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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 Azaril, Apprentice Harper
 Posted: Apr 27 2017, 12:41 AM


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Azaril (Zari)
Dalibor Weyr
Apprentice Harper
Age-Out Date:

Zari is a very shy girl, save when it comes to what she loves most: singing. With an absolutely gorgeous voice, it is no secret where her Harper talent lies. The instrument which she excels at is the violin. She puts most of her time into those two pursuits, and so her skill is considerable. Her mother and father asked her step-father to make her one for her thirteenth turn-day, as she was very serious about becoming a Journeyman. Otherwise, the instrument would have been very costly with its Master stamp. Yet she is also very intellectual, her nose always buried in a book when she's not working at becoming a Harper like her parents and older brother, Rilazel. The girl may be painfully shy, but she is very, very bright. She learns and retains everything she reads and hears. She reads non-stop, and listens and soaks in any knowledge she can. To her, learning is life, and she never wants to stop. Still, though she may be bright, she is painfully shy and doesn't seem able to easily talk to any but family--and even then, it is less often she'll speak up in a family gathering than others. This is completely different from how she is around R'en, whom she idolizes, and will become a completely different person around in terms of shyness--which is, to say, not at all. With Ren, the words flow freely and she can laugh and joke with no issues.

Azaril hates to disappoint those she loves, and tends to beat herself up for any perceived failures. She is quick to take blame, even when it's not her fault, and works very, very hard to correct or fix any mistakes she might make. Softspoken and very feminine, she is completely opposite of her older sister, R'en. She loves animals, and children. She loves beautiful dresses and pretty jewelry. She absolutely adores runners with a passion, and there is nothing more she wants than to have one of her own one day. She also would like a firelizard and a kitten, but with her love of animals it wouldn't be a surprise if she'd be happy with any she could adopt. A runner is what she wants and dreams of most. Effeminate to the extreme, the girl will enjoy all things that are girly. She is not precisely vain, but she does not lack in knowledge that she is not an ugly girl. No: she has been told pretty often enough by her family and by friends, which, despite her shyness, she doesn't seem to have too much trouble acquiring.

One can not be all good things. Zari is naive, too-trusting, and wants to believe the best in everyone. She is jealous and can be clingy when someone she loves might not have the time for her that she seeks from them. She is a worrier, and suffers anxiety that she's not good enough, or that she will do wrong, or that something will happen to someone she loves. She cares too much what other people think of her, and is always worried she'll say or do something wrong. She isn't, thankfully, materialistic. She is quite giving, and wants to see others happy. Still, if it compromises her being happy or getting something she wants, she has a harder time of it and has to war with herself over giving to someone else, over getting that thing for herself. In the end, her heart usually wins out and she is more giving than selfish--but it is there, that want to have nice things for herself. She is definitely someone who knows the value of saving and working towards what you want to get--yet sometimes patience is hard for her.

Zari is an introverted-extrovert. She does enjoy being around people she is close to, but also very much enjoys her time alone to read or just have quiet time to think and daydream. She is fourteen, and only just starting to notice boys. Of course, it is her older sister who will hear all about her crushes, when she has them. Still, with how shy she is, there is no way on Pern she would ever be the sort who could approach anyone she likes. She would be awkward, and tongue tied, and blushing like a school-girl. The kind to look, but the second the other person does, look away and blush furiously. She will have a hard time becoming more assertive in any regards, and it will be a constant trial for her to do so.


Play-by: Andjela Vlaisavljevic

Azaril stands at 5'0" at fourteen turns, and will finish at 5'3" when she is sixteen. She will always look younger than she is, even when she is in her 30's she will be mistaken for an older teen or early 20's. Her eyes are probably her most striking feature, a clear, crystalline green with an emerald green ring around the iris that is so dark, it appears nearly black, an hints of golden nearer the pupil in bright light. Her skin is very pale in complexion, and she has rounded, soft features. Long lashes, finely arched, dark eyebrows and a small nose over full lips--some will find her pretty indeed, if that is to their tastes. Her hair is a light chestnut brown, which darkens quite considerably in winter, and shot through with much lighter blond highlights in the warmer seasons when she spends all her time in the sun. Her hands are small and dainty, as are her feet. Her figure will always tend to look proportionately curvy and a bit softer, hiding the fact that she is will actually be quite moderately toned when she is older. It can only be seen when she is in more revealing clothing, or naked.

Clothing is something she will love. Even when dressing practically, she looks feminine. She prefers beautiful clothing, even if it is not expensive, and likes make-up and jewelry--anything girly that she feels pretty in. She will not complain of practical clothing, and will work hard and do her best to not complain about getting dirty. Yet it will be no secret she is very concerned with keeping herself clean and looking presentable.

Master Harper Dendair - Step-Father (50)
JM. Harper Oetro - Father (40)
JM. Harper Rilone - Step-Mother (48)
JM. Harper Azael - Mother (45)
Rilorden of Blue Gabranth - Sister (30)
JM. Harper Rilazel - Brother (18)
App. Harper Denairo - Brother (17 - twin)
App. Harper Zeniro - Brother (17 - twin) - Played by Catsitta
App. Harper Oeden - Brother (16)
App. Harper Denzel - Brother (14 - twin)


Iron Firelizard - Alucard
Bronze Firelizard - Kerberos (Kero)
Red Firelizard - Cereza
Orange Firelizard - Tora
Tan Firelizard - Holo
Blue Firelizard - Sonic

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Name: Thanatos
Species: Runner - Black Friesian
Color: Black
Age: 2 turns (AU:15)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Personality: A gift from her older sister, Rilorden, in AU:17, Thanatos is the best gift Azaril has ever gotten to date. The stallion is absolutely gorgeous with his shiny, jet black coat and long wavy mane and tail. He stands at 17hh, a large horse who is fiery and impressive, yet extremely gentle and obedient to his rider. Intelligent and headstrong, he can be stubborn and disobedient with anyone else who is not his rider. To him, she is his everything, and the bond between runner and girl is very strong.

Made By: Ruriko
Inspiration: Thanatos - Incarnations of Immortality, Piers Anthony

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user posted image

Name: Pabu
Species: Weasel - Black Footed Ferret
Color: Brown & White
#6286b3 & #FFFFFF
Age: 3-6 months (SP:17)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Pabu is quite a mischievous ferret, often getting into trouble and sticky situations. He is highly loyal to Zari, preferring to accompany her wherever she goes. He has a strong bond with the girl, and will generally be friendly with anyone she has grown to be friends with herself. Azaril likes to teach him tricks. He will also prove to be a surprisingly good swimmer! The agile and nimble little ferret is highly food motivated--and it's not always a good thing, for he's not above pilfering food and stuffing his face. Fortunately for him, he is very active and has a super-fast metabolism! That, and Azaril won't let him steal or over-eat if she catches him doing so! Pabu has the same hunting capabilities as any of the weasels or stoats, and very sharp teeth and claws. He can easily chew through just about anything, and is an adept little hunter. Despite his loyalties, Pabu can be quite stubborn and independent if he doesn't want to do, or doesn't like, something.

Made By: Ruriko
Inspiration: Pabu - Avatar, The Legend of Korra

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user posted image

user posted image

Name: Naga
Species: Canine - Great Pyrenees
Color: White
Age: 3-6 months (SP:17)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Personality: Naga is a staunch, steady and undyingly loyal companion to Azaril. Despite the fact that she weighs in at 155 pounds and may look intimidating, Naga is really a big sweetheart--so long as her master and best friend, Azaril, is not crossed. Naga is very protective of her person, and by proxy, those whom she considers friends. Gentle with children and smaller or young animals, she can be quite maternal. Intelligent and very easily trainable, Naga is a phenomenal tracker. If worked with, she will be an amazing scent canine. She has unconditional trust in Azaril, and will obey her without question. She shows affection by licking, inviting play, and trying to cuddle up to people if she likes them--and of course always Azaril. She readily allows others to pet her, and is a very well tempered dog. Yet woe to those that try and harm hers or her charges--she can be extremely menacing and will not hesitate to attack if someone is seeking to do harm.

Made By: Ruriko
Inspiration: Naga - Avatar, The Legend of Korra

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Name: Fenrisulfr (Fenris)
Species: Icehowler
Color: Blue-Gray & White
Age: 3-6 months (SP:17)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Personality: Fenris is a solemn, graceful creature who seems possessed of uncanny intellect and understanding when he is spoken to by his human. He is an animal with confidence, who does not need to assert himself to carry himself as though he were king of all he surveys. When challenged, or protecting his 'pack', which includes Zari and all her various pets, he becomes a ferocious beast that will not back down or stop until he is sure that they are safe. He is aloof and not particularly friendly with others. Rather than allow himself to be touched, he will back away. With Azaril and her creatures, he will be a protective paternal creature who will obey her, and only her. It seems the large beast is judging or looking down on all others, including members of his own species. His loyalty knows no bounds, and once he has accepted someone, then they are under his protection for life. He seems eerily wise, and regards people with a solemn, icy blue and unflinching gaze that seems to see right through them. It can be unsettling to be stared at by the creature, and even worse if he does not like someone and lifts a lip or growls. He seems, like many of his kind, to have a keen sense for who is trustworthy and not. He will either tolerate or decide he doesn't like a person or creature based on this judgment. Fortunately, he is under extremely good control and will only give warning or signs of his irritation unless his person or pack is in real danger. He is especially close to Naga, whom he is raised with, and Pabu.

Made By: Ruriko
Inspiration: Fenris - Norse Wolf God

Dendair and Rilone were childhood friends, friends that grew to love each other like family. The pair were near inseparable, sharing each and every life experience with each other. They gossiped together, they practiced their craft together, and they dreamed of the future together. As platonic as their relationship was, they each knew they wanted to start a family. When Oetro and Azael came into the picture, and Dendair and Rilone could, finally, openly admit their homosexuality, the dream of having a family of their own slowly slipped away.

It wasn't until Dendair and Oetro, and Rilone and Azael, had a double-wedding that the foursome began to discuss their plans to bear children. The idea they formulated was eccentric, and yet the closeness they shared made their plan plausible. The four spent the night together with the understanding that Rilone would bear the first child. Their intent was to see how the first boy or girl turned out, and go from there.

Rilorden was the firstborn to four parents. Expecting a well-behaved, eager to please, musically-oriented child, no one knew what to do once Rilorden's motor skills began to develop. The girl had not a lick of musical talent, nor any interest in her parents' music. She wanted to race about the Harper Hall causing trouble, and getting into everything within reach of her grubby little hands. Even with four parents watching Rilorden was a full-time job. Dendair, Oetro, Rilone, and Azael feared what the future may hold with a second child. And so the family waited, deciding it was best to focus on their eccentric daughter instead. If and when she was apprenticed age she surprised them with her choice, then, and only then, would they discuss having more children. They were all young, besides, and therefore had plenty of time to start a family. For the time being, Rilorden was their family... their little slice of heaven and hell.

At the age of twelve Rilorden was Searched, and with how much the girl spoke of dragons and flying her parents couldn't have been happier to relinquish her to the candidate barracks. They loved her, dearly, but they could hardly handle her rambunctious nature and impulsive attitude. Rilone and Dendair were pregnant again and their son was born. The family was overjoyed at the prospect of another baby, and a fresh start. His name was Rilazel, named after both of his mothers. He was a precious baby, and an even more precious toddler, that grew to be just as precious a boy, and then young man. Determining that they wanted a big family, both Rilone and Azael began to produce many children. Five came after Rilazel, and all took to the harpercraft at the Hall where they were raised. Rilorden's parents couldn't have been happier. Of these children, Azaril was one of two fraternal twins, the last children to be born to the family of four.

Zari was a sweet, bright and shy child from the day she was born. Still, much to her parent's delight, she was as true a Harper as any ever brought into the world. Even as young as three they could tell her voice was a gift. She could have sang whersports from trees, had she wanted it. They doted on her, and she proved to enjoy learning and be quick at it. Her handwriting and copying was beautiful, and she took to every instrument she picked up quite quickly. While none of these things was with as much talent as her voice held, they were still bursting with pride at her accomplishments. She also loved to read, and always had a book with her no matter where she went. Often she would go missing and be found either asleep with, or reading, a book in a quiet place. It also became clear at a young age that she loved runners. While firelizards and kittens were loved by her--and of course her sister's blue--she loved runners with a furious passion. Her parents didn't allow her one, simply because they worried it would detract from her studies and apprenticeship, which she started at only ten turns of age.

Azaril, being the only other girl, and the youngest, was spoiled from day one, and it didn't stop just because she grew older. She spent her time when not reading or at her studies playing or fraternizing with her brothers and sister--but the closest bond was formed with the eldest, R'en. Zari, as her youngest sibling and only sister, is spoiled by R'en, her older and only sister. There is not a thing R'en doesn't give the little girl, catering to her every whim. It isn't known to Zari that R'en secretly hopes that she will choose to Stand, and become a dragonrider like her big sis. The younger girl adores both her sister and her blue, Gabranth, and it was perhaps the hardest thing ever for her when her sister left for Dalibor. At least at Fort, she was close and was around all the time. She gets on well enough with her twin, and not poorly with any of the siblings, since she is so sweet of nature. Still, when her sister left, Zari became rather down and her parents worried for her. Since then, she has been a lot more quiet and downtrodden, and then the fact that her oldest brother left with her did not help one bit.

To make matters worse, Azaril was Searched. Her parents want her to be a Harper, for it would be a waste of a wonderful talent to not continue in that. She is clearly gifted and born for such a thing, and yet R'en had always talked to her about a life outside--a choice. Zari is at a time when she's having trouble deciding what she wants. Her parents want her to be happy, so discussion went underway about having her transfer to Dalibor to be with her big sister and eldest brother--unknown to Zari. The family is making plans to have her study under a Master Harper at the Weyr, and yet don't want her to Stand until at least attaining Journeyman status. When she is told, this is an agreement she'll gladly make with them!

Adoption Preference:
Transfer please, thankies~

Cross-Impressionable No.

SubQueen Impressible: No.

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:


Banned Colors:

All but white.

Preferred Personalities:


Undesirable Personalities:

- No disabled dragons, please.
- unintelligent
- ugly
- evil

In-Character Considerations:

DNI. Saving for white sport token and it will take me RL years. I plan to have her walk the tables as Journeyman and work towards getting that.

Mauling Preferences:
No mauling for Azaril, please! If you want very light trampling or bumping into on the way to someone in the Stands, that's okay. She's not Standing, so makes this one easy. c:

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.

Long Term Goals!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Gold Firelizard - Lightning
Viridian Firelizard - Wander
Purple Firelizard - Spyro
Brown Firelizard - Howl
White Firelizard - Kiba
Gray Firelizard - Tsume
Yellow Firelizard - Pikachu
Burgundy Firelizard - Kratos
Cyan Firelizard - Chell
Green Firelizard - Yoshi
Black Firelizard - Kuro
Pink Firelizard - Mew
Treetail (m) - Momo

 Posted: May 8 2017, 06:16 PM

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