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 We few, we happy few, WI:14 {Keth Hatching}
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 12:31 AM


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Krysthanine, there is a Hatching. A small one, from a Queen no less. The announcement should be coming soon.

Emith always seemed to know when things were happening a moment before they did. Not even halfway through her relay, Keth’s call reverberated in Krysthanine’s skull. The sun had barely crested over the invisible horizon, the changing hues of the sky their only indication that it wasn’t the middle of the night. Snow drifted lazily across the Bowl, a sharp contrast to the heat that she would soon have to face. She groaned a bit, burrowing into her furs a bit more. They had just gotten to Dalibor a day or two prior, and the eggs decided to hatch now? They barely had enough time to get settled, shard it! We’ve got time, Emi, she drawled sleepily. Just give me a couple more candlemarks or something.

You should know better than to think that. Queens certainly don’t call for their Candidates long before the hatching is due to start. This isn’t something that one can schedule, the small dragon responded coolly. It makes no difference either way if we go or not. It is not as if we would know the clutchmother, or any of the Candidates that are standing. And Emith really didn’t care if they went or not. There would be nonsense and people and noise, not to mention whatever ruckus may come from such a strangely small Gold clutch. A groan was heard again from the furs, louder and more exasperated this time. Gimme a minute, I’ll be ready in a minute, just hold on…

This tirade continued throughout the entirety of time that Krysthanine prepared for the hatching. It’s not that she wasn’t excited for the hatching, of course not! No, the young woman was just exhausted from becoming familiar with the lay of the land again and reminiscing in every crevice of the Weyr, and would have muchly appreciated if the hatching had waited until maybe about late afternoon. That would have been wonderful. Emith just watched as Hers stumbled about, throwing a simple navy tunic and some dark leggings on, entirely forgoing shoes until she stubbed her toe on a wall while wrestling with her hair to do something marginally presentable. Drahaus and Whiting stirred from their slumbers, humming gently as they drifted in and out of sleep. That meant two fewer problems to deal with.

Krys gave up with her hair fairly quickly, and threw on her riding boots and hopped onto Emith’s back. All right, Emith, let’s go watch a hatching. The gray rumbled quietly beneath her before taking off from the ledge, carefully skimming the air and weaving around fellow riders as they all made their respective ways to the hatching sands.

The first thing that graced Krysthanine was the heat of the sands, swelteringly hot and nostalgically familiar. A smile quirked at her tired lips as her blue eyes scanned the area around her. There are more grays around, Emi, you see that? Maybe you’ll find a kindred spirit, hmm? she whispered to her dragon as they landed and began to find their way to a comfortable seat with a view.

That’s not how dragons work, Mine.
Huh, that’s the first time you’ve called me Yours in quite some time, Emith dear. What, has the hatching got you thinking of way back when?
It seemed fitting for the occasion, nothing more. Besides, Laanasuth is here, we should pay our respects to her.

Krys’ eyes darted forward, locking on the copper that stood beside the gold. They were both sights to behold, with Laanasuth standing watch, and the clutchmother… paying her respects to the Candidates? The young woman cocked her head to the side a bit. That wasn’t something that happened at every hatching. Her gaze slid to the Burgundy – it was a Burgundy, correct? They looked like tiny, male reds to her – that stood guard with the clutchmother. That must be Keth, and her mate. What was his name again?
Right. Thanks. It was fascinating, to see a Fighter as a Weyrleader. While this wasn’t the first time that this has happened, it was still only the second or third. It would also explain the small clutch size. She prayed to Faranth that this would not be the norm for their Junior Weyrwoman.

Krysthanine pointedly avoided looking at the whers that roamed around the sands, instead taking a focused interest on the bulkiness that was underneath the Candidates’ robes. Was armor entirely necessary? She had heard that terrible things have happened at the hatchings here, but to think it required armor? Despite her welcoming nature, Krys did scoff at this. She had seen enough bloodshed on the sands, could they really not be trusted to survive anymore? Did they not understand the concept of natural selection taking its course? Sometimes maulings happen, it builds character. At least, that’s how she justified her rather backwards thinking in her head. A hint of disapproval wafted across the bond between her and Emith.

Their peering was cut short as a sprightly Yellow made herself very well-known to basically everyone she ran into, bumbling over words and scampering over and under bodies. As Valeath made her presence unbearably known, Emith made a point to scoot just out of her way as she flounced over the nearest dragon. But soon, the yellow was stopping, and yelling about forgetting something, and just as quickly as she had arrived, she had departed, babbling some nonsense about that forgotten something – or was it a somebody? But before she could figure it out, the yellow was back again, careening rather dangerously towards the nearest ledge, to settle comfortably with their forgotten somebody. Krys sighed. Hopefully that would be the most drama from this hatching.

The two finally settled in on a ledge that wasn’t too high, but certainly wasn’t too low, and Krysthanine slid from her dragon’s back to relax between the gray’s forepaws. There wasn’t much else to see, aside from the Candidates filtering in and the curious case of the yellow egg-that-wasn’t-an-egg-anymore. The grayrider yawned mightily, her jaw snapping painfully at the apex of the gesture, and she was quick to close her mouth and worry at her jawline with two of her fingers. She watched bemused as a Pink made herself known, and seemed to have disrupted a Black in the process. The tiny girl seemed hellbent on being the most fearsome creature in all of Pern in the tamest way possible, shrieking and roaring but never laying a claw or tooth on the Candidates. Meanwhile, the Black made his antics abundantly clear as he began to make away with the poor Candidates’ sandals. Krys stifled a giggle at the black’s practically-drunken shenanigans. Emith snorted quietly, not seeing the point of any of it, as per usual.

And then a Cyan hatched, and she seemed to be quite the little lady. Krysthanine poked at one of Emith’s legs with her elbow. Reminds me of you when you were a wee thing, remember that? she asked of the gray. Almost conveniently, the cyan went off on a tirade against the Black, her swearing and shrieking clearly audible.

Emith sat for a long moment before responding.
Absolutely not.

Krys laughed audibly at this, gently slapping her knee and conveniently missing the Impression of the Cyan. However, the snap of Keth’s wings shook her moment of whimsy and focused all attention on the Queen. The young woman’s eyebrow quirked at the strange happening. Stretching, she stood up and made her way closer to the Stands proper, taking a position next to Aesidhe. ”Your guess is as good as mine,” she mused, keeping close tabs on the now-vacant red shell. ”She says it was a tunnelsnake, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that that wasn’t really the case.” Her eyes narrowed a bit at the scene before widening at her own social inadequacy. She whipped around and offered a bit of an apologetic smile to the other woman. ”Apologies for butting in, by the way! Name’s Krysthanine, and that little beauty is Emith,” she introduced herself hurriedly, pointing over to the gray, who hadn’t moved an inch since settling on her ledge. With that out of the way, the young woman sort of shoved her hand forward in a bit of an attempted handshake, although it was obvious that her attention was divided between a few too many things at the moment.


((OoC: To whomever, if you'd like to interact with Krys or Emith, feel free! I'd love to throw my character into more conspiracies and conversations biggrin.gif))
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 12:37 AM

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(C'sen and Kozameth- @Kestrel, @Leei)

Kozameth snorted, and debated his stance on the matter. He could be stubborn, immovable, but it was Laeth that asked, and the grey was special to him. The other's soft addition of please especially touched the King, and helped him recover a little from the bewildering circumstance of the smaller dragon's threat. His jaw clicked a few times, and finally the King made his choice. He would not abuse Laeth because of the improper behavior from other dragons.

C'sen still wasn't sure they should presume, but E'ra wanted him there and, what was he saying really? E'ra was the last person in the Weyr that would suggest they should do something improper. So he headed down, choosing to walk, while Kozameth took wing, the better way for a King to move about the stands than trying to amble down.

Kozameth huffed softly when he found a place near Laeth, while carefully trying to wiggle himself down as low as he was able to better ensure that he was not obscuring the view of others too greatly. Still, despite not wanting to be so near, he did resume humming once he'd rumbled a wordless greeting to the grey, and reached down to nudge him affectionately with a nose. Bubbly certainly liked this arrangement much better, and trilled joyously while the fair went about finding their usual 'seats'.

"Congratulations, Weyrwoman Shivi. I trust you look forward to being free to go for a flight with your Queen", he offered warmly, and a bit sympathetically. He remembered how difficult it was to be grounded, and stuck in one place for a season. Though clutches were a wonderful reason, that didn't mean it wasn't still difficult. He didn't linger though, sure there were others who'd want to talk to her, and he was eager to take his seat with E'ra. The greyrider would immediately find an arm around him, pulling him closer to his Tillek born Weyrmate. "Ready to place wagers?", he purred into the other man's ear.


(W'o and Lemasyth - @+Kestrel @Ruin @RhiaBlack ? )

It seemed he wouldn't have to wait long before one of his siblings made an appearance, and really, it was one of the one's he should have most expected. Landing dragons was hardly anything to take much exceptional notice too, it was happening fairly regularly as spectators came to watch the hatching. What was not so common was to suddenly be accosted, and finding one's self suddenly sprouting a human sized and shaped growth on one's back.

The sudden weight of Fisher pulled W'o back just a bit, but he held his ground, as his twin was hardly a slip of a thing compared to him. There was no dissuading her, and he didn't really mind, so W'o did reach back to assist her in hooking her legs around his middle, that she would be spared the difficulty of holding herself aloft by arms alone. He'd been gaining in height steadily the past turn and, hopefully he was quite finished, before he started inspiring terror in the holdfolk.

"It has been made more spacious for your comfort", he offered in his serious tones, but only mostly, a hint of the playfulness he was issuing present as well. Anyway, the hums of the dragons should conceal it from most others who had no business being allowed into his personal life. "I am not certain, I have yet to spot any one."

Lemasyth cooed softly to Ijreth, pleased to see her, ,but the interaction would have to wait as Glimmer arrived to deliver a message. Tipping his head to the side, he listened carefully, before chuffing at the firelizard and sending him a wave of gratitude.

~I know you will do well~, the blue offered to Tanner, in gentle encouragement. Surely whoever these maybe friends were, they would love Tanner. Even the scary man with the scary tan seemed to want her around. The thoughts of Unath and Q'sis briefly caused Lemasyth's eyes to yellow, but a quick mental prod towards his reassured him. So, he offered his input on the discussion.

"It seems Tanner will not be among them, she is joining some of the other Weyrchildren" Hopefully if it was a certain boy, it was not in the presence of his dimglow father. He would have to ask B'er more about this, Q'sis character, whom he'd rather Tanner be no where near, for all that he found the man's son to be acceptable, at least for now, while he was too young to have any untoward intentions towards his littler sister. Speaking of B'er, he caught sight of the blackrider. If their gaze met, he would offer his older brother a respectful dip of his head, but wouldn't act to call him over or go after him. W'o had never been a demanding child, though he admired B'er greatly, it was enough for him that the other existed. He didn't need to intrude on the other's space, or moments of peace, which he imagined were few.


(Fa'rah and Wherth)

Smiling to himself, Fa'rah went about packing a meal for himself and his Glasssmith. The food requested, meat rolls, a salad, sweet rolls, the unmentioned klah, and something a little extra. He'd been working on a few of his klahklet confections, most of which were for trade, but he would be remiss in his duties as a wyermate if he failed to make extra for B'er, even if B'er was trying to get 'back in shape'. Plus, he B'er had a large family who would, no doubt help him. Klahklet covered fruit creams, and caramel. It'd taken a trip back home to get the sugar caramelizing process down to his satisfaction, a benefit of being the son of a Masterbaker. Though, he'd walked away with a new agonizing burn to remind him that experience never made up for being alert. He imaged hot sugar was about as bad as threadscore, though thankfully didn't do as much damage.

Wrapping a good number of the candies in square cloth that became a mini-sack, he included a second of a similar treat, though this one, well they tasted alright, but Fa'rah couldn't help but think that substituting the dairy for plant based liquid yielded an inferior product. He liked the taste, but not as something that was meant to mimic something else. That poor Fisher kid, but it wasn't for him to worry about, she was B'er's family, so he'd bee looking out for her, same as the others. Besides, one never knew when a turn would be bad for milk, it didn't hurt to have an alternative method; it might be that B'er's two dietary specific sisters would provide him with invigorating challenges.

Wherth had been waiting, already present in the hatching grounds, finding a good spot where a wher and a dragon could be happy. The moment Ryleth appeared, Wherth's head lived, and he watched, chuffing at his favorite firespitter. He didn't move in though, waiting for Ryleth's to be helped down, watching the man move, while his whirling eyes kept track of others, using his body to get in the way of any that looked like they might wander closer than they should. Whers were for protection and guarding, the least he could do for his favorite friend was to help by doing what he was meant to do.

Fa'rah wouldn't be too far behind, with a basket of carefully arranged goodies and diningware, and a flagon of klah. Poor B'er, the problem with having any sort of bakercraftsman in ones life was that they did seem to assume people would need more to eat than they probably could manage, and even a salad would be full of all sorts of embellising features, like finally sliced slivers of cheese, bits of crispy porcine belly, and the like. Well if this torture was made better by anything, maybe it would be the daring that Fa'rah had decided to show. As he joined the pair of blacks and B'er, he slipped an arm around the other man, and moved in to try to steal a chaste kiss, respectful of their surroundings, but longing for some sort of intimate exchange.


(Rein'l and Soroth - @+ Rhia -J'tar, @Raining - M'kai, @Kiran - Ty, if the later two arrive)

Uviqueth appearance was pleasing to say the least. Once he had settled in, and his had streamed down into a comfortable seat between the blue's paws, she returned the nose bop gently. Her humming had briefly paused to favor a purr for the gentleman blue.

~Quite well indeed. I am pleased that you and yours were able to join us. There is little that is more enjoyable than attending a hatching ~ There was a moment, brief though it was, that the tone in her voice had shifted into something a little more wistful. It would have been lovely to have little eggs, full of life and promise, to watch over them and then watch as the children within found theirs. It wasn't something that usually occurred to the cyan, but this time was different.

Below, on the sands, the first impression took place, and though Soroth didn't immediately say anything, her eyes whirled more quickly. Curling her tail around herself, she lowered her snout to be level with her Rein'l, purring as offered her gentle strokes and scratches. He'd noticed J'tar, but the other man seemed to be enjoying the hatching in his own way, and the cyanrider felt no need to disturb him. Though, a part of him did wonder about this manner of enjoyment.

~Will you come to the feast later? Queen Couineth and Vespasiath have made a place where we dragons and the whers can celebrate together. You may have notice it. ~ If she remembered correctly, the blue hadn't been at the Weyr for the last graduation, but she didn't think that he had attended the festivities. Perhaps she was wrong, but no doubt the gentleman blue would correct her.
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 12:46 AM

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Carintal took the next few moments to figure out what was going on. Here he was, son of a farmer, suddenly amidst dragonets. He glanced up at Sabine who darted around the air above him, keeping a keen eye on the dragonets. He laughed at her and spoke "Sabine, go wait over there. You're a foot long a dragonet could eat you. Besides I'm okay." Carintal received the image of him oiling Sabine's cracking skin. He assumed she was saying "Oh yeah? I'm gunna make you eat those words, then you'll apologize with a nice oiling"

Carintal looked up to see the huge golden Queen watching the eggs like a cat ready to pounce. Carintal did his best to remember what he was warmer by the rider who dropped him off- late. All he could remember was "Okay kid look, don't piss them off and give them room. They scratch." Carintal had no idea what to do than to just stand were he was. Eggs poped around him, but Carintal stood perfectly still, calm, just waiting. Surely, some dragon would get bored and look for him right? Sabine crooned and Carintal figured she was annoyed that the dragonets were ignoring her human. The nerve of those pups.

Carintal looked at Sabine again "You're probably scaring them away. Sit over there." Sabine shook her body in a sassy way then shot off to sit on a higher level of the hatching door. Carintal sighed with relief, Sabine was a tough girl to manage sometime. Carintal's feet were getting hot now, when was some dragon going to notice him? Carintal took two steps forward, then walked away from the large groups. Perhaps the dragons wanted riders who stood apart literally and figuratively. Carintal decided to give it a try.

OOC note: this is my first post here and I'm a wee bit uncertain what to do or how I'm suppose to find my dragon
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 02:15 AM

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((I feel as though, i have the time wrong))

Karlico stuffed his face with food, having worked all day and he was tired and starved. He stuffed the roll in the bowl of stew he had gotten, full of meat and vegetables, stuffing it in his mouth and chewing with content. He knew it was close to hatching, so the food was rather good, as they practiced and cooked for the hatching feast. He chuckled as the drudges went around chattering about who would impress what dragon. He had seen the clutch from afar. Looking at them and wondering what he would get. But he knew, it was the dragon's choice, not his that took him to the sands and then out as a dragonrider. He wondered, what would they do, how would they go about this hatching. After hearing about what happened with the golds clutch, he thought maybe, they didn't let them in close, He didn't think anymore of it when the call went out for candidates. The hatching was now. Stuffing the last of the roll in his mouth, and almost scorching his mouth with hot stew, he quickly ate as fast as he could and went to the barracks for his gear.

IT was time, he pulled the gear he was given for the hatching from his trunk, talking his time to make sure everything was right before turning on his heals to head to the hatching ground. AS he followed the group to the sands, he saw others chattering about the eggs that would hatch, he wondered as well, along with them, about what would happen. Finally on the sands, he bowed low to the gold.

"Hello Keth, thank you for the wonderful clutch you have here, i hope mine is here and i will take good care of them" He said smiling up at the dragon before stepping onto the sands with the other candidates.

As he was let past into the sands, he watched as the first dragon went in search of his rider. The dragon was a Cyan, he looked closely and chuckled at the creature, the first impression of the day. And he had got to see it, his face was up in a smile at the thought the hatching would soon begin to "Fall apart" as the eggs fell to the ground and the dragon jumped out in chaos to find their bonded lifemates. He couldn't wait to see the next egg that would hatch and fall to the sands. His fingers crossed it would be a bronze maybe, as they were a good omen for the clutch if there was one to fall to the ground and impress in a clutch. NO bronze, didn't mean bad, but those of tradition would see it as a bad omen not to have a king or king like dragon.

He looked up when he caught sight of a blue pair of wings, they looked familiar and he couldn't help but smile, the dragon was standing next to a green on one of the ledges and huffed at him. He smiled, knowing his father was here, watching him during this hatching.
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 03:12 AM

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His family wanted him back, again.

There was nothing particularly new about that. Ishmael had gone back on a few occasions since first following his friends to the infamous Dalibor, regaling holdbound Northerners with tales of dogs the height of a man, vicious felines of the Wastes bred to fearsome miniatures, tunnelsnakes riding about like firelizards on people’s shoulders, and dark red male dragons who reared their heads in every hatching. Who, despite their size, had been the first fighter color in Dalibor’s history to mate with a queen, producing a clutch of only six eggs.

Between these, the deposing of the yellowriding lady of Western, the death of Crescent’s Lord, and the rumors of a search for new Blood, there was no shortage of dinner party gossip to be shared. Storyteller Ishmael, brave explorer of the Western Continent, was in high demand. After so eventful a season, of course they wanted him back, so all their highborn guests could hear of the chaos right from the runner’s mouth. All so they could ooh and aah at the spectacle of the West, the bizarre and backwards West. So superior were they, in their frosty and ancient Northern halls. Perfectly nauseating.

It bothered him more, he supposed, now that his friends, more of family than most of his family ever had been to him, had become woven into that tapestry they loved to gawk at. Impressed to Dalibor dragons, from Dalibor sires and dams, hatched on Dalibor sands. And what lovely beasts were they, Sanarth and Uqetcanqeth. Uqet, the wanderer, the ever far away. Sanarth, the Lady-star of so many Harper ballads of old; they just hadn’t yet known they were writing about her. They were part and parcel of his dear friends now, mind and soul, and the West was written into everything that had shaped them.

Ishmael could abide with quite a lot from people. He was tolerant, generally, of the various flaws and vices of humanity, nonjudgmental. Truthfully, interested. But to hear people sneer at the home that had given his friends their dragons was not charming. For people who lived there to bemoan its tragedies, to mock them, even, was one thing—it was their lives. Not so for these holders. His socialite persona, a well-polished part of his toolkit, hadn’t developed too many cracks just yet. But it would, it would, if his family kept pushing him through these insufferable meetings. He could just feel his spirit die a little after every one.

But today was a good day—a beauteous white-dawn water-painted whisper-quiet morning. Warm embers, about to be stirred to frenzied life by the breath of six new beings: dragon beings, precious young souls. It was just what Ishmael needed to reinvigorate his own spirit after such a senseless suffocation: a hatching shared with friends. If that wasn’t a cure-all for malaise, did such a one exist at all in Pern’s far corners?

He took his place in the stands, having happily shed his more fashionable holder clothes for his trusty patched up longcoat, sprawling out amidst his favorite people in the world. “Dalibor has material enough for a thousand,” he replied, with the same dry humor—though there was not too much feigned about his own good mood. The slightest frown did mar his face as Nic caught on to what exactly was in his cup, and offered an improved replacement.

“I have no doubt it would taste only of unfulfillment and bitter dreams. As the self-appointed manager of your talent, I’ll be taking those into my custody,” he said brightly, nudging one of Xel’s gifted wine bottles closer to himself. They all knew he didn’t need the temptation. He spread an arm out jovially toward the hatching sands. “Feast your mind, in its place, on this.

He beheld the tumbles and toothless battles of squalling babies fondly. “Pern’s protectors, in their purest state! Who here is inspired to song?”

Teasing aside, he really did find something irresistibly lovable about each of them. The black, little rapscallion, swiping people’s very shoes from beneath their feet, and foiling his sister’s plans in a way that had been intentional. And the pink sister, herself—what a darling she was! Tearing about the sands with all the savagery of a red wher…and none of the bloodlust. Truly, inspiring—though perhaps not necessarily in the way she might have wanted. The cyan, too, what a countenance she had! Almost reminiscent of their dearest Sanarth in the graceful lines of her movement…er, until she gave chase, that was, and it all went out the window. But what an extraordinary shift that was, wasn’t it? How delightfully unexpected.

His eyes were drawn to the gold herself, however, when she thrust out her wings and bellowed into the winter air. Then went on as usual.

“Digestive problems?”

@Ruin @Rii @Leo @Lee
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 03:43 AM
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As soon as the young candidate heard the voice of Keth in her mind, she was on her feet and moving. It would be unlikely that other candidates would take their time and Kirryl was no different. She first pulled her armour over her head and then the robes. After she was certain she was ready, she turned and ran with all of the pink firelizards clinging on for dear life.
"Go find Kisk," she called to the pinks. Loud chattering accompanied the command as they all disagreed with one another. By now the candidate had arrived at the entrance to the hatching sands.

Kirryl folded her arms and tapped her small foot on the ground as she looked up at Spot. Finally, Ishfyyz the oldest of her pinks chirped loudly and squawked at the rest of them. The firelizards disappeared in a moment. With that accomplished, Kirryl turned and entered the sands, bowing to Keth and Shivi before taking her place. She looked to the stands and spotted the familiar sight of her mother and Kisk. It was hard to miss the incredibly excited, waggling form of the wher.

A dragon had already hatched and seemed rather annoyed. The girl took a deep breath and then looked around as the cyan ran through the girls. It came close and Kirryl shifted away, pulling herself in smaller so as to make herself much less of a target. That was probably the better way to do things... Right?

Rayna tapped G'len on his right shoulder and then moved across to his left. The fact that there were only six eggs was... Still a difficult thing to process but regardless of that, this was an exciting occasion. Some of the candidates had been waiting numerous turns for this opportunity. Their dragon just might be amongst the others.
"Another day, another hatching."


 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 11:22 AM

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The wher Keth had reached out to did not, by all accounts, seem too enthusiastic about things. Ugh, what pain. Why big-nose flappy queen not tell baby ‘stay on sands’ is be where babies belong. But noooo Jossk be ask ‘go keep eye on baby’ ‘go make sure baby not die’ ‘go be sure baby not make ow-dee-ants members die’ why so hung up on not-die? Keep things exciting. She stalked sullenly after her assignment, who was keeping to the first row and doing an admirable job of staying hidden, darting around quickly and with impunity, keeping themselves just in the peripheral. Joshu followed, doing his best to be as subtle as an over six-foot, one-legged and barrel-chested wherhandler built as bulky as an iron with a gray-streaked ponytail could be—which was, surprisingly, respectably subtle, in fact. Be nice, Jossk. Deaths mean hidework.

Ugh. Fine. Use brain, baby. Not sharp nasty baby teeth. Is be best. She plopped down on her rump down, staring up at the ledges when the baby stopped for a bit.

But the baby DID use their teeth, and talons.

On G’len’s shoes. Sneaking underneath the seats, the little hatchling made work of the laces, moving slowly and smoothly so as not to be noticed—where they had gotten the grace to do so was anyone’s guess—and then, when they were loose, an abrupt and hurried YANK freed the shoe. The shoes went flying! They didn’t quite make it to Calina or Amarylia were, but it’s intended destination was obvious, and, perhaps, G’len, as he glanced down to see just who—or what—was thieving from him now, or Rayna, with her attentiveness, may happened to catch a flash of…blue hide?

Jossk sighed.

And began to move up, up, up the stands.

The pink, had bounded over to the boys, but was looking increasingly distressed. She bared her teeth FEROCIOUSLY at Kyzekeidon, but then appeared to feel immediately contrite and darted back to lick his hand in apology, and then realized that would not be good for her reputation so she ROARED and ran away.

No, no, no. This wasn’t RIGHT!

She noticed her brother, and the green wher, in the stands.

And realized something! She cried out to the wher, and scrambled after her. Wait! Wait! She had to go up there too, and that meant she needed an escort! In a surprisingly display of agility—and one that showed her overlarge wings—the pink cleared the wall around the sands, and charged up to where the wher was waiting.

And then promptly kept going, fueled by urgency and love that increased as she got closer, awkward baby wings thwapping into poor, unsuspecting onlookers like Dolly and Silkie before leaping DRAMATICALLY through the air to get to Her Most Important Person, in the process, knocking over Aiechu who had only just arrived, and knocking the klah, both spike and pure, from poor N’oir and Xellarik, the former of whom’s lap she found her balance on as she kept her backside there, forepaws frantically reaching out to grab Hers. Blissful rainbows burst into existence in her eyes as she trilled with adoration.

I will call you Is’mael. She decided solemnly. Call me Havartith the HORRIBLE the HORRIBLE is important and it has a capital ‘H’, just like that, just like Havartith the HORRIBLE with a gasp in the middle if you would like and if you think it would add the right effect. It is important, She wiggled in earnest, tail lolling off of N’oir’s lap to drape over Xel’s lap. To have the right effect. Reputation, I mean. We have to maintain it! Now And then suddenly her midnvoice dropped to a dramatic whisper, Now this is very important Mine, very important, I am going to pretend to bite you MOST viciously and you must pretend to be mortally wounded but I would never hurt you Mine I never will I promise, okay, here we go!

eerrrrrROOOOOOOAAAaaaaAAAAAAARrrrrrRRRRRRR! Havartith reared back—overlarge wings whalloping Hers’ Harper friends rather accidentally, thrusting her little talons ferociously, and lunged, closing her mouth very, very, very gently, around Is’mael’s arm, without the slightest prick of tiny baby teeth. She looked up at him eagerly. Okay, go!

user posted image

Impressed to Is’mael

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

In a word, Havartith is theatrical horrible.

Oh, wait, wait, no. No she isn’t.

In truth, Havartith is the sweetest, snuggliest, most soft-hearted collection of cuddles to ever prance around on Pern—and prance she does, albeit only when Ish is the only other being present—something that is, or will be, though she is not aware of this (who would break her heart by telling her?) the worst-kept secret in the Weyr.

But she wants to be Horrible (with a capital ‘H’, the capital is important and she will regularly fret over whether or not people are properly capitalizing the ‘H’ in Horrible when they speak her name in hushed, fearful whispers) and so she spends a great portion of her time meticulously creating and maintaining a FEARSOME reputation. She will SAVAGE WEYRBRATS (by very gently blowing a small puff of air their direction). She will TERRORIZE WHERS (by carefully picking them up and transporting them to their patrol locations) she will PILLAGE NEIGHBORING HOLDS (except that would probably cause problems for them, so maybe she can just… pre-emptively pluck one from the tithing line already coming this way and—and oh, but it looks so scared! Maybe we can sneak it back into the line and get a nice fish or wherry for lunch instead…) she crafts a very particular and specific image for herself, and will always want to brainstorm with Ish on how best to go about improving and maintaining it.

Aside from that preoccupation, Havartith can’t resist a call for help. She swears up and down that she is a SELFISH, HORRIBLE DRAGON (with a capital H, remember) who has a HEART OF COLD STONE and CANNOT be swayed or convinced to get involved, no matter HOW DESPERATE the situation, but let her overhear a kitchen worker sniffling and Is'mael shall immediately be inundated with requests to fetch a healer, and bandages, and soup, and something shiny to cheer them up, and so on, so forth. She believes herself a terrible coward, and, truthfully, she is a bit, but if someone else is in trouble she will nonetheless barrel in, breath blazing—you can do that, if you’re a dragon—and go talon-to-talon with the most truly terrible of opponents if it means keeping someone she loves safe. See, the thing is about acting one way for so long, it does become a part of you, and should she need, ever, to be truly Horrible (with a capital H) in defense of another, she will win. She will just require a great deal of cuddling and comfort afterwards because goodness.

Being Horrible (with a capital H) is hard work. Havartith enjoys it, with the gleeful, playful showmanship of someone with impeccable theatricality, but she also enjoys cuddling and fluttering around with Hers just as much. When it is just them, she will become a bright, bouncy, cheerful companion, never far out of reach for headknob rubs and extra cuddles. Not that they are cuddles they are COMBAT TRAINING. Really.

Havartith need someone who can give her confidence, someone with sense of showmanship to play and delight in her game as she does without letting it stray too far from an anchored reality. She needs a partner with patience and heart to protect her rather squishy one.

21.5 feet when full grown
Havartith is slim, for the most part, long, willowy shapes except for her shoulders, which are wide and support overlarge wings that would be more suitable on a pink a few feet longer. They are speckled with jagged, harsh, zagging lines like lightning, and are frequently flared in her attempts to seem bigger and MORE FEROCIOUS than she actually is (which is not hard, given how very not ferocious she is). Aside from the markings on her wings, her chest bears patterns that make it appear ruffled, soft speckles and ripples of color that extend to her belly. On one side of her snout is a noticeable dot of darker color. Some might call it a beauty mark, Havartith claims it is a FEARSOME BATTLE SCAR because those are totally pink sometimes. When others are watching, she moves in a very heavy fashion, stompy and fearsome and solid. When it is just Is’mael--and perhaps, someday, his quartet of friends and other special people--she flutters and prances like a light, happy, bouncy feather.

The black, down in the sands, had somehow acquired two additional sandals from unsuspecting candidates, and had made his way over to the food buckets. He offered a toothy grin to the owner of the buckets. Be a doll and dole it out, would they? He flopped weakly over, looking not unlike a pile of seaweed.

The remaining eggs wiggled, but appeared to be in no rush.

Jossk sighed.

And kept following her assigned hatchling.

Ugh babies is be all hot mess. Not like Jossk. Jossk good egg. All babies really bad eggs.

Joshu, notably, said nothing.
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Wow, these creatures apparently had no sense of a sleep schedule.

Which was not an appropriate thought, but it was the one going through Rayden's mind as she tugged on clothes, and donned her robe and armor, and hastily tied the laces of her boots before careening out of the Candidates Barracks on her way to the Sands. She knew she was late, but she'd half thought the voice in her head had been part of her dream, before she'd woken enough to sense the humming and realize the latest clutch was currently Hatching.

Her hair was a mess but who cared? She did her best to smooth it back with her fingers as she entered the wide cavern, taking a quick second to flip it back and make at least some effort to act like she hadn't been asleep ten minutes ago. Then she edged toward Keth, gave a properly respectful bow, and spoke. "Good morning, Queen Keth, and thank you for allowing me on the Sands."

A half second of waiting before she turned away, her eyes drawn immediately toward the pink and the cyan off to the side with their new riders, filling their stomachs from the buckets of meat provided. Ah- she'd missed the first hatchings! But- the remaining eggs were rocking still, and there-! A black, trundling through the Candidates with a pair of sandals in his jaws. Rayden grinned, watching both his progress and that of the eggs left to Hatch.
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Where the Lady Irohvyne went, K'oa was bound to follow. He followed her in to the Hatching Sands, always two paces behind her and slightly to her right. This was his place, as it would always be. Even if they had no other place to belong, they belonged together. Adorned in his own gather finery (now made into hatching finery), pale as Iroh's own, he still looked more like a guard than a rider. His posture was all hard lines, his jaw set firm and his eyes scanning the crowds. The only break in this was in the quiet exchange between himself and his Lady. She smiled at him, and a trace of a smile curled up at the corner of his own lips. He took a step up and rested a hand lightly on her shoulder, his eyes meeting hers. I'm with you. There would be no dissuading him, no diversions that would keep him from taking his seat next to her.

Up in the Stands, Geth found a quiet space to watch over the ceremony. In particular, his attention lingered over Valeath, whom he had sworn himself to protect even as K'oa had sworn to protect Irohvyne. The yellow dragon was happy in this moment, however, and there was very little for him to do other than watch.

@Ruin (K'oa/Iroh)


Tessk and Tessk's requested. Keth's eggs hatching.

The white and her handler had finished watch, bathed, and were changing into sleeping clothes for the day ahead. Lightning hissed from his perch on the bedpost, sensing the change in pace of his tunnelmates. He slithered down, making a living helix around the bedpost, until he hit the ground scurrying and climbed up to nestle in the hollow of Tessk's shoulders. Tesla watched him quietly, then sighed with a smile. "Well, let's not keep her waiting, then."

The whitehandler arrived in clean uniform to Keth's hatching. Her wher was unadorned of her usual patrolling clothes, sparkling white hide clean and stark against the backdrop she roamed, and instead carried some small version of saddlebags, in which some first aid supplies were kept. One never knew with a hatching, after all.

Tesla and Tessk moved to the Healer's camp, keeping a polite distance away, but close enough to be available if needed. Tessk and Tessk's, reporting. Tessk offered the golden Queen politely, dipping her head in respect. What little she and hers had heard about this gold were all good, and Tessk had very much categorized her as one of the "good eggs".

@Lee (Tessk/Keth), @HealerCamp, @AnyoneInNeedOfFirstAidTagMeBack


Denny and Senigeth were up in the Stands as well. The pinkrider had seen E'ra sitting with the Weyrwoman, but decided not to bother him. Wouldn't be his place, probably. Senigeth bugled happily at Laeth and Kozameth, as she saw them, but otherwise kept her eyes on the sands. She cooed at the pink, knowing that it was the color of herself, but then was quickly mortified when she began to attack things! HerD'ad pointed out, though, that the black did not seem hurt in the least, and that made her feel better.

Are they playing a game, then?


There was not much time to think, though, before Keth let out a mighty bellow. Senigeth was rather stunned, but with some soothing she turned her gaze back to the hatchlings below.

@Kestrel & @Sari (CREW)


K'oa guided his and Irohvyne's way to a seating place away from Ujarak and those associated with the Holds. It seemed better this way, as the memories were probably still far too painful for them both, and the greater risk of Irohvyne could still lose was fresh in his mind. The appearance of a firelizard with a note caught his attention away from the Hatching--if it had ever really been there--and at the permission of his Lady he read the note along with her. His expression, usually guarded, soured into a grimace as his gray eyes narrowed to where Geth had seen the "Lady" seated in the stands.

"What's rude and unseemly is passin' notes in the middle of a hatching." He took the note from Iroh gently, then folded it neatly to place it into his pocket. They could decide how and if to deal with this later.

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Keth was surprisingly talkative with each of the Candidates as they came up Kiveena included touching them with her snout before the Candidates went back into the line. Once it seemed that all of the Candidates that were going to stand for the Hatching were on the sands the Dragonet that Hatched out earlier decided to make her appearance with the dark egg Hatching out a Black at the same time. Whatever effect the Pink was going for in hiding herself in the sand was lost with the clumsy Black Hatching out at the same time though all the Pink did was give him a verbal scolding so at least that was a good sign.

With a Cyan on the sands after breaking up her two siblings, the Pink decided to charge at the female Candidates Kiveena included with the thirteen turn old not be able to get out of the way in time though it looked like the Pink didn’t actually have any intention to hurt and more prove that she could for now. Kiveena just looked down at Pink not entirely impressed with her attitude, seeing as the Pink was causing more trouble than what would really be necessary. Other than a clumsy Black and the Pink’s attitude the Hatching was tame compared with some of Dalibor’s other Hatchings so far so at least that was a good thing.

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Isk has message, Osk said, warning Oreanda that his view of the Grounds might lag behind her expectations as he focused on what their Wherlingmaster was saying. He filtered it through him and to his Handler, letting Oreanda pick up on what was said, even though it was in Osk's voice and not that of their Brown classmother. To her everlasting credit, she had the sense to feel somewhat guilty. He really does just care, doesn't he? I supposing it's his job to care, but guess he really does just care because he can[/i]. Oreanda nibbled on her lower lip as she thought about what Isk had said. I just thought he liked to heckle for the sake of it, you know? Like it's his job, and he's going to do it in the most annoying way possible, but no. He's just a nice guy. Osk agreed, and Oreanda urged him to send a chagrin reply.

Oreanda and Osk are sorry, thought Ijo and Isk just annoying because good at it. Didn't know Ijo and Isk actually care. We are trying to be less problem in the future Smiling, Oreanda kissed the back of Osk's nobby little head, he snorted and tried to wiggle away before speaking again to Isk. Make no promises for be good though, because we no liars. Smugly, the growing beast settled back in and merged his vision with his Handler again so that they could share in the hatching together. Oooh look at that lovely little... cyan, Cyan is such a beautiful colour, isn't it? It's as beautiful as it sounded! Osk had no response for that, he had always been able to see, and so colours were simply colours to him.

Look at that..., pink, Pink...yes beautiful, and so energetic and...oh look she's coming up into the Stands to find who she's looking for. Isn't it amazing how they know. Would you have found me up here? If I hadn't been a Candidate? Maybe, maybe I picked Oreanda because she be strong enough to be Standing and wait for Osk. Maybe not want as much if hiding in Stands, can't say. I don't know, but do know that you were waiting so I take you. Oreanda laughed. Maybe it didn't matter anyway. Ooh what's that over there? Osk's sharp eyes focused on where Jossk was wandering through the Stands. Look like he guarding little one finding its in Stands too, safe for baby, safe for people up here.

Oreanda found that she approved, very much, of Hatchings in general.


Valeath would never ignore Unath. It was just that...she had a mission, okay? She had to get her hatchling to the Hatching Grounds to be near the other hatchlings because she knew, in her little dragon being, that that was the right thing to do. But oh, once she was there. She nuzzled Vadi delicately when he pressed himself against her and then turned her head to bugle out into the Bowl to her mother. UUUUUUUuuuunaaaaAAAAaAAAAAAatttthhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH; it sounded very, very much like some of the odd noises Fisherfolk heard while swimming in the sea. Like a great ocean beastie. UuuuuunAAAAATH there is a HAAAAaaaaatchiiiiiing. Baaaaaaabiiieees. Come seeee, come seeeeee, oh, oh, hello! She nuzzled Vadi gently to make sure he was still there and then settled in again. Aren't they wonderful, Vadivananthan? They were. They really, really were.

@Azhdarchid @-Rii

From her perch, Fisher kept a close eye on the Hatching. Twisting her head this way, and that, to take it all in and search out her individual siblings. "If her's is here, it'll find her no matter what, just like Ijreth found me. Maybe if she's with friends and happy, there'll be a better chance! I mean, I was with family too, I felt safe--even if a little concerned." She, like her twin, caught sight of their eldest brother, but unlike him, she petulantly buried her attentions back into W'o's shoulder and the distant Sands, clinging all the more to him. When she went to steal another glance only a few moments later, he had already been joined by that particular person in question. She sniffled and hid herself again. "What'd'ya think, Wood? Tanner's young, but it could happen, right?" Nothing stopped Ijreth, so surely nothing would stop another dragon, possibly not even age.


Xellarik feigned an indifferent sigh as N'oir appeared from...wherever Dragonriders materialized from. "Mmm?" Again, an attempt at seeming innocence, but really there was no fooling his oldest friends in the whole world. This time, the sigh was real, though he did maintain the outward appearance of simply being a man, sharing his drink with a companion. "Now, don't you get yourself into trouble with that...Weyrling," Xel warned, only to turn and find his wine had been swindled from him as well. "Unfulfilled dreams indeed..." he muttered while staring side-eye at the both of them. Unfulfilled indeed. He did his best to focus on the Hatching and take it all in, but really, Ishmael was taking in enough for the both of them, and Chu..."where is Chu anyway?"

"Sleeping," he sighed, because it was most likely. He had expected the man to be here sooner. Queen Keth's display was slightly alarming, if only for the implication, but even more alarming than that, was the small infant wandering up the Stands getting closer, and closer, and "UAGHGH!" Hot, it was so hot, so, so hot and right on his...precious spot. He had already hopped up, scrubbing ineffectually at his steaming nethers while glaring daggers at the pink beast coiled up in N'oir's lap. "He's already got one," he hissed, before turning to find Chu collapsed on the floor. "Have you been sleeping here this whole time?" It was a jest, he was already leaning over to help his friend to his feet, "crazed beast," he murmured quietly into the man's ear while he got him sorted straight again.

When he turned around again, it was only to find the pink creature's tail being slapped against the moistness of his thighs, which he desperately tried to prevent by pushing the thing away. No, no, no, there would be none of this. None of it, but...relief washed over him as the creature chose not him, but Ishmael. "Well then, I suppose...that leaves just us, Chu. Congratulations, Ish...uhm...what has she named you?" And her name, he supposed, she would have a name as well. Smiling, for all that he didn't feel like doing so, he moved the Pink's tail aside so he could sit again, moisture and all. It technically wasn't over yet, Chu's dragon could still be out there.

@Kestrel @Lee @-Rii

Irohvyne, always the politician, checked the signature before the message, but when she saw the sender's name, she didn't even bother reading what else was written. She had accomplished more in the previous five turns than the self-styled heir of Bay had accomplished, well, ever. That included Impressing a dragon; which meant Vyvienne was solidly out-ranked by every Dragonrider present, including the ones who had just Impressed. Not to mention that women couldn't be heirs, save--perhaps--in the distant Southern lands where they were coddled by grubs and tropical weather. Irohvyne, however, had very little need to remind the woman of any of this, if she was so desperate for attention that she was sending notes during a Hatching, she already realized how tenuous her position in life really was.

With a fond squeeze of K'oa's arm, she smiled and continued watching Keth's lovely clutch find their way in the world, reminded, as always, of her own hatching where Valeath had found her after much debate and confusion. "There is another babe in the Stands, K'oa, have you spotted it yet?" She did not crane as much as some other spectators, knowing that the hatchling would show itself eventually, but she was quite curious. Her eyes skimmed over Ujarak deftly, showing him that she had seen him, even though she was very certain that she should not be seen with him. "I should like to know how my children are faring, without having to fear that discovering that information will cost them their future."

She was unhappy, but no one would have blamed her for that--save perhaps the petulant child sitting with her guard and passing notes as if they were in studies. But she was here. She wanted to be here, for her Weyr, and for the memory of those who had been lost.

@-Rhiablack again @Lan

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(W'o and Lemasyth - @Ruin )

Ah, he had misunderstood her

"Apologies Fisher, I thought you meant physically, not as riders", he allowed easily, correcting the matter, though now that did leave them to the subject of Tanner and her potential impression, either today or some time in the future. It was pushed aside briefly though, as he felt her face bury into his shoulder, the gesture seemed a bit sudden, odd. He filed it away as she continued the subject at hand, tucking it away until he had addressed what they were actually discussing. "It is possible, even if it is unlikely." What of the future though? Lemasyth had something to say on that score.

~Our Tanner will find hers... when he hatches... or maybe she ~ ,he offered warmly, a bit dreamily, sharing with both his, and Fisher. Of course Ijreth was included too, though Lemmy didn't think the cyan was really interested, which made him fidget a bit. Still, it wouldn't have been nice to talk to everyone but her. ~I hope her dragon will be a nice one. ~ That time, his gentle voice only bespoke his. The blue didn't want the others to know he had any concerns; it would be sad if Tanner's dragon didn't want them to visit.

W'o had slipped into silence as Lemasyth spoke, having the opportunity to further consider, whatever was going on with Fisher, if something was; it was possible it was in his head.

~I am certain that Tanner would not allow anyone to stop her from seeing us~, his assurance was sincere, even if his attention was split, and it was plenty for the blue, who offered his a gentle nudge. His W'o had always known how to make him feel better, and he was always honest.

"Fisher, is there something that is troubling you? "

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Silkie and Dolly watched the Hatching in silence for a while. Dolly with a happy smile at each of the bright, healthy babies. And Silkie, with her face unreadable, trying to decide whether baby dragons were cute or scary. The whole thing seemed extremely unorganized and dangerous. Was this really how dragons chose people? Just running around all over the place until they ran into a person. She'd been told that the dragons looked for a person to match their personalities, but that just seemed like a bunch of talk to her. Dragons weren't that smart, were they? Sure they could talk, but they were animals in the end. One thing was certain, someone was definately going to get hurt and if it was her brother, someone was going to hear about it from her.

Apparently, however, being in the Stands was proving just as dangerous. Silkie barely had time to react before the pink monster was flapping it's wings in her face. She couldn't help it. Years of being taught to fear dragons kicked in and she screamed, arms flying up to defend herself automatically. Fortunately, the little dragon didn't seem interested in ripping out her throat and moved on higher to tackle a young man.

Silkie lowered her arms, breathless. As she did, someone grabbed one of her arms and she almost hit them on instinct. It was Dolly, face pale and eyes wide. Silkie suddenly realized the other girl had been almost as afraid as she was. "Are you hurt?" Dolly asked in a rush. Silkie blinked. What on earth was the matter with her. "No," she answered slowly.

Dolly let out a breath, then laughed weakly. She'd been remembering Sutiexth's hatching, when a rampaging pink had actually killed someone watching in the Stands. It had been an accident, but it was still hard to forget the image of the young woman lying there, covered in blood. She wouldn't have been able to face Rhasa again if that happend to his sister.

Silkie watched Dolly oddly for a moment. Had the other girl actually been worried about her? She wasn't sure anyone had ever cared that much about what happened to her before, even her family. She wasn't really sure how to feel about it. Instead, she decided it might be best to change the subject. "Is that normal?" She asked, pointing to where the pink dragon had gone. Weren't they supposed to pick from the Candidates in the white robes.

Dolly shrugged. "Not always, but it does happen."

Silkie frowned, turning back towards the other hatchlings on the Sands. She wished someone had warned her that baby dragons could pick people out of the Stands like that. She wasn't sure this was such a safe place to be anymore.
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Alright, alright, so this whole standing thing maybe would have been a better idea if she had both sandals. Shivering movements ran through Amarylia's body at the effort it took to stay upright on the sands where one simple shift could have her skittering to the ground. Much of her attention was torn between the eggs and simply staying upright, but granted that wasn't too bad. The hatchlings seemed to not be too troublesome other than the rare shoe-stealing fiasco. It was the blurred movement of something being tossed in her and Calina's direction that had Amarylia snapping her head towards the direction of the newest dragonet's 'offering'.

Time seemed to slow down for the weaver as she stared at the sandals that were obviously a good too many sizes too big for either of the girls. However, a gift was not something she passed up lightly. A sheepish look was given towards Calina. "I don't know where those came from, but stay here." They were only a few short words. That couldn't have been too bad, right? She hated the idea that she was breaking rules to do anything but stand right where she was supposed to, but that wasn't the easiest course of action. A soft sigh parted her lips as she moved across the sands as quickly as she could without drawing too much attention to herself.

The sandals hadn't quite reached the girls, but the intent of the hatchling had been clear. Amarylia hadn't even been able to catch a sure glimpse of the dragon, but she said a soft and mental thank you. The dragonet probably couldn't hear her, she knew that. It was the best she could offer right now. A quick movement was made to gather the two sandals, one slipping onto her heated foot with a grateful sigh of relief, the other tucked in against her side as she made her way back. The going this time was still awkward considering its much larger size. At least she wasn't scorching the bottom of her foot though.

As soon as she was next to Calina again, Amarylia plopped down the extra sandal and gave her an awkward grin. Part of her felt terrible for whoever had lost them this time, honestly she did. That didn't mean she wasn't extremely grateful for them though, or that she didn't happily settle in her new spot. In the time that she had retrieved the offered footwear, the pink that had roared at Ryli and others had finally found their rider. A handler was in the stands tracking...was that another hatchling? The weaver froze where she was on the sands and looked up towards the commotion with a confused expression that probably appeared comical if not for the situation that called for it.

@Phryne (Calina)

Whatever her thoughts had been before that laugh split the air near her were quickly discarded as Aesidhe found herself flicking her gaze towards another observer. By the rider's knots she could tell that at least this was someone bonded, and to a grey by the looks of it. Girls didn't impress irons after all, right? Aesidhe was fairly certain of that....mostly. Okay, so maybe Aesidhe actually wasn't certain, but it wasn't like she had grown up around the dragons! The trader did enjoy the attitude that the greyrider had though, that amused look turning from the hatchlings to the woman instead. "A tunnelsnake? It seems like there's something more going on to me."

As if in support of those words, she nodded towards where a handler was following around a dragonet. Now and again glimpses of the shady creature could be seen, but over all it was keeping well to the shadows and people so that its actual form was obscured. The pink however, was not nearly as capable when it came to stealth. She seemed all too happy to draw attention as she clambered up and found her rider. All of it had Aesidhe snorting out another giggle that ended as the rider tried talking to her again. "Oh, it's fine. Aesidhe is mine. It's nice to meet you Krys...Krysthanine?" Her voice stammered momentarily over the name before she said it fully, hoping she hadn't butchered in the process. Normally she didn't have much trouble with that though, one of the perks of having met many over even her short lifetime.

@Aika (Krys)
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@Kestrel @Azhdarchid (Qaeliscrew)

Serlie was gleeful when not one, but both her friends came and sat with her. Given recent changes in her life, this made her smile brightly, despite Qaelis'... clothing antics (which she mostly missed). Deep green eyes blinked as her hat was pulled from her eyes, and they focused back on the culprit (or savior). A sheepish smile graced her features as she kicked her feet once or twice.

Tanner's question wasn't ignored, "yes! I--" the girl froze once as her eyes snapped to Keth's grandeur display, "I..." she continued unsure of her first train of thought, because it came back to her. Right! Hatchings! "I was at the one where mum impressed her dragon, Eldath, and then every one of them after that." Of course she was very young when most of them happened, but shh, details. That didn't mean that Eldath's presence was any less significant of course, he was like a brother to her, and the details of that are a little hazy... but they more or less grew up together.

"And... I like to see the babies-- the dragons hatch." The correction was for Qaelis' sake, because for some reason when she spoke silly things he tended to frown at her. Not that it bothered her or anything. If he really didn't like to hang out with her, he wouldn't hang out with her. "It hasn't gotten boring yet," she shrugged. At Qaelis' suggestion, Serlie gasped some, "no one would know! Then you could stand with me next season! Your brother's dragon seems nice," the latter was added after a small pause before she turned her head to Qaelis, hat slipping again... but she fixed it herself this time. "Too bad your dad couldn't fudge your age a bit. All of us Standing together would be fun. I can't wait."


@RhiaBlack (Ky, Mutt/Musk, O'men), @Ruin Oreeeooooo

You have armor, don't worry. I'll stay here in your head if you want me to. even though it made him a little uncomfortable. It was getting better, however. But yeah, you have you have to stay down there with the... rambunctious babies. The pause in his voice was when the pink bared her teeth at Ky... but she ended up licking him and moving on. Well he'd linger in Ky's mind until he was shooed OR until a baby looked at Ky, because he didn't wish to upset or confuse the hatchlings by being in their space if they decided to search the boy themselves.

The Blue's eyes were on the other candidates too, keeping a close eye, and mind on them. So far, even with the shoe snatcher...s? But he knew that Keth and Lanaasuth were keeping a close eye on things, but like His... he worried for everyone.

Fortath's eyes shaded yellow in slight alarm as he was bespoken by a Hu-- OH it was Oreanda. The blue's eyes found her and his mind held on to her strange, yet familiar presence. Why thank you! I would say i'm more on the handsome side... but beautiful works too, Ore-oh... I guess I don't have to focus on you for you to hear me, either. Silly me~

Musk drew his attention back and he'd begun to noddle in understanding of the work part but... as the blue wher went on, the blue went someone still. Al'dr was of course privy to these words through Fortath and he went somewhat still as well. Both rider and dragon shared emotion at that moment. Mutt nor Musk needed to say a word regarding what they saw on patrol, because they came to only one conclusion. He... left didn't he? responded the Blue, although it was a shared question by both, for both Shobhaith and Kai. The bluerider clenched his jaw and ran a hand over his face, before his eyes were fixed on the hatching sands once more.

Don't worry about it.

Fortath made a short lived warbling sort of sound before he, too, refocused some.

Al'dr did catch his soon-to-be-brother-in-law's look, as he chanced a glance over. His lips twitched in a sort of smile (that did touch his eyes, if only briefly) and he made a show of shrugging, something caught between a what and don't judge!

Da'on's concern for Al'dr (or at least his brother's small window of body language) was momentarily distracted by O'men, "I suppose that makes me the better man, I do this out of the goodness of my heart," he stated with a bit of a dramatic, haughty sort of flair.

The older bluerider, sipped at his klah as he listened. His brows furrowed slightly, a hand lifted so he could trace his love's jaw, "we can always find someone else to cover them? I don't exactly intend on shutting you out..."

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The black streeeeetched. His hide was itchy, egg fluid drying on his wings. He was…waiting, again. For that moment. His, this time, not his sister’s. Keth rumbled at him, urging him to get on with it, and worried, but he shook his head, toothy grin mischievous and unrepentant. Oh, he’d get to it, love.

The largest egg rolled to its side with a fierce CRACK, and went still. It appeared almost to have collapsed inwards, or at least a piece of it must have, because green ichor slowly dripped outward. Keth, alarmed, cooed, but the hatchling inside rumbled. No no, just a miscalculation. The occupant was going to just…sit there for a moment, if that was alright, absorb the shock a bit. Keth hummed. They really ought to come out, Impress, and get that seen to. The hatchling chortled. Keth gave every impression of frowning. An eighth of a candlemark, and she was forcing the issue, was that quite understood?

Yes, mom.

The silver egg with a hint of lavender on it began rolling, rolling, as the hatchling tried to get out in earnest. It rolled, in fact, right out of its circle and over by Kirryl. It seemed, suddenly, surprised to not be where it had just been, and went very, very still…

Meanwhile, the blue in the stands, for he was, in fact, blue, and fully visible by now, was scaling the ledges.

Jossk watched in distinct surprise. How baby do that, is be in-can’t-see-vable. She whirled unhappily to Joshu, Jossk not following, Jossk not STUPID, Jossk stay here, baby on own.

Except he wasn’t, not really. He slipped past Fortath – a rumble of apology there, because they were very nice candidates just not for him – and Wherth – cold day for a lake swim, wasn’t it? Not that he’d been outside yet but he knew – and Emith – small, as grays were, but lovely, and he crooned in greeting before moving – and others as they crossed his path. A very straight, clear path, that took an abrupt sideways shift.

Hello. It was not a whisper, though it might have felt that way to other minds that could hear. Utterly calm, completely sure. And of course, endless. He was there, next to him, but just a bit behind. Out of the periphery. He would know, though, scent was stronger than sight, and the spicy sweet of dragonhide would reach well enough, different from sweet Valeath's even if he was out of view. It would only take the faintest tilt of the head to see, the barest inclination of one’s neck, just as it would take no muscular effort at all to stare ahead, and so not see.

I am not sure, you know, if I believe that everything happens for a reason. The memories weren’t his, they belonged to the man beside him and one other, but he watched them with love. His snout lifted thoughtfully, finding shapes in the cavern ceiling. They would not be the last thing he saw. He was really quite confident about that. Frankly, he was rather confident in general. But I am sure—quite sure, really—of some things, and they are things that matter. Listen, I’ll tell you. His gaze did not drop from the ceiling. If there were rainbows, only one would see them, and he would have to turn his head to do it. Or not. It is snowing today, and I love you. My hide is itching a bit, and I love you. The sand is hot, and I love you. There is a rock in your shoe—there is, it is a small one and you have not noticed it yet but it is there of course—and I love you.

He would always love—and mourn—another. And this dragon would love and mourn that one he loved and mourned too. The snout inclined, thoughtfully. He had been made V’iva, once. And unmade, in turn. But there was someone Vadivananthan had become all on his own, or tried to be, though he had help now. You can be V’di, if you’d like. He would have loved Vadivananthan, and V’iva too, and V’di, if he’d been V’di when Keth’s hatchling found him. But he was becoming someone better, now. He wasn’t quite done, the dragon supposed, but that was not a problem. They had all of time for him to do so. But I love Vadi just as well and all the more. So if you’d like more time, to be Vadi, The dragon sighed, and endured, as he would endure all things, foreclaws crossing in a languid, relaxed pose that hid the uneasy nerves of what may come next.

Then your Ovoloth will wait…as long as you wish.

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Impressed to ???

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In a word, Ovoloth is steadfast.
Devoted but irreverent, Ovoloth is defined by constancy. His love is so profound, so unwavering, so foundationally unquestionable that it simply cannot be disturbed. One might find such vastness of affection oppressive, but Ovoloth is generally quite exceptionally casual about it. It was necessary to explain, at Impression, but otherwise it will more likely manifest in his actions, his presence, his complete pursuit of his beloved’s heart’s wholeness. That he might fail to bring peace, bring happiness, is not inconceivable—but Ovoloth simply refuses to accept this as an option, which it isn’t, of course, and so goes about continuing to try. It also helps that he is not a jealous creature, or even a possessive one, moreso than anyone else anyway. How he feels and how everyone else feels are entirely distinct things, and it’s a bit silly to get them all muddled up as though one matters to the other, really.

He learns everything the world can teach him, with the sole hope that it might one day prove useful in reclaiming his Vadi, or V’di, as he hopes he will one day become. He and Vadi will attend lessons, surely, only to find that Ovoloth has somehow already acquired knowledge and mastery of the lesson’s content, giving them more time to focus on, well, them. This will be a theme throughout their partnership, with farflung and unusual skills simply showing up, mastered, in Ovoloth’s clever claws. In truth, Ovoloth works doggedly and unceasingly hard to acquire these skills. He has remarkable stamina for his size, and uses it to remain awake, learning, studying, protecting. Vadi will find that, if he has need of it, Ovoloth will fly faster than the fastest flier, outwit the cleverest witter, outfight the greatest fighter, he will come back even from death (be it the spectre of it in Vadi’s heart and what he has lost, or even being Mostly Dead himself, should grievous injury befall him) simply for the love that remains in his heart for Vadi (probably with some clever one-line witticism to set His at ease). He does have limits, of course, and he pays for these exertions as anyone who pushes well past their boundaries must, and he can be a bit grumpy when he has pushed too far, but never cruel. Just very tired. He is not blind to Vadi’s faults, and they will disappoint one another, surely, at times, and cause hurts and perhaps even bicker when one thinks the other is being a bit dim or rash or any number of other things. But that’s quite alright, really, because Ovoloth is in no rush.

He is endlessly patient because he loves endlessly. Steadfast and calm. There are any number of things that might capture his attention while he waits…Flying. Fighting. Poison. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Tunnelsnakes. Spinners. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles... they are all part of the experience, to be sought out and learned from and lived because one must, if they have made the decision to live, do it properly, and such things all make for worthy pasttimes.

(But none of them, Ovoloth knows, are so great as love).

Ovoloth is a dragon who needs purpose, an anchor who needs someone that requires anchoring, and a rather steady fellow who needs someone more interesting to start their story.

32.75 ft
#5d8ada Body #7EB6FF Accents/speech
Ovoloth is dashing. Though he is actually quite average-sized for his color, he at times may be mistaken for smaller in part due to the lack solid, wide lines more typical to blues. Instead, he is almost willowy, sturdy but made of more slender, graceful shapes than his bulkier compatriots, including a long, slim snout and a slender neck. He is mostly one solid sheet of pale blue—a clear shade of forget-me-not—with a few noticeable details. A patch of even paler blue on his chest, extending to his lower jaw, makes it appear almost as though he is wearing a mask, which suits his rather enigmatic manner of facial expressions. He is not a particularly symmetrical, with a broad sweep of pale color on his left flank, and a delicate tangle of pale lines on his right foreleg—echoed on the left, but in a closer tone to the original of his hide.

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Calina's attention was on the Stands. Probably not the smartest move, but the more energetic dragonets were there, and she was fascinated by how they moved, wondering where they were gong. Wait, something... was arcing through the air towards the Sands? As they rotated through their flight, she identified them as fairly large shoes. How strange; shoes definitely didn't take flight on their own! Or maybe they did at Dalibor and she just hadn't known about it. That wouldn't be the biggest difference between here and Southern, and she hadn't been around long enough to quite get used to all the differences. With a mental shrug, she dismissed her rambling thoughts. There were more important things to worry about right now.

Ryli's comment got a nod, and she kept an eye on her roommate's surroundings just in case one of the babies decided that they needed to be on the other side of her without taking into account the Candidate occupying the intervening space. Fortunately, such an eventuality did not come to pass, but the redhead's awkward progress prompted a half-grin.

Callie whispered a quick "Thanks!" as she slipped her foot into the shoe. It was bigger than she thought, but at least her poor foot wasn't roasting. She took stock of the situation around her, then quickly glanced at the shoe itself to assess whether she could do anything to improve the fit, just in case she needed to dodge a dragonet, but she concluded that she didn't have the time or the tools to do so. Guess I'll just have to hope for the best and maybe shuffle.

The crack of the largest egg caught her attention, and she squinted in an attempt to see what was going on, but there wasn't really anything to see from what she could tell. The black was still somewhere around... oh, there he was. Silly thing, they're not going to feed you, you have to pick a rider and they'll feed you! Callie thought with amusement. Still, he had a certain charm, somehow. And given that he was the only one out of the egg and on the Sands, she kept a wary eye on him despite her amusement. Never could tell what a dragonet would do next, after all.

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Kira had known when Zeke had headed down to the hatching. She was awake most of the night in between her utter discomfort and the desperate need to pee that struck her every half candlemark or so. At first she'd entertained not going. The bluerider was exhausted, and comfort was long in coming.

It was precisely because of those reasons, however, that she eventually sat up and woke up Io. Whispering her intentions in his ear, Kira could feel Tauth's low hum in her bones. The slow ache in her back - in her whole body, really - made her grimace before the pain passed. She sidled up to the blue. Tauth, instead of taking her on his back, cradled her in his paws. They'd managed a sling for the massive-bellied woman to be taken down to the Bowl for meals and access to the infirmary. Now she was using it to take herself down to the hatching grounds.

It's already well underway, Mine. Be safe. Tauth nuzzled her. His eyes were bright with adoration for His. Concern, as well. His hum went right through her, easing the pang that made her exist hesitant. She slipped out, however, and managed to toddle her way inside the hatching grounds. Indeed, the event was underway. Her gaze fell upon the Candidates, seeking out her stepson. He hadn't Impressed yet. Not yet. She breathed deeply before making her way gingerly to her husband in the Stands.

Kira could see Da'on in the Healer's area. That was fine. It was actually some relief, since Kira couldn't be there herself. She had more pressing worries. Like her stepson, still on the Sands, and Zeke. Kira slid in beside him and tucked herself against his side. "Wanted to be here if Ky gets lucky." It seemed only fair. Zeke had come to every one of her hatchings, waiting for her Impression.

It was what a parent ought to do, and Kira wanted to be a good mother-figure to Ky.

So she would be here. Zeke might have missed her impression, but it was unlikely he would miss his son's either. Her hand closed on his and held as the gentle pang of pain rose in her once more before falling.

Kira would be relieved when the pregnancy was over.


@Sari, @Raining, @RhiaBlack

Eonxith heard her cyan sister's query. The orange roused Hers, who blinked the sleep from her eyes. A hatching. She hadn't really been since her own dragon had been hatched. Ty dressed in one of the few outfits she owned, a shirt and vest paired with a skirt and soft boots. The hatching was already underway, so the orangerider didn't bother with many other niceties. Hair touseled, she was tucked into her dragoness' paw and carried down into the Bowl. Out of respect for the Queen, Eonxith turned away at the entrance instead of intruding late.

Soroth, Mine is here. I will be outside, waiting for all of you. Share the details with me later! The orange was pleased as punch about the whole matter. Hers going out and enjoying social functions. Besides it was proper one of her status.

Ty headed down where she could see Rein'l speaking with two others. One she recognized - and it drew a smile to her face - and the other she didn't. Was her friend the center of a romantic triangle? That seemed awfully interesting. She herself hadn't gotten entangled. That was alright, in her opinion. She stepped behind her friend, tapped on his shoulder, and
gave him a smile while also nodding to the others. Very interesting, indeed. The young woman withheld comment.

Eonxith didn't. Yours seems quite popular, Soroth. Is this a byproduct of your Flight? Curiouser and curiouser, and she didn't really know how it worked among humans quite yet. They hadn't fired to the skies yet.
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@RhiaBlack @Lee

Pipperith jiggled, from skin to bones, just a massive flapping pink flag perched on the Stands precipice, leaning head and neck out into a long shivering shadow over the audience. She did not speak it aloud, but the word in her wiggling body was BABY.

Hm? Oh? Why is he pushing Iricheth? Am I looking at the wrong person? Oh! She climbed on him.

"Take care," Dan'lusian hummed as he swept up to Vun'o, arms held out like a presentation of featherless leather wings. "You see your dragon's talons there. As they age the matter of each claw is worn down by use, they do not use sharpness to puncture so much as their incredible strength. In the babies, however, the talon is new and especially easy to hook on clothes and throats." His own long finger tapped his lower lip. "Now I have never heard any stories on the matter." Big grin. "But Dalibor is first for a lot of things!"

He straightened up, hands on his hips, and made a straight-legged shuffle 'round to Vun'o's other side. He clicked his legs back together and stood tall there, then slowly pivoted around. He knew something the newly Impressed might not: that there was a dragon behind him.

A black dragon no bigger than a wherry's shadow, with a mouth full of smiley teeth. Dan rolled his shoulders as he stood between the unImpressed reptile and the new pair at their first gorge, then rather than tipping forth the nearest bucket flipped both his hands in a brushing motion at the hatchling's nose. Not close enough to touch, or even enough for an easy grab. Just a dismissing waggle back towards the Candidates. He touched the side of one hand to his brow, then pointed at the whiterobes with his other hand. Wow! So many!

Pipperith had stopped quivering to watch, her eyes green, but very big as she peeked over a hundred shoulders and her rider's shoulder too at the unknown quantity. Dan made waves of his arms to either side- limbs angled forward too, at the Candidates -and his hips swayed, his dancing rump quite close to where Vun'o worked.


@Ruin @anyone

Unath did not appear at the gate of the world beyond the Sands.

Q'sis did. He ignored the yellow who had called him, and took up sentry of the Hatching at the tail of a bench flanking the yawning entry chasm. Anyone exiting on foot would have to pass him. He slouched briefly elbows to knees, then executed a far more dignified undressing than what his son had managed and threw his back straight after. Unlike Qaelis he was not down to his pajamas, but his gloves and jacket and winter cap lay folded up at his side, his Hatching companionship.

Pink. Black. Blue. As the little worms crawled to their beloveds, his eyes tried to register each pairing as it happened, or even before the rainbows lit those tiny facets. When the only non-mutant of the clutch left the Sands and made almost straight for Valeath and her plaything, his shoulders bunched and the muscle of his thigh twitched, threatening to lift him right back out of the affair.
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Is all right, Isk answered curtly, finally reaching the Hatching Sands with the rest of those who wished to attend, Not do again. All Isk, Isk's ask. Worry much. See too many people hurt, too big risk lose new wherbabies, big persons with wherbabies. Not safe. Always need be careful, even when big, but most careful now, still littles. One day Isk, Ijo not boss, you boss yourself, but right now, very important be careful, be safe, until Osk big, protect. Isk not want see hurt, Ijo maybe not handle see hurt. See enough hurt. Lose enough life. Not lose another one yet. Maybe you meet Bozidar, one day. See one Isk find, Ijo help. See what mean, Ore-o.

@Ruin (Oreo)

Ujarak knew the risks. He didn't want to push his luck, but he knew Irohvyne had to be curious about how her children were doing. He had no dragon to show her, but he had Shidane, and the Brown was only too happy to help. Raja made only fleeting eye contact with her, as his Brown pressed her thoughts to show her how healthy her younglings were doing. Iliod's work with him, how he accompanied Raja around the Hold on day to day duties, how he excelled at his lessons. Things were going well, and he wasn't about to allow her progeny or her hold on Western's lineage to falter.

As far as the Steward was concerned, Western would always belong to the sons and daughters of Irohvyne and D'lios. He simply had to make sure the boy survived until his sixteenth turn, which is the point Raja would take one of two steps; become Iliod's Steward, or return to Benden.

@Ruin again!

B'er noted the nod from W'o, and returned it in kind; the sudden contact to his hips and waist startled him, as he hadn't been aware that he'd beat Fa'rah there. The kiss was of course welcomed, and even returned despite B'er's flushed cheeks. He was a mostly private sort, though with so many siblings one wouldn't think so, most of the time. That being said, he hadn't really had a relationship for the duration of raising his brothers and sisters, so there was that. It was new for him, and yet, felt like it just...worked. Clicked.

Rlyeth bumped his head against Wherth's, and rubbed essentially his entire body against the other Black like a feline, before flopping down with his side touching the Iron Wher's. He yawned, rubbing his eyes with his paws and showing Wherth a picture of the eggs that had hatched. He'd missed them?

B'er watched Fisher curiously. It was odd, for her not to come jumping on him and hugging on him, and generally being in the nearest two feet from his person.

"I think she's mad at me, but I'm not sure what for," he spoke quietly to Fa'rah. A soft sigh vexed him. "I wonder why. If she's not over here by the end of the Hatching, would you mind coming with me to find out?"

@Sari (Fa'rah)

We will see, Uviqueth spoke up, settling in beside Soroth as he peered down across His and to the Sands below. Mine hasn't been to a Feast since the accident, so I'm unsure if he'll wish to go. Either way, I would be happy to go with you, if you like, once I drop him off back at our weyr. It's nice that they've made a place for us, I'm so used to just seeing things through Mine's experiences. Does Yours enjoy feasts? Have the pair of you ever gone to the Gathers in the South?

@Sari (Soroth/Rein'l)

Z'dyn wasn't paying attention to anything anymore outside of his son. When Ky was accosted by the Pink, the Ironrider stood; a silent threat that his son be untouched. Ky handled it very much on his own, growling with a bare of his teeth back at the Pink before she wandered off and Impressed in the Stands. Zeke settled back down, pulled as such by his uncle as Mutorin, ever vigilant, spotted Kira's entrance. He rose from his seat and moved to help her up the benches; once she got to where Z'dyn lingered, the Wingleader drew his heavily-pregnant wife into his lap, settling her on a massive thigh and resting both arms around her protectively. One hand palmed the impressive girth where his due-any-day-now twins lingered, a measure that almost seemed to soothe him considerably. Though, there was no doubting the worry that lingered in his eyes as he kept close watch on his eldest son.

"Would rather'd y'stayed up'n the weyr, but understand why y'wanted t'come. Worry me, movin' 'round with them kids s'close." He took his eyes off his boy, just long enough to turn his head and press his lips against Kira's temple.

@Kiran (Kira)

Vunelio - Vun'o, he wasn't sure he'd ever get used to his 'new' name - regarded what he could only guess was his new Weyrlingmaster with a sense of...well, it probably would have been amusement, if he wasn't already perturbed by the Cyan draped over his shoulders. He continued to feed Iricheth the torn-apart chunks, a sense of unease settling in his gut.

"It would be an improvement," he muttered dryly, sighing.

Iricheth could take the bait no longer. Dan's waggling bum was too close to her face, Hers' face, and she would hardly take the slight of taunting lightly; she reached out her head, and aimed to sink her tiny teeth straight into the hard-set flesh beneath their Weyrlingmaster's britches. Or rather, would have, if Vune's reaction hadn't been quick to block the bite with his own forearm, a firm slap and push to Dan's backside as he grit his teeth. Iricheth was instantly apologetic, but Vune grabbed her jaws at the joint to unlock her maw from his skin with a sigh.

"Can you not? There are much better uses for your teeth than biting people. I won't stand for it. You're not a wher, stop acting like one and eat."

O'men sighed in mirror when the newly-Impressed was bitten - apparently attempting to divert his Cyan's aggressions - and he brushed his lips across Da'on's before heading to bandage the bleeding wound. Iricheth had used a pretty substantial deal of force. Had she been bigger, she most certainly would have bitten clean through and broken the bone, perhaps. As it stood, Vun'o was lucky.

@Azhdarchid (DanDan the Weyrlingman), @Raining (Da'on)

Awwww, tell Al'dr he's no fun, Kyzekeidon pouted, grumping to himself. He watched the Blue approach Vadi, and grumped even harder, mouth falling open in protest. BUT VALEATH IS ALLOWED TO HOLD THAT ONE, MANNN this isn't fair! Shard it!

The boy mirrored his father, a scowl vexing his features as he crossed his arms in defensive defiance. Z'dyn looked skyward at his Iron, who promptly did the correcting for him.


Ky looked back at his father, who tilted his head in a subtle jerk to one side. Ky understood the gesture well, having seen it repeatedly not only with Keivhyn and Eziryn, but with his own stepmother and stepfather as well. The expression was solid and non-negotiable. Boy, you better behave this instant or you're in for a world of hurt. He sighed, grumbling a barely audible 'Yes, Papa'.

Before he walked up towards Keth, and took refuge between her absolutely massive front paws. Huddling against one of them, he leaned on her talon and propped his chin on his forearms, crossed across one of her toes.

"Can I stay here with you for a little while, Keth? Al'dr says I'm not allowed to sit up there with Fortath, but Vadi can sit with Valeath, and that Pink was mean to me, even if she did lick my hand." He sighed. "I can't complain too much, though, they seem like they're all behaving. They've got a good mom."

@Raining (Al'dr/Fortie) @Lee (Keth)

Once Mutorin had escorted Kira to join his nephew, the Bluehandler slipped down from the Stands as Musk continued to patrol the surrounding area. The Blue sniffed at Q'sis curiously, deemed him not a threat after a moment, and then was on his way, doing much the same to anyone else who was close to the ground.

Mutt sidled silently up close to Al'dr, taking the back way around the Stands while the Candidatemaster was otherwise - hopefully - distracted. Once he'd reached him, he slipped his arms around the Bluerider's hips, and drew him back against the Farmcrafter's chest and stomach.

He didn't say anything, not immediately. Just kind of held Al'dr, and kept watching the world at large around them.

"Apologize for me grand-nephew," he sighed as Ky took up refuge at Keth's paw. "Takes after 'is Pa more than we'd like sometimes, seems."

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He never would have been able to face a hatching alone. But it had been bearable to be at Unath's with Ulian and it was just a hair easier to be here with Valeath because as odd as everyone sneered at her for being, she loved him, she'd forgiven him, and she did so unconditionally - and no one else, anywhere, at least anywhere that he knew, was unconditional about it. There were always caveats, a little taste of well you did bring it on yourself. And it was true. He did. He deserved it. But that was a misery and a guilt that he heaped enough on his own head without having others add their share, as light or unintentional as it might be.

Vadi kept his eyes on the sands, mostly. He knew in a peripheral sense that hatchlings were up in the stands - the pink was a little hard to miss - but there were so many people in there that he just... he was still a little afraid to look a stranger in the eye. (How he would have laughed at that once - oh, how he would have laughed, when he'd seen strangers as prospective friends. Now he didn't, because he was afraid one of them was the man he'd been with that night, the one that he couldn't remember the face of.) Such was his intent. He'd watch until all the eggs had hatched and found their partners and then, then he could go back to his room and try to forget the rainbows in their eyes-


Vadivananthan knew, knew without turning his head, that one of the dragonets that had gone into the stands had somehow, against all odds, scaled the ledges the dragons sat on to sit next to Valeath, and this was the one to speak to him now. Despite the heat of the cavern, his skin prickled in goosebumps. But the voice wasn't done with a simple greeting.

I am not sure, you know, if I believe that everything happens for a reason. But I am sure—quite sure, really—of some things, and they are things that matter. Listen, I’ll tell you.

He was listening, oh, he was listening. If you could listen with your skin and bones and every fiber of your being instead of just your ears or your mind, that was what he was doing, that calm, confident, loving voice winding its way around him and soaking in like rain on a thirsty patch of earth.

It is snowing today, and I love you. My hide is itching a bit, and I love you. The sand is hot, and I love you. There is a rock in your shoe—there is, it is a small one and you have not noticed it yet but it is there of course—and I love you.

Vadi twitched his head, a little flinch to the side. Blue, there was blue in the corner of his eye, blue like his beloved Morth and for a moment his heart lurched - but no, this was not Morth. Would never be Morth, could never be Morth.

You can be V’di, if you’d like. But I love Vadi just as well and all the more. So if you’d like more time, to be Vadi...

But maybe he didn't want it to be Morth.

Then your Ovoloth will wait...as long as you wish.

Vadivananthan turned his head slowly, and his eyes met the patiently waiting ones of Ovoloth. He could feel the blue trickling into the torn, aching void where Morth had been. It wasn't the same - could never be the same - because Ovoloth wasn't the same as Morth, not better or worse but different, but Vadi wasn't the same as when he had Morth, either.

I might not always be V'di

You don't have to be.

What if there's still a little V'iva in me

I love V'iva, too.

And Vadi

And Vadi. The blue rose up slowly, picking his way gracefully around so they were face to face finally, bracing his forepaws against the young man's knees. And all the thousand, thousand other parts of you, because they're still you.

The image of the dragonet lost focus and wavered in his eyes, and he blinked, the tears that had welled up and blurred his vision trickling down his cheeks. Leaning forward, he rested his forehead against Ovoloth's, one hand rising up to cup the back of the blue's curved neck. His chest heaved, releasing a soft, choked sob. And then another. I lost this once and it almost destroyed me. It - I can't bear for it to happen again, Ovoloth.

The blue pressed his forehead against the man's gently. It never will.

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(Fa'rah and Wherth - @RhiaBlack )

He hadn't missed the flush, his attention captured by it, as it reminded him just how genuine B'er always seemed to be. It was one of his favorite qualities of the other man, something that had set him apart from the more casual engagements he'd had in his former Weyr. Perhaps, one day, he would have to arrange for B'er to meet his own family, Fa'rah was sure his mother would approve of his glasssmith. He probably should have slipped away to situate their food and drink. Though not heavy, his hand was starting to become more aware of the flagon it held, countered with the weight of a basket handle that had slipped in a moment of carelessness from his arm to his wrist. It wasn't painful though, and the warmth of his Weyrmate was alluring.

Wherth was always pleased with attention from his favorite friend, and butted at the felinesk black as he was rubbed up against. Once the black had settled, he scooted closer, enjoying the contact.

~Think all miss firespitterbabies hatch. Tricky, sneaky babies. Eggies wrong~ This time it was Rlyeth's turn for sensory input, as words wouldn't do justice to fully explain the Iron's suspicions to his own liking. He offered the image of the eggs as he'd seen them when they'd arrived, and they had looked not right to him. The colors of the shells had made it hard to discern cracks in the surface as the dragonets had hidden beneath them, but it seemed to Wherth that the surface didn't seem entirely uniform. ~Like waterwaves~

B'er's attention seemed to have been captured by something. Looking to discern the source, revealed that he'd spotted two of his siblings. Of course the 'Iron handler' didn't know the pair well enough to know anything might be out of the ordinary, not until B'er spoke.

"Of course not. You think a gift will help your case?" He was bothered in the slightest, nor worried about what might transpire. B'er would handle it, and besides, quarrels were all a part of being in a family, there was no reason to feel awkward or uneasy about them, generally speaking, even when it was a different family having them. "Made some sweets, and did a batch with her eating habits in mind." He added this while slipping away, though only after a peck on the cheek, and the pause required to see if it provoked any more of those flatteringly natural responses from his smith. Shifting the flagon to his now free hand, he set the basket of goodies down to retrieve one of the mugs from it. Once poured he offered it to B'er to sample. He was sure the other would tell him when he was ready to settle, and how. The stands weren't exactly friendly towards B'er's physical condition, but then there was no reason they couldn't lean against a welcoming black or 'Iron hide'.

Wherth snorted, not because of his' thought, but because of a wayward firespitter hatchling that was making his way through the stands passed him. Sharp eyes watched, but the wher was satisfied the blue meant no harm towards his, or Rlyeth's. Good. Though, if the firespitter had trouble climbing, Wherth could sneak a tail over to nudge a heavy back half up in assistance. If the firespitter wasn't going to hurt, he was probably trying to find his bonded. The sooner that was done, the sooner he could be put back where tiny baby 'spitters belonged.
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For the time being on the sands there wasn’t really that much going on in the Sands with only the largest of the eggs rolling around almost hitting one of the Candidates that was closest to what was left of the exceedingly small clutch Queen clutch. Neither of the two Dragonets that had Hatched and yet to Impress seemed terribly interested in the Candidates on the sands despite the multitude of choices they presented, aside from the Black and even then he was only interested in their sandals leaving at most four barefoot on one foot.

The Blue on the other hand seemed to be taking his time choosing his, preferring to go up into the stands to possibly find his much to the disappointment of the Candidates that had been assembled to possibly Impress him. Kiveena admittedly didn’t like her chances with this Hatching if it kept on going the way it was though she might very well be surprised regardless of what she thought her chances were like considering how things can change in a Hatching. Either way Kiveen would have to wait to see if she would Impress or be one of the disappointed Candidates, and she had time to wait considering she was a mere thirteen turns old at this point.

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Several dragons and riders looked on amidst the crowded stands, and Amarylia felt herself shiver despite the warmth of the sands. It was much better now that she had the over-sized sandal beneath her heated feet. Still, she couldn't help but feel poorly for having gotten it. Would she get in trouble later? A soft sigh wistfully escaped her as she watched the dragonets and decided to push the thoughts out of her mind as best she could. Whether she got in trouble or not, that wouldn't change things now. She had had to find a way to help Calina and she keep standing without risking injury or distraction. That was how she tried to reason it all in her mind even as her heart still went out to whatever poor soul the blue had stolen the shoes from.

Oh, and it was a blue, she now saw that much as her eyes tracked the movement of the creature. It seemed to be scaling the stands towards the people watching. Frightened for the creature's safety, and entirely caught off guard by the idea that a dragonet would even do something like that, Ryli felt helpless as she was forced to watch. Please, don't fall. She knew that the silent plea would do little to help, but it made her feel a bit better at least. With her heart caught in her throat at the little dare-devil's antics, a rush of relief flooded through her as the blue finally reached whoever it had decided it wanted. Impression seemed to be made despite the dragonet looking towards the ceiling, and Amarylia looked away to keep from staring as the new weyrling provided a visibly heartfelt response to having met his bondmate.

The fear going into this hatching had been that it would be violent, dangerous, frustrating, or a great many other things. Keth's children were quickly showing that it was anything but that. Even the pink who had tried to seem horrible and terrifying had really been sweet and gentle when it came down to the wire. Amarylia felt her hopes rising the longer the hatching went on, not for herself, but for the future in general. It was great to think that this was only the start of her time as a candidate. She knew that there would be difficulties to face later on, maybe even on these sands this morning, but as she turned to look towards her roommate and friend there was a certain ease in her heart and mind.

"Mamma, did you see?!" The excited chattering of a little boy happily bouncing up and down in the stands caught Gersemi's attention. A fond smile was given to her son as she nodded her head in return, her sight going back to the sands with mild curiosity. What was that little black doing?! It seemed so determined to get food for itself despite knowing that it wasn't supposed to before it had impressed. At least the weyrlingmaster seemed to be putting it back on track, and Gersemi silently hoped that the black would listen. The last thing she wanted her son, or herself, to play witness to was a dragonet causing destruction because of starved frustration. Or worse yet, betweening because it was unable to find a lifemate.

Her lips curved downwards in a slight frown as she considered that possibility. Surely there would be someone on the sands for the black, or possibly in the stands given the previous impressions. Had the searchriders not done as good of a job this time bringing in candidates? There seemed to be plenty to choose from among the clusters of young people, and yet the majority of the impressions thus far had not been among them. Was that normal? No, Gersemi pulled from her memories of hatchings past that she had seen while at the Weyr before, it was not normal. The latest impression had been the helpful blue. Her hands clapped for it as she smiled and took her son's little fingers in her own to show him what was supposed to be done for such a happy occasion. All too soon though, the boy was skittering off a few seats down again to look for her nephew. "Boys will be boys." She couldn't help the sigh or laughter in her voice as she spoke that, or the grin that was turned on the black that reminded her all the same of that rambunctious energy.

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Krysthanine’s smile softened a bit as the woman took warmly to her sudden advance and commentary. Thank Faranth, conversation was actually happening. No weird looks or “who are you”s to be seen, or heard! She chuckled a bit as her thoughts were echoed by her fellow before following her gaze to where a wher seemed to be stalking… something. Her lips quirked ever so slightly at the sight of Rayna and G’len, happy to see them alive and well. But the something that the green was following was causing a bit of a ruckus, wasn’t it? Shoes went careening through the air to the two Candidates who were currently floundering upon one another to avoid the scalding sands beneath their feet. ”Whatever it is, it’s a bit of a rogue, huh?” Krys noted. ”A well-intentioned rogue, but a rogue nonetheless.”

As the shady figure finally revealed themselves to be a Blue, a lovely little blue, the grayrider turned her ear again to her new – and giggly – companion. Aesidhe, huh? ”That’s a very lovely name, Aesidhe,” she mused, keeping one eye on the large egg that has now splintered open, at least a bit. Keth’s concerned croon held her attention just a moment before the pink, who had followed her blue brother up the ledges into the Stands, barreled through unsuspecting bystanders and right into who would soon be her bonded. Blue eyes flickered once again to Aesidhe as she stumbled a bit over her name. She grinned a sympathetic grin, almost apologizing with her face. ”I know, I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful. If it’s too much of a pain, you can call me Krys.”

As her bonded made polite conversation with the trader, Emith kept close tabs on the blue dragonet that was making his way towards her general direction. As he approached, she didn’t move an inch, although her tail shifted just a moment to allow the babe better access to the higher areas if need be. He crooned at her, a gentle little greeting, and she nodded slightly in acknowledgement. She continued to watch him as he meandered his way over to His, and quietly bonded to them. He has bonded to a stands member. A bit of a battered man, it seems, she reported to her rider, who was very much engrossed in her banter. The only inclination that she heard the dragon was a slight tilt to the head, that didn’t quite match with the flow of physical words. What makes you say he’s battered, Emi? the question filtered back. Emith swiveled her head around, watching as the man – an older man, not older than Hers, but certainly older than the Candidates below – collapsed to meet his newly bonded.

Just a hunch.

@Lark (Aesidhe)

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