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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Oephri, Apprentice Dolphineer, Dalibor Weyr
 Posted: Jun 10 2017, 06:31 PM

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Name: Oephri
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (Autumn 02)
Sexuality: Bisexual Biromantic
Location: Honshu Hold -> Many Crafthalls -> Dalibor Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Rank: Apprentice

Oephri is considered to be a flitter-brained walking disaster by many of his former teachers. The boy lacks what most people call 'common sense' not to mention he has a knack for being extraordinarily clumsy to boot. In reality, Oephri is far from dim-witted with a mind that is capable of absorbing knowledge like a sponge, however he is easily distracted, aka he has a very short attention span. This dangerous combination has resulted in a multitude of disastrous episodes in which there was too much going on around him to focus on the task at hand. He requires a patient, understanding teacher who can keep him focused to learn well. Unfortunately the real world is rarely patient or understanding which has brought him to where he is today.

The boy is also the indecisive sort who prefers to ponder his choices for a long time before taking action. Oephri remains uncertain about his future and is afraid that he will never find his true passion at the rate he has been going through crafts. He knows he wants to help others, but he has no idea how. He hopes that working with a partner dolphin will inspire him to finally find his place in the world. Additionally, he has come to the realization that it is not so much what kind of crafter he wants to be as it is what impact he wants to make on Pern. He wants to become someone worthy of admiration - like his parents - if that is at all possible, yet all he sees in himself is an awkward, cowardly boy who is constantly apologizing for the mistakes he makes.

On the positive side, Oephri is a compassionate, patient, and extremely forgiving individual. He plays well with others and would make a steadfast friend. His aforementioned head for knowledge allows him to retain bits and pieces of information that may prove useful later, though he is just as likely to spout something random as it occurs to him. Due to his upbringing at Honshu, he did not grow up with the sea, however he has always found the ocean to be a calming force in his life. He seems to be less clumsy in the water than on land as a result.

Oephri appears to be nothing special at first glance. He is around the average height for his age (5'7") and is neither slender nor large. He has plain brown eyes and wispy light brown hair that he keeps parted down the middle for simplicity's sake. While his skin tone is on the lighter side for Pernese, he tends to tan rather than burn during the summer season. Additionally, besides a few birthmarks across his neck, he is otherwise completely unremarkable in oddities. Even his clothes the majority of the time are free of extravagance, neutral in color, and overall quite boring. Perhaps the most interesting part of Oephri's appearance is the way he holds himself: the boy bears himself lowly as if he is a Lord Holder's most humble servant, ensuring many an odd look from passerby. His resulting poor posture makes him look shorter than he really is much to his misfortune. Perhaps Oephri's saving grace is his smile; his mother claims it could lift even the most miserable fool's spirit.

Oephri pretending to understand something he doesn't:
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Laughing Oephri:
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Ryphis (54) - Father; Master Farmer (at Honshu Hold)
Illoine (51) - Mother; Master Farmer (at Honshu Hold)
Purple Khan - Firelizard
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Khan is a true sub-king. He both behaves, and holds himself, as if the world is his to own. He will often interfere when His attempts to own up for his mistakes. Khan believes that Oephri is perfect, just like him. The boy can do no wrong, in his eyes. He wishes for Oephri to understand his place in the world, and come to rise through the ranks of the Weyr. While some may think the flit delusional, Khan is unwilling to associate with any who do not support his cause. The purple wishes for His to impress one of his larger cousins so that he may one day rule the Weyr. Ambitious and a tad overzealous, the purple means well. He knows what he believes, and who he believes in, and he wants for Oephri to know it too. It may be a tad overwhelming for the boy, to be bonded to such a pushy flit, but hopefully he'll get used to Khan. Quite a serious creature, Khan rarely breaks face. His array of emotions are not all that varied, not unless the situation truly warrants it. He will always act the part of the little king he believes himself to be. [Winter 17] - Art by the amazing Sakoru!
Both Ryphis and Illoine knew what they wanted to become since they first started their apprenticeships at Nerat's Farmer Hall: Master Farmers, if not the Masterfarmer. As a result of their ambitions, they dived head first into their craft and saw little else until they had reached the coveted rank of Master at ages 38 (Ryphis) and 35 (Illoine) respectively. By some turn of fate, the two Masters met properly for the first time at Honshu Hold where there was demand for Farmers to work alongside the hold's Bakers. For Illoine, it had been the natural choice as the hold of her birth, but for Ryphis, it had been a spur of the moment decision. The two Master Farmers had interacted and even worked together over the turns, but they had never spent time getting to know one another. Surprise, surprise, they ended up falling in love.

Oephri was the unexpected result of their unplanned union. The two farmers' plans had always centered around their craft, never around starting a family, and both were at a loss as to how to raise a little boy especially when they were advanced in age for first-time parents. Thankfully, Illoine's family stepped in and made sure the child was well-cared for. As a result, Oephri grew up surrounded by his mother's family with the knowledge that his parents were very busy people but they loved him very much. Look, what a fine present he had received for his seventh nameday, obviously his father cared. Look, his mother had brought him sweets from the Baker Hall, obviously she had missed him very much. The boy had a cushy life in Honshu - there was no doubt of that with his parents's combined wealth - but it never quite felt like home to him. He didn't know why.

At age ten it came time to send him off to a crafthall. It was the expectation of both of his parents as their own families had done the same at their age and look where they were now. At last, Oephri chose the Farmer Hall at Nerat Hold because it was where his parents had gone. They were happy for him and wished him well. The boy was happy too, for a while. However, he quickly came to the realization that farming was not for him. He was terrible at it, not to mention he thought it was horribly boring, and the plants he tended to all died. Masters, Journeymen, and Apprentices alike refused to have him around their projects. He gave it six months before one of the Journeymen overseeing him suggested he try his hand at weaving. Perhaps he would have better luck at that craft?

At Paradise Hold, the weavers seemed happy to have him - at first. They mourned the erratic Threadfall of Summer 13 together. However, six months later, their opinions had steadily declined, especially after he had caused a major mix-up in the dye department with one clumsy spill. One of his fellow apprentices suggested perhaps his destiny lay with the Healers at Fort Hold. Oephri had shrugged: why not? It took him only three months this time to realize what a mistake that was. Onward it was to Southern Hold's Harper Hall. He actually stuck around there for a whole turn before deciding it was not for him; he had a nice singing voice although he couldn't play an instrument to save his life and the Harpers held onto him for as long as they could. Alas, he had accidentally destroyed too many precious instruments to be considered a viable harper.

By this point, his parents had started to get a little nervous. Four crafthalls with not even a spark of interest? Worse than that, their boy was beginning to develop a reputation for trouble, and they couldn't have that. Oephri was stationed next with his father's cousin - a Journeyman Tanner - at Frontier Hold. Unfortunately, after eight months working with the boy, the cousin sent a letter back to Ryphis noting it was 'hopeless.' Oephri would never be a Tanner. But...that was okay, right? He liked animals so perhaps he would find his place with the Herders at Keroon. For a turn, it seemed like Oephri had found his craft at last, but then disaster struck in the form of several missing bovines (he had gotten too attached to three of the beasts who were ultimately destined for the dinner table). The Herders didn't believe he had the stomach for this kind of work and sent him home.

Oephri was fourteen turns old now. He had tried what seemed like everything but four turns later he was back to the start. To his family's surprise, a passing searchdragon from Southern Weyr deemed him a suitable candidate to Stand for dragons. Oephri declined. If he couldn't stay an apprentice crafter for longer than a turn, how could he become a rider? Riders were strong, admirable, and dedicated...everything he was not. The boy was ready to give up but his mother surprised him; she told him that it was okay he didn't know what he wanted to do, because she would love him no matter what. He had never heard her say something like that before and it made him really think about what he wanted. He wanted- a partner. Someone who would support him and make life fun and interesting again.

He went to Crescent Hold. The Dolphin Hall there was new and exciting; once again there was hope in Oephri's heart. So...how did he mess it all up again? Well, long story made short, he may have accidentally ruined a fancy map one of the human Masters had been working on for months. Oops? It was decided that Oephri would be sent to assist (but mostly learn from) Journeyman Oreanda and Akke at Dalibor Weyr. Whether the boy will sink or swim is not yet known.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer please~

Oephri is likely to become a stands (or even candidate) candidate in the future, but please DNI him for the present moment! I would like some time to figure him out. <3

 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 07:05 PM


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