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 We few, we happy few, WI:14 {Keth Hatching}
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 08:09 AM

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Keth’s multi-faceted eye began spinning with intensity, as Temurshivi also looked up in surprise from the records she had requested. It was only barely dawn, and unusually quiet, due to the wet, slushy flakes of just-barely-snow flooshing down on the Weyr.

The golden queen glanced at the egg in question, the little yellow one, wiggling with intensity.



Shell pieces burst out, and the dragonet inside exploded forth with a theatrical—if slightly wobbly—leap, roaring. ROARING! Their tiny forepaws scrabbled at the air, talons ferociously extended as they attempted to balance on their hind legs, wings flapping ungracefully to keep balance. ROAAAAR!

Yes! YES! All, ALLLLL would cower in fear, ALL WOULD—the dragonet paused, peered around the raised forepaws, and, with a startled squeak, toppled back onto their rump. All, was, apparently, Temurshivi and Jali, for no one else had arrived yet. A not so subtle shove of Keth’s great golden foot had Shivi attempting to school her expression into one of shock and dismay but she was…not terribly good at emoting, in general, and the dragonet was clearly underwhelmed with the attempt. Collapsed in a dismayed heap, their snout began to tremble, a heartbroken, tremulous warble emitting. Their grand entrance! Ruined!

There, there, Keth soothed, lowering her head to gently lip the pieces of egg shell and move them to form a shield around the little dragon. There is still plenty of time. I am sure dear Laanasuth and Jali will be far too… There was a slight pause, before she added, absolutely mildly, …Terrified to speak of your early arrival. She glanced apologetically at the two in question, expression that of an indulgent mother seeking a boon for her firstborn.

Yes! The little dragon’s tail wiggled in glee, hope restored. Yes! Yes! They HAD inspired terror, and fear, and horror in their audience, however small. It would be EVEN MORE GREATLY MAGNIFIED the second time. They would lie in wait, beneath their broken shell pieces, ready to EXPLODE FORTH WITHOUT WARNING to strike TERROR into the hearts of unwary candidates. Yes! YES!


Keth eyed them. Were they quite finished?

The dragonet wiggled apologetically, tucking their tail delicately under a shell piece. Yes, mother. Go ahead. Call them. Call them so they could all FEAR!

Keth chuckled warmly, then settled herself comfortably, head raised as her voice poured warmly into the minds of any and all who would be open to hearing it.

Come, my friends, if you are willing and wanting. Pern has always hope, and there are those who would add to it, today.

The other eggs were wiggling now, with the exception of the largest, which seemed content to be still.

After a moment of listening to the rumblings, and with a shove from Temurshivi—matching the subtlety of the queen’s action earlier—Keth added with a sigh, somewhat more privately, to the whers, Dear friends, I know your night has been long, but my Temurshivi has requested your presence. In part, she knew, for protection. But in part, she thought with some humor, for other things Hers did not yet know.

[[An important ooc note – I heartily and enthusiastically encourage all sideline hatching shenanigans. Lover’s quarrels, unexpected flitter hatchings, overexcited littles tripping and needing a healer to come check, go for it. 100% fair game. How often do we get all our characters mooshed together in one thread ENJOY IT. EMBRACE THE CHAOS. DO YOUR THING(S).]]
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 08:48 AM
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[[Edited to put in Mutorin, because it's early and Rhia forgets people when she's sleepyyyy..]]

Vunelio had been trying to sleep. It hadn't escaped him that barring some other clutch laid between now and 2 seasons, he would be Standing for his last clutch. It was a relief, in some respects; he had no intention to Stand for whers, and would be avoiding the Sands for all of those - though news had tagged him that a wheret had recruited a dragon a few seasons ago in order to reach Theirs.

The only safety to not Impressing a nightbound mutant, was not being at the Weyr entirely. Something he was unwilling to do. It was far too important that he be here for his brother when and if Lainn needed him.

Keth's announcement had been expected, but few things would ever season anyone but their bonded to being spoken to by a Queen. Let alone one whose mindvoice was strong enough to announce her birth to leagues of those across Pern, not simply within the Weyr. Vune promptly rolled over....and fell straight out of his bunk with an oof. Ako peeked over the edge and chirped at His. Uh. You okay down there? Vune stuck his tongue out at his Blue, and Ako mirrored the expression before licking his snout. He blinked between to go hunt for breakfast, leaving Vune to dust himself off and beget his naked state in favor of robes and armor that chafed terribly underneath it, over his underclothes. Look, just because he didn't USE those parts, didn't mean he wanted to risk some misinformed hatchling turning him into a eunuch, all right? Nope. All the nope.

Dressed, he made sure Tris was up and ready, before meandering towards the Sands.

He found his brother waiting, Tryonilth perched on one of the overhead ledges as C'lainn lingered on a seat in the Stands. He give his younger sibling a nod when Vune entered, and the Fisher winked at him before bringing himself up before Keth. A deep bow, and an arm swept across his midsection in the process.

"My gratitude is yours, Queenmother, for allowing me to Stand for your children. My last great hurrah before I become too old for them, no less. May they all find their bonded, and live long and fantastic lives." He turned to Laanasuth, and repeated the bow. "And to you, Queen Laanasuth, I thank you for assisting in protection of Queen Keth's eggs."

Long, ground-eating strides carried him to the designated side for the boys; Ako blinked briefly into view, chirped at Keth with a hello, hello! before dropping a hair-binding in His' waiting palm. He was gone just as quickly, back to the tunnelsnake he'd caught somewhere in the lower caverns. Vune looped the linen lashing into the unruly state of his curls, pulling them back into a horribly thick runnertail around the crown of his head. Out of his face, off his neck, and salvaging at least some parts of him from their being stuck itchily to his skin.

Kyzekeidon had only been standing for a turn, but already he felt accustomed to the schedule of what was supposed to be done, when a Clutchmother called. Like the handful of other boys awakened by Keth's announcement, he groggily crawled out of his bunk and into his robes. Sleep-unsteady feet finally groped out his sandals under his bed, a hard yawn erupting to mangle the expression on his face for a moment.

He found his father outside waiting for him. Z'dyn had apparently been up already, but the Wingleader's appearance was distinctly casual. No knots, opting for one of his usual vests - Ky had gotten used to the fact that it more aptly assisted with the fact that his father's shirts were tailored so large to account for his shoulders and width, that the vest helped give some form to his immense torso - and a leather jacket with thick fleece lining. One massive arm lifted his son up, wrapping Ky in the coat to keep him warm as the Ironrider's strong stride carried them both towards the Sands.

"You think I'll get one tonight, Dad?"
"Dunno. Will see, won't we? Awful small clutch, gonna be some people disappointed t'night, but don't y'be upset, ain't one fer you. Understood?"
"Yes, Papa."

Baihujinth swept through the air overhead, the Iron's usual stoic silence commonplace by now. He alighted on a ledge, tucking his paws under him like some great feline, and lowering his head to watch.

There are whers coming, MineOwn. Do you wish to be in the Stands, or up here with me?
Gotta be close to m'boy. Just gonna hafta hope none of 'em come sniffin' round.

He dropped Ky off at the entrance, walking with him up until Ky reached the Sands themselves. At that point, Ky got a kiss to the top of his head, and it was into the fire. Z'dyn took up a place in the Stands, as his true firstborn stepped out and remembered how he'd been taught.

"Thank you for letting me Stand for your clutch, Queen Keth."

A somewhat awkward bow, Ky still in the process of waking up, as he moved to stand beside Vunelio and rubbed groggily at his eyes. Z'dyn leaned on his knees, worried eyes settled on his eldest. He'd left Eziryn and Keivhyn in bed with his spouses; it was still up in the air as to who might show up and leave the kids to sleep with the other.

Ujarak had arrived a handful of days prior, preparing for the pending Hatching. At the announcement, the Steward-turned-Lord-Warder had already been awake and dealing with paperwork. He slept only fleetingly, as of late; enough to ward off the dark circles, but not enough to ever feel fully rested.

He entered through the usual entrance for non-Candidates, and quietly took up a place in the Stands. He looked somewhat different than usual - with Iroh no longer there for him to attempt not to appear older than, and to keep his face warm, Raja had grown his beard for the Winter months. Shidane - his Brown - lingered on one shoulder, observant and silent, as the Subking flit often was.

O'men had been close to finishing up his shift in the Infirmary; at Keth's announcement, the Cyanrider grabbed his bag and headed to the Sands. They would potentially need Healers. He was obligated to be there, and wished to be, besides.

My heart, he pressed Ketserututh, Find our dearest Da'on and let him know I'm attending?

Mutorin's head went up about the same time as Musk's did. The Blue's tail twitched slightly, his burly form going stone-still before the twitch became a small wag. His tongue lolled out, and Mutorin habitually reached down to tug on it. The reminder-gesture earned a lick to his hip, before Musk started for the Sands. It was indeed getting close to their sleeping-time, but Mutt had intended on venturing up to Al'dr's weyr - once he figured out where it was, of course, he hadn't exactly established that little important tidbit of info yet, given the Blueriding Candidootmaster hadn't exactly told him and had come to HIM, inadvertently, first - for a little bit of attention both give and take. After patrols, of course. But patrols had been finished about half a candlemark ago for the Bluepair, and Mutt had been in the process of changing out of his leathers to prepare for supper when the Gold called.

A plan for a quick bath had to be executed faster than he wanted to; a jump into the bathing pools, a quick wash-up, and a trip back to his quarters with a towel around his shoulders against the chill. Brrrr. Mutt knew not to over-dress himself; it would be chilly out, for certain, but the Sands would be stifling. He tossed Musk's goggles on just in case. If it wasn't terribly bright in the Sands, then it would be when they got out, he was sure. He valued his wher's eyes over practically everything else.

Donning some deerskin pants, his boots, and a loose white shirt, he ran a belt through the loops and fastened the buckle before tossing a jacket over his shoulders. He could shed it when he got there. Inside the Sands, his eyes instinctively sought out Al'dr, but he didn't bother the Dootmaster; it went without saying that the Bluerider had his proverbial hands full, more than likely. He was content to wait. Lips curved in a wry grin, as he settled in beside his nephew. Z'dyn followed his uncle's line of sight, and he sighed.

"Yer shardin' terrible, y'know't, right?"

Mutorin's teeth flashed in a broader smile, and he shrugged.

Hi, Fortath, Fortath's. Musk here, Mutt here, come say hi, make sure no bad-type two-leggers come hurt Keth's eggs. Mutt in Stands, Musk patrol.

@Rii (Tris), @Lee (Eithne? tongue.gif), @Kiran (Kira?, Brandy?), @Raining (Al'dr, Da'on)

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 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 09:25 AM

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Arlya often woke up early, so she was awake, if not quite ready, when Keth's call came. Xerocleth was standing almost instantly, impatient as his rider pulled on her jacket and boots. You're tense, she noted as she climbed on his back. I am not tense, he retorted firmly. Arlya gave a tiny, knowing smile and they soared down from their ledge to the Grounds.

Xerocleth found a spot very close to the edge of the Sands. He wanted to be nearby, just in case he was needed. Likely he would not be though. Keth could handle the children, and security had been tight around the candidates and eggs. If anyone made any suspiscious moves though, they would have an angry burgundy to deal with. My queen, he offered a gruff greeting to Keth as he arrived. He wasn't sure what else to say, but there was pride in his stance as he surveyed the eggs. Looked like one had already hatched, but was hiding for some reason. Well, as long as it came out when the candidates arrived.

Arlya slide off Xerocleth's back and hesitated for a moment. She honestly wasn't sure where she should be. Looking around at the people starting to arrive, she felt a gentle nudging from Xerocleth and glared at him. She didn't need to make friends right now. Still, she supposed there was no need to sit by herself. Shivi was here of course, so Arlya went over to her. "Shivi," she started in a polite, curt tone. Was that too impolite? Probably should still call her Weyrwoman, under the circumstances, but too late now. "May I join you?"

@Lee (Shivi)

Silkie was sleeping on the floor in her small room in the lower caverns. She had a cot to use, but it was just too soft for her liking. A few furs on the floor were much better. She was sleeping fairly well too. Amazing what it was like to sleep inside for a winter instead of out in the cold. She was just starting to drift towards wakefulness as night turned to dawn, when the voice came.

Then she screamed.

Bolting out of her pile of furs she backed into a corner of her room. She'd heard it! A voice! Someone was here! She desperately looked around for something to fight with. Shards curse these riders for not letting her have a knife! Shaking, she reached for a glow and used it to bring light to her room. It was empty. Just her, the furniture, and her small pile of things. No one else. What the shells had been that voice then?!

A knock on the door and someone calling her name, made Silkie jump, ready to attack again. "Silkie, dear. Are you alright?" It was just one of the weyrfolk. A kitchen cook who lived next door, as Silkie now remembered. Taking a breath to calm the shaking, Silkie took the few steps to the door and opened it a crack. "Had a nightmare?" the woman asked. "Well don't daly. The eggs are hatching and there's a feast to prepare. Get dressed girl!"

The eggs. Right. The folks here had talked of little else of late. So that had been the queen talking. A dragon. Talking in her head. She wasn't sure she liked that at all. Could dragons read minds too? It didn't seem like it, or the orange one Yenna rode would have been able to tell if she was lying without her rider asking.

Closing the door again, Silkie took another breath to steady her shaking nerves. Maybe she would go and see this hatching. She was truly curious. Her parents had talked all the time of the evils of dragons, but hadn't talked much about how the beasts chose people. It should be safe if she didn't get too close. Besides, everyone seemed to excited. It couldn't really be a bad thing, right? Maybe Rhasa would be there too, though she wasn't sure he would want to see her. He'd been avoiding her of late. She couldn't blame him. She was a reminder of things he probably didn't want to remember.

Trying not to feel lonely, Silkie put on her clothes and went out. It was easy enough to find the Hatching Grounds. Most of the people around her were going in the same direction, talking happily about the eggs and the new dragons. When she got there though, Silkie had to stop and gape. This cave was HUGE! She'd never been in here before and it was hard to believe a place this big existed.

Someone bumped into her from behind and shook her back to reality. The stands around the sandy pit were filling up with people and dragons, so Silkie followed them to a seat. She couldn't see Rhasa, but there were so many people, who could tell? Her eyes drifted to the large queen on the Sands. Definately the biggest dragon she had ever seen. Next to her, the eggs looked tiny. Not sure what was supposed to happen next, Silkie just sat and waited, eyeing the whole scene with curious suspicion.

{OOC: I welcome someone to sit with Silkie and help her understand things! wink.gif }


Lyorion entered the Hatching Grounds at a run, nearly tripping over his hastily put on pants. He'd never been so excited for a Hatching before. True, he wasn't a candidate, but he was ten now and dragons sometimes picked from the Stands, right? Of course, it was rare for them to pick someone so young. His uncle and everyone else said it hardly ever happened. But it could happen, right? That was good enough for him.

He hesitated when he arrived for a moment, trying to decide where to go. He could sit with his uncle, but he wanted to be as close as he could to the dragons. He was an apprentice DragonHealer now technically. But he'd only just started a few weeks ago and he wasn't sure K'ite would want him in the way if anything happened. Glancing over to where a number of the Healers were getting ready, he spotted a familiar person and grinned.

Dodging other people looking for seats, Lyo reached Oosh and tapped his arm. "Can I help?" he asked hopefully. His eyes drifted to the other Healers, hoping they weren't going to notice or protest. He knew he probably wasn't really allowed to be this close to the Sands, but it would be a good learning experience, right?

@Lee (Oosh) @Kestrel (K'ite?)


{OOC: All other characters will be present and I'll keep posting more as I go!}
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 10:31 AM

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[[OOC: NO BABIES HERE don’t get too excited these are just lee’s own side shenanigans]]

@RhiaBlack (Ujarak, Kyzekeidon, Vunelio) @Rowana (Lyo, Aryla, Xerocleth)

Like a cat that liked the rest of the world to believe they were too aloof to be summoned, and yet, appearing bonelessly at the first whiff of tuna, a lanky, long-legged greyrider oozed into existence near Western’s Lord Warder. There was an itch, a need, to wiggle up and wrap an arm around stiff shoulders, but in a herculean display of restraint, Eithne kept her hands to herself. Still, she was not entirely reformed, as evidenced by her compelte disregard for his title, "Ujarak! You grew a beard. Look at it, lovely.” Her fingers wiggled, as though to stroke, but with a sigh, she withdrew them, dipping them into the basket that seemed to take up a whole seat by itself, and they returned with two bubbly pies, crust still steaming, juices bubbling from the seam. One of them was proffered, slowly, slowly, and then abruptly dropped, such that Ujarak would have to catch it or see it splattered across his very nice shoes.

As for the other, Eithne nibbled it, sighing in contentment even as juice dribbled down her fingers. The now free hand fished out a few pieces of cloth for napkins, one of them shaken at Ujarak. “I am not going to bet on candidates or colors this time,” She offered serenely around bites of bubbly pie. “There’s bound to be something more interesting." She hummed in thought, folding her legs underneath herself like a little. “Oooh, what about dance partners?" She licked her fingers with impunity, then wiggled one of them in the random direction of a bluehandler that had just entered the sands. “That one! At the feast, he’ll dance wiiiith…” She scanned the crowd in thought, and then decided triumphantly, “The new Junior Weyrleader. Quartermark says so.”

The hand vanished into the basket, and returned with a hunk of cheese and another pie, offered silently.


Temurshivi was completely still. That was hardly unusual, she was not someone who wasted movements, but those who knew her well—and there were not many—would recognize there was tension in her shoulders, an uneasiness that often found its way there when faced with a new challenge for the first time. She preferred to face them square-on, but was not so effortlessly confident as to be unwary. This one was really more Keth’s, in any case, and frankly dragons had been managing it for…for as long as there had been dragons on Pern, so odds were in favor of it all but…her pale, washed out eyes darted from the entrance to the stands. The human element was slightly less predictable.

Come closer, Xerocleth. It’s quite alright.

She touched her snout to every candidate that passed in front of her, wishing them luck and chattering good-naturedly, Why thank you, dear Vunelio. They will live as they wish, I suppose. Of course, sweet Kyzekeidon. I have heard you prefer ‘Ky’ is that the case?

Shivi looked exasperated. Or, as much as she ever looked anything, given that her facial features on slightly shifted from their serene solemnity. Though it was hardly in a human’s authority to override, she nonetheless pointed sternly to a spot that was, yes, closer, but no so close as to risk trampling on overeager newborns, nor block the view to Xerocleth. Move it along, Keth. They are not here to chat with you, they are here for a chance to Impress.

I know that. But they are so nervous. Not all of them, but some, and their snout nudges were even more gentle.

And what, precisely, about a gigantic gold nose in their face is supposed to help them with that.

Keth sniffed in offense. I am a perfectly calming presence. Shivi’s eyebrows drew ever so slightly together and upward. Of course.

She wasn’t bothered by the lack of her title in Aryla’s address, in fact, she preferred it, as evidenced by the brief, faint upturning of her lips and dip of her head in welcome. “Yes.” She said simply.


Oshumer glanced in surprise as he felt a tap on his arm. When he saw who it was, a sly grin lit his features, “Hey,” he offered with a breezy superiority, “Weyrbrats ain’t allowed without a chaperone, you know that, right kid?” He felt a curious uneasiness about the familiarity of it. He’d been ten once, desperate to be close to the sands, hungry for the hatching, willing to sneak in or on or around, consequences be sharded. That’s probably why he reached for an apprentice’s robe and tossed it over Lyorion’s head. He felt sort of tinny, like his ears were ringing, disconnected from the ten turn old he’d been five turns ago. Uneasy, he rubbed them, and Best was there, crooning in comfort. He saw whers enter, and automatically looked for Tusk. “You can do runs for hot water and bandages. If a Journeyman notices and says no, you scram, and I if tell you to scoot, you scoot. Got it?


Another hatching? Kyrovin shoved the last loaf of bread off of the paddle and sighed at the entrance to the kitchens. Did these sharding creatures do anything except perpetually procreate? His little yellow firelizard, Flutterbeebuttermilk, SQUEALED in excitement, literally bouncing on Kyrovin’s shoulders, leaping over his head from one shoulder to the other as he moved around the kitchens, hanging up his flour-dusted robe. With two little sibs standing, he was excused from the rest of feast prep, and as a baker, his work had begun a long time ago and was just finishing up anyway. “Bee, calm down,” He drawled. Flutterbeebuttermilk crooned, wiggling gleefully. How could she?! She did stop jumping from shoulder to shoulder at least, after getting tangled in his apron as he lifted it over his head, flopping onto one shoulder and staying there, bouncing excitedly up and down.
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 11:31 AM

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Sometimes things happened because they were meant to. That was a ruling factor that had helped to comfort Amarylia in the moments where she was left uncertain. It was a personal truth that helped her to feel like maybe there was a purpose in the things that she did, or the events that took place around her. Being awake with the crack of dawn on the horizon pouring light across the Weyr hadn't felt like one of those reasons at first. At least, it hadn't until Keth's voice entered her Mind with a clarity that had Ryli jolting upright in her bed.

A look of excited bewilderment made her eyes go wide as she turned to her roommate with what could have been called a comical fashion. Seconds passed by where all she did was sit frozen in disbelief. The eggs? The eggs! The dragonets were finally here?! Her skin itched as if it were too small for her body as fingertips crawled across her arms in an attempt to rid herself of the odd sensation. There was a hum filling the Weyr's caverns from firelizards, dragons, and whers alike, and beyond the closed door of the candidates' room the sound of people hurrying to get ready spurred her on.

Whether the hatching sands held her future, or just a small taste of something more, it was where she needed to be now. Maybe it was some instinct that propelled her out of bed? Or, maybe it was that she was too afraid of the consequences of if she wherried out now? Amarylia honestly wasn't sure. With quick movements made by nimble fingers, the weaver did up the armor that the candidates had been given for under their robes. The leather itched against her skin making it uncomfortable and hot. Still, there was the small nicety that it also kept her from freezing in the otherwise light weight sheath that was the normal candidate's robe. Her fingertips brushed across the pure fabric flashing a pale mimicry of the hue before her hands and arms dove into the robe without another moment of hesitation.

If she stopped for too long now, Ryli worried about what she would do. Her hair was made quick work of with jerking motions to pull it up and back into a runner's tail where it would stay out of the way. A soothing relay of one hand going after another down the copper length was made as she took in a few steadying breaths. You can do this. It was quickly becoming a personal mantra. You can do this. She only had to believe the words. You can...shards, I'm going nowhere if I just keep standing like my feet are rooted to the ground! Anger flared up inside her at her own worry before she quickly dismissed it in a mental shove that exuded outwards in the way she clenched her hands together at her sides as they fell from where she had tangled them in her hair. Amarylia wasn't a child in need of comfort anymore! She had lived through fire and water, she had survived attacks, she had endured pain and loss.

A bunch of babies were what she was scared of? Yeah...it is. The softest of sighs escaped her lips as they parted with a solemn understanding. It wasn't the dragonets themselves that she worried about. It was what they would think of her, and if maybe the search dragon had been wrong, or if her bondmate had somehow been lost because she hadn't chosen to stand earlier. Grey eyes sought out the form of the candidates getting ready and the hustle and bustle of the girls beginning to gather and head towards the sands. It was now, or never, and Amarylia chose now. The weaver moved forward at first in what could only be called a stiff and mechanical fashion, only to relax and loosen into a more easy series of movements with every step she took. Those four words were echoed in her mind over and over again until she finally silenced them at the edges of the sands.

It was a threshold, both tangible and abstract that met the edges of her sandal clad feet. In front of her, on one side, stretched forth the sands and all that lay waiting there. Behind her was a corridor filled with the phantoms of memories long past that it was high time she moved away from. Looking over her shoulders, the candidate could swear she saw a figure in the corner of her eye with a gentle smile. Maybe it was just what she wanted to see though, because things like that didn't exist. Amarylia knew that it was nothing more than a vision of a time when that smile used to be returned to her, a smile she hadn't seen in so many turns, a smile that had comforted a young and frightened girl. You can do this. It was time to be her own comfort now. She stepped forward.

Keth's golden form was a beacon that drew her inwards along the sea of candidates that flooded past. A singular moment made her wonder if she'd drown in the mix of bodies, but then she was pushed out to her turn in front of the dragoness, and Amarylia lowered respectfully. What else could she do? This was a chance that had been given to her by so many, and Keth was one of them. "Thank you, Keth. I never thought I'd be here today, but I'm grateful that I am here for your children. I wish them all the happiness that they deserve in this world, and to know your love and the love of the Weyr they will be born into." A small nod was given to the copper Laanasuth's form as well. "And thank you as well Laanasuth. With you here, I'm sure things will go well between the two of you. Your guidance is appreciated much in these times."

They were not words that she had practiced. No, those had been different, more cordial, less passionate with Ryli's feelings. These were words that had come on their own accord in the moment, and in the end, Amarylia felt that she couldn't have said her greeting any other way. She was grateful for all the reasons she had said, and she sincerely hoped that these dragons would live long lives with the ones that they loved. Whether that was with her or not, was irrelevant. Happiness wasn't just her boon to enjoy, it belonged to everyone. Her form rose up again and straightened with still the respectful cant of her head inclined towards the riders of the two queens as she moved away to take a place near her roommate. A silent look given to Calina as Amarylia breathed in slowly and then let it out with a look to the shaking eggs. It was time to clear her mind, and let in a new world of possibilities.

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Al'dr spared them any giant speeches this time, but he was a presence there with them in the... ugh early candlemarks of the morning. He was still gently encouraging all of them to not forget key things, clothes in general, robes, and armor... and those clear minds coupled with happy, positive thinking. A couple of candidates he worried about, but it looked like they were getting ready to go along with the others.

Can that one Candidate sit up with me?
No, ya goof. He needs to be down with the rest of them.
Says who?
Retorted the Blue with a brilliant show of teeth, We're the 'masters, we make the rules, and I say--
Replied the rider with a bad show of hiding a smile.
Okay fine. But if he is left standing, know that it is probably your fault, Al'drLove.
I'll make a note of that, crazy.

"Good luck guys," he uttered to the Candidates that passed him on the way out onto the Sands. Fortath had remembered that someone mentioned that he should speak up more... and he touched the Minds of his Candidates and echoed his Rider, Good luck everyone!.

A private thought was tossed towards Ky, I tried asking again, Mine is a stick in the muck, apparently. He told the youngest of those standing.

There were only six eggs.

He remembered people talking about how Couineth had tiny clutches. He was sure this was a new record, but so was a Burgundy, lady Rider as a Weyrleader. Unusual tended to walk hand in hand... but just because it was unusual, didn't mean it wasn't a good thing, or a good start to something.

Oh Miiiine. Musk and His are here~

The bluerider glanced around, as Musk's voice found his mind as well, and spied the Blue Handler in question. A smile graced his features and he lifted his hand in a wave. He needed to stay closer to the Sands to keep an eye on the Candidates. Ever since Keth's flight, he expected he would continue to feel guilty... but he didn't -- so he would roll with it.

Musk! How about you scale the walls and come join me. You don't neeeeed to work, teased the blue to his wher friend. Of course that was one of the reasons Musk was here, so Fortie knew better, and he was sure Musk knew he was only teasing.

Da'on swung by as soon as Ketserututh bespoke him. His first stop was his Brother, whom he wrapped one arm around the shoulders (only one as the other steadied the handles of two mugs of klah), following his line of sight to Z'dyn and Mutt. He smirked and wiggled his fingers at both of them, before slipping over to the Healer's section. There were plenty of Healers there, so they didn't need him but... that didn't mean he couldn't bother O-- watch from there.

"Stealing my usual job I see," he teased in a bit of a singsong tone, handing his love a mug of Klah.

Someone else slipped in to the Sands (chaperoned of course), she wanted to watch the hatching and didn't care about how early it was. Serlie was awake all the time anyway, on a mark if occasion calls for it. This one definitely did.

If she spied Tanner and Qaelis she'd wave at them, "sit with me!" she'd call to them with a bright grin, before her too large of a hat slipped into her eyes.

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It was a beautiful winter’s morning.

If you were one like E’ra, anyway, who enjoyed early risings and preferred his mornings with a certain bite to them. The softest golden sunlight, as rich and nourishing in color and character as fine soup broth, paired with the gentle descent of sloppy snowdrops and just enough cold to stir some wakefulness into a man’s bones. Who could want more?

He had been standing out on his weyrledge, comfortably dressed in one of his winter robes, thick and gray, while Anuket behind him ventured just far out enough to swat at the snowflakes, mystified as they turned to water on his paw.

They are here, Laeth said, carefully stepping around Ket as he joined E’ra on the ledge, facets sparkling with anticipation. E’ra, however, had already heard—in his own mind, and the echo from Laeth’s as well. Time to meet them.

Kozameth, we are making a quick stop before going to the hatching. Please do come and join us when we get there, Laeth said warmly to his iron friend. E’ra swung himself easily into place at his dragon’s shoulders, and they descended through the snowfall, crystals affixing themselves as tiny wet adornments to his hair and clothing. A quick pass through the kitchens, and gray and rider were soon in the Hatching Sands, descending down the large steps toward one of the few individuals in the weyr with skin and hair as pale as E’ra’s own.

“Good morning, Weyrwoman.” He greeted his friend and student with a soft smile, but like the sunlight outside, its softness was no strike against its capacity for warmth. A nod, as well, to her burgundyriding companion. “Weyrleader.” His approach was toward Shivi’s unoccupied side. “Do you mind a bit of further company? I have brought tribute.” He lifted the klah pot and assortment of mall mugs he carried slightly higher. Shivi permitting, he would settle beside her, pouring a cup for both women, then himself. A fourth mug sat beside him, awaiting its intended. “They always look so tranquil and innocent, in their eggs,” he observed, between warming sips of klah. “But then, I suppose, only Keth knows what sort of plans they’ve been hatching up.” Rattled off in the same mild, methodical tone as ever, most would never even have known E’ra considered it to be a joke.

Good morning, Keth! greeted the gray who had seated himself just behind E’ra. It wasn’t as though he took up much room. I am glad to see that we made it before the eggs hatched. I do not want to miss a single one. Of course, one of the eggs did look a little…distinctly un-egg-like. But the little one, he was quite sure, was still inside.

@Lee (E’ra—Shivi) @Sari (E’ra—C’sen) @Rowana (E’ra—Arlya)


When the announcement came, K’ite was already awake. Not in the sense that he had just gotten up, as many had, at dawn. No, the journeyman had been awake before that, in the sunless hive of the infirmary, where life and need stretched on endlessly, oblivious to mortal concerns like time and sleep schedules.

The dragonhealer, thus, picked up the prepared field kit, which had been ready and waiting for this day since it had grown near to the time Keth’s eggs may hatch. And after giving a report to his replacement on the status of his pre-dawn charges, he made for the Hatching Sands. The bluerider barely spared so much as a glance at the eggs, and it was mostly just to confirm what he already knew—there were six of them—though he did note the rocking of four, and that one may have hatched already. At least five viable dragons, then. So, at least five live dragonets, the Weyrleadership would expect him to deliver to the weyrling ranks in usable condition. Well, he would do his best.

He ignored the candidates and the eggs almost entirely, making use of the precious time before the inevitable explosion to get everything prepped. Clean and sanitized tables ready for patients—check. Tools and thread to close wounds, cloths to clean them and remove sand, bandages to stop bleeding, check check check. Ten-turn-old apprentice, check—wait, what? The dragonhealer frowned, running a hand over brown eyes near-permanently marked by dark circles. Nope, still there. “Lyorion?” he frowned, looking over the boy. Well, he did seem to be responsible—and K’ite was hardly one to tell someone else they weren’t allowed to work.

“Mm…best behavior, no thoughts or rapid movements that would scare the hatchlings. You’re here as a healer, not a candidate, not a spectator. Remember that, and act like it.” So long as the boy followed his instructions, K’ite would not be the one to ask him to leave.

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In a short time, everything had gone from being fairly simple to very complicated. He supposed it was fitting. He had lost his memories in one short moment, why not get them back over only a few months?

It had been difficult to pull everything together and weave a person out of the mess of new and old memories, but he'd done it. He had a fairly solid sense of who he was and who he wanted to be. That solved some problems, but not all of them. For instance, he wanted to be a good person, but he wasn't sure he was one. Now that he could look back on all the horrible things he'd done and said on the island, how could he claim to be good? There was also the matter of how uncomfortable it made his relationships with other people. He'd been avoiding Silkie while he tried to figure out how to tell her he remembered. He had been avoiding Dolphin as well. Or at least, he had been trying until it happened a few days earlier.

Rhasa still hadn't figured out a way to tell Dolly that he remembered, but he thought she might know. At least, he thought her dragon might know. She was the one who had signaled him out for search, after all. Yep. The unthinkable had happened. A dragon had looked at him, with all his flaws and past hatred of dragons, and decided, 'yeah, he'd make a good rider'. The person he was before would have turned down the offer to stand in a heartbeat. Him? He accepted. He was nervous about it, but he accepted none the less.

Keth waking him up in the middle of the night had startled him. Unlike Silkie, however, he had heard dragons speaking directly to him a few times before. He didn't know it, but as a result, he didn't react nearly as badly as she had. It also helped that he had Hope. The cyan let out a supportive croon when he jolted upright in alarm and sent him a vague image of a gold dragon.

Right. Eggs hatching. His drowsiness felt like it had evaporated into thin air. He hurriedly pulled the mandated armor (armor? What had happened to make armor necessary?) and robe before hurrying to the sands. When he arrived, he forced himself not to look at the sands. Was Silkie up there? What would she think? He hadn't told her he was standing. He hesitated at the entrance just long enough to suck in a steadying breath.

He was used to Sutiexth by now. Keth was a lot bigger that Sutiexth. His eyes popped at the sight of her. He'd seen glimpses of the queens in the distance, but up close... wow. She won't eat you, he forcibly reminded himself. He knew more about dragons now than he did then. He didn't need to worry about becoming a snack. "Thank you for allowing me to stand for you clutch," he croaked out. A bow to both the gold clutchmother and the other massive dragon on the sands followed. Two of the only beings the formerly arrogant boy had ever bowed to. They should feel honored.

Meanwhile, the cyan firelizard known as Hope flew into the stands. She knew better than to try to get on the stands, but she wouldn't not watch. Hope ended up flying over to Silkie after a brief glance around. She cooed at the water girl and sent her a warm feeling of greeting. If she allowed it, she would land on her shoulder.

She guessed she should have been excited to be woken up in the middle of the night for a hatching. Instead, she found herself struggling to keep lingering grief from welling up to the surface. It had only been a few days since her father died. Three, to be exact. Three days had passed since O'sho's death and she still wasn't okay. Three days had passed and she needed to put on a strong face and attend the hatching.

Afzal sat on her shoulder all the way to the sands. The bronze had been a constant support when her mother died and he was one now as well. He felt so proud of her, but she didn't feel proud. She was about to stand for a clutch, but she doubted she'd be able to bring herself to feel the joy she normally did. Unless one chose her, but what were the chances of that happening? There were only six eggs. Even if the seemingly impossible did happen, she didn't have any family left to cheer her on.

Tiroshel was used to loss by now. That didn't make it any less painful.

Even at her most nervous, the other queens had gotten more animated greetings that Keth. She faintly hoped that she wouldn't be offended by it. "Thank you for giving me the chance to see your children," she offered alongside her bow. She kept herself from whispering, but there was still an unnatural hallowness to her voice. It was one thing to force herself to stand up and be strong. She could do that all day - it was what her parents had done. If they had been proud of her, she would give them a reason to be. But no matter how strong you were, you couldn't force wounds of the heart to immediately heal. Only time could do that.

It didn't take long for news of everything that was happening to reach Crescent Hold. With everything that was happening, the Lady Samara found herself incapable of attending. However, after attending Dalibor's hatchings for so long, it would make sense for the notion of missing one to sit uncomfortably in her stomach. Vyvienne had volunteered to go in her place to help with this. It wasn't an entirely selfless act. Her presence could cover representation for both Bay and Crescent in one foul swoop. It would also help alert Dalibor to her presence. She wasn't opposed to giving the leadership the chance to get to know the person they'd be working with if they wished to continue their alliance with Bay in the future. Perhaps she'd see if she could speak to someone at the feast.

The lady-heir was dressed nicely. Not her finest clothes, for this wasn't a gather or anything affecting her own Hold, but doubtlessly better than most of the weyrfolk. Her crimson dress would likely be missed by most thanks to the distraction that was the dragonets, but she didn't mind. Her fine clothing and high seat in the stands were all just pretenses. The smile on her face was lacking warmth and her posture a little too stiff. She was not someone who was here for her personal entertainment. If people noticed her and got curious, fine. If not, that was also fine. The weyrfolk were not her people. The ones who needed to be aware of her would become so when necessary. The rest did not matter to her.

The call had gone out and now it was time for his first hatching. Was he nervous? Shards yes. Granted, all the candidates were probably nervous. His nervousness was unique in that he wasn't worried about failing to impress. He would or he wouldn't. Whether or not one of the six chose him didn't seem like something to worry himself over. There would be plenty of chances to stand in the future. No, he was worried about getting mauled. As an apprentice dragonhealer, he knew exactly what could happen if a dragonet got a little too handsy.

Trader was wearing a smile despite his worries. That probably wasn't surprising. Those people who knew him, of which there probably weren't many in the Weyr, seeings as he was yet to even get to know his siblings properly, would know that it was unusual to see him without a smile. The real thing that hinted at his nervousness was the wary expression that momentarily flickered across his face upon approaching Keth.

"Hello, gorgeous queen!" he trilled. "I can't wait to see your children." To Laanasuth, he added, "and you did such a good job helping her protect her eggs." He paused then and shuffled awkwardly for a moment before speaking up again. "So I don't know if you can do anything, but if you can, can you ask the dragonets not to maul us? I don't think they'd do it intentionally or anything, but I don't want to lose any fingers or anything." He widened his smile a bit before scurrying over to join the other candidates. So that was done. Now it was time to see what hatched.

Ravlen was suspicious. She'd made sure to check that Addy wasn't hiding in her hair after getting dressed, not wanting to repeat the incident at her last hatching. Once she was sure that the rosie was happy curled up on a pillow and not about to jump on her, she headed off. Tiredness wasn't much of an issue. She had always been sure to keep a sensible schedule even before candidacy. No, the real issue was the risk of shenanigans.

Her arrival on the sands was prompt and well mannered. She bowed to the queens and thank them for letting her stand. It wasn't the most original of greetings, but it was effective. As soon as she had joined the other candidates, she began to suspiciously eye the clutch. Would there be antics? She hoped not. Aderyn would not approve of antics. Some might think that her sister's opinion might not matter since she wasn't a candidate, but she knew better. Her older sister was bound to be watching. Therefore, it mattered.

There was also the matter of another egg. Now that she could see the clutch, one of the smaller eggs looked kind of cracked. Almost like it... had already hatched? Ravlen squinted at the eggs. She'd definitely need to be alert.

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A rosey’s sleepy golden eye cracked open enough to peer at Scaparra, from the lizard’s perch hugging a stuffed sock with all six of his sticky-toed limbs. The candidate had been seated on the edge of his bed, pulling his boots over loose but warm winter pants. Bianca had already shown him the falling snow outside, but he wasn’t about to let a bunch of mushy half-formed skywater deter him from his morning run.

A hatching, though—yep, that would do it.

He sighed softly as the golden voice ruffled through his mind, pulling the boots back off. The run would have to wait.

Bianca flew excited swoops around his room, a trilling song pouring from her bone-white jaws. Like she was trying to infect him with her own good cheer, her excitement, her hope.

It was working, actually. Either that, or the stirring of positive feeling from deep in his chest was his own, breathed to life by the promise of eggs waking on earth-warmed sands in the quiet of a winter morning. Was he hopeful, still? He had stood through six hatchings, large and small alike, without yet rousing much interest. The worries on his mind the past turn or so had felt bigger than dragons, or at least, different. His focus had wandered from eggshells and rainbow facets.

But then, if he had given up, why was he still here? To be a candidate was to have hope. However deep it may have burrowed.

A slight smile quirked up his lips as he pulled on the armor, fastened each familiar buckle. The robe, overtop. The boots, back on.

“Nee.” He scratched at the top of the little rosey’s head, and Gizmo’s eye slid shut again. Bauvin, likewise, received an affectionate ruffling to his feather crest, and then he was out, striding across the snow-strewn weyrbowl, catching quite a collection of snowflakes in the expansive curls of his hair. They dripped onto his robe in the scorching embrace of the hatching sands, his own private rain. The heat was invigorating. Some found it oppressive, but Scaparra’s spirit always seemed to rise to meet its challenge, its power.

As he swept into a bow before the towering queens, there was something roguish in his smile, something that had been missing for a long time. “It’s an honor, Keth. Bein’ in the presence of a lady so pretty as yourself, and witnessin’ the hatching of your children both.” He took his place among the center of the males, with little care to who was at his left or right. Though surrounded by his fellow candidates, after so many hatchings, Scaparra stood alone. But not afraid. He looked on at the eggs without meekness, without doubt, his mind as clear as riverwater. Today might not be the day, but it was a day, a chance, for six people who didn’t yet know how lucky they were. Today, he was a candidate, and there were eggs shaking strong. Time to do this.
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Xerocleth didn't try to hid his pleasure. He was grateful for Keth's invitation. He hadn't wanted to intrude, but did want to be near his children when they hatched. Thank you, he said softly. He moved to stand with her, slightly back so she could examine the candidates as they arrived. He wasn't sure that was entirely proper, but it was her wish. He just eyed them all with dangerous flashes of suspicion. He might be small compared to Keth, but he was probably more likely to snap at the candidates if they showed any signs of being a danger to the eggs or young dragons. Fortunately, these candidates were showing proper behaviour so far, even if some of them seemed rather young to be here.

Arlya nodded at Shivi's answer and took her seat. She hadn't been this close to the Sands at a Hatching since Impressing. It was odd, really. It made her feel a bit out of place. But Xerocleth looked so proud guarding the eggs and the candidates that she couldn't deny a touch of pride in herself. So what if he was a fighter? He was a sharding wonderful dragon and he deserved this. She wouldn't let anyone say otherwise.

E'ra arrived them. Arlya recognized him well enough. He was Shivi's good friend and she didn't mind if he wanted to sit with them. She often wondered if they were more than friends, but it was none of her business really. She didn't have any serious relationships of her own and doubted she ever would. Far too much trouble. And too much heartbreak. His calling her 'Weyrleader' made her eyes widen a touch though. She wasn't sure she was used to that, though she didn't mind the formality.

She nodded to indicate she didn't mind if he sat, though it was really Shivi's place to decide. She accepted a mug of klah gratefully, realizing then that of course she hadn't had breakfast yet. "Thank you," she said politely, but stiffly. She sip the drink in silence as E'ra talked on. His last comment made her look at him with narrowed eyes. Had that been a joke? She wasn't sure. She didn't feel like laughing. Then again, she wasn't sure the last time she ever had. Maybe she didn't have a sense of humor. Well, who had time for that when there was work to be done anyway.


Lyorion gave Oosh a stubborn look and squared his shoulders. "Not a brat anymore, he said proudly, but quietly. "Apprentice now." Well, barely. He really probably wasn't supposed to be here just yet and he wasn't sure what his teacher would say. But he didn't want to sit way up in the Stands anymore just watching. That was for little kids. He beamed when Oosh tossed him a robe and quickly put it on. "Got it!" he agreed happily. He would definately make himself useful and not get in the way. He wanted to prove he could do it.

Even so, it wasn't long before K'ite arrived and did take notice of him. He could hardly hide and be useful at the same time. And he was terrible at lying on top of it, his face got all pink just thinking about it. He tried his best to stand tall when K'ite spoke to him and meet him in the eyes. "Sir," he answered, nervously. He didn't want to be sent away, but he would if he was told.

"I..." But K'ite answerd his question before he could ask. Lyo's face got a very wide grin and he nodded quickly. "Yes, sir! Thank you!" Glowing with happiness and pride, Lyo quickly got to work fetching hot water for all the Healers. Hopefully they wouldn't need it, but it was better to be prepared.


Silkie was watching the white robed candidates come in now. She had heard about this. They wore white robes so they wouldn't distract the baby dragons when they came out. Looked rather like a row of sacrifices to her though. She was about to dismiss them and look elsewhere, when a familiar person caught her eye. Her eyes when wide with surprise, fear, and anger. "OLI...RHASA!" she stumbled over the name as she shouted at him, but someone next to her shushed her. She glared at them, but she was more angry at her brother. First he doesn't talk to her for weeks, and now this! What did he think he was playing at? These were DRAGONS! The people who had got their parents banished. The people who were to blame for their lives being miserable.

Yet even as her mind ranted about it, she knew it wasn't entirely true. Whatever was in the past, the riders had been kind to them both. Suspicious, yes, untrusting, yes, but they had let them stay. They had fed them, clothed them, and even tried to help them. Shard it all. Silkie didn't know what to think anymore. A familiar pale, blue fire lizard came to her shoulder though and she gave Hope a begrudging smile. "Suppose you knew," she accused darkly. And this was what she'd come to. So lonely that she was talking to a lizard.

"Silkie?" Silkie looked up sharply at her name. The woman in front of her looked only a little older than she was. Rounder though, and with a perky, friendly face. Silkie's eyes narrowed suspisciously. There was only one reason this girl would look familiar and know her name. This was the rider her brother liked to talk to. So this was probably all her fault.

"I'm Dolly," the girl went on, smiling hopefully. "I know your brother. Can I sit down?"

Silkie sat back, looking sulky. "No one's stopping you."

Dolly frowned, but sat down anyway. She wasn't sure what to make of this girl. She seemed so unhappy and Dolly hated seeing anyone unhappy. She really aught to have come to chat with her sooner, brought a pie or something. Poor girl was probably so lonely with Rhasa in the state he'd been. Dolly cleared her throat. "I'm glad to get to meet you," she said honestly. "It was so brave of you to come here for Rhasa. I think he's glad you came." Actually she wasn't entirely sure if he was or not, but she rather thought it was good for family to stick together. And Silkie must have some feelings for her brother if she went to so much trouble to find him.

"That's not his name," Silkie countered, more because she felt like being arguementative than because it was necessarily true. He brother certainly seemed to like his new name better. She wasn't sure she liked it at all.

Take care, my Dolphin, Sutiexth cautioned her, not unkindly. The grey dragon was sensitive and she could see the hurt in this girl. It might take time to heal, but she thought it could be possible. She also had potential, like her brother. Whether she was ready yet, though, was up to her and hatchlings to decide. Her fate is unclear.

Dolly was silent for a moment while she thought about that and so was Silkie. They both sat, watching Keth greet all the candidates. Watching to see if Rhasa would leave alone or not.

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Getting up early wasn't an issue anymore, not since impression. Khadroth was a prompt, punctual, driven dragon so this was normal. Today, however, was special. Another hatching, which meant Scapper got another shot at impressing.

The low number of eggs was... concerning.. only because he wanted his friend the largest chance at it.

B'oh didn't sit with the people, he sat up on one of the lower ledges, leaning against his dragon's great keel. Khadroth didn't brush his rider's concerns away, instead he shared them. He admired this boy that his Rider attached himself to, which was fitting because Scappara was strong of will and body. That also inspired his Rider to be stronger as well. Other than himself, nothing wrong with having more than one.

A white flitted down next to B'oh and the young Wingsecond extended a hand out to her. Khadroth also lowered his snout down to sniff at her, "hello Bianca," he greeted her, running fingers down her neck if she allowed him to pet her. "You can tell him i'm here," B'oh added, not quite wanting to make a huge scene, and disrupt the hatching.

I hope he impresses...
If it is meant to be, he will,
Khadroth rumbled.
Well it was meant to be when he started standing, its long over due.

Khadroth hmm'd in slight agreement, but only slight. They both knew that a dragon would only impress if they were meant to be together... not before. A mismatch would be bad.

Common babies, one of you has to see him.

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Calina was startled awake by the voice in her head. Well... startled to consciousness, anyway. "Huh, wha?" She cracked an eye open, followed slowly by the other, and rolled over, entangled in the sleeping furs. Barely catching herself before she fell off the cot, she stood up to shake off the furs and deposited them in a heap on her cot. Neat and tidy was something she had to think about, and thinking wasn't happening at that moment. Shaking her head, she rubbed her eyes and attempted to get her sluggish thoughts moving in the same general direction.

Moments later, her eyes opened wide as a thrill of excitement and apprehension shot through her. The hatching! Now! Oh, shards and shells, ok, right. Armor. Robe. Sandals. Hair tie. Easy enough. Oddly, for all of her everyday awkwardness, she was fairly calm in a high-stakes situation. She didn't bother to fight the surge of hope that welled up in her as she donned the uncomfortable armor, then the robe, and bent to tie on her sandals, but she was pleased that she'd taken a better look at the hatching guidelines after that test. Of course, Ryli's help had been invaluable, too, and she shot her roommate a grateful look that the redhead probably didn't notice, being likewise distracted by her own hatching thoughts.

One last mental check as she tied her hair back and Callie was ready. She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and marched out the door and to the hatching grounds. As Ryli had, Callie paused for a moment on the threshold, dimly aware that it was metaphorical as well as physical, then boldly stepped through and onto the sands. Bowing deeply to both queens, she simply said, "Thank you," her heart too full of emotion for more words. She trusted that they could sense her sincerity, though.

A shout from the stands caught her attention momentarily, but she shook off the distraction and headed for the girls' side. A glance at Ryli was accompanied by a fleeting, nervous smile, and she reached out a hand toward her roommate to offer a reassuring, and encouraging, moment of contact. That done, she turned her attention to the eggs and remembered Al'dr's advice. Clear mind, happy thoughts, dodge. Got it. She could concentrate, at least sometimes, and she had considerable force of mind when all her very scattered thoughts were focused. Stretching her tense shoulders quickly, the warmth of the sands helped her relax a bit, which in turn made it easier to think happy thoughts. Moments of love and approval from her stepmother, times spent enjoying her father's company... even the twinge of sadness as she thought about Ma was tempered with the knowledge that both Inzie and C'lon would be proud of her. She sent a quick thought in Marinith's general direction, or rather, the direction of the sands, knowing the green and her father would be there, then settled down into an odd combination of waiting and alertness, doing her best to project hope and love toward the eggs and dragonets.

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((OOC: All my guys and gals are here someplace, either watching or patrolling, so feel free to tag anyone you like.))

G'len hurried down to the sands as fast as he could manage without tripping himself up, or actually running. Even if he didn't have his duties as Senior Weyrleader to perform now, his dragon would've insisted on attending. Zeuth wanted to see his first clutch of grandchildren born into the world, and wanted his rider present for the event. G'len reflected briefly on the sentiment from his Bronze; normally dragons - especially the drakes - didn't care about such things like the wellbeing of their children and assorted grands and greats. Must have gotten those ideas from him, then.

The blond man took up his usual seat at the front, where the Weyr's leadership often sat when their dragons weren't the ones clutching. There were some empty seats around him, for the moment, anyway. He expected Rayna to show up soon, though, so he'd have someone to talk to for a bit that wasn't his daughter. If the Senior Weyrwoman wanted to sit by him this time, that was.

Lerian, meanwhile, wanted to go be adventurous. When her cousin Lyorion didn't show up with her and father, she sent her fair to go look for him. They quickly came back with the answer; her cousin was off with the Healers, being an Apprentice and all now. Well, if Lyo could go have adventures today, so could she! She snuck away from her father's side, certain that G'len had no knowledge of her plans. She got as far as the edge of the Stands closest to where the dragonhealers were at, when her father's Red firelizard, Vulupa, appeared, barring her way forward. No, Lerian wasn't allowed down there, even if she was almost 8 turns old now!

Sighing, she play-dejectedly huffed at the Red before settling down in a spot in the corner of the Stands that allowed her to both watch the emerging babies and keep an eye on the going-ons in the Healer's area. That seemed an acceptable compromise to her, and her father's Red.

For now.

Meanwhile, a certain Blackpair arrived at the Hatching, wanting to see what the unusual pairing of fighter and Queen wrought. Szolath landed on a ledge with his rider, M'teng, and at the Smith's prompting addressed Shivi (but only after giving his greetings and congratulations to Keth first; that was the mannerly thing to do, after all). Mine wishes to know if you want more company to sit with you now, or if you have plenty already, the Black purred into her mind. If Shivi looked up at him on the ledge, he'd wave and give her a smile, but otherwise wait for an answer before coming down or staying where he was at.

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(C'sen/Kozameth - @Kestrel )

The Iron had been dozing after another trip to deeper snows. It was one of his few personal indulgences, and C'sen had been regularly seeing to it he was so indulged. His bonded had even made some attempts to figure out a way to write reports in the cold, so he could enjoy himself while his bonded was busy. Dreamily the King had roused as snow picked up here, never enough it seemed, not since the one winter. Still, He gently nosed the wet layer as it built upon his ledge, rumbling softly to himself, before drifting back off. His nap wouldn't last though, there was word from Keth and from Laeth, eggs were hatching.

Kozameth wouldn't deny that he disapproved of the mess Keth had made, though he had not addressed the Queen about it, or at all since the flight. Still, it was a hatching, nothing else mattered at the time. Still, he was a bit groggy from his nap, and took to stretching his wings, while he brushed his mind against C'sen's to be sure his bonded was coming, as in immediately. He returned a wordless brush of his mind against the Laeth's in acknowledgement. It was likely the sport could still feel the lingering effects of the King's napping underneath the warmth and acknowledgement.

The fair was all a twitter as usual, except of course Sentinel who was silently exuberant. It wasn't just the hatching either, they hadn't forgotten the rough fall they had had, finally the skies were gentle once more, and they could fly without concern as they pleased. Wheeling over head, and diving down to playful tag C'sen or Kozameth in passing, Lorn's fair waited eagerly to be at the hatching ground. Even as C'sen mounted up, he could feel noses finding his back, or the top of his head in 'attack'. This felt far more normal, something the Ironrider had been missing since before Keth's flight. Hatchings, it seemed, did trump all else.

As they arrived, Kozameth set down in much the usual spot, and the fair popped in from between to settle over him and wait, the lot humming, though it was likely hard to hear the softer, higher voices of the flitters, over the deep voice of the Iron. When Laeth arrived though, the Iron was briefly unsure of what he should do. C'sen merely assumed that they would stay where they were while E'ra supported his friend, no big thing, but Kozameth wasn't sure if the grey actually expected them to join.

With a sniff, the Iron didn't pass on any such thoughts to his rider, and continued to hum. He would not hold it against his friend that he wished to be near the fighter and the faithless queen, but he would not join them. Duty did not demand it of him, and besides, he was quite large, it would be improper for him to be so close. No, he would remain where he belonged, welcome the young ones, and then he could resume his nap before drills and all the other tasks they had set for the day.


(W'o and Lemmy- @+Kes, @Rii )

Lemasyth snuffled away as W'o applied finishing touches to his oiling. His W'o was so clever, oiling and lightly cleaning him often so that he wouldn't have to be cold as often during the winter. The blue wasn't snuffling because of this though, he was excited because there was a hatching. His wing tips twitched eagerly, wanting to go, but he knew he had to be a patient Lemmy, and let his W'o finish.

~Will Noodle come? He might like the hatching~ W'o didn't really think Noodle would care in the slightest, though he'd be happy enough to come along. Pausing in his industry he weighed the benefits and drawbacks of bringing the ferret, deciding, in the end, it was a small way to make his blue happy

~Noodle can come~ He confirmed absently, while rubbing in the last of the oil over a problem spot. As the bluerider went about cleaning his hands of oil, he could feel his bonded nearly bouncing as he shifted paw to paw. Noodle wasn't difficult to find, the bandit trying to make off with a brush across the Weyr. Up he was lifted, the brush returned to its proper place, and then he was stuffed carefully into W'o's jacket. Lemasyth wasted no time in heading down the moment his was seated comfortably.

The trip down was short, but Lemasyth was distracted once they arrived, by two matters, the first was easy to fix.

~ Tanner, if you do not have someone to sit with, we are at the hatching~ Came the gentle voice of the blue. He wouldn't be upset if she wanted to sit with Harper and Bogarth, or Ber and Ryleth, or anyone else, but maybe if she wasn't sitting with them, she would come find her W'o and Lemmy. Lemasyth's gaze was also searching, looking for copper among the hides. Laanasuth would come too wouldn't she? It wasn't his mother's turn to lay eggs, or help with eggs, maybe, if he found her before W'o told him where to go, he could take them to sit with her. It would be nice to find his mama for a hatching.

Once Lemasyth was landed, W'o slipped down. He doubted that Lemasyth would care for him going to sit elsewhere, but he figured he'd let the blue get himself settled. Only at this point, did W'o start to looking for his siblings, both those on and off the sands.


(Fa'rah and Wherth - @RhiaBlack )

~Firespitter eggies be hatching~ Wherth's head emerged from the icy waters of the lake, a blast of mist streaming forth before his nostrils as he released the breath he'd been holding in. Dawn wasn't doing drills at the time, and Wherth head felt like having a swim, while Fa'rah did human things. ~Fa'rah come see eggies hatch?~

The dragon-wher drug himself out of the lake, water streaming down along his back and along his wings, which he leg hang loosely, dragging on the ground. As he passed people that were headed that way, an occasional flick of his tail sent icy water their way, through the snow, but it was only droplets at the very least. It was sad that it was not later, when more whers could come, but he would be there, and maybe help keep guard if they were needed.

~I'll be up soon~ Putting a pot of bones and scraps over the fire to start it's long boil to make a good wholesome broth, the blackrider popped a handful of dried fruits and nuts in his mouth to munch on, while pouring a mug of klah. He'd been up since early that morning, wanting to get the base started for hearty soup. It seemed that task would have to begin again tomorrow. After the feast tonight there would, no doubt be more to work with. This was good, a proper broth was essential to maintaining the health of the Weyr, and in helping those in the infirmary recover. ~Ask Rlyeth if B'er would like anything from the kitchens before I head up ~ The rider couldn't help but smile a bit, at the thought of the blackrider and at the wave of pleased happiness from his 'Iron wher'

~Rlyeth, yours am being hungry? am coming to eggies? Fa'rah am, from kitchens, bring food if want. ~ Wherth knew well enough that Rlyeth didn't always use words, but pictures would work too. Fa'rah would know pictures of food just as well as words, and Wherth would faithfully pass them along.

(Rein'l and Soroth - @+RhiaBlack @Kiran, @Raining )

"Why do I have to change?"

~It would not do to not look like a proper rider when the young ones are hatched. We should set a good example for them, do you not think, mine?~ Soroth offered easily, eyes whirling peacefully. He was so adorable when he was skeptical, and she knew hers suspected there was more to it than what she'd said. He wasn't wrong. She knew his rider clothes were of better quality than what he'd put on to rearrange their weyr. More important to her cause, he looked better in them, which wouldn't matter, except there was a good chance that Peth's or Uviqueth's would be present. It would do her Rein'l no great harm to present himself more attractively to the two men, even if Uviqueth's was unlikely to notice. He was still as worthy of some effort, was he not?

"Better?" He groused a bit, unaware of how critical an eye his cyan was giving his presentation, before she offered him a gentle nose bop.

By the time they had arrived, plenty of others were already settled in, but not everyone. As Soroth flew in, she was quick to look for those she wished to sit with. Tynuviel and Eonxith would get preference, as the most important.

~Eonxith, my dearest sister, if you are attending the hatching, we would be delighted if you and your Tynuviel joined us. ~ She extended this offer first, before choosing a spot that would well accommodate the subqueen, while also being suitable for fighters to see properly. ~Peth, Uviqueth if it pleases you, you and yours are welcome to join us for the hatching.~


(((Note: to anyone I tagged characters for that aren't here, don't feel pressured to bring them just because <3 Just if you happened to want to have them show up for the hatching, know they are loved and will be happily seized up for the occasion XP ))))
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The size of the clutch was rather underwhelming in Kiveena’s eyes with having only a half dozen eggs though with a regular sized Burgundy as the father it wasn’t that surprising though the thirteen turn old was in no position to complain much about it especially if she wanted to Impress from this clutch. Plus there could be multiple Dragonets in some of the larger eggs especially the largest of the lot so she could hope for that even if the chances were slim for it to happen. It was surprising even with all of the preparations when the call actually went out for the Candidates to assemble for the Hatching though she of course made sure that her pets didn’t follow her right into the sands especially Shiff before changing into her armor and robes.

With a few last instructions from the Candidatemaster the Candidates filed into the Hatching sands with Kiveena among them eventually getting to the Queen standing what she hoped to be a safe distance away. “Thank you for permitting me to stand for your wonderful clutch,” said Kiveena before retreating to the female section of the Candidates already assembled on the sands. There was already a Dragonet on the sands though their gender and colour wasn’t readily apparent at the time.

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She called for us, didn't she? Osk, who was already starting to step out of the Wherling Barracks with a regal slyness, did not answer. Well, I heard her anyway Oreanda relented. Even if he hadn't, though she wouldn't have been surprised if he had. Queens were very wondrous creatures. I want to see the hatching anyway, Osk I've never seen one. Really saw it, you know? The eggs, the babies. Will you help me? Come, we do your way, then my way, Oreanda. She vibrated with excitement. As was the norm, she didn't stop to ask if she was allowed. Keth had invited her. She simply went. It was an uneventful trip through the twisting maze that was the stores--she'd learned to follow the worn down pathways discernable by her feet and hands--to the side entrance of the Hatching Grounds.

The entrance spilled directly into the Stands, and she followed the flow of other Wherhandlers and Weyrfolk who wanted to witness the birth of the newest generation of future Thread fighters. Oreanda chose a seat as high up as she could get, yawning as she curled up with Osk coiling across her lap. There was a hatching before, it was scary, a dragon wouldn't stop screaming, but I've never felt unsafe. Whers are scarier, Ijo tell us all the time we lucky not to already be dead so to stop trying. Should be safe. If not, we can run like Ijo teach us, okay? Oreanda nodded, feeling a great possessiveness about her wher--even if she wasn't as traumatized that he would up and die as Ijo wished she would be.

Okay, I'm ready she whispered so faintly that even as mindspeech it was barely discernable to Osk around the general hum of the world around him. The wheret propped himself up and peered out into the glow-lit shining cavern, focusing his image into an image for his Handler. Oreanda held firmly onto the stone bench, waiting for the disjointed shift in Osk's vision matching where her head thought she should be seeing from. That never happened. You've gotten taller, she exclaimed with a gasp into his head. He rumbled quietly in his chest, but she felt his pride rolling off of their bond. He was such an arrogant beast sometimes, and that only grew as the days went on.

The image came into focus behind her eyes, coalescing out of the darkness and brightening over several heartbeats. It took her breath away at first. The cavern was enormous. Unconsciously she tilted her head up to look, but there was no delay on the image; Osk was able to read her mind when he shared it with her. The dragons coming in through the grand entrance above were like sparkling beacons--no matter their colour--that took up roosts on distant ledges and peppered the mute stone walls with splashes of colour. The very walls could hold hundreds of them, the sheer size of the cavern was beyond her comprehension. The growing mass of people flowing in to take their seats, were spattered with similar colours as whers followed Handlers to seats, or to guard the Sands.

There on the burning heat--she knew the feel of Sand of all kinds--were the growing rings of white-clad Candidates and heading them all...two shining pillars of bright reflection. That is Keth and Laanasuth her wher supplied, and Oreanda couldn't help but brush her mind against theirs very gently from afar. You are both so beautiful, your eggs are so beautiful, I never knew, and then she was gone, unwilling to encroach so harshly on the wondrous nature of motherhood. Insteading looking up so Osk could point out and focus on all the dragons she had spent so many turns speaking with, so she could see them for the first time. Fortath, you are beautiful! She felt almost a little bit of shyness at being able to see them all for the first time.

I bet you're going to be the most beautiful, Couineth she said softly, a content whisper, Osk's eyes scanning the entrance waiting for the great Queen to enter.

@Lee @RhiaBlack @Raining @Boo

Yrsavild stood ready at the Healer's station, redwort drying red on her arms, the stinging a long-forgotten sensation. She scanned the Stands with very little interest until her eyes fell on Oshumer. She narrowed her eyelids at him, Entomath lifting up on her legs and roaring across the cavern in a dramatic display of annoyance. How had he come to this, she wondered, remembering a distant day of sewing redfruit while his father tried to explain that no one thought Waroth was a bad dragon. Turns at studies, parcels of fine metal needles. Countless candlemarks spent hunched over practicing some of her best sutures. For what?

To throw it all away. He had promise.

More than that, he belonged on these Sands, everyone could see it. Entomath had found her here, there was no telling who or what would find him, if it he would give it a chance and stop hiding behind rocks and scowls. Boys would be boys, they would tell her, but he was nearly a man--could be, if he would stop focusing on being a teenager. She looked pointedly around her, at all the lack of Apprentices she had working under her--and her, the woman who had removed Keth's eye, who had removed two legs from a dragon and not taken his life--no Apprentices. It was unseemly. But if she replaced him, then he would have no place to return to, and she was willing to give him the chance to see that he had made an error.

That his place was here.


The Lady had decided to attend.

Lady no longer, but that would never change her bearing or presence. It had been bred into her, then honed over the turns. She had served a great Hold, and then led another. Her children would sit on the seat of Western, and their children would follow. She had founded a line, that she would not see stamped out and dissolved. Even if it broke her heart into a hundred pieces and scattered them into the dirt. She was not sure why she came, an old habit, or the way to hide her sorrow. She smiled softly at K'oa and motioned that he should find friendly company, rather than follow her for the night. There was no danger to her now. Perhaps it was Ujarak he should be watching at these times. Her fingertips strayed against the thick folds of her winter skirts, feeling the gold embroidery that laced through the pale bleached fabrics. No colour, no allegiance.

Her shoulders could hesitate, slump, or shift beneath the mantle of icemauler fur that covered her, and would go unnoticed for the sake of the great white tufts that rose into the hot air and danced in the faint breeze. She was armored against prying eyes, and cold alike. This was a new life for her. Valeath did not share in her Rider's cold reception to homecoming. She was already above fluttering from one ledge to another, cooing at all her favourite dragons--and doing her best to make even more favourite dragon friends. Hello! Oh, oooh he-llo, h-hello! Hello, oh, I've missed you all so much, isn't this so exciting. My I-roh has hatchlings, but they are living across the sea like I was, I'm sure they'll come visit you too someday. Look, look, it's almost hatchling time for Keth, isn't it wonderful, oh who wants to cuddle. Who, whooo?

She made a busy circle, climbing over dragons bigger than her (even if it was only by inches), snuggling beneath ones smaller than her (again, even if only by inches), and trying to gather as much tender love as she could. This was where she had belonged from the moment she had been born. Maybe she and her Irohvyne had never seen eye-to-eye about the Weyr, but that didn't matter now. The Yellow stopped where she was, half-perched on Mifth's back, her paws neatly tucked around his wings. I forgot something! She squeaked. Oh he was always such an understanding gentleman, but any attempts he made to help her just seemed to make her more desperately confused I FORGOT SOMEONE AND IT'S IMPORTANT

Irohvyne's head swiveled up to look at her dragon, the one that couldn't keep her thoughts to herself and was broadcasting to the other dragons even now. Osk had already turned his focus for Oreanda's benefit. No, it isn't okay, this is a beautiful day and...and...oh---ooooh OOOHHH I'LL BE BACK EVERYONE, nevermind that she didn't need to be there in the first place. I'll be back, oh, oh don't start without me! and with that she bounced into the air and made a swift exit of the Hatching Caverns leaving Irohvyne quite embarrassed below. They had always had this difficulty. It was very unbecoming for a Lady to have such a dragon, but...she was neither a Lady, nor truly a Dragonrider now. She had never had to come to terms with Valeath's peculiarities in the past. Everyone had loved Valeath, and everyone had loved her--or at least respected.

Now, perhaps, they would love only her dragon.

Valeath was not concerned with these trials and tribulations of the human condition, she was only concerned with one particular human who she just knew. Just knew inside her little dragon body, was actively avoiding confronting his fears. She didn't land so much as she careened head-first into the entrance to the lower caverns, deftly missing Weyrfolk, but still essentially plugging up the entrance with her body and wings. Snaking her neck and head down the tunnel as far as it would go she, BROOOOOOOOOOGHGHHGGHGHHGHGT


The honking was ceaseless, careening down the tunnel walls and bouncing into open hallways, doorways, and chambers. Rattling through the Crafters quarters and even reaching the infirmary. ABROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT she honked again, forgetting for a moment that she could actually speak, and that it would probably serve her better than howling down a maze of tunnels. I know you are in there, Vadivananthan she was excitedly scrabbling at the entrance, but calmed when a few of passerbys reached out to soothe her. It was not normal to touch a Rider's dragon, but...Valeath was never much of a normal dragon to begin with, and most everyone knew of her antics. You come out here right this instant...young man! she crowed, pulling from Iroh's head some of the words she used to use for her young hatchlings. Yes, yes, front and center...manling. It is hatching time. You are coming with me! Oh, oh, I-roh I am not causing trouble I promise she assured her Rider, her eyes flashing with mirth, illuminating the tunnel in a bright green.

She continued honking, hooting, and generally making a hullabaloo, her hind feet and tail tossing huge dunes of snow in every direction, until the person in the question came crawling out to her side. Oh, oh hello, Vadivananthan she said cheerily as she pulled away from the caverns, as if she'd completely forgotten that she'd just been causing such a scene. It's hatching time did you know. Come on, come on, let's go, lets goooo she crooned, practically laying down in front of him and using her delicate head to try and scoop him up onto her shoulders. She really had never gone easy on him with the touching. Though perhaps he excepted it now as his fate. He was one of her best non-dragon friends, like that very tall Q'sis who was her best mate even if he never showed up to her Flights. Maybe he wasn't best after all.

She waited just long enough for him to get settled, because dropping him wouldn't do anyone any good--Iroh told her that once, don't drop anyone, it won't do anyone any good-- and then she took them off carefully, sweeping across the Bowl and into the Caverns. Oh, oh, hello. Hello again, I'm back, I'm back everyone. Hello again Keth and Laanasuth. Oh oh, here, look right here, she crashed more than landed onto a low-laying ledge and slithered up into a neat little curl where Vadi could make himself comfortable and feel somewhat safe from the hatching, but still experience it because that was the whole point. She filtered through Irohvyne's memories, refreshing herself on the history of her human friend and then turned her delicate head to nuzzle him. Things happen. My I-roh is here now, and does not want to be. You are here now, and might not want to be, but we all must be. And it will be okay, I know that, and you should know that. I love you, so anyone can.

This made sense to her.

@Passersby who want to touch Valeath and tell her stop blocking the way because jeeze.

Xellarik had watched this display of crazy with a smooth expression. "I hope someone is taking notes for a new ballad," he remarked to any of his nearby Harper transfers. That was, of course, his way of saying they should be writing a ballad about how crazy Dalibor is, and why were they even still here...but he could only say so many things in public when he was quite so busy putting on a show for the rest of the world. He would be performing at the Feast today for the new Hatchlings. Keth's were hatching so early he was still nursing a steaming cup of klah between his hands and hiding his yawns in it. He was also hiding his liquor in it, but that was another story all together. One not worth telling at the moment.

Anyone who greeted him, received the same in turn, though he did manage to accept a bottle or two of wine as gifts from a few visiting Holders. Ah...fine drinks...at least there were bonuses to living his life of constant lies. "Do you think this would taste good in here?" he asked one of them conversationally, his mouth a benevolent smile. Another hatching, another possibility that one of them would Impress. "A certainty, really," he finished his own thought out loud, though did not bother inviting them in to the previous mental trail. They'd probably guess anyway. The sooner they were all spoken for, the sooner he could find something better to do with himself, he reasoned. They'd be so busy taking care of their dragons like W'rone and N'oir, that they'd have very little time left to cover for him.

Then where would he be?

Drunk somewhere, he was certain. He smiled into his steaming mug before he settled back against stone and prepared to take it all in. Note all the names, memorize them, and prepare a new Feasting song for their great class. There was always work to be done.

@Lee @Kestrel @Leo

Elidora was practically skipping as she wandered in from the Sands with the rest of the Holdfolk. She was with her family, and it was amazing. The smile on her face lit her up like the sun, and she was hand in hand with a group of other young women, though none of them were really recognizable. They all found seats together and began betting with the best of them, giggling and sneaking glances at the Candidates before they placed their wagers and called for refreshments. It'd been so long since she'd really felt like she fit in somewhere, especially what with Elly not being around as much having so many responsibilities. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the Hatching. Macchith flew in from above and landed nearby, her eyes a slow swirling blue as she stretched out, giving her neighbour an affectionate nuzzle with her snout. You will all be great she assured the hatchlings in their eggs there are great Candidates waiting for you!

Below, Elidora echoed her sentiment, hooting for the gathered group of white-robed children. Keth had made a questionable choice in Rider, but she was a righteous Queen, and Dora had no doubt that her babies would be equally fine dragons. They would pick the right Candidates, they would maintain the tradition of Pern and rise to fight Thread in combat. Her compatriots agreed, and they all avidly waited, watching, to see what would happen at the first hatching of the Wastes' Weyrwoman.

They weren't the only ones.

Fisher had been up early, as she usually was, now that Ijreth had beaten a bit of responsibility into her. She'd been running laps by the lake through the gathered snow while the Cyan stretched her wings above, waiting for Rukbat to lift her head above the horizon and warm her cold bones. They'd never gotten that chance. Keth's eggs had chosen that moment to break shell. The babes want what they want, Fisher her dragon had assured her; while almost chiding her at the same time for her surprise. Well that's all well and good, but now I get to be a mess while I wait for my siblings to Impress the dragon had snorted, dropping into the snow and scattering it in all direction to stoop and give Fisher better access to her neck.

They'd only been just in the process of leaving, when Valeath collided into the ground near them and started carrying on. Do you think something is wrong with her? Fisher asked, somewhat concerned, and very confused. Yes, a lot the Cyan replied, and then turned and lept skyward, arrowing for the Hatching Caverns. Well, we could have helped, Fisher accused, but received only the affectionate laugh of her dragon. Fisher, you know nothing, the girl sighed and collapsed forward onto her dragon's neck. You keep saying that, and it was probably true.

Ijreth zeroed in on the dragons of her Rider's siblings, settling down where Fisher could climb down and make her way over to W'o who she promptly pounced on, perching on his back, her arms wrapped neatly around his shoulders, her head settling in on top of his. "Best seat in the house," she crowed and wiggled, leaning over to plant a kiss on his cheek. "Which of our sibs will join us today, hmm Wood?" She turned her head just enough to seek out B'er if he was here, but in truth, would not have gone. It was jealousy probably, insidiously burying itself in her heart. B'er had brought her here, and taken her in, and protected her, and then almost died, and still protected her, but now he'd gone and found...someone. Someone he loved...maybe more than her? More than all of his siblings?

She didn't know, and she didn't want to talk about it. It was a bad feeling, scary too, and for all of Ijreth's teasing, she knew it wasn't the right feeling to have, but she wasn't ready to talk about it. She wasn't ready to share. She'd always thought she was good at sharing, at giving, but maybe that had only been with her siblings when they still felt like siblings, not like...something different. She felt Ijreth pressing closer, it wasn't a comforting feeling, the dragon was not there to coddle her, but was instead attempting to encourage putting an end to all the emotions she felt inside. She shouldered that watched feeling and pointedly ignored her dragon--wise as she was--to instead watch the hatching.

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Tanner’s dreams had a golden intruder, a voice as charming as harper’s bells and inviting as the smell of bubbly pie. Her eyes snapped open, and she lurched out of bed, earning a stream of irritated chittering from Glimmer, who had been perched atop the weyrbrat to guard her as she slept. She hastily pulled on her day clothes—a long skirt, a sweater, and boots for the snow. Then, cradling a half-asleep purple firelizard under one arm like a football and with Glimmer on the other shoulder, she jogged out toward the hatching caverns.

She was always excited to see new hatchlings, and eager to be present in case any of her siblings should be chosen. But this time, she was, perhaps, less perky than she had been before. Less sure of herself. More conflicted. She had been, ever since the night of the demonstration. A hatching, exciting as it was, wasn’t enough to settle the unresolved storm of feelings within her.

But it did bring some much-needed light into it. She would have siblings on the sands, facing the baby dragons and hoping to find theirs. It was a brave thing to do, a wonderful thing. She needed to put on her brightest face, and support them, as well as supporting the hatchlings who could soon be new additions to their notoriously growing family.

“Serlie!” Her quick shuffling into the stands came to an abrupt halt as the other weyrbrat waved her over. But surprise gave way to a smile, a little uncertain but nonetheless friendly, and she moved to join the girl.

It was at that point that Lemasyth’s familiar voice entered her mind, inviting her. She glanced briefly around the stands, looking for the blue, and gave him a small wave—but today she had other plans. She hefted Shimmer up in front of her face, relaying urgent instructions to his droop-eyed, grouchy-tired face. “Go up and tell Lemmy thanks and I love him, but I’m gonna be down here with some other kids today. I’m trying to make friends!” The last part came out a little louder than intended from conspiratorial emphasis, and her face reddened as she glanced back at Serlie—she hadn’t heard that, had she? In any case, she tossed Shimmer into the air, and he flew off toward the pudgy blue to deliver the message.

“Thanks for inviting me,” Tanner said as she flopped down into a seat beside Serlie, hands pressed into the bench at either side of her legs, which she swung below her. Burning off a bit of the pre-hatching energy. “Have you been to lots of hatchings before?”

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After E’ra had taken up a place beside Shivi, he had noticed that someone else seemed to be taking longer to arrive than expected. Where’s C’sen?

Up there, with Kozameth. I did tell them to join us, Laeth said, just as puzzled as his rider.


Though…Kozameth’s mood has been a little…sticky, lately, the gray mused. E’ra did not bother to ask what a sticky mood was, exactly.

Well, sticky dragon or not, tell C’sen to come down here before his klah gets cold. I am not leaving the hatching to get more.

C’sen! E’ra says you need to come down here and join us. He has klah, but if you take any longer, he will not have klah. You should come too, Kozie. I do not like talking to you from all the way up there. If you won’t come down and be civil, I will have to ignore you. Other dragons may not mind chatting away telepathically from Pern knows where, but Laeth preferred the human custom of actually being near to the one you were speaking to. It really added something, to feel the nearby warmth of their presence. Still, he felt guilty at taking such a matter-of-fact tone with his good friend. Please?

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Kyzekeidon flinched when Keth addressed him directly; he wasn't used to a Gold speaking to him, and even then, Baihujinth almost never spoke at all. Let alone to the boy. He staggered back a couple steps at the boop, taken off-guard, but nevertheless he regained his composure. Almost. A little bit. Potentially. He craned his head up at his father, and Z'dyn shrugged softly. Ky looked back to Keth, and shrugged.

"They call me Ky, mostly, just because my name's too big to remember, I guess? Easier to just call me Ky, maybe. Sort of like how they call Yours 'Shivi', right? I mean...does she like when they make it short?"

He looked towards Fortath, making sure he wasn't going to get into trouble for talking to Keth. She kind of talked to him first! He looked dejected.

Awwww! But isn't it safer up there with you? I think Dad would be kind of upset if one of these babies hurt me, and stuff. You better keep an eye on him.

@Lee (Keth/Shivi?), @Raining (Fortie)

Ujarak had been blissfully ignorant - or tried to be, at least - of the infamous clingers who liked to find his immediate personal space, and invade it. Eithne was noticed, and largely disregarded; that was, until a bubbly pie was almost dropped on his shoes and across the front of his pants. He managed to catch it, but not without it dripping all over his hands. The preoffered napkin was taken with a restrained breath, and he made no small show of licking the contents off his fingers and knuckles, before using aforementioned napkin to hold it. He bit tenatively from the edge, careful not to end up otherwise wearing it. He ignored the exclaims about his new facial hair, though his cheek earned a small rub of his clean hand.

"I should think," he followed the direction Eithne was looking, and spotted the Bluehandler, then followed the man's line of sight - and more importantly, the recollection on the face of the one he looked at. "That it's a bet you might lose, madam, as it appears your intended show runner has already chosen his quarry for the evening." He indicated Al'dr. "Your own Candidatemaster, I suspect."

He sat the cheese on the one he was still working on, before gently declining the second pie.

"Though, I'll take the bet, if you wish to waste your Marks..."

At Iroh's entry, Raja regarded her with a warm expression, before subtly nudging Eithne.

"Perhaps Yellowrider Irohvyne might wish to sit up here with us? I fear what some might say, so please do me the favor and invite her. I'm sure she can help us eat all this food you've brought? Are you without your usual minions this evening?"

(@ Eithne, @Ruin (Iroh))

Musk need work, the Blue countered to his bigger, sky-capable mirror-color. But come sit with, babies done find Theirs. Musk see something on Patrol, important Yours. About Purple-person. Think maybe should tell, when not busy-type things and stuff go on. Talk later. Watch white-cloth-wear-people, make sure not make dimglow move, get hurt. Musk find when over.

Mutorin, privy to the conversation as per the norm, frowned slightly. The expression, however, was only a fleeting one across his features as he watched. Z'dyn was nudged, and a rare show of a smile made it past the Ironrider's lips, to his eyes.

O'men looked up from where he was organizing bandages, giving the apparently freshly-anointed Apprentice a wary look. Oosh was given that adult-squint, that 'you had better make sure he stays out of things' expression, before Da'on's waist was hooked with a hand and he tugged his intended husband over. The klah was taken with what was clearly a relieved sigh, before he briefly touched his forehead to the slightly shorter Healer's.

"I was on duty, you know that's how it works," he grumped good-naturedly, giving Z'dyn and Mutorin a wink before raising a brow at Al'dr - hey, he couldn't fault his love's sibling, could he? - and slipped to sit and watch, for now. There wasn't much else he could do.

"I let Tedaon know that Bozidar graduates in a short while, so I'd be covering your Infirmary shifts for the duration. Whether he has an issue with it or not, I'm not certain. I'm hoping this new equipment I brought him keeps him occupied for a little while."

(@ Al'dr, Da'on, and Oosh)

Beavaeth, perched on a ledge with Baelyrth, peered down at Tiroshel quietly. The nebula-marked Cyan's heart mourned for the girl, and her fallen family. To'rua lingered in the Stands with V'ael, the pair largely focused on the matters at hand. Bea gently pressed Tir's mind with a quiet warmth. To'rua didn't know her well, not as well as most, but Beavaeth knew dragons. Stories weren't hard to gather, and she had been curious at the outpouring of sadness at O'sho's death.

Do not mourn them so much that it stops you from living, little star. You will see them again. It is not goodbye forever, only for a little while. Look to the stars when you feel most sad. Watch the world around you. They will send you signs. You are never alone.

@Minute (Tiroshel)

B'er had been happy to eat his meal and sleep. There had been a certain amount of awkward-and-yet-not-awkward to him since Fa'rah had proclaimed - to his sister, of no consequence - that he intended on taking B'er "off the market". While the Smith had been certain that it was no small matter between himself and Wherth's, to have it stated so bluntly and put so publicly had taken B'er quite off-guard. Not in an unpleasant way, either. It was just strange, having someone who thought so much of him that he volunteered to essentially stay with B'er until something happened that - as it had with others in the past - drove them away from the obsessive, compulsive, neat-freak. It warmed his heart, and flushed his cheeks.

Rlyeth showed Wherth some meatrolls, a sweetroll or two, and a salad. Klah, too, but he assumed Fa'rah was bringing that anyway. They'd make a meal of it in the Stands, though hopefully not as a distraction to the Hatchlings. They'd be far enough away, he hoped. Pulling on his brace, he roused himself enough to wash up from where he'd been napping after some Forgework. It had been nice to get back into the lower caverns again, but he was still a little bit out of shape. That would come, with time. Work. Effort. Chasing his siblings. Probably more the latter than anything else. Though he was surprised - when Rlyeth landed and gently helped His off - to see Fisher not come bouncing over to him. It was all well and good, Wood had to pay his penances, too, one knew. She'd come over to drape on him, he was sure. Eventually. Probably when Fa'rah brought food.

He waited patiently for his self-proclaimed weyrmate to show up, patiently watching Keth's clutch in the meantime. It appeared one had already hatched, but was....hiding?

@Sari (Fa'rah), @ Fisher, @ W'o

Ijo could just feel his nerves wearing. Fraying like a piece of twine pulled too-tight against a caravan wagon wheel. Isk picked up on His' irritation, and the Brown broadcast a message to the wherlings of the Red Class; well, the ones still in the caverns.

Red Class wait for Isk, Isk's. Go to Sands together, if want go. Worry about, not want not know where is. Not want go, is good, stay in Barracks, start get day-sleep. If go to Sands, bring goggles. Not need right now, but need, big-wing babies find two-leggers. To Keth, Laanasuth, and Couineth, Isk broadcast. Isk, Isk's need talk, big-top-Big-Wing-Queen-Shinies. Important. Can wait, after, but important, all same.

To Oreanda, the message was different, and private; up until the part about knowing where they all were.

Osk, Osk's - Isk not sure if tell already, pretty sure did. Not leave, you not tell Ijo and Isk where go. Worry about. Storm, stabbers, bad people, maybe hurt. Always want know where are, where all wherling are, big deal, Isk's worry. You go somewhere, not tell Isk, Ijo first, not matter who say, is be extra chore, grounding from fun stuff. Keep inside like Mysqith's, whole rest of Wherlinghood. Is serious. Not want still-babies hurt bad, people or thing mean harm to. Is big, is Handlerpair, you do you want. Now, you still Isk's protect. Not mad, just worry, is all. All Red Class wherling leave Hatching Sands together, make sure with group when go for bed-sleeps.

@Boo (Couineth/Rayna), @Rii (Laanasuth/Jali), @Lee (Keth/Shivi), @Ruin (Oreo)

J'tar wasn't usually the sort that attended Hatchings. He tended to stay to himself, and in many cases, he was far more content curling up in his furs and being left well enough alone. Even still, the humming from his Blue was distracting even more than his broken-sort-of brain was. One eye opened to look to his dragon, and Uviqueth warbled from his perch.

MineLoveMost, Keth's eggs hatch. Soroth invites us to sit with her and Hers. Are we going?

J'tar groaned, rolling over. Uvi nudged him, sticking his head close to the bed on the floor. J'tar's fingers reached up, hooking into his Blue's near-white upper maw to tug him close and kiss his snout. Uvi chortled, and hooked his tail into his bonded's furs.

Come on. It will do you good to get out of the weyr, I know it's cold, but it's warm in the Sands.

Another longer, more drawn-out groan, before J'tar was dragged compliantly from the warmth of his sheets and bedclothes. Shivering involuntarily, he pulled on pants, a clean shirt, and shoved socked feet into his boots. Groggy, Uviqueth was mounted, and the pair sailed into the Hatching Caverns. Uvi alighted beside Soroth, bumping the Cyan gently with his almost-white nose. His slid off much like some boneless goo, ending up in Uvi's paws as he leaned against his Blue's keel to take in the scene below; and then promptly closed his eyes to listen.

Good evening, my lady. I hope you and Yours are well?

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The illusion of a breeze filtered his long brown hair aside and teased the back of his neck. Weyrlingmaster Dan'lusian remained quite still as the atmospheric stirring passed, a dragon's shadow leaving and light flushing over all six feet of him anew. He had wherhide on his crossed forearms and riding boots on his ankles, but his shoulders were bare and the U-cut at the front of his tunic deep enough to reveal a bit of golden jewelry hanging from his neck. His eyes squinted near all the way to shut, lips pursed out gamely as a fish's. The eastern coiled terminus of his mustache twitched.

Do you think we need more buckets?

Dan'lusian's eyes flushed open, wide and storm blue, to consider the sigil of fifteen meat buckets written in the Sands around his person. Though it was impossible, his lower lip worked out from his mouth's pucker another centimeter, before the whole mandibular assemblage sucked back into normal proportion within his face.

I think we have adequately prepared for any buried eggs, watchwhers, and new species.

I fall to your judgement, his pink cooed, her emphasis around the word fall, like fall in love. Dan's shoulders lifted, his heart swollen so light by her company. Lanina seems to be enjoying herself very well!

He peeked down at the green firelizard with her rear talons knotted in his green tunic. Lanina twisted about from belly up, her forepaws hanging just a trace off her keel, her eyes very wide. She spied his attentions on her and looked right at him, trilled through hugely opened jaws, then returned to observation. Her tail rested limp down his back like a loose cord, a good sign.


@Ruin @anyone

A plume of cold white fire flew from his mouth and streamed over his shoulder, evaporating into the loose, dim air. Q'sis ran at pre-dawn. Rukbat had inched up now, but he kept running. His guts had turned over an hour earlier and so he stuck with the excuse, wearing down the slush path he had already scribed around the Bowl three times over, as colorful dragons flitted into the Sands at the north end like ladies with long dress coats.

His dragon Unath, silent to the Hatching song, had nonetheless abandoned a lazy lope beside him to sit in the snow near the main entrance, trying to pull the white sludge into a sculpture at her feet even though it kept melting as she mashed her paws around it. Occasionally a low-buzzing dragon got a rise out of her head and neck, a child-like ooooh and the tracking of her faceted green eyes till the stranger vanished into the mystery of the glowing pit.

When a dragon came back out of the cave, something she did not even know was possible, it deserved special scrutiny. After watching the yellow dragon dig something out of the snow, she greeted with a hoot of Valeaaaath as her daughter flew back over. But then Valeath disappeared again, and after a few seconds Unath's neck dipped out of its watchful posture. She grabbed the snow beneath her in her paw, and tried to mound it up as it melted away from her.

Her head teetered up a second time unprovoked, toward the light from the Sands, prompting a glance her way from her rider as he jogged the south side bridge. Unath licked her lips, then went back to her snow.


@Raining @Kestrel

Qaelis managed to waddle in before any threats of happy yellow dragons had come to their spongy fruition. He had been tucked in a thick brown patch of wherhide, with a shiny black belt and a golden buckle, sheepswool layering the inside. A trace of greenish embroidery thread silhouetted a firelizard against the back of his hood, which had been drawn so thoroughly over his face that only his eyes and nose really made it out.

He toddled over to Serlie in his winter boots, redirected occasionally by the gentle hand of a crecheworker at his shoulder. And upon reaching her he flailed his arms at his waist, then exploded out of the layers until nothing but his sleep-gown (and it was a gown, down to his knee and stitched with brown firebreathers) remained. Then he dragged that up over his head and padded it between his rump- now visibly host to a pair of pastel blue shorts -and the stone bench, while the tut-tuts of the workers rang behind them.

He slapped his bare feet against the bare rock of the Stands a few times, then hunched his shoulders and looked away from the eggs to Serlie. He grabbed the brim of her hat, little fist a shade too inarticulate to merely pinch, and pulled it back out of her eyes.

Only then did he notice Tanner, who had been obscured by the grandiosity of said hat. His cheeks reddened as he thought of the blue dragon who had come to his father's weyr.

"Well we are supposed to, I guess. I don't- do not know. It is respectful to the dragons, huh? And there are Holders would give their left ear to see a baby dragon." Hidden under all this unenthusiastic endorsement was a notion he had only just gathered to himself, that dragons were so common to him that he did not think too much of their little eggs busting open. And queens did not die from laying eggs the way people could die giving birth. "Though I have a hard time believing that," he admitted.

Tanner too: his eyebrows wrinkled when he looked at her now. "Shouldn't...shouldn't-" He was trying to correct the contraction and failed. "-you have bribed a blue so you could be down there now? You could fudge your age a little, a dragon could not know! So, even if you are not a real um...oh." Sudden realization of straying into the wrong sort of conversation.



A stubborn snowflake that would not melt blew through the cavern entryway and under Valeath's chin, then tumbled into the assembling audience, rocky flight pitched one way or another by sighing exhales and flapping arms. His wings appeared nearly superfluous to his trajectory. Weaving between the boulders of humankind, he finally flashed out over the stone barrier and fell end-over-end to the healers' pit, where he caught himself on the pale shine of his opening wings.

"Eep," he announced himself, before flying right up to Best's nose to chitter at her in the more divine strings of flitter language. Billy's squeakiest utterances had dropped dramatically back when rosies first arrived at the Weyr. He showed her a few Southern places where he had been taking refuge from the Winter, then coughed up a glistening rainbow vtol wing, one of sixteen a bug as big as him had enterprised through the jungle with. He gave it to Best, as a gift.

Tusk and Tussbuul had been oddly quick to the Hatching call, though the green was not officially called to duty there. Tusk was opposite Oshumer, standing up against the barrier with her two-toed paws hanging over the side, staring dourly down at him. Tussbuul had a primo front row seat behind her, but appeared to have fallen asleep already, head leaned upon his hands as they crossed his cane pommel.

[ You are also free to assume L'xon exists at the Hatching, though he did not get an entry in this chapter. xD ]
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Keth was utterly serene, hatching hum so low and deep that those who came too close would feel it in their ears. She knew all of the candidates, made it her business to. After all, they were a part of the Weyr, of the Pern she loved so. If she was to do well by them , it was important to know who they were. Shivi had long gotten used to the mandatory recitations of weyrfolk and wherlings and all that her gold asked of her. Babies were difficult. Hard to tell them apart when they were so small. But luckily, candidates weren’t babies. I am grateful you are here as well, Amarylia. She offered the girl, and the boy Rhasa that followed each a brief touch of her snout in whatever comfort—or not—could be found in it. Rhasa seemed…as though perhaps he thought she would eat him, so the nudge was brief, and she withdrew with a warm croon before turning her attention to who was next. Ah. She had never met Kalith, but she knew Daidoroth well. It was not an appropriate time to comment on the child’s loss, not when positive thoughts were so crucial to the health of the hatchlings, but Keth did duck her head soft, and croon her affection for dear Tiroshel without words. The next candidate had nothing but enthusasim, and she responded good-naturedly, Hello, handsome Trader. Nor can I wait. They are coming, go quickly to your space now. Ravlen was greeted as well, and Keth shifted slightly to block the observant girl’s view of the broken yellow egg. The honor is theirs and mine, Scappara. The next child—Temurshivi had to bite her lip, as Keth was technically less than a decade old herself, but still viewed everyone smaller than her as a child to be mothered—seemed a sweet and bright soul. A new face she had to confirm with Fortath, Stand well, Calina. And a familiar one, she crooned with delight, Thank you, dear Kiveena, for coming to stand.

Was it time?

Were they there?

Were they READY?

The little dragonet beneath the yellow shards took a deep, calming breath. Reputation was important, they intended to make a sharding good—well, horrible—first impression. Impression, even. The egg shells wiggled as the dragonet laughed, cackling to themselves.


Yes, the time was now. They were ready.





Right as the ferocious pink burst out from under her pile of shells, the little black exploded with such force that the slinky, lanky black hatchling inside was flung free of it, landing in a heap on top of the pink attempting to make her FEROCIOUS AND TERRIFYING entrance.

For a moment, they laid there in stunned silence.

Keth eyed them.

The pink was the first to recover, shoving her brother off of her with a startled squeak, and then laying into him with dfurious screeches and whistles and hisses—but she did not, actually, lift a claw against him. The black, for his part, oozed to his unsteady feet, and offered a toothy grin. Ah yes, right. The big entrance. Terribly sorry, love. He’d been waiting for…the opportune moment. Just so happened it was hers not his. He dipped his head, as though to give a bow, but it seemed to unbalance him, and he flopped over like a drunkard stumbling about. It seemed a terribly random, clumsy impact, and perhaps it was, but it sent him barreling into Calina dislodging her shoe. Which…promptly disappeared underneath the slinky black as his tongue lolled out in babyish apology, backing up for the girl. Sorry, sorry, don’t mind him and his flopping about.

The pink looked…distinctly unsure of what to do.

At that moment, the silver and green egg cracked nearly in two. A serene, stately looking cyan stepped free, looking less like an awkward hatchling, more like a wise, ageless queen. Or, princess, at least. The pink stared at her. The cyan sighed, rumbled something.

Oh! Oh of course!

The pink leapt to her feet, and ROAAAAAAARED, charging at her sister, who, nodding slightly, rolled over with her forepaws in the error, soundly defeated (before the pink ever actually made contact). The pink scrabbled once more at the air, rockin back on her hindlegs. Yes! She was HORRIBLE, FEAR HER. ROAAAAR.

The cyan gently cleared her throat.

The pink squeaked, and nodded, and ran towards the candidates. She CHAAAAARGED towards Amarylia as though she intended to barrel into her and topple them both as her brother had, but…right before she made contact, she came to a full stop, and ever-so-gently headbutted the girl’s knees. AND THEN SHE ROARED. YES. FEAR HER AS YOU TOPPLE, FEARFUL HUMAN.

Then she whirled, and this time went for Kiveena. Her talons raised, poised to SLASH and…she laid her talons very, very gently on her leg, and pushed, with a gentle clearing of her throat that indicated t¬his was the part where she should pretend to be in GREAT PAIN and fall wailing to the ground.

The slinky black had managed to wiggle the stolen sandal over one of his feet. Much better. The Sands were hot! But he needed at least three more. He looked to the human his sister had tried to knock over, and oozed over flopping with a complete and total lack of anything resembling grace. His tiny baby teeth closed around Amarylia’s sandal, and he tugged.

This drew the serene cyan’s attention, and she was, suddenly, considerably less serene.

Why that dirty rotten…really bad egg! Thief! She rolled, leaping to her feet, and ran after him. He beat a hasty retreat, sandals abandoned.

In her haste to reprimand the ne’er-do-well, the cyan changed course abruptly, which sent her barreling into a particular candidateher candidate, as it happened—and so her furious, righteous thoughts spilled into his mind as well. YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOU LAZY, INSUFFERABLE, #@(!-ing @($* SCALLYWAG! IF I GET MY TALONS ON YOU, ooooh you just #()@*!ing try it again! I swear it will be the LAST time you #(-*@~— Her talons clenched, and abruptly, the hatchling seemed to realize that what was under them was not, in fact, sand, but a human. Her human. Oh! She abruptly leapt back, snapping herself into a straight and dignified pose, tail curled elegantly and serenely around herself. Vun’o, Her voice, as rainbows flooded her eyes and love stretched to reach out, wash over like a wave, different only in that it did not recede once passed over, was in stark contrast to the waspish snarl of before, Oh my Vun’o, do forgive me. It’s just…such behavior will not protect Pern, and protect it we must. It just—ooooh—it just makes me so @(U&!ing angry! The last came out in an undignified squeak, but she abruptly shook her head. No! I—we—must focus. You and I, my love, my Vun’o. She began to crane, stretching to get as close to his face possible, as though being there would make his thoughts more clear, as she gently pulled them from him in exploratory curiosity. For a long spanse of time, she let all of who and what Vun’o was, and would be, wash over her. The ocean. There was a great deal of the ocean in him, and she found she liked that, the immense expanse of it. It was restless, at times, on the surface, but below it was quiet, so great and vast it could not be disturbed, for it served some greater purpose. Like her. Like them. Then, seemingly calmed, she offered quietly, I like that. The ocean. She stood, and began to make her way to the food, with a slightly haughty lift of her snout to suggest he was to follow. I think…even if all of Pern were covered in nothing but ocean, I would like that. It would certainly lessen Thread’s destruction. She left it at that. Now, let us get you patched up shall we? She paused, Oh, no, wait, you aren't actually injured from my claws, are you? Well. That was very wise of you. The armor, I mean. I appreciate wisdom.

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Impressed to Vun’o

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In a word, Iricheth is prickly.
Which Iricheth are you talking to? Because there is no mistaking that there are two faces to this pretty coin. One side: adventurous, unsympathetic, bossy to the point of waspishness, quick to dismiss and quicker to bark orders and take charge, the Iricheth most will come to know is a far cry from some of her more kindly, delicate sensibilitied sisters. She is quick to dive into the mud and get done what needs to get done—all while hollering at those too incompetent to do so in the process. She’s rough, tough, tumble, and frankly just a hair crass. Vun’o may be surprised at just how inelegant Iricheth is capable of being, and she seems to take particular delight in imitating the speech of some of the more rough sailors to have landed in Dalibor’s piers from less savory waters. She tends to be a bit of a Debbie Downerth, quick to drawl how of course that won’t work.

But there is another Iricheth, who at first only her rider will see. If Vun’o has the patience to wait, draw her out, they’ll discover that Iricheth is rather astonishingly wise. Not merely smart, or clever, but genuinely capable of deep, gentle insights into a person, dragon, a situation and the long term consequences of it in a way that more short-term focused dragons are not. These insights tend to be weighed heavily with a benevolence she doesn’t do much outward displaying of, but yet marks the bedrock of her character. She does not merely protect the land from Threadfall because she is a dragon and that is what dragons do, she does yell at others to do the same because she is simply bossy, she does not dive in and do things herself because she is impatient, she does it because she truly, recklessly, loves Pern. Ultimately, all of her sharp-tongued, barked orders and aggression are in service of pursuing its protection, for she loves Pern as its whole more than anything except, perhaps Vun’o. In this pursuit, she will be ultimately self-sacrificing, selfless. When it comes to the defense of her world and her compassion for Pern, she is unmatched among her siblings.

She takes her responsibilities quite seriously, even if she is at times unorthodox about defining them or upholding them, and she and Vun’o may have a tiff or two when they disagree about paying it. Despite her quickfire temper, she is also quick to forgive, even if she may be snitty about it. At times, her snappishness is dictated by a foreboding sense that somehow, her destiny and that of those around her is already both foretold and doomed to repeat, and that neither she nor they can escape or change it. She therefore has a tendency to dismiss things as inevitable and move on, and Vun’o will have to work hard to shake her of this steadfast conviction, should they disagree on it. She will not likely rise, too focused on Pern at large to focus, as she will word it, so frivolously on her self. She is a dragon who will take as naturally to water as many and most take to air, as though she’s lived there her whole life.

Iricheth is a dragon that needs someone to help her balance her disparate purposes, smooth her rough edges, and most importantly, help her live in the present and not some distant, unknown and predetermined future.

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[blockquote]In many ways, Iricheth appears almost like a chimera, split neatly down the center of her snout into two appearances as stark as her moods. One side, soft in color, with wisps over her knobs that fly gently upwards into more wing-like shapes. On the others, dark in color, marks in the same place but starker, curled upwards in firm strokes. The rest of her is not quite so delineated, with blended clouds of both colors mottling her back and wings in such a way that she will quite blend into the sky and clouds when the weather is right. She on the small side for a cyan, with stocky legs but a long neck and wings, and despite her sturdiness, has a grace about her when she chooses to move with it. Which is not often.

As for the slippery black she had been pursuing, he peered out from behind Rhasa’s’s legs, tongue lolling out in wicked glee.

Keth turned her attention back to the eggs. There was a persistent scratching from red egg.
The hatchling inside sighed. It was not an indication of anything. There was only one decision, despite the risk. They crooned to their mother, seeking her help. It was something that had to be tried, of course. If they died…well, there were far worse things to die for than love. Though, the hatchling didn’t think it would stop them, though (death, that was, as it would heartily defeat the purpose for which this dragonet had been hatched). Sorrow and concern tinged Keth’s gaze. Would her child be alright? But of course the attempt must be made. She would help.

Keth was very still for a moment. She warned her other children, and the wher who would be needed to help, but no one else, and then she spread her great gold wings, snapping them out to their full extension with a crack and a brief, golden bellow. A distraction to draw the stares of the startled, which included Temurshivi, who jumped in alarm. Keth?

Serenely, the gold offered, Oh, my mistake. I thought I saw a tunnelsnake.

When she folded her wings back to her hide, calm and joyful as she had been at the start, the occupant of the red egg, hidden briefly by the great expanse of golden wings, was gone, with only shell shards in its place.
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 09:27 PM
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It was time.

Jali and Laanasuth watched in bemusement as the first of Keth's children hatched and tried to be the first terror to stalk the sands of the day. Jali covered her lips to hide a smile. That darling little creature. It would break their heart to be laughed at, she was sure. So by any cost, they mustn't laugh.

Oh no. You've stunned us to silence. Laanasuth dipped her head, tucking it under her wing like some kind of odd, gigantic, sunrise-orange whersport. She did like hatchlings.

She couldn't keep her head there, of course. She'd look silly. She abhorred looking silly. As soon as the candidates and spectators started to arrive, the copper took her head from under her wing, sitting on her haunches on the sands to one side of Keth and her clutch, watching the arrivals as they came. No one with any potentially-endangering thoughts would be allowed near THESE eggs. Her days of blindly trusting candidates were over.

Thank you, Oreanda, she greeted the wherling who spoke to all dragons, vainly pleased at the compliment. Those candidates who acknowledged her received a gentle brush of her mind against theirs, a silent greeting. This day was not about her. It was about seeing six lovely dragonets hatch and find their bondeds.


The gold's call startled Tristallon out of fitful sleep, the candidate sitting up bewildered as it seemed a dozen firelizards echoed their own responses to the eggs hatching, Vune's blue not the least among them. But even bewilderment couldn't hide the THUMP of his roommate's very ungraceful departure from bed, squarely and flatly onto the floor. The harper's lips twitched, a small grin breaking into a short, surprised laugh, a rarity for the often overstrained young man.

Leaving his bed, he joined Vunelio in the general scramble for clothing and armor and robes, scuffing into sandals and smoothing nervous hands over his hair with a gulp. "Ah - good luck, Fisher-Who-Walks," he offered quickly, before joining the general candidate exodus for the Hatching Grounds. His lanky legs ate up the distance, and in no time at all, he was bowing to the sands-mother and the clutchmother politely, mumbling his gratitude and hoping that by any grace of the fates that he wouldn't get himself into any trouble before before the Hatching was over.

It seemed that his roommate was not to be kept waiting any longer, with the first Impression of the night going to him. Tristallon whispered his congratulations before turning his face back to the rest of the clutch. One down, and five more to bond and - he nearly jumped out of his skin at Keth's bellow, staring at the gold in utter confusion. What had that been all about?


Kennebam lost no time when the call came to join in the mad dash of preparations for another Hatching. The armor, heavy hot stuff that it was, unusual at Ista where he'd been born and raised, but mandatory here. The white, sleeveless robe of a candidate, traditional for so long that no one remembered how it had begun. As ever, he eschewed the sandals for light boots, the insulated soles good for cold snow and hot sand alike. That was about all the proper preparation he had in him, and he all but bolted for the Sands, skidding to a halt at the entrance to make a somewhat more sedate approach.

With a cheeky grin, he swept Keth and Laanasuth a bow. "Thank you ladies, for this honor. Keth, I'm looking forward to seeing your children Impress." Then he joined the other male candidates to watch the pageant. The eggs breaking open, the dragonet bursting from beneath the shards of their egg to try and... um... fail terribly at terrorizing the candidates, but the poor little thing had just hatched and wasn't really up for real terror, he thought. Which was just as well. The ones that were up for real terror made for bloody, tragic Hatchings, and he'd pass on those as long as he could.


He knew what was happening, knew the moment the sound of dragons humming and the hustle of many footsteps all going in the same direction. Eggs were on the sands, eggs were hatching, and everyone was going to see. He was supposed to go see, he'd promised Ulian that he'd try, but it had been so hard when the tan's eggs had hatched. He'd gotten through it, but it had hurt - hurt like salt on an open wound. Vadi tugged on his hair, pacing back and forth in his room in silent debate.

He might have continued that way for the whole of the Hatching if he hadn't been interrupted by the most unearthly echoing sound he could ever remember hearing. He straightened up and stared at the wall, unsure what in the name of Faranth it was, until the sunshiney voice penetrated his skull, calling him by name. Valeath. His dearest of dear ladies. He could shirk his promises to Ulian, he could excuse his weaknesses, but he would not disappoint Valeath, not when she'd offered her love so unselfishly, even after what he'd done to her child.


Feet dragging, he picked his way through the halls, coming out of the Lower Caverns where Valeath was waiting to rest a hand on her buttercup-hued snout. "I'm here, dearest lady. I- I know. I'm coming." He let her scoop him up, a second time being kidnapped to the Hatching Grounds for her company, it seemed. Vadi shuddered softly, hiding his face against her hide as they settled on her chosen ledge. For a moment he simply stayed with his face hidden before drawing the courage to dismount from her back and sit with his back pressed up against her. Searching for familiar faces, he saw To'rua, lifting a hand in a hesitant greeting to his cyanriding somewhat-maybe-friend - to Vadi, To was a friend, but he was unsure if it was reciprocated. Toleration was there. Perhaps that was all he deserved.


But why can't we go out flying, there's so much we could do and see...

We're going to watch the Hatching, don't you think it will be nice to see? New little dragonets. Maybe they'll want you to show them things, N'oir suggested with the slyness of one used to trying to keep people in the realm of acceptable behavior without giving orders.

Oh... I suppose that would be nice.

The flight down to the Weyr Bowl's floor was a short one, and N'oir took it upon himself to detour into the Lower Caverns first. He knew, sure as the sun rose in the east, that at least a couple of his friends would be there and in need of some fresh klah. A skin of the hot liquid and a few snagged mugs, and he made tracks for the Hatching Grounds, ascending into the stands to plop down next to a rather morose-looking Xellarik, giving his friend a once-over. Good, he was wearing a new tunic. Presentable. And already cradling a mug in his hands.

The pinkweyrling pointed at it, quirking his fingers. "Give it here." His lips quirked in a smile as he scolded the older man affectionately. "Don't give me any trouble. I know what's in there, now come on. I've brought some fresh with me." Fresh and unspiked. As klah should be, this early in the morning.

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The eggs hadn't even hatched yet and there was already a ruckus starting. Charming. It was also, judging by what she'd heard about Dalibor Weyr before, fitting. She wasn't surprised when a dragon started fluttering from ledge to ledge in an unsightly flurry of noise and movement. The surprise was that this was the dragon of the former Lady of Western Hold. She had heard her fair share of bad things about the Hold, but did Irohvyne truly have that little control over her beast? Vyvienne strained her neck around her as she peered around in search of the yellowrider. When she spotted her, she gave her the most disapproving look she could muster.

Of course, there was no guarantee that the situation could be handled with a mere look. She may not notice her when caught in such a sea of people. Even a seat reserved for those of rank was no promise when dragonets had begun to hatch. She decided to take things into her own hands. Unlike most, she paid little attention to the first dragonet to impress. The Lady leaned over to the guard standing beside her and whispered something to him. He nodded and murmured, "of course, my Lady."

This particular guard was or particular notice to Vyvienne for one reason only. He owned a firelizard. That was why he had been chosen to accompany her to the Weyr. He had an easy way to contact Lady Samara. That method of contact could else be used for communicating with closer people without standing up and making a scene. Those who looked closely may see the guard pass her a note, although why Vyvienne's guards carried notes who known to her only, which she quickly scrawled a message on. She then passed it back to the guard, who gave it to his green firelizard.

The firelizard jumped between and reappeared above Lady Irohvyne. She would return to her owner once she had passed her the note. The writing couldn't be fancy, for it had been scrawled out on her laps, but the text still held the elegance of someone who was well versed with writing and writing prettily. It read:


I hope it is not too much to request that you keep your dragon from making a ruckus. Her noise and movement is likely distracting those who wish to observe the hatching. As a former Ladyholder, I am sure you understand why such behavior is rude and unseemly.

Wishing you well,
Lady Vyvienne.

 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 10:36 PM

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There were snow flurries, and then there were flurries of egg shards bombing the air with shrapnel littering the sands. Apparently, the dragonets were of the latter sort. Amarylia couldn't help the laugh that began in her only to be bitten back with a sharp bite to her lip. She didn't want to laugh at the hatchlings after all! They were just so cute. The pink was darling as she went around in her series of games, and the black playing with her had Ryli watching closely just in case their trouble turned dangerous.

That was probably for the best. In a rather clumsy impact, the black careened towards Calina managing to dislodge a shoe which quickly disappeared under the hatchling. Apparently, dragons could also be thieves. Good to know. As her roommate was left to try and get herself situated on only a sole sandal, Amarylia turned her head to watch the cyan emerge from the latest of the eggs to hatch. This one had been a shell of silver and green that splintered nearly in two before giving way to a hatchling that drew attention. Where her siblings had blundered around, the cyan stepped delicately only to have the pink start up her games once more.

A baby-ish roar erupted from the pink's lungs as she charged towards the serene figure of her cyan sister. In the end however, it was Amarylia that got barreled into as the pink squeaked and the weaver almost ducked towards the side to try and protect herself from the hatchling's clumsy contact before pausing. The pink had slowed down, and even as Ryli took a wobbling step to the side just in case, her eyes widened slightly before she grinned at the hatchling that ended up headbutting her knees instead....and then she roared. As if the pink were a child she was playing with and entertaining, Amarylia shied away with a movement of her hands in front of her face, and a squeak of her own.

Her gaze followed the pink as she continued her games, missing the dark form of the black that slunk towards her until it was too late. The stolen sandal that he had taken from Calina would soon be added to as he took one of her own, and this time Amarylia did fall onto the sands with an oof of air that whooshed from her lungs and left her blinking at the black in surprise. "Could have just asked you know." An exasperated sigh punctuated the rolling of the candidate's eyes as she pulled back up to a single foot, her other balancing with her toes touching the back of her standing foot's heel. Now and again her form wove back and forth, corrected by her arms trying to regain balance so that she didn't have to meet the hot sands head on again.

The cyan's angered cries were ignored however as Amarylia turned towards her single-sandal roommate. A shuffle across the sands brought her closer as she moved back and forth in small increments, knowing exactly how ridiculous it probably looked before she did a hop-skip the rest of the way. Each time her bare skin touched the sands was another cause for Ryli to bite back a hiss before she finally offered her arm to Calina. Her roommate's shoe was on the opposite foot that her own was, a good balancing point offered between them so that they could more easily stay steady on the sands. She didn't speak this time, there was that at least, but miming her intent wasn't exactly easy either. Hopefully nothing got too lost in translation.

@Phryne (Calina)

Gersemi was late to the hatching and thankfully it was only one she had to watch. It had been difficult enough with it being so late in a wher candidate's schedule, but at least she had already been awake in comparison to the dragon candidates who had had to rouse themselves from sleep. A yawn was stifled politely by a tanned hand as she settled into the stands with her son not far away from her; careful glances cast his way to make sure that he wasn't getting into too much trouble. There weren't many she knew necessarily right now, but the actions of the pink and black hatchlings seemed to be reason for many to talk with happy smiles and grinning faces. She could understand why. This entire chain of events was much better than some hatchings she had heard about, even if the pink and black did get into trouble.

@ Open

The trader positively giggled with joyous glee as she turned a hazel gaze on the hatching sands. Beyond the form of the gold and copper queens lay one of the most interesting scenes she had seen in months. The pink was a hellion if she had ever seen one, the black a thief with practical sense whose antics had Aesidhe grinning from one ear to the other. It was Keth's sudden ruckus that tore her attention away from the hatchlings however, one dark brow raising in question. What had gotten her so upset? Had something happened? Aesidhe's eyes roved over the area around the gold before she spotted what remained of a scarlet egg and no dragonet to be seen. Perhaps the dragon-child had accidentally hurt its mother in hatching? "Did anyone see what bothered her?" She frowned at the thought, although she cheered for the cyan and her new bondmate as they made their impression.

@ Open
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Vunelio wasn't overly enthused. He honestly didn't think his dragon was here - he didn't think there WAS a dragon for him, and in all truth, the whole premise of standing a moment longer when he didn't have anything but his brother here to really keep him in place, seemed largely foolish. The one hatchling seemed inclined to keep hiding; the shells were over it so much that he couldn't tell what color it was.

Milling about behind him mildly annoyed him. Disrespectful to the clutchmother, to make so much noise, but it was safe to assume that any time you threw a gaggle of people together in the same location, some of them were bound to be incapable of being quiet. It was the way of humans, and many other types of creatures in the cosmos, at least on Pern.

Almost seemingly at the same time, three of the eggs...perhaps two of them, and then the other shortly after, Vune wasn't overly a hundred percent sure, his attention had been distracted by conversations behind the wall...hatched out. The explosion of shells and the scuffle and running about that happened thereafter got his mind focused once again, and he found himself following the antics of the slightly-more-animated pair.

That was, until a dragonet hit him full force, claws digging hard into his robes and the armor underneath it. Vunelio was knocked off his feet by the surprise of momentum, and fell backwards to catch himself with both hands, as shouting from some off-kilter voice erupted in his head.

YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT THIS INSTANT YOU LAZY, INSUFFERABLE, #@(!-ing @($* SCALLYWAG! IF I GET MY TALONS ON YOU, ooooh you just #()@*!ing try it again! I swear it will be the LAST time you #(-*@~—OH! Vun'o! Oh my Vun’o, do forgive me. It’s just…such behavior will not protect Pern, and protect it we must. It just—ooooh—it just makes me so @(U&!ing angry! No! I—we—must focus. You and I, my love, my Vun’o.

Vune's eyes closed to try and steady the vertigo that the noise - and make no mistake, it was precisely that, especially with the instantaneous, concerned press of Tryonilth's mind against His' clutchsibling's own - instilled.

"STOP," he snarled, hand coming up to grab hold of the Cyan's snout, shut it as if that might do something, and shove her forcibly back and off of him, "Stop. STOP."

His wrists hurt, his backside hurt, not to mention how the Sands burned his skin and feet. He felt talons dragging the hide that covered his torso, ripping the Candidate robes as he kept shoving, pushing her off of him, letting go with a lift of his hand to shut her up before he scattered sand across his robes, covering his eyes with the back of his sweat-clad forearm. His hands were covered in crystalline grit, and the last thing he wanted was to end up in the Infirmary for washing his sockets with it.

He locked her out. Forced her out of his head, shut her down like a parasite, so that he could establish his own center of balance in the chaos. Brows knit, and he finally looked at her. He couldn't force her out. She was already there, he'd looked away too late, he'd been unable to stop anything. She was in his head, she was ingrained in his soul, and Vunelio....Vun'o...didn't precisely know how to feel about that. It didn't feel like one side, it felt like two, making him prone to a creature who was more of two souls than one. It confused him, and somewhat dazed, he could only sit there feeling the sands heat his flesh beneath the armor and his shredded robes, shoving Tryonilth out of his head as the pair of personalities that the...his?...he wasn't even sure anymore...Cyan seemed to contain, took deeper hold. Pulled at his memories, and Vune discovered he didn't like that at all. It felt...weird. Uncomfortable, strange, awkward, horrible, and he hated it. All at once, she became another voice in his head, a source of...something that he wasn't sure he wanted or even needed, but ultimately wasn't a choice for him, now.

Bewildered more than a little bit, he didn't move. Iricheth took a few steps forward, and to his credit, Vunelio - Vun'o - didn't move. He just kind of looked at her, and with the rainbows of her facets subsiding so, too, did the sense of hectic anger and chaotic fury that almost seemed to overcome her.

I like that. The ocean.
He didn't answer her. Just stared.
I think…even if all of Pern were covered in nothing but ocean, I would like that. It would certainly lessen Thread’s destruction.

Just as quickly as the tentative etchings of her voice on his brain existed in both rage and a...surprisingly frightening sense of calm...what WAS this thing...she was speaking to him again.

Now, let us get you patched up shall we? Oh, no, wait, you aren't actually injured from my claws, are you? Well. That was very wise of you. The armor, I mean. I appreciate wisdom.

Again, the only thing Vune could do was stare. He eventually rolled to his feet, and dusted off his hands; Iricheth moved towards him, and Vune side-stepped her nervously. She crooned, lifting a forepaw to set it against his knee. He looked down at her, and became aware that people were probably looking at them. Ako sat on the wall, and warbled pitifully at His. But look at her! She's so...so...just LOOK at her!

Vun'o did just that, and Iricheth scaled what was left of his Robes to drape herself across his shoulders. He made his way off the Sands, and settled in the hatching area to begin tearing apart chunks of herdbeast for her.

It wouldn't make sense for the entirety of Pern to be covered by ocean. There wouldn't be any need for us, then. Dragons, humans, whers or otherwise.
Good point...
Ladies don't swear.
Good thing I'm not one of those types of lady, then, eh?

Vune sighed, offering her another piece of meat.

[[I love her, Lee, ty! Vune's just being a bit of an impossibru atm XD]]

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Calina was watching, she really was, but it was confusing. She appreciated Keth's response -- she hadn't expected that! -- but she was at her most serious, and in that state of mind, emotion took second place. Time did weird things as soon as she was in place; sometimes it felt like she was moving underwater, and sometimes things were happening so fast she couldn't keep up. The eggs hatching -- Well, exploding, really -- was a slower moment, but once the dragonets started moving, she really had to concentrate to track them. Even so, the pink's antics caught her attention as the black barrelled into her, and she stumbled a bit, realizing belatedly as her foot hit the hot sands that she was down one sandal. OUCH. That's hotter than I expected.

The cyan, being quieter, got a glance and half a second of Callie's attention before she focused on the pink again, and then the cyan started running and Callie's eyes grew wide as she prepared to dodge if necessary. Oh, no, the cyan was heading for the boys, whew!

She noticed that Ryli was standing in a similar pose to her own, and for the same reason, though on the opposite side. Callie hopped as unobtrusively as possible toward her roommate when she noticed the redhead's vector towards her, but she nearly fell over when Keth bellowed. Only a foot to the sands saved her, and she bit back a squeak of startlement and pain before grabbing Ryli's offered arm and carefully calculating how much to lean towards her so that they were both more-or-less supported and upright. It felt wobbly, but it was a better alternative than being barefoot on the Sands.

Oh, hey, one of the boys Impressed the cyan! She grinned with happiness for him but, mindful of the rules, she refrained from waving. Besides, that was likely to send both her and Ryli toppling to the sands; the thought of that caused Callie to wince for the briefest of seconds before glancing around to figure out where her attention should be.


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