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 Keirian, Journeyman Beastcrafter, Dual Candidate
 Posted: May 16 2017, 07:34 PM


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Keirian (K'ian)
Dalibor Weyr
Journeyman Beastcrafter, Dual Candidate
Age-Out Date:

Keir is exactly the kind of person most people would try to avoid. Selfish, manipulative, controlling, volatile, violence-loving, dark, moody, jealous, and even cruel at times, he is not someone who wants friends, or makes them. Instead, he simply has people he uses as a means to an end. He likes to play mind games, and probably anyone who sees the good in people or anyone who isn't sharp enough to pick up on it won't know he isn't as charming or innocent as he likes to pretend he is. He is sarcastic, full of sharp wit and high intellect, and plays words like one might play a treasured instrument. It is clear he has zero filter--or more like he simply doesn't care to have one. He always leaves people guessing as to whether he has purposefully insulted them, or is simply just the kind of person who doesn't know what they are saying. If his words are read one way, they may seem innocent enough--others will always need to question, unless they get to know him well--something he doesn't allow for--if he actually means to be antagonizing and ruthless and rude, or if he's really innocent of it and doesn't realize what he's saying will upset them.

While he won't go around harming people he hates--he's too smart for that--he certainly wishes that people he strongly dislikes would die. He seems to have no problem with pain, either receiving or causing it, though he will not, again, simply harm someone or something just because he likes to antagonize a person or insult them and start things--later he will claim innocence, saying he didn't realize they would get so upset over 'so small a thing', or that he meant nothing by it, of course. Still, he is skilled in armed and unarmed fighting, especially with knives and daggers. He absolutely revels in causing mischief and in getting someone so upset they attack him and give him an excuse to fight them. He is very selfish and will gladly step on people or use people to get what he wants if they allow it to happen. He has walls up and no one gets in. He consistently uses curses and bad language in his regular speech, and doesn't care what anyone thinks of that--freedom of speech, and what are they going to do about it? Still, he has learned to be careful exactly what he says to people in positions to have control over him--even if he loathes that anyone does. He can bow and scrape and put on the charm as well as anyone else, and make it seem he's respectful and mild-mannered. It's in his mind that he rebels the most against politics and rules. At the core, he has extreme self control when he needs it. He can handle himself just fine, though he has little desire to without a goal or cause, and once he bonded or Impressed he will have strong control over his partner and himself, as well.

He is extremely promiscuous. As is, he is all about getting what he wants, and doing what it takes to get there. He's a huge flirt. He has his priorities, and while he hates to be made to do menial things in his craft, he'll do them, in boredom, and just roll with things because it means that he may get what he wants at the end of it--freedom, and down the line, perhaps Mastery. He is lazy and laid back, but doing something is better than doing nothing, in his mind. He does his craft extremely well, and even enjoys it at times. He is easily distracted and has a poor attention span. He actually has a sense of humor, though he is often perverse and says inappropriate things, and his humor is dark or sarcastic--or both. He's never been in a long term relationship and while it is quite clear he would be jealous and perhaps controlling, it is hard to say what it would be like if he cared about someone other than himself. It is also hard to say what kind of a friend he might make--likely the kind that gets the other person into all kinds of trouble, regardless if he actually grew to like them or not!

Keir likes to be the center of attention. If it means making up lies to sound interesting, if it means showing off or behaving like he's charming and funny...eyes on him are never a bad thing. He seems to get great pleasure in being noticed. Perhaps it's why he dresses as he does or has three piercings. He wants to be noticed, he wants people to be wary of him, even. He's surprisingly wary and cautious in some ways, as he wants to always keep himself at a level where he stays out of the kind of trouble he doesn't want. He seems to know just how far he can push until he has to 'smarten up' or ingratiate himself to others. He finds people amusing at times, yet actually prefers animals. When it comes to animals, it is the only real kindness he will show to anything or anyone. He'll never let onto it in front of others, but he has a soft spot for things not-human. That won't ever come to light, because any affection he gives any creature will be done where no one can see, and he'll feign uncaring and controlling behavior towards any creature he might pet and even cuddle behind closed doors. It might make people wonder why animals seem so drawn to him when he seems like the kind of person who might kick a dog for annoying him. Truth is, he would kick the individual who kicked a dog, hands down.

Keir has a very interesting, and unique, voice. He doesn't have the attention span to commit himself to the Harper craft, but he can play guitar and drums exceedingly well and his voice is really something to hear--if he ever let anyone. He thinks crafts have little 'payout' for the length of time you have to commit to it, and he feels he'd grow bored doing anything like Harper or Healer, which is why he chose Beastcrafter--even if he knows a ton about healing from his mother trying very, very hard to turn him into a Healer. For how intellectual he is and how well he retains knowledge, it's a pity he didn't choose Healer or Harper, for he'd excel if he really wanted to.

With his dark, almost eerie appearance and tall height of 6'3", Keir is someone that is hard not to notice--and many would rather avoid. His hair is a very dark, jet black, kept longer with thick bangs reaching down to his mouth framing the left side of his face, and the rest styled back and falling down the back of his neck, and slightly over the shoulders. His eyes are one of the most startling features about him. They start out at the outer iris being a stormy blue-grey like a dark sea or sky, and then as they go towards the pupil continue lightening until they are an ice-blue surrounding the black. It gives him a very disconcerting gaze. His skin is very pale, and he only tans very, very lightly. He has an almost androgynous kind of appearance to him, with very defined cheekbones, a sharp jawline, and longer face. Dark eyebrows have an angular arch, shaped in such a way that they are almost triangular in their appearance. For all that he is tall, his build is lean, with only moderate definition of toning. He wears a lot of kohl, using it on more than just the eyes and around the eyes at times.

Another noticeable and perhaps unsettling feature is his three piercings: one in the left side of his nose, and then an earring in his right ear, and a lip piercing also on the right side. It does earn him some side eye and odd looks, but he enjoys the attention and doesn't care what kind it is. Keir wears black, black and more black. It seems to be the only color he owns, so that when any other is worn it would be startling to see--and then it might only be a splash of crimson, or white. He loves his black wher-hide jacket, his black militant-looking boots, and even black leather pants. Accessories are always silver or white-gold, never gold. He carries knives and daggers at all times on his person, in boots, at each side, in his inner jacket, up a sleeve...he prefers to be armed, always.

Keilara (Master Healer, 37)
Durian (Trader, Convict, 40)


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Name: Loque (Loque'nahak)
Species: Feline
Gender: Male
Color: Black & White
Age: 1 turn, WI:16

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Personality: Loque is not a friendly cat. The feline came to Keir injured and near death. The relationship between the two is exclusive to the pair. While if Keir grows close to anyone, the feline may at least tolerate them, if anyone but Keirian tries to touch him, they will be met with a hissing, swiping feline that no one would want to tangle with. He is his own cat, and does as he pleases. Sometimes, Keir wants to strangle him as he does the most annoying 'cat-like' things. He seems to be a highly intellectual feline, for he uses his dirt box, he seems to get the gist of what Keir says to him half the time--when he isn't arguing back, and knocking things off of shelves or acting out--and generally doesn't give him too much shaffit. Yet he still gives him some, and gives others a shell of a lot more. He hates canines, icehowlers, firelizards, and even other cats. Keir will have to do gradual, slow introductions and this feline will take many sevendays to accept any other pet in his domain. He doesn't seem to understand that, while he is a big feline for a 'regular' sized beast, weighing in at 16 pounds, he is not going to be able to simply take on any creature in the Weyr...or can he? He seems to think so. Fortunately, he isn't stupid, and will not attack larger, dangerous creatures unless backed into a corner.

Made by: Ruriko
Inspiration: Scrappy - Cat with vitiligo; Loque'nahak - World of Warcraft

Keirian was born at Bitra Hold, the product of a one night stand between a visiting Trader and his mother, a Journeyman Healer who was tending to him while he was ill and had to stay a couple sevendays. After that event, he left, and Keilara never heard what became of him. He was not the man she remembered, so it was probably for the best that she never learned the crimes he committed that saw him made a convict. Keir was not planned for, and it was not an easy pregnancy. Still, he was born and raised by his mother, who wanted nothing more than for the bright, though seemingly odd, child, to be a Healer just like herself. She constantly had him by her, telling him what she was doing, how it was done. He retained everything perfectly...but he had no interest in any craft, least of all Healing. He was selfish and stubborn even as a child. He manipulated everyone he could, including his own mother, to have his way. He threatened to do the piercings himself, if she would not, so she did, so that she could do them in a sterile manner and to instruct him in how to care for them so they wouldn't get infected. He certainly had a way of getting what he wanted.

It was clear he cared little for anyone else. In the beginning, he got into trouble for antagonizing and manipulating people...until he got better and better at it. He got into a lot of fights, but it was never him who threw that first punch. His mother may have given him his way, but she was always so busy with healing and her craft that she never had any real time for him, unless it was to try and have him shadow her and learn a craft he was not even interested in to begin with. It made him resentful, and even more rebellious. In lessons he excelled, but was bored with it. He liked challenges, and the 'stupid ballads' and lessons were not a challenge to him. He could recite them back word for word after hearing them two or three times, and it didn't interest him a bit. As he grew closer to ten, his mother tried to push him to apprentice as a Healer. He hated whining, sick people and hated that his mother spent all her time at her craft, and not nearly enough on him--unless it was to drag him into it. He felt distant from everyone, and only really liked or cared about animals. In truth, the perfect craft for the boy was Beastcrafter, if he'd the care to stop and think about it. Animals were different from people. While he spoke to them in a controlling and demanding way around people, or pretended not to care about them, he really cared more for them animals--even ones he'd no reason to attach to--than people. Behind closed doors, with an animal, he would seem a different person.

Since animals were the only thing that he seemed to have much of a care for, and because he wanted it to be very clear to his mother he had zero intentions of being a Healer--though in her persistence she still talked about it non-stop regardless, and wouldn't stop showing him things, even if he didn't care to see them--he began his apprenticeship as a Beastcrafter at ten turns of age. Outwardly, Keir appeared to be the perfect example of a well-behaved member of their craft. His language around anyone of import was immediately reigned in, never swearing except for when exceptionally upset, and usually if there was some kind of reason that could be excused for it. He slyly provoked people, leaving it to seem as though they were the ones that had the issues, and not himself. What he said could easily be misconstrued by that person--though it never was--and he kept himself targeted on people that were, indeed, known for having tempers or issues themselves, so that he appeared to be the blameless one, and they the problem. The young man's intellect was never in question. He actually liked animals, even if he had a care-or-less attitude and made it seem like he was 'just doing his craft'. He excelled at it. He learned quickly, had a gentle touch, and while he made no friends whatsoever, the way animals were comfortable around him, it was clear he was in the right place. It was not to say people didn't want to be friends with him--he just never let anyone get close. It would allow them to see his true colors, and that was something he could not have. He needed to keep himself appearing to be a perfect, shining example to everyone. He wanted to walk the tables so he could get out of Bitra, where he could get away from his mother before he strangled her in her sleep--which he never actually would, but still, he thought about it often enough.

Keir's level of self control over himself was, to be fair, extraordinary. When he wanted something, when he had a plan, he kept such a tight control over himself, playing at his pretense of being a shining example of an apprentice so well, no one would be the wiser. He was extremely careful. Never threw the first punch. Sometimes, he never even threw a punch at all. Let it build up. He was in near complete control of his behavior, his impulses, and his speech when needed. It is likely he will have difficulty ever reaching Mastery of his craft, because now that he is not an apprentice, he feels he has more freedom to speak and behave as he wants. He only wanted to leave Bitra, and since most people not entirely dedicated to their craft never make Master, he feels he has as much time as he wants before he does so. He doesn't care if it takes him ten Turns longer than someone else. He's free. As an apprentice, his language, his control, and presentation were more controlled than they have to be as a Journeyman. As a Master, he would likely have even more freedom, yet after the immense self control and feigned near-perfect behavior--which really was not, but so carefully played out it would seem to be, in front of anyone--he is relieved he doesn't have to keep it up to the same degree.

He walked the tables when he turned eighteen, and nothing could have been better in his mind. Finally, he had something to allow him more freedom. He didn't like anyone. People were, at best, good for manipulating and messing around with. Most of them he found stupid, similar to one another, and boring. He had no real drive or ambition of his own, save to attain freedom and a lifestyle that he wanted, and simply existed day by day by doing whatever came his way--like Beastcrafting--so that he had some kind of direction to attain said freedom. If he was extremely good at it, that was another thing entirely. He was assigned as a Journeyman to Dalibor Weyr, and glad to get away from Bitra.

As Keir develops, that control will be even more useful. Especially once he bonds or Impresses will it become clear that his desires and thoughts can and are controlled so strongly, his partner will be kept reigned in despite his own behavior. He will have even more control over them than himself, though it will teach him to better control his own thoughts, since he won't want his partner acting on them. Hence why, though he is the way he is, he would be a good match for any dragon or wher--he simply will not allow them to be un-controlled. He has the strength of mind and character to keep a reign on them, and to see that they don't cause issues. What they think of in private, however...if there's a chance down the line for a battle or some kind of event where there's dark things afoot, you can be sure Keir and that partner will be more than happy to lend aid and cause mayhem for their Weyr. As is, he'll be more than pleased just to be someone people secretly fear or dislike. Their greatest struggle will be teamwork, and trusting anyone but themselves, I'd wager. There's SO much room for development, but I ask that, pretty please with a cherry on top, he NOT be given a dragon that is opposite of him. I don't want a dragon/wher who is his partner to be 'calm and help him' etc. I want him to be the one who has to keep the dragon or wher in check. So the most volatile and violent and strong-minded you have to throw at him...that would be what I'm hoping for.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer only for please~

Wher Name Preference:

Cross-Impressionable No.

SubQueen Impressible: No.

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:

Asking hatch moms to please consider him for sports listed, as I think it would be so amusing to play him with something like this! c:

Dragons: Gray > Purple > Indigo > Brown > Burgundy
Whers: Grey > Purple > White > Indigo > Brown > Burgundy > Black

Black wher is least preferred of all of these. Would rather Impress dragon than black wher, to be honest. If burgundy or indigo wher is an option, far preferred.

Banned Colors:

Dragons: Pink > Blue > Green > Cyan > Black > Yellow
Whers: Blue > Black > Cyan > King > S-Queen > Pink > Viridian > Yellow

Preferred Personalities:

A challenging match would be great, thanks!

Undesirable Personalities:

- No disabled dragons/whers, please.
- unintelligent
- derpy
- Do not want a partner who is meant to 'change/better him'. A partner who accepts him and yet is different from him and pushes him to to think is great, though.

In-Character Considerations:


Mauling Preferences:
Only very minor, nothing lasting mauling allowed. Nothing above the neck, nothing beyond minor scarring.

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.
 Posted: Sep 26 2017, 10:47 AM
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