon. Not only was his time being taken up by caring for a miniature dragon he was loving it. He enjoyed everything about his partner. Even though Diasith shortly grew to be taller than him he still called him ‘little’. The two were quite above average throughout their training and proved themselves to be good fighters and obedient followers at about third in their class.

In what seemed like a few short years the two had graduated and become fully fledged Protectors of Pern. T’aon was assigned to a wing with his brother and the two served well together. Upon maturing Diasith took to the skies when Green Rirath began a flight. Thus, T’aon took Cari, Rirath’s rider, as his Weyrmate just as Diasith won the flight. Although in the passing Turns he did find himself in the beds of other Riders he was dedicated most to Cari.

Life in the weyr continued as any other and Diasith became accustomed to their lot in life as Wingriders. When Diasith reached fourteen Turns and T’aon 29 turns they were offered the position of Candidatemaster. He was surprised beyond belief that he had received such a position but then a number of his friends from Weyrlingship had been transferred to some of the smaller Weyrs. E’don had a gift for his brother and it was this reason that Neras’ egg was gifted to him by his brother. It was thus shocking when the egg hatched into a little black firelizard. A miniature version of Diasith. Diasith loved the little creature as much as T’aon did.

T’aon served his position well encouraging candidates and assisting them in their impressing. He enjoyed his position and the fact that Diasith and himself had received recognition for their work. He and Diasith were highly suited to their roles and well respected by the young boys and girls whom they had to teach.

When Diasith reached 26 disaster struck. Three years ago Diasith betweened when Diasith was attacked during a mating flight with Rirath. It was here that T’aon lost part of his arm due to his attempts to stop the pain.


”T’aonMine I must fly.”

T'aon looked up startled at his Black. The dragon stood straight, staring skywards. Watching Rirath take to the sky. T'aon jumped to his feet as Diasith took to the air in flight after his prize. T'aon had seen flights with Rirath before... Although, for some reason it wasn't as restricted as it normally was. The Green usually took Diasith as her mate but always after he had won her, as though he had to prove himself to her. He seemed to rather enjoy the exercise he received from such a chase. Still, T'aon always felt a little anxious when he saw his dragon take to the skies in such a manner especially when some of the younger dragons flew too, just as they were now. He spotted a couple of Blues and even a Brown rise with a call to the Green.

T'aon felt uncontrollable urges flow through him as he turned and raced to search for Cari. She had been his Weyrmate for sometime... Perhaps not exclusively as such but they considered one another close anyway. He raced through the Weyr as though he was twenty again urging Diasith forward. He almost ran straight past Cari who was also searching for him. They had decided long ago that whenever Rirath was close to Flying they would stay close to one another and had done so over the past short while waiting for the Green to take to the skies. He hadn't anticipated the extra attention. A couple more riders arrived and waited before Cari. T'aon was a little hurt to see the indecision on her face but not seriously. He knew that riders weren't responsible for their actions at this point and there was no need to become upset if she chose someone else over him.

Diasith flew swiftly through the air calling to his mate as she teased him a little, dodging away when he got close. Only then did he notice the Brown gaining on him. He felt pain as the brown rammed him out of the way in its attempts to get to Rirath. He growled and flew into the brown scoring it with his claws in an attempt to dissuade it from the skies. Even though he considered Rirath his mate Rirath still liked the attention and so never really ensured that she was exclusively for him. The Brown attacked back scratching his underside and the two dragons fell from the skies, the Brown gripping the smaller Black in fury at having been challenged by the smaller dragon. Diasith called out in pain and rage before injuring the other's wing. The Brown grabbed his leg with his jaws and tore. The pain was too much and, as Diasith fell... He fell into nothing.

At the pain that rocked through T'aon's body he screamed and gripped his arm. It was far too painful to bear. He dropped to the ground attempting to reassure Diasith that he was alright but there was nothing to reassure. He couldn't feel anything. He rushed through the Weyr in a drunken way searching for anything that would make the pain stop. He reached the kitchen, which had not been all that far from where he had found Cari, and grabbed a knife used for cutting meat... He placed his hand on the table, raised it and brought it down with a scream. He felt someone stop him, gripping his now bloodied hands as he attempted to do himself further harm but he could feel himself slipping away from the excessive amount of blood loss. Then there was blackness.

He waited for a moment, eyes still closed.
"Diasith, answer me!"
There was nothing, only silence. He felt not the presence of his dragon only pain all through his body not only from injuries he was certain he had caused himself but also from dread. He opened his eyes slowly could not stop a sob from escaping his lips.

He heard someone rush to his side and saw E’don’s face as well as another rider. G'res. A Brown rider. He turned his face away upon seeing the grief on his brothers face. The Brown rider seemed pale and concerned.
“Diasith… he betweened…”
“Why didn’t you just leave me?”
“You’re my brother…”
“Get away from me!”
He moved to push his brother and it was only then that he noticed his hand. He sat up suddenly and made for something, anything that would end his pain. G'res seemed stricken by everything. All Tedaon wanted to do was rid the world of the Brown and then leave it himself to remain with Diasith always. But then he heard a soft chirruping.

He turned and saw the little black dragon immediately forcing himself to accept the firelizard as his dragon.
“Why did you tell me he betweened? He’s right here!”
The incredulity and confusion on E’don’s face did nothing to Tedaon as he began to convince himself that Neras was, in fact, Diasith.

-- -- --

Upon the death of his dragon E’don suggested that Tedaon move to the newest Weyr Dalibor as a healer also wishing for his brother to get away from all the people involved in the fateful Flight. The Weyr accepted the Dragonless rider knowing that if he had lasted this long without killing himself then he was not likely to do so. The brown was alright although his rider a little surprised about what had happened that flight having been their first.

Tedaon continued to pretend that Neras was his Diasith and that those events never occurred. He became a decent healer and is rather consistently watched by a few people in the Weyr many knowing that some of his knowledge would be important in the following years. Although he is a decent enough healer to become a master he will never accept this position still thinking that his main duty is to Diasith whenever asked.

It is more than possible that Tedaon has children in Telgar but given his state of mind they are the least of his worries at the moment.

Throughout his turns at Dalibor Weyr, Tedaon gradually grew accustomed to the presence of dragons in his life. He stopped attending dragon hatchings because of the pain it caused him but threw himself into his craft. He trained in diagnosis and treatment of humans to keep him away from the dragons. He also gained an understanding of wher physiology as he had begun attending wher hatchings, willing to trade with as many people as possible to avoid the dragon hatchings.

He has seen the fire, the doom fall, all the tragedies that have befallen Dalibor. The two plagues that hit Dalibor required near non-stop work which Tedaon threw himself into with rigour. However, the main thing that allowed him to begin healing from his loss was his training to become a Master Healer at Healer hall. It was the first time he flew dragon back since the loss of his dragon and his brothers took the time to visit him and allow his healing to continue. Since then, they have visited him at Dalibor and Tedaon has accepted something. He will never truly be healed but he had at least came to a point where he could accept the loss in a small way.

Dragon Name: Diasith

Dragon Age: was 26 Turns when he betweened... (would be 35)

Dragon Color: Black

Dragon Length: 22’

Dragon Personality: Diasith was a rather friendly dragon to Tedaon anyway. He was sweet natured and generally disliked violence. This perfectly fit with Tedaon as he was also a rather non-violent person. Diasith generally loved life and devoted himself to his rider. Although he spoke little he always let Tedaon know exactly how he was feeling. He always took a little joy in playing with Tedaon during their Weyrling years as he would often sneak up on him in the dark. Although he was not always completely obvious in his actions or thoughts Diasith was still reasonably friendly and sweet natured. Diasith also got along rather well with Neras as though Neras was one of his rather close friends. Almost as though he needed to be protected.

Dragon Appearance: Diasith was just like most dragons. Although he was rather slim and agile looking. He seemed to be the perfect fighter with a lean yet with slight bulk to him. He was also slightly odd in colour with some ‘mottled’ gray patches, which served well to hide him at night. They were a dark grey but still seemed a little noticeable when standing beside a completely jet black dragon.

Dragon History: (Included in character history…)

Erm… I hope it’s alright if I did rp style for a couple of the things. I figured that would be easier for me…

{updated September 2012}

Transferred to Healer Hall

Token used: Stands Impression

Wher Name: Tedask

SubQueen Impressible: No

Impression Preference:
This section is completely optional

Desired Colors:
Anything except the banned colours below with a stronger preference towards males and particularly blue/black however I am not married to that idea. I am perfectly ok if you want to give him a female with the below desired personality traits. Thank you very much.

Banned Colors:
Brown, bronze, iron, orange, red, burgundy (if they happen to eventuate!) then obviously viridian, gold and copper (which would have been banned even if I didn't have those colours already!)

Preferred Personalities:
So Tedaon will need a wher who can handle being pushed away for the first day/initial moments of the bond. A determined wher who will not go wild when he tries to reject it as it impresses him. This is really important as I obviously want a wher for him but he WILL try to reject the bond. He needs a wher that will be happy NOT being a watch wher and being basically a guard for the infirmary as well as almost a service animal for the people in the infirmary. It needs to understand his feelings on Diasith and, if black, accept that he will sometimes be called Diasith. It needs to accept that it will never be as important to him as Diasith but that it is still super important in Tedaon's life.

Undesirable Personalities:
Anything cruel, overly sexual, mean, violent, aggressive or dispassionate. It cannot be hateful in any way shape or form.

In-Character Considerations:
Tedaon lost his dragon, as explained above. He will not want this bond but he needs it and it will help him a heck of a lot. He hates browns so do not impress him to a brown. I am ok with him getting a black and, in fact, I have the stronger preferences towards blue and black for Tedaon. He will not participate in Runs but he will allow the wher to join them if it wishes. He just likely won't act on the desires as Diasith died during a Flight. He knows how he felt during dragon Flights so he probably won't feel the desire as strongly for a wher.

Mauling Preferences:
Cannot lose his other hand or vision. Willing to allow him to lose a leg.


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