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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. A grand Gather is being hosted by Western Hold to welcome their new Lord and Lady.

While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Alright Dearheart
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 04:12 PM

N/A Posts

You say it's not intended as an attack on me, and that's sure as hell what it sounds like. Rhia said, Rhia said, Rhia got, Rhia got. *shrug* Oh well. I know you think I don't like you (and given the not one, but two altercations where you snarked, snapped, and blew up on me in the Cbox and then made the 'but RL' excuse, I have every right not to), but tbh I don't really care OOC and I'm not the sort of person who brings OOC IC.

That being said - can we please keep this thread reasonably on-topic, and keep the other issues for other threads? I'd like to see this thread stay concerning the time-line ratio (or what people want to call it) and less attacks on people for having something someone else doesn't have. -.-

If you have further comments to make on this subject, I have a PM box and you aren't blocked anymore from using it. I encourage you to take it there.

Alright, time to be frank. Rhia, that post was not about you. But if you're going to pull out old drama, go right ahead. I've attempted to (why would I PM you now when I tried to before only to find that I was blocked) deal with my issues privately before, both with you and the staff, but I'm afraid you've chosen a more public venue one too many times. You snapped at me for taking the thread off-topic, despite it being in an attempt to help when you have taken multiple previous discussions off-topic in order to lash out at me.

This was not about you. I used your character as an example to prove a point - something you have done multiple times in the past. The times I 'snarked, snapped, and blew up' at you in the chatbox were after I disagreed with you on something and you went on the aggressive. In fact, you used me as an example of how unbiased you would be with Nevisk's hatching before, telling me that you 'won't let OOC opinion affect the outcome of the hatching.'

A great deal of the information you posted in 'Slow Down' is untrue and my pointing that out should not be private, especially since god knows you wouldn't return the favor if our positions were reversed. This is just too much. I no longer have any intention of remaining on Dalibor if you, RhiaBlack, are going to be allowed to act however you please, especially if you're referring to the admins and mods and 'we' now. Some of the things you've said and done would have gotten other people banned ages ago. But if nothing's going to change in the overall anyway, I'd quite like to make my voice heard.

By the way, there was no other site 'scalping' members from Dalibor. A member was chased off by you and made a site. Made a site with another former member, I may add, but you only mentioned one because you only have an issue with one of them. Dalibor was dead at the time and many members had been friends before Dalibor, so they joined. It also happens that this site has a very unpleasant atmosphere compared to that one. It's logical that many of the people in both places would be more active there. The ones who are no longer here didn't leave just because that new site opened. But when I attempt to point out some of those issues... well. Allow me to reiterate: that post was not about you. You aren't taking the high road nearly as much as you'd like to think.
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 04:21 PM
Jr. Weyrwoman

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Alright. Enough.

Both of you.

We literally have rules on how to behave when there is a disagreement between members. Posting an entire public thread to be rude and aggressive is not within those rules, and thus, this topic is going to be locked.

You may take it to PM's, or you may drop it. Anything further like the post above will not be tolerated.


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