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 Xaverex, Journeyman Tanner, Dalibor Weyr
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 11:56 PM


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31 Turns (SU:187)
Dalibor Weyr

Like many people, Xaverex is in the habit of assuming a personality very unlike his own for the benefit of other people. Outwardly, he is charismatic and charming, every bit able to play the knight in shining armour or the dashing rogue. Much of his conversation is light and flippant, presented with a smirk and the suggestion that he’s only playing. He likes to talk to people and values good conversational skills, which he likes to think he has: practiced in the art of appearances, he can smile his way equally through small talk or conversation of consequence, all without batting an eye. How much of this is genuine interest in talking and how much is simply a mask is difficult to say, because Xaverex himself does not know.

Beneath the light, bantering façade he puts on out of pure habit, the ex-rider is deadly serious, focused and driven. Xaverex knows exactly what he wants and how to go about getting it: he sets his goals high and he will settle for nothing less than achieving them. Most of what he does is motivated by a desire for selfish gain, although he doesn’t deliberately step on others to achieve his goals. That’s not to say it’s out of the question, for when it comes to extremes he is a terrible opportunist, but as a rule he doesn’t try to hurt other people. He’s just not petty enough for that. However, stand in the way of what he wants, and Xaverex is more likely to go through you than around. Chances that are offered are always taken, for he doesn’t pass up opportunity without a very good reason to do so.

Certain of himself and his own ability, the ex-rider is devastatingly confident. He exudes surety that doesn’t quite tip over into arrogance, and he never seems to question himself. From this self-confidence stems decisiveness – he is quick to make decisions, whether under pressure or otherwise, and he rarely goes back on his choices. Xaverex isn’t the sort of person to waffle back and forth before deciding what he wants: he decides, he chooses his course, and he goes for it. Almost single-minded in the pursuit of his goals, he could easily be called obsessive. When he decides what he wants, the ex-rider will work tirelessly to get it, and trying to stop him usually results in the same success one might have attempting to halt a landslide.

Cleverer than he likes to seem, Xaverex is a thinker rather than the sort to plow his way through a situation. He is keenly perceptive and quick to pick up on nuances of character and conversation, especially ones that he can use to his advantage. Oftentimes he uses his charming exterior to get people to do what he wants, when he feels that they can serve a purpose. Less merciless than indifferent, he doesn’t casually toss people aside once he’s done with them: the ex-rider is very careful to maintain his connections, because he never knows when someone will come in handy.

Independent and capable as he is, it is difficult to get the tanner to admit what is really on his mind, even for those who are close to him. His own concerns are private, and he is terribly closemouthed about his innermost thoughts. Following the loss of his dragon, Xaverex’ mind is a dark place, though he prefers to give the impression of lightness and a carefree attitude. Emotions that should find voice never do, and this tendency to hide his inner self has given the ex-rider one major problem: he is extremely reactive. Disparaging mentions of his dragon, his family or other issues major or minor can trigger severe aggression, and he does not take kindly to being challenged. Even if he does not act violently or even make his anger immediately clear, Xaverex will always respond to high emotion with some extreme. Where formerly he responded to challenge or frustration with coolly mocking disregard, the pain of losing Karderoth has transformed itself not into listless, useless depression, but rage. His temper is much quicker than before, his ire much easier to incur, and he is all too likely to let slip his façade of easy control when something rubs him the wrong way.

Tall and strong, Xaverex has the build of a fighter and the stance of one, too. He stands at 6’1” and weighs in somewhere around 200 lbs, every ounce of it solid muscle. Since losing his dragon, he has turned to exercise to drown his sorrows; he works out religiously every day and never seems to give himself any slack.

His face mirrors this intensity. While he has a pleasant and potentially kind smile, the ex-rider has a face that can be severe. His jaw is broad and strong, his blue eyes sharply intelligent and set under thick, arched brows. More often than not, his genuine expression ranges somewhere between serious and cynical, and most of his emotions are conveyed with the flick of an eyebrow. However, given the tanner’s propensity for superficial charm, he also commonly wears a dashing smirk or a look of mild challenge.

Still he keeps his brown hair chopped short, partly a habit leftover from his dragonriding days, and he also maintains a well-trimmed beard and moustache. Xaverex understands the value of a neat appearance, but far be it from him to shave his face entirely – he knows what his beard can do for him. Same goes with his wherhide jacket (with the knots carefully cut off) – wearing it, he still looks every part the confident, influential dragonman, and stubbornly wears it every day except when at work in the tannery.

Across his back is a scattering of Thread scars from the day when his dragon was killed, and he also has a couple of random scores on his arms from being hit occasionally.

Xaresha – mother, handler of bronze Xaresk, High Reaches Hold
Tarverex – father, handler of bronze Tarveresk, High Reaches Hold
Veresha – younger sister, handler of blue Vesk, High Reaches Hold
Arvares – younger brother, handler of green Arvask, High Reaches Hold

user posted image
Green Angel – firelizard, born SP:01
Angel truly lives up to her name. A gentle creature, the green flit loves nothing more than to cuddle with Hers. Possibly her favourite pastime is to be worn as a scarf: the better to get more cuddle time. She is friendly and affectionate to everyone, although easily frightened (though if someone does choose to scare her, they’d best fear the wrath of Xaverex). All strangers are met with a warm croon and an extended nose, and those she especially likes may soon find themselves turned into a perch. No one means more to her than her bonded, however: though Angel likes snuggling up to just about anyone that’s receptive to it, she loves Hers best.

Not only is she friendly, but Angel is smart too, for a green flit. Xaverex has taught her a great many tricks, ranging from “grab that pen” to “look cute, there’s a girl coming.” Deliveries are her favourite, not least because her human has taught her that it is acceptable to demand a cuddle toll for successful delivery of an item. No one that receives a package from Angel is allowed to take it without paying in affection. Those that try to withhold payment will find their faces nibbled.

For all that she loves to meet new people, this flit is something of a homebody. She doesn’t range far from Xaverex, and if she can’t be with him she usually chooses to stick around their room. Angel isn’t very adventurous and she doesn’t like to go anywhere alone: afflicted by separation anxiety, she hates being left by herself, and it’s a good thing Hers likes her company because she usually attaches to him like a leech. When forced to be by herself, however, the green usually occupies herself by finding presents for Hers and any other favourite persons. Such gifts will be left in complicated Jenga-esque stacks in the weyrs of those she chooses to bestow them on.

Born in the summer of 187 to a pair of bronzehandlers at High Reaches Hold, Xaverex was raised to be political and ambitious, and was forever watching his parents’ machinations to gain more power. He learned well; most of his habits and drive he adopted from them, although he would hate to think so, let alone admit it. On a personal level, no matter their outwardly warm ways, Xaresha and Tarverex were cold and distant, and their marital relationship was not close. Much of their time together was spent arguing behind closed doors, and watching one try to undermine the other made their son very doubtful and untrusting indeed when it came to other people. As far as he could tell, people that acted like they loved each other were only trying to hurt one another when no one was looking.

As both his parents were also stubborn and uncompromising, he had a very rocky relationship with them, particularly his father. Growing older, he got into many fights with his parents, and was constantly butting heads over the issue of his future. Just as stubborn as they were, Xaverex constantly had to argue, for they wanted him to be a wherhandler like them, and he dreamed of the glory of riding a dragon. Just because they raised him on lessons of handling and guard duty didn’t mean that his dreams were the same, and though he excelled in the things they taught him, the boy asked to join the tannercraft when he was twelve. He stayed in High Reaches Hold to learn, but saw his parents less.

Unfortunately he also saw his younger siblings less – born when he was seven, Veresha and Arvares were five when he left. Prior to that, he spent a good deal of his time taking care of his younger siblings, eagerly volunteering to look after them. Because his mother had less interest in being a parent than maneuvering for political power, it was easy for him to spend lots of time with the twins, and the three of them remained very close even after he joined the tanners.

Angered by their son’s defiance, his parents fumed about his decision to become a tanner, but their orders for him to return home fell on deaf ears. Xaverex wouldn’t go, and that was that: it created a permanent rift between them, but his life was finally his own, and he was not sorry. Of course, every time he returned home, he held a shouting match with his father, for Tarverex still sought to change his mind and force him to become a wherhandler. His son was still young, he reasoned, and still had plenty of time to do well as a guard. Xaverex would have none of it, however, and coldly refused to bend to his father’s wishes.

Saving the few marks he made as an apprentice, Xaverex bought a firelizard egg at a Gather when he turned fourteen; it hatched green Angel, and boy and flit immediately fell in love with one another. Angel became one of the few creatures close to his heart, and it didn’t hurt at all that she significantly improved his luck with the girls. Something of a flirt, he loved having a firelizard to draw in the ladies, and little Angel was the perfect conversation piece.

Shortly after achieving journeyman status, Xaverex was picked up by a High Reaches Searchrider. Though the masters were a bit disgruntled, he accepted the Search immediately and was off to the Weyr to take his chances. A few weeks later, the queen’s clutch Hatched, and he Impressed brown Karderoth, becoming X’rex. Karderoth was a bulky, substantial dragon, hardworking and bold, and mildly aggressive but not unmanageable. Just as inclined as His to try his hardest, the brown made it possible for them to do well in weyrling training, and they graduated without ever having much of an issue.

Following graduation the pair joined the upper wings to fight Thread, and both were very satisfied with that arrangement. Most of their days passed contentedly; between their work and X’rex maneuvering to become wingsecond and hopefully wingleader, the pair was kept very busy indeed. X’rex had a series of short relationships, but nothing lasted once his partners grew tired of his obsessions, and he moved on easily, already more inclined to pay attention to his work than his significant others. For a couple of Turns he was heavily involved with a greenrider from another wing, but she too grew tired of his distance and constant ambition, and she left him.

Though he wasn’t a designated Searchrider, X’rex and Karderoth occasionally rode out on Search and brought back a scattering of candidates through the Turns, including some that they picked up by happenstance when visiting Holds on Weyr business. Their last Search in the early summer of 16 turned up a likely girl named Rowen; X’rex took a liking to her but knowing she was a candidate, he bid her goodbye when he dropped her off in the Weyrbowl and didn’t see her again.

Some weeks afterward, the brownrider was out for a routine Fall when things went horribly south. He and Karderoth were struck by a clump of Thread missed by one of his wingmates; his brown’s wings were shredded and his neck horribly damaged by the deadly stuff. X’rex was struck across the back, but his dragon took the brunt of the damage; Karderoth faithfully brought them back to the Weyr, where they crashed into the Bowl outside the infirmary. The brown hung on for a few hours, determined to struggle through, but his injuries were too great and he died of his wounds.

Though he chose not to be dropped between, only because he wanted to live for his dragon’s sake, Xaverex could not stand the idea of staying in the Weyr where he and Karderoth had grown up. Numbed and heartbroken, he dully accepted the care of the healers for some weeks after the loss of his brown, doing what they told him and nothing more. Angel stayed ever by his side, determined to heal his woes with her love, and while she wasn’t entirely successful, having the familiar dragonlike presence always near helped Xaverex a good deal.

After about a month, the ex-dragonman left High Reaches and took Angel with him, figuring that he could take up the tannercraft once again. To that end, he requested the aid of a trader caravan in heading east to Igen Hold, the better to study at their Tannercrafthall. Offers to be transported by a dragon were flatly refused; he did not want to ride on the back of someone else’s beast when his was so newly lost. Rather than make it all the way there, he stopped off at various minor holds, hopping from caravan to caravan and occasionally borrowing a runner to get from one hold or cothold to the next. All he really did was pitch in his skills as a tanner to help the local people, vaguely seeking purpose, but all of it was unsatisfying. Formerly much more high-minded than he managed to be after the loss of his dragon, Xaverex simply did what he could at the small holds because, well, he could. He stayed with one family and the next, and so on down the line, always moving on when they asked too many questions about the quiet man who wouldn’t speak of his past. Or, more often, he would take his leave following the shame of an unwarranted explosion, and seek someone who had not yet known his swift temper.

Most of his nights were spent lying awake, dreaming of his dragon and holding Angel against his heart while he waited through the hours until the next day’s work would begin, and he drowned his days in vicious bouts of exercise and flinging himself into whatever work he managed to find. After many months of this, making his way toward Igen while he waited for the day when he stopped missing Karderoth, Xaverex slowly gained back bits and pieces of his personality – first his tendency to cover his emotions, and then later his ambition and confidence. With the last, he finally made the decision to go back to a Weyr. Tired of his vagrant existence, and unwilling to quite forsake the life he knew, he decided that it was at last time to try and make something of himself once again. Karderoth’s loss would always be there with him, shadowing his every thought, but it came to him that the brown would be violently angry with the way he was living now. Angel didn’t like having no solid home, either; she followed him willingly, but she too missed the stability of a Weyr.

Dalibor was his destination of choice, primarily because the Western Continent reminded him of nothing, and partly because Xaverex was quite sure that no one would know him there. That they were a troubled Weyr didn’t interest him so much as gave him the idea that perhaps he could have a chance to build himself back into something, through virtue or selfishness. Though the thought of dragons was much like an axe in the chest, he also ached to see them again, and catch a glimpse of Karderoth in their bright hides and outstretched wings.

So he booked passage on a ship traveling west, and came to Dalibor Weyr to resume his craft in earnest, and see what could be done about reassembling himself as he once was.

Adoption Preference: Transfer.

Wher Preference:
I would like Xaverex to be a Stands wher candidate, please! 8D I would strongly prefer a male wher for him as I can’t really see him being bonded to a female, but I’m not super particular on colour. I would favour a king or subking for him, but if something else presents a good match then I’m open to that as well! :>

Wher Name: Xavesk


"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
 Posted: Aug 29 2017, 08:50 PM
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