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 We few, we happy few, WI:14 {Keth Hatching}
 Posted: Jul 25 2016, 11:03 PM


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Choppy brown hair swayed back and forth and tickled Krys’ chin as she nodded slowly, rolling her shoulders a bit. Slim fingers knit together as she twisted her arms around and kneaded her thumb knuckles, the corner of her eyes wincing in relief as her joints lightly popped. ”You’re right, rogues aren’t inherently bad things,” she agreed. ”The only problem comes from when the higher ups don’t quite see it the same way.” Her head was the next thing to tilt and turn, those slim fingers rising from their preoccupations with themselves to worry away at the tense spot at the nape of the young woman’s neck. Now that she has had time to be awake and take in the sights and sounds of the hatching, her body was more than willing to remind her of the hour and just how little she had slept the night before.

The grayrider didn’t even notice that her blue firelizard had betweened into existence until Aesidhe was pointing him out. The afternoon blue kreeled in some cocktail of curiosity and absolute betrayal; Drahaus had been a butt and not only kicked him off the furs, but flat out chased him away from the weyr entirely! It was very much Not Okay, and Whiting was very much Upset at Everything. Eyes whirling a distressed yellowish orange, he wrapped himself firmly about Krysthanine’s arm, shivering quite pathetically. She laughed, much to his distress. ”This little stinker? This is Whiting. He’s my scared little baby and I love him,” she cooed, making silly little kissy faces at him and trailing her fingertips down his length before shaking her shoulder a tad. ”Come on, Whiting, say hello.”

Whiting Did Not Like this action in the slightest, and kreeled even more pathetically than the last time, but did refrain from burrowing his tiny claws into her arm. Very carefully, entirely more carefully than was necessary, he reached his nose out to sniff at Aesidhe’s hand, the slightest hints of green rimming his faceted eyes. Was this person a Bad Time or Nice Friend? Probably Bad Time. But Squishy Mom seemed to think that this person was okay, so maybe it would be okay? The blue half-heartedly scooted his head a bit further in an attempt to butt his head against the trader’s Poke Sticks. If the person gave head pets, maybe, MAYBE. She was all right.

With the blue very much preoccupied with Aesidhe’s fingers, Krys turned her head at the sound of exploding shell and grumpy dragonet squeals. A burgundy, right? Yep, it appeared so. The male red fighters of Dalibor, with all the rage of a red smushed into a teeny tiny package. And this particular one was no exception. However, Keth’s response to the unsurprising aggression was one that took the grayrider entirely off-guard. A medley of bewilderment and amusement painted her features, a hand flying to her mouth before a much-too-loud laugh could burst forth into the open air as the other floundered for the railings, much of whatever composure she had lost. It took a moment for her to regain some semblance of calm, but mirth bubbled beneath every action, every word. ”No, no, I can’t say that this is normal at all,” she managed, stifling yet more fits of laughter. ”Out of all twenty four Turns I’ve stood for or watched hatchings, this is a definite first.”

@Lark (Aesidhe)
 Posted: Jul 26 2016, 12:39 AM

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@Raining @Kestrel

"Sorry," Qaelis said, staring at Tanner's sleeve. He rubbed the back of his head as the girls chattered together, wove dream prophecies of their futures. Dragonets were tumbling into the Stands, but not a one their way. "The only thing I want is that Naiu does not Impress. Then she cannot follow me around when she wants to annoy me. My dragon is sure to be able to escape her..." But even then the boy's voice quavered.

He crossed and uncrossed his legs at the knee, swinging his heels back to bounce against the base of the bench. "You should tell him," he spoke up again at mention of Tanner's blue protector. "Not to land on father's ledge unannounced again. I do not think he liked it. I never thought about it before then. I have always had to ride Unath to get there. But it makes sense- listen, just tell him to be good. Father is like me. He is not afraid of any dragon."

The Weyrbrat pointed out Keth's captive burgundy as an example. Then he said, "Even if we Stood together, I would be far away from you two." He lifted the narrow, boyish rounds of his shoulders. "They keep boys and girls separated for a long time right? But not in the creche." The mystery of the division was conferred to his friends in the form of lifted eyebrows and pursed, vexed lips. "No worries Tanner," he added. "If you have a dragon, she will not care where you are from."

Reaching for Serlie's hat, he tipped it up on his side and whispered in her ear, "I asked him already about fudging. He said he could do it but would not. He did not...give a reason." Qaelis shrugged hopelessly.


@Rii @Minute

eeeeEEEEEK! Pipperith shrieked in helpless terror. Dan'lusian straightened up and wiped his forehead with the back of his arm, then regarded her over his shoulder. Her eyes darted between him and the cyan hatchling that had just been barely restrained from a chomp of his prime buttocks.

What is it? the Weyrlingmaster inquired politely.

Ohh. Nothing! Pip clasped her forepaws together in front of her keel, tapping the hooks of her talons together.

I see! Well then, can you report on where our blue friend went while I was occupied with his brother?

Yes. Ovoloth is with his now. They are behind you, in front of me, in the Stands.

The Stands seem to be quite the affliction this clutch... Dan'lusian had turned back to regard the black dragonet's journey, but as Ovoloth had already Impressed, pivoted back to his dragon and looked up into the gallery. The pinkrider identified the obvious lizardy blue patch, identified the young man with the dragon, and required a long blink afterwards. Instruct them out of the stony mire please. How fascinating!

Pipperith had started to crane her neck toward boy and dragon, but paused at the final statement.


That human there had a dragon previously. Morth.

A previous dragon? The pink's inner eyelids fluttered fast over her rosey green facets. Dan turned an ear, but all Pip managed on the phenomenon was, That is strange!

Do you understand what I mean when I say a previous dragon?

I understand the succession of words in the sentence!

We can discuss later. For now...

With pleasure! Pip's shadow dropped low and dark over the new pair. Her nub nose inclined to the blue dragonet. Hello, she chirped at him. In the single word was a snowglobe of other trinkets: her name, her Weyrlingmaster-rider's appearance, the promise of something warm and red to chew, and of course, love. I am your teacher. You do not get to love me as much as that one next to you, but you get to follow my orders! My orders are: take that one down this staircase next to you, it will take you to the Sands where my rider will have food for you. Only you cannot eat so fast that you choke or so much that your stomach becomes distressed. Your human can assist you in determining the point of duress in each case. So in short, go down for food, and thank you for being my baby.

Whoa, seems you have another customer Pip. Go on, I will keep an eye on Ovoloth. Dan'lusian even walked to the stairside edge of the pit for the privilege, holding out his arms toward Ovoloth.

Greetings, salutations, look-at-me, hi! Pipperith called across the Stands to Jakabloth. I noticed that you already identified your food earlier. That is where you must go now. I will insist. We are going to turn you into a distended little baby that sleeps all the time! But do not worry, this ailment is called "growth", and will be resolved someday, at which time you will become a handsome dragon! Make sure you bring that human with you, we need her for a few operations as well. If she is incapable of moving, you may bespeak one of the watchwhers in this arena to come and carry her. Welcome to my family!


Q'sis's spot at the Hatching now stood empty again, to the relief of those one row back. He did not even get to see Vyvienne's slithering usurper. It was not the casual sniff of the blue watchwher that sent him away, but the twining of a dragonless freak and a young, skinny dragonet. As Vadivanathan's hand circled the unsprouted ridges of the infant, Q'sis rose from his bench with a sway of his bodily tower, and absconded from the scene.
 Posted: Jul 26 2016, 03:31 AM

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Handler watched with a tinge of disappointment as the black made it clear that if he was not going to be allowed to feed himself before Impression then he, too, was headed into the stands. Handler didn’t know the person he chose, but guessed she must be a holder and an important one, because she wasn’t at all familiar, and she had some kind of attendant with her. Handler would have let her mind drift and wonder what she thought of so suddenly being not whatever she was and now a blackweyrling, except for the final eggs.

The cracked egg hadn’t shown anything more but the other remaining egg burst open. The baby inside sprawled on the sand, clearly becoming unhappy about his hatching, but before he could lash out Keth stepped forward and picked him up. After a moment the thrashing burgundy was dangled in front of Handler. She gazed up into his eyes hopefully, but there were no rainbows there for her, only rage as he fought against his mother’s grip. Handler gave the gold and apologetic shrug as she moved on to show the burgundy some other candidates. Was Keth embarrassed by how many of her children had climbed the stands?

Handler’s attention and hope turned to the final egg, but she already knew it was more than likely she’d still be a candidate after this hatching. It wasn’t bad, but she really didn’t want to be one of those people who had to wait until they were terribly old for their dragon. Sometimes they were even as old as twenty. Imagine that!

Out on the perimeter, Jorunsk made a creepily humanesque laughing sound in response to the Impression of his fellow black. What an excellent trick. She was surprised! The black wher pranced and tossed his head back, though he remained watchful at the behest of his handler. Not even he could have done better.
 Posted: Jul 26 2016, 08:35 AM

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UGH Mom ENOUGH. Just…just put him down, okay? He wasn’t mad anymore—though he was certainly sulky. Keth hummed, then very gently withdrew, placing her burgundy son smack down in the center of the group of candidates. He sat there, ichor-green flush in his smooth burgundy cheeks, and then he huffed, and with all the dignity a grumpy, egg-wet hatchling could manage, stalked over to the girls’ side, grumbling and whistling irritably all the way, as though he was talking to himself. There were so many good minds! His brothers and sister were foolish, to pass them up. And all their picks had been so old! Harrumph. He rummaged around the thoughts surrounding him. Great minds, great minds, yes. He nudged Perenelle again, then Rayden, but ultimately stopped in front of another.He needed a particular mind. A perfect mind.

Stiffly—he was still embarrassed about the whole thing—he sniffed, plopping on his rump before her, tail wrapped around his feet. He eyed the person next to her with something inscrutable, and then promptly huffed. Your Gouth hates to break up a good pair, Calina-Mine, but I need you more. After all, no dragon is an archipelago. He eyed her mismatched shoe with a distasteful sigh, And you appear to have already broken up a set. Great things come in twos, and I am only one. But we are two. He looked grumpy again, It’s hot and I’m hungry, let’s go. He stood, and began to head to the buckets, but then paused, and turned his head back, ichor flooding his jowls again in embarrassment as he added in a rush, Oh and also I love you. To get the taste of that out of his mental-mouth he added in a rush, Together we will illiterate our enemies!

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Impressed to Calina

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In a word, Gouth is committed.

Gouth is melodramatic, theatrically showy, and on one hand seems harmlessly comedic. But he is also entirely capable of ruthless ferocity, and a screeching temper that will bring him talon to talon with others of a similar nature. He is capable of great wittiness and cleverness, while also being absurdly ridiculously literal about metaphors and quite snarly when angry, though not necessarily physically violent (just mean!) He is as stubborn as it is possible to be, dedicating himself to things with a one-mindedness and passion that mean he often gets completely carried away with things.

The other most immediately obvious trait of Gouth is a linguistic one. Gouth fairly regularly and completely gets words a bit mixed up. Sometimes he gets words switched up that sound similar, for example, insisting that thread is really much larger than it first appears due to an optical conclusion, or that his rider really needs to find herself an illegible bachelor/ette, and is a vast suppository of information. Sometimes he will swap sounds (telling his rider that they can’t brew wine may instead become a statement that they can’t woo brine) or mix up his idioms and sayings. After all, one should never put all their silver clouds in one basket, or burn their bridges before they hatch. And, sometimes, he just inserts odd synonyms where they may not make sense. It is best not to be deceased to class, for example.

As nonsensical as poor Gouth’s vocabulary-wiggling can be, he takes himself very seriously. He takes everything seriously. Tell him that the floor is lava and he will be fully immersed in this belief—forever (or, at least as long as short-dragon-memories last). Convincing him that it is, in fact, only a floor will take a carefully crafted story discussing how time has passed and the lava has cooled back to safe stone. Metaphors and analogies go over his head (possibly because he always mixes them up). Tell him that your heart is on fire and he will calmly tell you to stop chewing firestone as that is no doubt the culprit, and is for dragons not humans anyway. Inform him that you’ll do what he asks ‘when porcines fly’ and he will obligingly fetch one and go for a nice flight with it tight in his talons. Calling him out on his mistakes or misunderstandings is a surefire way to get his temper up.

He is quite insistent that he is a very poet, and will, if given a bit of time to himself, respond in limericks and couplets because he can (though, as noted, some sounds may be a bit flip flopped). He thinks himself quite deep, but also insists that to truly be so he must have a “foe all” (foil). This makes him a surprisingly social dragon—he is always seeking out others and evaluating them for worthiness as an arch-nemesis (his standards are quite high, so it is unlikely he will ever settle on one, which is probably for the best). For the right dragon—or perhaps wher, or human, whatever it may end up being—he will be either the villain or the hero. It matters not, for the right foe-all, of course.

Together, he and Calina will be the very pineapple of success!

(Er, pinnacle. They will be the very pinnacle of success.)

Gouth is a dragon that needs someone who won't take him too seriously, but can appreciate his quirks for what they are, someone he can take along on his grand and imaginative adventures to find his Great Nemesis--whoever and whatever that may be--and balance his sometimes stiff nature.

Body - #B22222
28 feet when grown
Stocky, solidly built, Gouth is a quintessential burgundy in appearance. If it weren’t for one thing—one small, simple, ordinarily unimportant thing—his appearance would be entirely unremarkable. Forgettable, even. ‘Classically dragonish’. But, alas, the thing is there, and it cannot go without note or comment. What is it? Simply, Gouth has a mustache. Not just any mustache. A remarkable, astounding, incomparably broad swathe of stache-iness, unmatched by any before him. Oh—not really, of course, dragons do not have hair, but he has the marking of a mustache, as if someone took a very thick stroke of paint and slapped atop his snout, curling upwards at the edges with cartoonishly wicked glee. It’s difficult to notice much else once you’ve noticed the stache—and how could you not, really—but if one can get past it, Gouth is also on the smaller side of burgundies, but quite perfectly in proportion to himself.

Well. Keth cooed, pleased. And that just left…

She ahem’d at her last egg, which was shaking violently, but otherwise ignoring her.

Looking a bit peeved, the gold knocked the broken top off to reveal a broad-shouldered viridian dragonet lounging indulgently. The shaking had come from his laughter, as he apparently found great amusement in the antics of his siblings, particularly his embarrassed burgundy brother. It was also apparent there was a sizeable shard of his egg lodged in one of his hindlegs, the source of the ichor. He didn’t seem to bothered at it. Keth stared him down with her one great eye, but he seems unintimidated. Finally, she spoke sternly, Go and get your human, and get that looked at. Now.

Still looking unintimidated, but, notably obeying, the viridian sighed and stood up at last.

Apparently, he was going to do things out of order, because he marched directly towards the dragonhealers. His gait was smooth, for all that he was clearly avoiding putting any weight on the injured leg, gliding smoothly with a slight hop when it came time for it to be used, and leaving a trail of ichor through the sands. He ignored Oosh, K’ite, and Yrsavild, and went straight for the youngest apprentice, Lyorion. Skinny little thing. Small for his age.

Well and I reckon time and weyrlinghood’ll take care of that. The voice compelling, raspy and deep, like butter and gravel vibrating in the mind of His with a mix of wicked humor and almost fatherly fondness, Get you a colorful whersport for the shoulder, a good menacing scowl, and I imagine we’ll be quite in business. You and I, little Ly’on-man. You and Your Gruyeth.

Direct, succinct. On the surface, it may have even seemed simple, but as the rainbows began spinning in Gruyeth’s eyes, the bond opened, and shared with genuine and deep affection, it would be clear the boy’s new co-captain was many things.

Simple was not one of them.

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Impressed to Ly’on

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In a word, Gruyeth is crooked.
If viridian dragons are known for their near-total lack of a sense of humor, then Gruyeth is the exception that proves the rule. He has a sense of humor, undeniably. Unfortunately for everyone around him, it’s a terrible one. Gruyeth is in possession of the blackest, most wry, dry, witty tendency towards schadenfreude that would perhaps be most at home in an old Earth surgeon. His humor is cunning, sly, and he keeps it under a draconic smile smooth as sweetberry pudding.

If he shares a recognizable trait with his more dour viridian brethren it is his selfish streak. Though he is an impressively friendly creature, quick to figure out how best to flatter and get in another’s good graces, he will be the last dragon to lift a talon in another’s aid, particularly if it might risk his own hide. The likelihood of him doing another dragon a favor is…slim, to say the least, and if he does it, chances are it’s really he who will reap the greatest benefit, and even His will have a hard time getting him to do anything he doesn’t want to (and he must always be on guard against bargains, which are never really bargains, but ways for Gruyeth to get his rider to do as he wishes). He's incredibly wily and well-spoken, both practical enough and political enough to quickly change sides if it’s to his benefit, something he makes no secret of. He is not lazy—far from it, he is actually an extremely hard worker—and he is not cowardly (if it suited him, he’d go against Thread alone), he’s just self-centered. Brave, canny, creatively ingenious, clever in his manipulation of people and opportunistic—his personality can be is as attractive as it can be alarming.

Indeed, Gruyeth is simply an incredibly wicked dragon, overall, but there is something endearingly charismatic about his unabashed wickedness, which he owns without batting an inner eyelid. He has an assured self-awareness regarding his horribleness that makes him, perhaps perversely, quite likable despite one’s self. He will absolutely laugh his tail off at you for falling in that pile of mud, but he won’t lie to you about it. All of his slippery, crooked, horribleness is horribly honest in its way, and though he will certainly deceive you, and is far more inclined to treachery than fair play, he is honest about himself, and so very few people—or dragons—truly are.

His gentlemanly affection for His is genuine, as is his propensity for hard work, but his moral center, while certainly not absent, is…a bit skewed, perhaps. I’m sure Ly’on will manage.

Gruyeth is a dragon that needs someone to bring out the best in him, to temper his selfishness or at least direct it in a useful way, someone he can take care of and believes he can mold—and maybe he will, or maybe Ly’on may prove less malleable than he hopes.

Body - #133E33 Markings - #7FFF00
42 feet when full grown.
Broad, bulky, full of swagger, verve, and slink, Gruyeth slips through movements like a well-choreographed dance, despite the expansive width and girth that would seem to inherently prohibit this. This is all the more impressive given that, despite the efforts of well-qualified Dragonhealers, one of his hindlegs will remain notably shorter than the other. He favors it, but as it has always been so, moves easily enough and smoothly compensates. His hide is a deep, dark viridian, like the heart of the sea in a storm, with wild smatterings of the paler, sickly green his color is known for spreading across his back, belly and wings like scattered constellations, an untranslatable map to some unknown destination. His wings are rather large, adding to his overall presence.

Temurshivi, who had responded to commentary her way with a thin, faint and perhaps slightly strained smile but little to no words in return, seemed to relax a bit. Not much. But the strain in her tense shoulders returned to mere readiness, the alert stillness typical for the young woman. She didn't mean to ignore those around her, but in that moment, there was just Keth. She had already been standing, but stepped closer as Keth nudged the candidate between her forepaws back towards Al'dr and the rest, and then turned to lower her nose to Hers, still as she was.

So that is it then.

There was quiet, and then a sigh, more weary than she intended it to be, and the silliness of it all was replaced with something more solemn, in that line, swirling eye. Gently, the breath she had expelled washed over Hers. Shivi smiled for her, hand stroking featherlight on gold hide. So it is, my Temurshivi.

And that was that.
 Posted: Jul 26 2016, 08:47 PM


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It looked like the Burgundy was fed up with how the hands on the Gold was though the Burgundy didn’t seem to have the irritation that he had when he had Hatched stalking through the female Candidates once again. Thankfully the Burgundy had eventually found his among the female Candidates that were on the sands rather than among the people that had assembled in the stands so at least half of the Weyrlings actually had been Candidates and knew at least some of what was expected of them.

Even in a small Hatching she evidently lost track of how many eggs there were and which ones had Impressed with the first and only Dragonet above Fighter in colour more specifically being a Viridian. Evidently know what he wanted even with an injured hind-leg with a shard of his own egg, heading towards the Dragonhealers Impressing the youngest of the group. With the Viridian Impressed and presumably getting some attention for the fact that he had Impressed a Dragonhealer Aprrentice, Keth’s Hatching ended with Kiveena disappointed once again.

She filed out with the other disappointed Candidates to change from the robe and armor back into more regular wear and then to see what would happen next in terms of schedule for the Candidates.

 Posted: Jul 26 2016, 09:59 PM

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The hatching was going pretty well overall, Lyorion thought. So far there hadn't been much call for the Healers, so he was free to watch the little dragons. It was wonderful being so close, if also a bit scary. Keth was definately a lot bigger up close. Even bigger than Zeuth. The baby dragons were funny too. Was it normal for so many of them to pick from the Stands? He thought that was supposed to be rare, but most of the babies had gone up there. One of them had even stolen Uncle G'len's shoes, making Lyo laugh out loud before he could control himself. He'd bet that didn't happen everyday!

Keth helped her burgundy son make a choice and then there was only one dragon left. A big green one. Lyo was pretty sure the bigger green ones were called Viridian and were boys. Looking at him though, Lyo's face frown in concern. When had the dragon gotten hurt? Poor thing! They would need to get that looked at as soon as he choose someone. K'ite and the other Healers would set him right, he was sure.

Or maybe they would fix him up first? He was coming this way and he wasn't bringing a person with him. Lyo glanced at K'ite and Oosh nervously, wondering if this was normal. Much as he had had dreams before coming here, the idea that the dragon was coming to choose one of them didn't actually occur to him at that moment. He was more worried about the way the hatchling wouldn't put weight on his leg. That meant it must hurt, right?

Then the dragon went right past the Journeymen and Oosh and came straight at him. Lyo took a step back almost without thinking, his young eyes wide with surprise. Then a voice, deep, wicked, and loving all at once. Lyo suddenly found his throat was almost too dry to speak. "Wh...What?" he stammered, still in shock. There was so much in his head now. Thoughts and feelings he'd never felt before. Including a nagging empty belly and a growing pain in his leg. No, not his leg, his dragon's leg.

Gruyeth. It was his dragon. The most handsome, wonderful dragon he'd ever seen.

Don't ye go soft on me now, the dragon chided, though his chest puffed a bit with pride. Plenty of time for flattery later.

Lyo blinked and nodded. Was he crying? Maybe. He was just so very, very happy! He couldn't help it, he jumped forward and gave Gruyeth a big hug.

Here now! the dragon protested gruffly. Even so, he didn't push the boy away. This was his boy, after all. And someday, he would be the best if Gruyeth had any say in the matter. Just needed to toughen him up a bit. Haven't you forgotten something? he asked, when the hug had gone on for about a minute.

Lyo, or Ly'on now really, jumped back in small alarm. "You're leg! Oh! I'm sorry!" He looked truly crestfallen. How could he have forgotten it so quickly? They needed to get it looked at before Gruyeth tried to move again. "Journeyman K'ite!" He got up and ran over to the DragonHealers. "Can you help?"

Fetch some breakfast too, there's a good lad! Gruyeth called after him with a chuckle. The viridian leaned down on his good side in a relaxed posture. Nothing wrong with a little pampering, was there? He was injured, so of course he deserved it.


Galya was among those waiting, or mostly yawning, until Ijo and Isk were ready to take them to the Hatching Sands. Not that she expected she would need to be there. Her son was only ten and wasn't allowed to be a candidate for a few more turns. Oh, he would be there of course, but dragons usually liked their riders a bit older before they chose them. Still, she wanted to go anyway, just in case. Besides, Gask was practically bouncing out of her skin to see the baby dragons. For the little cyan, it was just one more adventure that needed to be seen.

The Hatching itself went fairly well, if full of surprises. Not the least of which was the sight of G'len's shoes going flying out onto the Sands. Galya couldn't help but give a hearty laugh at the look on her brother's face. Priceless! These new dragon were a spunky bunch!

Gradually all the dragons chose their humans. Quite a few from the Stands too, Galya noted with interest. The last dragon looked injured though, poor dear. Dragonhealers would fixed him up right as rain though. He was even heading over there now, smart dragon. She wondered where his chosen rider was. It was odd for him to go to the healers on his own unless...

Galya's mouth fell open. The dragon was staring at Lyorion. At her son. In a way that she knew only meant one thing. Was this even allowed? He was only ten for Faranth's sake! Galya's mind was a mix of emotions. Shock, fear, and anger were the first. But as she took one deep breath after another, her mind began to settle. This was what he wanted, she reminded herself. Not matter how much it terrified her to think of her little boy fighting Thread, this was was what he wanted. She couldn't change his heart anymore than she could change her own.

Galya leaking? Gask, already growing much bigger, leaned up to nose her bonded's face. She understood Galya loved her hatchling as much as she loved Gask. But now that hatchling wouldn't be lonely and that was good. And Galya would always have Gask. The young wher leaned close as Galya put an arm around her and hugged her tight.

"I'm alright, Gask," she told her wher, smiling as wide as her face could go through the tears. "Everything's alright now."

All the other emotions melted away until only one remained...


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Karlico watched the burgendy as he was dangled like a kitten in front of others until he seemed to impress with a boy or man. Karlico couldn't see that well. Then another egg hatched and he watched he'd the creature as it walked over to the healers. He sighed. He knew what that meant. But it didn't matter. Instead of following the others b out. He walked to the ledge where dragons were loading others and going home. He walked to the edge until he came face to face with his father's dragon. The blue snorted at him and started to humm. The dragon was going grey in the muzzle. He rubbed the dragon on the chin until he felt the familiar hand on his shoulder.

"There is next time son" a deep voice. His father's. Said behind him.

"I know. Still upsetting. I hate to think I'm dissapointing you father. " He said looking at the blue again. He felt the arms of the man go around his chest and hug him. Letting him go just as quickly.

"Don't worry. If you never impress son. You can't dissapointing me." His father breathed in deep and let it go quickly. "I'm off to home. Old bones of mine need some rest after the hatching. "

Karlico smiled and gave the blue a quick hug before leaving the hatching sands to dress for his day and get out of the heavy garb he wore for the hatching.
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It had been a while since G'len fell for the old 'tap one shoulder; move to the opposite side' trick, but then again, not many felt the urge to play such simple pranks on someone of his current rank either. Something about such things being too undignified for those of high rank or some such serious reason like that. Whatever. So long as he knew the person doing it, and wasn't in anything like a foul mood, he was okay with it.

He gave Rayna a genuine smile as she sat down, happy to see his friend outside of official boring Weyr business; better to see each other during official fun Weyr business instead. Or at least interesting business, like Hatchings tended to be. "Yes, though the babies could have chosen better a somewhat better time to arrive. Like maybe after breakfast would be good. Meet and greet the potential matches after they've had morning food and klah to wake up with, and can better think the happy thoughts needed to bear standing on a cavern-wide frying pan and hoping to not get bowled over by an unhappy dragonet."

G'len went back to watching the hatchling's antics, laughing quietly at the Big Scary Pink and her attempts at frightening everyone present (which would work much better once she achieved full growth, in his opinion), and being startled at Keth's sudden roar. The Queen didn't seem hurt, so why...? Misdirection, maybe? For one of the babies?

The answer came soon enough, when two very familiar shoes went flying away from his place in the Stands, and his feet suddenly felt several degrees cooler. He looked down in surprise to see a flash of light blue hide disappearing under the benches, and his now-shoeless feet sitting there. It was perhaps a matter of how he currently saw things that G’len's first thought on the matter was that at least his socks were clean and free of holes.

Instead of loudly exclaiming and drawing attention to himself (and thus immortalizing the incident forever in the Weyr hivemind), G’len facepalmed in a combination of humor and embarrassment, then started to think of a way to discreetly retrieve his shoes from the Sands. Which quickly became a moot point when two of the female Candidates, whose own sandals were stolen by another dragonet, laid claim to them instead. G’len sighed; he could hardly blame them for that. He's have done the same thing in their place. He's just have to retrieve the shoes later, after the excitement was over and fewer eyes were watching them. And when Zeuth wasn't laughing in his mind about it.

While G’len was sending Basher to fetch his slippers so he wasn’t walking around hot sands in his stocking feet, he saw where the blue shoe thief went. That choice of rider…. Was Vadi really the best choice for him to choose, out of everyone present? he queried his King. Evidently so, the Bronze as conflicted as his rider about that choice. On the one hand, everyone could use a second chance at having a bonded. On the other, Vadi lost his first dragon due to his own foolish actions, and shouldn’t take responsibility for another dragon, ever.

He'd resolve that conflict in emotions later. Right now he could feel Rayna’s anger at the Impression, and her desire for a distraction from it. “Lerian will be eight at the end of the turn, and will be an official Candidate in two turns. She’ll go in with her cousin Lyo, who’ll also be old enough then to Stand. He's down in the Healer's area now, learning his chosen craft.” And where that new Viridian was now headed, he saw. But that didn't mean that he was headed for his nephew, though. Did it?

Evidently it did. Another facepalm. “Scratch that. My nephew will instead be ready to join the Wings by then, instead of Standing.” He released a breath. “Join me for a dance later? Or just some happy nonsense talk about seriously silly things to entertain ourselves with, before we have to be Serious Adults again doing Serious Adulting Things?” He knew which he'd prefer to do, and how seldom he could indulge that desire.


Lerian watched the antics of the dragonets with unbridled happiness. It was fun seeing all the things they got into, at least until their mother stepped in to make them behave. Which was very much how it operated for her and her fellow Weyrbrats too. They could have all the fun until an adult showed up and made them behave.

But when the baby Viridian walked up to her cousin and Impressed, she was thrilled. Lyo had a baby dragon now! That was exciting! But her father’s flitter wouldn’t let her go down and greet them yet. Rules or something, she knew. Stupid rules.

Which also meant...he’d have to leave Father’s weyr and live in the Weyrlings Barracks, and not play as much with her anymore. Or maybe not; maybe she could get Father to let her cousin and his new dragon stay with them in their weyr. They had plenty of room, and they’d be close to their classes too. It could work, she was sure of it. All she had to do was put on her sweet smile and ask….

Spotting her friend Savanna in the Stands, she put her grand plans on pause long enough to go greet her. “Wanna come eat with me and Daddy? Then go play before they have the Feast?”

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"I didn't mean to upset you, Lemasyth," Fisher whispered softly to her brother's Blue, "I just wanted to know...well you know I always have questions." She waited patiently while he sought comfort, keeping her arms and hands clear, just in case she would cause him further distress which she never wanted. When her brother did finally have an answer, she could only accept it, nodding silently against his shoulder. It wasn't really what anyone was expecting, and it was something they didn't really understand, but they just had to wait. Trust in Impression.

There was someone at her shoulder--well, W'o's shoulder--and it was him. Fisher shifted away, as if her brother was a runnerbeast and she was settling against the saddle. She wasn't a child anymore, she tried to tell herself, but she felt like one. She didn't want to do anything he asked, no matter what it was. Just having him talking to her chased away any nagging hunger she had felt. But she was Fisher. She wasn't a liar or a con, she really wasn't able to do much else other than be pleasant, until this had happened. She hadn't even been ready for it, when he'd slipped up and surprised her during the Graduation Feast. She'd gotten so busy with lessons and Ijreth...she'd hardly noticed.

That realization made her even more upset, and feel even less favourable towards the Blackrider. She just wanted to get away from this, but her brother was no steed, just a brother, and he didn't seem at all bothered by the presence of this man. "No thank you," she said after watching him quietly for a moment from the safety of her brother's back. "I'm not hungry, look W'o," she pointed over his shoulder to the Sands below. "That little Viridian has stolen an Apprentice Healer, I bet the Journeymen get so annoyed to lose them." Maybe, if she was lucky, he would just leave.

Bonus if he left the whole Weyr.


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The bluerider huffed a short breath through his nose. Technically it should be him that has to "reprimand" Kyzekeidon as the boy was no longer Z'dyn's problem. Or he didn't need to be. But Keth had the upper hand here, so as long as Ky understood that couldn't do this with all the queens. "He shouldn't be his problem, he sighed again, this time in a relenting manner. "Alright, alright. I know... he's not comfortable, and I don't blame him." Came the reply, though the tone was much softer then intended as lips pressed against his temple. Though they both knew it was Ky that was irritating him, or upsetting him at this time. Maybe to an outsider that's what his little moment may have looked like... but not entirely the case.

The movements of the other were regarded with a quiet curiosity. Regardless of his current emotional state, he has been in the presence of the other man for a turn now and much closer since Keth's Flight, so he wasn't pushed away. Mutt's companionship (now in all meanings of the word) was a large source of comfort... and he found it hard to want to push him away... even when Kai had returned. But did he really come back?

Al'dr drew a slow breath, but the corners of his lips twitched upward with the Handler's 'threat'. "So, should I keep scowling then?" he asked but a smile spread across his lips anyway as he twisted his head as much as Mutt's hold allowed. He was glad the Candidates were focused on the hatchlings... otherwise he didn't think they'd ever take him seriously.

Although the smile slipped from his expression with Mutt's last words. As if hearing it spoken outloud was worse than his and Fortath's shared thoughts earlier. He expected anger at Mutt for even speaking aloud and making light of something important to him... but he wasn't. It surprised him for two reasons, anger was always his first response to anything and the blatant truth tossed out there while Mutt asked his claiming question. Hurt. All he felt was hurt, not at Mutt -- not really... but at the entire situation. "I guess it does..." he stated, swallowing some. "But I think I stopped being his a long time ago..." He admitted a little sadly, a little bit defeated. Kai was gone now. Not for an undetermined amount of time... but possibly for good. He didn't just leave, he also left him... and everything they ever were.

Fortath keened quietly, more of a whine than anything before his head perked up as the last of the hatchlings impressed. At least one of them was an official Candidate. Dan'lusian was going to have his work cut out for him. Candidates at least had some training before thrust into the militant life-style, training edition.

"I have to go.." he said as he pulled from Mutorin's grasp, "meet me up in my weyr? You and Musk can crash there-- or... well I don't have over hangings for my ledge. I don't know if Musk will be able to sleep? Anyway... I'll meet you up there when I'm done here, yeah?" He almost turned and left, but leaned in and a bit up to kiss the Handler before going to corral his Candidates.


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The Hatching was over and... ohh boy did he feel bad for everyone left standing. The Candidatemaster pushed all personal feelings aside and had all his Candidates gather by the entrance.

"Alright guys.. I... don't have words for this," he stated with a gesture of his hands that looked like he was trying to pull the lost words from nothing. "I have never seen so many Stands impressions in the... entirety of my time here. But this doesn't mean that you guys aren't any good, or not cut out for this dragon riding business. Your value is still just the same, and just as important as it was before you walked out onto those Sands. That's the problem with having so many attend... they do sometimes attract the hatchlings... and an unexpected match is found." His expression shifted into one that was a bit sympathetic, before he smoothed it over. He wasn't going to touch the 'back in my day' speech. Not right now. They were all probably hot, and downtrodden.

"I worked you guys hard over these couple of months, and I know it might look like it was for nothing, but it wasn't. I won't keep you here, bottom line is... you guys are exempt from Chores and Lessons for the next sevenday. Enjoy your time off, get some craft stuff in, but if you want to leave to visit family please talk to me first, and have your folks contact me. If you need to borrow a flit, you can use one of mine. Go, get out...If you attend the feast you all know the rules."

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Calina eyed the other candidates as the burgundy stalked around, then grinned at Ryli, rolling her eyes. Silly thing was so dramatic!

Your Gouth hates to break up a good pair, Calina-Mine, but I need you more. After all, no dragon is an archipelago. The girl was visibly startled, and she looked around as if hearing a dragon was a mistake; clearly he didn't mean to be talking to her! This despite the fact that he'd said her name.

He eyed her mismatched shoe with a distasteful sigh, And you appear to have already broken up a set. Great things come in twos, and I am only one. But we are two. Her eyes were so wide it had to hurt, staring at the burgundy in surprise and consternation.

He looked grumpy again, It’s hot and I’m hungry, let’s go. He stood, and began to head to the buckets, but then paused, and turned his head back, ichor flooding his jowls again in embarrassment as he added in a rush, Oh and also I love you. To get the taste of that out of his mental-mouth he added in a rush, Together we will illiterate our enemies!

And that did it. That one mistake snapped her out of her shock and sent her into giggles. Slightly hysterical giggles, sure, but at least she wasn't frozen. "Oh, Gouth... I love you too." Her stomach rumbled -- no, not hers, his -- and she was slightly disoriented from the sense of his mind with hers, full of love (despite his reluctance to admit it) as well as a certain ferociousness, as she stumbled toward the food. This was, of course, not helped by the shoe flapping on her foot. "Oh Faranth, let's get you fed!" Gently, hesitantly, she reached out to caress Gouth's head; he shoved his head into her hand, then turned toward the buckets. "I don't think I have any enemies," she added.

The burgundy paused for a moment, considering this information, then turned his head toward Callie. Then we shall have to make some. After all, how can we be our best without a foe-all? With that solemn pronouncement, he turned back and stalked toward the food... at a fair clip, to be sure, but he was definitely stalking and would argue with anyone who said differently.

Callie laughed and followed, not nearly as stately but at a decent pace. Gouth was going to make life interesting.

Just as she got to the cooler part of the cavern, she slipped off the oversized shoe and realized she'd left her friend and roommate behind. She only had time for a moment of guilt before the burgundy's stomach rumbled again, but as she ran toward him and started shoving meat in his gaping maw, she resolved to both find Amarylia and to return the shoe as soon as she possibly could.

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