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 We'll Share a Dream, {Couineth's fifth Hatching}
 Posted: May 18 2017, 04:51 AM
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Worry beset the dragon as she watched the maroon egg with worry. It had been moving almost consistently since the touching whilst the rest of her clutch had remained mostly silent. At this point even Couineth could almost feel the rage coming from the egg. She had found it harder and harder to sleep, confiding her worry in Rayna and Baihujinth. Was it possible for one egg to hatch before the rest of them? It just seemed so much more likely to hatch compared with the rest of the dragons. It was hard, therefore, for her to judge at any moment when the eggs were going to hatch. Her head drooped in the early hours of the morning and eventually her eyes closed completely.

Spring rain hit the bowl around dawn, light drops falling onto the ground as Rukbat rose. The golden rays lighting up the droplets of water. It was the cracking of eggshell, or rather the explosion that caused Couineth to sit bolt upright, terrified in an instant that something had gone wrong but she looked down, the maroon egg with the white stripe was now practically decimated and within the broken shells lay a dragonet. The deep green dragon lay on her side, breathing in and snarling as she breathed out. Couineth leaned her head a little closer to the dragonet but the green snapped back at the gold with a growl.

The gold pulled her head back abruptly and called for Rayna first.
Rayna, Baihujinth the small red egg with the white stripe has hatched. The rest still seem silent.
The worry was evident in the gold’s tone as she now moved to examine the rest of the eggs carefully, nudging the small purple one lightly with a foreclaw. She knew they were awake, even some of the silent eggs had made some movement at the touching. Yet they were so still and quiet now.

You must call the candidates, the rest will hatch in time. Perhaps we just have one eager one.

Candidates, come swiftly, a dragonet rests on the sands and the rest of my eggs to follow. Remember your armour and robes. This was accompanied with her humming, the deep tones emanating across the sands.

By this point the green dragonet had slowly gotten to her feet and sat angrily on her haunches, aggressively shaking egg goo off her wings. She hissed each time she did and eventually got to her feet, stalking around the rest of the eggs. Her eyes were red with anger. Finally, she was free but it had taken far too long and it was way too early. The green hissed as she came across the bright red egg, the one that had attracted so much attention. Well, she didn’t look forward to that one arriving.

Shuffling around the sands, she stopped after a moment and sat back down on her haunches, nose to the air as she sniffed in the direction of her mother. That smell and that noise… The green’s tail twitched back and forth as she listened to the sound of the rain, the rain falling onto her body. It was not too much rain but it was a really good feeling. The feeling of water landing on her hide and slowly washing the egg goop. It had a calming effect on the green and in a moment, she was lying down, tail in the direction of where the candidates would soon be arriving and body pressed into the sands.

Her gaze shifted as Rayna arrived, the green looking towards the Weyrwoman and then towards Couineth again.
I sensed Mine. They were close. I must find them. NOW.

This was accompanied by another loud snarling growl.

Rayna was tense. Although the touching had gone well, Couineth reported that many of her hatchlings seemed to have been frustrated not least of which had been the little green that lay now on the sands. Of course, she had seemed the most eager to be free of her egg prison and now, even though she seemed impatient she was settled and seemingly content with the rain. Still, the candidates had now started arriving.

Let the show begin.

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 Posted: May 18 2017, 05:40 AM

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What was it about dragons that they seemed to like being born around dawn, Jaleril asked herself as she pulled on the candidate robe her family had eagerly forwarded to her when the decision was made for here to come to Dalibor. The robe was the traditional white, but it was made of a cloth specially made to her mother's design. The cloth met the candidate robe requirements in that it was plain and designed not to bother the little Hatchlings, but it was thick adding more protection from attacking dragonets and yet cool. All of her brothers and sisters had worn it when they stood on the sands. It was considered a good luck charm.

The armor had been sent by her parents. It was their gift to her since the weyrs her brothers and sisters did not have this requirement for candidates on Hatching Day. Jaleril did appreciate this present.

The young woman did appreciate the sanctity of the event enough to wash herself as much as possible given the immediacy of Couineth's call and braid her hair quickly into an elegant hairstyle. Knowing that speed was of the essence she ate a muffin she replaced each night as she prepared for her time on the Hatching Sands. She was not going to embarrass herself by fainting of hunger on the sands.

"Here goes nothing...hopefully," she murmured to herself as she joined the other candidates heading for the Hatching Grounds

When she arrived at the Grounds, despite her desire not to Impress she could not but caught up in the excitement everywhere. That was until she heard her name being called. Looking into the stands, she rolled her eyes, there they were, all of them. Her parents, her brothers and sisters, their partners and children all assembled to cheer her on.

"For Faranth's sake!" she sighed
 Posted: May 18 2017, 06:08 AM

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Couineth's voice boomed into her head, and in a jerk movement the girl was sitting in an upright position. Had she dreamed it-did she hear the golden Queen? Was it memories from the touching that were still lurking within her? Armour and robes... Peering over at her roommate, Rylin looked next to the entranceway. The shuffling of feet told her it was time. She hadn't imagined it at all. There was a dragonet on the Sands and it was time! With a near inaudible squeak of alarm, Rylin got herself up. Launching off of her cot, the auburn-haired Weyrsinger practically scrabbled to the chest at the foot of the bed. There she opened it up, green eyes wide whilst she peered down at the robes and armour that had been laid rest atop everything else.

It was really time... She could feel her heart pounding and her hands shaking. She wasn't ready for this. She wasn't ready. B'tor... She needed B'tor. Tavistrath! she thought into the darkness. Tavistrath, it's time. Please make sure B'tor is there. I need him. She did, she needed him. Faranth, he better be there. Biting her lip, Rylin reached down to grab her clothes, quickly shutting the chest. Well, she accidentally slammed the lid closed. It wasn't as if her roommate could be sleeping! They had to go. Peering over then, at the only individual she had in her immediate vicinity, she both said and did something she never said... or really did. "Hey... Kataya? I'm, um... I'm really nervous. Can we go out together?" Her face was flushed hot with embarrassment at her revelation.

As she waited for a response, Rylin quickly set about putting on her armour, like they'd been shown. Gaze shifting downward to make sure she'd fastened everything about herself tightly enough, Rylin next put on her robes. Alright, that was that. She was ready. Fussing with her hair, the young woman peered over at her roommate again, wondering if she was, somehow, just as afraid.

She had to go. They both did. Rylin, feeling temporarily frozen, looked between Kataya and the doorway. Then, as if possessed by Couineth herself, Rylin flew for the door. Out she went, into the hallway, amongst the throng of other candidates.

She had forgotten how many people there were, or rather how many Candidates there were. They were all headed for the same place and so Rylin followed the sea, hoping that Kataya was close by. She didn't know the other girl very well, they had only even spoken a time or two... but she didn't want to stand alone. She didn't want to be alone, and she knew exactly how it felt to feel like you were all by yourself, even when surrounded by a sea of people. Eyes frantically darting this way and that, Rylin held her breath as they made it out into the hatching cavern. Her gaze was searching... searching... She needed to know that Zaephor was out here. Shards how she wished she was a boy right at this particular moment! He was the only friendly face that she for sure knew and she wished, more than anything, to Stand with him.

Unable to see much of anything in the blinding light of dawn, especially as the rain came to impede her vision, Rylin attempted to catch sight of Al'dr. At least if the Candidatemaster was there, then maybe everything would be okay. Why was she so afraid? What was going to happen? Taking a deep breath in through her nose, Rylin hung her head, eyes closed, whilst she breathed out her mouth. Everything was going to be just fine. This was somewhat like a performance, just, uh, not her own.

Following suit with the rest of the candidates, Rylin attempted to make eye-contact with Rayna. "Weyrwoman," she greeted with a gracious bow. Then, turning to Couineth, she bowed a second-time, "Thank you for this chance." It was whispered, so quietly, that she almost thought she was crying. Was she crying? Oh shells. Well then. Backing away, Rylin stayed with the group of girls. She had chosen a place to stand that gave her a fair view of the proceedings. It was then that her gaze locked on the green. She was hunkered down, looking rather... irate? Searching... searching... Ah yes, there. Rylin could see that the burgundy-colored egg with the white ring about it was no more. The egg shards had dispelled all over the Sands.

A green. A green like B'tor's. B'tor! Rylin turned to the side in an effort to see up into the Stands. Was he there? Was he watching?

@Sakoru - B'tor
@Ruriko - Kataya
@Catsitta - Zaephor


Embry wasn't all too sure what he was doing with his life, in all fairness. He had wound up at the Weyr, somehow, and was no longer a Trader but a dragon candidate. The turn of events had been rather startling, but none so startling as coming across his old rival Aydran. The younger teen was so frustrating, so enraging, and yet Embry found himself coming back to the boy time and time again. It's as if the pair of them were pulled back together by some hand of fate, or a gravitational force of their own making. Either way, as Couineth's voice entered the grumpy boys mind, Embry awoke with a grumble. Grunting as he floundered around in the dark, feeling about himself as if he was in a dream, Embry rolled. He rolled himself right out of bed and onto the floor. Hitting the cold stone was like getting water in the face and so he jumped up.

It was time for the hatching! Oh Faranth, he had to hurry his ass up. Taking a huge-step over to where his chest was, Embry dug through his mess of clothes for his robes and armour. "Come on, you stupid piece of-," and he found it! Well, good. The last thing he needed was to go onto the Sands naked or something. You have plenty of other clothes, why would you be naked? He realized then that the hatching might feel like a bad dream... It would if Aydran impressed, and not him. But naked? All bad dreams end up with people naked, or so he thought... It wasn't just him-right?

Robes and armour on, Embry moved down the hall, blue eyes passing over every face as he tried to find Aydran. Once he spotted the back of the boys head, scarily able to recognize him from anywhere, Embry reached out and grabbed his arm. "Aydran." His voice rang out, clearly. He didn't want to go this venture alone, and there was no one he wanted to Stand with more than Aydran. They may not have been friends, not exactly, but what Embry did know was that Aydran was the closest thing to a friend he was ever likely to get. He had proved, thus far, that he needed him in some weird, kinda unprecedented, way.

The hatching sands practically called his name as he stepped out into the hatching cavern and his feet touched the hot ground. Staring down at the sand, as if it somehow held all of the answers, Embry broke out of his stupor as he was practically forced onward. There, in the dawn light, was Rayna and Couineth. They must have been proud. This was their day, in large part. Approaching the Weyrwoman and her gold, Embry bowed. "Thank you... for everything." He had barely been able to speak come the touching, and now? Well, he was pretty much in the same boat, but. Withdrawing, he moved to the boys side of the Sands, blue eyes surveying the eggs. At the sight of the little green, he stiffened. She didn't look too pleased.

Embry settled himself by Aydran, looking upon the other teen. "Nervous?" he asked, his smirk, for once, feeling unsteady upon his face. It was as if it didn't rightly belong there, somehow. He shouldn't have looked this way, not when one of them could be moving on whilst the other was left behind. Why was it so important to him that he stay with the younger teen? It wasn't as if he was co-dependent or anything... was he? Suddenly the green dragonet had his attention again.

@Catsitta - Aydran


Morrigan was prepared as Couineth's call came. It was time, and she was born ready. She had done this so many times-rehearsed this so many times even. She had spent the past nine Turns of her life Standing, and some would say "what for?" Well, for this very day. The smuggler treated every hatching day like it was the first time, because she had to. She had to press on, and that involved remaining undefeated by past failures. She wouldn't allow Dalibor to put another mark on her record. She would impress here, even if Al'dr and Zanii weren't impressed with her. They didn't have to be, the dragonets had to be.

This time might be different. It was a different Weyr, with different people, and different riders. Couineth was, most certainly, a different Queen. Maybe, if she stood up real tall and just kept on that mask she wore each day... maybe today her life would change.

Was it so hard to imagine that she desired the title of "dragonrider"? She supposed not, given how many were Standing today. She wasn't the only one with the desire to join the ranks of Pern's dragonmen, surely. She was likely one of the only ones, however, that had been Standing for so many Turns. No matter, she would shake it off and show them what they were missing. They needed her here, they just had yet to realize it.

Robes and armour on Morrigan turned to shush her chattering flit. The burgundy's eyes whirred a deep red. He didn't want His to leave him here. "Aconite, enough. I'll be back. You know I will." Her tone was sharp, commanding. She was not going to allow him to bend her will-nor did she ever allow anyone. No one could, not if she didn't let them. "Stay here." The flit settled down on the cot with a rumble of distress. He was so obsessed with being at her side, and normally she let him. He was like a little guard of sorts; more efficient than any canine really. She kept him fed and more or less happy, and he gave her his loyalty. It was a fair trade, and a good arrangement.

She was ready. Dressed, and in the right frame of mind, she moved out into the hall. Following the rest, her seriousness well put into play, Morrigan casually attempted to scout out Ruane. She'd know the girls dark head of hair from anywhere. Significantly shorter than her five-foot ten, Morrigan had a pretty good chance of finding the girl.

Entering the hatching cavern, Morrigan's mind drifted to paying her dues-as it were. Approaching Rayna and Couineth the young smuggler made to bow before the pair of them. "Weyrwoman, and Queen Couineth." The greeting was oddly formal, given her flirtatious behaviour at the touching. When she came out of her bow, she looked to each of them in turn. First Rayna, then Couineth, emerald green eyes void of emotion. So maybe she did have hatching nerves. If she did she wasn't exactly planning on revealing it...

Moving to stand with her fellow candidates, hands folding behind her back, Morrigan sidled herself right next to Ruane. "Fancy meeting you here," she teased. Lets get this shown on the road.

A little green was out, and from the burgundy-colored egg no less. Hm... intrigue. This hatching was likely to veer away from the expected, which was fine by her. Morrigan liked the unexpected, as long as she got to keep her life. At that thought the young woman's gaze settled on the piercing red shell that was the number-four egg. It had warned her, told her to "watch out." I will, she sent out into the void, figuring her thoughts would likely go unheard. I'll be watching, don't you worry.

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 Posted: May 18 2017, 07:12 AM

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Aydran's heart lurched as he startled awake, the sound of the queen's mindvoice echoing across him. He gulped in a ragged breath. This was it. Hatch day. A dragonet stood on the Sands. Throwing himself out of bed, he earned a protest from Wish, who'd been sleeping on his chest until he practically leapt up. The cyan flit growled, rubbing her bleary eyes with her forepaws before scolding Hers with a series of hums and chirps, wings spread as she prepared to return to the teen's side. Said teen kicked the edge of the bunks, as if unsure if his roommate (who had stood for far longer than he) was aware of what was going on.

"Time to go," he said, his voice a little high with unspoken anxiety. Aydran began pulling on his armor, earning a tilted stare from Wish. The flit glided to his open clothing trunk, resting precariously on the edge, balanced in a manner that only a feline could otherwise achieve. Aydran smiled down at her, "Could you do me a favor and stay here? I don't want you to get hurt." He tugged at straps, making sure the pieces he wore were secure. Wish grumbled. She seemed to sense his anxiety and for once, didn't make a terrible squall in response. It took half a Turn, but he was making progress with her clinging issues. More or less. He let out a slow breath and pulled his white candidacy robes on. He ran his hand over the material. No wonder they forced people to wear the metal plates to protect them, this stuff would leave you open to ever stray swipe of claws.

Aydran swallowed the last bit of nerves he allowed himself to feel, clearing his mind as much as he could feasibly manage, and left the room. He could think of nothing but walking. His stomach twisted. Any bit of food or drink would sour it. Getting sick on the Sands would be idiocy. So he made his path a direct one. Caught up in keeping calm, he paid his surroundings little heed until a hand grabbed his arm. Aydran flinched, instinctively stepping to the side to better prepare himself to retaliate, when he saw Embry. He relaxed instantly. He hadn't heard the boy's shout for his attention.

"I almost punched you," he replied to Embry, his voice and face lacking emotion, though there was a nervous humor crinkling around his eyes and between his brows. Aydran didn't resist Embry's pull, allowing the older teen to drag him towards the Sands. He wordlessly followed. His enemy, turned hesitant friend, was a familiar presence. Perhaps even a source of confidence when they reached the Sands. Not like he had that many friends despite being at Dalibor a Turn, and those he did have were Riders as opposed to other candidates.

It wasn't long before they reached their destination, their destiny. Aydran bowed as Al'dr instructed, before daring to even look at the hatching clutch. "T-thanks. Uh, weyrwoman and queen couineth." Any and all ability to speak was stolen from him. He knew he had to sound like a stuttering wherrybrain, but he was half-asleep and awake on pure frantic energy. Once more he followed Embry, this time needing no pull. As they stood side-by-side on the Sands, he watched the angry looking green sit in the rain. Not the best sign of what was to come.

"Nervous? Terrified beyond imagination," he deadpanned in reply. "Yourself?"

@Zane | Embry
@Rii | Tristillion


Zaephor hit the floor when the queen's call reached out. He rolled out of bed, right onto his back, landing in a painful heap, his bedding tangled around his limbs. Not the most glorious start to a hatch day. Abuzz with fear that made his skin tingle and his mouth twitch, the candidate struggled to climb to his feet. Unlike the wild wher hatching, the dragon clutch had a grand amount of speculation around the contents of the eggs. The most common agreement was that this clutch was astoundingly aggressive, even through their shells, and there was a chance that a red was amongst them. Dread curled in his gut as he flexed scarred hands. He prayed to Faranth to get through this hatch unscathed and to at last Impress. Zel was a wherling now. He had to catch up! Big brother and all that...

Blindly he pulled on his armor and robes before joining the others in the hall. The Sands awaited and he was white as a winter snow. His mismatched eyes were almost identical now, his normal pupil dilated to a similar size to his injured one. Of course, he feigned his usual confidence, wearing a smirk of pure bravado as he walked stiff-backed onwards. Scarred hands were kept discreetly hidden within the folds of the white robes since hatchings were the rare occasions he could not wear his gloves.

Too quickly, in his opinion, Zeph arrived.

"Weyrwoman, queen Couineth. Today is the day? Thank you for allowing us to Stand. It is an honor," he said upon reaching the edge of the Sands. He bowed in a gentlemanly fashion. Like at the touching, he offered her a brilliant smile and a heap of forced confidence, doing his best not to lose his nerve and run away.

Assuming a spot on the boy's side, he eyed the green dragonet. It looked angry. Not good. He sucked in calming breaths. Happy thoughts. He needed to remain as still as possible and think happy thoughts, or he would get attacked again. That was what happened before. He lost his nerve, tried to get away from a rampaging dragonet, and got himself jumped on for his efforts. Swallowed up by his focus, he noticed no one else. How could he possibly let his eyes stray to the candidates when there was a hissy hatchling on the Sand?

Zaephor | OPEN


Was that? Arcaina blinked awake and yawned. She swore she heard...oh, OH! The girl perked up. She heard Couineth's voice! It was the day. Grinning, she scurried from bed and hurriedly dressed, pulling her robes on over her armor as she hummed away her worries. Happy thoughts. They needed to remain calm, focused and positive. She could do that! The apprentice harper braided her hair so that it wouldn't fall in her face. Practically bouncing, she left her room, eager to see what awaited ahead.

Ever since she was Searched last Turn, she waited for a clutch on the Sand. She never saw eggs before Couineth's, so to her, they were the most beautiful, wonderful things she'd ever laid her gaze upon. And there was a chance one of them would be Hers. Arcaina skipped for a couple steps. She wanted to be a rider like B'tor. Her greenriding Searcher and friend. He inspired her and guided her more than anyone else aside from her own parents, and helped her find a new heart for music. She didn't think she'd ever make a worthwhile Harper like her parents, but maybe she'd find her place as a rider. Even if some of the others thought she was...naive. Arcaina was an optimist. She wanted to see the good in everyone and everything. Dragonets were no different. Even though she had not seen them yet, she loved them from afar.

When she entered the large cavern, Arcaina was breathless. What a sight! She couldn't wait to see what they would all look like.

She was vibrating with anticipation by the time it was her turn to address the weyrwoman. Stepping forward, she bowed, "Thank you! Ah, weyrwoman and queen Couineth. Thank you." Strangely at a loss for words, the young candidate hurried to the girl's side, curious about the seemingly furious dragonet sulking in the rain. Was that normal?

Arcaina | OPEN

 Posted: May 18 2017, 07:31 AM

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Jaleril sighed and turned her attention back to the Hatching Grounds proper. After some time of waiting patiently in line, she reached the WeyrWoman and WeyrQueen. She curtsied politely to them.

"Thank you for letting me come to your party!" she said with a slight smile, "I am honored to be here!" she could be honored, but still not Impress so it was an easy thing to say.

It was then she noticed the dragonet and chuckled, "You certainly were not wasting any time, were you?" she murmured to herself amused that the little creature was clearly enjoying the rain



Syn never missed dragon Hatchings. Thoth would not let her. He could be a terrible romantic about Hatchings and wanted Syn to describe to him everything that happened. The blackrider found a seat in a prime location in the stands, still carrying her mug of klah from her interrupted breakfast.
 Posted: May 18 2017, 08:22 AM

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She was always excited for hatchings. So excited as time drug on, it got harder to sleep.

But sleep had claimed Kidanyr this day, her dreams for once not nightmares. Instead, she dreamed of the ocean. She dreamed of darkness and salt, of cresting waves and cold feet. She dreamed of swimming, and swimming, and swimming until land was gone and all she could taste was salt. For many, that would probably be scary, but for Kidanyr it was just calming. In her dream she could breathe even beneath the briny waves, and she just floated without a care in the world.

Many days, she would be up by dawn, awoken by nightmares then bolstered by the warmth of Klah. But this time she slept through the first of Rukbat’s rays. She slept through the rain until a voice stirred her from her sleep.
Candidates, come swiftly, a dragonet rests on the sands and the rest of my eggs to follow. Remember your armour and robes.

That was all it took. Well, that and the sound of other candidates awakening. Sitting up in her bed, Kidanyr rubbed groggily at her eyes, clearing the sleep from them with a soft sigh. Her long, sleep mussed hair was combed through with her fingers as she made her way to the trunk at the foot of her bed on still-waking legs, stumbling over her own feet several times.

First armor, then robes, she reminded herself as she slowly started to wake more and more. Armor was difficult with sleep-numbed fingers, but eventually she managed to pull on piece by piece, grunting quietly as she tugged the straps tight enough so the plating wouldn’t move and chafe.

Eventually she would make her way onto the sands and she would bow to Couineth.
“Thank you for letting me stand for your children.” She smiled a bit as she looked up.
“You are looking as radiant as ever.” With that, she left to stand with the girls, one hand rubbing lightly at the armor of her arm, adjusting it slightly. Heterochromic eyes fell on the green as she moved. Ah, she had hatched from one of the eggs she had touched.


Candi had already been awake when others were waking. Pros of being a Wher candidate she guessed. She had been eating dinner, and she got to listen as dragons started their hum, the sound filling her with glee. It was beautiful. She hummed along with them, speaking another tuber on the end of her fork and popping it in her mouth.

Even though this wasn’t her lot, Candi was quick to finish her food. Taking her plate to the drudges to clean, Candi’s own voice would lift in a hum. She would waltz her way out of the kitchens and to the barracks, still humming along with the dragons as she did. This was something she would need to capture for her composition. With utmost care, she picked up Melete, the wooden instrument sitting perfectly in her hands. With that, she made her way to the hatching stands, moving with the rest of the spectators to sit in the stands.


Candi would not be alone in humming along with the dragons. The moment Wysp woke him, Rayiet did the same. Though the boy didn’t speak much, he always seemed to hum with the dragons. It was habitual. After all, if they all did it, why shouldn’t he? The small boy dressed himself and moved over to nudge his brother awake as well. Once that was done, he filtered out with the rest of the crowd.

Though short, it was always easy to see him due to the bright blue firelizard that circled above him. This was an important hatching, and he wouldn’t miss it. All hatchings, of course, were important. Quietly he would climb the stands, claiming one of the highest spots for himself.

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 Posted: May 18 2017, 08:29 AM

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This was it. The call.

Mauschen sat up in bed, raising a fist to his eye in order to rub it firmly. Yawning, for dawn was early indeed, he turned to look to where Xialas ordinarily lay. Had the boy heard the call as well? Certainly all the candidates had. Dolly, Maus' cyan flit, was fast asleep next to his pillow.

The small boy swung his legs around until they were dangling over the edge of his cot. He hated being short. Twelve, and he felt like a mere child still. His mop of hair was flipped this way and that, seemingly directionless. Reaching his free hand up-for the other was still rubbing at his eye-Maus felt at his head of messy hair. "I guess it's time to go then, huh?" he spoke to the older boy, half-hoping that he might actually get a response out of him. He felt as if his roommate didn't like him much, which was fine... he supposed. There wasn't much to be done for it.

Mauschen wished that he had made at least one solid friend at Dalibor thus far, but none of his fellow candidates were Casee. The other boy had been a once in a lifetime friend that he didn't expect to ever have again. They had grown up together, and had known each other better than any. He missed him, so much, especially now. Casee would have been so excited that it was hatching day, and the pair of them would have practically ran there in order to be the first ones outta' the gate. Had it really been so long since he'd been home?

Dalibor was home now. He needed to keep reminding himself of that. Hopefully, after this hatching, it would feel more like home. Even if he didn't impress-though he really wanted to-there would be other chances. The fact that he would get to be a part of something, something bigger than himself, meant that this would be a day he would never forget.

Everyone seemed fearful of what was in the eggs, but all Maus could manage to feel was curiosity-not foreboding. The big blue egg had felt... interested? He hadn't imagined it, had he? The burgundy-colored egg hadn't desired him, no. Maybe he had jitters because the hatching had been so close and simply imagined all of it. What if none of the dragonets liked him? Did that mean none of the future dragonets would like him? He hoped that Rayna and Couineth didn't hate him or anything... They were important, especially to Dalibor, and he couldn't stand the thought of the Weyrwoman thinking him unfit to Stand.

Finally moving to put on his armour and robes, the smaller boy struggled with the heavier piece. Frowning, he tried to adjust it, wondering if it was perhaps too big for him. Everything was too big for him. Looking over at Xialas, Mauschen wondered if he would forever shame himself if he were to ask for help. No, no, he had to man up. He had to do this himself. He might become a dragonrider today! Then my parents won't have died for nothing, if I can protect more people. He was painstakingly naive, where he wanted to be right. He knew, ultimately, that his parents death was his fault. If he had just listened-but he couldn't think of that now.

Continuing to fuss with his armour, Maus reached behind him for his robe. Once he had it in hand, he quit messing with the armour in order to put his robe on. He hoped that he'd done this all right. They had been shown, but his hands felt all sweaty and sticky and his armour really didn't feel like it fit all of a sudden. Just as he opened his mouth to ask Xialas a question, he shut it.

Moving out into the hall, trying to stand as tall as he may, Mauschen frowned at the fact that he was overshadowed by so many others. He could barely see, what with everyone around him being so much taller than himself. He was the only kid his age here, as far as he could tell. Was there anyone younger than him? He spotted Arcaina, the girl from the day of the viewing, and he offered her a weak smile. She had already passed by him however, and so he stared at his feet.

Reaching the hatching cavern, the young man tilted his chin forward, brows furrowing as he stepped out into the light of day. Raising an arm up, his small hand shielded his eyes from the bright sun and the... rain? It was raining. Sighing inwardly as he immediately became damp, Mauschen just about stumbled over to where the other candidates were in-line to bow to Rayna and Couineth.

Once it was his turn, he was caught trying to adjust his robes. He kept stepping on them, hence the near-tripping. Realizing then it was his turn, and he was just standing there, his head snapped up. "W-Weyrwoman, and Queen Couineth." He quickly bowed, throwing himself forward. He counted the seconds off in his head. 1... 2... 3... and then he came up. He offered both the Weyrwoman and her Queen a warm smile before moving off. Shards, they must think I'm just some dumb kid. He looked back over his shoulder to peer at the pair, but there was already someone else there to draw their attention.

Head hanging, his chin practically to his chest, Mauschen joined the rest of the boys. Feeling dwarfed by the lot of them, he made a sound of frustration at being unable to see. Weaving past some of the others, so that he could stand in the front, the young mans eyes were the size of dinner plates at seeing that one of the eggs he had touched was the first to have hatched. "Wow, she's beautiful," he whispered to himself, not seeming to notice the fact that she was quite angry. He recalled that the burgundy-colored egg had given him the feeling of... frustration. It hadn't much cared for him. That was alright though, he didn't expect her to like him. He hoped that she made some girl here real happy.



Sin had risen from a fitful slumber the moment Couineth addressed the candidates. She felt near robotic as she rose from her cot and made to put on her robes. A part of her wanted to go and another large part of her really just... didn't. Her expression was unreadable as she pulled on her armour, and adjusted her robes so that they fit snug about her waist. The young girl pushed back her long blond hair, blue eyes sharp, and vibrant. She kept telling herself she was ready, but she didn't quite believe that she was, truly, ready. What would happen if she failed? If she didn't impress that meant she was unlikely to, right? She had heard of other candidates standing for Turns but that meant very little in the grand scheme of things. Neither of the eggs she had touched seemed to move, or really respond, in light of the fact that she got a sense of foreboding from the one. Were they afraid for some reason? Was it possible that they were just as scared, if not more so, of her? Dragons being afraid-it seemed a strange idea.

Walking out into the hall, Sin kept her expression fairly neutral. She feared that her heart, as always, was upon her sleeve. Kataya would certainly see right through her-maybe. The young girl of twelve had gotten so used to putting up a facade that she barely knew who she was any longer. It didn't much matter. She was only one person, and she was but twelve. She had lots of time, or so she'd been told, to discover who she was. I don't even know who I want to be, she frowned, feeling half-asleep even as she wandered through the hatching cavern.

Approaching Rayna and Couineth, just as serious as when she'd been at the touching, she bowed to each. "My thanks," she echoed, as if repeating the words of those that came before her. There was nothing unique, or personal, about her greeting. She was just a number to them, surely. Just another "girl" in the crowd. At least she wasn't like the others, vying for a Queen. It was every girls dream to impress a gold or a copper so that they could 'make their way' in the world. Not her, nope. She would rather stay invisible, where she best fit.

When it came time to join the other candidates, for she had moved off from the queen and rider pair, she stopped dead in her tracks. First she looked to the boys side, and then the girls. She knew, in that instant, where she wanted to be, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She turned instead, and looked to where the angry green had settled herself in the sand. She was quite fierce, for one so young, and small. Frowning more deeply at the sight of the angry dragonet, Sin took a few steps over to where the girls side had been formed. I'm sorry self, that I can't stand up for you. Again she pleaded to the dragonets, privately, that they would somehow help others to see the real her.



She had been allowed to touch the eggs, for it was her birthright, and too it was her sisters big day. Asha hadn't slept, as if she could feel the coming day was to hold big things. She wasn't foolish enough to think that the dragonets would choose her, at her young age, but it had still been a once in a lifetime experience to be among Couineth's clutch.

Rather than approach anyone in the creche, Asha slipped out. She was a big girl, she didn't need someone to hold her hand. She wasn't going to be kept from Couineth's hatching. Couineth was, like all of Dalibor's dragons, Kalith's blood. Kalith was her mother, and she, in turn, was her mothers daughter. She had to go. It was her right to be there, and she would have loved nothing more than to witness this auspicious moment in Dalibor's history. Several of the candidates that she had come to see, and greet, would impress today. They would join the ranks of riders and become a part of history themselves. Their stories, their dragons, would pave the way for those to follow. They would protect the Weyr by fighting Thread, and protect Pern in so doing.

For one so small Asha saw the world rather plainly. It was black and white to her, all the things that many people tended to deliberate over. To even think of herself as a "people" when she was but a child proved that she valued others. While she rarely tended to say much, and wasn't always the most social of children, she did care. She cared about Rayna, and Couineth, and it was fair to say that she loved all of Dalibor's dragons.

Finding a place in the Stands to sit didn't prove difficult, since she was among the first. She desired to be as low down as possible, and so down she went. She turned sideways in an effort to move past adults, and bigger kids. Turning right round, her back to the Sands, she tried to spot either of Rayna's sons. Perhaps she could sit with them? The little girl swayed a bit, trying to make a decision. Were the Weyrleader's children here? Z'dyn's kids were well-behaved, in Asha's opinion. They were a worthy lot destined for dragonriding. The little girl had heard of Z'dyn's father impressing a black wher. That had most certainly turned a few heads, given the mans advanced age. Asha was happy for him, if the wher so-happened to be his calling. She had zero doubt that dragonriding was to be her calling. She would, inevitably, become both her mother and fathers legacy.

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@Doots! @Zane (Rylin)

He'd only just gotten up when the call came, so instead of grabbing a klah he grabbed decent clothes and began to at least semi organize his Candidates.

Al'dr stood at the inner mouth of the cavern and double checked over everyone. Some looked eager, others looked very nervous.

That green doesn't look... too friendly. At least the rain helped?
Reminds me of two of your crazy siblings way back in the day.
My siblings were perfect... I have no idea what you're talking about.

"Hey guys, don't be nervous. Try and clear your heads and keep your thoughts light and positive for the hatching Dragonets. It'll help them, and it may help calm your nerves." Ah but telling them not to be nervous was like telling a dragon they couldn't fly. "Oh and if you do not have armor," he added with a critical eye over the lot of them, "I will pull you from those Sands faster than you can say dragon."

In the cavern Fortath brushed his mind against all his Candidates with a calming wave, from his perch up above. But he paused over one candidate in particular, the one who snagged His' eye, Rylin, don't be scared! They are only babies. So new. Some may be overwhelmed, nervous, and confused. All they want to do is find Theirs. His mind washed over hers, lingering a moment before he parted from her.

We'll see how she is after this is done. Unless she impresses. Fortath hummed his agreement.



Serlie felt as if she's been around this block a few times. So it was almost mechanical in the way she got herself ready. Armor, robes, sandals... and walking through the rainy dawn. But it wasn't the dragons fault she wasn't at her peak. She hasn't felt like she has been 'okay' for a while. But that was a Serlie problem, and not a dragon problem.

The fact of the matter was, she was very inwardly excited to Stand again. She loved the dragons... even the angry ones. All of them were unique and beautiful in their own way. No dragon was truly evil. Some were just more... uninhibited than others. It made the babies dangerous, as she was told... but it wasn't as if they weren't allowed to move. Serlie would just have to be extra alert.

The small candidate followed in after the others, her gaze down cast... well that was until she was presented in front of the Gold and Weyrwoman once again. Her eyes sort of glittered in awe before she bowed, "thank you for the honor in letting me Stand. Your eggs, and your already hatched daughter are beautiful. Like you," she smiled brightly, as brightly as she could manage before she backed off to stand with the rest of the girls.

There were so many new people, and she didn't really know any of them too well. Her thoughts went to Tanner and Qaelis... they would have been standing this turn... wouldn't they? Before she felt loss wash over her she straightened herself out. Fortath's calming presence helped, as she sucked in a breath. Her deep green eyes lingered on the dragonet who lingered under the rain. She looked very serene in those moments.


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Always the sort to rise early, Ruane was just stirring when Couineth’s voice cracked into her head like a whip. Nothing got a candidate out of bed faster than a queen’s demand; she vaulted off her cot almost before she processed what was happening, grabbing for the armour and white candidate robes she had been told to wear. Armour was an interesting choice, although given that the entire class had been told it was now used because of a lot of candidate deaths, it wasn’t surprising. Ruane didn’t argue the idea, just yanked on the armour and strapped it up, tossed on the candidate robes and ripped a brush through her hair in a rapid effort to make herself more presentable for Couineth and Rayna’s eyes.

Still twisting her hair into a braid, the better to keep it out of dragon claws, she shoved the door open and joined the others in the hall, all filing toward the Hatching Sands and the dragonet that already rested there. Hatching nerves were beginning; no matter how much she told herself she didn’t care, Ruane always got the jitters at the start of a Hatching. Even so, she masked it with an appropriately serious expression, and as if she’d learned it by rote, bowed deeply to Rayna and Couineth as she approached. ”Weyrwoman Rayna, queen Couineth. Thank ya both,” she murmured, and moved off to stand among the other female candidates, hazel eyes flickering to the dark green dragonet curled upon the Sands.

Within moments Morrigan appeared to stand at her elbow, and the dragon candidate barely restrained a smirk, though her eyes danced as she glanced up at the other candidate. ”Fancy indeed,” she murmured, and she would have flirted more if not for the feeling that the candidatemasters would kick them off the Sands if she did. So she settled for a very restrained half-smile instead, and figuring that would be enough for the other, she too directed her attention to the eggs, and the green curled up in the warm rain in front of them. Ruane didn’t mind the rain, although she was sure that if she stood here long enough the combined heat and humidity would begin to bug her.

@Zane – Morrigan


The candidates had Couineth’s call to warn them of the Hatching, but Tavistrath had something much more reliable: the instinct of dragons, and the growing hum of the golden clutchmother. Stirred, the green began to hum as well, adding her low voice to the growing buzz of dragons around the Weyr, and she was already reaching out her mind to wake B’tor when Rylin’s thoughts reached her. Easily she located the candidate, her warm voice curling around the girl’s mind protectively. I will bring him, little one. Do not be afraid. She paused, feeling B’tor stir, and then sent a wave of affection into Rylin’s mind, seeking to reassure her. We will always be here, she added softly, and then withdrew only when she felt her rider wake.

B’tor rolled directly out of bed before he actually woke up, thudding onto the floor as ungracefully as two hundred thirty pounds of greenrider could. Up he got, sleepily pulling on his wherhide and riding pants. He was still struggling into his boots when he trudged out to Tavistrath’s part of the weyr. Tell Rylin I’m coming, he thought, and the green inclined her nose at him. I already did, my own. Come, wake up. Your sister needs you.

That woke him faster than anything else could; the greenrider snapped to attention and laced his boots with the speed of a demon. Only for a moment did he pause to grab a homemade sign from the floor by her couch before he bounded to Tavistrath’s shoulder and swung himself up onto her neck. Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go!

B’tor… Tavistrath sighed, although she was already opening her wings and dropping off her ledge. Do you really need the sign? Already knowing that resistance was futile, she winged quickly toward the dragons’ entrance into the Hatching Sands and swooped to an empty ledge, landing neatly and turning herself about to watch the event. Forever the lady, she settled her haunches on the ledge and wrapped her tail tidily around herself, folding her wings and tipping her nose toward Rylin.

Of course I need the sign. B’tor hopped down from his green’s neck and proudly hoisted the wooden sign over his head. He had spent hours painting it bright white and then getting the letters perfect: RYLIN. Of course, it still looked like a five-Turn-old had made it. B’tor hadn’t noticed.

We are here, little one, Tavistrath sent to Rylin, her tone tinged with embarrassment. Now the candidate might not want them to be. But B’tor was B’tor, and he would do as he would, so she sat back and watched Rylin, humming with the others. Arcaina was there too, she could see, and Tavistrath reached out to touch her mind too, gently. B’tor and I are here.

@Zane – Rylin
@Catsitta – Arcaina


Lueke hadn’t actually gone to bed the night before, so he was already out sleeplessly wandering the halls when he realized that everyone was going all in the same direction, and he could hear the faint vibration of the dragons humming, even in the Lower Caverns. Now, he might not be a candidate, but everyone knew that meant the Hatching was starting. Whether or not he should even go weighed heavily on his mind – he vividly remembered being kicked off the Sands for the Touching, no matter that he hadn’t wanted to go in the first place.

Yet he’d never seen a Hatching before, or even a baby dragon. Curiosity tugged him along the corridors until he was at the human entrance to the Hatching Ground, waffling off to one side while everyone else filed through. Should he even go in? What were the odds, out of everyone piling into the Stands, that the dragonriders would pick him out of the lineup and kick him out again? Or maybe they would see him and just straight-up kick him out of the Weyr.

Given his luck, the odds of that seemed pretty high, actually. Even so, for the sake of getting to see a Hatching, the harper made himself slink into the Stands, using taller people as a shield between himself and the eyes of the queenpair. Lueke had no ill intentions, of course, but did they know that? Not judging by their response during the Touching, for sure.

Wholly occupied with giving himself a panic attack, the harper almost didn’t notice a familiar face until he’d nearly passed him by. Dawson was already seated just ahead of him, with a conveniently empty spot beside him. Electing not to wedge himself only between faces he didn’t know, Lueke flipped himself into the seat next to the smith, folding himself up against the back almost like an accordion in an effort to keep out of the way of people still pressing through. ”Hi,” he mumbled ungracefully, glancing to the man’s face in an attempt to see whether Dawson would even accept his presence or not. And then, because he could hardly go the Hatching without looking at the Sands, he glanced out to where Couineth sat with her seventeen eggs – sixteen now, and a dark green dragonet curled on the sand in front of her.

Oh. So that was what a dragon looked like as a baby. Lueke almost smiled, but he kept it inside and glanced at Dawson again instead.

@Zane - Dawson

"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
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Kolbi wasn’t sleeping. When he was little, it had been easy to sleep during the rain. It would hit the grass and soil and smell like spring, but there were no green things growing at the Weyr and even less soil – more sand and stone than anything. Plus, his mind was restless. He was laying on his cot, in the early hours—wher hours—hands restlessly fiddling with a loop of string, forming an endless stream of shifting shapes. A burdenbeast, a feline, an isosceles triangle formed with his thumbs turned inwards. He gentled his fingers, relaxing the harsh lines from a triangle to an oblong blob.

Dragon eggs.

Dimly, he thought of his steps on the sands, the brief moment of a call…had it been in his head? Did he want this so badly he was hallucinating feelings? He could believe that.

He let the string fall slack, folding his arms under his head. Bored. He was bored. He was never bored when J’mi was with him. Or at least he hadn’t been, before Jemi had become J’mi and left with a spring leaf green who made him someone else. He liked that someone else well enough. He just didn’t like that he was…someone else.

Terribly eloquent.

Kolbi let his eyes close, and no sooner had he done so did Couineth’s voice echo into his mind. He scowled at it, though he felt guilty for doing so. It still bothered him, that dragons only talked to you when it was convenient for them, and then played mute and dumb any other time. But that irritation warred with respect – dragons did save them all, they couldn’t be denied their quirks if they chose to have them.

He took his time, unrushed as he pulled on armor and robes, pace reasonable enough to not be called dawdling but hardly a rushed sprint. There was a pale, worried face, nearly identical to his own, hovering outside, and Kolbi managed a smile for it, grinning airly at his brother and reaching a hand out to pull their heads together, bonking foreheads with an audible thunk. J’mi smiled at last, and wordlessly shooed his twin towards the sands, making his own way up to the stands.

Kolbi couldn’t quite look the great golden queen in the eye this time, but he bowed and murmured his words of thanks, eyes scanning over the eggs without really seeing. There was a green, sitting in the rain. He wondered if she could smell soil, somewhere far away.

An inhale. An exhale. No use worrying about what-if’s and maybes – just moments, as they arrived and passed.


Did she have her armor of course and it was tidy and sturdy and perfectly worn.

Did she have her robes of course and they were blinding white and pristine.

Ikspi was terrified. Not, of course that anyone would ever be allowed to so much as be given a hint that this was the case. She attempted to sooth her nerves by reciting the rules of etiquette she had memorized after several late nights with candles and mnemonic devices, organizing her things and so organizing her thoughts alongside. She pulled her dark hair back, tucking it quickly and efficiently into a bun, and, though her legs were shaking, took long, quick strides towards the sands. Her diminutive height worked against her, of course, and she still arrived out of breath, heart pounding.

What if the dragons didn’t like her? What if they thought she was bossy, and weird, and demanding, and annoying, and all the other things her brothers had told her they would think of her? What if they had been right?
No—she couldn’t let them win. Even if…even if they were right, she was going to stomp onto those sands, hold her head high and follow all of the rules to the letter. That was all she could do. That was the best thing she could do.

As she approached the rim, she noticed another candidate’s sash was loose. With a haughty sneer, she stomped over. “Your sash is crooked, do you want to embarrass us all by implying we are all slothenly heathens, honestly, please have some dignity.” Her hands reached out officiously, swiftly fixing the offending garment and tossing a shoulder huffily.

Fixing and being right about something gave her the wavery courage necessary to actually…go out there.

It took every ounce she had to not look beseechingly at Al’dr and Zanii for one last bit of advice.

Remember the rules.

Remember the order.

Ikspi bowed to Couineth and Rayna, “Senior queen, Gold Couineth, and Weyrwoman Rayna—” The Weyrwoman! The actual, senior Weyrwoman of the entire Weyr was right[ there, and Ikspi nearly quailed into a pile of authority-respecting goop. But, there were rules to follow, and so she did not. “It is an honor and a privilege and my thanks are offered for the chance to stand.” This came out as a single exhalation of held breath, and Ikspi did her best to walk like a normal person to the girl’s side—on the right.

Like the rules said.


Aiechu shuffled to the stands with an expression of profound dismay that he only turned into a Harper’s benign smile when he noticed someone looking at him oddly.

He had been sleeping, thank you. Peacefully and blissfully. Why couldn’t dragons hatch, say, just before supper?

Although, he had to admit, that was prime naptime as well…

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Candidates were not the only ones awoken by the golden queen's call about the clutch. Many in the Weyr had been anticipating the hatching for some time now and so despite the early hour a slew of weyrfolk, riders, and even handlers not on guard duty would file into the hatching cavern to find the best seats to watch from. Among the first throngs of people was Roselle, eager as she was to see her niece standing on Dalibor's sands. She hadn't been able to spend as much time with Cairenn as she thought she would, but between the girl being busy with chores and lessons plus Roselle's duties as a rider and a mother it was understandable. Perhaps if her niece Impressed they would someday be in the same wing? How nice that would be! Looking down at her daughter she held her hand tightly - the last thing she needed was for Rosian to wander from her side and get into trouble for being there without a chaperone. "Do you see your cousin down there? She's the one in white.", C'ian was clearly rubbing off on his weyrmate as she cracked a groan worthy joke.

Finding a seat towards the front - perks of being there before the main bulk of people - she sat down, "You can see okay, right? If not you can sit on your knees to see better. Or on my lap." The little girl was getting older and bigger so she doubted she'd take her up on the offer to sit in her lap but still she had to offer. "If she looks this way you have to wave a lot, okay? And cheer if a dragon Impresses to her!"

@Aftershock @Ruriko


Following behind a younger greenrider and her spawn Frayya eyed the pair critically. Why was it people felt the need to have children? Though she would never admit it, she too had been feeling the biological draw towards starting a family. Shards, who would she even consider for that? More importantly why? It was unlikely she or Sixwith would fall to Thread before old age or illness but what of whatever schmuck she roped in to helping her with making a child? What would she even teach the kid? Weaving, obviously, but apart from that what life lessons could she impart? Feet shuffled forward until the small bottleneck of people she found herself among spread out and began to find seats. Climbing the stands she took a seat higher up than the others - she was here to sate her own curiosity not because she had a vested interest in which white clad Candidate actually Impressed.

Sitting by herself she spared a glance around the stands to see if there were any familiar faces. E'do wasn't a terrible looking young man and they got on well enough. Perhaps he would be on board with a child? How did one even approach such a topic? Her thoughts were pulled from that and to the sands when she noted the hunched and somewhat aggressive way the green was settled. Even from her spot higher up in the stands she could see how tense the hatchling appeared. What a wonderful start to the hatching.

Open for tags.


Dabysk was curled up in the stands watching after their patrols ended - not an official wherguard but his presence had not been noted; or if he was noticed he was not told he could not be there. He watched along with the golden queen as the egg shuddered violently before bursting open to reveal a nasty tempered green. My Dabyrie come? Eggs be hatching. The handler had been peeking into the creche to pick up her daughter when her blue's mind touched hers to share the sight of the green. "It looks like we have good timing, what do you say Phryie? Dabysk says the dragon eggs are hatching. Would you like to go watch?" Still sleep addled the girl nodded and Dabyrie smiled brightly - the smile faltering slightly at Dabysk's next observation.

Little ones alone. Without being told what needed to be done the blue wher snaked through the stands, an imposing though not frightening presence as he approached Rayiet first. No be alone. Come with Dabysk. There was no hint of a request in the blue's tone - the child had no choice in this matter. As long as he came willingly there was no need for it to become physical - in the event that he chose to be stubborn Dabysk was not above gently grasping some part of his shirt and dragging him along side him as he headed further down towards Asha. The girl had also managed to slip into the hatching caverns on her own despite it not being allowed. Coming up next to her Dabysk would release the boy, if he'd had to drag him along at all, and look over the girl. No move. Dabysk's comes, must watch hatchlings.

The children should count themselves lucky that he had found them and not Vessk - the green wher would likely have sat on them until someone came to fetch them. Dabyrie was not far off and arrived in a timely fashion, an embarrassed looking Phryie behind her. The girl no doubt knew the wayward children from the creche and hung her head as her mom approached the others. "You're lucky we don't send you out of here for sneaking in alone. You know you need to have a chaperone. I'm nice enough to stick around with you during the hatching though as long as you mind your manners, alright?" It wasn't as if she was trying to embarrass her daughter, she was just doing her job.

Other whers do best job guarding entry? Little ones got by unseen. Dabysk offered a gentle suggestion to the guardwhers at the entry - they didn't need any other surprises sneaking in unseen.

@Zane @Blot - Tagging other whers!

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Xialas woke when Maus did. However, he was slower and more methodical about his preparations. As the younger boy fumbled about, he slipped out of bed and rinsed his face in a basin. He kept a fresh bowl of water in their barrack room at all times, using it for his morning routine. He combed his hair free of snags before braiding it in a practiced manner, throwing the dark plait between his shoulders when he was finished. Pale eyes cut through the shadows, clear of sleep and adjusted to the dim light of early morning. As Maus was finishing his struggles, Xialas pulled his armor out of his trunk and strapped it on with curt efficiency. He practiced strapping into it when he first received the set so he wasn't flailing around in confusion when the time came to actually wear it. Soon enough, he was fully prepared, armor on, robes laid over top, sandals on his feet. He looked clean and polished, appearing unflustered despite the abruptness of their awakening. Silently, he followed his mousy roommate out into the hall, where the other candidates were gathered. The energy was palatable. Excitement, fear, worry, joy--it was a thrum that crept beneath skin and clung to the senses.

He was ready. This being far from the first clutch he stood for, the weyrbrat turned candidate let his shoulders drop and a lull of calm overtake him. He would be stoic. He would be peaceful. He would think happy thoughts and be as quiet and still as possible once the hatching was in full swing. His thoughts trailed briefly to his parents' deaths and the brother he left behind to come to Dalibor. Xialas tilted his chin up. No regrets. Not clinging to the past. He would move forward and prove to everyone that he could do all that he sought out to accomplish. He would be a master dragonhealer some day, even if it took him sixty turns. And he would Impress. Dragonriding was in his blood. He refused to allow doubt to cloud his mind. If he was to fret, he could do that later, when he wouldn't be in the presence of a clutch. They could sense fear and weakness.

Getting mauled wasn't on his agenda.

It was not long before he reached the Sands. When it was his turn, he bowed deeply to the weyrwoman and Couineth, "I thank you both for this honor." Straightening, Xialas assumed a place on the boy's side, right next to his roommate. He didn't mind Maus. In fact, he barely noticed him! He was quiet and well-behaved, which meant no extra chores for mischief he caused, and no late nights from him yammering on about nonsense. He eyed the boy. Maus looked...nervous. In fact, he recalled the boy glancing at him the entire time they got ready. The only thing he said was a statement of the obvious he wasn't inclined to answer. Keeping his voice low, he murmured, "Calm yourself." A hint of a smile curled on his lips. "And yes, she is beautiful."

Even with that fussy dragonet on the Sands, Xialas wasn't overly worried. It was more likely to attack a fellow clutchsibling than one of them. And if they were attacked, they had armor. They would be fine.

@Zane | Maus


'Babies hatch!'

Nia smiled at her Pink. Koeneth had made a chant of that ever since the call from the golden queen. They were both excited. This would be their first class here at Dalibor! The recently transferred weyrlingmaster fell in step behind the cluster of candidates and Nia took to the sky. It was a drizzling morning, but the pink was unbothered, her slender form a kiss of rosy dawn against the grey clouds. She would watch from the ledges, as others were sure to do as well, not daring to intrude too close to the Sands until the hatch was over. Koeneth hummed contentedly as she found a perch, looking down at the first hatchling. It was a green. A very grumpy green that was oh-so-frustrated and standing out where the water could wash her hide clean. The pink tucked her head beneath a flared wing. She wanted watch without blinking rain from her face constantly.

As for Hers, Nia listened to Al'dr speak, before bringing up the tail of the group. Like the candidates, she bowed to the queen, but she drew no closer to the Sands than needbe. She assumed a spot near Al'dr, wanting a good vantage point to see her potential students. She clasped her hands together, bouncing with anticipation, wondering idly where her fellow weyrlingmasters were. No doubt they would be here somewhere...

"Dh'mel? R'en?" she murmured, looking around. She would wave them over if she could spot them. Dropping her gaze from the search to settle on the single hatchling on the sand, Nia quirked her head.

'Frustrated baby.' Koeneth supplied. Nia nodded as she crossed her arms. Hopefully that one would Impress sooner than later so that she didn't harm anyone in her tiff.

@Raining | Al'dr
@Rowana | Dh'mel
@Zane | R'en


L'aars settled into the stands.

The giant of an ironrider sat in the far back, not wanting to block anyone's view should they have the misfortune of sitting behind him. He rolled his shoulders and recalled the taste of klah he swallowed down too fast when the golden queen's call went out. An early riser, he'd already been awake and starting his day, a hot cup at his lips when he heard her announce the hatch. Not quite intentionally, he'd tipped the cup too far back and had to make a choice, gulp down the drink of let it splatter all over his clothes. He chose to down the hot klah. His tongue and gums weren't happy with him and his belly rolled initially, but he would recover soon enough. He doubted his end would come from drinking something too hot too fast.

From his spot, he could see the sands clearly, though the details were a little fuzzy. He knew there was a green and she appeared to be sitting in the rain, but there was no sign of hatching from the other eggs. Would this be one of those long hatches? At least he got his klah...

Jaireth, his iron, peered down from his perch above. L'aars could feel his curiosity. Despite his frequent Chasing, the iron never displayed any jealousy towards the females nor took offense to being turned down. So he marveled at the queen's eggs, thinking about what a fine clutch the other iron sired. These were good eggs! No doubt there would be many new riders on this day.

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The hum. It was unlike anything else in the whole Weyr. The sound of thousands of beasts, dragon and firelizard alike, singing a song to welcome in the newborn hatchlings. It was a beautifully soothing song, but Arendel did not trust the message: this was a dangerous place. He had scampered out of the lower caverns where he'd found somewhere to sequester himself between chores and running around with Nym. He was in his typical state of disheveled, though he'd taken the time to run his fingers through his thick hair in an attempt to make it lay flat. The pillies who had been keeping him company spilled out of the dark tunnel with him, and he had to turn and give them each a pat and send a very clear message that they could not follow. Hatchings were dangerous. They seemed oblivious to his thoughts, but since they understood more complex things he knew they were just ignoring him.

"Why can't you herd them like a working canine?" the boy asked Arceus, but the Howler stood staring at the flood of people working their way across the Bowl to the Hatching Grounds, and the sudden appearance of dragons in the sky bringing Holdfolk to watch from Crescent and Western. He did not work the way an average beast did, and he could most certainly not be permitted inside the grounds. The last thing Arendel needed was his Icehowler killing a dragon hatchling if he felt his boy was threatened. He managed to attach most of the smaller pillies to the Howler's thick fur, and scattered the rest with gentle shoves toward the lake, but Awna would not be dissuaded. She skittered back and forth between his legs avoiding his grasp and slapping him with her antenna for his troubles.

"Fine," he sighed with exasperation, finally snagging her iridescent rainbow shell when she realized he was relenting. "If you get eaten, this is not my fault." It would be safer to carry her anyway, rather than force her to walk between the legs of the people filtering into the Stands. He hefted her up to his chest, she was as long as his torso and he could barely fit his arms around her, but she wrapped her long legs around his body and wiggled sideways until she was perched high up on his back like a pack, her limbs wrapping him like rainbow belts. That would do, he supposed. He stayed just long enough to make sure everyone else was heading down to the Lake, before he beat a quick path over to the Stands entrance of the Hatching Grounds. G'dan was there waiting for him, the boy waved big as he came up at a jog.

"Hey Uncle G'dan thanks for coming, I don't know if Nym is in there yet but I'm sure she'll find us, I wanna get a seat all the way in the back so I can see all the eggs, that way I'll know if I'm right about who gets eaten, ha" he did laugh but his eyes had slid sideways when he noticed a few weyrbrats slip past without chaperones. Someone would sort them out. He'd been smart enough to secure his guardian. Rules were fun to break, but not days like this when it could mean being kicked out if someone didn't have time to sit with you. "C'mon," he said breathlessly, finding that he was actually pretty excited to see what was happening inside. He could see far across the waterfall that the white-robes seemed to be disappearing into the Weyrwall, in their little tunnel to take them to the Sands.

He led his uncle up the stairs and into the heat of the Hatching Grounds, pushing past people without any shame--at least if they were Holdfolk. They didn't deserve to be here, they had no rights, and right now this was all about what he wanted to see and experience. He had a pillie on his back, and a Dragonrider in tow, that meant everyone would have to move anyway. If G'dan chided him he did try to go more slowly, but he wanted the absolute best seats, he'd seen them during the viewing and the touching. It only took a minute or two to wind his way through the crowd until he reached them. The lowest stone bench that ran right alongside the wall and the long drop down to the Sand, but because they were so much deeper inside the Hatching ground, they were so much closer to the clutch. From here, Aren would be able to see everything. Which was the whole point anyway.

His hands draped lightly over Awna's legs as he settled down in his seat leaving enough room that he and G'dan could make space for Nym when she came. The pillies antenna draped forward over his shoulders as she suctioned on to the back of his neck and promptly fell asleep. "Why did you even demand to come," he mumbled at her under his breath, rolling his eyes. This would have been far simpler if she'd just gone to the lake with everyone else. "Are you excited?" He asked his uncle, though he wasn't sure what a Dragonrider had to do at a hatching, but that didn't matter. He watched the first-hatched Green with anticipation, and could feel the excitement in the room. "Hey, I see people taking bets, can I bet that that kid...Maus something...dies? Can I uncle? I've never bet on anything before." He tried to look innocent as he peered around for Nymeria.

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Dawn. He'd been awake for at least a half candlemark, but he'd stayed in bed buried in his bedding hiding from the growing light beginning to pour in...why was there light pouring in? Xellarik peered over the edge of the furs, his eyes burning in agony as he faced that unknown light source and tried to figure out where he was. Rubbing his fingers into his aching head and soft eyelids he slid slowly out from beneath the covers, though he recoiled when his feet touched freezing stone. He was in a weyr. Whose weyr? With eyes closed he took in an appreciative breath, filling his lungs with the spicy scent of dragon. So this was no abandoned weyr, there was someone here. He was still trying to figure it out when something hit him in his face, wrapping around his head and clinging to him. He struggled for a moment until he realized it was his jacket.

"You're hungover." The voice was matter of fact and non-judgemental, but it made Xellarik's blood run cold. The only people to have ever uttered those words to him had been with him at Harper Hall, and this was a woman's voice. Worse than that, every word she spoke seemed to dig into his brain and find a new level of pain. He stood slowly, fighting against the ache of his muscles, and slipped the jacket over his shoulders. He only cracked his eyes open when he was upright and as stable as he could be. He saw a very short black-haired girl, and a very angry displeased Cyan. Were the girl's eyes red, or the dragon's? He squinted out of first one eye, then the other, fighting to combine the images he saw into one. When they finally snapped together he put on his most charming smile, for his efforts he received a hot flask of klah to the face.

He grabbed it reflexively, missed, and then clutched it as it slid down his chest. It wasn't what he wanted, or needed. He needed water more than anything, his mouth felt like it was four sizes too big, but this would help burn away the agony behind his eyes and get him up and moving. He took a few long draws before he wiped his face with his sleeve and looked at the girl--no woman--approvingly. "Have fun?" Her look of disgust said otherwise, and the growing tension of the dragon beside her was starting to put him on edge. For her part, Fisher was horrified.

I will kill him, Fisher!

The short woman reached out to put a stilling hand on her dragon's long neck. He'll be gone soon enough. Xellarik was starting to edge forward, trying to keep as much distance between himself and the pair as he could. "If you were expected somewhere, you never made it," she said to him, "we found you here and could not rouse you." She probably should have had Ijreth remove him, or called for her brothers, but she had always been something of a soft heart, and until he had awoken and made an arse of himself she'd been willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now that benefit was running out.

"I'm going," he said quickly as he pushed past and headed for the exit into the tunnels. He turned around at that opening and hesitated. Fisher sighed, not bothering to turn and face him. "I won't tell anyone what I saw, Harper, just go." Xel nodded, bowed as low as he dare, then slipped out into the dark hallway. It was only then that he noticed the humming was not simply a residual from the drinking last night, but permeated stone and echoed through the tunnels. The hatching. The Harper sighed and continued suckling the skin like it was a teat. He dug around a bit until he found an unoccupied weyr on his way down the wall, and this one was truly unoccupied. The faint spice of dragon was a distant memory, but the acrid scent of hot spring was fresh. He spent just enough time there to ease the ache in his bones and make himself look presentable, steaming his day-old clothing over the spring as he bathed, easing out all the wrinkles.

He could not see round himself, but he went over the leather of his jacket and pants with careful hands to buff out any scuffs, and was re-dressed and ready to make an appearance before the last Candidate had filed into the tunnel somewhere below him. Then it was just a quick jaunt down out to the Bowl and across the waterfall bridge to the Hatching Grounds. He wandered up the staircase with the other Holders, Weyrfolk, and Crafters. Greeting those he knew, introducing himself to those he did not. The game had begun. He found a seat that afforded a view to himself and the four firelizards that appeared around him, but which also gave him one friend--Aiechu. He sat quietly, smiling at the other half of their group who did not yet have a dragon. His four firelizards took up perches, one per shoulder and one on each leg, to record their own view of the hatching for Xellarik's records. The Harper looked around wondering if any other Harper boys would be here today, but quickly turned his attention back to the singular hatchling that had broken out.

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Sebolaren sat straight up like he'd been bitten. His lungs screamed for air and he sucked it in trying to still the uneven thudding in his chest. The curtains rustled and Sesk's head invaded the dark sanctum of the bed, her bright eyes spilling light across his bony chest. Is hatch she said softly, watching him. It was only when she said it that he recognized the hum for what it was. Was that what had woken him, or something else? He couldn't remember. He slipped carefully from the bed and walked across the open weyr to the wide entrance, afforded a deep shadow from the only just arriving dawn by the simple fact that the weyr was nestled neatly into the East Weyrwall. Protected from prying eyes he enjoyed the cool air blowing over his skin and scratched idly at any itches as they presented themselves. A hatching.

"Your family," he murmured softly to his companion. And his family, though he did not know well enough whether his children would be down there. They were so close to Candidacy, just one final turn, and probably aching with excitement. He should be there. For many reasons. Sesk came up to peer over the edge and his fingertips ran over the hollows of her body that were slowly filling out. She seemed to be less patchy than she had been the other day, or the day before that. He would take longer. He couldn't seem to eat enough, his body reacted violently to being saturated with foods he was unused to eating, so he'd been keeping it light. Slow. Things were not built in a day.

He could not keep the nervousness from fluttering in his chest. He hadn't attended any sort of Weyr event in so many turns. There would be Candidates, possibly ones he'd abandoned. There would be friends...and possibly family. Yet he felt like it was something he wanted, and needed, even if it was a terrifying prospect. "Will you go with me?" He questioned, then hesitated and reformed the words. "Or should I say, may I go with you." He disappeared within to wash and dress himself, at the very least he could look presentable and hide most of his bones beneath leather, aside from the sharpness of his jaw. He was determined to go, he supposed, even if B'er decided to sit this one out.


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Dawson had wandered in completely unnoticed, for the most part. He hadn't needed to push past people, or move out of the way. He had wandered right down the steps, and to his seat. The dawn light didn't bother him, mostly because he didn't sleep much. Dawson, being the workaholic that he was, had been working on an early order when the dragons began to hum. It echoed through the Weyr, causing every man, woman, and child, to set down what they were doing in order to heed the dragons' call. Dawson had hesitated at first, since he didn't ordinarily attend dragon hatchings. He was a busy man and simply didn't have the time. The affairs of the dragonriders didn't concern him, not for the most part. Weyr politics were something that he, occasionally, paid attention to. For the most part, the Journeyman smith kept to himself.

As the boy came and plopped himself down next to him, Dawson didn't peer over. Rather, the man leaned forward, elbows on his knees, staring down at the Sands below. One of the eggs had already come to hatch, and so there was a little green sitting in a mess of egg goop. She attempted to free herself of the fluid, to which Dawson stared, blank-faced, at her curled form. The man had a pretty good view from the seats he'd selected. He could have sat up somewhere higher, what with his desire to be inconspicuous and all, but the fact of the matter was that no one here really knew him. No one was going to come and bother him, or talk to him-well, save Lueke of course. It may have been peculiar that he didn't consider Lueke to be a person really. Well, he did, just not the sort of person that took up his time and energy.

Ice blue eyes glanced in the young harpers direction. His greeting was dully noted. The eye contact that was made was greeting enough on Dawson's part. Lueke was probably used to it by now, and if he wasn't, well... Hopefully he would be able to piece the mans behaviour together and realize he was just being his usual self. There were lots of eggs, and so chances were there would be many happy former-candidates leaving the Sands today. Dawson wasn't ignorant to the goings on come hatching day. Candidates were likely to get mauled, and some of the dragonets may go /between/ prior to finding Theirs. Life would go on. Things happened. No one could control the turn of events that was about to take place. All the people from the Stands could do was watch. The healers would take care of things, if possible.

@Sakoru - Lueke


R'en and Gabranth had only just arrived. The multi-colored blue had settled himself next to Nia's pink, Koeneth. Greetings to you Koeneth, you're as radiant as ever. A fine day to bear witness to the future of Dalibor. The blue crooned to the pink, trying to establish himself as a charmer. R'en looked up to where his dragon had perched, and smirked, shaking his head at the blues antics. What an incorrigible flirt he was. It's only just dawn, couldn't you wait? Gabranth replied with a mental chortle, to which R'en's smirk grew ever cheekier.

The pinks rider, Nia, waved him on over. Well then, having a friendly face to chat with was always a plus. It would be good to get to know a fellow Weyrlingmaster, what with the fact that Nia would be teaching Couineth's young. Making his way over, R'en waved dramatically to the woman. "Hey there, good to see you Nia. I see that Gabranth is getting acquainted with Koeneth. Never wastes a moment, that one." Standing alongside the woman, R'en nodded to Candidatemaster Al'dr. down next to the pinkrider, R'en settled back in his seat. The newly-arrived weyrlingmaster took a peek at the group of candidates settled before the clutch, unable to keep from eyeing the green dragonet presently on the Sands. "Look at her, what a beaut. You must be excited, big job ahead of you." Seventeen dragonets and their weyrling partners. Jeepers, a big job it was certainly to be. The woman was more than capable, surely. She always had the support of her fellow dragonriders if the need arose. When he turned back to the pinkrider, R'en reached over and patted her shoulder in a friendly-manner. "You'll do just fine." The bluerider truly believed that she would.

R'en was enjoying Dalibor thus far. The sights, the people. It was certainly different from their home-Weyr, but change was hardly something that the bluerider had ever struggled with. Their main goal, at present, was to wrangle all of their siblings and impress them off. Coming from a large family of harpers, it was likely that some of them would wish to continue on with their craft. If only they knew what they were missing. The majesty that was impression day, and weyrlinghood... Ugh, what he would give to go back and do it all over. Gabranth was a King at heart, and R'en loved him so.

Darling, it was a good time for both of us. We've seen many good days, and will have many more! R'en chuckled aloud, grinning at Nia, whilst motioning skyward. Surely the pinkrider would understand.
Oh, we'll have good times, just you wait. Someday we'll have our own class. For now lets establish some connections shall we? It's nice to be surrounded by friends.
And lovers, Gabranth added unhelpfully.
Yeah, that too!

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She had been sound asleep when the call came, and sat upright with a bolt, heart racing wildly.
Had she dreamed that...? She had been in some kind of dream, but certainly she could not recall what it was. Glancing over at the bed across from her, she saw Rylin, too, was awake. She heard other candidate's moving. Shells...it was time, wasn't it? She swung her feet out over the bed, and glanced on her pillow, where Navi, too, now sat awake. The cyan clearly wanted to come with her,
standing and shaking herself a little, and flying over to her shoulder. Kat shook her head, and picked her up gently, putting her on the pillow. "You have to stay here, Navi. No firelizards on the sands." She stood, and tried to wake her groggy mind, quickly going over to the mirror and running a brush through her hair, and then, eyes laying on her armor and robes, took a deep breath.

Along with Rylin, she began to dress...but then the other girl's voice cut into her thoughts. She was thinking she needed to Stand with Sin, who she was sure was also wide awake by this point, when Rylin asked if she might Stand with her. Well, it was supposed to be a day she and her sister shared. She was sure, however, that Sin wouldn't mind any more than she did. The Harper girl likely didn't want to Stand alone, and while it was one more person she would feel the need to protect...that was fine. She would do her best to keep an eye on her sister, and her roommate. She didn't hesitate to answer, only smiled kindly and nodded, replying, "Of course!
My sister will be there too, so we'll have yet another person to Stand with,"
she assured,
and hurriedly dressed so that she and Rylin could go together. Following just behind the other girl, she could tell she was nervous. She cast her gaze about for Sin, and thought she spotted her ahead. She did not, however, want to leave Rylin behind, so she stayed beside her, keeping her younger sister in sight. The poor Harper girl looked anxious...probably Sin was too, and she knew she was. Still, with the moment here, and her heart racing...she was excited and nervous.

She spotted her sister, again, and was proud of her for being so brave as to come here and do what she needed alone. She turned to Rylin, and said, "That's my sister there. We'll be Standing with her, so I'll see you once we're done paying our respects." Rylin went ahead, and she waited her turn. She could see Sin looking indecisive, and her heart went out to her. She still thought of Sin as 'her'. She was having a hard time with the transition in thought, though she knew once Sin was ready, she'd have already practiced in her mind: him. Brother. It would take some work, but she'd get it right. It was her turn, though, and she brushed the thoughts aside.

She'd already seen Couineth at the touching, and of course admired her many times before that.
Still, it was nerve wracking walking up to the great gold, and she spotted a green on the sands as she did so. Shells, one had hatched, just like the gold had said! She was a feisty looking thing,
and Kat swallowed nervously. Maulings happened, but she'd be careful, and keep an eye on Sin and Rylin. If need be, she'd push one of them out of the way. Not that the thought didn't sicken her--who wanted to be mauled? But it was worse it happen to someone else...as she reached the queen, she bowed deeply, and spoke, keeping her voice as steady as she could. "It's an honor to Stand, thank you for allowing my presence on the sands." She knew it was best to keep it short and simple. There were a lot of candidates to go, and the hatching had already begun.
She strode over to where she spotted Sin, giving the girl another smile--this one nervous, despite the fact she tried to bolster herself, and forced herself to think only of the fact that Rylin and Sin would be nervous, and she needed to do her best to not seem like she was, too.
With that, she forced herself to push it back, and away, and simply focus on the feeling of excitement. Good thoughts. The dragonets needed positive thoughts. She would be damned if she didn't do her best to give that to them.



She hadn't been sleeping when she heard the shuffle of the dragon candidates out in the hallway. Well, it was time then, was it? Aren would be waiting for her, and she had promised--despite feeling nervous about the fact she had been Searched and was old enough to accidentally Impress--that she'd be there. Noctis didn't want to stay, and she figured he ought not have to, since they'd be up in the Stands. Still, she was a little concerned for his safety. She knew they'd be just fine up there, but nonetheless, if it came down to it, and some stray dragonet came up there...well, she wasn't letting anything hurt him. Not that she figured of all the people there, she'd be the target--and certainly not the black pillie.

She moved quickly down the corridor into the Stands, and quickly scanned the sea of growing faces until she spotted him. He was with the man he'd pointed out before--the one he'd said was his uncle, and they were going to sit with. Though that made her a little wary, she figured if Aren trusted him, and it was his uncle, probably he was okay. So, she nimbly made her way up to them--she'd known they'd be sitting nearer the back, to get a better view and to 'not be eaten', as Aren had said. Noctis followed her until she reached the pair.

"So, you already placing bets on who gets eaten, Aren?" This with a cheeky smirk. He'd been talking about how he was going to be able to guess who'd be mauled, eaten, killed. Well, she hoped no one, but she figured he was not wrong in that there would be maulings today. Hopefully no deaths...she doubted that a dragonet had actually ever eaten anyone. Killed, sure. Not usually on purpose, though Aren said sometimes reds went for other dragons and people. Would there be a red out there today? Everyone was betting the red egg had one. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't. They were going to find out.

"This is your uncle, G'dan? I'm Nym," she informed the man--she had a feeling Aren might've, but she might as well get it out of the way. She wasn't very big, and there was a small but sizable enough space beside her friend, so she sat down. Her heart was going just a bit faster than she would have liked. She wasn't going to Impress, even if she had pondered over whether or not Aren might. He was so close to ten now. Syrene had gone and Impressed Syrsk from the Stands, and so it could happen. She thought it was as likely as not Aren could, too. Then she'd have two people leaving her behind. Well, she'd had no one when she'd come, and she bet Aren would be busy, but she'd still sneak in to see him when she could, and hang out with him and whatever he got--if he got. There was no telling, really. She knew they were both concerned about the chance of it. Still, she thought he'd do good with a dragon.

Noctis settled by her feet, and she looked out over the sands. There was a green down there already? Well, it really and truly had started, hadn't it? Plus, she looked...well, her stance made her look like she was some hunting beast, ready to pounce. Would she be the cause of their first mauling? Watching curiously, she waited for something to happen.



He had tried not to let the fact that the hatching was any day now keep him from sleeping. Still, every morning before the other candidates were up, he went out for his morning run. Of course it just had to be during that run that he got the call from Couineth! He was so startled by the words, that he nearly tripped and fell flat on his face. Only turns of running and near-tripping kept him from it, but the stumbling and flailing of his arms would likely have been comical to anyone who was out there to see it. Faranth, the hatching was starting! He turned tail in the other direction, and ran for the barracks, like he'd only run once before.

He burst into his room, and quickly fumbled for the armor and managed to drop it in his excitement not once, but twice, while trying to get into it. They'd practiced this, and yet he felt like he was all thumbs! He finally managed to get it all on and sorted out, and then the robes--which he nearly tangled himself up in. With that, he was glad to be out in the corridor, heading to the sands, and not the last one, it would seem! He'd have hated to have been late to his first hatching, and to have missed anything. His heart was racing, but he couldn't bring himself to feel nervous when he was so excited! He knew he should be. Sense told him to be very, very careful out there. The armor wasn't some pretty thing for show, that was for certain. It was there for a reason--to keep candidates in the way of a dragonet who might otherwise maul them to death, alive. He'd absentmindedly felt himself over once more, just to be sure everything was on a-okay. It was, of course, and as he walked onto the hot sands and saw the little green already out, and Couineth in all her majesty, he couldn't keep an idiotic smile from spreading across his face.

He waited his turn, trying not to fidget, and finally, he walked up to the golden queen and made a neat, respectful bow. "Thank you so much for letting me be here. It's a sonor--er--honor! Really. Thank you. So much. Honor." He paused, running a hand through his hair and feeling a little warm in the face. Shells, his words weren't obeying him. He made another bow, and smiled apologetically at the Weyrwoman and her gold, and then jogged--slowly--across the sands to where the boys were, coming to stand beside Kolbi. To be fair, he'd been headed for the girl's side, in his muddled mind, and veered last moment to the boy's, realizing that he was supposed to Stand with them. He spotted Arcaina, and a few others, there. He didn't really know anyone well from the boy's side, but everyone was probably feeling excited and nervous, right?

"Hey there, Lueka. Good luck today!" He offered, with a friendly smile. They'd all need that luck, and plenty to go around! There might be maulings, but there'd be seventeen--at least--people walking away with dragons today, hopefully. He really wanted all the dragonets to Impress well and the thought any might between didn't even bear thinking. Happy thoughts! Think all the happy thoughts. Positive, rainbows, sunshine, good things to eat, lots of love and happy thoughts--all the good stuff.



Vilane had tried not to let Couineth's words at the touching taint his feelings about the upcoming hatching. Not much was allowed to cause him discomfort, and yet that, of all things, had. He was not sure he had any hopes for this particular hatching, even though he had told himself that it would not be Couineth's decision, but her hatchlings, whom they chose to Impress. Still, even the touching had not left him feeling favorably. When the call came, the tall blond donned his armor and robes methodically, keeping his doubting thoughts at bay. This was just another hatching, like all the rest before it. No one could possibly predict the outcome. No matter what he thought, or did not think, would happen, it wouldn't matter in the end. Anything could.

His strides were longer than many of those around him, and he while it made him a little impatient, he kept behind the people ahead of him until they reached the sands. He was tall and could easily see the green already on the sands. Well, one hatched, and at least sixteen to go. They said Couineth buried eggs, sometimes. Who knew if seventeen was the actual count or no? There would be no telling of that, either, until all were hatched. Hatchings here, he'd heard, were usually blood affairs. He wasn't really worried, but he knew as well as anyone to keep his head about him and to be prepared. He'd been to many, and yet had only a couple light scars to show for it. Mostly he'd come out unscathed. Being as large as he was was both a blessing and a curse, in a hatching. He was a bigger target, yet dragonets tended, often, to trample or maul smaller ones.

He spotted Couineth and had to fight back a feeling of irritation. Was there really any cause for her to have said what she had? Of course anyone knew dragonets would choose who they wanted. Still, he knew he was a worthy match and would have been able to achieve far more, and meet his goals, from the back of a king--not a blue or green or whatever else. Was that such a problem, to the gold? Or did she prefer her hatchlings Impress broken, weak individuals that would need a dragon to change or 'fix' them? That thought, again, the same as he'd had by the lake with the Harper, and many times before. To him, it was clear cut: Impression to someone like him, who knew what he wanted, and what his goals were, should have been a clearly better choice.

He kept his face solemn and unreadable. There was no flirtatious air about him, now, as he bowed to the Weyrwoman and her gold. Blue-grey eyes might have held a storm in them, but one could hardly read that much from his placid expression. "It is an honor, my thanks to you for allowing me to Stand." He'd always hated these words, as prettily has he spoke them. As if everything that went on in a Weyr, a gold allowed. As if there was no honor in the fact that they stood and saved her hatchlings from betweening, and dying. Dragons could not survive without their partners. It was a mutual benefit, really. Yet golds had been demanding everyone bow and scrape to them since they'd first arrived on Pern. He'd been nothing but respectful from the day he'd first begun to Stand, for all that had gotten him. Each gold whose clutch he'd stood for had been the same: arrogant, full of themselves, rude, haughty...were they all the same? Even this one, at this new Weyr, was the same. Her words, in his mind, had been cold and unnecessary. His father was likely right: they were all the same.

The traditional words spoken, he walked over to where the males stood. The similar feeling was not precisely inspiring, yet he was good at mastery over his own thoughts. He would stand here, and remain strong and sure of mind. He was not a weakling, he was worthy, and a firelizard would certainly have chosen him if he wanted one. Any dragon who bonded him would find him worthy and a fantastic choice...he kept the 'if' out of his thoughts. It was always 'if', and had never actually happened...



The red haired girl sat up groggily, blinking sleep from her blue eyes. What had woken her? She had barely registered the call from Couineth, and glanced at her roommate, who would also have been awakened by it, if she wasn't already. "It's not just me...oh! Her eyes widened. "Shards, it's happening--the hatching! She stood up, and glanced at Erochall half wanting to ask if she would perhaps want to Stand with her. Yet she was a big girl, wasn't she? She didn't need anyone to hold her hand...right? She put on her armor and robes, making sure they were on snugly--no desire to be mauled for not being careful, none at all. Seiyr was terrified of the idea of being mauled. Beyond anything else. She didn't want ugly scars caused by someone's rampaging dragonet! No one did, did they? She was pretty and had survived with only the faintest of scars so far--she wanted to keep it that way.

"You can Stand with me, if you want," she blurted out, while running a brush quickly through her flaming hair. "I won't mind," she added. The truth was, not only would she not have minded, the fact she'd be alone here and Standing at a hatching where things could and did happen--bad things--meant she would be pleased if her roommate said 'yes'. The way Ero was, Seiyr thought she wouldn't need to Stand with anyone. She'd ascertained the other teen was made of tougher mettle than some. She wasn't stupid, after all...she'd noticed. Still, feeling a bit ashamed to have even spoken, she turned and said, "See you there," with an awkward, but feigned confident, smile, before she joined the throng of candidates headed to the sands.

She felt like she was in some dream-like state. This wasn't what her father had planned for her. Yet it was what she wanted, right? Right. She walked up to Couineth, and glanced at the eggs, before making a neat curtsy. Ladies didn't bow, and she had done such this so prettily that there was no doubting it was as much respect as she could possibly throw in. Plus, she bowed her head, and said, "It is a great honor to be here, thank you for allowing me to Stand." The traditional words, mostly. She actually felt she had a small lump in her throat. Her father would be here, if this were anything he'd wanted for her. Maybe he still would be. She then spotted the green, on the sands, and quickly averted her eyes. A green. Like her mother's green. A green. The touching had left her terrified. While she knew it might have been her own mind playing horrible tricks on her thanks to her own fears and aversions, she'd thought she heard a single word: green. Since then, she'd been even more unsettled than ever before about it.

She didn't look at it for more than a second. If she didn't look, it wouldn't see her, right? She wouldn't Impress green. She wouldn't. It wouldn't happen. She was not her mother. She was not a pillowcrafter. She did not want green. She quickly hurried to the girl's side, trying to get away from the dragonet that was all she'd ever feared Impressing. She would have been happy with a sub-queen, or maybe a pretty cyan--it was close-ish to green, but it wasn't a green. Some lovely, noble dragon, fit for her...not a green, surely...as she stood there, she tried to look anywhere but at the green on the sands, hoping other eggs would soon hatch and she could turn her focus on them. Still, the way that green had looked, she was half-worried it would maul someone. Hopefully not her, though. She had her fists balled up over the sides of her robes, trying to think about anything but being mauled, and greens.



Even though she had attended a few hatchings, Rosian was so young that each one felt like the first one. She held tightly to her mother's hand, with Stitch on one shoulder, Gin on the other,
and Knight trailing dutifully behind. Her little entourage was a constant. Knight seemed to be the leader of the bunch, keeping order and scolding where needed. Clutching Roselle's hand as they found their seats, Rosian considered her mother's offer. If she sat on her mommy's lap, she would be able to see better. Still, she was a big girl, and she could also sit on her knees...but taht wasn't very comfortable. Still in between the age of growing in independence and wanting her mother's help with things, she made the decision to sit on her lap.

"I can see on your lap, mommy," she said, reasonably. Yet at her asking if she could see her cousin, because she was in white, she looked up over her shoulder after climbing into Roselle's lap, all smiles. She was old enough to understand that this made no sense, and that her mother was making a funny, as daddy did so often. "Mommy they're all in white!"
she replied with a giggle, but then she pointed excitedly and said, "Look, look! It's Cairenn!
She's down there with them! I see her!"
She wriggled a little, beaming and clapping her hands upon recognizing her cousin. "Is she going to get a Tserieth or Shirath? I can cheer for her!" Having been told the story of Roselle's Impression, she knew that the people on the sands--candidates--went there to get dragons, like her mommy's and daddy's dragons.

Stitch was excited, and Knight had to chastise him for thinking he wanted to go see the bigger kin. The blue had almost been made to stay behind, as he was often troublesome and mischievous, but Sia had begged for him to come, so that he wouldn't be sad he missed the hatching. He'd been allowed, but Knight, Rosian, and likely Roselle would all be keeping a close eye on the blue. Gin was little trouble, and of course Knight was always well behaved!
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The healing camp lay sprawled on the sand near the entrance, maintaining a barrier between the Candidates and the stairs that led up from where the stood to the Stands on the inside. On the other flank lay the path the future Weyrlings would take as they left the Grounds and headed for the Barracks that lay just beyond to feed their new charges and begin their new life. In many ways the Healers were the last line of defense for those sitting above them and those who would leave behind them, but in many ways they were defenseless and in the open. Entomath knew this. She had walked right into the camp after culling her vile brother from the world to find Yrsavild hard at work trying to help the Healers save a Candidate. The Red did not understand why she was bothering, and had only further encouraged her Rider's interests in Dragonhealing. The humans were replaceable, there were hundreds of them for each one that fell, but so few dragons.

The Red sat straddling the camp and the walk to the Barracks, she would move as the injured came and as the future Weyrlings filtered past offering congratulations to those young dragons who found their matches. Her bright tail swished back and forth in the sand behind her, creating and destroying dunes with every stroke, her large eyes bobbing even with the upper seats of the Stands as she split her attention between the mortals below her and those on all sides. One of the many below her was her own Rider. Yrsavild's hair was tied up with scarves, the dark curls tucked and braided in such a way that none would come loose into her eyes. Her dress was dark and muted earth tones--colours she had found were less likely to offend or confuse young hatchlings, but were different from her normally bright desert dress.

Her arms were already well stained with redwort, adding a crimson hue to the dusky tones of her skin up to her elbows. She was already checking for any places she may have missed, because she could not afford to have numb fingers when working on tiny hatchlings. This was important to her for many reasons. She had spent so many turns here, had accomplished so much, she knew it was only a matter of time before she earned her Master's knots--and she intended for that to happen well before she was thirty-five turns of age. Delicate needles thinner than blades of grass for babies membranes that would be thin and prone to tearing, salve pots, numbweed, scissors and knives for trimming. Everything was sorted, cleaned, sorted and cleaned again. It was a large clutch, and she was under no illusions of preparedness.

Entomath grew more restless as she watched the Green hatchling, her tail snaking beneath the sand to form a bright red hump that ran along the outside of the healer camp; she would not hesitate to correct the babies direction should they try to engage a fight with any of the Healers or those being tended beyond the barrier of her tail. Of course, if one came for their own she would never prevent that, only senseless slaughter. Let the hatchlings go to the Stands and run amok there if they needed to stretch their talons, this was her territory, her little piece of haven amid the chaos. And those Weyrlings who made it beyond to care for their charges would be equally protected from a hatchling's wroth.

Yrsavild watched her fellow Healers quietly, her eyes scrutinizing. Was she humming under her breath, or was that a different sort of sound?

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Kali lay quietly in her bed, staring at the ceiling. It had been quite a near turn, so far. She'd settled into her new home, and was feeling more at ease than she had back at 'home'. She didn't really consider that home--not anymore. Dalibor was the nearest thing she had felt to having a proper one in her life. While she still was torn over her identity, she at least felt she could decide for herself who that was. She had time, and no one would hold it over her no matter what she decided. Any who did would be odd ones out--not everyone, or common, as it had been back where she was from. As the hatching was drawing nearer, she kept questioning herself even more than she had been for a while. What kind of dragon would choose her? Would it know her, the person she was, that didn't feel she was a female, but neither felt male? She kept between the two, on some line that she danced all her own, and simply didn't know from one day to the next where on the line she fell. Maybe the middle...

The gold queen's alert came while she was wide awake, and yet it still surprised her. She took a deep breath, and began to prepare, donning armor first, carefully making sure it was all set on right, and then robes. She was nervous, a bit. Yet at the same time she was looking forward to this, despite those nerves. As she followed the candidates and spotted some familiar faces, she realized she barely knew these people. That would change if she Impressed and ended up in a weyrling class. Part of her wanted that. It would give her more direction, and more chance to really integrate and find her place in this Weyr. It what seemed like no time, she was at the sands, and then upon them. They were hot, and a little unpleasantly so. Stifling. She could feel the sweat at the back of her neck, small droplets she was sure would increase the longer that she stood on them. Still, likely everyone was affected, and she ignored it.

When she got to Couineth, she made a bow from the waist, neat and practiced--she had, mimicking those of young men she'd seen bow to partners or in respect to others. "It's really an honor to be here, lovely of you to have me and give me a chance today." She was glad her voice was strong and sure. She didn't want to have hesitation in there, didn't want to feel like she might not be where she was supposed to be, and that the dragons would find her odd, as so many people had. Her dragon wouldn't find her odd. That was all that mattered, and all that she hoped for. That acceptance. She was willing to bet there were others out there like her. For a moment, on the way over to the candidates, she paused, much like another had done. She walked that line, but which side was she currently on? She didn't know. She spotted someone she knew all too well--her roommate, Sin. There was always something a little strange about the quiet girl, something Kali wasn't quite sure how to put her foot on. Still, she knew her, and that was something more than she could really say for the rest of the people here. She might have joined her, but then saw someone else she had heard had been Standing for some turns now, and who wasn't with others.

Kali walked over to Kida and offered her an easy smile. "You nervous, or used to this by now? Today might be your day, you know," she said, aiming for encouragement. Standing so long and not Impressing...and yet she looked about as confident as some who'd only just begun. It was admirable. Kali thought this one deserved a dragon today, if anyone did. She hoped it was a really fine Impression, too!



Tay nearly fell out of bed when the voice reached her. She'd been half asleep, having been unable to really fall into a deep sleep since the touching. The moment the voice registered as Couineth's, and it was announced there was a hatching, the older teen shot up out of bed, still partly tangled up in her bed sheets, and nearly hit the floor. She didn't mind, though, and quickly righted herself. It was actually time! The hatching was happening!

She got into her armor and robes so quickly that she had to double check to make sure it was all on properly, before she headed for the sands at so fast a walk that it was nearing a jog. There were a lot of people headed that way, and their combined excitement and nerves only fed her own. Shells, but she was Standing. Actually Standing. For a dragon. She felt butterflies so intense she was almost nauseated, and yet it wasn't a bad sort. Nerves, excitement...it was all as it should be. She waited her turn to greet Couineth, practically dancing from foot to foot. When her turn came, she half-walked, half-jogged, up to the queen, and made a very deep bow.

"This is so exciting, I'm so thankful and grateful to be here, thank you both!" Her words came in a bit of a rush, and she bowed again, and wondered if she was supposed to say more, but couldn't even think of what to say. She was a bundle of nerves and excitement, that much was clear. If anyone was there thinking positive thoughts today, it would have been Tay. "I'm so honored, thank you again," she finally managed, before turning and hurriedly heading for the girl's side. Then she spotted the green, and near about froze, staring. She forced herself not to stop, as if she wasn't who the green was meant for--and chances were unlikely as likely, she didn't want to draw the sort of attention that wouldn't be welcome to any candidate. Still, her stole a glance behind her before stopping beside Serlie, her blue eyes dancing, a grin on her face.

"Tell me I'm not the only one who is beyond excited for this," she said to the smaller candidate. While she'd never officially met her until today, she recognized her from lessons. "Serlie, right? I'm Taylei--Tay," she offered. It was clear from her voice she wasn't able to quell her excitement at all. She had not necessarily forgotten the warnings about maulings and the danger, but it was hard to even think of that when she felt she might explode with how excited she was to be here!


@Leo, OPEN

Well, here he was. The call came, and he would go and Stand with the others. Maybe, just maybe, he'd come out of it with a dragon, like Hallae had done all those turns ago. Maybe not, but there was only one way to find out, wasn't there? Dax donned his armor and robes in a methodical, precise manner. Everything was as it was supposed to be, and a quick look in the mirror to ruffle his hair--he'd not been asleep, but still in bed--and he strode out for the sands.

The sea of people was overwhelming, nearly. Not that people made him nervous. No, it was just something he felt, in that moment. So many people, all hoping for the same thing. Here he was, with something he was trying to strive to discover for himself. Something he needed, but perhaps they wanted for more noble reasons than he did. Still, he'd been Searched, and so he had the right to Stand just like they did, no matter his reasons. He wanted to feel he had a purpose. He wanted to know what this bond was, so strong it drove a person to death if they lost their partner. He wanted to not feel alone...to understand.

The sands, once reached, were as hot as he remembered from the touching. He figured Kaizre would be up in the Stands, probably. His younger brother had bonded to a orange wher--a sub-queen. He'd made his mark, and had a direction. While their father was livid, Dax was proud of the young man. He'd followed what he wanted to do, and he could only support that as best he could. Upon reaching his turn in the line of candidates, he wasn't sure what he was feeling, precisely. A sort of calm had taken over him, and he strode forth with at least some measure of confidence that this was where he was supposed to be, at this moment.

"Morning Weyrwoman, Queen Couineth. Pleased to be here, and an honor." He remembered the bow, and made a fairly decent one, at that, and then stood. "Hope they all Impress well--sure they will," he added. The dragons always knew. Hallae had said that often enough. Would one of them know about him? Well, he was going to find out, one way or the other. Unlike some, maulings weren't particularly on his mind, even if he was aware they happened. Being smart and making sure you weren't stupid about things went a long way, he was willing to bet. If any rampaging dragonet came his way, he was getting the shells out of its way and letting it get to someone it wanted--and not by going through or over him, hopefully. He walked to the boy's side, seeing some faces he knew from lessons, and stood there looking out over the sands. There was a green--his father had green, but it was the last thing he wanted for his sons...well, that and bonding to a copper wher, apparently. There was a lot resting on his shoulders, he knew. He was the last son, and his father wanted him to Impress well. Still...Dax found he cared less and less about what his father wanted these days. He'd all but disowned Kai for something that wasn't even so big a deal as he was making it. He might have respected his father...but not some of his actions. The man wanted the best for his sons. He understood that much. Yet his ideas of what the best was...well, that was another matter. So, as he stood there, wondering what the eggs held, he told himself that no matter what he Impressed, if at all, he'd be all right in the end.



Did they really have to hatch out in this early in the morning? Shae sighed, rolling out of bed and standing, stretching like a cat and yawning. Well, no matter. They were hatching, and she had to be there for it. She got her armor on, carefully checking it over, and her robes. They were ugly things, these sharding robes. Still, they got torn up from time to time, so did it really matter? People and dragons were so hung up on tradition, and while it was annoying to wear the awful, cumbersome feeling things, she and everyone else on those sands would be in white today. She splashed some water on her face and ran her fingers through her hair so that it didn't look a total mussed up mess--just a little wild, but that was okay. She knew that look suited her just fine. Then, she went out and followed the throng of candidates to the sands.

Tradition, tradition. Respect, respect. She was still a little groggy, but waking up. She spotted a green on the sands--looked like a fierce little beasty, didn't it? Someone was going to have their hands full with the little spitfire, she was sure. When it was her turn, she walked up to Couineth with light, easy strides. She wasn't nervous, but she knew that anything could happen out here, and it was her job to make sure it didn't happen to her. This was a bit of a gamble, a bit of a game: Impress or get out alive. Those were the options. Obviously Impression was the jackpot, but not being mauled or killed was a satisfactory idea, too. "You two are looking lovely as ever, Weyrwoman, Queen. A fine morning for a clutch, indeed," she purred, and then made a rather graceful, feminine looking bow to the pair. "Truly an honor to be present," she added, feeling more gracious today than she had been at the touching. Having to do this was a bit annoying, but it was worth it to be here. Today might be her day. Anything could happen, and while she might have liked a sub-queen to happen--she didn't figure she would have gotten any queen, after seeing the kinds of people that did, even if she found a lot of them altogether undeserving of that--and so she was sure she'd be better with something like a sub-queen. Still...who was going to complain as long as they got a dragon? No one did, after all. She'd be amazing with anything, she knew.

She joined the girl's side afterwards, striding confidently on over, blue eyes alert. She was awake now, despite the hot, sleepy lull the sands seemed to try and drag the newly-woken and sleepy candidates into--herself included. She was on full alert, seizing up her fellows and trying to decide what might be their fates today. Mauling? Impressing? This was quite a gamble indeed. She stopped near to one girl, and waited, and watched. It was all a waiting game, now...



Well, it was the big moment, at last. Al stood up and dutifully put on his armor and robes. There were some nerves there, but it was mixed with feeling eager. Today might be the day he, Alistair, Impressed a dragon. It didn't matter, to him, what color. A fighter would allow him to do what the dragons were purposed to do and protect the people of Pern just as well as a ranking king or sub-king. True, it might have been nice to Impress a bronze, or iron, or a sub-king. Yet every dragon had its role. Every single one was just as important as the other. He didn't know anyone here. He'd only arrived shortly before the touching--fortunately. That had been a great experience, just as he was sure this would be.

He strode towards the sands, feeling confident that today, regardless of what happened, would be a worthwhile experience. He sincerely hoped no one would be mauled, but the armor was smart. They'd have protection, though not complete. Dragonets were strong, for all that they weren't full grown. He knew it wasn't usually on purpose--he liked to think never. They were what they were. As he waited his turn, his face was calm, but he was clearly feeling some of the excitement, indicated by the small smile he wore. There was so much potential here. These candidates...many would walk off as weyrlings, then become fine dragonmen--and women! As he searched their faces, his gaze fell on one whom he thought looked a bit more nervous than the others he'd seen. He didn't know the boy, but made a note to Stand with him.

Walking up to Couineth and the Weyrwoman, he stood tall. He was proud to be a part of this. Greatly honored. This was a chance many dreamed of and never got to take. He never undermined that. "Ma'am, Queen, I'm greatly honored to be given this chance. Thank you both kindly." His bow was smooth and he held it a moment, before standing once more. "Best of luck to all of you," he said to the few behind him, before striding over to join Zaephor. He offered a friendly smile, and asked, "Nervous?" He stood with his hands clasped in front of him, wearing the same small smile. It was an exciting day, and they were all so fortunate to be able to be here, on these sands, with this chance.


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There were few events more exciting than a hatching. Talivor had been to many, and yet the excitement of these never faded for that. It was the day of deciding. The day many fates would change, and new lives begin. While he was not Standing, he was certainly going to be a participant from the stands. It would be his first hatching attended at his new posting--his new home. It made it all the more exciting. Also, there were supposedly seventeen eggs! He was feeling very fortunate indeed that he would get to witness so large a clutch hatching. He had spoken here and there to some candidates, and thought overall they were a bright, wonderful lot. Still, he who tended to think the best of most people usually thought nice thoughts like that, regardless of how much truth it held!

He politely walked along behind the throng of non-candidates heading into the sands. There would be far more spectators than candidates, and and he decided he'd sit lower, but not directly up front. He would let others have those seats, should they want them! Spotting an empty spot beside a friendly enough looking face, Talivor asked, "Do you mind if I sit here? It's a lovely morning for a hatching--so exciting!" Offering a hand, he introduced himself. "Talivor, Journeyman Harper Talivor. Who might I have the pleasure of addressing?"


@Zane, @Catsitta

Zari woke up to the sound of footfalls. Getting up out of bed, she carefully made her way out into the corridor to see people up and all heading in one direction. She'd been sleeping very soundly,
and yet even in her sleepy state, she realized what was going on. Green eyes widened a little as she went back to her room, and quickly made to get ready. She didn't want to look a mess for such an important event, but she hurried to tie her hair up into a side-braid, putting on a blue ribbon--same color as Gabranth, her brother's blue. R'en had given it to her, and she loved it.
A pretty white dress and just below the knee boots were donned as quickly as she could, before she splashed some water on her face and rinsed out her mouth, glad her morning breath did not seem too noticeable. Still, she had a few fruits on her bed side table in a little basket, and took up one of those. That would clean out her mouth as best as could be.

She felt nervous, walking with all the unknown people. Careful not to bump anyone, she kept her arms close to her body, and made her way with them to the stands. She knew R'en would be here, and quelled her nervousness knowing she would be able to sit with him. She was so new here, having only arrived after the touching. She knew no one, and the Weyr felt so big compared to the Hold back home, even if she had been in very busy lessons with her fellow Harpers. She'd come to be here, with her brother, and to continue her studies under the Master Harper at Dalibor. She would eventually be a Journeyman, she knew, and looked forward to it immensely.

Once she reached the stands, her heart began to race again. There were so many people, how was she ever going to find R'en? She knew Gabranth would be here...yes! There he was, up above, on the ledges. She smiled in relief, and sent to the blue, Gabranth! Is R'en here yet? She waved up to him, and then carefully picked her way along the stands until she was directly under the blue. She didn't see R'en, and, a little nervous, took a seat in a space that was relatively clear still. That way, when her brother joined her--hopefully soon!--there would be plenty of room for him to sit.

She was proud of R'en. He had achieved his own dreams, and she wanted to make him proud by achieving her own. She knew he wanted her to Stand, but she wanted to be a Journeyman so badly that she was torn. She could have Stood, for this hatching, even. She wasn't even sure if in being here, she might not end up with a dragon anyhow. She had been told that could happen, so each hatching she attended from now on, she had to realize it could happen. Still, the idea that there might be some dragon for her out there, her partner, and it could between were she not there...it made her want to cry to even think it. What if R'en had not been there for Gabranth? So, she had agreed to attend each hatching here, with her brother.
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(Healer Spectator - Da'on)

Another early morning, another hatching. Today would have been a rest day, a true rest day if the eggs hadn't decided that this morning was the day to actually emerge from too small shells. Tea should have been his go-to as it would calm any morning rawrness but, it was a 'i'm now onto my second mug of klah' kind of morning. Maybe it was the rain... but at least rukbat's rays tried to make an appearance. Maybe he would have appreciated how the rain glittered under warm rays... yet-- it was early, and he had a late night. Shame on him. Wasn't his fault one of his husbands owned a wher.

It was Bosk's.

The 'another hatching' monotonousness was broken when early arrivals were greeted with a red eyed green, with her egg was quite literally decimated where she broke through. Oh good. Dawn had just broken, and the morning was greeted with a very impatient hatchling. This was a good sign. Ah but the rain seemed to have stemmed some sort of tide.

If anger had a temperature, there would have been steam coming off her dark hide.

It was going to be one of those days.
Should I offer Fortath my condolences early for his Candidates?
That's not how you get him to like you.
Roiath rolled a wing joined which Da'on could feel a mental shrug, if that sort of action had an associated feeling.

Da'on double and triple checked all his carefully organized Healing supplies, before he was at least feeling something akin to satisfied with it. Prior he would have been just fine, but now he expected some sort of blood bath. If not to the candidates, then at least to the dragonets. None favorable, but one meant he had less work. Save for apprentice level assisting -- as that was as far as he'd gotten with Dragonhealing.

Speaking of.

"Something caught in your throat, Yrsa dear?" he commented offhandedly to his DragonHealing counterpart, before taking another sip of his now cooling klah. Da'on respected her a lot, but he also enjoyed ruffling her fine feathers.

@Ruin (for Yrsa obv)

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Baihujinth worried silently about the moving egg; even the Iron was concerned, doubly so when Couineth had expressed her worry. But like he had always been, Bai's demeanor was stoic and calm. He had laid beside the clutch for several days, now, gently pushing his nose or his tailfork against and around the rocking, moving little egg. A silent, stalwart guardian, both of his newfound mate (so long as she remained, he didn't keep the hopes to ever have another like he had been with Simhath again), her eggs - though he hardly felt it appropriate to call them 'theirs' when she had done the majority of the work in their creation - and Theirs. Patrols around the Sands on the candlemark when he was present (after all, they had drills and work to see to that wasn't always allowing them to remain within). Inquiries of anything suspicious to the guards when they returned.

When the first of his newest batch of hatchlings exploded into the world, Baihujinth reached his enormous snout down, once he'd alighted on the Sands from the ledge he'd kept, when not curled up with Couineth. Squared off snoot brushed against the tiny green back, and he rumbled softly.

Calm yourself, my daughter. They have been informed. Human legs move only so fast, they do not have but two of them, after all.

His deep-chested hum vibrated within the reaches of Z'dyn's chest almost habitually, though the Wingleader-turned-Weyrleader's own was melodic of sorts, as he put away the hides he was reading over, and refilled his Klah. A sudden rush of a body hit him in the thigh and hip, and he looked down to see Keivhyn peering up at him; the boy had been spending time with Mutorin, from the looks of it, though Z'dyn would have to forcibly have words with his uncle about taking his grand-nephew on romps about the Weyr when he was supposed to be sleeping.

"Pa, can I watch? Can I? Please?!"
"If'n yer good. No noise. An' y'stick wi' me. Got it?"

He one-armed his now-youngest up against him, and Keivhyn looked with wide, light green eyes at the dark green hatchling on the Sands.

"Papa is she upset?"
"Not sure. Bai's tryin' t'calm 'er down, but somebody's made 'er cross."
"Y'think she'll hurt Ky?"
"Dunno. Hush up."

Keivhyn stole some of his father's klah, and Z'dyn offered part of the left-over meatroll he'd been working on over the course of the morning. The eight-turn-old settled in, tucked beside his father, and waved to his half-brother as Kyzekeidon appeared.

Ky had heard the call, still half-asleep in his bunk in the Barracks. Couineth's voice could wake the entire planet, so on-pins-and-needles as so many people had seemed in the last few days. It would be soon, the rumor mills said. Ky wasn't sure if he was apprehensive, or excited. Or something else completely.

Either way, he'd brought Jubilee with him after donning his armor and robes; Al'dr had been clear, throughout the recent sevendays and beyond that. Showing up to the Sands without armor, would be grounds for removal. Given how...relatively angry most of the eggs had seemed, it only made sense to be doubly protected.

Making his way to the Sands with the others, Ky pit-stopped briefly to where his half-brother was, and Jubilee was settled within Keivhyn's grip. Buh settled on the young man's shoulder, and the younger of Z'dyn's remaining boys was tasked with keeping watch on their pets, while Z'dyn gave his oldest the look of 'you'd best behave'.

Venturing down to the Sands, Kyzekeidon bowed deeply to Couineth and Rayna.

"Thank you, once again, for allowing us all on the Sands to Stand for your children. It's an honor, Gold Couineth, Weyrwoman Rayna. I hope they are all healthy, happy, and that they bond well, and that these little ones - like the ones before - continue to bring honor and respect to the Weyr now, and when they are grown."

He moved over to take his place among the boys, Baihujinth rumbling a greeting to His' hatchling. It amused the Iron, clearly, that one of His' hatchlings was standing for a clutch of the Iron's own progeny.

Aurora groaned inwardly, before she realized what was happening. Shards and shells! Scrambling out of her bunk, she pulled on the armor beneath her robes - she wasn't overly fond of the entire thing, but given the Weyr's history for murderous babies, she could hardly be surprised or blame anyone - and then made sure her hair and appearance weren't a mess. A quick brush-through, before she gathered it all behind her head in a messy bun, using a plain, bone pair of hair-sticks shoved through both sides to hold it in place. Sliding her feet into the sandals, she skittered out with the rest of the Candidates to the Sands, grumping to herself about the rain briefly, before stepping out to stand before the Gold Senior Queen and her Weyrwoman.

"It's an honor to be here, and given the privilege of standing for your hatchlings, Queen Couineth, Weyrwoman Rayna." She curtsied politely. "May they all bond well."

Taking a place by the girls, she eyeballed the Green already on the Sands warily. That one didn't sound happy. If they were all that....upset, Aurora wasn't entirely sure it was a bad idea to have worn the armor. From the sounds of it, they were going to need all the protection they could get.

B'er had woken not when the humming had started - though the sound resonated in his weyr at the behest of the Black sprawled out across his couch with Sesk tucked against his belly, and Sebol's fair draped in various mediums across the whole of the splotch-colored drake's body. No, it had been Sebol's jerk of consciousness that had shaken the Smith to his own, though his eyes remained closed as he soaked in the state of his own thoughts, long enough to feel Sebol move.

A quiet reach into the space the other man had vacated, before B'er's thick fingers curled against the body-warmed sheet.

"My family," B'er repeated, groaning as he opened his eyes, the dark expression one half-lidded with groggy existence. "..I suppose I should."

Sliding carefully out of bed, B'er pulled on his brace to support his injured hip and thigh, tightening the straps but otherwise not bothering with any further clothing, naked as the day he was born as he migrated across their now-shared weyr to pull himself up behind Sebol's frame, and drape strong arms around the still-too-thin ribcage of his lover and companion.

"Of course you can," he remarked idly, cheek propped against the other's back, eyes closing to exist in the state of his newfound partnership, a relationship he'd been hungering for since...worse times for both of them. "I wouldn't dream of leaving you here, not unless you were sleeping, of course, because I'm not that cruel...."

Rlyeth fluttered as he shifted his body, once Sesk dropped down to go to Sebol. The Black let out a massive yawn, displacing flits as gently as he could to wriggle out from under the mass, only to see them flock back to the warmth his own body had left behind. A stretch, before he dropped his snout down to B'er's arm. It took some convincing to get him to let Sebol go and scratch his Black's nose, tugging lightly on one of the tendrils of his upper lip, before his Greenhandler evaded him to dress.

B'er supposed it was a good idea, this putting on clothing and being presentable for public thing. Much as he would have loved to crawl back into bed, he was almost certain that some of his already-Impressed siblings would be there, if not those who had yet to. If they were even still around. He'd lost track, shamefully enough.

Rlyeth waited for them to finish, Squeak finding himself somewhere among Sebol's fair, and the Black inquiring with his usual image-speech whether or not Sesk was coming with them, or staying there. Given it was close to dawn, if not at it, he assumed she wasn't coming and showed her his couch - the offer there for her to use it if she wanted. B'er had ordered her bed, paid for it, and they were only waiting for it to be completed. It was coming from Western, so he supposed he'd be sent word when it was ready. Until then, there were no shortages of comfortable places for Sesk to curl up on or in.

Pulling Sebol aboard once he'd dressed himself and ventured up his Black's shoulder, the trio dropped silently off the ledge, and Rlyeth carried them towards the Sands. Dropping them off on ground-level and handing His the cane he used to walk, the Black returned not to the ledges, but to his weyr; rather than displace the other lizards occupying his couch, Rlyeth stretched out on his own ledge to bask in and greet the sunrise.

B'er looped his arm around Sebol's hips, using his Greenrider with one arm, and his cane with the other, the Blackrider made his way up into the Stands with his new beau.


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The green’s tail tick tocked back and forth as she kept an eye on the eggs, jumping slightly as she felt the touch of her father on her back and then she turned her attention back to the eggs. Watching them curiously. Still they did not move. Finally, the green roared again and charged head-long into the small purple egg. The one that had been touched by only one person at the touching and one that shouldn’t have even been there. She pounced upon the egg with rage, clawing and tearing at the shell until she ripped it open, swiftly and before Couineth could do anything to stop her. The dragonet within tumbled out of her egg, still sleeping. The green lowered her head and bared her teeth as the cyan within dragged herself to her feet and blearily looked around herself.

The green had left the cyan by now to her own devices to look at the other eggs. The small, misshapen green egg at the front was now frantically rocking back and forth as though whatever was inside was desperate to be free. The green paused for a moment and then stepped away. Her sibling would have to fight this battle on their own. She had freed the cyan because she wanted company and now she wanted more. It would not do to have her first meal all on her own. She needed others to go first. She spotted one of the small eggs at the front and moved towards it in a way that just seemed as though she were looking towards the candidates. Her nose wrinkled as she sniffed the air, her oddly fat tail thumping the ground. Then she turned suddenly and with all her might swiped at one of the small white eggs. There was a loud squawk as the dragonet inside curled into a ball and pulled the egg shell over itself to hide.

Couineth growled a warning to the green who glared back at her mother. A noise to her left told her the red shell was starting to break. That one would take their sweet time. She danced away quickly and trod where the little mound was. With a shrieking cry, she jumped away as something seemed to lash up at her from the sands. Ichor stained the sands as she rolled, covering her maw where she had been scratched across the face, hopping away from the moving sand. She then moved past the cyan who seemed to have awoken now.

The cyan sat there, preening herself and chirping in an almost bird-like manner. She patiently and methodically began removing the goo from her body, taking great pains to avoid getting sand on herself. In fact, she barely took notice of the people and movement around her. No, she had to be perfect for today was the day she met her mate for life. The cyan almost seemed cheerful compared with the angry green but as soon as the green came close, the cyan flared her wings chirps becoming distinctly aggressive as she chased the green away from her. The green darted away and as soon as she had moved, the cyan went back to her preening in the exact same spot. Today was the most important day of her life and she would be damned if she was going to let herself be covered in this gross stuff.

Now, despite the initial surprise, this little green with the lighter green mark upon her chest, would not be cowed into submission. The rage was mounting in her eyes and in an instant she had launched herself at the cyan. The cyan screeched her anger and surprise, pulling away from the green and running towards the candidates. The green kept her wings close to her body and had a more lumbering gait whilst the cyan flapped her wings to power herself forward. They charged past Arcaina, @Catsitta the cyan’s wing making contact with the candidate’s leg. They moved near Serlie @Raining the cyan making a flying leap to avoid her whilst the green made a beeline. If Serlie were to not move, the green would knock her over, running almost between her legs.

Then the cyan ran by Kidanyr @Blot and the green stopped in her chase to stare at the candidate.
I remember you... the green stared for a moment and then growled but you are not Mine.
She growled and stalked away, circling the female candidates. She spotted Seiyrsha @Ruriko amongst them and lunged forward towards her, teeth bared angrily ready to snap lightly upon her leg. They had all heard her thoughts. From the largest egg to the smallest, each one of them had heard how she thought greens were the worst. How she didn’t want one of them.

You think greens are worthless. How dare you. Her whole maw crinkled with a growl before she snapped her head back to the clutch. The red egg had now hatched. Grumpily, she stepped away from the candidate and sat on her haunches. Well, at least there were more who would be able to join her soon.

With the green having given up her chase, the cyan was free to move back to the clutch. There was a strangeness to her hop as she made her way right back to the spot where she had hatched. She hopped past the red egg and chirped at the dragon within. The dragon rolled out of its ball and then stood. The brown hide was unmistakeable and it was chuckling.

Surprise. he said into the minds of all the candidates.

He ignored the green glaring at him for a moment, having already told her to stop attacking the candidates and started moving in an almost robotic manner. Slowly. The round brown seemed to be following a path as he walked.

The cyan watched him for a moment and then started making very loud musical noises. The sound was almost louder than her mother as she screeched. It might have been apparent that she was singing but hard to tell because it wasn’t exactly a song that one would consider… Pretty. Her head moved back and forth as she sang her tuneless song and then she looked around, puffed herself up as though pleased with herself.

The cyan stood again and walked towards the egg that had been broken by her sister, she dropped her head underneath and seemingly had a conversation with the dragonet who was still hiding. All the while, she was chirping quietly as though humming a song. It was clear that she was trying to help the hatchling but whatever was within seemed not too happy about the idea of making a movement. Another chirp told her she realised this was in vain and she moved away.

Oh but it was time, and she would be the first. It was time it was time to share her dreams and sing with one voice. She knew who she desperately needed in her life and she was ready for this. The cyan hopped amongst the candidates and stopped for a moment then ran towards the stands. Why?

Her gaze was fixed solely on Leuke @Sakoru who had touched her egg without permission. HER egg mind you. She didn’t care about people touching other eggs and not even if the candidates had touched her egg. This was different. He hadn’t been allowed to be there. The screeching began anew as she attempted to scale the stands but got not that far towards attacking Leuke, stopped by the people he had put between himself and the sands.

Couineth had leaned over, to stop her daughter from harming any spectators and the cyan immediately began picking a fight with her mother?? The cyan screeched back and Couineth and flailed her claws at her mother, hopping towards the Gold, raising her foreclaws as though she was absolutely 100% ready to fight her mother. She chirped and snapped in the direction of someone random then made her way back down to the sands.

Oh but that was high and she was quite small. The cyan looked worried for a moment and then looked down to the sands. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go at all. Well, at least she hadn’t been bitten by her angry sister. Whistles were made as she thought to herself and then she placed her foreclaws on the edge and stepped over, landing in a heap covered in sand. Then immediately ran towards her mother, ready to fight the gold. Snapping her mouth shut, she made to strike at the gold’s nose as Couineth lowered her head towards the tiny dragonet. Then the gold breathed out and nudged the cyan over, sending her flailing in a pile of limbs and wings. Her beautiful multi-hued hide now covered in sand.

The infant dragonet looked at her body in dismay and started trying to pick the sand off herself. Then she hopped her way back to the candidates and sat before her chosen, sadly looking at herself first and then her bonded.

Rylin, Rylin, did you like my song? I am afraid I am not looking my best. I tried. My mother told me to get out of the stands, can you imagine? The nerve.
Still she cast a wary look back at Couineth and then ruffled her wings with almost a sigh.

Well… Shall we? I have much to discuss with you about your music. I was trying to sing to you, you know. Come, hurry hurry Rylin. She began hopping off the sands, chirping again as she went, Oh, by the way I am Loriketh and I have been waiting to meet you. I am so excited. Did you see that I found you first? No one touched my egg except someone who shouldn’t but I was looking and found you.

She held out a claw almost as though she was offering a ‘fistbump’ to her candidate and then happily chirped.

Cyan Loriketh - Rylin

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You will know when Loriketh is awake for she makes loud, musical noises at dawn and dusk. She is a beautiful looking cyan with a multi-hued hide. This can mean she will be a little annoying at times and furthermore will try to encourage other dragons and firelizards to join her in making noises.

She is also not afraid to pick a fight with a dragon three times her size. Yes, she will pick a fight with Couineth, Laanasuth and Baihujinth and have fun doing it! Loriketh is territorial and possessive over food and things she considers hers. Anyone trying to get close to the things she deems hers will see a rather aggressive cyan advancing upon them. She has large wings but seems to beat them very quickly. That said, her stamina is slightly above average for a fighter.

Loriketh can be trusting of others and very curious. She is interested in everything the world has to offer and trying new things. When a volunteer is needed, Loriketh will be the first to jump in and offer a claw. This is good in some ways as it can allow them to be noticed and recognised more readily but it also means Hers can potentially be pushed to do things they may not have wanted to volunteer for. Like extra chores.

That said she is the definition of ‘bonded for life’. Loriketh chose her partner and has no regrets. Through thick and thin Hers is just that. Hers. They are together and she believes they are bonded for life more so than perhaps other dragons might understand. She is also unlikely to Fly unless she knew who she wanted to pick. Loriketh finds the concept of finding a partner for life fascinating and would not initially like the concept of a ‘casual’ relationship. She would defend Hers to the ends of time and do all she could to protect them.

Lokith is territorial about her food and may need a separate eating time as she will sometimes chase others away from their food whilst she is eating her own. She does this loudly and aggressively. She will also have strange chirps as she nibbles her food down, wings pinned solidly to her side as she picks up each piece in her mouth.

Adult Size: 29’

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Erochall gripped her pillow tighter as a voice compelled her to rise. 'Candidates, come swiftly,' it beckoned. The candidate mumbled something under her breath that sounded a lot like, "I'm coming, I'm coming," although all she did was pull the furs closer around her in her half-awake state. Ugh, why couldn't dragonets pick a better time to hatch than first thing in the morning? Alright, she supposed this was better than the middle of the night hatchings other clutches seemed to be so fond of, but still, it was just so- early. It wasn't until Seiyr's call of 'shards' that Ero was convinced to roll out of bed. "Yeah," she yawned into the palm of her hand. "The hatching." Her dark eyes struggled to focus on her roommate's form as the other girl worked to put her armor and robes on. Right, she should - yaaaawn - do that too.

Slowly but surely, Ero tugged on her own set of armor and then the traditional white robes of a candidate. She was starting to feel a little more awake as her fingers worked through the thick strands of her black hair in order to plait them into a neat braid. However, she paused midway through the braid as Seiyrsha's words clicked into place: "You can Stand with me, if you want." The girl blinked. "Uh, yeah. Sounds good." It wasn't like she knew many of the other candidates so why not? She just hoped her roommate wasn't the type to run her mouth on the Sands while there were little dragonets running around. The occasional comment was fine, but too many words were just plain distracting, not to mention potentially dangerous. "See you there..." She continued to sit on her bed for a moment, watching as the door swung shut behind her roommate, before sighing and finishing her braid.

She probably seemed so calm and cool about this, but really, she was just as nervous and excited as the others if a little more sleepy. After all, this was her first time Standing after a turn-long break. And this time, she had no friends and no family to look to. Just herself. Oh, and Whiskers. Ero twisted her head around to watch the rise and fall of her feline's chest. The white-furred feline hadn't even moved from the edge of Erochall's bed where she had curled up into the shape of a half-circle except for the occasional twitch of a leg to show that she was still alive. "I guess somebody has to sleep for the rest of us...love you, my silly cat." The girl bent down to peck Whiskers on the top of her furry head before she left for the hatching sands. Whatever happened this day, Whiskers would be waiting for her when she got back.

Erochall lifted her face to the sky as the light rain speckled her with droplets. She didn't mind the rain, so long as it stayed only a sprinkle. It would be a refreshing coolness to the burning heat of the Sands. Sure enough, as soon as she had entered the cavern, the girl could feel the heat against her skin. She smirked to herself as Al'dr tried to calm the candidates' nerves with soothing words. Oh, if only nerves were so easily cured. Unfortunately, that included her own rising apprehension, although she tried to block it out by focusing on Couineth's great golden form. Hail to the queen. Her knees bent as she sunk into a practiced curtsy before both weyrwoman and dragon. "Weyrwoman, Queen Couineth," she greeted with a charming smile. "Thank you for the honor of Standing for your fair clutch. May all find their beloved halves."

Finished paying her respects, the candidate drew up alongside Seiyrsha on the girls' side. It didn't take a genius to realize that something was bothering the other girl. Erochall eyed her roommate contemplatively. Should she say something? Did she even have anything to say? Maybe all the redhead needed was a little reminder. "I'm here." A whisper. I'm here. I don't know you all that well, we can't even call ourselves friends, but remember that you're not alone in this because I'm here too. Ero's lips curved into a faint half-smile. There was a green on the sands. Ten turns ago, she wouldn't have dared to dream that she would be standing here, on these sands, in the hope that a dragon would see something in her that no one else could see. But she was here and she was free.

Soon enough, so were several of the hatchlings. Ero watched in silence as the green chased the cyan. The key here was to not antagonize any of the newly born dragons which meant all she had to do was stay as still as a statue and think about how gorgeous they all were. Easy enough. Still, she flinched as the green snapped at Seiyr, a reminder of how dangerous the dragonets could be. One wrong move and waking up early was going to be the least of her problems. She bit her lip. Erochall had to remember that this had been her choice to stand again. A wave of sound drew her gaze back to the cyan as she tried to- pick a fight with her mother?! Her brow furrowed in confusion - and possibly - a hint of worry. That was an idiotic plan. Thankfully, the gold was able to sort out her wayward daughter and the cyan ended up impressing to one of the other female candidates. Sigh. What a way to begin the day.

@Ruriko (Seiyrsha)


W'rone and Sanarth liked to attend the hatchings when they could. After all, one never knew what kind of exciting events would take place on the sands. What if a new color dragon was born- and they missed it? Or what if some heroic candidate died protecting their friend from an angry red? Okay, so the latter possibility was rather sad, but the point was they had to go to the hatching to ensure that all these stories could be recorded into song. The greatest shame would be to fail to pass these stories down to posterity. In this, Sanarth very much agreed. 'MyW'rone, are you ready to- oh! Mine, now is not the time!' The yellow's blue eyes were tinged with yellow as they focused on the outline of her rider against Rukbat's light. The harper stood on their weyr's ledge, looking out into the bowl, with an expression of bemusement on his face. Most would think he was simply contemplating some thought that had arisen to his mind, but Sanarth knew better. Sanarth knew his brown eyes were glassy with the notes that only he could see.

It took time, but at last, W'rone came back to himself. His gaze refocused on the face of his yellow who had placed her slender tail between himself and the edge. 'Thank you, Sanarth.' She exhaled and her warm breath stirred the strands of his reddish-brown hair. 'You're very welcome.' He set down the slate - now covered in notes - and stylus on top of his bed. 'What...were we doing exactly?' She hummed softly until W'rone had caught on. 'Oh, there's a hatching!' Sanarth stretched her wings wide in agreement. 'Yes, and it's rather impolite of us to be late!'

As always, Sanarth dropped him off rather than take him to a ledge. While three of the five friends had since Impressed to dragons, that left two who had little choice but to sit in the stands. Therefore, stands it was. W'rone found Xel and Chu with little trouble and took the open seat besides Aiechu. "Morning~" he trilled in an echo of the cyan that had just Impressed. "So, which one of you is going to find your accompaniment today?" He was only half joking. While he wasn't expecting one of the dragonets' songs to match one of his friends', it certainly would make his day to see them all become riders together. He hated any distance that arose between them because some were bonded to dragons while others were not. The question was, did Xel and Chu feel the same way?

@Rii @Lee @Ruin (bandies)


While for the majority of the Weyr it was early, for Kaizre and Kaisk, it was late. Nonetheless, they trickled in to watch the hatching from the stands alongside some other weyrfolk because they had a personal stake in the matter: Daxaeon. Regardless of the results, Kai felt he needed to be there to support his brother. It was the candidate's first time Standing at Dalibor and the wherling doubted he had made many friends in the short time since his arrival. Breathing in slowly, Kai drew comfort from Kaisk's warmth as she lay across his lap. The dragonets made him nervous; he was afraid Dax would get hurt. Kaisk cracked open a green eye, unconcerned with the hatching of the 'big-wings,' in order to find what Kai was so worried about. 'He be fine,' the orange insisted. 'Now scratch me.' Her eyelids flicked back down as her bonded began to work at the itch that had been bothering her. That was more like it.

@Ruriko (Daxaeon) @Open to stands

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Arcaina glanced behind her when she heard a familiar dragon mindvoice. Her smile widened. B'tor was in the Stands in support of his sister...and her. Once more she wished she had a big brother like him. But alas, she was an only child. At least the goofy greenrider seemed to enjoy their friendship, helping her with her music and teaching her about dragons. It was nice to have his support. Returning her gaze to the Sands, she watched as the green ripped open the shell of another egg, sending a cyan tumbling onto the sand. She blinked. Oh my. And the red was shaking and cracking...Oh, wait, the green and the cyan were on the move. Arcaina instinctively moved her leg to the side, neatly allowing the dragonet to pass as she ran through the female candidates. The cyan went into the stands and...well, wasn't she feisty? She made a fuss at a boy in the stands, scratched at her mother and then...Arcaina's eyes widened and she nearly clapped in joy. The cyan Impressed Rylin. B'tor's younger sister had met her match. Oh how wonderful! She looked around. Looks like a brown came out of the red egg. Everyone was so worried it would be a fearsome red, but here he was, a mellow brown.

She began to bounce on her toes, unable to remain perfectly still. So much was going on. It was impossible to process it all! Would she meet her lifemate today? This was her first hatch. She had been a candidate less than a Turn. There was so much to learn and know.

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So she impressed.

Zaephor watched the brief chaos of the cyan. It was a spunky one, willing to take on the world and swipe at her far larger mother. His mismatched eyes went wide when he saw who she bonded. Rylin. The harper girl. The one who blushed prettily at sweet words, was blithely ignorant...and caring. He recalled their conversation in the stands a couple days prior. They were both haggard from expectations. Wondering where they went from there. Rylin had no idea why she was standing, or what she wanted to impress. He was pretty sure she didn't even know if she wanted to keep standing after this hatch. But the uncertain girl met Hers. He wondered if this would, yet again, be another hatch where he was left behind by those he dared to think of as a possible friend. Her big brother was a brute, but Rylin...he thought he might have an ally in her. Someone he could talk to when he was feeling vulnerable and worn. Briefly, he tried to make eye contact with her, ignoring the burning ache of growing jealousy.

He swallowed and forced his eyes back to the sands. He needed to focus. Any moment a raging hatchling could try to bite his head off! As he did so, he gave the male beside him a brief glance. He should probably answer his question.

"Nervous? Of course not!" he claimed with his false bravado. "I've stood enough to know what could happen."

Death. Blood. Maiming. Zaephor flexed his hidden hands. People could die today and others could end up in infirmary beds. And with how angry that green was acting, he wondered if her siblings were similar.

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Yonthevro was used to rising with the sun. Even with a few weeks of night shifts when the wher eggs were on the sands, it was easy for him to return to this routine. So when the odd voice rang in his head, he was already awake and getting ready for the day. The voice made him frown, shaking his head a little. He wasn't sure he would ever get used to living with beings who could speak to him without being in the same room. It was truly a marvel. At least he'd been assured that they couldn't actually read his thoughts. At least, not until he bonded with one. If he bonded with one. Still, he didn't really mind if he didn't. He only had to look at Eryonthi, happy with her new friend and hope for the future, to know he'd made the right choice in coming here.

Quickly donning the armor and robe, Yonthevro made his way out of the barracks. Eryonthi met him there, and gave his hand a little squeeze for good luck. "Be careful," she begged, frowning and biting her lip. Yonthevro kissed her cheek and smiled, even though she couldn't see it. "Always sister. You know me!" Eryonthi wrinkled her nose at him. "I do know. That's why I said it." Yonthevro chuckled and made his way to join the other candidates down to the sands. He was in a good mood today, excited to see the dragons, and relaxed since he knew Eryonthi would be safe up in the Stands this time.

The Sands themselves were hot like last time. It still amazed him that anywhere could be so warm. It made him sweat just standing in it, since his body wasn't used to warm temperatures yet. The extra layers of armor didn't help either, but at least they offered some protection from claws. A fair trade off, he decided.

Remembering the ever important candidate lesson, Yonthevro offered Couineth a polite bow and smile when he arrived. "It is honor to stand before you, great queen," he declared in a clear, bold tone. Glancing up after his greeting, he saw that one of the eggs had already hatched. The green who sat on the sands looked a bit edgey. Perhaps she was impatient. He supposed he would be too if he had to wait for everyone to get dressed and show up before getting breakfast. His own stomach was pretty empty too, but he was content to wait. One thing about this place was that he never seemed to go hungry for long.

He started a little when the green attacked another egg, frowning with worry. Was it normal for dragons to attack their siblings? Fortunately, she stopped before the new dragon was hurt, though the bluish creature looked to be sleeping. Now something seemed to have attacked the cranky green, but he couldn't see what. Yonthevro frowned, his fingers twitching and his foot tapping impatiently. He didn't like this standing around and doing nothing, even though from the lessons they had told him again and again not to interfere.

Now there were several hatchlings, some of which were running among the candidates. He was having a hard time keeping track of them. It looked like the cyan had picked someone, but he'd lost track of the green entirely. He should have guessed with so many more eggs that it would be more chaotic.
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It was time.

Lerian had barely slept since the touching, excited as she was by the prospect of finally becoming a Candidate herself, instead of just watching from the sidelines like before. Excited, and scared at the same time. It wasn't exactly unheard of for baby hatchlings to attack humans before Impressing; sometimes the babies even attacked their own bondeds-to-be before making them theirs. Baby dragons could be as mean and spiteful as baby humans were, so it seemed.

Not that she had much in the way of choice right then. She'd always wanted to become a rider like her parents before her, and part of becoming a rider was passing through this possible ordeal of getting eaten alive while on the Sands. Not much could be done about such things, besides learning the lessons, wearing sweaty leather armor, and hoping the clutchmothers weren't the kind who liked to witness bloodshed. Or who decided dragonets killing humans was just the Way Things Should Be Because Tradition, or something stupid like that. The ways of dragons were beyond her, at least for now.

So the ten turn-old girl quickly donned her armor and robes, and swiftly entered the Hatching Grounds via the prescribed tunnel for Candidates. She bowed to the Goldpair as was due her rank. "Thank you for letting us Stand for you babies, Couineth, Lady Rayna. Hopefully everyone will find their perfect mates without hurting everyone else in the process," which she hoped was true. The idea of becoming some dragonet's first meal because the mother was uninterested in keeping her babies in line didn't appeal to her. At all.

Lerian then went over to the girls' side of the Candidates, fairly close to the front to get a good view of the going-ons. The Green already out seemed to be an angry one; hopefully all she needed was a good bucket of herdbeast to calm her down. Plus her bonded, of course. That was always important, the human waiting for their dragons to help calm them down. And luckily Couineth seemed to be the kind of mother that didn't just let her babies run wild and hurt everyone. That was always good, at least in her young perspective of such things. Especially since she was one of the ones down here where the munching would take place, with no easy way to escape it.

She waited to see if her first impressions (so to speak) of the Queen held true.

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@Ivy, @Zane

Wysp was the first one to spot there was a spy in their midst. The blue puffed up, the bright markings along his body seeming to get brighter as his eyes whirled. He let out a high, clear whistle as soon as Dabysk was on the move. The boy was on alert, and when the blue wher neared, he stood up straight and tall. Shoot. He knew he forgot something. But who was he to rely on? He didn’t want to bother his parent’s firends, and he doubted informing the wher his mother was the queen’s rider would do much. So, a bit sullenly, he followed the blue.

As he walked, he eyed the wher. He looked soft, well, as soft as a wher could lok, and Rayiet wondered if the blue gave good hugs. Noting his boy was distracted by the wher, Wysp trilled, demanding attention back on himself. Reaching up, Rayiet would run a finger along the firelizard’s spine.

It seemed Rayiet wasn’t going to be the only one caught, though. He glanced at Asha and nodded a greeting to her. Wysp chirped happily and extended his head to be pet by the girl if she chose. The adult coming up along with the Wher was regarded quietly, even as she chided them some. He didn’t mind. He deserved it. He knew he was supposed to have a chaperone, but he hadn’t got one. Wysp already knew this of course, and taking off from his boy’s head, the blue circle Dabyrie, sending her quite apologetic emotions.



Kidanyr smiled at Kali as she got nearer. She always tried to keep those near her encouraged, even if it was quietly. Kali’s question made her laugh a bit.
Some of both, really. Even before I could stand, I would get so nervous over hatchings I’d sleep terribly. There’s always something wonderful about seeing a bond form.” She sighed softly.
I hope it is, but if it is not, well. There’s a reason for that.

Kidanyr knew there were some who were watching her. It was odd for someone to stand so long… But well, Kida didn’t mind. She got to help people with her time between lessons and chores, and she knew she wouldn’t always have the time once she had a dragon to care for. Not that she didn’t want to bond! She just hated the fact that, for a while, she’d be unable to help as much. Her attention shifted from the girl beside her to the hatchlings once the green started moving.

She looks upset,” she whispered to Kali. And then the green attacked an egg. Kidanyr gasped and held her breath, counting down the seconds until possible bloodshed. But instead, a little cyan rolled from the egg. She let out her breath with a sigh, a hand lifting to settle over her heart. Thank goodness. The green was upset, but not that upset it seemed.

She watched the antics of those two, watching the green tear around, causing quite the kerfluffle with her pent up anger. The large red had been doing something, shaking, cracking? But she couldn’t see it to well. Her eyes wanted to track the movement of the green. So she let them.

The cyan seemed to wake herself, and she stirred, chirping and preening like a proud wherry. That made her smile. She had a softspot for dragons wrapped up in their apperance. Perhaps it’s because she enjoyed helping oil Zabelith all those years ago. Then she and the green got into a fight. Fear washed over Kidanyr, but they came out with nary a scratch. Instead, they ran towards the candidates! Kida was ready to get out of the way, when the green stopped in front of her.

I remember you… but you are not Mine.

The words hurt a bit to hear, but Kida nodded anyways, a small smile on her lips.
“Find yours, I’ll be happy for you still.”

It always hurt to be told she was not the one they were looking for. She had heard it before. And she would probably hear it again.


Up in the stands, Candi was laughing softly. Oh hatchings. They were much more entertaining to watch than she had thought! She could already hear silly chase music in her head as the green and Cyan did what they did. And then to make things more interesting, a brown hatched! Huh, she had expected it would be a red in the red egg. She guessed this told her not to judge a dragon by the shell.

Candi liked this Cyan, though. Her song, while not beautiful, was still an effort made. And she had a weakness for efforts made towards music. Her impression was a cute one, and Candi made note to track down that weyrling and see if her dragon wished to have some form of music lesson.

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