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 It Is Written..., AU: 14; Nevisk's First Hatching
 Posted: Jun 15 2016, 06:20 PM


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Though those around her seemed rather nonplussed by the late hour, Dabryie could not keep a yawn from stealing her smile momentarily. Stifling it as best she could behind her hand she took a deep breath. There would be time for sleep later, once the final few hatchlings had chosen theirs. Even as she had the thought two more of the wherlets Impressed - one venturing into the stands to find His. She wasn't sure she knew the other woman, but then again she hardly claimed to know everyone. Perhaps she was from one of the Holds and that's why she was so unfamiliar to her? Definitely not someone she had run into while visiting her brother in Crescent.

Thoughts of her brother led her to thoughts of her family, more specifically her parents. A sour expression settled on her features, lips pressed into thin lines. Who were they to try and tell her now that she must change her ways? They were so eager to turn their back on her when she didn't fit into the role they decided for her; yet now they thought they could call the shots? Definitely not, she was the one who decided her life not them. A sigh forced through her nose and though her face remained tight she did her best to push the sour thoughts from her mind. This was a hatching! True some ichor had been spilled on the sands but no one had died, yet, so it was still a joyous occasion! Rolling her shoulders she did her best to relax as she watched the remaining hatchlings, trying to make the matches in her mind despite not knowing the remaining Candidates.


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T'vis nodded some at her appraisal of the upper flight before giving a bit of a shrug, "I'm in the lower wing. Grays don't have as much stamina, don't want to risk him giving out in the middle of fall. Makes sense and all but I feel like we could do more." A small amount of bitterness crept into his voice but did not linger; he knew there was nothing that could be done about the biology of his dragon. He'd rather play it safe than have something happen to Reith. Mouth opened to say something but promptly closed at the presence of Raloma's hand on his knee as she leaned forward. Faint hues of red colored his cheeks briefly but he followed her gaze, and her exclamation proved that she'd just been excited about Runner's impression. "Y-yeah. Good on him."

When she settled back - was she sitting closer to him now? - he cleared his throat some, "He's been fine... still on about making sure everyone has a dragon or a wher. Surprised he didn't come here to try and recruit some of the on-lookers into becoming Candidates."

 Posted: Jun 15 2016, 08:00 PM
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Nevisk was concerned, but the Gold didn't show it. Her Red daughter was fading fast, she could feel it; the wheret was deposited into her paws, sheltered behind her immense maw as she pressed her other hatchlings to find their intended Handlers. Some of them had been out of their shells for some time, and it was time for them to seek out who they were meant to be with.

The Gray was the first to move. Out of those there, he'd been outside his shell the longest, and he was starting to really feel the pangs of hunger. He cheeped a farewell to Desk, before meandering out towards the group. Hungry. He was hungry, and there wasn't any meat immediately around him to eat. He could feel it in his gut, and it began to slowly bleed over to the one meant to be His. Hungry. Hungry. Grrrrrrrr, his stomach protested, and he felt the small push of fatigue beginning to settle in. Time to go.

Normally, he would have tested the resolve of all those he came across; he would have made sure they belonged with him, they fit him, but the need to eat was overwhelming his mind.

He wobbled a bit, before pawing the Sand. Crouched. Target acquired. We are go for launch.

Lunging, he charged at His, but halted respectfully in front of her. It seemed, the only person immune to attack from his headknobs. He curled his tail around himself pitifully, craning his head up at her with pleading eyes.

Kelah! Kesk think time go eat now. Your Kesk really, really, REALLY hungry, you know. He sank his absolutely tiny teeth into her ankle, feeling his stomach roll once more as the blood hit his senses. Owwww. Hurry, please. Kesk take too long, think. Wait too long, need eat now, now, now...

Taurus - [#aaaaaa] - Gray Kesk, Impresses to Kelah

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Kesk's entire demeanor is stubborn. He's not thick-headed or unintelligent by any means - no, this wher is, like the rest of his siblings, quite smart and witty. He can be a bit sarcastic at times, especially if someone's being intentionally dense about something; not a leader in any respect, but with some work with His, he could potentially become a Pridesecond or even a Prideleader one day. However, that hinges entirely on what His wants.

He works hard, just as hard as His, if not even harder, and like His, wants to do things his own way. That is, when Kelah can get him to move. Kesk can be unspeakably lazy sometimes - be it because of his size, or simply because he just doesn't want to, who knows. Faranth knows there are other Grays around who have no problems working hard. That being said, he is dependable. If this Gray tells you he's going to do something, or he promises, rest assured his word is as good as law. It'll get done, even if he has to stay with His after-candlemarks to do it.

Kesk is patient in a great majority of things, however, he's quite territorial and possessive of His. Kelah belongs to HIM, and though His is flirty at times, she's going to have to teach Kesk the difference between just flirting with no intent, and when she's actually interested in someone - and at that, they're going to butt heads a little bit on that regard. In Kesk's mind, he's there to protect His and thrash any would-be heartbreakers around their ankles. He's deeply sensitive, and His can easily hurt his feelings if she's too sharp with him; in the same respects, Kesk is initially shy and doesn't really interact with strangers until His shows/tells him it's okay. Kelah is the center of Kesk's world, and he revolves near-constantly around her.

Kesk is built leanly, though slightly thick-legged compared to the rest of him. He has big honking paws that tend to have one of two results when walking anywhere - cushioning his steps to the point he's near-silent, or his claws click loudly (clop clop clop, nothing to see here). His headknobs are substantially hard, and he's not afraid to use them to move people or things along (beware your calves, would-be path-blockers!). His wings are little more than a secondary set of headknobs on his shoulders, with a tiny, tiny fringe of membrane. He will never be glide-capable, but makes up for it with a surprising capacity to outrun most whers bigger than himself in short bursts, using his substantially long tail as a balance. He's very, very fast over short distances - Kelah will have to keep up! He will grow to be 2' tall, and 4'3" long; given his penchant for laziness, Kelah may find herself carrying him around until he's large enough that she can tell him he's too big.

Why Kelah?
Kelah's headstrong personality and outspoken, fiery nature is a counter to Kesk's equally stubborn and yet shy and patient demeanor. He doesn't anger easily, and this will hopefully balance out Kelah to keep her fire under control, as they grow; Kesk's small state and size will also allow him to remain with Kelah almost at all times, to make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble with the flirting, as well as Kesk's own creativity potentially blossoming with Kelah's Smithwork. He will be small enough to fit around her in the Forges without being in the way, and his appearance is artful and sleek enough that he compliments her desire to look Holder-ly and somewhat non-threatening. Because let's face it, Kelah is fierce enough for both of them!

The remaining Blue was short in following his Gray brother, but His....wasn't on the Sands. He plopped down on his haunches, confused...where...where was....

He looked up in the Stands, and crooned. All the way up there!? But...but....He looked back at his mother, who turned to look at his remaining Cyan sister. The Cyan shook her head. Nope. Not it. Nevisk bared her teeth, and her second-to-last daughter grumbled, smacking her Blue brother in the backside as she became chaperone and ventured up with him. But...Hers was up here, too. Well, wasn't that just shardin' convenient! She sighed, bumping her brother as he slowly made his way up the stands. Now, now, my sister, no rush! We don't want to be hurt, do we? He craned his head. Almost there. Almost! A little bit further!

Finally, huffing and puffing, he settled down in front of His.

Don't worry, DabriyeMine! Your Dabysk be here! I make sure nobody mess with you, not now, not ever, always protect! We prove them wrong, you see. Never turn snout down at Dabysk's again! Never! But uh...maybe we get food first? Dabysk very hungry. Then, um...we talk about stuff! Important stuff. Uh...but...Dabysk is family now, too, right? Hope not uh...um...step on toes, I think Nevisk say is to say. But Dabysk know one thing for sure, myDabriye! Not have worry about place again! Dabysk, Dabriye, best Handlerpair, I grow up! Just know. Okay, maybe NOT know all about, but we get there, right? He reached out tentatively, and scratched along her arm as he climbed up to sit in her lap. Politely, he lapped at the blood shed, and nuzzled her. Dabysk Red sister, she be okay, right? You Mama, you know better, Dabysk not know. Is worry.

Cancer - [#959FF3] - Blue Dabysk, Impresses to Dabriye

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Dabysk is a walking contradiction, in some ways, shapes, and forms. While he's self-starting and does very well on his own in most regards, he depends strongly on other people (particularly Dabriye) for encouragement and emotional support. He isn't always certain he's doing the right thing, at least that's what he tells himself; he's no dummy by any stretch of the imagination, he's just not always secure with his decisions, and tends to second-guess himself sometimes. Sure, he'll make the right choice almost every time, but there's always that voice that - until he's successful - that goes 'are you sure that was the right choice to make?'. He's friendly and outgoing towards everyone he meets, but he's happiest when he's hanging out with just Dabriye and a few of her friends; when he gets older (and more secure by proxy to someone as intelligent and well-versed in life as His), he'll even volunteer to watch the kids while she handles something else. He adores children, and will protect them to the death, especially His and her own hatchling. He always has something kind to say about other people, to make them feel good about themselves and that someone cares about them; on the other side of the coin, he tends to get a little sheepish when people do the same to him (unless it comes from His - this is accepted much more readily).

He stands up fiercely for things he believes in, and isn't the sort that lets anyone be bullied while he's around (especially the kids under His' protection). He sees a lot more things than most suspect he does, and has a remarkable ability for perception, simply because His' job is pretty much making sure kids don't get into trouble and are looked after. He's pretty smart, given the lineage he comes from, but sometimes can come across as not, simply because he's distracted making sure he doesn't visually miss anything. He doesn't like to be lazy, and you'll always find him doing something to try and make things easier on His and his Also-His.

Dabysk is a bit thick and soft in build; while he has his fair share of muscle, he's about as cuddly as a wher can get. His frame, like one of his sisters, lacks the sharp edges some whers have; he's streamlined outside of his fluff, his wings are small and unobtrusive, and his head tapers into an asthetically pleasing taper that's not un-dragonlike in appearance (and a bit big for his body in youth, but he'll grow into it!). His tail is substantial, prehensile (the better to herd wayward kidlets into safe places!) and the spines along his back are softer than some spines among other whers could be. Their points are not sharp, and his headknobs curve gracefully back and upwards - to keep children who grab at them from hurting themselves, and allowing him to use his snoot to move wayward kiddies. His back paws are slightly longer and broader than most whers, and it gives him a solid footing to support practically anything that happens to lean on him, without the chance of him toppling. He will grow to 6'2" (excluding his tail, which adds another some 4 feet to his length), and 4' tall at his shoulder, at adulthood.

Why Dabriye?
Dabriye has seen many aspects of life as most people know it, and still come out with a resolve that appears somewhat unshakeable; Dabysk will require her strength of will and her wisdom to develop into a strong protector, and at the same time, Dabysk will hopefully help her out with her daughter as a guardian and aide when Dabriye needs a break (and a distraction for restless weyrbrats to cuddle with and otherwise forget their boredom!). Dabysk also will act as both a reinforcement for His' kind heart, as well as keeping her from being walked over by people when she happens to let her guard down; while at the same time, showing her that he's got her back and she can take risks she might not otherwise take, given she's a mother.

It left the Cyan and the Red; the latter hidden behind her mother's maw. Nevisk looked increasingly unsettled, and finally Nevitheran let go of Raistlin's hand - knuckles white as a bleed-over from his Gold - and took matters into his own hands. Venturing over to the feeding area, he picked up a handful of scraps from one of the buckets, and walked out towards his Queen. Nevisk lifted her eyes, but not her head, and watched Hers come. The Cyan skittered out of the way, curiously peering towards Nevisk's, before she ventured up through the barrier and vanished; she side-eyed Vresk, before Nevisk pressed Raisk.

Escort baby to Stands, please. Hate have to ask, but need ask you now. Thank you, Raisk.

Nevitheran cleared the shells from a small place beside his Gold, letting the hand without the scraps settle to her spined shoulders. Nevisk chuffed softly.

Not think Hers here, King. Worry.
I know. We'll see. We just have to wait it out.
Not sure how much longer she wait.

He reached past Nevisk's immense head, and pulled the Red into his lap. Holding some scraps towards her, she turned her head. He wasn't Hers. She wouldn't eat it. Theran's eyes darkened, and he gently put the Red back in Nevisk's paws. Nevisk took the scraps, and pushed them towards her wheret.

The hatchling sniffed at them, then laid her head down on her paws, peering out at the Sands with pale purple eyes. Theran lingered beside his Gold, scratching her shoulders and wings gently. He didn't know what else to do. Was this what feeling powerless was like?

He could feel the rage beginning to well inside his Queen. Undoubtedly, there would be blood if he didn't do something about it.

Maybe they didn't hear you?

The low growl resonated, mirrored by the Red wheret. She turned her eyes on Al'dr, and then turned her head once more, settling her chin down in the sand and blocking the wheret from view. Theran lingered, continuing to attend his Gold.

Are you sure they aren't here?
She looking. Not see. Not here. I give time, see if they come. They come, have three strike. No one, no two. No excuse, late when I call. She die, so do they.
You don't even know who they are, my heart.
Not care. Find out. They pay.
Shhh, my love. We've got a little bit longer, we'll see. Who knows, maybe something was going on, and they just didn't hear you. We must be strong

 Posted: Jun 15 2016, 09:55 PM

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Kelah had been watching the entire hatching with wary curiosity and rapt interest. It was still very strange to be in the center of everything, and things were taken in stride. Ah... but she was weyrborn, so with the birth of the twin red she had sucked in a breath and held. She knew they had violent tendancies, but she couldn't help admire them at the same time. But one can admire something dangerous, the admiration was an understanding of sorts. She did appreciate Fortath's words as he flooded her head with his strange blue-like calm, and wit and she held on to his consciousness, or at least didn't push him away.

Nevisk handled the red twins rather well, even if one of her other children -the iron- was viciously attacked. She was concerned for them, but she also has seen enough hatchings to know that things like that happened. The the red passed her and hissed, she didn't flinch... but she did stiffen slightly (and then cursed herself for doing so). She was just prepared to jump out of the way is all! After all she did not want to be put out of the game, especially if she was going to end up standing. Her Forgework would be all she had, if so.

Hatchling after hatchling impressed and her honey eyes followed each one, to an extent. Especially the ones that found their match in the Stands. Stands impressions were the interesting ones, especially when Theirs knew nothing of what they impressed to... or what they got into. Poor sods. Although none looked to be put off by it.

A soft sigh escaped her as she shifted her weight some. She was suddenly feeling hungry, and wondered if she skipped any meals today. Normally she did well with eating regularly... even if she was busy with her work. Then.. something didn't feel right. You didn't just feel this hungry without a slow build up. This was... not her?

Kel's gaze snapped forward suddenly as the gray made its charge. Her eyes widened and she shifted her feet and prepared to move out of the way. She was not going to get bowled over (or at least hit by something so so tiny), standing there like a useless wherry was silly. She twitched some but the grey, instead, stopped short with a small wave of sand. He peered up at her with sad hungry eyes and it was then she could feel his consciousness blend with hers.

Kelah! Kesk think time go eat now. Your Kesk really, really, REALLY hungry, you know. Her eyes softened for a moment until she hissed suddenly as his teeth sunk into her ankle. The softness left her expression and she frowned down at the gray... Kesk harshly. But as the bond solidified... so did everything that came with it. Her stomach, or his rather, suddenly hurt she felt so hungry... but it wasn't her.

Owwww. Hurry, please. Kesk take too long, think. Wait too long, need eat now, now, now...

Kelah opened her mouth to protest and chide him, but she could feel how desperate he was...and of course that bled to her own feelings: with the bond so fresh. "Oh sweet Kesk, come here. Don't you worry, we'll get you fed." The new Gray handler bent down and picked up her wher. He was so small. Mine know will get bigger... he chided her a little weakly, but he seemed pleased to be in her arms and not walking. "Oh I know, but you being the size you are... you will be able to sit with me while I work" she whispered softly, as her fingers brushed against his hide. She found Hers, and she couldn't wait to introduce him to B'oh and Khadroth.

She found her own bucket and with a warm, polite smile to her wherlingmaster she sat down and began to tear the meat into smaller piece-- "No no! Wait-" But-! "you're hungry, I know. Shouldn't have waited so long to find me then," Kesk would have responded with something smart and appropriate but when the meat was held in front of his face he snapped it up with red eyes. His chosen silence (even due to food being priority made her smile.

She heard the tail end of the others introducing themselves, "Kelah," she spoke up, looking up from Kesk. "And this is Kesk. This... looks to be a fun group," she mused. Less talk, more meat! Say want Kesk eat small bites. Can't when yipping!

"Patience, sweetie."


Nevitheran's flushed face was enough to earn the Goldhandler a delighted laugh. "Don't you worry sweet "King" i'm sure my light and I will both love it." They were about to mention how they felt a little badly how they didn't get one for Nevitheran in return... but things went sour a little quickly.

First it was Nevitheran's change in demeanor, which had Raistlin's gaze returning to the Sands from their handsome distraction. The sight of Nevisk with her little red daughter was... a little heartbreaking. Raistlin almost held on to 'Theran... but let the Goldhandler pull away to help with his Gold. Raisk, dear?

Think Theirs not here.
Do you not pick anyone over dying?
They asked sincerely.
Some picky, some prefer right bond over weak, useless. Might not settle on less. Raisk would not. Raistlin was right one. Knew from moment Mine touch Raisk's shell. All rest, useless, cowardly, weak, pathetic.
I hope... theirs comes...
They said as a frown passed over their features. Raisk snorted... but she did not look at the fading Red, instead lashed her tail against the sand.

Well... until Nevisk bespoke her and she looked up. If whers could effectively frown... she would have frowned. Instead a growl vibrated through her, as her lips pulled into a mild snarl. But Raisk did not fight it, and she did not even need Hers to push her. She just stood and turned to follow the cyan that disappeared beyond the barrier. Faster find Yours, faster little get food. Or Raisk bite until choose. she growled, but it lacked any real venom. Instead all that venom was focused on the people in the Stands. She played up looking like the monster some thought she was. But of course most who have been around long enough knew that she wasn't out of control. It didn't hurt to bare her teeth at those who stared too long, maybe even snap in their direction if that didn't put them off.

Ah but the cyan never left her sight. She may have complained about being sent up here... but she took her job seriously. If anyone looked at this wheret wrong, they would get bitten, not even Hers could stop her fast enough. (Or so she thought. Raistlin paid too much attention sometimes.)

 Posted: Jun 16 2016, 05:33 AM

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Having smarting scratches down her legs didn’t stop Irrin from watching the hatchlings left in the nest. The grey hatchling seemed fascinated by the adult grey who perched on the wall around the nest. It was amusing to see a cyan bop one of her blue brothers over the head to get his attention. These hatchlings didn’t seem inclined to chase each other all over the sand like some, but all of them seemed aware of their clutchmates. All of them seemed to want to take a bit of the nest wall with them too, it was interesting.

Nevisk swept the unbonded red up into her massive maw while she attended the nervous looking blue, who wanted someone from the stands. Irrin wondered how the spectators felt to see the queen climbing up the benches with the tiny red peering out of her mouth. Was the red hatchling’s bonded up there somewhere too?

Apparently not, as Nevisk brought her daughter back down to the sands after the blue made his way along the benches to find his partner. Irrin jumped as something rubbed up against her legs. Well, is successful, Irrin looked down to see the one of the cyan hatchlings rubbing against her like a feline. So many Irrisk sisters, brothers, scare of Red sister. Irrisk not scare. Think silly. Just different hide color. Why two-legs so dimglow sometime, Irrin? Very silly. Red, they be nice, too. Not always mean. Look at Raisk. Proof. a soft hided muzzle and a damp green tongue ran across her calves as the hatchling expounded this theory. Want bite, or have knife? Not able use this. Too dry. Need bond, then need food. We figure out where go from there, yes?

The girl looked down, a little stunned by this talkative baby. She knelt and offered an arm to the tiny fangs. “My knife is back in my room. Not too deep if you please.” A sense of Irrisk was already coiled on the edge of her awareness, a spring ready to uncoil and get into all sorts of things. The wher ran her snout gently across the offered skin and struck suddenly. It stung and it came with a clearer sense of Irrisk, as if a thick piece of pressed bullseye glass was being slowly lifted from between them. Irrin’s stomach rumbled and she took it as a hint to rise and walk with her new partner across the sand.

“I don’t know why people have to be so silly Irrisk.” Irrin flicked her curls back over her shoulder as she answered the wher’s earlier inquiry. “Plenty of people are scared of whers but starry eyed about dragon hatchings. That makes no sense either. Not me though. I’ve been waiting for you.” The girl’s voice lowered to a confidential tone as she spoke that last. Irrisk not wait. Irrisk not have to. The wher sounded smug.

“Congratulations everyone.” Irrin gave all the people feeding their wherets a smile and fell to the same task herself.
 Posted: Jun 16 2016, 05:34 PM

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What to do.

How to impress.

That was with a lowercase ‘i’, of course. Aderyn hardly had her sights on a bonded partner, but she most certainly had them on anyone, and everyone, with an opportunity to advance her personal plans. Hatchings were an excellent opportunity. So many movers and shakers, gathered in one place, in a good mood.

(Barring tragedy, of course, and Aderyn tossed a pointed thought in the direction of the eggs to kindly behave themselves, as she had things to be done, and they would not proceed as planned if she had to pretend to weep prettily over some poor fallen fool in a grand of her tender and sympathetic heart.)

But of course, after taking her time finding the absolute centermost spot, where the glows would reflect just so off her warm-toned skin and her embroidered best, some oversized lout had gone and plonked himself and his posse in front of her, completely obscuring her from view. She didn’t really care that she couldn’t’ see anything, no, but the world ought to be able to see her. Sniffing haughtily, she straightened herself up, expecting, at some point, that they would realize what a crime they were committing and oblige.

But no.

Now, of course, she could have gotten up to move, but the light, little of it though there was was just right.

Finally, the group, having apparently been there to cheer one of the new Impressees on, stood up to get closer to the feeding area—insomuch as the stands would allow—and Aderyn watched them leave with a sneer she veiled behind a hand in a gesture with her hand, disguised as a cry of excitement at the gray’s Impression.

Now everyone could see her, and be in awe accordingly.

She offered a quick glance to the finally unobscured feeding area. No one of interest there, though the kings had apparently both picked women.

Well, at least they had the good sense to understand who ought to have authority.


Kolbi and Jemi fidgeted somewhere in the back, having trailed in after their moderately more imposing relative, leaving Eine to the front while they exchanged glances of full conversation in the back in absolute silence.

Do you really wanna do this?

Don’t you?

Well sure, but I don’t wanna

Who said anything about dying?

Technically we haven’t ‘said’ anything at all.

Well yes, but back to the dying bit.

Al’dr doesn’t seem to think we’ll die.

He has a dragon. Dragons are friendly.

Dunno, that red one killed somebody.

Well, she was red. And that was turns ago.

Speaking of red…

Simultaneously, the twins’ heads tilted. Two from one shell? But even more pressing than red was—

“Eine gotta blue!” That burst from one of them—Kolbi—but it was Jemi who covered his mouth after, as though it had been he who spoke, and Kolbi’s hand joined it such that three hands covered a mouth that had been quiet, even as his body tilted sideways, almost parallel to the sands to peer curiously at the eggs.

A glance to Jemi. Are those…rocks?

Looks like it. Did she paint ‘em?

Think it would be hard to do, with the talons…

Jemi, at that point, shuffled his feet. They needed to pay attention. They’d managed to avoid notice but…the candidates were thinning out. He laughed nervously, then winced at the sound. Kolbi inched closer.

Don’t worry.


Temurshivi did not sit. She was not doing much sitting lately, preferring to stand and so be ready to move if necessary, but she nonetheless did her best impression of being casually relaxed, leaning against the wall of the cavern towards the upper stands. Keth reached out in silent congratulations to the gold mother.


Kyrovin wasn’t just late. He practically missed the whole thing, stumbling blearily into the stands with the expression of someone deeply dismayed with being roused from his bed. He was only there at all, by all appearances, because a bright, bubbly yellow fire lizard was doing her best to drag him in, wings straining in effort as her claws remained tangled in the curl mop of hair, angry chittering quieting as they entered but still audible to those in the immediate vicinity.

He slid bonelessly into a seat, yawning hugely.

He might have gone to sleep, but Flutterbeebuttermilk (aforementioned yellow) was having none of that, thank you, and sat her slightly pudgy tush on his nose, blocking air to the passage. Kyr got the message, swatted her off his face and into his lap, and prepared to cheer on his foster sib who…

Who of course, Impressed a bloody king.

Still yawning, Kyr fluttered his fingers in her direction, moving his lips in a way she possibly, after all this time, would be able to read, “Yes yes, lovely job. Don’t let it eat you.” ‘It’, of course, being Liamesk, Liask, whatever combination of her name it had chosen. To Bee, he murmured, “I think I shall call him Limsky. He looks like a Limsky, don’t you think?” Flutterbeebuttermilk chirped in confusion. Did he? She did not know what a Limsky looked like. Kyr pointed, helpfully, at Liask. “Like that.” Oh yes, she nodded, yes if that was what a Limsky looked like, he most definitely resembled one.
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It hadn't occured to Lyorion that his own living arrangements might change. Mom having a wher was more complicated than he'd thought. It was still good, he was sure of that. Mom had looked so happy and he'd always wondered if she was lonely seperated from his Dad. But what would he do while she was busy? "I won't have to stay with the little kids, will I?" he asked, nose wrinkling in distaste. It wasn't that he minded visiting the creche or even playing with the younger kids from time to time. It was just, they could get so annoying in large numbers and he liked to be on his own. Maybe he could stay with Uncle G'len all the time? Though he supposed that would be a bit much to ask. Or maybe...

"Could I stay with the candidates?" he asked, eyes hopeful and pleading. "I'm almost ten, just 3 more months!" It was close enough, wasn't it? Now that his mom was a handler, he could be a candidate at ten, right?

The plight of the reds drew his attention back to the little whers for now. True to what G'len had said, one had Impressed already. He wondered what it would be like to have twin fire lizards, that might be neat! But the other red looked sad and her mom looked upset. Lyo frowned with concern. He didn't understand much about whers, but the baby should be looking for a person, right? That was how it worked. "What's wrong? Is it lost?" What if it couldn't find a person? Dragons died if that happend. Leo hugged Stormy tight for comfort. Poor little red.


Galya had to laugh at Riyd's answer. Gaseous! That was rich! Might not be so bad to hang out with a bunch of youngsters if they were this fun. Gask looked up at her with interest. Galya change name? Try Gaseous? New adventure! Maybe she would try a new name too! Though she hadn't quite gotten used to the one she'd picked yet.

Galya shook her head, trying to stop the chuckles. "No, no. I think I'll stick with my boring old name. Galya, charmed to meet you all," she winked at Riyd and smiled around at the rest of the group. Not all of them seemed as forward as the first few who'd spoken, but that was alright. Always differences in any group. Some were probably shy or just plan didn't like people. Galya didn't much mind. To each their own after all.

But first, it looked like a few more were joining their little group. She waved at the newcomers with a smile. "Welcome and congratulations!" At least everyone looked fairly pleased with their new whers. There were a couple other new wherlings in her position of being picked from the stands, but no one looked unhappy. And why not? True, she hadn't exactly planned for this when she woke up this morning, but how could she say no to such a darling face.

Speaking of that morning, Galya yawned. "Anyone know when bed time is?" she asked with a wry grin. No sleep! Too much adventure to have! Gask pushed at her knees with excitement. What wanted to sleep? She'd done all that in the egg! Galya patted her head fondly. Don't worry, dear, she answered, trying to speak mind to mind as she'd seen her siblings do. I think I'm pretty awake now. Gask rumbled in satisfaction.
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She was so late, she had been running doing chores all night, trying to get things done, ready for the hatching. Here she was running down the halls, sliding around corners, trying her best to get to the hatching. She wished she had been listening better. as she rounded another corner she started to sniffle, she didn't want to cry yet, she hadn't wanted to cry at all, and she was started to cry again. She didn't want to miss the hatching, wasn't sure if she was going to, and found that the last turn she hit, she might as well have missed the hatching. So many eggs hatched and so many people no longer on the sands, she started to cry. She looked around, hoping that maybe the last few eggs hadn't hatched, but it didn't matter at this point. She cried for the lose of being able to stand at the hatching, it was her fault, she hadn't paid attention, hadn't kept her head clear and been so tired. She was late, late for the moment in her life she had waited for this whole time at the weyr. Here she found herself slipping down the wall just inside the hatching sands, her face covered by her hands, sobbing silently into them. Oh she was in trouble now, she knew, the candidate master would punish her for being late, missing a hatching, and the others, they would make fun of her for being late, for not paying attention.

((Sorry im' late))
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The Cyan chuffed at Raisk, walking with the Red up to the Stands, and beyond. The little wheret turned, looked towards the late arrival, and quirked her head, before turning back to the Stands. Hers wasn't down there. Hers was up here. She rubbed her left side against the adult Red's ankle, before she migrated among the spectators. A sniff of a boot, a curious nibble at pantlegs, a rub of her side against an ankle. But where was Hers? Where...

She slinked past the end of a cane, knocking it over and halting as it clattered against stone. V'dol reached down, drawing a hand across the Cyan's little back in comfort - it was all right, she didn't do anything wrong! - before plucking it back up again.

Visk not see metal leg before, she looked up at Vinlos, before climbing his pants to settle on his knee. She looked at Inessa curiously, tilting her head before she looked back to Hers. Vinlos not use metal leg, what that for? Clutchbrother very strange. She looked back at Raisk, crooning slightly, but to Vinlos she chided the Red. Not need escort, make it just fine, Visk think, but Nevisk, Vresk, other grow-ups get angry, come alone. Not alone, though. Have you. All Visk need. All Vinlos need, too, but.... Again, she looked at Inessa. ...Vinlos want keep company of Big-Winger, guess all right. Not complain. Just long as Big-Winger understand Vinlos belong Visk, not...her. Ignore Visk, get bite.

She sighed, nevertheless she sank her teeth into the side of Vin's hand, licking his blood from her maw.

Gemini - [#65aaa1] - Cyan Visk, Impresses to Vinlos

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Visk is independent. She'll be the first one to tell anyone, but it's (mostly) a ruse - she loves nothing more than venturing out on trips with Hers, discovering new and potentially exciting situations, places, people, and things. She's pretty witty, and ferociously clever; but as good at advice-giving as she can be, she only ever takes advice from Hers. It could even be so bad as Vinlos simply repeating something someone else says.

She abhors schedules, rules, and over-tuned regulations; they make her feel chained down and restless. She'd rather be areound Hers than in crowds or otherwise subjected to overly-social situations, though she certainly will if Vinlos decides he wants to do something like that - but make no mistake, if she feels like people in general are hoarding Hers and keeping her from her much-needed personal time, she's likely to get pretty aggressive and/or upset. Like her mother, her intellect is ferocious; she wants to learn about practically anything and everything, especially where Hers' craftwork is concerned, and when Vinlos can keep her focused on something (regardless of importance), she's highly successful. She can explain every quick reaction, and every move both she and Hers make; one is rarely able to catch her unawares, even if they catch Hers that way.

Visk is a shade shorter than average for Cyans - she'll top out at 5'9" long, and 3'8" tall. She's remarkably streamlined as far as whers go; her body lacks any of the knobby protrusions whers are known for, her tail is long and tapers, ending in equally long tailforks. Her wings are tiny by comparison, and will only get more so as she grows; beyond a set of larger-by-comparison-to-the-rest-of-her paws, she's effectively serpentine in appearance. Her neck ridges are somewhat tiny. Her hide is smooth.

Why Vinlos?
Like Vinlos, Visk is a bit of an in-your-face, no-holds-barred sort; she carries Vinlos' 'asshole' tendencies, and yet handles it with a bit more sass and social grace (when she wants to). Like Hers, she adores the water, loves fish (in fact, she's more prone to want fish that Hers catches, over chopped up herdbeast or wherry), and would rather spend more time doing something useful than talking to people - yet, she can be social when the need arises, not unlike Hers, and can come off as something of a charmer when she wants to.

Nevisk growled as the late arrival came. Nevitheran rose, too, catching the Red wheret as her mother almost dropped her. She was fading, and fast.

The Gold was charging almost faster than Hers could react - Nevisk's huge maw bore every one of her razor-sharp, bone-white teeth, and she hissed as she advanced. First a walk, then a trot, and finally a full-bore run as her eyes ran scarlet. Nevitheran got fully to his feet, and he didn't need his voice. The sheer force of mind alone was enough to stop the six-foot, serpentine Clutchmother in her tracks; enough that sand flew in a spray from her paws as she halted only centimeters from Carolly.


She could smell her fear, her tears. The expanse of her lips curled further up her blue-green gums, her spines were fully standing, bristled in fury. Theran stood statue-still for only a moment, as the wheret in his hands began to stir. She struggled, and the Weaver set her to the Sands.

The little Red wheret was almost on her last legs. Exhausted, starving, shaking, but proud. She held her head aloft, wobbled where she stood for several moments. Nevisk never took her eyes off the Candidate she'd bore down upon, tail twitching as her last remaining daughter took shakey steps through the sifting ground, and walked up between her mother's paws. Got to Nevisk's front talons, which reached out on one paw and caught the Candidate in the ankles. One movement, to put her on her ass.

Useless, she hissed. Lucky. Lucky like Pern in last big Fall. Lose some, win some, but you lucky. You so lucky, need visit Bitra and wager all prize fight for next turn. She shoved her maw inches from the girl's face. Nevisk keep eye on you. You learn, you not be useless, or not just Nevisk hatchling get culled.

The Red wheret climbed up Carrolly's leg, climbed her chest, and sat with her back against the girl's chin; directly between Nevisk's menacing maw, and the girl's tear-stained face.

Not cull. Carrosk belong Carrolly, now. Mother leave alone, know what good for. My Carrolly. Not you snack. Belong, prove worthy. Now go. Before Carrosk give Nevisk one strike.

Nevisk's growl resonated, before she turned abruptly and went back towards Theran. His hand lifted, running from the end of her snout all the way up her face, across her neck, down her shoulders, back, and haunches, before she settled to them beside him.

All babies hatched. Found Theirs. Now listen to Isk. Become Handlerpair, make Dalibor great. Do not disappoint me.

Carrolly, Carrosk offered mentally, as she sank her teeth into the girl's shoulder, Not cross mother again. Need be vigilant. Be strong. Not be scare. Right now, though, I need food. I need food bad. Right now. Prove worth something, and feed your Carrosk.

Scorpio - [#7E1B2C] - Red Carrosk, Impresses to Carrolly

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Carrosk is like most Reds (and her twin sister) with her jealousy, her suspicion of anyone not Hers (and even sometimes of Hers), and her obsession about always being close to the one she's bonded to. However, she's distinctly different from her twin in the manner that she's much more reserved. Of the pair, she's the more observant one; Carrosk is more likely to ambush, to study, to gather information on those she disdains, and THEN spring her attack; the obvious exception to this being if Hers is in danger. You will never see a more vicious Red if someone raises a hand or upsets Carrolly.

Her sense of humor, when she has one, is a bit shocking; she's the one that makes the statements everyone's thinking, but nobody's saying.

This Red employs the same three-strike tactic that her mother does; people are given three chances to do something correctly, and then she takes things into her own large paws. However, she's aware of the "stigma" with Reds, and will not do anything that might get Hers and herself evicted from the Weyr. In this regard, she is also painfully blunt; if Carrolly feels sorry for herself a bit too much, Carrosk is likely to snap at her an attempt to break her out of it. In her mind, the bond between wher and human is a mutual attempt to balance one another. Carrosk isn't about to let Hers be perceived as weak or useless in any respect, and will insist on patrolling and walks; she will initially not care to swim or go anywhere near water, but once Carrolly convinces her that it's fantastic exercise (and a whole lot of fun!) she'll find it much more appealing.

Carrosk is not so close an Identical Twin, but more a Fraternal one. While her coloring matches her sisters almost exactly, their builds are only faintly similar; Carrosk is leaner and longer than her sister, built much more lightly with longer wings. Unlike her sister, she will be capable of short glides as she gets older. She's faster than her sibling, too; but what Carrosk has in speed and agility, she lacks in the general stand-your-ground of bigger, burlier whers. She can be easily hurt, if people step on her or otherwise throw their weight around in her regard. Carrolly will have to keep a close eye on this one. Carrosk will be 7'4" long (excluding her tail), and stand 4' at the shoulder.

Why Carrolly?
Shiftergirl suggested that Carrolly might do well with a Red, and the personality seemed to have some potential to balance out. Carrolly suffers a bit with self-depreciation (as her sister's bonded also does); Reds are fiercely loyal and quite protective of Theirs, which seemed to be a good fit with Carrolly. Carrosk's personality is very unforgiving when it comes to self-worth issues; a Red is a bit of a handful, and not only do I see Carrolly getting a good share of character development via Carrosk, but I also see Carrolly balancing out Carrosk's territorial/aggressive personality with her much kinder, gentler heart. One will counter the other, and Carrosk - while she can come across very blunt - only means the best for Hers, and wants to see Carrolly's confidence grow even more than it already has.

Ijo sighed in relief. That was one he was waiting on, for sure.

"Good evening," he declared to the gathered bondeds, once Carrolly joined the group. "My name is Ijo, this is Isk, my Brown. I will be your Wherlingmaster for the next near-two turns. Some of you have family members or other," Ijo made air quotes with his fingers, " 'Loved ones', who were attached to you prior to tonight's Impression. You will not be staying with them, you will not be seeing them for the next sevenday at least, until Isk and I can observe and speak with you regarding your Bonds. Some of you have been Dragon Candidates for a time, or before, some of you have not - regardless of the strength of your bond, or your bonded, strong emotional feelings in regards to someone else could force your bond to break and your wheret to go wild, and thus need to be culled. I would like to avoid this in every way possible; your conduct as a Candidate holds true as a Wherling. For those who have not been a Candidate, the rules are relatively simple. No alcohol in any way, shape or form. No fellis or other medication unless the Infirmary and its Healers specifically direct you in such. No sexual or romantic relationships, or any situation that instills an emotional response that your wheret could confuse to be love for someone else that isn't them. I can't stress this enough. This is my first class as a Wherlingmaster, I would love to entertain the statistics of never losing a wheret or a bonded. Please don't botch that for me."

Isk inspected Carrosk, bumping Carrolly gently in the leg before dropping a bucket of scraps at her feet. He silently tore a chunk apart with his claws, showing her the right size she'd need to feed her new infant wher.

"Your wherets, regardless of personalities, are infants. They are tiny, angry - some of them - betoothed newborns. Your entire life for the next eighteen months will revolve around them. They are your life, they are your heart and soul, they are the only thing you care about. They require your full attention, and I will expect that you give it to them. It's been a relatively stressful evening thus far, so tonight it will be about feeding, oiling, and naps. Their hunger and your hunger may be confusing at first; if you feel hungry, feed them, then feed yourself, in that order, until you learn to feel the difference. There will be a Feast in the next few days, I'm sure, and by then you'll know what I expect of you and how long you'll be allowed to stay. Once they've had their fill of the scraps, please let me know. When everyone has finished, we will leave the Sands and see about getting you all your rooms. Congratulations on taking the first step in becoming assets to Dalibor Weyr, and welcome to the Night Shift."

[[Guessing Winner is LEO, with 9 correct color and Candidate matches - please expect your Medium Grab Bag in your inbox from Admins as soon as they send it out smile.gif.]]
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Egg Number Listing:
1. Blue
2. Rock
3. Blue
4. Red Twins
5. Dud
6. Rock
7. Rock
8. Green
9. Black
10. Green
11. Dud
12. Bronze
13. Rock
14. Rock
15. Rock
16. Gray
17. Cyan
18. Dud
19. Iron
20. Cyan
21. Cyan
22. Dud

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Carrolly had been crying as she did when she got frustrated, here she was acting much like a fool and suddenly her feet was out from under her, she hadn't realized that she was late for her own bonding, her nose was runny and she was rather scared of the fact that the creature that had a hold of her was the mother. She stared at the gold, her face in a terrified feature and found that she was indeed in a lot of trouble. She listened to the gold lecture her, babbling herself about how sorry she was, trying to reassure herself also, she felt the claws of the creature as it climbed her legs and then onto her chest. She saw with wonder as the red seemed to look at her then got angry at her mother. Her tears were still falling as she looked at the red that curled up in front of her face, blocking the Gold's scary anger and getting between the fight. She was in fear that now the red would wind up hurt, and watched the gold walk away. She Tried to sit up and felt the now strong bond between them grow a little, she smiled at her little red.

"I'm so very sorry Carrosk, I will get you food right now." Her ankle hurt something terrible, but she could walk, as she stood, she scooped the little red u pin her arm and half limped half ran to food for the little wher. She didn't realize that the group would be where she needed to go. As she got closer, she found a spot to stand and looked around. Finally a bump on her side caught her attention and she watched as the wher before her tore the food up, she quickly picked up what he was doing and started tearing up pieced to give to the little wher. She seemed to ill. She fed her as much as she could give her at once.

prove Good, feel good now! Carrosk said as her color started to come back. She looked at the rest of them, eating, watching, and learning. She looked up at her bonded and wanted more food, she snapped at the food that got close to her, eating them as quickly as she could, only getting cranky when her bonded didn't give her a pice right away, she seemed to stop for a few seconds before giving her another. Faster, much hungry, no breaks now, must be able to feed me!

"No love, you may choke." She said trying not to sob. Her life seemed to turn upside down, the gold nearly snapped her it seemed, here the little red was protecting her, but demanding, she hadn't thought about what she was going to get into, but that didn't matter did it. She could handle it, right, she could take the weight and be the one that come's out on top, right.

Stop, we make it, greater then them, not weak, not in front of others, keep head up, stop crying, we be the stronger ones. She snapped out at Carrolly. She wouldn't have it, wouldn't have that kind of talk here, not right now.

Carrolly looked around, she knew she should stop, but the tears had started, now they were just tears from exhaustion, she felt the way her mind had slipped a little, how she was tired from the event that had happened so fast, she didn't know what to do, she yawned rather big and felt eyes on her. Turning around, she didn't see anyone and went back to feeding her Carrosk, her bonded, her wher, her everything at that moment.
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Osk was watching everything. Oreanda wasn't sure yet if this was for her benefit, or his, or both. She fed him until his belly was full and immense satisfaction suffused her; she had plenty of time to do so, there had been a lul in the hatching beyond. Osk had told her that his sister was waiting, apparently for that girl over there who was cradling her now and crying. Why do you suppose she's so sad? Osk's head tilted, she knew it not only from feeling it, but because the entire view became slightly disjointed. I suppose it be overwhelming the wher replied after some contemplation, one hind foot lifting up to scratch over the spots she was starting to oil. Well, it is. Let's go see her, but...don't let me bump into her, okay? I don't think her wher would like that.

I thought you no trust those types, he accused delicately, and the girl could really only shrug. She chose someone, didn't she? That makes her part of this Weyr, otherwise she would have just gone wild like they do and then she'd have been killed. She chose life, and duty, even if maybe she'll be a little violent about it. There are plenty of violent fish in the sea, dolphins can be. Osk turned his head just enough that Oreanda was looking at herself. This made her slightly queasy in the stomach, just enough that the wher in her lap became discomfited from the sensation in his own belly and straightened her view back to the other girl. Osk knew you good choice. Such smart one. Dutiful, yes, well, let's get over there without me tripping over anyone before you tack on more praises.

The wher grunted, but assented. Anda felt weak in the knees, probably from sitting with a lump in her lap for all this time, and also just from...everything that had happened. Do you think Ijo will really let us go see Akke? Do you think he'll understand? I not know, can't cause trouble to ask. Osk promise not to kill myself in fear, maybe help. Oreanda almost laughed, but she was already taking slow steps towards the new Redhandler, and really didn't want to seem as if she was laughing at the girl. She'd been that upset before, and her only friend in the whole world had been a fish--she'd been laughed at a fair amount of times. They went slowly enough that both the girl and her Red should have noticed them coming, as always, Oreanda's sightless eyes were closed, but a warm smile sad neatly on her lips.

"Hello," she said at last when she got close enough, assuming they hadn't scurried away from her--neither she nor Osk would have paid any heed to threats from the Red. She was, after all, a bonded wher now. Curling her legs she sat down near them, probably close enough to touch if she judged Osk's sight of them, though she didn't do so. "My best friend for almost my whole life has been a dolphin, and I don't even know if they're going to let me see him to tell him what happened here today. It's pretty overwhelming how fast things changed, huh?" Osk perched neatly on Oreanda's knee, sprawled like a feline--quite majestic he was certain--and did his best to maintain a good view of the girl and her Red; You wait long time for this one, sister, he said conversationally to their group, Must be she very special. Turning his head slightly to show his focus was on Carrolly, he confided not so privately:

Mother think all human partners worthless, she not bad judge of character, just want best for us egg children. She will think humans for her next eggs also worthless, even when we turn out good and bring her pride. It is mother way.

*click for plot page*
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Vinlos grinned, "I'm not easily scared off. And i'm not usually too far. Stuck at the harbor most times, 'less they need me out there." Although he frowned hard at his brother's ribbing. "Well hardy harr, a natural born comedian aren't you? I "dole" out plenty of praise, don't I lovey?" he asked the pretty lady on his lap with a nosing to her cheek, with one of his more mischievous smiles.

The clattering of V'dol's cane drew Vin's attention away from Inessa, to the very BIG burly red and the source of the sound a small... blue-y wheret. He looked to V'dol who touched her with a clear question in his eyes, like 'why in Faranth's forever blasphemed name is that here?' Now he'd heard voices in his head before, thanks to Spilendzith and Liloverath and maybe his flits small personalities. But this was different...

Visk not see metal leg before, Confusion blossomed on his face, immediately and his eyes locked with the cyan who clambered onto the knee Inessa wasn't mostly occupying. Vinlos not use metal leg, what that for? Clutchbrother very strange. Oh shards, oh Faranth's ugly tattered legstraps she was talking to him.

Not need escort, make it just fine, Visk think, but Nevisk, Vresk, other grow-ups get angry, come alone. Not alone, though. Have you. All Visk need. All Vinlos need, too, but.... Vinlos want keep company of Big-Winger, guess all right. Not complain. Just long as Big-Winger understand Vinlos belong Visk, not...her. Ignore Visk, get bite.

Vinlos paled significantly, "why the shards is she talking to m-OW" he jerked his hand away from the cyan... who let go immediately anyway. Her eyes were on her very confused handler, as the bond cemented within his being. He held the bitten hand with the other as he stared at her like she had four tails, eight legs and half a head. Visk just calmly stared back as she let her new Handler work through what was now, unfortunately, expected of them. Though she could feel he didn't like it, but he needed her, he just didn't know it yet. She can give him time. All that other stuff? She didn't like that either.

"No, sharding no. I can say no can't I? Not everybody goes through all that sharding dung, right?"
No. Can't say no, sorry. Visk think... not like new schedule either. But say bye to metal leg Clutchbrother and Big-Winger, Visk need to eat.

Dread, anger and... the wheret's sharding hunger were the prominent feelings in the Fisher right now. Something between a sigh and a frustrated noise escaped him. He had a job! He wasn't sharding wherhandler material. Visk placed her paws higher on Vinlos' chest as he made a move to stand, and regardless of Vin's dislike of this entire situation, cradled her bottom half. The Shipbuilder gritted his teeth, "I guess, I gotta go. I'll. Catch up to you guys later." He briefly met V'dol's gaze before his eyes lingered on Inessa. He touched her face, "maybe I won't be gone too long eh?" he smiled some, as Visk huffed sharply. Hold your fat runners, girl. He thought to her, without actually thinking she could hear him. But a small sense of pleased blossomed briefly, as Vinlos turned to leave, to march down the Stands towards the... shards... most of them were kids.

He sat down and the cyan hopped off his lap, her large paws on the bucket. He looked at the hunk of meat and then at the size of his wheret's mouth. Visk's eyes whirled a green as she opened her mouth in wait. He tried to hide the smile, but it failed so instead he shook his head. "I don't think so, sweetheart," he snorted. Visk think worth try.

Ijo spoke and Visk elected to not listen very closely, Hers was... but it wasn't done so happily. Vin gritted his teeth, and muttered curses under his breath. That tiny "master" was seriously going to sit and tell them, because some of them didn't have a sharding choice, about who they were goif to spend their time with... and how. Just like that, in one bite no more drinking, no more Inessa, no more sex when he literally indulged in some of those things just candlemarks ago. AND was promised more after this sharding hatching was done and the Feast began.

He wanted to hate this little creature for up-heaving his life like that, but her... was that affection? for him made it hard for him to do just that, to her satisfaction it seemed.
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"Plenty of praise, dear." Inessa couldn't help but smile at Vinlos. It was a big thing to introduce someone to family, so she didn't begrudge it to her lover, listening to the banter between him and his brother. She curled up against him and watched the hatching. It went well, it truly did, as more and more found Theirs. There remained one lone red and a cyan. Several had found Theirs in the Stands and it seemed the cyan was no different.

Inessa breathed in quietly at the approach of the wheret. V'dol was the first to really notice and acknowledge. There was no doubt who she was here for. Inessa sighed and watched her Impress, Vin's expression one of dismay. Her own mirrored it all of a few moments before she burst into quiet chuckles. "It's alright. You'll be fine, and I'll wait for you as long as you want me to." The words were quiet but meant in a way Inessa hadn't meant them in a long while.

She watched as he headed down to the other wherlings. Already she missed him, amused as she was. As happy as she was for him. But living in a Weyr sometimes exacted tall prices. She was no spring chicken yet and whatever they had.... Inessa knew it was still fairly fragile and unsure. Friendship. Company. That could remain even if he decided she was no longer pleasing in other ways.

And he'd have a lot of time to grow away from her or decide she wasn't going to satisfy.

Breathing deeply, Inessa turned and smiled at V'dol. "Congratulations on his Impression as well." No use dwelling on it. Her lover's had come and gone. This one simply hurt a bit more than the others.
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Carrolly was leaning on the edge of being exhausted and so excited that she wasn't sure how to take it, the tears had started to subside, Carrosk had calmed her a little, her blunt nature had shown her that they were going to have a long hard bonded life together. She wasn't sure how to take that, as bad or good. She wasn't sure how they were going to get along, or if they were going to, she didn't care though, it would all work out, right. She felt like she wasn't sure if this was right, maybe something had gone wrong, had something gone wrong.

Carrolly jerked her hand back when she felt Carrosk nip her arm. She stared at her and Carrolly just sighed, she had started thinking again to hard. Carrosk only meat the best, right, she just wanted her to feel better. She smiled at her, trying to reassure her that everything would be okay. She had felt the eyes of someone on her and she looked around again, she saw a bronze and a girl walking towards her. She didn't know them, didn't even know if they had been a candidate, but she knew they were one of the few that had impressed before her. Carrosk was still filling her belly as much as she could at this point. She too saw them coming and started to hum, she looked at her brother and then snapped at the food she was given again.

"Hello" She said to the girl, she had said hello and she didn't want to ignore her after all. She tried to wipe the slobber from her face, using part of her sleeve. "Sorry about that." She heard her as she talked about the Dolphin and couldn't help but ponder her words, was she a Dolphineer.

"I Guess, it was just such a change, yeah, it happened so fast, I didn't even, you know, expect any of it." She rambled.

Head up, not weak! Carrosk snapped again only for her bonded to hear before looking at her brother. Waited long time, made sure picked right one for me. Knew would make it in time, so held off for her. She not Worthless, she perfect, just train well[I] She hissed at the bronze, no one would call her worthless, not even bronze, this was her bonded. [I]She will do me well, everything work fine for us. bonded not pick that is worthless, pick for being worth it.

Carrolly had heard what the bronze said, she felt a little better about herself, knowing that she wasn't the only one that could have been called worthless, just that the pain of knowing she had been late and being later could have cost her the life of the wher, that struck her harder.
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Though with the wall of sand around the Queen’s nest and the rather awkward position of him being in the stands made it hard for him to have a clear look at the eggs that were remaining in the Queen’s nest though he did manage to see the Hatching of twin reds. Of course with any red on the sands, let alone two which was the situation right now with the Hatching, here was a good chance that there would be a good deal a violence whether to the wherets and/or the Candidates before both of them Impressed.

The Bronze and the Black of the clutch ahd Impressed without much fanfare one right after the other much to Tarele’s relief, though that didn’t last long as the Iron was attacked by the leaner of the twin Reds. Though Tarele didn’t really care for the Gold’s attitude, at least in this case towards sibling violence Nevisk was quick to respond breaking up the two. The other stalkier Red was the one to Impress first of the twins preceded by the other King and the first of the two Cyans, the Grey, and the two Blues. The last two was a little more complicated though with both turning towards the stands rather than finding theirs among the Candidates thankfully without something going wrong both of them Impressed and the Hatching was over. Getting up off of his seat the Brownhandler left the stands for whatever would happen next with him.

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Again the hatchlings seemed to show a cool disinterest in the Candidates presented before them, and there was still the matter of the remaining red. Though she could not see very well from her seat she watched as the mother picked the little red into her maw, this didn't look good. Though she herself might not be a fan of reds, purely because of what she had heard and not from actually having met one, she didn't wish ill upon any of them. So intent on watching the mother with her hatchling hidden away in her maw she didn't notice the shuffling of feet at the approach of the blue.

Don't worry, DabryieMine! Your Dabysk be here! Blinking she looked around before finally looking down, clearly confused. I make sure nobody mess with you, not now, not ever, always protect! We prove them wrong, you see. Never turn snout down at Dabysk's again! Never! But uh...maybe we get food first? Dabysk very hungry. Then, um...we talk about stuff! Important stuff. Uh...but...Dabysk is family now, too, right? Hope not uh...um...step on toes, I think Nevisk say is to say. But Dabysk know one thing for sure, myDabryie! Not have worry about place again! Dabysk, Dabryie, best Handlerpair, I grow up! Just know. Okay, maybe NOT know all about, but we get there, right? He reached out tentatively, and scratched along her arm as he climbed up to sit in her lap. Politely, he lapped at the blood shed, and nuzzled her. Dabysk Red sister, she be okay, right? You Mama, you know better, Dabysk not know. Is worry.

Sitting in stunned silence she flinched at the shallow scratch he drew over her arm, staring down at him as he climbed up into her lap and licked over the small cut. His nuzzling and the question helped to snap her out of her initial shock and she moved a hand to run along his back. Brilliant rainbow hues filled his eyes as he gazed up at her while the bond was cemented thanks to her blood, his mind settled in with hers and suddenly she felt whole. Giving birth had made her feel whole so how was it now that she felt even more so? Oh but there was the question he'd asked. Shaking her head she glanced at the sands with a soft but sad expression, "I am not sure Dabysk... I'm worried too. Your mother is taking great care of her though..."

Eyes were back on the small blue she cradled in her lap, "Let's get you fed and we will check on her after you are full, alright?" Picking him up she carried him past the others in the stands while politely avoiding stepping on any feet or toes as she made her way down to where the wherlets were to be fed. Inside she was still reeling - confused and a tad frightened at the same time. No need be scare. No be worry. Dabysk and Dabryie be best! See my other later. Food now. Nap now.

A pang of hunger washed over her and it took her a moment to realize she was feeling his hunger. She'd eaten dinner earlier in the evening and while much time had passed since then she had not felt even an inkling of hunger before; now his need to eat was hitting her hard, the last few steps to the area with the meat were rushed. Gently depositing him on the ground she looked at the other wherlings, at least she wouldn't be the oldest in the bunch since the Weyrleader's sister had found her bonded in this clutch as well. Watching them to see how they handled the task at hand she took a nearby bucket of meat, pausing only to listen to their new Wherlingmaster. Chunks of meat were torn and ripped, a knife being offered to her by someone else who was actually prepared. Using the knife she cut the meat into the right size for Dabysk and began to feed him. Despite his desire to gulp down food she shook her head, "No, you chew and swallow properly. I won't have you choking your first few candlemarks of life." Begrudgingly he complied and the pair continued in this fashion until Dabryie could no longer feel his hunger - instead she felt full.

Seeing that he was as tended to as he could be for the moment Dabryie glanced around at the others with a bright smile, "I'm Dabryie, this is Dabysk. Who is your new lifemate?" If she was bothered by the new rules imposed upon them she didn't show it, only Dabysk and His knew what was on her mind and neither of them were telling.

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[@Rowana, @Boo]

"For the time being, you'll be staying with me," G'len told the boy evenly. "Unless you prove to be one of those boys who thinks it's clever to rebel against their elders all the time. Then I'll send you back to the crèche," that part in a mock-disapproving tone. "You're not one of those, are you?" said with a mock scowl on his face. While he could tolerate - or even encourage a bit - some small rebellions, he wouldn't tolerate anything past that. The future safety of the Wings (if the boy ever became a rider) depended on him not rebelling against orders at a bad time.

Lyo's suggestion of where he could live next brought a thoughtful frown to G'len's face. "No," he decided, finally. "There's things about life in a Weyr that the 'brats who spent their entire lives here understand at your age, but that Holdbrats don't quite get yet. Best if the relative newcomers wait a few more turns to better learn the Weyr's ways, before committing to being a Candidate." At least that was part of the reasons given to him on the matter, when he asked about that rule turns ago.

While his nephew's attention returned to the hatchlings, G'len turned to answer Rayna. "I'm surprised. I thought Couineth enjoyed it when something or someone gives her attention." He stretched a bit before continuing. "Lerian's cat has decided that I sometimes need 'help' with my writing. So if you ever notice any irregularities in my writing, that's why."

Lyo's question returned his attenion back to the hatching. That one little Red did seem like it was about to go between in sorrow, didn't it. "It's unusual for wherets to between themselves if their chosen handler isn't present. Usually if that happens they go wild and get culled for their efforts."

"Though if their chosen isn't ready emotionally for the bond, they can go wild over that too. There was one case a few turns ago where that happened. The young woman was going through a very rough patch in her life and wasn't able to accept the gift being offered her. The wheret went wild, and was subsequently killed by a clutchmate." Perhaps it wasn't the pleasantest of stories to tell, but he felt his nephew needed to hear about possible Impression problems anyway, if he truly wished to become a rider in his own right.

G'len watched the little wheret a moment longer, noting when the beast began to perk up again. "Ah, it looks like her chosen was just running late tonight. Dangerous for the girl, though. Clutchmothers, especially the Queens, dislike tardy Candidates. This girl almost got eaten," noting Nevisk's angry charge towards the now-Wherling, "and another time I've seen a Queen dragon throw a tardy Candidate across the cavern because of that insult." He waggled a finger mock-seriously in Lyo's face. "So if you ever attend a Hatching as a Candidate, don't be late. My influence in the Weyr ends at angry clutchmothers."

Once all the wherets Impressed and gathered in the feeding area, G'len got up and offered his hand to Rayna. "Well, that was a good hatching. No-one died, or was severely mauled. And the babies all lived. We need more such Hatchings in the future." He beamed a charming smile at his friend. "See you at the feast later, and a dance if you're in the mood for one? First for me, though, is taking this scamp back to his quarters to get a change of clothes for the night."

And then explain to the boy what his new reality was going to in regards to seeing his mother. Hopefully the boy could handle hardly seeing her for the next season of two because of Gask's age. Hopefully he could explain the reasons for those restrictions well enough to his nephew.

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