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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Batten down the hatches, WI:14 {Gold Keth's First Clutch}
 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 04:52 PM

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You are hiding.

I am not.

It was much easier to write, now. Her strokes were practiced and firm, as tidy and neat as a Harper’s, though they ought to be with four turns of E’ra’s tutelage behind her. She finished the missive to Southern Weyr, watched it quietly as the ink dried, then folded it and tucked it into her vest. Something to think on, before sending. Keth was notably silent.

Fine. Temurshivi sighed, rubbing her temples gently. I am.

Keth waited, as Shivi’s fingers traced the braids, still worn in the Wastes’ style. Methodically, she lowered them, and began cleaning the ink brush, tidying the desk. I think my lack of confidence, in the beginning, undid us.

Keth crooned, We are all of us a bit shaky when we begin, when we take things on for the first time.

This earned a smile, however faint, but just because her smiles were small did not mean they weren’t sincere. Speaking of, how are you feeling?

There was a pause, and Shivi’s pale eyes immediately narrowed in alarm. Sensing it, Keth quickly assured, Yes, well, about that…

Temurshivi’s stomach dropped, and she lurched forward, only narrowing missing sending the inkstone toppling to the floor. Ah—no, it wasn’t her stomach, or, more properly, a stomach at all. Feeling rather queasy, Temurshivi quickly finished tidying her space, expression as bland and calm as any other day. Uncomfortable. Temurshivi could handle feeling uncomfortable. Dalibor at its harshest was still a luxurious experience from her base conditioning. But there was still something, nonetheless, uncomfortable about Keth’s situation. Temurshivi had always been able to feel her partner—when the gold’s wings spread, her own shoulder blades felt the stretch. When the sun warmed dragonhide, her own skin heated. So, she was all too aware of the weight Keth carried, and the awkward discomfort of it, and equally aware shifting would do little to displace it.

When she finished, she turned, with no more haste than usual, and made her way to her weyr to fetch the bundle she had prepared, as well as her bow and quiver—Is that really necessary? was answered with a firm It is.—before making her way to the hatching caverns, little indication that anything was out of the ordinary, except, perhaps, for the fact her mouth was in a thinner line than usual. Keth had made quick work of the job, and was already finishing up as her rider arrived, looking a bit green. Glistening, slick, soft, but shining and perfectly formed, there lay a circle of eggs. But—Temurshivi frowned. She stepped cautiously to Keth’s side, laying a hand on the monstrously large golden foot. The queen craned her head around to peer at Hers with her calm, singular blue eye. Shivi’s own did not leave the eggs. “So few?”

So many. Keth corrected. Each will bring something new and precious to the world.

This earned a wry glance. “Such a modest mother you are.”

Keth simply hummed, resting her head on the heated sand. The small ring of orbs could fit safely between her great feet. You may let them know, if you’d like.

Somewhat amused by the request—Keth had, after all, announced her own hatching, and to a wider world than was conventionally expected—Temurshivi nonetheless patted Ekh, her pale orange fire lizard, who obligingly went to do the deed, starting with Jali, Rayna, and Aryla.

[[ooc dragons and whers are welcome to come stand in the entrance and talk provided they don't actually enter, with the exception of her watchdragon. Humans outside of leadership are not welcome per Shivi]]

Art by Azzy:
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 Posted: Jul 14 2016, 05:53 PM

Time Lady

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Xerocleth was aware of events before the orange fire lizard arrived. He had been patient, giving Keth her privacy until she was ready to share. He paced on his ledge though, concerned for her safety and that of their eggs. Even though he knew that no one would be allowed inside during such a crucial time. Nothing was more important than the safety of those eggs. They were the future of Pern, after all.

Arlya looked over from where she'd been sitting, going over papers. She might have known a new position would come with so much more work to do. She should count herself lucky that at least she didn't have full management of a wing on top of new leadership duties. Though Xerocleth was silent, she could feel what he was thinking. It came as little surprise when the orange fire lizard appeared with the message.

Arlya grabbed her jacket and came to where her dragon was already getting ready to take off. It was a good thing she was quick, since it didn't look like he would have waited long. "Are you nervous?" she asked, honestly curious. Did dragons share the feelings of expecting human families? Hard to say. They didn't seem to stay as close later in life, choosing instead to bond with humans. Yet they were fairly protective of their eggs.

I have no reason to be, Xerocleth declared shortly. He took off and dove swiftly for the Hatching Grounds. Arlya found she had to hold on tight at the sudden speed. He slowed as they soared into the grounds and landed gently on the Sands. Not too close to Keth and the eggs, but close enough for a good luck. Xerocleth's eyes checked quickly on his queen, the eggs, and the surrounding room. Good, everything seemed safe and in order.

Arlya counted the eggs silently. Only six, she thought, a bit disappointed. True, they didn't have many records of queens and fighters clutching to go on, especially with burgundies being so new. But she did know queens typically had many more eggs than this. Hopefully it wasn't going to disappoint too many people. She wasn't sure Xerocleth's success was going down very well as it was.

Quantity matters not, Xerocleth told her, his voice was proud and pleased. They will be strong. That is what matters. Maybe the wouldn't all be strong the way he was, but he was sure they would be fine dragons. Each in there own way. That was what really counted. Finished with his assessment of security, he turned to Keth with an almost gentle rumble. A fine clutch, my queen, he crooned gruffly. It would be my honored to protect them. The future of Dalibor will be theirs. He stood at attention, rather like an old knight protector at his lady's side.

Aryla slide and jumped down to the ground from her dragon's back, but once down she didn't move. She wasn't really sure what was expected of her, short of being here for Xerocleth. Uncounsciously, she left a hand on the dragon's side. At least he was confident in his place. For once, she wasn't so sure of hers. Finally, she broke the long silence and moved to stand a bit closer to Shivi. Not too close though, she wasn't sure Keth would want anyone else close to the eggs and she didn't think she wanted to find out the hard way.

"All was well?" Arlya asked curtly, though there was a hint of actual concern in her voice. If anything went wrong, she felt the responsibility would be partly hers. She decided not to mention the size of the clutch. If Xerocleth and Keth didn't mind, who was she to judge? It only concerned her since loosing so many in that terrible fall meant the wings were still thin. Though winter was giving them a reprieve, they still needed riders to battle Thread. To think that a few months ago, her only concerns had been training and wing drills. Now she was concerned with future of everyone here.

{OOC: @Lee : I wasn't sure if you wanted Xerocleth on the sands or not, since it wasn't very clear. If not, I can change this! Just let me know!}
 Posted: Jul 19 2016, 06:50 PM
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She knew Arlya, thought the young woman a rather strong individual but that wouldn't stop her subconscious.There was a reason Queens usually chose dragons larger than a fighter. There was a reason that no Queen of Dalibor had ever chosen a fighter. Until now that was. It was not hard to notice when the youngest Queen landed on the sands. In fact, Couineth had been keeping an eye out for it.. The gold rumbled as she watched Keth enter. Rayna knew well enough that she needed to give the Gold some time but she was burning with curiosity.The next one to arrive was Xerocleth, the burgundy minuscule in comparison o the Gold that had just entered.

A respectable amount of time passed before Rayna got to her feet and made her way down to the sands herself. About a dozen smaller eggs was what she expected. Even though they had said that the blue had sired a bronze, it was so improbable that Rayna fully expected nothing larger than a Cyan.

She was wrong.

What had been planned was a smiling face. What was given instead was one of surprise and then neutrality. Carefully crafted so as to hide her own disappointment. Rayna struggled with herself for a long while as she stood at the back of the stands, recounting the eggs. Six? Only six? After the losses they had suffered they Needed more than six eggs! Anger filled her chest then. The 'People's'' Queen could have doomed them all. After the blight that had been Doomfall... Too dangerous a thought. Keth would know.
Perhaps they are hiding.
Keth wouldn't hide eggs like you would. Rayna snapped back mentally then paused when she realised she had really upset the dragon, I am sorry.... This is just hard to process.
No matter how many there are, they will be valued and confident protectors of Pern. With so few, they can become even better fighters.

Rayna steeled herself and then smiled, walking towards Arlya and Shivi.
"Congratulations, welcome to a long time sitting on the sands waiting for eggs to hatch. They are lovely, Keth."
I am certain they will hatch into incredible protectors, Keth. You have done well.

@Lee @Rowana

 Posted: Jul 19 2016, 11:24 PM

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(Kozameth) @Boo

Eggs upon the sands once more. The Iron, had watched from his ledge, silent as was often his want, as Keth went to the hatching sands. Then the fighter, and finally Couineth. He felt the curious press of C'sen at his mind, no doubt his had sensed him deep in thought.

~Keth has clutched~

~Are we going to take them something?~ C'sen paused in filling out reports for V'yeri. It was nearly always their tenancy to go to the clutching dragon, Kozameth with something for the clutcher, and when appropriate, something for the experienced mother tending the sands, and C'sen himself with an assortment of goodies for the riders tending the sands. However, Kozameth felt off, much as he had felt off the last couple of flights, and the Iron had made no secret to his bonded that he was opposed to this 'nonsense' of fighters catching queens, now that they had moved into the period of consequence for the flight choice. C'sen was starting to be concerned, but wasn't sure what he was supposed to do about it. C'sen would question anything that needed questioning, but the affairs of the dragons were for the dragons to figure out.

~Yes~ It had taken a good long while for Kozameth to make the decision, but he would not allow the fighter to disrupt his duty to the Queens, even the faithless one. ~We will have to leave it at the entrance. ~ The tone of the Iron warranted further consideration, but the problem with an Iron was, he would not easily be moved. C'sen tried to press for more, but was shut down.

It would take a bit for the both dragon and rider to get situated, but before long there was an Iron pair at the entrance. It had been a bit more involved this time, with both a queen clutching and a queen in assistance. Kozameth had four plump wherries dangling on their long necks in his mouth, knocking one another as they swayed about. Each fore paw held a herdbeast, but this meant that the King had an awkward time of walking, now that he was on the ground. That wouldn't keep him from holding his head high.... It truly was easier to bring for a grey and a queen.

~Queen Couineth, if you would care to have the fighter and his retrieve them, there are offerings ~ C'sen had figured they'd wait for a response, but Kozameth wanted to go. Well, odd as it was C'sen had work to do, and besides, they'd started doing this because Kozameth had insisted, not that he didn't like helping out. So, the rider found a place to set what was brought for the humans, while Kozameth dropped his game at the entrance unceremoniously. He'd brought much of the usual. A pot of klah, a basket which someone in the kitchens had stuffed full of meat rolls, cheeses, dried fruits since it was winter rather than fresh, but there were also new things in the mix, along with the sweet rolls at the top were an odd assortment of pastries with klahklet drizzled over them. Probably from the same person who had been there to see to his need, a black rider C'sen wasn't entirely familiar with, some guy from Dawn.

C'sen wasted little time in mounting up, but rather than return to his work, which was really what he ought to do and what he'd inteneded, the rider had his dragon disappearing between. He wasn't sure how much it would help, but he would take Kozameth to High Reaches, where there would be enough snow for the Iron to enjoy himself. The King would never say he was being worked too hard, but C'sen figured, it couldn't hurt to give his bonded a chance to do something he enjoyed... other than work, and drills.
 Posted: Jul 20 2016, 07:40 PM
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Keth has clutched. Laanasuth left her couch to go out to the weyrledge, looking down into the Bowl. Her mind nudged her rider's expectantly. As a first-time mother, Keth fell under the category of 'needs a sandsmother', which meant that their services would be in demand again.

Jali stood up, joining her copper on their ledge. Well, you were looking forward to the Sands heat anyway, Susu, she teased silently. Sometimes her dragon was like a big feline. A big, BIG feline. As much as she knew that Laanasuth enjoyed their times doing sandsmother duties, she hoped that after a few more well-run clutches, there would be some other pairs who could rotate through the responsibility with them. Luneth had done just fine, but... well... it was Luneth.

Sweet, but anyone can walk over her, the copper commented for Jali's mind alone. And being able to assert authority over the clutchmother when required was a necessity.

Nodding, Jali climbed up onto her mindmate's back, taking the shortest descent to the Hatching Grounds to join Keth. Six eggs were already waiting. A small clutch; unfortunate. Undoubtedly, everyone would blame the burgundy father.

And they might not be wrong. Six! It's unheard of.

Not the time for it, Laanasuth. The gentle rebuke to her dragon delivered, she joined Temurshivi, Arlya and Rayna. "Congratulations. The eggs look healthy, and of good size." The copperrider smiled warmly at Shivi. "The waiting may be dull, but luckily much of our work can continue regardless of where we are, hmm?"

A good clutch, Keth. I look forward to seeing your first children hatch. The copper settled down on the sand, leaving Keth and her eggs the larger portion of the space.

"Just so. If either of you have questions, or concerns along the way, we are here to help."

 Posted: Jul 21 2016, 12:32 AM

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With the winds of autumn having let up at last, it was easy for Laeth to spend more time out on his snow-covered weyrledge, soaking in the goings-on of Dalibor. And there was little more noteworthy to watch for than the imminent clutching of their youngest queen. Beyond both the usual significance, and the historic significance, as she was the only Daliborian queen to have selected a fighter for her mate, Laeth and E’ra considered Keth and her rider to be friends. So it was with a more personal note of excitement that Laeth informed his rider, who had been attending to his duties in the record room, Keth has clutched.

Neither were quick to make a visit, however. She would want some rest, certainly, before anyone came swarming to goggle at the eggs, even if they were not to do so from anywhere closer than the entrance. So E’ra took his time, completing his work in the records room for the day, and prepared a little something for Shivi, before the two crossed the weyrbowl to the entrance at last.

C’sen and Kozameth were here earlier, the gray informed his rider, though E’ra had been more dimly aware of it earlier, when Laeth had first noticed. But now they’ve left.

Where? The weight of the word was stronger than it would be if they were simply elsewhere in Dalibor.

Home—yours. Kozie does love its snow.

The best in Pern. As those things go.

When they reached the entrance, E’ra bowed to those inside, though his boots never left stone for sand. As Laeth had said, there were indeed eggs warming in the cavern’s heat, watched over by their one-eyed golden mother. E’ra had stood for two queen hatchings as a candidate—Callistath’s, first, and later Couineth’s, which had at last given him his precious dragon. Neither had among the largest of Dalibor’s hatchings, at fifteen each. But before him now, unless his eyes were deceiving him, were no more than…

Six. The gray’s tone carried no judgment, though it did have a certain solemnity uncommon for the occasion. Laeth did not like to judge anyone. The gray was all forgiveness, and understanding, and looking at things from all angles. But this, he knew, would not be so warmly received by all. All the more reason for us to offer our congratulations, right?

That is so. E’ra’s feelings on the matter were a little more nuanced than his dragon’s, but there was a proper time for such things, and a proper vessel. He was not that vessel, and that time was not now. Now, there were eggs, and with each of them, the promise of impression and new life, a rekindled hope for Pern. Whether six, sixteen, or thirty-six, that was to be celebrated—as was the fact that his friend’s dragon had shelled her first children.

Our congratulations, Keth. The gray’s tone was steeped in warmth and pride. E’ra and I look forward with great anticipation to the day we will meet your precious children. E’ra himself, lacking his dragon’s telepathy, waved to Shivi, though he had to transfer the small basket he carried to one hand to do it. It contained mostly dried meat and other foods that could provide sustenance over some time without spoiling, the likes of which may have been eaten in Shivi’s North. But atop the offering, he placed a note, the goldrider’s name perfectly inscribed at the top. It read:

Weyrwoman Shivi,

I offer my sincerest felicitations on the successful laying of Keth’s first eggs. I hope these victuals will be some small help to sustain you in your vigil. Should you find yourself
incubating further hunger while you are yolked to your eggs, let me know, and I will be happy to convince the kitchens workers to shell out further refreshments. Alternately, if your mind begins brooding out of boredom, I will send Lorn with some noteworthy records for your studies—though reading them may require you to relinquish your clutch on your arrows.

Best wishes,

The slight ripple of self-consciousness as Lorn lifted the basket up, and off toward Shivi was quickly butted with a wave of good humor from Laeth. I’m certain she will like it. As long as your message doesn’t get too scrambled in the midst of all the egg-puns.

Don’t you start.


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