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 Rain Dance, [Soroth's first flight]
 Posted: Jun 2 2016, 09:06 PM

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Rein'l's gaze remained firmly ahead of him, watching the formation of his wingmates as drills commenced. Watching, but his mind was elsewhere, on the hide he sat astride glowing bright, as it'd been for the better part of a week. Every drill he'd silently prayed, not now, by Faranth not now. Though in fairness, the prospect of any time was unnerving. Still, time was moving on, and Soroth's glow remained, maybe she just wouldn't fly, but if she was going to, what was she waiting for?

As Dawn dragons crossed each other's paths, shifting from one formation to the next, the first few splashes hit his eye wear. Soroth continued to fly, strong and sure. The grey sky soon unleashed the force of its threat, sprinkles turning to rain, and then to downpour. Still dawn flew on, or at least it planned too. Dragons might not rise during threadfall, but drills were apparently afforded no such reverence.

The wave of desire that hit him shocked Rein'l, unhindered, raw and without the dragon beneath him to explain it, completely without reason. What was he supposed to do? They were in the middle of drills. Before Rein'l could recover they were veering off, if there were others the cyan rider didn't realize it, too focused on their part in events unfolding.

~Soroth!~ his mental voice was caught between shock and an attempt to find a means to reprimand. They couldn't just break formations.

~Daidoroth knows~, she reassured her's. She;d sensed his unease, had known this would be difficult for him, but, as with most things she pressed hers on, she knew her Rein'l would be fine, he just needed to see it for himself. She had the faith in him he didn't. Diving for their ledge, she fanned her wings, pleased by the way the beads of water collected on her wings were thrown off as miss between the still falling rain. She waited, patient despite her heated blood, the want to taste the sky again. Watching over her Rein'l as he dismounted and offered him a gentle nose bop before he went into the sanctuary of their Weyr. He would be just fine.

Once he was out of sight, she curved her neck, looking over her shoulder, view obscured, as it had likely would have been the day of her hatching. She hadn't gotten to enjoy the rain, covered by the sanctuary of the hatching ground, much as the overhang above her ledge shielded her now. This time she wouldn't be denied. Turning on her ledge to face out into the bowl once more, she held her head high, gaze skyward briefly before she called out to the males.

~Speak or don't, say whatever pleases you. My only wish is for you to enjoy the rain with me ~ Her tones were firm, and serious maintaining her control and power over the flight, so empowered that she felt no need to make demands of the males. They would do and be as they would, and her choice would be pure, reflections of them, as water reflected the world. With her terms delivered, Soroth spread her wings once more and rose from her ledge flying against the wind, up into the falling sky that obstructed even her view, the better to feel everything.

In his Weyr, Rein'l didn't know what to do with himself. Well, he did have a starting point, quickly removing his riding gear so he wouldn't be a sopping mess. Every sound had him pausing, tense, not sure he wanted to just be caught, literally with his pants down. Drying as best he could to throw on just any loose fitting shirt and pants he had on hand, anything just to be sure no one arrived and he was just, exposed. Hair still dripping, he took started trying to pat at it as well. Maybe no one would come, that happened sometimes, right?
 Posted: Jun 2 2016, 10:11 PM
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((Using a self-created NPC - J'tar of Blue Uviqueth, from Eastern Weyr; minor edits to fix appearance, since I've app'd him.))

The shadows filtered across his features as he peered from the limits of the bowl's floor. J'tar looked across the stormy skies, his Blue perched beside him and peering at the strong wings of the drills going on for the time they were close to the Weyr proper. Uviqeuth's eyes surged with the recognition almost before J'tar's mind wrapped around the concept, and the twenty-turn-old's sharp gray-blue eyes settled on the Cyan's streaking form as his beloved bonded's own traced Soroth's comet-trail through the rain.

His cousin followed the taller young man's line of sight, and clapped him on the shoulder.

"Might have a time or two with that one. Newly graduated, at that, I think. Not long ago. I don't really keep much track of that sort of thing."

J'tar rubbed the length of his chin, sharp cheekbones recieving much the same before Uvi looked towards His. The Blue's nearly-white snout bumping His' shoulder.

Do you think she'll mind if I chase? Uviqueth worried immensely about being welcome among those in other Weyrs. It was one of his biggest fears, to be mauled because he wasn't a native at the Weyr they were visiting. With the longer rest periods, it found J'tar and himself visitors at many different places of late. I don't want to offend her, JayMine.
"Only one way to find out, eh?" J'tar smiled up at his dearest. "Worst comes to worst, she doesn't choose you, right?"

Uvi hummed, eyes flushing purple. J'tar patted his cousin's shoulder.

"I'll come find you when it's over, and we can have some mead with dinner, mm?"
"Of course. Be careful."

One hand caught Uvi's shoulder, and the Blue lifted His up to his neck ridges; J'tar was scarcely in the natural saddle, before his Blue alighted on the outcrop and he slipped back off again. Lean for a Blue, Uviqueth dropped off the edge and sought to pursue his otherworldly piece of divinity; it left J'tar there - alone, for now - to peer curiously at Rein'l. Long black locks were gathered, thick as they were even with the sides shaven, behind his head in a high sort of runnertail, the tips brushing his shoulders and nape of his neck. He slipped his hands into his pockets, rocking back on his heels slightly within the confines of thick hide boots. Long features - perhaps somewhat lanky - regarded his new company curiously. Even still, he didn't appear to ever look directly at Soroth's.

"Pardon if it's a little off," he spoke up. "I'm J'tar, of Blue Uviqueth, from Eastern Weyr. I have a cousin who's a Drudge here, I hope I'm not intruding. My Blue seems interested by your Cyan..." He tugged hesitantly at his right sleeve.

Hello, my lady, Uviqueth crooned in greeting. Despite the storm, you seem to outshine the rain. I do hope I'm not being too forward in pursuing you. I am Uviqueth of Eastern. Mine has come to visit family, and I couldn't help but notice you. It's a pleasure to share your skies.

His long tail trailed out behind him, oversize wings beating powerfully against the wind and rain. He would follow her until she chose, or until someone tore him from the sky. He hoped very much it would be the former, not the latter.

 Posted: Jun 4 2016, 06:21 PM

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Al'dr felt a familiar stirring as he poured over some notes, and he immediately frowned, don't you even think about it
Nope! No buts! Its not my fault you've practically stopped chasing, and its gross out.
I'll sneak you out, no one has to kn-

The blue sighed, looking longingly at the glowing (and rain shimmery) cyan before putting his head down. He had been watching her closely since she started glowing, even if they were no longer drilling together. Fiiine.
Sorry buddy.
You owe me a really good bath. You. Not our candidates.
I guueess that's a fair trade.
Not even close Al'drLove.


Another pair had juuust finished drills, and were winging back towards their weyr when Soroth Rose. M'kai was a little grumpy at having been practically drowned by the onslaught of rain. Peth was just fine, babbling away in his Rider's head all the while to keep his mind off of the bite of the water.

But Peth caught sight of Soroth, just as they neared their ledge and before the blue adjusted to land he suddenly backwinged and turned towards the easternly weyrs. What're ya doing? Y'missed.. our le...dge.. Peth no

What? I'm sorry, I can't hear you over all this rain! How about this. I'll drop you off.... oooover heeeere-ish and then we can talk it out, okay? Oh-kay!

M'kai wasn't dim. They had learned what happened sometimes, that their dragons would chase after the glowing females. He knew that. He has just never experienced it. But with Peth's sudden focus on Soroth and the creeping heat of desire, he didn't have an answer for his obnoxious blue. Not even a complaint as claws scraped and slipped along Soroth's ledge. The blue laughed, and jerked his body a bit to encourage his Rider to slip from his back after straps were fumbled. The Beastcrafter stumbled as he landed and Peth suddenly pulled from M'kai's hand.

Would you look at the time! I gotta go! Oh look there's Soroth's and some other guy! Go hang out, have fun! I'll be back after!

M'kai stared off at the now empty space where his blue had previously occupied and twisted to face the weyr, cursing under his breath. Well he couldn't just hang out on the ledge in the rain for the entire time. He may as well go in... and... shells this will be... The bluerider strode in, one hand pulling down his goggles and running through his sopping hair. "Uhh... m'sorry. He didn' let me dry off," he told his former weyrling classmate, with a bit of a sheepish grin. " and'm not surprised Soroth chose a rainstorm to Rise in." he laughed lightly, before brown eyes shifted to the other bluerider and he lifted his hand in greeting.

Peth soared through the rain towards his clutchmate, whistling a playful greeting at her. Helloooooo darling Soroth! Guess who I just dropped off on your ledge! I figured since we were already out in this b-e-a-utiful day, thought i'd come say hi, and enjoy the rain with you~ he trilled as he spun, shaking some of the rain off him, causing some sort of mirage of a bubble around him. Well until he almost bumbled into the other blue, but he pulled in his wings and dropped under and around the other male, Whoops! Sorry! That could have gotten awkward real fast! he laughed into Uviqueth's mind.

 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 05:58 AM

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Soroth's lids slipped half shut as the water hugged her frame, streaming along it as gravity and the force of the winds as she flew guided them along their paths along her hide. She could feel it, though she was well and truly soaked. Her first chaser arrived, and she changed her direction, a curving arc that half circled to get a better look at him. She didn't know him, and this warranted taking that extra look, so far as the cyan was concerned.

~The rain falls upon us all equally, no matter our Weyr. I am pleased that you could join us ~, she assured her guest, with a warm brush of her mind against hers, warmer than it normally would have been, tinted with the desire and need of flight. She was pleased, and grateful, as one should be when a gentleman comes to a lady's aid. The next was a more familiar face, as her circle around started to bring her back to face the 'proper direction' she crossed over the path of Peth. Her clutch sibling, but for dragons, clutchsibling had no meaning, not when it came to flights. His usual good spirits were always welcome though. Even if he did nearly knock into the other blue.

~ It wouldn't have been the same without you, dear Peth ~ With her course corrected, she had resumed her forward flight wheeling and turning through the rain, joyous and free, flying and swimming one and the same in the mind of fanciful flight. Soroth did so love her rain, but she would not fly long this day. No, her goal was not to try her chasers, or stress them with her acrobatics and daring, she was merely enjoying flying with them, in the rain, while she decided who to choose. They were both lovely, and how fitting that they were all colors that complimented her favorite weather... not of course that she would be so uncouth as to think less of any color that decided to come along. She was a Queen in heart only, without need to show favor to any station.

Rein'l wasn't going to be alone. The arrival of the first man surprised, him, and not just because he didn't recognize the other rider. Mere moments before he had been wondering, hoping even, that he would be left alone. Now things were different, now there he was, some other person he didn't even know just standing there, and being alone was the furthest thing from the cyan rider's mind. Quite the contrary, what was on his mind, had a hint of color rising in his cheeks, but the flush wasn't from a tasteful display of shyness. Wait, he'd said his name right? Shards what was wrong with him he, he wasn't usually like this. The flight, but he hadn't figured it'd be anything more than just... His mind had slipped stopped it's thought as it caught up with his eyes. Eyes that had seized on an instinct to study a prospective partner.

"Rein'l." He offered with a little of his usual awkwardness at having to declare his name, left over from when it wasn't something worth noting, or maybe it had more to do with the conflict of wanting to not leave the man standing there, but also not trusting himself to try to suggest a place to sit, and not sure he could trust where he'd suggest. "It's not unusual, they... chase whoever they want." Of course he did have a choice to send the man away but, why on Pern would anyone want to send him away? Welcoming him 'properly' seemed so much better. Shard it, Soroth had barely started flying, he needed to get a hold of himself. He couldn't just go throwing himself at the guy just because he was dropped on his ledge before his dragon had even picked anyone. "That is, you're not intruding."

The sound of boots meant someone else was coming, great. Wait, he knew that one, M'kai's presence was a bit of a relief, for a moment, there was something normal about the whole ordeal. That didn't last long though, nope, not with the way the other was soaked, likely about to catch his death of cold, really the two of them out to get out of those wet clothes before they caught their cold. His eyes narrowed just a bit, and quite without meaning to his, a soft pant was released, accompanied by not nearly enough tension. he hadn't meant it that way.

"I should have known it was what she was waiting for." Faranth help him, it started to dawn on him, he didn't know what he'd do when Soroth picked. M'kai, he knew M'kai but they weren't together. Was he supposed to pick him? Was he supposed to not pick him because it'd make things... weird. Why weren't there rules about this? And why weren't their rules against blue riders who looked like they ought to be wrest from their dripping wet clothes just for good measure? Tugging at the collar of his own shirt to adjust the haphazard way it'd lain from hastily being thrown on. It felt hot, and he was restless, antsy even, something he was trying to hide as he usually would, though his fidgeting and trying not to look at either of them too long (or his eyes might start sizing up a number of areas they had not business sizing up ) were probably betraying him. Finally he did decide to ask, something that was bothering him, his eyes zeroing in on J'tar, since he was the one that was most likely, out of the three of them to be confident in an answer. "Do we... really have to just stand around?" It was typical supposedly, or so he thought he remembered being told.

~Please do be careful with my Rein'l, he has never been 'caught' before either ~, came the voice of the cyan, who was supposed to be occupied. From her place with her chasers, she was now sure at least, her's would let go of his concerns about not knowing how to handle himself Soroth was sure her wonderful suitors had wonderful bondeds who would surely take good care of her Rein'l. She would simply overlook his silly disgruntlement about her drawing attention to his inexperience, as if it couldn't easily be seen. Men, they did seem to be bothered by the oddest things. Her Rein'l wouldn't need to worry though, every muscle straining in her, every bit of glowing hide, told her, there was nothing that would feel so right, as the feel of a drake embracing her, of them being embraced. He would see.
 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 10:40 AM
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J'tar's lips tugged slightly, though the smile didn't quite make it all the way to his face at first. It seemed as if it might have halted somewhere around his cheeks, and he looked towards - and past - the new arrival. Not bad looking, from what he could see...but did Rein'l and he know one another? It appeared to be so. J'tar wasn't entirely ignorant to body language, he could see in the shift of Rein'l's eyes that the other was less a stranger. Did that automatically discount his chances? Either way, he swept an arm against his stomach in a curt half-bow to the other Bluerider.

He wasn't entirely sure.

"I suppose we don't have to, given it's just us," J'tar finally admitted with a slow roll of one shoulder in a half-there shrug. "Admittedly, I don't know either of you, so if it's of more comfort for you to have him, I'll bow out?"

J'tar didn't want to be awkward, but it had seemingly long since surpassed that. From the looks of it, even with his relative...distance, as it were...he was the most extroverted in the room. It was no wonder, perhaps, that Rein'l looked to him.

"There's no rules saying we have to, but there's no rules saying you have to choose only whomever your Cyan chooses, either." He looked over M'kai. "I'm...not keen on sharing, but there's no harm in exceptions, mm?"

Don't you worry, Graceful One, Uviqueth bespoke Soroth in turn, Mine has a great deal of experience with Flightlust, and with....ones in Yours situation. I am sure Peth's bonded is no ruffian, either, I hope? He darted to one side, leaner in build and quick on his rather sizable wings. It's no worry, good sir! It's easy to be distracted by one indeed so gorgeous, is it not?

J'tar's smile finally broke through, the expression somewhat softening his otherwise sharp features. He decided to chance it; technically, he supposed there might have been some unspoken "rule" as to not approaching or touching the Rising female's bonded, but in truth Rein'l looked terribly....apprehensive? Was that what he was getting from it? Perhaps so. Perhaps not, but his chances couldn't be hurt any further than being a stranger.

The Eastern Rider's fingers eased out, slipped against M'kai's. He curled his first two fingers against M'kai's ring and pinkie fingers, drawing the saturated Rider with him as he began to approach Rein'l. M'kai looked older than him, but he wasn't overly sure either way. Such was the problem with having nearly a decade of experience as a Rider under his belt, and only being twenty turns. Even as being the most-likely-most-experienced Flightluster in the room, he still felt apprehensive and somewhat....younger than all of them.

Drawing closer, he extended his other hand towards the Cyanrider they'd come to see.

"I'm certainly not opposed to teaching you. You have oil, I hope? If not, we should send for some. It helps. I didn't bring any of my own, I probably should have. One just...can never expect when their dragon will Chase, hmm?" If M'kai hadn't pulled away, J'tar drew the other Rider closer, and dropped a hand to the Bluerider's belt. "You aren't opposed to sharing, are you?" he inquired quietly. "For a little while, at least?"

 Posted: Jun 19 2016, 11:41 AM

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M'kai cracked a smile as he scratched at his cheek with a finger, "she's a special one," he commented, but with clear sincerity. She had shown a bit of a gift for predicting some weather patterns during their weyrlinghood. So it was both amusing and unsurprising that she chose to fly in a rainstorm. It didn't bother Peth at all, and M'kai was only uncomfortable because his clothes and leathers were clinging to him. When you're in the rain you don't notice as much but as the aforementioned clothing starts to dry just a bit, its uncomfortable. Although M'kai didn't make that known, he spent his life working around uncomfortable conditions. Just because there was a storm, didn't mean you took the day off from the animals. Weyrlinghood wasn't a breeze either. The bluerider didn't normally complain often.

Should he have felt animosity towards the other bluerider? Wasn't that how he was supposed to feel, like the other was competition? Perhaps it was Peth's lighthearted nature that made this... easy, and while he was a little nervous (as Peth was) he would have been a wreck with anyone else in his head, he gathered. M'kai looked to Rein'l as J'tar made the offer to bow out, he opened his mouth to reply but closed it... and tried again. "I'm.. okay with y'here, if he is..." he offered simply.

He may have been a little tense as J'tar's fingers found his own, but regardless of his tenseness... he was pulled along as easily as if he hadn't been. There was nothing in M'kai's expression that hinted towards him hating this. "S'your Flight Rein'l. You an' Soroth. Rules'r whatever y'say they are." His eyes left J'tar's form (he was touching and it was distracting okay?) and he focused on Rein'l, "S'okay to be nervous," he stated softly and then mouthed an I am too.

Oil...? For wha... oh. Ohhh.

M'kai sucked in a soft breath, as J'tar's hand dropped to his belt. He cleared his throat, "ah... no. Not opposed. S'long as he isn'." He didn't know where to put his hands, or at least the hand that wasn't occupied by J'tar's. It didn't have to be awkward. But M'kai was new at this too, not just the Flightlust... but everything that could go with it.

Peth grinned at her first response, and trilled in reply. It was good to know she thought of him like that, and that she appreciated him being here. Even if that may have been to give Hers someone familiar, if it offered any comfort at all. Neither has Mine! Or chased rather.. Peth!? Oops... well.. its true, isn't it! No shame, no shame Mine.

He snickered softly at the Goodsir response, Mhmm! Very easy.

The rain was relentless, and the wind strained his wings. He was growing tired, but he didn't mind... after all he hand M'kai had just finished with drilling. He still had some strength left, as long as he used the wind to his advantage. Looking to Soroth's glistening light, it was easier to find his stamina reserves even as his breaths came a little harder.

 Posted: Jun 22 2016, 03:38 AM

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A slow breath released pent up tension as Rein'l found himself suddenly grateful towards J'tar. More and more standing was becoming a chore, his head light and instinct telling him he ought to sit at the least. Relief was short lived, his attention captured once more by the matter at hand. The rules weren't hard set, he would have to choose. The 'stranger' offering to bow out should have made that easier, but a surprising wave of upset spiked in Rein'l at the thought of turning him away for no reason other than he wasn't of the Weyr. He and M'kai hadn't spoken about being something to each other, and right now familiarity was as much a draw back as a strength.

"You don't have to go." He answered, after M'kai had given his word on the matter. He'd thought he'd be better prepared for this, had planned on it just being a matter of business, pick someone, do the deed and done, but there now there was uncertainty, confusion, and he couldn't sharding think. He could see why green riders could get testy over all this. Then, his eyes slipped down, saw the brush of fingers, and all was silenced in his mind, J'tar's approached answered by a less sure closing of the gap between them. M'kai's reassurances earned a brief, subtle smile, it helped, as did the realization he'd had. If he accepted both of them, they wouldn't have to wait; he wouldn't have to think, and at least he wasn't the only one who this was new too.

"I have some by the bed." He'd known this was coming for the better part of a sevenday after all, still there was something in that admission that had the flush in his cheeks darkening. No time for shyness, his eyes lowered, he kept from seeking the gaze of either man, not in shame, but to keep from losing his nerve at the most awkward part of the encounter. He'd never touched anyone in this way before, but worse, he'd never touched these two men, unspoken rules of what wasn't allowed, and discovered secretes on what pleased them were lacking. So, he pushed forward in the most direct way he could think, signaling his consent, and maybe looking to satisfy what Soroth had his mind most intent on.

Hands found their way to J'tar's belt, working to undo and loosen them, those eyes still lowered, watching his industry, though the shifted just enough to try to steal glances of exposed skin. Curious fingers were no more polite, brushing up under the unknown bluerider's shirt, testing the form found beneath. Rein'l was done worrying, done thinking, he wanted to feel them, and didn't care how it happened. Any touch either man offered would find him leaning, and shivering at, silent encouragement for more. Not that he was likely to remain silent as the flight progressed.

"If there's anything you two want to say, you might want to make it quick." There was no telling how much longer words would have meaning. Though he did try so very hard to listen to any instruction they might offer, as he rather boldly took hold of a hand of each to tug them along towards his bed.

Even as she flew forward, twisting and spiraling in utter joy in the flight, Soroth sensed everything. She felt hers, so far away, but close as they learned together what it was to be chased. She minded the way her chasers followed, her loyal blues who played in the rain, with her.

~I have complete faith in the valor of both your riders ~ She offered warmly to the pair, her rumble full of gratitude and affection. Such good males, both here in her skies and in their Weyr. 'The rain falls upon us all equally', her own words blew through the winds beneath her wings, and glistened along her hides. Her loyal blues were only two, but this was nothing to be sad about. With two, she too could fall equally. She beat her wings to ascend further, not trying to out pace them, as she favored gusts and thermals that should aid her suitors in reserving their energy.

Once her height was favorable enough that neither male should feel slighted, she turned once more, though this was no sweeping arc, but a sharp turn, not meant for them to avoid. She flew first at Uviqueth, no aggression in her wing beats as she slipped past to brush wing tips against his.

~Gentle, kind Uviqueth. Do not leave the skies unfulfilled. I will need you to catch me when it is your turn ~ She purred in his mind, the simple touch between them sparking her desires further. Slipping away the short distance, she rumbled softly to Peth. ~Dear Peth, I will be pleased if you are on my ledge when we have finished ~ She offered in a low purr, as she twined with the first of her suitors. This time, Soroth, like the rain would be able to fall equally.
 Posted: Jun 22 2016, 04:49 PM
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J'tar looked almost...well...distracted. He didn't ever look directly at Rein'l, always to one side, or focused on other parts of him. Particularly, his hands; especially when those dropped down to his belt as he and M'kai drew closer. His own fingers left Rein'l's, and hooked into the Cyanrider's belt in turn. Flicked across his waistband, before his hand turned at the pull towards his own body and curled agile digits into the fabric of his shirt. Pulled M'kai up against them, putting an arm around both of them and bringing them in as he one-handed Rein'l's shirt to yank it up and over his head.

It was cast aside without a second thought, dismissed from mind as easily as he did most people, creatures, and things. His hips connected, pinning the Cyanrider's hand where it lingered, before he - as briefly as could be humanly possible - connected a gaze with the keeper of the female his Blue was chasing. It flickered away, turned to M'kai, before J'tar caught the other Bluerider's lips with his own.

No hesitation. No regret, no confusion, no mistake. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he intended on teaching them both. Flightlust was perhaps the one emotion the Igen-bred Eastern Rider actually connected with, and he plied it like a craft between lightly tough-skinned hands. From M'kai's mouth, he ventured in turn to Rein'l, catching a taste of the man whose weyr they lingered within.

"I promise I'll try to be gentle," he seemed entirely calm. Completely in control of his own thoughts, but J'tar's brain had long ago been broken as far as overreacting. Speed was only vital in the sky, among others to which he might - some prior day - felt a need to impress or otherwise prove something to. The times he felt like speech in lyrical form. There was nothing hurried in his methods of pleasure, what he managed to connect to. The hand on Rein'l's side migrated to the small of his back, and he slipped a thumb into the fabric at his waistband. The fingers of his hand against M'kai's upper back were slid down in kind to mirror that of his other, and the smile faded from his lips. Passion, desire, lust, they hinted at his face, but never more than in his eyes. He took a step forwards, forcing Rein'l backwards with the support from his deceptively slight build and long arms. Another. Then another, pulling M'kai with him.

When they reached the bed, M'kai was drawn down first. J'tar gently nudged Rein'l over him, before he took his own place above them both. Uviqueth's excitement rushed through him, though the Blue - true to form - retained his gentlemanly distance until he was invited to join the most radiant of rain-encrusted comets slicing through the clouds and storm.

Of course, my lady, the Blue crooned, hanging back to allow Peth the first of their attendances to Soroth's desires. Likewise to what was in the sky, J'tar was content to teach first, and take his fill of the pair once they were slightly more acquainted with the proverbial way of things.

Clothing was peeled away, once again cast aside in the same manner as Rein'l's shirt had been. Riding leathers, underclothes, shirts, pants, by the time the Bluerider was through, the trio lay naked against one another. Inquiring quietly as to where the oil was, he retrieved it, before rejoining them and pulling the sheets up and over them all.

He taught them. Everything about Flightlust with another man, everything he knew and had learned in the last near-ten turns; as he hadn't exactly been terribly celibate during his own Candidacy, and there weren't many Weyrs who operated as this one did. With a Candidatemaster that had thirty firelizards.

J'tar shared Rein'l with M'kai, but gave the other Bluerider the lion's share of attention where Soroth's was concerned. He guided where he needed to, took part mostly only when Uviqueth had his chance. It was over for him not long after his Blue had broken claws with Soroth; with a brushed connection of lips with both his temporary lovers, he slipped from the sheets unobtrusively, drawing the edge of the linen across M'kai's back as he left the Bluerider with their mutual companion. He pulled his pants up across lean, sharply-muscled hips, stooping and pausing a moment as he sorted out which articles of clothing belonged to him, and which did not. Despite his distractions and apparent casual attention while it was all being removed, all M'kai's attire was left folded neatly in one pile on the floor, all Rein'l's in another. He ran his fingers over the water stains on the stone, before folding his own attire, and lingering a moment longer.

Uviqueth alighted on Soroth's ledge just long enough for J'tar to almost parkour his way up his Blue's shoulder, slipping into the natural saddle and flashing a small hint of a smile as the white-nosed Blue dropped away from the outcrop with no further sound.

When they landed in the Bowl outside the Dining Hall, he pulled on his now-saturated clothing, shoved his feet into his boots, and headed inside to find his cousin for supper.


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