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 A Wild Patina, SP:17 {Wild Clutch Hatching}
 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 01:44 PM


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A body slipped into the seat next to Rayna, offering her a cup of tea and a sweetroll. "Interesting hatching so far, isn't it?" G'len addressed her. Zeuth had kept the man appraised of the going-ons from his ledge above the Sands, so he knew about the Copper while getting a bite to eat. That mutation appearing in whers was just a matter of time, given it had existed in their kin for many turns already.

"We'll have to ask Tuana, Skerry, and Grove to keep an eye out and see if they can spot others of that girl's color there," indicating the new Copper. "Odds are they've been appearing in the wild population in that part of the South for a while now. This is just the first one to hatch where she might find a human mate to bond to."

That might appease the new southern holds and Weyr, that there might be many more of this new color down there that haven't been found yet. Plus it was more than likely true as well; why should this new mutation wait to first appear here, anyway? Why shouldn't the first Copper ever be a wild living her own life far from human settlements? Faranath has been known to be tricky like that from time to time, after all.

G'len took a swallow of his tea. It wasn't the best in his stash, but it was one of his better ones. The flavors wouldn't be distracting them from what was going on in the Sands before him. "A suggestion can be made to the new Holds and Weyr that if they let their females mate with the wild Southern males, they might increase their odds of getting a Copper for themselves. And if Lady Iroh can locate either of that clutch's parents, see if she can acquire one for her Hold via breeding."

Though if that bio-mom was still alive, Iroh was going to have a lot of work to do to appease her. He had never heard of a queen anything being happy with their clutches being stolen, and doubted this wher would be any different. Ultimately, though, not his problem. Or Dalibor's.

G'len returned his attention to the remaining wherets, noting who got what, and wondering what the Iron was waiting for. Until his dragon pointed out the identity of the lone (so far) Stands wherling. He took a fast look at the older man to confirm it before turning back to Rayna.

"You maaay want to be busy for the next couple of days. Zeuth just informed me that Z'dyn's father just Impressed one of the wherets, and unless I missed something he doesn't like whers. At all. So maybe being busy until the first possible outbursts are over would be a good idea." Not that he expected any of it to land at Rayna's feet or anything, just figured a heads-up was warranted to warn her of that problem so she could prepare herself for it.

The Alphahandler and the Wherlingmaster could figure something out with the Tanner's new schedule now, before informing the rest of them what it was. That he was sure about.

 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 01:58 PM

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The orange preened herself, and the Iron bouldered. All was quiet, and still, and Ollivander knew less and less what to expect. He almost missed the rage of the red, just to fill the dead silence upon the Sands. Everyone was waiting, with bated breath, to see what the sub-queen and King would do. The wher behind the Iron was all but forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind, but Olli had not forgotten them. He was waiting for them to emerge, curious as to why they were hiding. He had given up on trying to sneak a peek, deciding that when it was time they would come on out. Were they waiting for someone in particular, or was it that they wanted their Iron brother to impress first? It was difficult to say, but the Iron looked about as disinterested as he had upon hatching. There were so many people waiting on his choice, was he really just going to sit there? Engaged in the hatching, certainly more than he thought he would be, Olli's blue eyes remained upon the place to which the last three wherlets had settled.

Then, there was movement. A sage green coloration could be seen as the wher peeked over the back of the Iron. Ollivander fought to keep still, desperately wanting to know what the wher was up to. Was she planning something devious? No, she was watching. The corner of Ollivander's mouth twitched up into a warm smile. She was just... watching, as if fascinated by each and every one of them. There was someone in particular she cared most to observe, and he didn't suspect it was him. When the green whers voice entered his mind with a "could be you" he stiffened. "Could be me? What did I do?" he asked himself quietly, likely heard by Malika. The tall boy looked to Malika then, wondering if she, somehow, had an answer for him.

When the green tumbled from behind the Iron, due to the gold whers nudge, Ollivander's breath hitched. Was she okay? Oh, she seemed more than fine. Wow, she was long. Her gait was somewhat awkward. Despite, Olli was riveted. She went past him, towards the back, snapping at one of the female candidates. That girl was having one hell of a day! She had been rushed by a grown red, and now snapped at by a hatchling? Hopefully she'd be okay, and her spirits were not crushed. He knew how easily ones spirits could be dampened. He watched her a moment, even after the green had left, offering a weak smile though she was busy with whomever she was standing with.

Turning back around, Ollivander didn't miss the wherlet's dismissal of Zaephor. Ollivander side-eyed the other boy, afraid to look at him in case he was glaring. Olli stood tall, squaring his shoulders. He didn't want the green to see any weakness in him, though there was plenty to see...

Rather than saunter on past him, she stopped. Turning, she peered up at him. Her toothy grin, set on a wide mouth, should have unnerved him. It didn't. It just... didn't. He peered back at her, his mind racing with her chosen speech. "Better?" he heard himself croak. "How could I be?" At that his voice cracked, his emotions getting the better of him. He was crying. He knew he was crying, which would give the boy beside him even more of a reason to laugh at him. The green wherlet's shape was awkward, though she was by no means gangly-like him. No, she was no string bean.

The wherlet pressed her face into his leg, and thus Ollivander didn't dare move. Was she going to attack him? No, no, he didn't think that. He couldn't think that of her. He could feel her concern for him, somehow. Then the green bit, and as much as he wanted to scream, he didn't. He winced, understandably in pain, but still kept whatever measure of dignity he had left. Ollisk think Ollivander greatest. Think Ollisk’s should think that too.

Ollivander laughed, because what other reaction would suit? He was overtaken by a joy he had yet to experience in his fourteen Turns of life. Despite the pain in his leg, he knelt down. Other than her black brother, Ollisk was the smallest wherlet in the clutch. It was apparent that she would never be very big, but her bulk and shape made her appear larger. Reaching a hand out to stroke the top of the awkward-looking greens head, Olli reached out to her. Waves of warmth, and love, were shared between them. He had done it. She was his. "Ollisk," he spoke aloud, sounding-possibly for the first time in his life-proud. He was proud of her, and what he had accomplished here today. "Her name is Ollisk," he said again, a grin overtaking his features. His glee threatened to split his face in two, his ears going red.

You're the one whose great. I-I'm just lucky-lucky you chose me. Lucky I was here.
What this luck? No luck, just is. Ollisk choose. Ollisk know. You know now. Is okay. You know. Ollisk leaned into the boys touch, purposefully turning herself in the direction of the feed buckets, wherlings, and wherlingmaster. We go now, Ollisk say. Ollisk eat, we talk. Much to say. Ollisk much listen to do. Will listen. Ollivander tell. The boy reached the sleeve of his robe up to wipe away further tears that leaked from his eyes.

O-okay... i will. Let's go Ollisk. With a nod, and a snort in Zaephor's direction, Ollisk led her boy to the back of the Sands. Before leaving Malika's sight, Olli turned back with a genuine smile. "Thank you," he told her, a firmness to his voice. "Good luck. I know the same is in store for you." She had believed in him, and so she deserved all the thanks he could muster. She deserved to impress, and so he hoped that the Iron still left on the Sands was meant for the dark-skinned woman.

Ollisk awkwardly ambled to the back of the Sands, Ollivander no more than a few steps behind her. She had paused as he spoke to Malika, not wanting to interrupt what the boy felt the need to say. It was important that he build connections, and make friends, and now that Ollisk was here everyone would love Hers. She would make them love Hers. Hers was the most lovable. Copper sister not so tough, need calm. You not control Iron brother. He control self. For some reason Ollisk felt the need to convey this point, rather bluntly, to Zelsk. The copper-queen may have thought that her siblings were a part of her domain, but if she truly thought that than she would be mistaken. They were all individual, and they would be all the stronger for it. Ollisk admired the Iron for his vigilance, and steadfastness. He paid no heed to their Orange sister, or Copper sister. He stayed true to his Iron-self. He was a proud wher. Ollisk was fairly proud of him.

Waiting for Ollivander to grab the feed bucket, Ollisk stood nearest the Copper queen. Her gaze went from Zelsk and Zel, to Hers, and back again. She saw all. By the time Olli had struggled to get the heavier bucket over to his green wherlet, his chicken arms nearly dropped it. Stumbling forward, he was caught by Ollisk's thick tail. Grinning sheepishly as he regained his footing, Olli bent over, hands on his knees. "Thanks Ollisk."
See? Ollisk do already. Ollisk do, Ollivander do. Chuckling again, the boys laughter came to a sudden end once he realized who his green had chosen to stand with. Zel and Zelsk... The Copper wher was intimidating. Olli tried his best not to look her in the eye, lest she take offence.

"Hello, congratulations to the both of you," he offered shyly.
Why for you shy to them? They be no great like Ollivander. They be same. All same. All good, but Ollivander better. Better to Ollisk, so better. Ollivander struggled to keep his kindly expression in place, nerves threatening to overtake as his wherlet privately insisted he try to be more confident.

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 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 03:20 PM

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Zel found a smile curving on her lips. With the black bonding to an older man in the stands, the green to the shy boy by Zaephor and the beautiful orange to a different boy--the hatching was almost over. Absently she noted that thus far she was the only female to bond today. Maybe the iron still bouldering on the sand would gravitate to a girl. Flicking her gaze again to Zaephor, she could see the annoyance and relief interplaying on his features. When the green walked between his feet he'd stiffened up like a board and before he could relax, the orange's pass made him freeze again. It was odd how he seemed to be in a pocket of attention for the whers, with them going near him or bonding people near him. Though he had confessed to her, when she pushed about scars, that this sort of thing happened to him at hatchings, though normally with him getting bloodied up for one reason or another. At least this time he was safe. No random fights or maulings. Just relatively peaceful wherets eagerly seeking their bonds.

Unexpectedly, Ollivander's bonded Ollisk addressed her and Zelsk. She watched for a reaction from the hatchling queen. But instead of lashing out in any manner, the copper leveled the green with a stare and gave a bob of her head.

Zelsk will remember what Ollisk say. And whers were notorious for their long memories. Though whether the concession was in earnest or not, Zel wasn't sure. The copper didn't share her reasoning--how she was already planning and plotting, figuring out how to gain respect and favor from those around her. She was drinking in all she saw and could understand, watching her siblings and the humans in the room. Her eyes even trailed as high at the ledge above when a mighty iron rested, wondering how she might one day gain the alliance of the massive dragon and his kith.

Zel, on the other hand, was focused on the tall boy. He seemed sweet.

"Thank you. Congratulations as well, Ollivander and Ollisk."

The other wherlingmaster, Ijo, spoke up as the latest wherlings gathered together. Zel turned to him to listen, her hands absently returning to her front, palms clasped. Her forgetfulness earned another reproachful nip from Zelsk. She assumed the pose the copper had preciously decided was proper. Oh this was going to be even harder than expected, wasn't it? She never dreamed of bonding a queen. And despite not even candlemark old, she was already 'correcting' Zel's behavior.

When he mentioned the food, she glanced down at the bucket she still carried. Zelsk must not have eaten her fill yet, too distracted by her want to watch, because she didn't feel full yet. Reaching inside, she withdrew a clump of meat and began to break it apart. No wonder the queen barely touched a thing. Most of the pieces were too big to eat. Stupid. She felt so stupid. Her hands began to shake.

'Pull it together, girl. You have a duty you swore to uphold. You're a wherling. Even if your bonded is a perfectionist, you will not fail her expectations. You will do as you must.'

Regaining control over her nerves, Zel reached down and offered the little queen a piece of meat. The copper, who was back to watching her iron brother, accepted the offering with a greedy snap of her jaws. She felt a wave of approval. As if she'd been waiting for Zel to figure it out on her own. Nodding to herself, she continued to feed the copper until she felt the fullness wherlingmaster Ijo mentioned.


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 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 03:33 PM


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The hatching was moving along with no apparent problems. No one got attacked, all the whers seemed to be amiable and to choose theirs with hardly any troubles. She heard the snarl of the red, but only turned her head, for it wasn't coming from the direction of the hatchlings or the gold with them. Common sense told her she ought to figure it was one of the whers in the Stands. Still, she did go a little stiff when she saw it running for the back of the sands, where three candidates stood. Well, whoever had gone and pissed her off, she felt a bit sorry for. She knew reds were downright dangerous, but she also reasoned that this one had a handler. She'd never heard of a wher being allowed to maul anyone who wasn't a direct threat, but there was a moment, there, that the worry grew a bit, and she looked to try and see who, exactly, was responsible for her. Then her eyes lit back on the candidates. Well, shards. That one was pretty foolish, wasn't she? No armor. No robes. Sure, the robes sucked, but they weren't going to get off with not wearing them, so she'd resigned to it like everyone else. Was she even a candidate? Because she really, really looked like she didn't have a clue what was going on? How had she ended up here?

The wher stopped, and Nym's mouth quirked a little, the faintest hint of amusement. Well, that ended better than expected. Nothing at all. She thought maybe it would have pinned the girl, at least, before it was stopped. Whoever had it had great control over it. It made her just a little envious, but it was more admiration for the strength of the person who could bond to a red. Reds were awesome, and she would have loved to try her mettle against one of them. She thought she could, too. Of course she did. She was tough! She watched as the whers bonded, one by one. None even paused to consider her. Well, that was their loss, wasn't it? Plus, she figured that a lot of them wouldn't bond today. Sucked for those that didn't, but no skin off her nose. If they didn't want her, then some other one might. Still, there was that nagging, ever present doubt and desire to be accepted and wanted. She hated it, and envisioned smashing that feeling into the sands with a hammer like the Smith's used on the anvil, heavy and solid-like.

The green bonded. Then the orange. She didn't want the snooty orange, that was for sure! Still, the green had been pretty cool looking, and she was a little surprised to see who it picked. The kid had looked so nervous, that she wasn't sure he wasn't going to up and faint. Still, the green would be good for him, she felt. She might have not been smiling at that outwardly, but inwardly, her chest felt a bit warmer for that one. He clearly needed her more than anyone else here did. So that was all well and right. Soon, there was just the iron, and there were still plenty of candidates left, including her. She bolstered herself, thinking of Noctis back in his pool. She didn't need a wher, she told herself. She just would have liked one, was all. Plus she was the youngest one here, so it made sense if she wasn't chosen. Still, she couldn't help but watch that remaining wher, who still hadn't moved, and even she couldn't entirely keep back a hopeful feeling in her chest.

She suddenly felt a little bit lonely, and hated it just as much as she hated the fact she cared at all about bonding today. Because if she didn't, she was no worse off. She was still going to be as awesome as ever. She'd go hang with Aren, maybe, and see what Syrene was up to, and amuse herself. She'd get to live and breathe easy until the next clutch rolled around, and wasn't that better, really? Chores, lessons, and more freedom than most got. Yeah, she didn't care...she glanced to her right, and spotted another girl, also alone, and she looked pretty hopeful. Green eyes narrowed a little. She didn't know who she was, but she must've been older by at least four or five turns. She should have ignored her, but that sense that she stood alone here while others seemed to either know each other or be standing with someone sunk in. So, she said in an undertone,

"Wish he'd just make up his mind. He's takin' awful long about it." She had moved a little closer to the older girl, so that she wouldn't go unheard due to keeping it low. She had no desire to be the iron's target, if he wasn't half so easy going as he seemed. What must it be like, to get an iron or maybe a sub-queen? Probably a lot of work. She reasoned this, in part to convince herself she didn't want an iron, or a queen-type. Truth was, she probably would have liked just about anything, if it picked her. She knew it. She puffed her chest out a little. She was worth picking. She could handle a wher, big or small. She was thirteen, and the youngest one here, but she was still here and that said something. She wasn't going to care if they didn't. She wasn't.

@Leo, @Zane, @RhiaBlack

He felt completely out of his element. This blue was just so strange. Even in comparison to its fellow whers, it was strange. The mind that rested alongside his own was so laid back feeling. Like it was content to just be, and enjoying each and every thing it did. The feelings were so pure, and yet, if he dug deeper, the blue was a wher. What he expected to feel in a wher, just muted. It wasn't volatile or violent like the wild ones. It wasn't fighting him at all, in any way. There was nothing here to really control, because the blue wanted to be with him. Wanted them to be a good team. He felt that. There was a confidence that he couldn't quite understand. It didn't go along with the comical behavior or appearance. Like the outside didn't match the inside. Inside there was fire, and confidence that said he had nothing to prove, because if it came down to it, and someone were to mess with him or his, there was a wher that no one wanted to cross. Still, his mind was having problems connecting it all. Lykask was, in a word, complex. He felt more like an iron or bronze, to the young man. He pictured this kind of feeling from that solid iron out there, whom he'd been admiring. He would never have guessed this lumbering, silly blue could possess this kind of inner strength and surety.

He listened and watched as Zanii dumped the contents of the bucket onto the ground. Sure enough, Lykask made a pleased sound, and shoved his face right into it, literally seeming to swallow the pre-cut chunks whole. What if he choked?! The concern was real, and foreign as the new bond, but he sent sternly,

Slow down. Chew that or you'll be sorry later, or worse, choke. He hadn't really cared about anyone or anything save his two firelizards, who he knew were perched somewhere in those Stands, watching everything. He had been concerned about them being here. Concerned they would grow upset if theirs was attacked. Yet they were not so calm and controlled as the firelizards here he'd met. Only he controlled those two, and sometimes just barely. Yes, Venom and Carnage were handfuls, and had always been. A bit too wild, and fierce. Still, they'd stayed put, and he was sure they'd come to inspect Lykask when this was over.

Lykask was busy eating, but didn't seem to slow down. So, there was some stubbornness there, was there? He was about to send the message again, much more firmly, when the wher got one of the pieces on the sand. That piece was covered in sand, and the wher immediately lifted his head and spat it out...only he must have not realized that with a mouth as big as his, and with the force he spat it out, it would not just fall back nicely to the sands. No, that it did not. Instead, it flew through the air, complete with some slobber, and smacked Lykaios right in the middle of his forehead.

For a moment, there was nothing but silence. Lykaios clenched his jaw, feeling the muscle there twitch, as the piece of slobbery meat seemed to stick a moment, and then slowly, ever so slowly, unstuck, and dropped back to the sands. Lykask's mouth dropped open a bit, and two more pieces of hardly chewed meat fell out one by one, as the wher blinked up at his slowly, once, twice. Kaios' eyes were closed, as he tried to compose himself. Lykask suddenly went flat to the sands, so flat he looked like a round breakfast cake, and shuffled a little as if trying to hide under the sands themselves.

Heck. The word was sheepish, and full of worry, and then, tentatively, Lykask much sorry.

Kaios inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly. Once. Twice. A third time. Then, he opened his eyes, fixed the blue with a hard, hard stare, and said aloud, in a deadly quiet and serious voice,

"Chew. SLOWLY." The blue jerked his big head up and down, a very human gesture, and stood up slowly, his tail seeming to move back and forth like a canine, and, eyes never leaving his handler's face, he gingerly picked up a chunk of meat, and chewed, very, very slowly, before he swallowed in a big gulp.


Kaios glanced over as suddenly, a new face was approaching. A green was with the awkward looking boy he'd seen on the sands. An unlikely match, but probably for the best. The boy needed to grow into himself, and that was probably not something that would have happened for quite some time without backing of some kind to bolster him. The green looked confident and well suited. All the whers that had hatched had seemed far more put together than this green, and his blue. That blue paused in its eating to look up when they were greeted, and he could have sworn that the expression Lykask made was akin to a giant smile. He certainly felt happy to be greeted by his clutchsibling. Up until now, the food had so absorbed him he had not been paying attention to little else. Now, though, his long tongue came up to sweep over his wide maw, and he addressed the boy and the green both, and then his copper sister who was with them as well.

Much thank mine do! He not say. I say. I Lykask. I do a great like to Zelsk and Ollisk. This Ollisk's? Hello to Ollisk's. Also do you a like. Do Zelsk a like. Do Zelsk's a like. All do me a great like? JYSK! DO JYSK AND JYSK'S A GREAT LIKE!

Lykaios felt something inside wither just a little. Dear Faranth. What on Pern was this blue going on about? Do a like? He supposed he somehow understood what the wherlet was saying, or meant to say. He wanted his clutchsiblings to know he liked them. But all of them? How could he like all of them, when they were all clearly so different? Lykaios, for one, didn't care much for anyone here, at all. He crossed his arm over his chest, staring at Ollivander as though daring him to say something about his wher's...odd...behavior. Lykask didn't seem to notice if his was uncomfortable or even just a bit disturbed. Why would he? He was having the time of his thus short life.


When the boy spoke, she turned to look at him, a question in her eyes. She was not entirely certain what he had meant by those words. Was he speaking to himself, or had someone spoken to him? He was looking at her, but she had not spoken, and the question in his eyes she could not answer. The green wher had finally come out from behind the iron. Ah, what a fine creature she was. She was not similar in appearance to most whers the young woman had observed, but she was unique. Uniqueness was to be treasured. It made the world all the more interesting. She saw the boy, whose name she did not even know, watching the green. She, too, watched. She knew it was not good karma to smile when it snubbed the arrogant seeming boy, but she could not quite help herself, nonetheless. He had been found wanting by that one. Perhaps his attitude would needs have an adjustment before a wher would wish for him as a bond? She did not think he thought nice thoughts too often, but she knew, too, that assumption was poor of her to make. She would have to keep trying to not do that which reflected poorly on her character, yet she was reminded by her grandmother that she was still 'only human', at the end of the day.

Then, her own breath stopped short a moment, for the green had stopped, to look up at the awkward, gangly looking young man. Could it be? She felt hope rise in her as she watched intently. The boy spoke, and she saw tears flowing freely on his young face. Her heart warmed, and she felt a swell of pride and joy for him. So, he had found his bond--and to the one who had found that other boy wanting. She knew things often worked this way. Good hearts did not go unrewarded. She did not wish to interrupt this important moment. It only came but once, and it was not her moment, nor her time. She was truly happy for him, and this match that she thought would be good for him and help him in his journey of personal growth. Too, there came pride when he was bit and remained brave. That was good. She would be good for him. When he announced the name, sounding completely different from before, her face lit in a bright smile for him. Ollisk. It was a good, strong name.

She was not expecting him to take the time to think of her in that moment. No, she had only done what was right in trying to offer him encouragement. Others were to be uplifted and considered in their time of need. Yet, he turned to thank her, and his words touched her deeply. She put a hand over her heart, and gave him a wave and a nod. Congratulations were due later. She knew she would seek him out and give them, and meet the fine green who had made her choice to bond the boy with the kind heart. For now, there was one wher left: the iron. She was not so assuming as to believe she would be chosen by it. There were many candidates, and what she wished to happen did not make it happen. There was a very good chance she, along with many others, would be left Standing today. Still, that one impression had made this hatching, her first, all the more special.
 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 03:41 PM

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He felt the snout and then, he was rolling down the little perch of Sand toward the Candidates. His sister had been revealed, and then left to crawl her way through the white-wearers to find her own. The Iron hunched his shoulders and gathered his limbs back together under himself. Though his eyes had briefly seemed to seethe with colourful erratic movement, they remained a calm blue hue, and he made no angry moves. He was still content to wait. The Green took her time, he could understand that, rooting through her options. Weighing them. Wasn't that what he had been doing this whole time? The adults were very impatient creatures, always pushing them. Physically, apparently, but the choice of a lifetime couldn't be rushed. The Green chose, then the Orange went, and still he waited, resolute. Then the Orange chose, and he was free.

The beast stood finally, of his own volition, his thick hindquarters and long toes snaking out of the Sand as he curled his forelegs under to walk on thick knuckles. Of course, large as he might feel, he was still a small beast as a wheret. That would change. It wasn't the Candidates he turned to at first, it was his surrogate mother. He regarded Nevisk for a long moment and then said, quite simply and without excess emotion; Queen, but act like baby. Huffing. What upset? No matter. This not for you, this for us. Let Red rampage, threaten babies for what? No good. Let insides get better of outsides. The little Iron held no malice, his eyes remained blue, but he turned his back on her all the same. Would she threaten him like the Red had threatened his clutchmate. Likely. Ones like her had to feel big, didn't matter if they were posturing to creatures so much smaller than them.

She had never stopped to ask what was wrong. Not with the Black, not with him. Even Raisk had asked, just in an inappropriate way that inspired fear, instead of confidence. Too many feelings inside. It was so much better to see all sides without such a bias. When there was no preference, there was no fear or hate, there simply was. The concepts were far beyond what he could understand, or probably would ever understand, he simply saw the truth as he witnessed it and remarked upon it in turn. He needed someone to help him with that, but these Candidates...none of them needed him. That was something required, he knew, to be needed. In many ways he would most likely need the one he chose as well, but for different reasons than they needed him.

He'd been watching, he knew them, he'd caught glimpses of them from where he had sat, at least until his wayward guardian had seen fit to throw him down the hill like it would help. His siblings had all chosen different things. Uncertainty, confidence, emptiness, cowardice, reluctance. He wanted something different for himself. He needed someone who required a foundation, something to grow on. Wild, maybe a little careless, maybe a little Queen. The Iron took a few steps toward the white-robes, his curled front claws tapping at the rough flesh of his forearms, he was such a tiny thing now, but to him it was obvious that his stature would be secondary to the valuable lessons he could teach. Or inspire. Maybe next time stand, show fear to big egg mother. They needing all babies know big and bad, otherwise feel useless. Worst thing for big heads he said to everyone before falling silent again.

Sometimes it was all so confusing to be a babe so long from the shell without the influence of their perfect match. He wavered there, the oozing colours beneath the facets of his eyes ramping up in speed slowly over time as he truly, for the first moment, considered giving himself over to the wilds. Yet, how could he. Two angry beasts stood watch nearby, he would never make it more than a handful of steps beyond the Hatching Grounds before being culled. The unfortunate side-effect of being removed from the wilds and placed here: he had only one option. To choose one of these humans. They wouldn't even care which, they would run him ragged until he simply bit one of them and forced the bond, and that was not a real choice.

The little beast seemed to sigh, and the spirals in his eyes slowed once more, but rather than go further into the Candidates he turned away, walking with certainty to the stairs leading up to the Stands. He bumped into Kidanyr before he got there in a rather distracting way that caused him to look up at her face. Why here? Not smart choice. You for big ugly wings like that, the wher pointed at Baihujinth with one pointy wingspar, he and the other dragons gathered were his first and only current examples of their kind, me know best, why not you? The little wheret sniffed, then moved around her legs to reach his destination. When he spoke again, his words were aimed elsewhere.

Mine here, try not kill, no sense he said calmly to the Red. Whether he said it to warn her off, or perhaps comfort himself, was a complete mystery. It simply needed to be said, so it was. He had learned that lesson from the Black. The entire cavern had to wait while he carefully climbed the steps one at a time before making his way through the Stands. There were not quite as many good people up here as there had been down there, but that was the point wasn't it. To gather all the good ones in one place. It was just, sometimes they missed a person or two. He was picky, choosy, but they were supposed to be, and he was probably drawing this out far longer than his surrogate mother and her muscle would have liked, but them's the breaks when dealing with sentient life.

Finally he seemed to settle down on the bench behind one girl in particular who seemed right. She would most definitely need him, because she was a mess. Rude. A little inconsiderate as well. He snorted, the milky membranes of his inner eye membranes sweeping across his glowing eyes to brush away sand from Nevisk's shove, and dust from his own drying and cracked hide. He had waited a long time to choose her, to figure out if she could be helped, if she needed him. What was a few more moments staring at her until she was weirded out. Finally, he spoke. Think funny big head threaten little babies? No. Babies get scared make bad choice like to get killed. Not funny. Bighead Red dangerous, why forced pick good person keep from make bad choice. I pick you same reason, you bighead Red.

You listen Syrsk, not make bad choice. The Iron stared passively at Syrene, you give Syrsk blood now, become Syrsk's, then I start teach you things. You know why wher drink blood of Handle? Cause Handle know for all times wher there with them, share all things. All pain. All happy. Together. The wheret's head twisted slightly on the thick trunk of his neck. Syrsk wait long time, make sure choose best, Syrene know now her worth. Syrsk remind every day until remembering. Blood now, with thanks, then real food, then life. The patient wher waited, and would always wait patiently.

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Iron Syrsk bonded to Syrene [#435553]

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Personality: A rolling stone gathers no moss, but this wher is a stick in the mud and is just as mossy as his hide appears. He is a foundation strong enough to build upon, and Syrene will find him to be possessed of an unshakeable love and understanding, regardless of her antics. For her, he will be a mountain to climb, or a guardian behind which to seek shelter from the storm. He is stoic and solid. Though they will frequently clash, she will find that she may pound her fists against his muscled hide and it will produce pain for neither of them, as he is far softer in essence than the stone which he resembles.

Yet even he can be vibrant in his own monochromatic way. Her joy will be his joy, her creativity and sweetness will be his, over time he may learn to be somewhat carefree, though never irresponsible or disobedient to authority. He will also never learn to be tolerant of anything that threatens her own self-worth, even if she's the one threatening it. Syrsk will be the balm to all her wounds, quick to reassure, affirm, or confirm every beautiful aspect of his Handler's soul in vivid detail. He would not have chosen a broken husk, and he will not allow the person he chose to become broken.

He does not roll, or bend, or break. His understanding of deceit goes no further than it being incorrect. He sees things at face value, black and white, his Handler's attempts to be deceptive will be lost on him for the simple sake that he already knows what is in her mind and what the truth is. Through encouragement he will seek to guide her on a better way of living--regardless of how she might balk he will be persistent. He is currently beyond manipulation, solid as stone and unwavering, but with enough water even the largest boulder might begin to change.

Appearance: As equally solid as he is massive, Syrsk resembles a very large boulder when he hunkers down and stays stationary; which he is generally always doing, unless being set to some task. His forelegs are somewhat longer than his hind, and more slender, this can make him look somewhat out of balance and top-heavy. He prefers to watch, to collect moss, and grow wise. Luckily for him, his hide is already peppered with a patina which resembles the vegetation growing on the rocks around the Weyr. His shoulders are large and gently pebbled with spikes and crags, and while his bony wings lacking in any membrane will never carry him in a glide, these shoulders and the strength of his neck will be perfect to form a riding area for his Handler. His hind legs are thick, and lead to an equally thick and short tail. He will reach an adult size of 8'6" x 5'

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Kidanyr was not ready for it at all. The end of the hatching. When the large, boulderlike beast started to move, she tried to hold her breath. But she would have to let it loose a few times. He moved slow, but with purpose. She wondered if his thoughts were the same, slow and sluggish like treesap. She could only imagine his mindvoice as something deep and rough, and likely soothing to his handler. Suddenly another girl was speaking to her. Kidanyr glanced at Nymeria, with a small nod.
“He is taking his time, but surely he’ll find someone.” She reassured the smaller candidate. There was no hurrying that wher.

He was quite regal, though, and a joy to watch move in that curious way of his. She would watch him, thinking of great, ponderous beasts as he made his way before them. He paused and spoke to them all, making Kidanyr gasp softly. He looked so much bigger than he was, and his words were wise. It hadn’t occurred to Kida until then, that many of them had not bowed. The customary gesture had been abandoned in the wake of the clutches wide nature.

He moved among them and Kidanyr followed him with her eyes. He seemed to waver some, and for a few moments she wondered if he would just collapse there and refuse to impress. Could he do that? She knew dragons could between, but what could Whers do? He was heading her way, and she wondered if he was her’s. But he just bumped into her. She looked at him with confusion and quickly moved out of his way, when a voice invaded her mind.
Why here? Not smart choice. You for big ugly wings like that Kidanyr would furrow her brows as she looked where he was directed, starring and the iron dragon. Oh. But he was a baby, how could he know?
me know best, why not you?.

Perhaps he was right.


Either way, Syrene found it funny. He was just so odd! She had almost expected him to knock the older girl candidate down, and maybe savage her some. That would have been something to see. But no. Instead he was making his way towards the stands. Sigh. Didn’t they know how to pick candidates? The girl would roll her eyes a bit. That red was gonna be mad. She just knew it.

Lazily, she would glance to where the Wherets and their new Handlers had gathered, watching them for a few moments. She bet the meat felt gross. Real gross. Maybe she was making the wrong choice by standing. Maybe she should just become a baker… After all she more than looked the part.

Syrene hadn’t even noticed the Iron was headed her way until he was close. She would turn, a slight pout on her lips, as if she was challenging him.

Think funny big head threaten little babies? No. Babies get scared make bad choice like to get killed. Not funny. Bighead Red dangerous, why forced pick good person keep from make bad choice. I pick you same reason, you bighead Red.

Syrene blinks. And then blinked again. Was he calling her a red? A hysterical laugh bubbled up from her lips, though it contained no mirth.

If whers could sigh, he would have done so then.

You listen Syrsk, not make bad choice. Syrsk. The name caught her unawares, adn all the better for him, because she shut up and listened for once.
you give Syrsk blood now, become Syrsk's, then I start teach you things. You know why wher drink blood of Handle? Cause Handle know for all times wher there with them, share all things. All pain. All happy. Together. A small tremor would start in her core as he spoke, and her eyes were water a bit. Stupid wher! Making her feel all emotional!
Syrsk wait long time, make sure choose best, Syrene know now her worth. Syrsk remind every day until remembering. Blood now, with thanks, then real food, then life.

Reaching down, Syrene wouldn’t even hesitate before rolling up her sleeve and holding her arm out.
“Sh-shards. Go one, take it. I don’t have a shardin’ knife on me. Didn’t expect this.” Syrsk would stare at her for a moment, before leaning in to take her arm in his jaws. He was delicate despite his size, and he bit just deep enough to cause blood to flow. Syrene would hiss quietly, waiting until he let go before pressing her arm against her chest.

Syrsk. His name was Syrsk and he said she was the best. The whirl of rainbow in his eyes met the sparkle in her own and she just started at him, a bit in awe. That expression would be wiped off her face, though, as she turned to face the others.
“Come on Syrsk, let’s go get you fed.” The iron would rumble behind her in agreement. Blood first. Then food. Slowly, the pair made their way down to the area with the others, and Syrene and Syrsk would take a seat by one of the buckets of meat.
Syrsk wait and watch. Siblings pick ok. Syrsk proud.

Syrene snorted a bit, reaching into the bucket and tearing up a chunk of herdbeast. She’d hold it out to Syrsk’s tapered snout and watch how he snapped it up quick, barely missing her fingers.
“Yea, yea, I guess I’m proud too.”

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Nevisk came as close to rolling her eyes as any wher could manage.

You out of egg too long, you go wild, have to be culled. Nevisk not want to cull you. Get tail-bent, not Nevisk's problem, long as you choose. Is not being big and bad. Is making hard-head babies listen. You listen? We not have to be big and bad. Have yours, now you grow, you learn, you bond. You become useful. Not useless. Even though you baby, still have to follow rule. Brother want to roam Stands, nobody here to find to bond. Just wandering. Easy to get hurt, then Nevisk, Raisk get yelled at. But please. Tell Nevisk how we so mean, baby know so much more than Gold and Red.

She curled her lip, flashing her teeth before she gathered the eggshells and Nevitheran put them all in small, individual bags. They would be offered to the Wherlings first, and if they didn't want them to sell them or hold them in some sort of momento, they would be given to Rayna to sell for the Weyr's coffers. No doubt that either way the shell of the first bonded Copper would go for a pretty Mark.

Nevisk would have felt pity for Ijo and Isk, if she was capable of the emotion. They were going to have their hands full, especially with two pretentious ranking females and now a hard-headed, overly-stubborn and opinionated King. She didn't envy them, and part of her was glad they had two turns at least to sort out their bonds and adjust to being adults. No doubt, things would be better once they grew up and adjusted.

No respect from two-leggers, no respect from babies. Tired of try and make listen. Nevisk take Nevitheran, go somewhere else. Maybe should have let Raisk eat them all.
Let's not be brash, my love. It's been a long few sevendays. Come on, let's go get something to eat, and then we'll give you a bath and a nice oiling. I bet you'll feel better after that.
If King say so. We see.

He could understand her frustrations. A wild clutch was unpredictable, but honestly Nevitheran suspected that the Copper's initial announcement had simply resulted in it becoming little more than a situation of being lost in the moment, so to speak. Perhaps it hadn't been addressed by the Candidatemasters, either; many things could be lost in scheduling and chores and such, and it wasn't as if the clutch hadn't been sudden. He handed off the eggshells to Rayna - she could orchestrate the dealings with that part, and rather than linger abouts to deal with discussions and such, he brushed his hand across Raistlin's back, giving the other Handler a grateful look. They had been instrumental, as had Norla and Vessa. He would have to send them something nice.

Or, in the case of his close companion, do something nice for them.

He ventured towards the Dining Hall, Nevisk close on his heels.

Ijo waited for Syrene and Syrsk to join them, before he continued to gently walk about the group in an idle pace.

"Well then! Now that we're all here, I'd like to congratulate you all for your Impressions. Whers are, as you can probably tell, quite special. I'm biased, so take it as you will." He rocked back on his heels, Isk settling on his haunches once he'd greeted the new Ironpair. "Tonight will probably be the most difficult evening of your lives. Followed by the most difficult day of your lives, because you have essentially bonded to what amounts to newborn children. They will need you, and unlike their larger kin, whers are not as pushy or as forward about what they need, usually. You will have to pay attention."

Ijo's hand brushed across Isk's back, and scratched lightly at the Brown's shoulders.

"They will need to be oiled multiple times a day. They will need to be fed every few candlemarks. They will sleep quite a lot, but you will need to remain with them, or carry them with you, because at no point for the next several seasons, will you be even out of eyeshot of them. They sleep with you, they eat with you, they do chores with you and lessons with you. When you bathe, they are in the room and with you at all times, though you're certainly welcome to have them outside the basin or on the shore while you handle things. They are like children, in that they will become your life and your focus, your reason for living."

He yawned into his fist, rubbing his face with a slow breath.

"There will be a Feast in a few days' time. You will be allowed to attend, but there are rules that you will follow; these rules are not much different than the ones you faced in Candidacy. No sex, no relationships, no alcohol. Those are the main three, and the most important. Even connections with family, you must be careful. Stress from you, translates easily to stress for your wheret, and despite how strong and formidable they may look, their minds are fragile. Their bonds to you, are also fragile. I have not lost a pair yet, and I do not intend on breaking that trend with this group. You can speak to your family and relatives, but no physical contact. No touching, no kisses, none of that. Hands off. Those people who don't listen, will suffer consequences, and make no mistake I can be creative with punishments when paired up with Candidatemasters Al'dr and Zanii on those matters."

Ijo continued, as Isk started collecting emptied buckets from the pairs whose wherets appeared already finished eating.

"You have a curfew. You will be in bed before sunrise, you will be up when Isk calls you. All doors to your rooms will be left open the first few nights, while Isk and I keep an eye on your pairs, to make sure your sleep is not so deep that necessary concerns with your wherets are not being addressed. Some of them may not complain to you when they need oiling, or when they're hungry; you will need to learn the difference between your own hunger, and that of your wheret. Most of you have already sorted this, now, with the first feeding. If your skin itches, and a scratch doesn't solve it, or you feel uncomfortable, that designates that your wheret needs oiling; specifically, the location on your own body, will tell you where on theirs they require it. I would encourage oiling them at least four times a day, for the first several months. Whether they need it or not, it is bonding time for you both, it will make you become familiar with their anatomy, and it will get them comfortable with being handled. They grow very, very quickly."

The short-statured Brownhandler shifted his weight, inspecting the buckets as Isk brought them by.

"Lessons will be simple for the first few sevendays. Your focus will be mainly on establishing a better connection with your wheret, and getting used to the new schedule you will be placed on. We will start you on more complex lessons and building your skills with your whers after that, as well as further building your bond. It will be hard, but I make every attempt to make things fun, within reason."

He looked towards the Sands, inspecting what was going on there, before he settled into a sit on a stool within the feeding area.

"I'm a simple man, and very easy to get along with. The premise is simple; don't be a wherry about things, use common sense, don't cause trouble, and we'll get along fine. You can talk to me about anything, and I do mean anything. I'm a former Healer, you're not going to gross me out, so don't worry. I don't care how small it is, or how big, bring it to me. I would rather hear about it from you, and us work things out together, than to have to explain to Rayna and Norla why I had to cull a gone-wild wheret because of some mistake or misunderstanding. Don't make me do that, if you put that kind of mark on my head, I'll haunt you forever, I promise." He flashed a smile. "Nobody wants me hanging around like that, right?"

He let them socialize a bit more amongst themselves, before he got back up, and straightened his pants and shirt.

"Now. We're going to head to your new homes in the Wherling Barracks, and you'll each be assigned a room. You won't be seeing family or friends this evening, tonight is for you and your wherets. You will be provided with oil for your wherets, the drudges will bring you another bucket of meat in a few candlemarks, and then you will feed them. You will eat with them, as dinner will be brought to you in order to keep them from being distracted by noise and such from the Dining Hall, you will oil them again, and then bedtime for your wherets. You have the option of staying up and practicing crafts in your rooms if you have them, but you will not leave your wherets behind. You remain in your rooms this first evening. Meat will be brought back around, you will wake them, feed them, oil them again, and then it's back to sleep for all of you. Since the weather is nicer, we'll make a trip out tomorrow and have a tour for your whers of the Weyr. Tonight, I want you to find out something about your wher you didn't know about them upon Impression, and I want them to find out something about you, that they didn't know. I'll ask you tomorrow evening."

He gestured quietly.

"Collect your wherets, and follow me, please. When I come to each room, and I direct you in, please tell me your name and your wher's name."

[Okay! I'm going to do assignments in the Wherling's Barracks, and you guys are free to RP between one another, but please keep in mind Ijo's rules, as well as the general rules for Wherlings/Weyrlings listed in the proper forum. You are welcome to keep RPing here and talking amongst yourselves, Ijo will be escorting them when everyone's told to leave! http://files.jcink.net/uploads/daliborweyr/smiley/Smile.png]

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It was over. All the whers had gone and bonded to other people, and her and Eryonthi were still left Standing. Hatching number four, and there was not a wher in it for her, yet again. It was a just a bit disheartening, and yet she was determined to not let it get to her. She had to fight down a feeling of envy, especially for those who had bonded to the queens and iron, and remind herself that, like dragons, whers knew who they were choosing. They chose their matches, the ones that were best for them. That simply meant that there was something else out there that matched her better. Plus, she and Eryonthi had made it through this hatching safely. There had been no maulings, no deaths. That was something to be grateful for.

"The orange bonded to a boy I don't recognize. About our age. The green went to another boy who looks a little younger than us--it turned out to be a green, the one that was hiding. The iron bonded to a weyrbrat in the stands," she finally said, though her tone was a little subdued. The iron had chosen a girl who didn't look more than twelve or so turns, despite that she was rather a larger framed body, for a child. "Well, looks like we're still candidates, but at least there were no casualties and all the wherlets bonded. Seems like good matches." It was true. She needed to ditch feeling sorry for herself not having bonded, because it wasn't going to change anything. One day, though, one day...

"You doing all right? How did you like your first hatching?" Turning her attentions to the other girl helped her focus on other things. She wouldn't think about the new wherlings, instead, she'd focus on the things she could control, and could do.


The hatching was over. No maulings. No deaths. All the wherlets off with theirs. Happy little event, wasn't it? Not too interesting, though. Nothing exciting, outside that brief interchange with the red wher that had resulted in all of nothing--fortunately. He might have just had to step in, if that red had set on the girl, and then the other girl who stepped in the way. Speaking of that girl...

He turned his head to quietly observe. The arrival of that blond one seemed to have set a sort of a change in her. Was it simply the rush of adrenaline? Something seemed a little different. Clearly they didn't know one another. So that wasn't it. He sighed, looking up and allowing himself to take a deep breath. Nothing changed. Still a candidate. No big deal. Being a candidate didn't exactly inspire excitement, nor did it do much for him besides give him a feeling that he was waiting on hatchings. Still, there were worse things. At least he was waiting for something, rather than living day to day for nothing. That had been the point of this all, hadn't it?

He wondered if there was a feast after. Given the nature of the circumstances with which these whers had come to them, probably. There were a lot of visitors here today. Some of the Weyrs, he'd heard, did have them, while others forgot the value of these creatures in lieu of dragons. Should he head for the dining hall? He wasn't a fan of social events. Not like he'd bonded. Decisions, decisions. He had no real reason to stay here, or go there. None at all. Save, perhaps, it was dinner time. He'd probably be left well enough alone. He wouldn't be the focus. The ones who had bonded would be. It might be 'safe' to at least go eat something. He could be in and out before anyone noticed. Still, no formal announcement of a feast had been made. He supposed he could wait for that. His only companions here were still the girls. The interchange between them was curious, even if he didn't particularly care one way or the other what they were on about. It occurred to him he might as well go to the dining hall and find out for himself what the plans were for this hatching. With that, he turned after a brief look at the girl who'd stood next to him all hatching, and headed off of the sands.

.exit Dhiren.


While she figured Zaephor could be harsh and a little mean--after all, he reminded her of herself, in many ways--his next words caught her a little off guard. Did he really mean that? If she'd not been caught, that girl might have been killed. Blue eyes searched his face a moment, and saw something there. Was he afraid? Nervous? Did that scar, or that eye, have something to do with a past hatching? Then he swallowed, and she decided that he was definitely, definitely not quite himself. She didn't ask, and replied lightly, not sure what else to say to those words,

"Harsh." What else could she say to that? She didn't want to see anyone seriously hurt or killed, even if they were stupid enough to deserve at least something. Maybe a few scratches or something non-life-threatening would have taught the dimglow a lesson. That would have been a bit interesting, seeing her get what she deserved. Yet she didn't have anything against that girl, in particular. Did Zaephor know her? She wasn't sure. His words had been pretty malicious, so she wasn't any kind of threat to her interests in the young man, and so she was curious.

The hatching proceeded along, and she was irate when it ended. Stupid whers. Didn't know a good candidate when they saw one. The iron even had the audacity to pick a little girl from the stands rather than someone from the group of clearly more capable persons. Not that she had any interest in him. He was big and not very pretty. The copper and orange had been, and she was quite jealous and unimpressed that one had actually picked a boy, and another some girl who had her nose stuck in the air after it chose her. Lucky her, she wouldn't have to be in a class with that female canine. She glanced over at Zaephor again, and then asked, curious,

"I thought you were a candidate for a dragon?" She turned to face him fully. He had said 'dragon candidate'. Why would he be here, for whers, when quite obviously he looked very unhappy about it? Was he after the queen egg, then? Perhaps. She would have understood that. The queen would garner quite the amount of attention--and there she felt that stab of jealousy again--and maybe that's what his intent had been. She didn't understand why he'd be here otherwise. She herself was able to Stand where she pleased. She didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she wanted something that would see her not having to be under anyone's heel.


The last thing Cay expected from the girl was the words that came out of her mouth. It was a simple statement, but the way the girl had lashed out at her prior to her being dragged off, she thought she'd have to actually make an attempt to get her apology or thanks out. Then again, she couldn't decide, even now, what or which she'd meant to say. What did you say to something like 'the armor fits you'? Obviously it fit. Was the other girl surprised that the armor they'd had on hand had fit? Well, she had been glad of it, she supposed, and a little pleasantly surprised by it. Still...

"It does," she said back, suddenly feeling uncertain, and disliking it. She'd come to say something, but that hadn't been it. Suddenly it was as though the words were stuck in her throat. Shardit. This whole night was unbelievable. This hadn't been her plans at all, and things would only get worse. There was a green moving their way, and she once again was taken from saying anything at all, because that green suddenly was observing the other girl, and then she heard a voice in her mind...and that would be the second wher to speak to her tonight, this one also displeased with her.

Late is rude. Girl rude. No good. And then it actually snapped at her, and she went and flinched like an idiot, before it had even bitten. It didn't bite, though. She had been certain it meant to, but it hadn't. Now embarrassed, she fought the color that rose into her cheeks. Rude? Late was rude? Shells, she hadn't even known there was a hatching, let alone was she meant to have actually been here, considering. She bit back anything she might have tried to say. What was she supposed to say? She wanted to defend herself, in part. None of this had been her fault, but she was definitely having a horrible go of it thanks to that drudge! She clenched her jaw, and stared out over the sands. The only thing she wanted was for this horrible night to be over and done with. She was now hungry, mentally tired, and frustrated. Not a good combination. She could only hope that this event didn't foreshadow how things here would be. She realized the thought was childish. This was just a lot of misfortune, that was all.

The brunette wasn't looking at her at all. She was watching the hatching, as everyone else was. Her jaw still tight, she moved a little closer, standing a few feet away alongside the girl, and stared out over the sands. She only half watched. She didn't expect to bond a thing tonight, not really. So when it was over, after what felt like an eternity, she heaved a heavy sigh of relief, and stole a quick glance at the girl again. She needed to still say something, or she would never be able to assuage that feeling of needing to. Still, why was it making her uncomfortable, nearly just as much, to try and do so? Bolstering herself, she took a deep breath, and then turned to face her.

"For earlier...I'm sorry. You shouldn't have done that." She shouldn't have. If she was attacked, it would have been her own fault. Her blue eyes were intent on the other girl, wondering, still, what had brought it, and the surge of anger that followed. Well, maybe she knew that last. Her being stupid might have had them both paying for it. Probably this girl was made of braver stuff than she herself, even, who'd been unable to react at all. Way to go get herself killed. Freezing up like that...why hadn't she just moved? Nothing had happened, but it could have. It was all too real, that fact. She waited for the girl to respond, not realizing she wasn't breathing much. Yet she had given her apology, and well...that would have to do. It was the right thing to do, and she'd done it.
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Ollisk kept her whirring eyes on her copper sister the entire time she spoke. It was unclear whether or not the green thought the copper meant what she said, or was simply trying to placate her. Ollisk, focus shifting to her handler, left the issue of Zelsk's peculiarities for future speculation. For now, she would eat. She would eat with Hers, and then go and follow Ijo and Isk. What her copper sister desired, or expected, at present, was unimportant. She, like them, would have to see to her own needs. Her handler seemed to be a nice girl. Hopefully Zelsk could learn from her, yet Ollisk was not holding her breath. The green, ever watchful, waited for Ollivander to break up the meat chunks in their bucket.

Olli, momentarily distracted by Zel, smiled sweetly. "Oh, thank you. Yes... Ollisk. A-and Zelsk, yeah? It's um, it really is good to meet you both."
What Ollisk say? No grovel. Grovel is only good for the gravel, for the plant. Ollivander no plant. Ollivander boy who stand tall. Stand tall like mountain. Mountain no plant either. Ollisk eat with Ollivander. Now eat. Well he certainly wasn't going to eat this... this raw stuff. He doubted that's what Ollisk intended, but, even so, he hastened his work. The meat chunks tore apart very easily, which he was thankful for.

The pair were soon greeted by Lykask. Ollivander didn't know the blues handler, and shyness kept him from speaking up. Instead he grinned at the comical, thickly-built, blue and looked to Ollisk to see her reaction to her clutch-brother. Yes, friends nice. She sounded rather like she was dismissing the poor wherlet, but soon bespoke him again. You learn better. Be better because can. No flat. No head shove in bucket. No bucket dump. You be proud Lykask. Proud and good. Well then. Olli wasn't sure that was the right thing to say to the poor blue, but he could tell that Ollisk's chastisement came from a place of deep-rooted affection. "It's nice to meet you!" he called out to Lykask, trying not to laugh at the sight of the poor creature. He had clearly eaten too much. Lykask's handler looked concerned. Ollivander, hoping to help the other boy out, even marginally, called out, "it gets better." The boy waited to see the others reaction before tending to his wherlet.

Kneeling down on the ground, Ollivander proceeded to feed green Ollisk. She snapped up the food like a land-shark, and yet was careful not to injure her handler. Ollivander was completely smitten with his new wherlet. She was everything he could've possibly hoped for, or rather everything he needed that he never knew he needed. It was complicated, but, nevertheless, Ollisk was his.

The wherlingmaster spoke to the group, making sure that they all knew what they were doing. Ollivander had seen others breaking up the meat chunks, and so thought to do so himself. He hadn't the sense to do so on his own since he knew very little about feeding young whers. However, the fullness that Ijo described was soon felt by Ollivander. The boy nodded to Zel before standing back up to his full-height. Seizing his bucket, he turned, waiting for further instruction. Ollisk turned back to nod to Zelsk and then wandered to her handlers side, waiting to be led to their new quarters by the wherlingmaster and his sturdy brown.

This had been one heck of a day, and it wasn't over yet. He was so tired, and he could feel that Ollisk would have liked to sleep also. It wasn't time, not yet, but maybe soon. Yawning, Olli covered his mouth with his arm, hoping that his desire for sleep could soon be met. Looking over and down at Ollisk, the boy wondered if this feeling would last. He had never been so happy, and just didn't want his joy to dissipate.

She was paying attention to him. She was always paying attention to him. Joy go nowhere. Stay with Ollisk. Joy is Ollivander and Ollisk. Always. She was right. Heck, he had a feeling she always would be. It didn't take much to prove him wrong though, now did it?

@Ruriko @Catsitta


With three whers left to impress, it was impossible to tell who they would go to. Her job was to stand here, and wait, and so that's exactly what she did. She wasn't required to make idle chitchat, or help others to feel better about their misgivings. She wanted the hatching to be over, just as much, if not more, than the blond standing next to her. Each time the girls gaze fell to her, Riven took note. If there was something she wanted to say she was better off just saying it. Riven didn't allow herself to consider that the other girl just might have been curious.

So the wherlet who saw fit to hide didn't think her worthy of her? What sort of a loss was that supposed to be? Her cruelty was unwarranted, and yet, what was worse, is that she didn't regret it. When the green finally revealed herself, and was on the move, Riven kept close watch of her; not because she was interested but simply because she had little desire to be surprised. The wherlet came around and snapped at Cayden. Riven turned quickly, gazing down at the green just before she made off. Green eyes again sought to meet blue, though this time there was no reprimand. There was concern written all over the ex-Holder's face. Just why was it that trouble gravitated to this girl like moths to a flame? Secretly noting that the blond was trouble-though not the sort of trouble one might expect-Riven sighed. The blond was safe, unharmed. And not your concern. The girl moved closer to her, a movement that Riven could feel more than see. Was she afraid?

The green impressed to a lanky young lad, which was whatever. She didn't care. The Orange, once she was done preening herself, actually considered her. The wherlet saw her, despite her decision that Riven was unsatisfactory in the end. Maybe there was hope after all...

When the Orange too, in all her flashy glory, impressed, Riven narrowed her eyes. There was a near visible tensity in her shoulders as the last wherlet made to move. The Iron was a behemoth in comparison to the others, or at least by Riven's standards. The way he moved was mildly fascinating, but not enough to hold her attention once he made his way up to the Stands. Well, that was it then. It was over. The Iron settled behind a child and-yes-impressed. Riven diverted her gaze, again sighing. "That's that," she privately told herself. Just as she made to turn-and in the direction of Cayden, naturally-the blond was speaking.

Riven watched her, steely gaze seemingly unforgiving. Her apology was just a little bit late, but it hardly mattered. None of it did. "Doesn't matter, it's over." She wasn't going to be thanked for doing the right thing. She had made a decision, which wasn't anyone's fault but her own. Riven quieted, staring back at the blond. "Try to stay alive." What was that even supposed to mean?
Maybe she knew... maybe. The last was spoken in an even tone, free of reprove. Puzzled at her own behaviour, Riven didn't move, not until she heard the call of the wherlingmaster to the newly-impressed wherlings. It was time for all of them to go. She would be returning to her room at the barracks, same as the rest of the candidates. She hadn't even noticed Dhiren leave, but gone the boy was, leaving just her and the unnamed blond standing there.

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@Ruriko | Shae

Harsh? Yes. That was harsh and hurtful of him to say, but he wasn't about to retract his statement. Sensing that making further comment on it could lead to an unwanted discussion or confrontation, Zaephor crossed his arms and feigned disinterest. As if he calling him out didn't register. It also allowed him to cover his hands with the sleeves of his robs. When he returned to his barracks, he was putting them on. So what if he was sleeping. He didn't want to be without them right now. If it wasn't so dark, people would be able to see them and that was unacceptable.

Offering Shae a small hmm, he at last let his eyes met hers.

"I only qualify to stand for dragons, usually," Zaephor stated airily. "This clutch was different. I volunteered out of curiosity to see what all the fuss was about. Don't quite see it." The lie fell easily from his lips before he turned and began walking out of the room, following some of the other unchosen Candidates. He cast a quick glance over at his sister. Zel was already adapting to her role, having entered the next stage of her life before him. A surge of jealousy lanced through him, noxious and oozing. He had been Standing for longer than her and she'd been chosen first, by a copper queen no less.

He forced his eyes away. He was proud of her, but that didn't make the ebbing sense of failure coursing through him hurt any less.



Good match. Zel quirked her head. She was getting the impression that Zelsk wasn't just talking about the newly bonded iron who went around scolding everyone in its path like a disappointed father. Zel looked again at Ollivander. It appeared that the copper already had her first mission, to sway the loyalty of her siblings into her favor. Starting with the wary green. Well, that was okay with her. The boy was quiet and a little awkward, it would be easier to talk to him than the others. Hopefully his confidence would grow now that he was a wherling.

Movement drew her attention to the sands. People were leaving, including her brother. Zaephor did not look frightened anymore, but there was a strange sulkiness to his demeanor. Zel wished she could go to him but knew that she couldn't. Her duty was to Zelsk. Family came second. He would need to deal with his problems on his own. Reluctantly, she turned away.

When Ijo's brief lesson came to an end, there was some mingling, but Zel wasn't feeling up to grand socializing right now. So she stood back and watched, content to observe and listen. With only a brief moment to consider her action, she knelt down and held out her arms, silently offering to carry the copper. She'd seen the black being carried and while Zelsk was twice his size, she wasn't huge. Like a grown firelizard.

The queen shook her head.

Zelsk will walk.

And with that, Zel straightened and the pair followed the rest of the wherlings out.


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Raela watched the green walk past her following her movement with curiosity. Duty to one's self? It was a preposterous thought. Selfish perhaps. In her heart she felt so... Empty. She had now stood for so many clutches and had even stopped hearing from her family. It had been the most important thing to her. Iola had left and so had their brother. Raela had never really had... Friends. An emptiness filled her whole being as the last bond was made and her expression became stony, blank. If she was the type of person to do so she might have broken down and cried. The woman looked around at the children who had stood and then turned robotically to walk away from the hatching.

Next time. There would always be a next time even if it meant waiting here longer and longer each time. She would go back to her regularly scheduled duties as though nothing had happened. Back to running, back to life. A shaky breath caused a sudden feeling of rage as she walked purposefully back towards the candidate barracks, already pulling off the white robes.


The rage that filled both Rayna and Couineth as the late candidate entered the sands was something else. It was lucky that the new candidatemaster Zanli was so quick to react and had thought ahead enough to bring some spare armour. The fact that she had arrived without the proper attire as was dictated by Weyr rules was most frustrating.
Mine is most embarrassed by the disrespect you have received tonight, Nevisk. We will have words with this candidate once the hatching is over.
Not only from that one candidate, Couineth thought grumpily. If it had been her on the sands, she would have asked them to be removed. Rayna wouldn't have allowed it but the thought was there. Nevisk had displayed the patience of a saint this night. The gold dragon settled a little and watched to the end of the hatching.

Rayna also nodded at G'len's hypothesis. It would be too much coincidence that Dalibor would have another mutation hatch at one of their hatchings for the first time ever. No, they would likely have already appeared in the wild.

With the last bonding Rayna breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to G'len and nodded.
"I am certain the wherlingmaster will quickly become overwhelmed with this particular class," Rayna observed the young girl that had just bonded the iron.

You. Couineth addressed Cayden You will see My Rayna tomorrow morning about your lack of manners.

Rayna looked to the candidate on the sands as the candidates began to disperse and then back to G'len, certain that her point had been made.

"Well, feast time. We have much to celebrate from this hatching. No maulings, no deaths, no culled whers and no duds. Perhaps we should start seeking out wild clutches more," Rayna joked with a grin, "Maybe we might even find rainbow whers out there somewhere."

@Tigersilk @Ruriko

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Zanii's face had been tight with the tension of the moment as her wher retrieved the stray candidate, but it softened considerably once the poor girl tried to explain herself to the Candidatemaster. "I see...that is an unfortunate turn of events, love. There's no need to apologize to me, but you should apologize to Nevisk once you get the opportunity to do so. It's up to the mother - or surrogate mother in this case - whether or not a late candidate is allowed to Stand for their clutch." Smiling sympathetically, the woman gave Cayden a comforting rub on the back if the girl allowed her to do so. Zansk simply inclined his head in response to the girl's thanks. It was his duty, after all.

Both pairs of eyes, green and brown, remained on the female candidate's back as she rejoined her fellows on the sands. It was truly a shame that events had played out like this as there were sure to be repercussions for the girl regardless of her recent arrival. Zanii vaguely remembered this particular candidate's transfer request from the many sheets that had lined her desk since her arrival at Dalibor - a healer, she believed. Hopefully she would prove to be an asset to the Weyr in the future, dampening the memory of her bitter first candlemarks here. Nevertheless, there were still bonds to be made and a feast to be had if the night went well.

Now...who was left? Ah yes, that boulder-like iron. 'Ya know, he kinda reminds me of someone.' Zansk caught her ankle with his tail. 'I speak more.' The dark-haired woman smiled from behind the safety of her hand although she knew her black would feel the smile through their bond anyway. 'You can't say that yet.' Indeed, the iron proved to be quite the talker when prompted, at least from what the Candidatemaster had observed. She applauded politely as the last bond was made to a girl in the stands, but she was slightly less jubilant than she would be for one of her candidates. It was nothing against the girl, but Zanii would always prefer one of her babies over a stranger.

Well, now that the hatching was over, it was time to round up said babies.

"Candidates, over here!" Zanii beckoned her charges, bedecked in white, off the sands and to her side. Zansk greeted them with a pleased rumble similar to a feline's purr, eyes a steady green in color. 'No bond, is okay. Match find later.' "Like Zansk said, there will always be more hatchings in the future! It's normal to feel a bit disappointed, but your time will come. Now come on loves, let's get you back to the barracks and into comfortable clothing." All in all, Zanii considered it to be a successful hatching besides a noticeable lack of decorum on the part of her candidates. No doubt this would have to be addressed at their next lesson, and ohh, how she hated having to be strict with them sometimes! At least for the moment, their charges could relax. Until next time.

@Ruriko (Cayden) @Remaining Candidates!


Kaizre's eyes snapped over to the green wheret as she began to prowl through the white-robed candidates in search of Hers, his expression kept carefully neutral as she neared. Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - she didn't approach him and instead chose a boy who was clearly as nervous as a herdbeast up for the slaughter. Poor guy. Well, at least now he had someone who would love and protect him until death. Inwardly, the candidate smiled at the thought. Yes, whers could be scary, but they had purpose. As defenders of the Weyr, it was only natural that they appeared frightening to both friend and foe alike.

Lost in his thoughts, Kaizre nearly missed the orange making her move. Almost. It was a constant struggle to keep his emotions reigned in and keep track of everything that was going on around him at the same time. Hatchings were a delicate, chaotic time, especially when one possessed the knowledge that the hatchlings were rifling through one's private thoughts. The candidate tracked the stunningly colored orange wheret's progress as she ventured among the girls, looking for her match. Then she...stopped? The boy blinked, suddenly worried that maybe she hadn't found someone who fit her, that now she was going to be lost to- 'Kaizre, your Kaisk is tired of this game now. Was fun, now hungry. Why be thinking of others? Should be thinking of Kaisk. All is important now, your Kaisk. Come, need blood then food.'

Those piercing red-green eyes saw right through him. She knew everything, and he stood there, naked, under her gaze. He could also tell through the beginnings of their newly formed bond that she had accepted him just as he was. Kaizre was tempted to sink down to his knees right then and there in an awful sense of wonder and anxiety, to allow the heat of the sands to seep deep into his bones, but he had to move. He needed to get to his Kaisk. Wow, his Kaisk. That would take some getting used to. A tentative smile crossed the new wherling's face as he unsheathed his knife and crouched down next to the orange wheret. The blade slid easily across the back of his left hand and his face remained perfectly calm as he extended his hand to the wheret's maw. "You are my everything," he declared fiercely as she licked the wound clean. 'Good. Kaizre is Mine.'

The wheret's eyes glowed a satisfied green although her belly had yet to be filled. Licking her lips, the subqueen led the way to the buckets and their new wherlingmaster with her head lifted high and her glorious wings tucked at her sides. 'Kaisk and Kaizre show Zelsk and Zel, thing or two.' Kaizre didn't much enjoy the thought of competing against the copper queen or her partner, but he stayed quiet for Kaisk's sake. The orange wherling inclined his head respectfully to the Wherlingmaster, acknowledging the man's words, before focusing back on his impatient wheret. 'Feed Kaisk!' Kai delicately sliced through each piece of meat, slowly and carefully, knowing somehow how his wher would like them carved. Apparently they did have something in common: an eye for presentation. Kaisk, pleased with his care, had stopped giving her copper sister the side-eye while she feasted. Thankfully.

@RhiaBlack (Ijo) @Catsitta (Zel)
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Tarele couldn’t help but notice the pause in the movement of the eggs, after all only two eggs Hatched already and one Impressed and the other was looking at anyone that wasn’t supposed to be Impressing him and not the ones that should. Finally a Blue burst out of one of the smaller intact eggs and unlike his brother he went right to the business of Impressing, finding his among the Candidates. The smaller of the two remaining intact eggs cracked open but the wheret inside was too quick for most to get a good look at them before the wheret hid behind the remaining egg. Tarele jumped slightly when the final egg burst open revealing what was definitively a sub-Queen but in colour straddled the line between Orange and Red.

He wasn’t entirely sure what was going on with the Black having climbed up into the stands and evading any wher trying to get him to do what was normal in a Hatching though Tarele knew one way or another the Black would come out sooner or later. A Green made her rather sudden appearance snapping at the last Candidate to arrive before Impressing Ollivander with her remaining brother and sister following in quick succession. Seeing that the Black had moved out of the stands with what was clearly not a Candidate his presence and the Hatching was done the Pridesecond left the stands with the crowd that had gathered for the Hatching.

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Nym watched the iron, the only remaining wher, and yet didn't believe it was for her. It was so placid, calm and just huge and lumbering that for some reason, she couldn't picture herself with it as a match. Maybe something big, but it wasn't what she pictured her wher would be like. So, though there was a slight disappointment as it wandered off and up into the Stands--and curiosity, as she hadn't a clue who it was going up there to bond to--she felt a bit relieved that it wasn't going to be choosing her. Then came the shocking part: it bonded to Syrene.

Nym wasn't big on jealousy, or envy. She figured they were wasted feelings, and she rather had to admit the fit to her acquaintance was way better than a fit to her would have been. In fact, it was near perfect. Still, since she'd been thinking her age was probably a big deterrent, the fact that the girl, who was at least a couple turns younger than she, bonded the big iron...well, it didn't really feel nice. She didn't know what she was supposed to say, really, either. It meant if she had wanted to hang with Syrene, that would be hard to do. Still, she was Nymeria! If she wanted to find a way to do something, she was going to do it! She didn't realize she'd straightened her back and stood a little taller, thinking that thought. She wasn't about to envy the kid. It was like it was supposed to be. None of these were for her, but it didn't mean none of them would be. Plus, they'd be better for her than any of these ones. Lots of people had been left Standing, not just her. Didn't change much, but there was a slight stab of loneliness.

The older candidate had said it would choose. Well, it did, and much to her surprise that choice was. She'd probably go and see Syrene later. She looked happy enough about things--or Nym thought she did, knowing what she knew about the girl. She supposed she ought to just be happy for her, even if being happy for others wasn't something she did much, since she barely knew anyone, anyhow. She thought of Aren, then. He was younger than her...would he bond or Impress and leave her without anyone she really could hang with, too? Why did she even care!? It wasn't like it mattered. She'd always been on her own and it was better that way.

As Zanii called them over, she walked with her back straight and kept her head, if not held high, level enough. She wasn't going to show anyone anything she was feeling or thinking. Today was just another day, and there'd be others. Other hatchings. Other people to pass the time with, since really, what else was it? Just boredom, she told herself. That was all. If Syrene was off on wherling lessons and with her new wher, she'd just find some other person to kill the time around. She told herself this, and buried the feelings she had, like she always did. She followed the candidatemaster off the sands, wondering if Noctis was still asleep...

.exit Nym.

The hatching was over, and what an exciting event it had been! She had been told that mauling and deaths were a reality of hatchings, and yet, she felt quite blessed to have experienced a hatching, her first, free of any of that. True, protocol had changed. Now the candidates were equipped with armor. It was quite wise of whomever had thought of that to implement it. Surely deaths and maulings were not so frequent nor so horrible since doing so. Yet not a single wher had even tried to harm anyone--save perhaps the red that had come charging down that candidate. Its handler had held it back, though. All was well that ended well.

A slight disappointment to not have bonded, she knew was perfectly normal. Especially hearing Zanii, the candidatemaster, re-confirm her thought on it, helped it to solidify in her mind. Everyone here had hoped to make the bond. She was quite surprised such a young girl had, yet the child looked strong and she knew that that path would be one that led to growth in strength and responsibility for her. All was well. She would be made better for it. She did not lower her head, or slouch in the least, as she followed the candidatemaster off of the sands. Life would resume, and she had still her craft that she was allowed to practice in the free time she had. She was happy to be alive, and to have experienced this hatching. She was happy to have many chances to make her match. All was well in her world, and she was very much looking forward to the hatching feast!

.exit Malika.

@Zane, @Leo, @RhiaBlack

With the hatching over, Cay felt relieved that she had survived it unscathed. The scare with the red, and then the green wherlet that snapped at her...well, she had gotten lucky, that was for sure. When the green snapped at her, she had been looking at the green, and entirely missed the fact that the girl beside her had been looking at her. Thus was the expression missed, and so Cay would not have yet one more thing to speculate on. She would have been surprised to see concern on the face of practically-stranger. They'd just met, and the girl had already made a bold move to protect her from the red. Something that Cay wouldn't be soon to forget.

The green eyed girl looked at her, and she held the gaze. Why was it she had such a hard time understanding the expressions--or perhaps it was lack of?--on the other teen's face? It was like they were fluid, or near. Moving from one to the next, and she couldn't understand one any more than the other. There had been anger, she was sure. Irritation. Yet the others were implacable. When the words came, she felt confusion yet again, and perhaps the faintest hint of frustration. What was with this girl? She didn't speak straight, or at least not answers Cayden could understand in the least. Try to stay alive? Well, she had just had a very close brush with possible death. Yet where was the sarcasm that should have accompanied that sentiment? There wasn't any, and either the girl was very, very good at playing mind games and confusing people, or there had genuinely been none. Apt to want to believe the best in a person, Cay thought perhaps the latter was true. She had just tried to save her, after all. She wasn't sure how to respond, so the words that came made little sense themselves.

"You too." Well, what she meant was that the girl had tried to step in the way of that wher. She risked her life, and if that was commonplace for her, that made sense to say, right? It still sounded awkward. It was softly said, and while the uncertainty wasn't in her tone at all, she certainly felt it. The boy who'd been standing there with them had left, only the blond teen hadn't noticed anymore than the girl beside her had, it would seem. They stood alone, though Cay heard the candidatemaster's words just as well as everyone else had. She hadn't expected to bond, and it would have probably thrown her off in her state to have even done so. So she was kind of glad, unlike others might have not been, for that. She had wanted some lessons and time to settle under her belt before she was thrust straight into wherlinghood. She wasn't ready this hatching. She would be next, she was sure.

The silence between them pervaded the air, before Cay cleared her throat, lightly, and barely audibly. She was about to speak, but then another voice entered her mind, and she nearly jumped at it. It was not a wher, and the words sent a wave of unease through her. How could her arrival get any worse?

"Shaffit," she swore, under her breath, but certainly loud enough for her companion to hear, now that people were moving off of the sands, and out of the stands. What kind of sharding rotten luck did she have? Good enough to not have been mauled, but bad enough that everything else that could have gone wrong, did? Like the whole of Pern decided to take a giant crap on her, and make her arrival the talk of the Weyr, she was bitterly sure. She didn't want this kind of attention, that was for sure. She didn't know if she was supposed to respond to the gold, or even if she could. She didn't think so. The gold was not hers, and so sending mental thoughts to it would likely fail. Her stomach turned, and she bit her tongue on the inside of her mouth, just to keep herself from speaking. Her shoulders slumped a little. She was mentally exhausted. She had to meet the Weyrwoman in the morning, only this meeting was not the way she'd have liked, nor planned, for. Candidates were filing off and up to Zanii. The woman had been the only one, save her female companion on the sands, to have made this night bearable.

When the woman had given her a rub on the back, in what she assumed was meant as a comforting gesture, it had certainly felt as if a bit of the stress of things had gone out of her. She would have to thank her again, later, for that. She had nodded, mouth a tense, straight line, in response to her advice to apologize to Nevisk. She didn't feel she could handle much more of things tonight, but that, she felt, was her duty to do. She looked at Riven, whose name she didn't know, and didn't know whether she should bid her farewell, or say anything more. The other girl didn't look particularly happy--perhaps because she had wanted to bond, and hadn't? Or perhaps because she, the troublesome blond new girl, had ruined the hatching for her? She didn't know, but she attempted a smile, weak though it was, eyes searching her face a moment, before she said, quietly though adamantly, "Thank you."

She didn't want a response, and she just wanted to get this business with Nevisk over and done with. So, she turned her back, and walked with her head held as high as she could manage with her shoulders feeling like they were bearing a heavy weight, towards the gold and her handler. Once there, she bowed, as one was supposed to do--and shardit all, she hadn't even gotten the chance to do that right--to the gold wher first, and her handler second.

"I apologize for my late arrival, and the lack of proper attire, Nevisk, Nevitheran. I only just arrived and was dragged here by a drudge before I could even think to respond. I should have tried harder to stop it, but was not aware there was even a hatching going on before I was pushed headlong into it. I will do better next time. Thank you for allowing me to Stand." She didn't add 'if there is a next time'. While she didn't think that she would be barred from Standing for something that was not even really her fault, her habit of blaming herself for things that were not particularly her fault--and far, far worse if she truly believed or knew they were--would not allow for her to disengage from the idea that she might be in trouble for this. It didn't even occur to her that the one who should, and would, be in trouble was that drudge. She lowered her head at the end of this speech to the pair, and prayed that they wouldn't chew her head off as the red had fully intended to do. She breathed in and out slowly, trying to keep her heart slow, steady and constant. She just wanted her bed, and she didn't even know if that was possible. She didn't even know where her bed was. Shards, but this had been a crazy, stressful night!


Something was up with him, but Shae couldn't quite place what. Not until she registered what he'd said: the copperhandler, their new queen wherhandler, was his sister. So, that last statement was weighed and calculated quite differently than it would have been if she hadn't been privy to this new information. His sister had gotten a queen, and he'd been overlooked. The whole hatching, he had looked nervous. Did he feel he had something to prove, after his sister had gone and bonded that queen? That was likely. Still, it had been almost like he was skittish, or like a wherry caught in a dragon's gaze. She couldn't have guessed at the real reason for it, but she did assume that he was jealous of his sister.

Now, had that been her, it would have been a bit of pride, because her kin had gone and bonded something so prestigious. Yet, the envy would have been very real for her. If a sibling had gone and bonded a queen, she would have felt she ought to have at least bonded a king, or another queen. There had even been a second queen, and it had gone to some boy, and not to Zaephor. Was he feeling bitter about it? Dismissing the whers because he was sore he had not bonded to one of them--not even a 'lesser' one, never mind the queen or king that would have put him on more equal standing with his sibling? Sibling rivalry was something she knew existed. Nothing she had ever had to deal with herself, but she'd heard enough about it to understand there was often a degree of competitiveness between siblings. Fair enough.

She thought the whers must be incompetent, in this clutch. After all, the iron had gone and bonded a child who couldn't even have been thirteen, let alone fourteen. The green had gone to that awkward, stuttering boy who couldn't even speak straight. The blue had chosen someone she felt was way too good for it--not only was he attractive, but he looked like he knew how to handle himself--and the black to an old man. The orange and copper, she was sure, could have picked better matches--like herself, for instance. Or Zaephor. The iron really ought to have gone to him, she thought. Or maybe that orange. Only it didn't. It went to a girl she didn't know and a boy who probably didn't know what to do with it. Some hatching. She sighed, and followed the rest of the candidates out with the canddiatemaster Zanii. The next hatching, she was sure, would be better. Full of whers who knew what they were doing. This was Shae's way of covering up the fact she was envious she hadn't bonded today. Her way of 'not caring'. It worked, at least somewhat...

.exit Shae.

@Catsitta, @Zane

Lykask seemed a little downtrodden to be so ignored by the copper queen and her handler both,
but soon perked up again as Ollisk bespoke him. Still, it was clear the blue hadn't been expecting her to say the words she did. As though listening, however, the blue sat up straight,
and puffed out his chest. See? He was proud. Kaios, meanwhile, merely watched the interchange. Then the green's handler spoke to him, and he gave a gruff sounding grunt of acknowledgement, but little more. Did it really get better? Faranth, he hoped so. Hard green-yellow eyes watched the blue, speculating. He was strange, this one. Yet he was his. It was what he had to work with, and work with Lykask he would. The blue had more to him than what silliness he was outwardly presenting.

Lykask not silly. Lykask be strong...and proud. This last seemed almost to be an afterthought, as he looked at Ollisk, still puffing out his chest. His stomach was a bit distended, and Kaios realized he had done two things wrong. One, he had let him gulp the food down in large chunks. Secondly, he had let him overeat. This was going to be 'fun'. He hadn't thought the wher would stuff himself past comfortably full, but then the wher gave a great, gaseous belch, and shrunk a little. He had not meant to do that, and seemed to have, at least now, embarrassed himself. His handler wanted to just disappear at this point. The blue tilted his head one way, and then the other, looking up at his. Lykask made proud. Everyone did look proud of their whers, or at least happy. Did the blue think he was not happy or proud of him? Well, his feeling wasn't exactly one of pride. He'd just bonded a blue that he could tell was going to take a lot of work, if this brief interchange was any indication. Yet he was not sorry to have bonded Lykask. He knew there was potential, and a good, solid heart, and a solidity to him that would have surprised anyone here, who was merely seeing this strange and silly behavior. He was just enthusiastic, really. Perhaps that enthusiasm could be an asset, if he was this enthusiastic in all things.

Yes, I'm sure you will. He felt he needed to send something, for there had been a bit of concern in the blue's words, as if he wasn't sure his was proud of him, and perhaps he needed to prove he would be. The blue brightened considerably at this, and looked after Zelsk as she left. She still had not spoken to him, but she was a queen, and queens had important things to do, he was sure. He had important things to do, too, though. He had to help his to better 'do a like' to others. His, he could tell, liked no one here. Except maybe Lykask. Which was good! It was a start. Lykask knew he could work with that, as stubborn and hard as his seemed!

Kaios inhaled and exhaled slowly. This whole event had been trying. He felt a little uncertain for the first time in a long time. Still, he supposed he had a new life as a handler, now. That was what he'd come here for, and that was what he'd done. At least he'd set out to do this, and had succeeded. He watched the blue as the wher's eyes seemed to look at his clutchsiblings one after the other, shuffling a little to better turn and see them. The iron and orange had bonded. The hatching was over, and the wherlingmaster was instructing them on procedures to follow as wherlings. Well, nothing surprising. He didn't need alcohol, or any of the rest of it. He had a focus, and those things mattered very little to him. He thought it very odd, the bit about family. Still, he wasn't exactly close to family. There was no way there would be things like those exchanges of affection. Still, they were harsher than he expected in regards to familial relationships. He wondered if anyone would have problems with any of those rules. The curfew was the only one that had him a little irate. A curfew...like a child. Still, it didn't matter. He could just as easily lie awake and get lost in thoughts in a room as elsewhere. Mind, he wasn't entirely sure how he felt about having the blue so closely attuned to his thoughts that it knew every intimate detail. He had already tried, immediately after bonding, to throw up his mental walls. It worked hardly at all. The blue was just there, like it had always been, and he wasn't at all sure how to feel about it. It wasn't so lonely...but it was very invasive, in a way, too.

I yours. You mine. Share mind. Share all. Not be alone. Lykask with, always. Not be hard on inside to Lykask. Lykask not invade. Lykask share. You see. Not feel bad feel. Good feel only.

Kaios regarded the wher silently. Well, he supposed so long as the blue didn't constantly interrupt his thoughts, it might be all right...there was no going back, and regardless of his conflicted feelings, he had only good feelings towards the wher, no matter that Lykask had embarrassed him more in these passing minutes since bonding than he had been in many, many turns. It would be trying at times, but he would not have changed bonding the blue for anything, even if that sentiment was not one that was easy for him to understand. He glanced briefly at the boy with the green.

"Let's go." This, to Lykask, before turning and following the other new wherlings who themselves followed Ijo. He wasn't sure if they'd be sharing a room like when they were candidates, or have rooms just to themselves with their whers. He hoped the latter, but he supposed they were about to find out. Life had just gotten a whole lot more complex. Still, he could hardly complain since it was what he'd wanted...Lykask stood, and gave Ollisk a rather affectionate look, before he hurriedly ambled out after his.

.exit Kaios.

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