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 The Sands of Fate, SP: 15 ~ {Sutiexth's First Clutch}
 Posted: Sep 2 2016, 12:40 PM

Time Lady

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Sutiexth watched the cool spring morning approach midday. She could feel something was different today when she woke up, though she took some time to relax before she was sure. Yes, it was time. It is time, my Dolphin, she crooned to her rider.

Dolly nearly fell off the chair where she was writing a letter to her parents. "What, now?" she squeaked, eyes wide.

Sutiexth stood slowly. Her belly bulged, making her look nearly twice her normal size. Yes. Now. She stretched her wings slowly to release all the kinks.

Dolly knotted her hands nervously. She was both thrilled and scared all at the same time. She had know her dragon clutching was a possibility for a long time, but that didn't stop her from worrying. It seemed like so many things could go wrong. "Right, right. I should tell the weyrwomen," she babbled. She sorted through her desk for a scrap of paper to write.

Sutiexth turned back to nuzzle her rider with her nose. All will me well, my Dolphin, she soothed calmly. She loved her rider dearly and new she could work herself into a fret if she didn't slow down.

Dolly hugged the grey's neck and took a deep breath. She had to stay calm. Sutiexth would only worry more about her than her eggs if she didn't. "I know," she nodded, breathing again and offering a smile. "I know. I'll be right down."

Sutiexth nudged her again and turned to the ledge. The weight of the eggs in her belly made it hard for her to carry her rider the last couple weeks. Dolly would come down on her own after she finished sending messages. With great care, Sutiexth soared slowly down to the Hatching Grounds. The sands were huge compared to her small form, made for dragons much larger than she. She chose a spot near the middle and dug a little spot in the sand.

Dolly arrived moments later, having sent Berry and Pumpkin off with their messages. She bit her lip to keep the worry in, but all was well as Sutiexth had said. Soon the tired grey was curled around three eggs. Dolly beamed, unable to keep the grin from her face. "They're beautiful!" she gasped, stroking her dragon's head as it lay on the sand.

They are, Sutiexth agreed, tired but satisfied. Now they need only wait for her children to arrive into the world. Quiet for a moment in thought, she reached out with one more message. Come and see, she offered gently to Roiath. They were as much his offspring as hers. She would welcome his company if he wished.

{OOC: Dolly sent messages to Rayna and Jali. I also imagine the whers will be informed so guards can be sent. Others are welcome to come and see! But only the weyrwomen, wher guards, and Roiath will be allowed on the Sands. Thank you!}

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{I apologize for my terrible art skills! More skilled hands than mine will be doing art for the babies themselves.}

@Raining @Boo @Rii
 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 01:50 PM

N/A Posts

She took.

Not the red he caught turns ago, but this grey. This grey he had debated chasing, but found her more than interesting was heavy with his eggs. Never had Da'on believed that Roiath would sire any hatchlings, and it was pretty much only because of his color. Blues were not the most fertile dragons, it was surprising they could sire anything at all. It seemed firestone was much kinder to the male drakes than the females.

An unfamiliar feeling swept through Da'on when Roiath was asked to go see them. Well.. he knew the feeling, just didn't understand why.

Just because you do not see joy in siring younglings, it does not mean that I feel the same. The Blue told His gently, pressing his nose against Da'on's torso. There was a warmth that flooded their bond, and Da'on couldn't help the much softer expression on his face, as he ran a hand along Roiath's snout.
Will you come see?
Of course I will, love.

Da'on knew he wasn't allowed anywhere near the eggs, he was well aware of the rules.

As per tradition, Roiath entered the hatching Sands with a plump herdbeast in his maw. He stood on the edge of the Sands, watching the grey and momentarily distracted by the new eggs. Eggs that he helped make. He was also judging Sutiexth and how far she would allow him to go. He took a small step, and then another and he carried himself towards the clutchmother and stopped a respectable distance away, setting down the fresh kill.

For you, he offered gently, as he nosed the his kill towards her. His facets flooded with teals and blues as his gaze shifted to the clutch, I was honored to be your first catch, dear one. They look wonderful. he wanted to ask if it was too soon to tell if they would all hatch, but decided to keep that to himself as His agreed with that notion quietly.

Da'on, if granted permission, stole away into the Stands to watch his Blue gush over the possibility of fatherhood. While the eggs weren't as colorful as some clutches were, they were lovely in their own right. Perhaps he was biased. He didn't come empty handed, in fact he brought a second mug of klah, alongside his own and walked to the barrier, but no further. He lifted the hand with her mug to grab Dolphin's attention. If she didn't want it, it was more for him. It was equal parts a polite gesture and maybe a... 'sorry I wasn't an option when your dragon chose mine'.


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