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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Lueke, Weyrfolk, Dalibor Weyr
 Posted: Mar 8 2017, 11:59 PM


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19 Turns (SP:199)
Dalibor Weyr

Lueke is at heart a marshmallow, gentle and completely incapable of causing deliberate harm. Although not usually the type to step up and help others, especially after long Turns of being bullied, the harper cannot bring himself to hurt them either. Filled with compassion, he feels strongly for the pain of others, particularly those he knows well, but tends to avoid close relationships, in part to avoid the empathy that goes with them. However, on the rare occasion he becomes close with someone he is willing to give them everything he has, as well as stick with them no matter what. He is something of a doormat though, and especially if he cares for someone he will usually allow them to walk all over him. The boy also tends to take a lot more trouble from other people than he should because he lacks the confidence to stand up for himself.

Imaginative, Lueke is more inclined to be creative than academic. Most of the time he is far away inside his own head, often engaged with thoughts of music rather than reality, and while he likes coming up with new ideas, he doesn't usually share them with anyone. Whether or not his ideas -- usually focused around music and its composition -- are good, Lueke is very modest about the things he comes up with and is not inclined to brag about them even if he brings them up.

Insecure, Lueke lacks any kind of confidence in himself. Throughout his life he has been bullied a great deal because of it, and though he has always been uncertain he also thinks very little of himself nowadays. He is very shy and awkward in social situations, and if forced into them is basically guaranteed to be a wallflower. Talking to people is difficult for him, and though he is capable of short conversations, he doesn't like to be in-depth about much of anything. Usually he resorts to either mild sarcasm or a hasty excuse to get himself out of social situations, and when that doesn't work he bolts. He also tries to avoid eye contact whenever possible.

Anxious in the extreme, Lueke worries about a great many things -- largely related to other people and how they view him. Partly because of his self-consciousness, he has himself convinced that other people aren't going to want him around and he frequently seeks to get away and be alone. If confronted the harper will almost instantly become afraid, having been attacked multiple times in his life, and he is always nervous that someone will get angry and hit him. He also worries about what he's going to do with his life, if he survives long enough to decide, because he knows he’s not nearly social enough to be a good harper – at least, not if he wants to make it to journeyman.

Unfortunately, Lueke suffers from a major lack of focus. Especially when not interested in something, Lueke is incredibly lazy -- though he's willing to work at things he likes, he hates putting effort into anything else. He doesn't do things he doesn't like except when coerced, and even then he puts the bare minimum into what he's supposed to be doing, simply because he’s being made to do it.

Lueke is, in a word, small. Standing at the unimpressive height of 5’7”, the harper has a slight build which is only emphasized by his extraordinary thinness. He weighs perhaps 115 lbs soaking wet. If somebody wanted to pick him up and throw him, they could probably do it with no real difficulty. To hide his skinny frame, Lueke usually wears baggy, too-big clothes – he’d probably wear several layers at once if he had that many options, but as it is he’s typically found in a thin sweater and plain shirt.

Set under a mop of medium-length jet-black hair, Lueke’s face is delicate, with a fine bone structure and sensitive features. His brows are straight, set above dark grey eyes that are usually shadowed with exhaustion. His mouth is of moderate width, and capable of delivering a pleasant smile but more commonly tense with anxiety. Besides his usual tense expression, the harper is incredibly easy to read: his face is an open book, though he hates it, and he’s a horrible liar whose every thought can be read in his eyes. In terms of mannerisms, Lueke is always nervous and usually twitchy, usually drumming his fingers or fidgeting when he doesn’t have anything to occupy his hands.

Father: Unknown.
Mother: Elukra, 38, holder at Bitra


TW: abuse, drugs
Born in early spring at Western Hold, Lueke was the only child of Elukra and an unknown man. Whomever his father was, he never stepped up to claim the boy, and the mother never divulged his name. From the start, the boy’s childhood was a rocky one. Elukra was… inconsistent. She had something of a reputation around the Hold, and it wasn’t a good one. While many people weren’t quite sure what rumours were true and what weren’t, her son knew from an early age that everything said about his mother was true. She was a fellis addict and a fool, the sort of woman that occasionally accepted monetary favours for other sorts of favours. Most of all she was a terrible mother, but when he was young Lueke still loved her enough to lie and pretend that she wasn’t.

Elukra was the sort of woman that had many boyfriends. Her addiction to men was as bad as her addiction to fellis, and she usually didn’t pick the nice ones. When she did, they left her as soon as they realized the ‘business’ she was running on the side. Growing up, Lueke spent a lot of time hiding when his mother’s boyfriends came to call. Occasionally one would get angry and go after her, but when the boy was present the men were just as likely to go after him. Watching all of this take place, it probably isn’t surprising that the young harper is afraid of everything. The Hold children were no better to him than his single parent, and frequently called him ‘bastard’ or other unfriendly yet descriptive names. Getting beaten up was pretty much a daily occurrence for him.

Because his mother was not physically abusive toward him and he wouldn’t say anything against her, Lueke remained under her care for a long time. As he got older, however, he began to resent Elukra for what she was, and though he kept quiet to others – for silence was by now his way – he grew increasingly bitter in the company of his mother. It became his habit to remain away from home as long as possible, playing music whenever he had the chance or the time, and eventually he was approached by a harper who had heard him playing his gitar. Seeming to think that he had some talent, the man asked if he would be interested in apprenticing to the Harperhall. Astonished that the harpers would want someone like him to join them, Lueke accepted the offer. Straightaway his apprenticeship began, and the boy rediscovered that he had a natural aptitude for two things: composition, and embarrassing himself. While he did okay in his classes, he was far too shy and invariably messed up every time he had to play in front of anyone except the instructors.

Before leaving home to go to the Harperhall, twelve-Turn-old Lueke approached his mother to tell her of his wish to go. Unwilling to simply state that he was leaving, he tried to approach the subject delicately. Elukra, high on fellis, laughed at him as she always did when she was on the drug, and told him that he wasn’t going anywhere: he was to stay with her, stupid boy. Driven by a desire to play stronger than fear of his mother, the boy eventually argued that he was going to go anyway and that he was just coming to say goodbye. The conversation rapidly devolved into a fight, and Lueke left after calling his mother a stupid whore and telling her he never wanted to see her again.

Since he did not actually leave the Hold, that didn’t happen. Several times Lueke crawled home to visit, driven by guilt, but it was more the shadow of his mother’s reputation that hung over him than her actual presence. Inevitably, at least a few of the others at the Hall had heard of her and made fun of the apprentice relentlessly for his kinship to her. After several Turns of this, the young harper finally couldn’t take it anymore, and he asked to go to nearby Dalibor Weyr to escape all of the people that knew him. He was granted his request and permission to continue his studies, and he moved across the strait to his new home.

Wher Preference:
Cross-Impressionable Yes

SubQueen Impressible: Yes

Impression Preference:

Desired Colors:
Grey > White

Banned Colors:

Preferred Personalities:
Something kind of sweet and gentle, maybe? I'm not uber particular about personality. <3

Undesirable Personalities:
I would prefer Lueke not get an overly aggressive or hard-to-handle wher because it would probably break his poor little brain >> but other than that, I'm pretty cool with whatever.

Mauling Preferences:
Feel free to maul away! It would please me if something tried to eat a Lueke. Just no limb removal or actual murder, please!

Adoption Preference: Transfer please.

"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
 Posted: Mar 9 2017, 08:56 PM
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