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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Luxinova, Journeyman Dragonhealer
 Posted: Oct 19 2017, 11:26 AM


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Luxinova (Lux, Nova)
19 turns
Dalibor Weyr
Journeyman Dragonhealer, Dual Stands Candidate
Age-Out Date:


Outwardly, Lux is a projection of exactly what her mother raised her to be. She is a lady. She is graceful, gracious, well spoken, charismatic, takes the lead, puts her best foot forward, has multiple skills and talents that would make for a fine mate, dresses and cares for her appearance well, is diplomatic, in full control of her emotions and behavior...and most of this would be accurate, if not for that last. Her emotions are hidden, not controlled. They rarely show on her face, and she puts on quite a facade that would fool even the most observant of individuals. Yet underneath that lies resentment, jealousy, a temper, someone who holds a grudge, does not forgive easily, and demands respect from everyone, no matter who they are. She seeks power, though it is in the form of being well off and well respected. She is rebellious and yet hides this fact. Nova does not like to feel she is under anyone's heel.

She has an expression that looks quite serious, almost angry or displeased, when she is not smiling or engaging someone. And even then, her expression is not precisely warm unless smiling. She can feign happiness or politeness in the same breath as loathing someone. She puts on quite a show, entirely believable. Yet she wishes she did not have to. She wishes should could tell people what she really thinks of them, and as time passes, will likely be a bit more free with her words. For now, it is often snarkiness, and definitely sarcasm. It is in how she says things, and not necessarily what she says. She is honest, for the most part, but omits the truth and keeps her secrets close. She keeps friends close, and enemies closer, for all that she can dispose of friends as if they did not matter. She doesn't let anyone get so close to her that they can hurt her, because that is what she fears: being hurt by others. It has led to her being distrustful and relying only on herself fully. She wants to have people she can trust, but she finds that in this trusting, it leaves herself open to harm from them, if they wish it. It did not help that people she had previously trusted stabbed her in the back. She knows better than to simply take everyone at face value.

An intelligent young woman, Lux makes sure to understand social and political things. She keeps on top of who is in what position, and who can benefit her most by knowing or being on good terms with. She likes to have many marks, and to spend them on fine things--mostly clothing, pieces of art, items for self care and jewelry. She is selfish about sharing these marks or lending them, and does not feel pity for those in lesser positions as she firmly believes that anyone who wants to do something, can, and that they must be lazy or incompetent if they do not. She has little tolerance for laziness or what she considers foolishness or lack of intellect. She can be quite scathing with her opinions and words, looking down on others while seeming to be being polite. It is not hard to see when she is doing this, if one is used to having it done to them. She is a jealous, often moody person who simply manages to hide her emotions and keep firm control of herself. She has always done so, and knows no other way to be.

If Nova should ever make a true friend, someone she can really feel close to, and someone whom she opens herself up to, there will always be a fear of abandonment and fear of betrayal. Still, it could happen, and likely will at some point. She will prove to be quite loyal and easy to hurt in this instance, and will be sensitive about being offended or perceived wrongs. Only if truly hurt by this person will she ever cast them aside and hold what will likely be a long, perhaps lifetime grudge if the situation is not rectified. It will be hard to get into Lux's inner circle, or into her heart, as she portrays warmth and caring but can be quite cold most of the time, to most people.


Play-by: Katie McGrath

Though she stands at only 5'5 1/2", Lux has the kind of presence that makes her appear taller than she is. Her eyes may be the first feature one takes note of, a light color that seems to often be green, other times more blue. Whatever the case, not many can seem to pinpoint the color, which seems to change frequently in varying lights or on varying days depending on what she wears. Her hair is kept longer, and if let free and lightly brushed is possessed of many light, natural curls and waves. If brushed it easily straightens, especially if brushed when wet. She wears it in all kinds of styles, but mostly tied back into a runner's tail or left down. Her skin is very pale, and always has been. Full lips and a small nose fit well into a face that many might consider quite pretty. Her regular expression, however, would be deemed quickly as 'resting bitch face' were she on Terran. She always looks as though she is somber, snooty, displeased or slightly amused. It's not something that can be helped, as her lips have a rather downward curvature. Though it would not be a far cry from the truth, to say that she isn't the friendliest of individuals and is often brooding or in a mood of some kind. Her build is curvy in the right places, but she was brought up to keep a fit form, and is quite active and so finds herself well toned and in very good shape.

Raised to be a lady, Nova dresses for the occasion with a sense of fashion and style that she knows is going to garner positive attention. It is in the details, really, and while she always dresses practically, she presents an outward appearance of being well put together at nearly all times. She will say it is nothing, if complimented, but anyone can see she pays a bit of attention to herself before stepping out her door in the morning to face the Weyr and world. She enjoys dresses but prefers clothing that allows easy movement and that suits the occasion. Modest jewelry is liked, very much so. She likes the finer things in life, so far as materialistic pursuits go, and will work hard to make affording nicer things possible.


Father: L'xan of Iron Rikath, 46
Mother: Vynara of Orange Rhouatonth, 43
Brother: V'ryr of Blue Chanuth, 26
Brother: Honvyr of Brown Honsk, 23
Sister: Xavinyra, Dual Candidate, 16 - played by Harbinger



As an orangerider of Fort Weyr, who Impressed at a young age and did not abort pregnancies willingly, it made sense that Vynara would have a few children with different men. Thus it was that Luxinova was born, a product of a flight in which ironrider L'xan won. It was primarily her mother who raised Lux, who already had two older half-brothers who shared the same mother. She was the first girl born to Vynara, and since Vynara had been born at Fort Hold and raised to be ladylike and a 'proper' woman, this is the legacy she wished to pass on to her daughter. She might have ridden a sub-queen, but Vynara was quite hidebound in her traditional views of what a young woman should be. She made sure her daughter had a proper education in which she took part. Nova was raised to always think of her appearance, her reputation, and how she carried herself and spoke. She was to mask emotions such as temper, or even displays of sadness if they involved crying. Three turns later, her mother had her second female child by yet another man.

Lux seemed to be an obedient, willing to learn child. She was intelligent and her lessons went well. Her mother encouraged her to learn to play the guitar and pipes, and so she did. Her mother liked her children to be skilled at any 'ladylike' seeming aspirations. So Nova could play guitar, sing, play pipes, copy records and notes beautifully, do art, write eloquently, cook and bake, make and mend clothing, craft jewelry and pottery...her life was spent in these pursuits constantly until she was 10 turns, and her mother decided she ought to take up a craft. Vynara had Stands Impressed her dragon, and wanted her daughter to make something reputable of herself and not just go for a dragon. Lux, ever obedient and not really caring one way or the other, obeyed. Still, it was then the seeds of rebellion started, and she chose Dragonhealing, rather than Healing or Harper that her mother pushed her towards. She didn't really want the burden of a dragon. In truth, she was a rather self-centered child, and materialistic. She was raised believing living in comfort, and having respect and talent, as well as being beautiful as one could be, were what was important. She made friends easily enough, for she was charismatic and well-spoken. She had a commanding presence about her that was notable. She was quick to take the lead and did not like following under others. Power in the form of marks and respect was important to her. Knowledge was also power, and so Nova sucked up information and learning as much as possible.

She excelled at anything she really put the work and her mind into. She continued to strive to make herself known, noticed, and respected among her peers. She began to half want a dragon, or some kind of symbol of power. Yet she was intelligent enough to know that once she had one, she would be a slave to it, in a way. She wasn't foolish enough to think that anything less than Weyrwoman held much by way of power, and would not risk Impressing a fighter and being under someone's thumb to that degree. Still, the longing for something was there. It was simply not a strong enough desire for a dragon. She managed to make friends easily enough. Usually it was people who made the effort to approach and engage her, unless those people were ones Lux felt could help her get further in her goals and aspirations. Those she made she was quite loyal to, yet it was easy to fall out of her favor. Then, too, the girl held grudges, and did not easily forgive what she felt was wrongdoings towards herself. To disrespect her was to earn her ire. It was never a display of temper or an outburst. She was too well groomed for that. It was silent wrath, cold expressions, and a snarky distancing that eventually led to her not speaking to them outside of when the had to. It was not pleasant to be shunned by Lux, for she could be quite cold and cut a person out quite easily. She rarely got attached to people, and had little issues cutting ties.

When she became old enough for interests of a different nature, it became quite clear she was prone to jealousy. If she had her eye on someone, she did not care to be interfered with. She made it clear she desired their attentions, and made it equally clear she didn't want others to interfere with her getting what she wanted. Still, as an apprentice, relationships were not really a possible focus. So she hasn't had time to really desire any particular person to the point that she gets nasty about someone else who might also be interested. It is likely that will be the outcome when or if it does happen, if she ever really, really likes someone. She was a hard worker that placed her energy into the hobbies her mother wished her to keep up with in her little bit of free time, and her Dragonhealing for most of her time.

She didn't maintain a relationship with her elder brothers. Nothing was really expected of them, and Nova envied them for it. They could do as they wished, and did. Her eldest half-brother Impressed a blue dragon, while the next eldest half-brother bonded a wher. She was jealous of their freedom and the fact that they were not pressured into behaving a certain way. They were men, and men could do whatever they pleased. As for her younger half-sister, Xavinyra, Lux barely spent time with her as she was so busy trying to build up her reputation and garner 'followers', and then with her chosen craft. She knew that their mother expected the same of Xav, but always believed the woman was harder on her because she was the elder female sibling. She resented this, though not to the degree she resented her brothers. Xav was still female, and still pressured and forced into the same ladylike undertakings. There was some measure of respect from Nova for Xav's choosing Beastcrafting as her craft. After all, it was far less approved by their mother than Dragonhealing, which was at least 'respectable' enough in her mother's eyes and would earn her an easier life of comfort. Working with 'filthy animals', as her mother put it, was not something she approved of, no matter that it was as good a craft and might earn more marks. It still brought the young woman pleasure to think of her mother's displeasure and her sister's bold move.

At nineteen, she walked the tables as a Journeyman and was assigned to Dalibor Weyr. The smaller Weyr had a need of Dragonhealers, and Lux, by that point, was tired of her mother's nagging and was only too happy to leave. She still had a nagging, indecisive feeling about her life, however. She was set to make a reputation and place for herself at Dalibor, but could not shake the feeling that she was not quite where she ought to be.

Adoption Preference: Transfer please.

Preferred Wher Name:

Cross-Impressionable Larka or Caden preferred, but yes.

SubQueen Impressible: Only if Dhiren gets a queen wher.

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:

Dragons: Grey > Yellow > Indigo > Gold/Copper > Purple > Brown
Wher: White > Grey > Yellow > Indigo > Burgundy > Purple > Brown > Gold/Copper > Green

Banned Colors:

All but listed above.

Preferred Personalities:
- Open to anything mostly!

Undesirable Personalities:
- No disabled whers, please.
- unintelligent
- overly social
- foolish or derpy

In-Character Considerations:

Mauling Preferences:
Only very minor, nothing lasting mauling allowed. Nothing above the neck, nothing beyond minor scarring.

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.
 Posted: Oct 22 2017, 07:05 PM
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