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 Adaya, Apprentice Baker, Dragonless, SI: No Token
 Posted: Oct 17 2017, 12:48 PM


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15 | Autumn, 3rd Turn, 11th pass
apprentice bakercraft - pastry specialty
Stands Wher candidate until officially joining candidacy - no token

Though Adaya was never what anyone would call outgoing, she was in the past a more personable girl. She enjoyed making friends and helping out where she could, though sometimes she found herself more of a hindrance than a help when she ended up underfoot of a drudge or even the headwoman on occasion. As a child Adaya was often oblivious to who actually needed help and whom she was no help to. This obliviousness hasn't completely gone away as of yet, either.

Though in the past she wouldn't have been considered shy, since losing her Amareth she has in fact withdrawn from most people. She is often found in the Weyrbowl at night, looking up at the stars. She doesn't speak often, which some people find a little strange, and this tends to keep her a bit more isolated than she would be otherwise. But it also means she goes unnoticed quite often, and that is one thing she doesn't mind. People speak more freely if they don't know someone else is listening in. This tends to make her more privy to information others would not want her to know. She isn't one to use this to her own advantage, though. She simply likes being in the know about what's going on. She does not enjoy being left in the dark about things, and usually doesn't like surprises.

Unknown to most, Adaya feels like Amareth's death is at least partially her fault. She knows Amareth resisted the instinct to between to safety because she was there, and that even as Amareth fell from the sky the White was trying to make sure Adaya wouldn't get hurt. Despite the anger at the two who she feels were directly responsible for what happened, she feels like it was partially her own fault as well. This guilt was partially what caused her to fall silent for so long.

Adaya is a quick learner, always has been, and enjoys being busy. She never liked being bored, despite not always enjoying the adventures Renna dragged her off on. That was part of the reason she decided to take up a craft, simply to fight the boredom that came on after she realized she wasn't expected to report for chores or lessons. However, she does not seem to be able to work with the crèche children. Her withdrawn personality combined with her naturally quiet voice is just not a good combination when children are concerned.

Her muteness seems to be mainly around strangers or people who scare her. She does have a slight fear of Red and Burgundy dragons due to what happened to Amareth, and tends to go mute around them and / or their riders. Often, she only speaks to a person once she's gotten to know them. Her voice is also often rather soft, making her difficult to hear even when she does speak.

Adaya will be rather average in height once she is full grown, and of slender build. Her skin is a dark tone, as are her eyes. Her dark brown hair falls in a straight curtain down to the small of her back, and can be found oftentimes tied up in a bun at the base of her skull to keep it out of the way. Her face is free of blemishes, but her hands are crisscrossed with small scars from where she accidentally cut herself during the first year of her craft. Her preferred clothing is pants and shirts, easy to move in and strong enough to protect her skin from being accidentally burned while she works in the kitchens. It is not uncommon to see her with streaks of flour across her face or clothes, especially after time spent working on her craft.

Despite everything, Adaya kept up her physical training routine from Weyrlinghood. Her arms and legs are well-toned, with a flat stomach and an overall in-shape physique. Her small hands, despite being crisscrossed in small cut and burn scars, are soft to the touch and tend to have flour under her rather short nails. She never was one to paint her face or wear much in the way of fine cloths or jewelry.

Annada of Green Tinketh, mother, age 39
Y'ren(formerly Yaoren) of Blue Hidarth, father, age 40
Y'na(formerly Yaonna) of Blue Genteth, brother, age 18
Weyrling Renada of Black Tsubareth, apprentice healer, sister, age 16
Renna, older twin sister, age 14

Red flit Shay - Winter 11:17
Shay is a rather typical Red, at least to everyone else. Angry, aggressive, and possessive. With a strong will and a bad attitude, Shay doesn't tolerate others very well. Except Adaya, of course. Oddly enough, she actually can often be found draped across her human's shoulders, an attempt at being her protective, possessive self. Anything she sees as hers, Shay will guard fearlessly, almost recklessly. Though she does have a little bit of a sweet spot for her gentle, kind human. She seems to believe her job to be protecting the girl who so rarely protects herself. Though, even to her human, she can be quite demanding. She'll even sometimes try snapping at Adaya, though that doesn't usually work.

user posted image
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Name: Krem
Species: Firelizard
Color: Burgundy
Age: < 1 turn [AU:18]

“A friend once told me, in our line of work, we walk in the dark. Doesn’t mean we have to walk in it alone.”
From the moment he is hatched this burgundy is likely to be somewhat of a handful. Never the type to sit on the sidelines he wishes to be in the middle of everything, especially if it means he gets something out of it. Perched in the rafters watching things happen just isn’t how he wants to live his life. Far from passive it’s likely he’ll be the type to instigate things from time to time just to have something going on. Never one out to start fights he is not opposed to being the one to end them. A formidable force to be reckoned with he’s not especially prone to violence but he’s also not above it if needed. Boasting an unusual sense of mortality he has a keen interest in righting the wrongs in the world and will go to many lengths to achieve his goals.

Despite being a handful His is unlikely to find a firelizard more loyal in their lifetime. He has no issue putting himself in harm's way to protect His; while he may be self involved from time to time he will never be so much so to ignore His when he’s in real need.

Those familiar with the shade of a good red wine are likely to enjoy gazing upon this burgundy for his hide is reminiscent of said drink. Somewhere between crimson and purple his color is deep and lush, darkening in streaks that drape over the majority of his form. A bit pudgy in his youth he will loose the baby 'fat' as he grows to turn into a fine specimen indeed.

Fandom: Person of Interest - John Reese
Art: Heart of Pern on DA

user posted image
Grey #D0D0D0
Name: Scuttle
Sound: Mid!
Born: Spring 18

Personality: (Challenging, Protective, Entitled)
This gal knows exactly what she wants, and she will demand it every step of the way. She'll be a very difficult pillie to handle, and will need a lot of guidance to teach her what's right or wrong in the world, especially when she drives right down the middle of every lane and refuses to waver. The middle is hers; the middle of the road, the middle of the room, the middle of the bed, the middle of the cake pan. Everything!

Appearance: Her typical dull matte grey carapace is flecked with thousands of speckles of lighter and darker grey giving her a granite-like appearance and making it easy for her to blend in to stone and other light-colored rock. This'll come in handy when she's trundling along in the middle underfoot, you know, for her.

Adult Length: 2'6" x 1'10"

user posted image
Brown #dacb9a
Name: Fruity
Sound: Mmm?
Born: Spring 18

Personality: (Free-spirited, Steadfast, Contemplative)
Unlike some of his more sly brothers, this Brown tends to think before he acts. Thriving on the wisdom known for his colour, he can be caught in a constant state of contemplation to the point of inactivity or seeming laziness. That isn't it at all, he's free to come and go, demands his freedom in fact, but never wavers in the face of danger or duty. He just needs to think it through first, to understand the ins and outs before he commits.

Appearance: A pale sandy brown, he would be otherwise unremarkable save for the darker beige that tendrils across his carapace like tree limbs stretching out. Small reddish-hued dots complement the appearance as if fruit hanging from the branches.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Adaya was born youngest of four, and like her older brother and sister was given to the Fort Weyr crèche after weaning. Adaya and her twin, Renna, were inseparable. Renna would oftentimes drag Adaya on an adventure, despite Adaya's protests, and the two would return with a story they just had to tell the other children.

The twins were introduced to their older siblings when they were three, and gradually became closer to their older sister and brother. The four of them gradually grew closer, and when Adaya was six they had what they called their last adventure with all four of them as Weyrbrats. Renna led them through a route she and Adaya had used a few times before, and they snuck by their caretakers to try climbing the tallest tree they could find. Renna and Adaya, being the smallest, were able to get higher up the tree than Renada or Yaonna. It was summer, and the four of them sat in the tree to watch the sunset together. It was around dusk when they were finally found, and a few Riders were able to lend a hand, or a dragon, to get them down.

When Yaonna became a Candidate, he was eleven and Adaya was seven. Though he didn't Impress, and spent a few years on the Sands, Adaya knew she wanted to become a Candidate too. She convinced Renna to be a Candidate with her, which didn't actually take too much convincing, and with that all four of them were on the Sands.

Just before Adaya and Renna were old enough to sign up as Candidates, an abnormal Threadfall occurred. The Weyrwoman died in the Threadfall, and reports came from all over of casualties in other Weyrs and Holds. Telgar's Weyrleader was dead, as were the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of Southern. Losses all across Pern.

There was a single Hatching where all four of them were on the Sands together. The twins were ten, Renada was twelve and Yaonna was fourteen. Yaonna was one of the first Impressions of the day, to Blue Genteth. The rest were, of course, happy for him. Then a White sat itself before Adaya, and she knew Amareth was hers. Renna, however, was left Standing. It was the first time the twins had ever had different standings. And it drove a wedge between them.

Adaya was so focused on her Weyrling training that she had little time to spend with her twin. In fact, she found herself spending more time with Y'na due to their mutual status as Weyrlings. There was one Weyrling pair in particular, however, that Adaya and Amareth just didn't get along with. An older girl named Maura and her Red Kelith. No one really got along with Kelith, but the Red seemed to have a special hatred for Amareth that not even Maura was able to explain.

Then, just after Adaya turned eleven, there was an accident with a group betweening exercise. The exercise was intended to help the weyrlings practice communication, sharing an image of a place where they hadn't gone. Because Whites had been known in the past as excellent betweening dragons, Amareth was expected to do well. The image she was given came from Kelith, the Red who for some reason hated Amareth. No one was able to prove that it was done on purpose, but the image from Kelith was wrong. When Amareth came out of between, she was far too close to another Weyrling, which resulted in a fight between Amareth and the much larger Burgundy. With Adaya on her back, Amareth wasn't willing to try going between to escape. Her wings were heavily damaged, causing her to crash into a herdbeast corral. Injuries from the crash, combined with injuries sustained in the fight before, were just too much for Amareth, and she passed away while the healers tried to save her. Adaya had only sustained minor injuries in the crash, and cried in her brother's arms until she passed out.

When she finally woke, almost two days later, she couldn't speak. She had cried so hard when Amareth died that she lost her voice. She was uncharacteristically angry at the two dragons, and riders, who she believed responsible for Amareth's death; the Red who had given Amareth the location image, and the Burgundy who had started the fight. She wasn't about to go after them for it, though, because she thought that if she did, her siblings would be impacted. She found the emptiness in her mind unbearable, but she also couldn't bear to hurt her twin by doing something that would let her follow Amareth. She loved her sister too much to let herself leave.

One day, roughly a turn after Amareth's death, Adaya realized that she was bored. She wanted something to do. But because she hadn't said a word since Amareth's death, her options were limited. With Renna's suggestions, Adaya began to look for a Craft. She eventually settled on the Bakercraft, after much deliberation. About a month in, and she found herself actually enjoying the work. It was nice to have something to distract herself, to keep her from focusing on all she missed about Amareth. When she wasn't in craft lessons or doing chores, she would once again remember her White, remember what had happened, and she'd get angry again. Angry at the Red and the Burgundy who had both Graduated. But, again, she couldn't do anything to them if she wanted to remain in the Weyr. And she couldn't let her siblings take the fall for her.

But the work helped distract her, and time passed before Adaya realized it. Half a turn went by, and Adaya realized she was thinking about Amareth without feeling angry or sad. It didn't happen all the time, but every once in a while she would remember some silly thing Amareth had said or done, and it would make her smile. People would tell her she was looking better. Someone asked her why she didn't speak anymore, and she found herself unable to answer right away. She hadn't ever considered it herself. She just had never bothered speaking. When a few weeks had gone by and she still didn't have an answer, she began to wonder just what would be so hard about speaking again.

She tried to say simple things when she was alone. And she tried to respond vocally to her siblings when they asked her questions. But every time she tried, she got a strange feeling that she wasn't used to feeling. She tried speaking to one of the other apprentices in the kitchen, and then realized what it was. She was afraid to speak. Why, though, she couldn't tell. Maybe it was because of how long she'd gone without speaking. She wasn't even sure if she wanted to tell anyone about her newfound fear.

At age thirteen, she finally admitted her fear to her twin. Renna suggested just practicing sounds, instead of words, and this proved to be a good idea. Following Renna's advice proved that Adaya still had the ability to speak, if only she could overcome the fear.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get Adaya to speak, someone suggested a change in scenery. After a few discussions with the right people, one of the healers told Adaya that she would need to be able to speak, at least a little, or no Weyr would be likely to accept her transfer. Though the problem came with getting her to speak again. She admitted to the Mindhealer that she was afraid of speaking, and thus began the attempts to make her speak again.

The Mindhealer tried different approaches to getting Adaya to speak again. A few seemed to work, but never got her to actually use words. A suggestion to give Adaya a flitter of some sort was made, but she rejected it. She didn't want to worry about a hatchling flitter while focusing on trying to get better again.

But the first big breakthrough didn't come until the beginning of Turn 17 of the Pass, when Adaya was still thirteen. She watched from the Stands as her two sisters were on the Sands below for another Hatching, and her older sister Renada Impressed a Black. When Renada introduced Tsubareth to the rest of them, Adaya spoke. It was just two words, but it was enough to for-sure confirm that she was able to speak. She simply said, "Hello Tsubareth," and her siblings were all overjoyed.

They all met with the Mindhealer after the Hatching, save Renada who was busy taking care of her Hatchling, and he suggested that it should be alright for Adaya to transfer as long as she was still undergoing treatment. An agreement was reached, and Adaya was finally given the okay by the mindhealer. She was given permission to go ahead with the transfer. Due to her situation, however, it took a few months of communication with her chosen Weyr, Dalibor, to get them to agree with it as well. Eventually, she was given the all-clear, and Y'na volunteered to take her. Over the months that it took to get her transfer request approved, Adaya found herself gradually speaking more frequently, mostly to her superiors in the kitchen.

At Dalibor:
Adaya and her brother arrived at Dalibor just in time to witness the Hatching of a Yellow's clutch, five eggs. Just a few sevendays after the hatching, she fell ill with the plague that most believed to have come from the south, brought up by someone who returned early from the expedition. When she progressed to stage two of the disease, she found herself hearing Amareth's voice again. When she hit stage three, she wasn't entirely sure she would recover. But her fever broke and the coughing faded, and eventually she did heal.

It wasn't long after her recovery and release from the infirmary that she found a single firelizard egg stuck in a crevice in the kitchen's wall. She took it from the crevice and put it by the hearth, to keep it warm while she worked. She had planned on taking it with her, but it ended up hatching before her shift ended. It revealed a Red, and before Adaya could even react she felt the flit in her mind. The fear was still there, but it was strangely combined with a new and entirely different feeling. Despite not really wanting the Red, she latched onto the name Shay and that seemed to be the end of it. Well, for the Red, at least.

In Spring 18, one of the Weyr's Amber pillies laid a rather large clutch of eggs. Adaya happened to be there at the right time, Impressing a Grey she named Scuttle and a Brown she named Fruity. Two seasons later, she bought a flit egg at a Gather in Crescent, and not long after it hatched into a Burgundy.

Adoption Preference: Peaceful transfer back to Fort.

Wher name: Surprise me.
SubQueen Impressible: no

Impression Preference:
This section is completely optional

Desired Colors:
Brown > White > Iron > new color > fighter

Banned Colors:
Copper, Viridian, Gold

Preferred Personalities:
Calm / laid back
Must at least tolerate flits / pillies / potential other pets
Pushes her out of her comfort zone, but not too far
Maybe something mildly ambitious, but not too crazy with it

Undesirable Personalities:
violent / aggressive
overly argumentative
super ambitious

In-Character Considerations:
DNI at the same hatching as my other Candidates.
DNI until October 19, 2018 due to Dragonless regulations

Mauling Preferences:
Scars and broken bones are cool. Just no loss-of-limb or anything that would be otherwise life-altering.

 Posted: Oct 19 2017, 03:16 PM

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