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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Talivor, Journeyman Harper
 Posted: Mar 21 2017, 02:49 AM


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18 turns.
Dalibor Weyr

Well spoken and thoughtful, Talivor is best-known for his intellect and empathy before anything else. Growing up within a family of harpers, it is not surprising that he is wise for his turns. He is given to being a person who listens before he speaks. A person who listens cannot help but gain more insight than someone who does not, or only listens to speak. He is fond of philosophical discussions and learning new things. Full of questions and curiosities, he can often be found reading or making notes. Very empathetic, kind and caring, he seems to care about all people and to strive to see the best in them. It's fair to say he is over-trusting and rather indulgent. He forgives far more quickly than most, and this may be to his detriment. People tend to sense he is a good person worthy of trust...yet those who would take advantage, often do.

Talivor can be stubborn, when he truly believes in someone or something. It is not in the way of not being willing to accept someone else is right. Nor is it close-mindedness; a more open-minded person one would be hard-pressed to find. It is rather that when he sets his mind to doing something, be it foolhardy or difficult or simply not something most would strive to do, he persists on wishing and trying to do it anyways. He doesn't give up. Not on what he wants to do, and not on people he cares for. Once he truly is a friend to a person or cares for them, he has a hard time letting go. He is prone to self-blame and taking on responsibility for everything. It's fair to say he is a workaholic. He keeps late candlemarks while trying to get everything done. Not one to procrastinate, he often takes on work-loads that are too heavy and tires himself out.

In his desire to know all he can, he can often be nosy. He tends to not take 'no' for an answer sometimes, yet tries to persist in growing close to individuals of interest or in seeking answers. Sassy and possessed of a lot of wit, the intelligent young man can certainly hold his own in verbal battles. He does not like violence in the least, nor bullies. He will always stand on the side of the underdog and stand up for what is right. Small of stature though he may be, his heart and sense of justice and morality is infinitely large. He is definitely a caretaker, given to caring for others in any way he can. He includes emotional and physical well-being into this. While he is modest, he still does have his pride and an ego. That ego makes him refuse to accept there is anything he is incapable of doing. If he cannot, he refuses to just give up and accept it. If he really, truly cannot, he will beat himself up about it until some person who is a friend can snap him out of it.

He tends to be a very neat, clean and perfectionist sort of person. One might say it is nearly obsessive, but if things get out of sort, he doesn't obsess over them. He merely makes due and 'fixes' it. Still, it does bother the young man a fair amount to have things out of place and disorganized. He likes organization, something that has only increased over time. It is an accurate description to say he is a bit of a 'neat freak'. His quarters are always impeccable. If they are not, anyone who knows him would know he is out of sorts or not doing well.

Talivor is well-suited to being a Harper. He is very social and very diplomatic. Many find him to be charming, and most would say he is very approachable. He thinks before speaking, and takes care with words. He well knows the power of words. He loves music and appreciates art immensely. One might say he is an 'old soul'. He enjoys and holds his own in conversations with all persons, regardless of age or standing. Romantically, he is quite the romanticist. The kind of person to pick flowers or pack a picnic, his largest flaw is that he may not always manage time well, and the person of interest would have to remind him that they are in need of some of this time and attention. He is truly devoted to his craft, and as of yet, has not properly had time to indulge romance at all.


Play-by: James McAvoy

Talivor isn't the tallest young man, a fact which has never particularly bothered him as no one in his family is possessed of much height. At 5'7", he stopped growing when he was sixteen turns. A head of thick, dark brown hair seems to be par for the family of harpers, save his youngest sister and his mother, who are sandy-blond. He inherited the slight waviness from his father, as did his sisters. While his sisters and father have green eyes, Talivor inherited his mother's ocean-blue ones. He always seems to have a couple of day's growth on his face--perhaps more like three or four--but otherwise is quite well groomed. He is moderately fair of complexion, and while some might consider him handsome, it tends more towards 'cuteness' than striking handsomeness--at least to most.

He prefers to wear dark blues, black and grey. A finely made black wool jacket is one of his favorite things to wear, weather permitting. Vests are something he favors wearing, with fairly decent long sleeved shirts underneath. His fashion sense, at least, is very notably good. He is very neat, but has a penchant for falling asleep in his clothing at times. This leads to a few wrinkles--a think he is not fond of--so he irons his clothes quite frequently!

Masterharper Daevor (Father, 55)
Masterharper Talenei (Mother, 52)
Journeyman Harper Tavnei (Sister, 26)
Journeyman Harper Daenika (Sister, 22)
Apprentice Harper Daleni (Sister, 13)


Talivor was born at Fort Hold to a family of Harpers, and so it is no surprise that he, like his parents and sisters, wished to be one. His father's specialty lie in crafting instruments and playing them. His rich, baritone voice was always heard throughout their home, alongside his mother's. Her specialty lie in copying notes, and singing. A keen memory saw her recalling lyrics and stories to perfection. While his mother tended to be a bit more fiery in personality, his father was always calm and able to absolve any issues with reason and wisdom. It was a charmed life, in truth. A warm home full of music and laughter, despite the normal family disputes or spats between siblings, Talivor could not have hoped to be born into a more pleasant family unit.

Talivor was always a quiet, thoughtful child. He paid close attention when spoken to, and had a very good memory for picking up on things quickly and recalling them. The only son, his father tended to dote on him perhaps a bit much. Still, he was receptive to learning and no one was quite sure what he'd specialize in, since everything he did was with such care and precision. Attention to detail was always a strong trait in him, as was keeping very organized and neat. Anything he did, he was neat and precise with. As a student, he was a delight. He did have rebellious phases and a habit of questioning everything. It could get tiring to get into debates with the child about why things were the way they were, yet his intelligent responses and questions did make his parents quite proud.

The most trouble with Talivor probably came from his need to interject himself in any argument, and to try and solve any problems that arose. Smaller in stature, and not prone to violence in any form, he would not stand up for himself using anything but words. He didn't like fighting, and preferred to use his mind over his body to fight back. So him coming home with a black eye or a bruise for his 'smart mouth' were not entirely uncommon. Still, he was a brave lad and would not stop defending those that were wronged. It wasn't necessarily that he was weak. He probably only threw a punch once in his life--and hurt his hand for it, but the other young man didn't get up--in defense of his sister, Daenika, when a young man called her a 'pillowcrafter'--ironically because she was not interested in him, and he had a rather more perverse interest in her.

Since they lived at Fort, all the children were easily able to attend the Harper Hall. Any necessary payments for supplies or other costs of attending were covered by their parents, who were able to use their craft to supply instruments for the children, or to provide materials needed. Any other costs were through selling said instruments. It was especially the case when both parents achieved Master ranks and were able to stamp their products with the mark of a Master. So Talivor apprenticed at ten turns of age. His maturity and the manner in which he strove to do well in all he did saw him very successful in his craft. He ended up specializing in writing ballads, singing and history, with a very strong hand in instrument crafting and playing--especially the guitar. Because of his hard work and early apprenticeship, he walked the tables at eighteen turns.

Upon receiving his status as Journeyman, Talivor requested Dalibor Weyr. He liked the smaller, quaint Weyr and the opportunity it presented to get to know the individuals there, since there are less of them. He might have chosen a Hold, but dragonmen held a special spot in the young man's heart. His favorite ballads, after all, had to do with dragons. He was sure he'd grow homesick--his family was very close-knit, but his two elder sisters were already Journeymen elsewhere--yet he eagerly looks forward to advancing on with his life, and pursuing his Mastery.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer please~
 Posted: Apr 4 2017, 03:00 PM
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