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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Z'iro, Rider of Cyan Siadeth, Hearthealer Weyrling, Journeyman Harper
 Posted: Sep 15 2017, 08:42 PM

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Z'iro (Zeniro)
19 (SP 199)
Pansexual (very likely poly like his folks)
Dalibor <-- Fort Hold (Harper Hall)
Hearthealer Weyrling, Journeyman

Zeniro is the proverbial white knight in overly shiny armor. From a young age, he strove to be not just a good child, but so good that every just had to notice. Give him chores, he will do them and ask if there is anything else to be done. If a child is fussy, he is first on the case to try soothing them, whether with words, a game or song (He isn't always all that successful). Can't quite afford that bubbly pie you saw at a stall? If he has the marks, he will buy it for you and ask for only a smile in return. He is polite and courteous, and has an agreeable charm. While not the most impressive in stature or strength, he will protect those he sees as innocent, especially women and children. It just simply does not do to let a lady's honor be besmirched!

An insufferable romantic and Harper in heart as well as trade, his is a world of great heroes and damsels in distress. He will go out of his way to brighten the day of a pretty girl with a flower or line of prose. Though, to be fair, he's been known to do the same for a distressed young man. Love is love, and Zeniro has an avid appreciation for all things fair and beautiful. Being raised in a four parent household gave him a less traditional outlook on relationships in general. One day, he is certain, he will meet the love of his life and have a bushel of babies.

Unfortunately for Zeniro, for all his Harper graces, he wasn't born with that thing called talent. He was born simply average in musicality and wits. And average didn't gain praise or favor when one had so many siblings. So Zeniro dedicated himself to his Craft. He became studious to an obsessive degree, burning precious candlelight to practice his handwriting and instrument building. His willingness to work hard has given him a strong work ethic and a healthy relationship with failure. Zeniro knows that to succeed, sometimes one must fail a hundred times first. To slay the terrible beasts, the hero must practice swinging a sword a million times or more. He is a willing student as well as teacher, finding that the best way to fully understand something was to teach it to someone else. Unlike some, he looks forward to the responsibility of training others now that he is a Journeyman.

So lost in his want to be a good son, a good Harper and of course, a good person, Zeniro often forgets about himself. That he isn't some hero in a fictional tale with boundless energy. He will forget to eat and sleep, which leads to him falling asleep in odd places, or wandering into the infirmary to inquire about dizzy spells that are easily resolved by a hot meal and rest. He has dedicated much of his identity to an idealized role that he feels he must fit. Events that disrupt his ability to 'be good and do good' upset him.

Zeniro is awful at making choices for himself. Even small ones. Those big life decisions? He will try to ignore them until life decides for him, then proceed to lament his misfortune later. He just wants what he wants. His world is saving kittens from trees for crying children and then writing a song about it. This is probably why his choice in specialization isn't diplomacy, but music. A master harper he may never be unless he somehow cuts his teeth into politics, yet Zeniro is content. As long as he is creating and striving to be better, he is going in the right direction.

What Zeniro doesn't quite realize yet is that not all damsels need saving and he can't be a passive bystander in life. Being the hero of your tale means living it your way, not just appeasing others by being what they want you to be.

The only thing that he has truly stood his ground on is that he wants little to do with, well, bondings. Dragons and whers are fine, but he's perfectly happy just writing songs about them. No need to go following in Ren's footsteps and become a rider. No matter how many times he's been Searched. Zeniro is so focused on his Craft that the very idea of Candidacy doesn't mesh well with his world view. He wants the Search dragons to, well, leave him alone, but all he ends up saying is "I'm a Harper!" before scuttling off, hoping that this won't be the one time they'd force the issue.

Of course, being at a Weyr probably isn't the best way to avoid search dragons. But Zeniro doesn't plan on mucking up his Journeyman assignment because of a minor annoyance like that.

[Inspired by this thread. Candidate concept: The one who just wants to be alone]

Zeniro is a beautiful man. Some may deem him handsome, but beautiful is a more apt term. He could never pass as a woman but he lacks the ruggedness and angles associated with masculinity and possesses an effeminate visage. His jawline is more diamond than square, his lips full and prone to flirty smiles. He has baby-blue eyes and short-trimmed, jet-black hair that curls if he lets it grow too long. Along his jaw is the fine shadow of facial hair where one day he may decide to commit to a beard. He is almost too pale from his habit of forgetting to eat, which means that when he doesn't sleep right, the circles under his eyes become dark stains. His fingertips are almost always reddened from practicing whichever instrument happened to catch his fancy for a song, or peppered in ink from writing.

He is just above the Pern average in height, though one might think him taller given his propensity for wearing heeled boots. Zeniro can be quite fashionable at times, garbing himself in any color that happens to appeal to him that day. He has no fear of adornments or frills, and is certain to enjoy any event that calls for flash.

M. Harper Dendair - Father (50)
JM. Harper Oetro - Step-Father (40)
JM. Harper Rilone - Step-Mother (48)
JM. Harper Azael - Mother (45)

WM Rilorden of Blue Gabranth - (30)
JM. Harper Rilazel - Brother (18) - PC
App. Harper Denairo - Brother (18 - Zen's twin) - PC
App. Harper Oeden - Brother (16) - PC
App. Harper Denzel - Brother (14 - twin) - PC
App. Harper Azaril - Sister (14 - twin) - Ruriko



Dendair and Rilone were childhood friends, friends that grew to love each other like family. The pair were near inseparable, sharing each and every life experience with each other. They gossiped together, they practiced their craft together, and they dreamt of the future together. As platonic as their relationship was, they each knew they wanted to start a family. When Oetro and Azael came into the picture, and Dendair and Rilone could, finally, openly admit their homosexuality, the dream of having a family of their own slowly slipped away.

It wasn't until Dendair and Oetro, and Rilone and Azael, had a double-wedding that the foursome began to discuss their plans to bear children. The idea they formulated was eccentric, and yet the closeness they shared made their plan plausible. The four spent the night together with the understanding that Rilone would bear the first child. Their intent was to see how the first boy or girl turned out, and go from there.

Rilorden was born to four parents, despite the knowledge that Dendair was her biological father, and Rilone her biological mother. She was luckier than most, having four sets of eyes looking out for her. She was never in want of love, for she was spoiled rotten by her two moms and dads. The families dream was to raise harpers; a big, expansive, family of them. Expecting a well-behaved, eager to please, musically-oriented child, no one knew what to do once Rilorden's motor skills began to develop. The girl had not a lick of musical talent, nor any interest in her parents' music. She wanted to race about the Harper Hall causing trouble, and getting into everything within reach of her grubby little hands.

Even with four parents watching Rilorden was a full-time job. Dendair, Oetro, Rilone, and Azael feared what the future may hold with a second child. And so the family waited, deciding it was best to focus on their eccentric daughter instead. If and when she was apprenticed age she surprised them with her choice, then, and only then, would they discuss having more children. They were all young, besides, and therefore had plenty of time to start a family. For now Rilorden was their family... their little slice of heaven and hell.

At the age of twelve Rilorden was Searched, and with how much the girl spoke of dragons and flying his parents couldn't have been happier to relinquish her to the candidate barracks. They loved her, dearly, but they could hardly handle her rambunctious nature and impulsive attitude.

It became known to Rilorden that Rilone and Dendair were pregnant again only by the time their son was born. Her family was overjoyed at the prospect of another baby, and a fresh start. Rilorden, not at all the jealous sort, was happy for all four of her parents and the new infant. His name was Rilazel, named after both of his mothers. He was a precious baby, and an even more precious toddler, that grew to be just as precious a boy, and then young man. Despite their differences, Rilorden and Rilazel were close. Determining that they wanted a big family, both Rilone and Azael began to produce many children. Five came after Rilazel, and all took to the harpercraft at the Hall where they were raised. Rilorden's parents couldn't have been happier.


Zeniro came into the world as the younger twin, and fourth child born to the foursome. From a young age, he struggled to figure out his place in the family. He wasn't the eldest and soon was not the youngest. He was not the smartest or most talented. He was just the quiet boy that they could rely on not to get into trouble if they took their eyes off him for five seconds. After a while, being told what a good child he was became a driving force. He could be good! The best! By the time he was six turns of age, he busily went around trying to be so good that his parents just had to notice. He cleaned up his own messes as well as any messes done by his siblings. He eagerly trailed after the adults, bidding them to let him help with some chore or another. When they sat him down with lessons and told him that they wished for him to become a Harper some day, Zeniro eagerly agreed. He would be a Harper.

As he neared apprenticeship age, the young boy was completely involved in his quest. Though it rapidly became obvious that he wasn't a musical prodigy. He wasn't inept like his eldest sibling, but figuring out how to sing in tempo or write notes in an intelligible manner was a challenge. His parents were nothing but encouraging. Though if he wanted to step aside and do something else, they would not force him. Zeniro refused to hear it. He would become a Harper like them! He just had to try harder. At ten Turns, his want to be good turned into an obsessive need to meet expectations. He followed every lesson with practice, and practice with even more of it. He'd only been apprenticed a sevenday when he first fell asleep at a table, the hide before him covered in repetitive lines of script as he tried to perfect his letters.

His parents worried, but Zeniro flashed happy smiles and told them that he was doing well. That there was no need to fret. Little did they realize that their son needed to do work this hard to feel like he belonged. To feel at peace with himself. That with every story he memorized and song he sung, he felt like he was shaping into the person he needed to be. Of course, at ten, he couldn't put this feeling into words yet. Around this time, Ren and Gabranth came home for a visit. His eldest sibling checked in from time-to-time, telling them all kinds of stories about why they should become riders some day. Zeniro never took her tales seriously (because one has to be Searched, everyone knows that), until the blue studied him long and hard one evening. Zeniro was practicing his scales on a gitar while the rest of the family conversed, when Gabrath outright told him that he had that gift. The thing one needed to be a rider. He went wide-eyed for a moment before nervously laughing it off. Silly Blue! He was a Harper. He told him as much as snuck off.

The dragon would tell him the same thing each time Ren came for a visit. Each time, Zeniro brushed the blue's declaration off and continued on. Though when he was thirteen, an uncomfortable trend started. As if the universe decided it was a grand joke to play on him, more Search riders mentioned to him that he was acceptable for Candidacy. Each time, he would blurt out the same thing and hide with his instrument. He didn't want to be a Candidate. He wanted to be a Harper. It was what his family wanted him to be. And he worked so very hard for all this time...

More and more he invested himself into his Craft, as if the better Harper he became, the less the dragons would notice him. That his harper-ness would mask whatever 'thing' made Dragons think he could form a bond. Though as all people do, he changed as time passed. His obsession to be good and a competent harper started to shape him into the young man he would become. He subconsciously adopted traits from the stories and went out of his way to be as likable as possible. Of course, this meant that people often took advantage of his eager to please behavior. It hurt when that happened. But he pressed onwards.

After Turns of dutiful practice and pretending that the Search dragons were just joking around, Zeniro finally attained his Journeyman status. It was in the autumn of his eighteenth Turn when he walked the tables for the first time and he couldn't have been happier. He'd done everything he could to earn his place. He tutored younger apprentices in things such as penmanship. He let no word of advice given go unheard. He may have not been born with talent, but he was born with drive and determination.

What he didn't expect was for his one of his first Craft assignments to take him to Dalibor Weyr. Two of his siblings were there, so he would have family near, but a weyr? Well, since he was a Journeyman Harper now, there was no doubt in his mind that he was doing exactly what he was meant to do in life. There was no way that he'd Impress, even if he was at a weyr. And all that danger and turmoil that went on? Just an adventure he could write about when his Craft led him elsewhere. He would be fine. And he could make sure that his little sister was getting a proper education while she was there!


user posted image

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
<1 Turn (AU:18)
Dragon Color:
Cyan (#6bbca7])
Adult Length:
29.5 ft

Spoiler (Show/Hide)


Siadeth is a gentle little sweetheart - well, little being relative! She stays positive and optimistic, but isn’t even a little bit in your face about it. She never could be - she abhors being rude and really believes in the old advice of ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’. It doesn’t take a lot to make her happy - a day of sunshine, a smile on some loved one’s face, a song. She loves music and those who make it or appreciate it are her favored company, although she’ll hesitate to ask them to play or sing for her.

In fact, she’s somewhat shy - she has a soft mindvoice and really prefers to stay a bit apart from those who are more energetic or aggressive, feeling overwhelmed by them. It’s really easy to talk over her and she’ll only try to assert herself very, very rarely, when there isn’t any other choice that will serve some completely necessary purpose. Otherwise, she’ll probably just go with it even if she doesn’t agree. She doesn’t like to be crowded and prefers to have a bit of personal space - between this and her tendency to be quiet, sometimes she can be seen as being aloof or stuck-up. She really isn’t.

Underneath the layers of sweetness and shyness, Siadeth is actually quite steady. She doesn’t get distracted easily, and has an underlying sense of purpose and direction that helps guide her forward even when she’d rather not have those around her question what she’s doing or gossip about why she’s doing it. Some things must be done, no matter what, and she won’t shirk what she must do.


Siadeth gives the impression of just being compact. Not small, not stubby, but just neatly fitting more into a smaller space. She has a shortish body and neck, and while her wings are broad, they're still short, too. Her tail is the only part that's longer. Siadeth is made up of all pastel shades, like a tropical ocean. She is cerulean along the top of her head, over her back and wings, down to the top of her tail. The underside of her wings, neck, and tail are aqua, lightening to a very pale ice blue on her legs and belly.

Why Z'iro:

Z'iro is a bit of a white knight at heart, and Siadeth will appreciate his willingness to protect her - not so much physically, but her mind and heart, which are much more fragile. In turn, she can be his voice of reason and decision, since he's somewhat lackadaisical about making up his mind and thinking things through.

Adoption Preference: If Zane is present on the site, then consult them for what they wish to happen to this character. If Zane is not, then Transfer him.



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Enter, Stage Right!
WI 17, 11th Pass
A Song as Old as Rhyme
A New Companion

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*click for plot page*
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