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With two clutches hardening on the Hatching Sands the big question seemed to be: which will hatch first?

The answer came in short order with Copper Zelsk's clutch breaking shell moments before Copper Laanasuth's. With so many eggs surely the dual hatching offers hope to the numerous Candidates who fill Dalibor's ranks. Only time will show who will come away with a lifemate of their very own...

... and who will forfeit their life in hopes of Impression.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Lady of Crescent
 Posted: Jan 3 2018, 06:47 PM


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Since the passing of Crescent’s Lady nearly a turn ago (SU:17) Lord Callum has been under pressure to remarry. Knowing that having a Lady by his side is what is best for his Hold he has finally begun to humor betrothal offers from various individuals.

As such, we're inviting you, our players, to submit applications for the new Lady of Crescent Hold. We will be accepting applications for approximately one month, with a deadline of February 14th at 12:00pm (NOON) PST.

The Requirements:

1) The successful candidate will be an unwed woman with some relation to a current Lord Holder. This relation may be any of the major holds EXCEPT BENDEN, NABOL, CRESCENT, WESTERN, or CROM as these families are already in play and would require additional permissions that staff cannot necessarily give directly.

2) Successful candidates are appropriately trained and adept in Hold management. The Lady chosen MUST be able to work well with Callum; this is essentially a business transaction not a personal one. Their personal lives can be worked out through RP.

Future Impression

OOCly: The chosen Lady Holder, much like Lord Callum and his heir Caasum, will be ineligible to Impress a dragon.

ICly: There is obviously no IC way for anyone to deny a bond from happening, but the Conclave would have promised the new Lords Holder that they will be immediately deposed if they "allow" such a thing to happen. This can be very influential in RP if your character takes an active part in Hatchings.

Future Family

You may eventually be approached by players that want to be related to you. Please note while they must gain permission from you to be part of their family, they still must purchase the Familial Relation token from the Store. You cannot bestow this upon them.


You will need to write their history up to the point of betrothal and arrival at Crescent Hold, there will be an on-screen wedding between Lord Callum and his chosen Lady. Please be familiar with whatever Hold your character hails from and be aware that these type of marriages are typically arranged. The chosen character will still need to pass the normal review process.

The successful Lady player will receive a free character slot. You will be expected to be available for plots and events involving Crescent Hold for at least one post per week (during said plots or events). Regardless of their background (which can only include one lordly bloodline from either mother or father, not both), they will not count as being a bloodline in play for any other bloodline than Crescent; they're renouncing their blood claim to any other Hold.

As a note: This character will be adoptable should the player leave the site, as are the other Lords and Lady Holder.

Happy writing and we are looking forward to seeing your characters!

 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 01:36 PM


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Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Name: Catriona of Fort Hold
Gender: Female
Age: 23 turns (SP 195 of the 10th interval)
Sexuality: Hetero
Location: Fort Hold → Crescent Hold
Rank: Lady Holder of Crescent Hold

user posted image

Personality: Brash, headstrong, ambitious, impulsive

Catriona is brash and headstrong, often times speaking her mind without thought. She has, on occasion, flights of fancy and believes in love at first sight. For all her impulsive nature, she does understand the need for caution and thought before action. This can be seen when confronted with a serious undertaking in which she must be decisive. She has always thought herself more than the youngest daughter and has always had lofty goals of becoming the lord of her own major hold. She is highly intelligent and quite cunning when she needs to be. Catriona has always taken pride in her ability to manage whatever is thrown at her and her mother drummed into her head everything she would need to know to get ahead in life and ahead she plans to be.

Catriona is the only child of Catrim to take after him in height. She is tall for a woman, standing close to 6’ tall and is more likely to wear flat soled boots in favor of heels because of this. She is lithe and slender, Catriona will never be accused of being curvaceous. Catriona possesses a lovely heart shaped face with bold eyebrows and light hazel colored eyes. Full lips easily curve into a smile, her nose is rather pert and her chin is stubborn. She wears her dark hair long and generally up in whatever hairdo is easiest. Her legs and arms are long, slender, and elegant.

Lord Catrim, Fort Hold
Lady Riona
Natrin, (brother, +15) Heir apparent
Rona, (sister, +10)
Matrim, (brother, +6), spare heir
Trinna, (sister, +4)
Atric, (brother, +2)

user posted image
Name: Bam
Age: 3
Personality: Fierce, active, funny, loves Catriona
Appearance: Standard ferret coloring, dark brown almost black with eye mask and freckles on his nose


Catriona was born the youngest of six children. She joined three brothers and two sisters. She was a spoiled child, her parents hadn’t expected her to come along and by the time she did they were tired. She was allowed her headstrong ways and indulged when she insisted that she would be the Lord Holder of a major hold. Her mother concluded that if she was going to be in charge of her own hold she would need to learn how to manage that hold. Surprisingly, Catriona found that she liked the work and enjoyed the challenge.

She was eighteen when thread started falling in that delayed pattern. She got her first taste of what it would be like in charge, her father relying on both her and her oldest brother when he was needed elsewhere. She heard of the many deaths among the dragonriders and mourned along with everyone else when the weyrwoman of Fort died. Fort managed a few refugees and Catriona learned that she enjoyed helping people almost as much as she enjoyed managing a hold.

Shortly after her nineteenth birthday, the same year that a blue caught a junior queen at Telgar - which she thought was the greatest thing - , Catriona was gifted with a small ferret she promptly named Bam. She heard about the junior queen of Dalibor being caught by a fighter dragon and cheered loudly when she found out that fighter dragon was ridden by a woman. It solidified her idea that women could do whatever the men could do. The creation of the new hold with a woman at the helm only made it stronger.

A ride through the countryside just a few months ago ended in something she was still unsure how to respond to. Bam on her shoulder, Catriona at entered the hold laughing and happy to find her parents in the study with some news. It seemed that Catrim’s inquiries at been met with agreement, inquiries Catriona had no idea even were happening. An inquiry that had Catriona betrothed to the Lord Holder of Crescent without so much as a by your leave. All of her plans dashed in a few seconds. Her mother tried to placate her but Catriona left the study angry and confused.

She got over her anger (mostly), she would be a Lady Holder which she supposed was almost as good as being a Lord Holder and her betrothed seemed to be a decent sort. Maybe she could convince him to let her have a little more power than just managing drudges. She’d find out soon enough, the wedding was in just a few days now that they’d arrived at Crescent. It was a beautiful hold for all that it wasn’t quite finished yet and she could definitely get used to being so close to the water.

Adoption Preference:

Special note:
I do not want Catriona to impress ever. I am apping her as unimpressionable.

 Posted: Jan 25 2018, 11:53 PM
Lady Holder


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Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Name: Shuli
Gender: Female
Age: 21 Turns [WI: 196]
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Crescent Hold
Rank: Lady Holder of Crescent

user posted image

Being possibly the last daughter of their line, Shuli has never wanted for anything, as her loyalty to family and especially her Lord Holder father was immensely important for what was possibly his last chance to marry a daughter into another family. Therefore, she is naive in regards to how the “real world” works outside the walls of her father’s Hold. She is naturally kind-hearted, but doesn’t know how to react to not getting her way, with refusals or inability to acquiesce to her requests met with confusion and possibly tears. She also has trouble dealing with especially strong emotions, often retreating to the stables to spend time with her loyal runner Ebon rather than face other people when she is emotionally overwhelmed.

Taking her lessons to heart, Shuli knows well how to act like a “proper” Lady, even if she only does it out of duty, not desire. She will be book-perfect for any social function, the ultimate Lady on the arm of any Lord, and practiced in all the requirements of hearth and home, but as soon as she’s excused to be herself, she much prefers riding leathers to fancy dresses, bit and bridle to quill and ink, and spends the majority of her free time riding the fields with Ebon, or taking care of him in the stables. The combination of her preference for runners over people and her training leaves Shuli as a very passive conversationalist, listening well and making sure others in the conversation feel like they’re being paid proper attention to, but contributing very few of her own thoughts or ideas, as while she has her own opinions, she has always been taught that it’s not a Lady’s place to speak them.

At only 5’4” and lightweight, Shuli is a very petite woman, and her large eyes and small nose and chin give her an eternally youthful appearance. The only thing she really took from her father were his ears; they appear quite large for her head and the rest of her features, adding to her young appearance due to the impression she has yet to “grow into them”, like a child. Her dark brown hair is kept in a short pixie bob cut, leaving her ears and thin neck uncovered with a swooping bangs over her forehead, a style she has preferred ever since she started working with runners to keep her hair out of her face and from getting tangled in her tack. Her skin is light and sun-kissed, tending towards an even tan during the spring and summer months when she can more often ride the fields on runnerback.

In her role as a Lady, Shuli wears weather-appropriate fine dresses, usually in blacks or dark blues, with splashes of color from jewelry around her neck and on her ears. During the winter months, she will wear long sleeves, high collars, and wherryhide boots, while during the spring and summer she wears scoop-neck, open-back dresses with short or no sleeves, and more delicate cloth flats. When she is left to her own devices, she much prefers cotton or linen blouses, thin wherryhide gloves, knee-high boots and thick cotton slacks for riding.

Shuli moves with a lightness to her step, and when she wears a dress she almost appears to float about rather than walk. Hours upon hours of runnerriding has left her body toned, yet still soft, curves of muscle upon what would otherwise be a very thin frame. While most of her runner’s care is taken care of herself, since Ebon is difficult for anyone but her to handle, she spends much time maintaining her hands, to make sure she does not present a drudge’s rough hands upon a Lady’s body.

Father – Pescataal, Lord Holder of Tillek (SU: 165)
Mother – Tiamasha, Lady Holder of Tillek (AU: 167)

Petrel – sister (AU: 185)
Amesca – sister (WI: 186)
Paasha – sister, deceased (AU: 188)
Ciamaas – brother, deceased (SP: 192)
Tesceli – sister (SU: 194)
Pamascaan – brother (SP: 195)

Callum – (former) Brother-in-Law, Lord Holder of Crescent Hold (WI: 189)
Caasum – nephew (SP: 8)
Penna – niece (SP: 10)
Pascal – nephew (SU: 12)

Pets: Ebon - Stallion Runner
user posted image

Born a Turn after her grandfather stepped down from his post as Lord Holder of Tillek, leaving her father to take up the mantle, Shuli was the first girl of her family to be born into the role of Lord Holder’s daughter, rather than starting life merely as the child of the heir apparent to Tillek and coming into the role later in life. For the first six Turns of her life, Shuli lived a dream; her father was especially taken with his youngest daughter, and while she couldn’t do anything she wanted, she found she was given much greater leeway than her siblings if she made sure to ask her father first. The new Lord Holder’s soft spot for Shuli was quite clear to the house drudges, and so Shuli found herself getting special treatment from them, as well, as what better way to curry favor with a new Lord Holder than to get on the good side of his favored child? Sheltered from the plight of the common working man in Pern, unaware of the reasons behind her wonderful life, Shuli simply enjoyed her childhood.

Then, just before her seventh Turnday, everything changed when the white wherry plague hit. Their parents did their best to shelter them from the disaster taking life after life in the walls of Tillek and beyond, but in the end, their family was not able to be untouched by the disease… Shuli’s oldest brother, Ciamaas, fell ill, and never recovered. Sheltered as she was, Shuli was just starting to understand the concept of death, and she took it especially hard, her life free of the hardships that would help her understand how to deal with such pain. Eventually, Shuli recovered from her grief, as did the rest of her family, but it left its mark in the form of a phobia towards disease and sickness.

Over the next couple years, Shuli lost two more siblings, though these losses were of a completely different kind: Her two oldest sisters were married off, moving away to live with their new husbands. Celebrations accompanied each wedding, involving the entire Hold, the family doing its best to show a happy face past their personal grief to help the rest of the people of Tillek recover from the losses they suffered. While the occasions were happy ones, Shuli made sure to get a promise from both Petrel and Amesca to visit Tillek when they had the opportunity, so she would not lose her sisters for good.

As the Turns passed and Shuli got older, she participated in the same classes her sisters all took… that all Ladies took, to learn how to properly run a household for their husbands. Though she was much too young to understand the true depth of what her classes represented for her future, Shuli took to the subjects well, pleasing her instructors and her parents both with her abilities. However, she was most definitely different than her sisters in regards to how she approached the classes… unlike Petrel, Amesca, and Tesceli, she did not seem to enjoy the lessons, but unlike Paasha, she also did not have to really put any effort forward to excel in them, the subjects coming naturally to her. She truly had an inborn skill in all the talents a Lady was expected to have, but never seemed to foster a love for them; she did what was asked of her, and did it well, but it was clear it was only because it was asked of her, not out of any innate desire to perform.

Near Shuli’s 9th Turnday, she lost yet another sister to marriage, this time with Paasha leaving home to marry Crom’s Lord Holder’s son… though not his heir. Shuli thought Paasha deserved better, loving her sister dearly and refusing to accept the mean-spirited things she heard others say about her, but Paasha seemed satisfied with her lot, promising as her sisters before her did to visit Shuli whenever possible. The wedding was not as extravagant as the previous two, but Paasha seemed happy, and Shuli did her best to show a happy face for her sister in turn.

The following summer, while visiting Ruatha Hold with her family on Lord Holder business, Shuli saw a vibrant, wild black stallion giving his tenders a run for their money. Entranced by the beautiful runnerbeast, the young girl silently wandered away from her handlers towards the fence, ignoring the danger the massive, powerful creature posed to her. Strangely, as she approached, the runner spotted her and suddenly calmed down, ignoring his exhausted grooms and moving towards the fenceline where Shuli stood, hand extended. Sniffing her hand, the midnight-black stallion snorted once, licking the girl’s hand and staring into her eyes. As his grooms caught their breath and approached to take advantage of his sudden change in attitude, he suddenly turned and ran, a force of nature once more. The entire rest of her trip, Shuli couldn’t get the runner out of her mind, and eventually she convinced her father to purchase him, the wily Lord Holder taking full advantage of Shuli’s calming effect on the stallion, combined with his untameable attitude with every other handler on the ranch, to get a major discount. Finally, Shuli gained someone into her life, instead of losing them, her family heading back to Tillek with the stallion, now named Ebon, in tow.

Now, with Ebon, Shuli finally had a true passion to indulge in. She continued to take her classes on being a proper Lady, and passed them with flying colors, but every free moment she had, she spent with Ebon. Her father took on the best riding instructor in Tillek into their personal staff, and Shuli turned her ease of learning towards everything related to runner handling, from brushing, to maintenance, to the care and use of runner tack, and of course riding lessons. She soon discovered that learning everything about the care of Ebon was for the best, as the stallion only took to Shuli, no one else, giving constant problems to any other stablehand who tried to do anything with him. More than once, Shuli left her Lady classes only to find Ebon waiting patiently for her outside the building, having escaped the stables once more and warned off any attempts to get him back there with bites and the threats of kicks.

The Turns continued to pass without incident, with Shuli becoming a fine Lady as well as an extremely talented runnerrider… her instructor often told her that, in another life, she would have been a natural fit in the Herdercraft Hall. Tesceli was married to a minor, but ambitious, son of the Lord Holder of Fort just before Shuli’s 14th Turnday, leaving Shuli and her heir apparent brother the only children still living in Tillek. Then, near her 15th Turnday, word spread of a massive winter storm assaulting the Western Continent… many called it the Storm of All Passes, due to it unprecedented fury. Though she was not personally involved, she saw the increased activity as her father did what he could to send supplies and aid to the holds and Weyrs on the Western Continent, their own supplies devastated by the Storm, and she silently thanked Faranth that she lived far away from such mad weather.

The next Turn saw strangely erratic Threadfall, and she heard a mixture of gossip around the Hold, with some thinking this could be a new age for Pern, with Thread perhaps finally leaving for good, while others groused about the other shoe dropping. Unfortunately for everyone, the next summer the latter gossip was proven correct as a massive Threadfall, greater than any in recorded history, struck the planet. All across the world, disaster followed, with even Weyr leadership in Fort, Telgar, Southern, and Eastern not immune as the losses piled up. Tillek Hold itself, luckily, avoided any major disasters, though the repercussions of so many lives lost, both human and beast, would be felt for Turns to come.

The world finally settled down once more after the massive kick to the face that was Doomfall, and the summer of 11P15 saw Shuli’s sister Paasha and her husband, Callum, move from their minor Hold near Crom to become the Lord and Lady Holder of Crescent Hold on the Western Continent. Happy for her sister for finally achieving the position she knew she deserved, Shuli was also sad that Paasha would be so much further away, making visiting each other difficult without the aid of a dragonrider from the Weyrs to between one or the other for a social call. Shuli herself was surprised she hadn’t been married off yet, considering even Paasha had married Callum at 17 Turns, and that was considered late… and Shuli knew she had no dearth of prospects eager to marry her. Gossip around the Hold was that, due to her parents having no children after her, her father was holding her back for the perfect opportunity, since at this point she was his last daughter, and so his last chance to use a marriage for maximum gain in the game of Hold politics… and considering her talent and beauty, she was a valuable piece, indeed.

Another two Turns passed with little change to the status quo, when suddenly news reached Tillek… news Shuli would never want to hear. Paasha had passed away while visiting Skerry Hold, along with what would have been Shuli’s niece, Caala. Shuli was devastated, almost feeling like she lost two family members at once, despite never having had the opportunity to meet her unborn niece. She spent most of her time grieving alone with Ebon… she had never truly been close to Pamascaan, and he had never been close to Paasha like Shuli had, especially as he focused more and more on his heir lessons as he grew older. Months passed, and as the first anniversary of Paasha’s death approached, gossip around the Hold spoke of other Lord Holders wondering when Callum would finish grieving for Paasha and find another Lady to help run his household… or if he would continue to disrespect her memory living in sin with a blind bronzehandler with no bloodline connections whatsoever. Other gossip wondered at what her father’s plans were, with his direct political ties with the Western continent severed with Paasha’s death… whether this would be the moment he would find worthy of finally playing his last piece on the board.

The rumors soon proved to be true, as Shuli’s father called her into his chambers to inform her that she would be taking her deceased sister’s place as the Lady of Crescent Hold, turning her former brother-in-law into her husband and her nieces and nephews into her adopted children. Shuli, stunned by the turn of events, simply nodded as he explained the necessity of the action, what the loss of their family’s link to the Western continent could mean and her duty as a daughter of a Lord Holder, but she wasn’t truly listening… it had been so many Turns now with her avoiding marriage, staying home and attending her lessons as simply thought exercises, that her mind was spinning in circles at the sudden change in her reality… and replacing her beloved sister, no less! Only one thought floated to the surface through the stormy waters of her mental state, and she interrupted her father’s speech (a move that, in anyone but her, would likely have been punished) and asked whether she could take Ebon along… a question he answered in the positive, noting the danger the stallion would present to his stables without Shuli present to control him.

Finally, the day came, after much crying (both with her mother and privately with Ebon) and packing of her things. An ironrider from High Reaches Weyr was brought in through her father cashing in a favor, the great creature loaded with bags containing her most vital items, with the rest loaded onto a boat to be sent across the ocean to her new home. It took some time for Shuli herself to get over her fear of the massive dragon, but once she got herself enough under control, she worked on Ebon, helping the stallion trust the dragon enough to carry him through the quick trip between to her new home in Crescent. Finally, after many more tears and plenty of hugging, the last daughter of Tillek’s Lord left the ground on dragonback, vanishing between as her last aerial view of her home was swallowed in cold darkness. When light again returned to her vision, they were in the skies over a completely different land, with Crescent Hold in view below them… the place that would become her new home, and where her new husband and family dwelt. The ironrider made a quick landing, his dragon struggling to hold onto the now-struggling stallion in his claws without harming it, and soon they were on the ground again, Shuli hushing and stroking the nose of Ebon to calm the understandably-freaked runner after his trip through between in the claws of a dragon. With the assistance of the rider, she unloaded her riding gear, and was able to convince him to allow her to ride to Crescent on Ebon, rather than leave the stallion to his own devices or risk carrying him aloft again, and with a final thank-you and farewell (as the ironrider would have no reason to remain after depositing her things at Crescent), the soon-to-be-Lady of Crescent oriented herself and began the short ride to her new Hold… and her new life.

Adoption Preference: Adoption
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 03:16 PM


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Spoiler (Show/Hide)
25 - AU:192
Ista Hold ---> Crescent Hold
Lady Holder

Lady Faelynn has a gentle heart, that much is obvious at first glance. Fae tends to worry a little too much about other people--even when the person in question may not appreciate her worry. This can come off as being overbearing, especially to people who don't know the trauma she witnessed. She is especially worried about her two girls. She loves her daughters, whom she calls the light of her life. In her mind, they are all she has left of Severin. For her daughters, she cares very deeply. She longs to see them grow into wonderful young women leading happy lives, but has known for too long that nobody is guaranteed a great tomorrow.

Sometimes, if you catch her when she doesn't think anyone's watching, you might catch her lost in a memory with a sad look on her face. Still, she tries not to let her sadness show, so as not to be a burden to others. Her job is to help run the Hold, after all. One could almost say that she is overly affected by things that happen to other people. Though she's gotten pretty good at not letting her emotions show on her face when in the middle of business, it still troubles her. Despite having such a gentle heart, she refuses to let other Lord and Lady Holders, as well as Weyrleadership, see her weaknesses. She has a habit of putting up a strong front around strangers, especially important strangers, and it can take a while to get behind that front to see the heart beneath the tough outer exterior.

Faelynn rarely gets angry. Instead, she can more often be seen giving something--or someone-- a stern and disapproving look. When she does get truly upset, it's the cold kind of anger rather than the loud and violent sort. She doesn't yell or shout, but she will give a glare that's almost more frightening than it would be if she had. Those at Ista who have fallen prey to her anger have said it to be quite a scary thing. Fortunately, it takes quite a lot to get her to that point, or one very big screw up. She tends to bottle which can result in an explosion if she isn't careful, so she has learned to monitor her emotions.

When it comes to the running of her Hold, Faelynn demands perfection. Not so much in the day-to-day matters, for those she leaves to the ones who know their own work best. She expects perfection in the numbers. If the numbers are off even the slightest, it could spell disaster for even the most well-prepared Hold. The amount of food or goods, the number of guards, the tithe to the Weyr...if anything is more or less than what was expected, it could prove disastrous. Perhaps this stems from the sheer number of refugees that flooded Ista Hold after the Doomfall, which required even more precise management of materials than usual. If she knows how the numbers should fall, she prefers to do them herself than to trust them to someone else. It's not like she enjoys the math, but it's safer, in her mind, if she does it herself. Better to spend time doing it herself than to run the risk of someone else getting them wrong.

Sometimes Fae focuses on work to the exclusion of all else, not even noticing how much time has gone by until the work in question is already done. This has caused her to overwork herself to the point of exhaustion multiple times in the past, despite her precautions to not let others see that she has done so. Some have said that she seems obsessive when it comes to making sure the Hold's numbers are correct, and while her dedication is admirable, it has a tendency to cause other problems later. One cannot pour from an empty cup, after all. If she overworks herself, she is too tired to maintain the other things she is responsible for, and they suffer for it. So she is learning to spread herself out as best she can, even though she still falls prey to doing too much on her own.

This stubborn side of Faelynn is just one part of a larger problem. Fae does not like to ask for help. She doesn't like admitting that she needs said help. She doesn't want to admit that she isn't okay after what happened to Severin. She's fiercely independent, despite having been raised in an environment where so many things were done for her. This makes her almost unable to rely on other people. It can take up to a few turns before she finally does want to open up to anyone because she is so guarded. This is, in a way, conflicting with the anxiety she feels by being completely on her own for the first time in her life. In the past, she would bottle up her stress until it became too much. In recent years, she's learned to take breaks every few days to keep herself sound. To understand that part of taking care of her Hold is taking care of herself.

As far as love goes, Faelynn has decided that she won't fall for anyone else, for the sake of her daughters and to respect her husband's memory. She had sworn to love him forever, and his death did not change that vow. In fact, she only agreed to this marriage because there wouldn't be pressure on her to produce a proper heir. Lord Callum already has a firstborn son, after all. Despite this being a marriage, she truly does look at this as a business arrangement. She isn't looking to take the place of Lord Callum's late wife, nor does she expect him to become a father to her daughters. As far as their personal lives are concerned, all she cares about is that he not get caught in a position that would compromise his reputation, and by extension the reputation of Crescent Hold. For now, at least. Who's to say what may come in the future?

Under the tough facade, there's still an almost haunted look to her face, sometimes. Memories of the disastrous hatching still give her nightmares, and since then she's refused to go to another one. When she finds herself without something to do, her mind tends to wander. Faelynn is afraid of what might happen when her daughters are old enough to be Searched. The hatchings at Ista Weyr had, until that point, been relatively quiet. Dalibor is known for more violent ones, and it makes her nervous to think of her girls possibly Standing in the future.

Lady Faelynn is of a darker complexion than many of Pern, though her skin does take on a slightly paler tone if she spends time hidden away indoors and out of the sun. She is of average height, at roughly 5'6". Though she has a moderately feminine figure and is neither overweight or underweight, there are faint stretch marks on her stomach from her two pregnancies. Her black hair is kept long, and falls in waves down to her hips, and is slightly curly. She prefers leaving her hair unbound, but she can and will tie it back or otherwise style it when necessary. In keeping with her preference for simplicity, she does not enjoy the paints and powders preferred by other women of similar station, leading to a face with clear, smooth skin. Her round, expressive eyes are a warm chestnut brown color, and this color is shared by both her daughters.

Faelynn walks with a grace that only became natural after so many years of lessons, and is only accentuated by her choice of more feminine clothing--her preference is for flowing skirts and dresses over trousers. Her clothing in question is, despite feminine cuts, kept rather simple for a woman of her stature. It is no surprise to anyone who knows her to find a small dagger hidden somewhere on her person when she travels, though she's never had to use it. She never leaves her home unguarded.

Lady Holder Lynnfa of Ista - mother - WI:164
Lord Holder Faenero of Ista - father - SU:160

- Lady Faelynn
- -Lord Severin of Ista Hold - SP: 190 - Deceased SP:17
- … - Lady Faeveri - daughter - AU:12
- … - Lady Lynneve - daughter - WI: 14

- Lord Lynero of Ista Hold - brother, heir - SU:195
- .. -Lady Amarys of Ista Hold - sister-in-law - SP: 196, married SP:15
- … - Lady Lynara - niece - SU:17

- Lady Faene of Ista Hold - sister - WI:200
- Lady Nerolynn of Ista Hold - sister - WI:200 - Deceased WI:03
Color: Purple - 432356
Name: Dark
Age: 3
Overview: Dark is a pretty typical representation of his color, though his hide is a bit on the dark side. Happy-go-lucky and fun-loving, he very much enjoys spending time with Faelynn's daughters. They're more fun than his always-busy bonded. And even though Faelynn is the one he's Impressed to, he thinks of her daughters as his too--though not quite in the same way as Faelynn is. He loves playtime, and if he can't get that from his girls, he usually goes to find someone else willing to play. His preferences for playtime tend toward more feline-like activities. In fact, he seems rather kitten-like most of the time. He'll chase after moving things, which can be problematic when he wants to play and Faelynn is trying to work. He is pretty good at getting her to take a break. When he gets bored and doesn't have someone to entertain him, though, he has a habit of getting into things he really shouldn't.

Lady Faelynn was born first of three children, to Lord Faenero of Ista Hold and his wife Lynnfa, who had been chosen for him from among Ista Hold's crafting families. She wasn't Lady Lynnfa's first pregnancy, but she was the first child to not be either miscarried or stillborn. From early on in Lady Faelynn's life, she was betrothed to the young son of one of the Master Healers, a boy named Severin, though she wasn't aware of it until later.

A second child was born to Lord Faenero and Lady Lynnfa when Faelynn was three turns old, her younger brother Lynero. As Faelynn had been, he was born perfectly healthy. Around the same time, Faelynn's lessons began. At first, the lessons were simple etiquette. But they gradually increased in frequency and intensity. Reading and writing, math, music and dance, politics, runner-riding and even basic self-defense with a dagger. She studied everything. The lessons she enjoyed most, however, were the lessons in music. Music became her escape, though she didn't have enough of an ear to compose her own pieces. Besides, she enjoyed the actual playing more, even if they were someone else's creations.

Five turns after Lynero's birth, when Faelynn was eight, the twins were born. Named Faene and Nerolynn, there were clear differences between them from the start. Faene was the healthier of the two, while Nerolynn frightened the family at every turn. When she fell ill with the white wherry plague, at just four turns of age, the young girl's strength gave out. The youngest of Ista's Holding family was taken victim to the plague. Thankfully, she was the only one. Faelynn was eleven when her youngest sister died, and it affected her surprisingly strongly. She had simply been taking for granted that they would all grow up together. Nerolynn's death made Faelynn realize that tomorrow is promised to no one.

One short turn later, she was introduced to Severin, her betrothed. The son of a Master Healer and himself a Healer apprentice, he was two full turns older than her. The two of them were friends almost instantly, despite Severin's more severe personality. What time wasn't spent in lessons was spent with her, training to run the Hold at her side, or simply spending time with her. They both knew that they were to be married when Faelynn was old enough, and neither of them really wanted to fight it. They enjoyed each other's presence, they got along, and they worked well together. That was enough.

When word reached Ista Hold of the goings-on at Dalibor Weyr, of the poisonings, there was little they could do. And that bothered Faelynn, who was a season away from turning thirteen. She wanted to do something to help. Eventually, Severin managed to calm her with logic. If Ista Weyr sent Riders to help, their dragons might just end up poisoned as well. And if Dalibor had truly needed assistance, they would have sent for it. So it couldn't have been that bad, he had insisted. Though she didn't quite agree, she allowed him to talk her worry down. He even helped find something to distract her with. Searchriders were going to be coming that day, he reminded her. Ista Weyr's Searchriders would be looking for the next group of candidates. Even if they couldn't be Searched, due to their status, they could still go with Lord Faenero and Lady Lynnfa to greet the Searchriders. Though Faelynn's parents objected at first, with both Faelynn and Severin being of candidate age, they relented when the pair said they would stay even if a dragon said they were fit to Stand.

Faelynn was sixteen when they heard of a rather unprecedented marriage. The fact that a Lord Holder had become a rider was enough of a scandal, but hearing about his dragon winning a queen's flight was even more so. His marriage to another rider, however, was enough for Faelynn's parents. They very much didn't like that there was a Hold being run by dragonriders. News from Dalibor and its Holds was all concerning to Lord Faenero and Lady Lynnfa, to the point where they were tempted to sever their relationship with Western Hold. Faelynn never did learn what stopped them from doing so right then.

Two turns later, when Faelynn was eighteen, they heard of a murder-suicide that happened at Western. The Lord Holder who had been Weyrleader had been killed, by a former Weyrwoman who had killed herself after. That was the last straw for Lord Faenero, who decided that he no longer cared what Western Hold thought about Ista. They had allowed a Lord Holder to remain in his position after Impressing, and then had paid the price. Ista Hold's relationship with Western Hold, what little there was, soured quickly.

A turn later, at nineteen, Faelynn was married to Severin, making them the apparent heirs. She attended his ceremony from apprentice to Journeyman shortly after. Then, a month after the wedding, Faelynn was found to be pregnant due to a fainting spell that caused the whole family to worry about her. The next autumn, just after Faelynn turned twenty, she gave birth to their firstborn child, a healthy baby girl they named Faeveri. Less than a turn later, the Doomfall happened. Ista was flooded with refugees, and Faelynn volunteered to help her parents manage the Hold, citing it as good practice for the future. Even if she wasn't to take over Ista Hold, there were minor holds under Ista that would need Holders. So she assisted, and learned even more. Before she knew it, her twenty-first turnday had come and gone. And, in the middle of it all, she was told that she was pregnant again.

Faelynn was twenty-two when she gave birth to her second daughter, Lynneve. Another healthy baby girl. Around the same time, they heard of Lord Cambyses's death and the deposition of Lady Irohvyne. With the last Rider-Lord gone from Western Hold, Lord Faenero began to tentatively restore relations with the West. Yet only time would tell whether those attempts would bear fruit. A season later, Faelynn's brother Lynnero was married to Lady Amarys, the daughter of a minor holder. During their wedding, a man brought forward a clutch of firelizard eggs as a potential gift, allowing each of Lord Holder Faenero's children, as well as Lynnero's wife and Faelynn's husband, to choose an egg. Faelynn decided to take one, and it hatched into a dusky purple within a candlemark. Instead of naming him herself, she let Faeveri name him. After looking at him for a few minutes, she just said the word 'Dark'. So that became the purple's name.

Two and a half turns after Lynneve's birth, Severin was requested by the Healer Hall for Ista Weyr's upcoming hatching. He suggested that Faelynn bring the girls with her. They had no idea that it would turn into a disaster. The hatching quickly devolved into a chaotic mess. By the end of it, seven candidates were dead. Another ten were injured. And, in the middle of it all, Severin had been severely mauled by an errant hatchling. He died that night from the blood loss, leaving a hole in the hearts of his family. Lynneve turned three, and Faeveri turned five, without a father. The next season, Lynnero's wife gave birth to their first child, a girl they named Lynara.

A full turn later, Faenero told Faelynn that he had found a new husband for her. Lord Callum of Crescent Hold, who had taken over a few turns ago after Lord Cambyses' death and Lady Samara's retirement. After the initial desire to object, she realized that this was likely her father's somewhat awkward attempt to get her away from the place that held so many memories of her first husband, the father of her two girls. So travel arrangements were made, and due to the young ages of her daughters they would be joining her. A trio of Ista dragonriders came to provide transport, though Lynneve decided to ride with Faelynn so the third Rider ended up ferrying their luggage. When they arrived at Crescent Hold, Faelynn introduced herself and her daughters to Lord Callum and his three children. His youngest son, Pascal, was just a season older than Faelynn's older daughter Faeveri. Faelynn was actually a bit nervous to see how things would go between his children and hers. They didn't have to act like siblings, and she didn't expect them to, but she at least hoped they would get along.

Adoption Preference: Adoption.

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After reading, re-reading, re-re-reading, discussion, and thinking on it the winner has been chosen!

Thank you all for participating it really was a close one and a tough choice to make!

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