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 We Shine Like Rainbows, AU:15 {Tienna's first on-cam clutch}
 Posted: Oct 14 2016, 12:45 PM


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It was hard at times living with a firelizard like Tienna, especially when she was about rise or egg-heavy like she was now, but soon enough that would be over with for a while (thankfully that would be a longer time than say a Fighter at least). Tienna seemed to want to keep this clutch at the very least, practically forcing Tarele and/or the rest of the fair to get her a basket of sand though other than that she seemed content enough as long as you didn’t stray too close to her.

It was fairly early in a wherhandler’s day, or late in a Dragonrider’s day depending on how you looked at it, fairly in the middle of Autumn during one of her more irritable moments that the first of her latest clutch of eggs was laid. It wasn’t a terribly big egg, in fact when the rest of the clutch was laid it was one of the two smallest eggs, a bright pink in colour with three darker wavy lines concentrated on the larger end of the egg. The next and second largest egg, though not by much of a margin between it and the third largest, was dark red in colour with a few scattered bright green speckles. The next, and the third smallest egg, was a deep blue egg with lighter blue specks and a small faint rainbow on one side of the egg. After that was the third largest egg that was black fading to grey on top with a few purple lines running diagonally across the egg’s surface. The second to last egg was also one of the smallest, with it being only slightly bigger than the first egg, this one being a light shade of yellow with a pale pink ring with a darker center on one side. The final egg, and the largest by a good margin, was deep purple in colour with a splash of bright green on the top side of the egg.

Satisfied with the positions of her clutch the Tienna returned set herself down behind the three largest eggs looking pretty proud of herself waiting until it seemed that the eggs would hopefully hatch. Of course Whiting could come to see what they had created together though she didn’t see much of a need for him to be really involved seeing as she had at least two cooperative firelizard males already at her disposal.

user posted image

(OOC: Also thank you to Ruin for the clutch art.)

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 Posted: Oct 25 2016, 10:20 PM


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A tugging at hairs drew Krysthanine from an early rest, and groggy hands went to slap away at the offending flit. A bite was the response that she got, forcing a yelp and soft cursing from her lips. Blue eyes snapped open, eyebrows furrowed angrily at the offending creature as she shot upright in her furs. A Blue sat anxiously next to where her head once lay, dancing from forepaw to forepaw, and eyes swirling some rather jubilant kaleidoscope of oranges, yellows, blues, and greens. Huh, odd. Usually it’s Drahaus that’s nipping at fingers. She patted Whiting’s head gingerly, bringing forth a little croon. ”What’s got you all worked up, kiddo?” she asked, flopping back down to meet his gaze. A fairly clear, but still blurry image of an orange flitter immediately burst forth in her mind, and a chuckle was her response. ”What, is your pretty lady asking for your attendance?” Krys joked before realization set in as Whiting nodded and shot off like an arrow. Whiting caught an Orange. A sub-queen. And she was probably clutching. Well then.

The gray wrapped herself up as quickly as possible into a jacket over her sleeping clothes and scrambled onto Emith’s back. Whiting sired a clutch, please follow him, I don’t need him panicking himself between, she poured into her sleepy dragon’s mind. With a rumble, Emith slid off the ledge of their Weyr, following the afternoon speck in the sky to the… wherhandler quarters. The young woman pondered for a moment in the air, Emith’s wingbeats the only sound. …You know what, I think I’ll let him be. He should be just fine. With that, they turned their back and returned to their living quarters.

Whiting, in the meantime, winged carefully into the room that Tienna resided in. He landed a respectful distance away, head bowed, and yet another pretty rock in his clutches. He crooned in her direction, and scuttled up just close enough that he could see their brood. He crooned again, a longer and more admirable croon. They were just beautiful! Not as beautiful as her, of course. But definitely beautiful enough that he would feel it to be a dishonor if he didn’t do his fair share to keep them safe. If she would have him, of course.
 Posted: Oct 28 2016, 07:12 PM


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Tienna wasn’t really expecting the Blue to show up let alone so soon after she had notified him of the clutch that she had just laid considering the fact that she was bonded to a wherhandler and him to a Dragonrider. Tarele for the most part just looked on rather than directly interfering the situation just yet, though he was confused about the strange firelizard and his sudden vested interest in his sub-Queen’s clutch for whatever reason. Tienna had no problem, in fact seemed to welcome him which is rather surprising considering her general attitude, with the Blue’s presence so the Brownhandler didn’t see any reason to intervene and most likely he was the father.

None of his other firelizards gave much in the way of a reaction, and Seivana managed to get Sirseno out of his quarters a good while before Tienna started laying her clutch so the Blue wasn’t ere to possibly start panicking about the stranger. Of course the sub-Queen herself was happy enough with the presence of the Blue especially with yet another pretty stone that the shy Blue firelizard had brought with him this time that he had appeared. She wasn’t really sure that he would be much use in the coming sevendays before her Hatching started though she has been pleasantly surprised before.


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