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 Getting To Knooow You..., SP:17 [Copper Class 0-3 Month Lesson]
 Posted: May 10 2017, 05:39 PM
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[As always, posting here in lessons is optional. You are not required to, and feel free to chatter amongst yourselves if you want to. Please DO NOT TAG ME unless it REQUIRES a response from Ijo or Isk. If you're just mentioning them and it is not a direct address that requires me to answer with them, I do not need to be tagged.]

Early Evening, 4 days after the Hatching.

Ijo had given them a few nights to get used to their new partners, and organized everything that needed to be organized as far as one of his new wherlings went - the Master Tanner had been assigned a rotation of Handlers, just to make sure that when he wasn't attending lessons he was doing what he was supposed to be. Jysk appeared to be in great health, was oiled, and well-looked-after, though Ijo could easily pick up that Jyderin missed his son.

He hadn't seen the newly-forged Weyrleader around the older Tanner since his Impression. Some part of Ijo worried that the stress on the bond between the Master and his new little Black might befall some concern, if things between the pair continued to be strained; he ultimately could only assume that Jyderin would say something, if it was.

Still, he intended on sending a note to the Wingleader if necessary.

Isk had spoken to all the new wherets, in order to build communication between the bondeds.

Isk call. Tell all, new baby and person, come center of Wherling Barrack. Ijo there, we teach. Bring selfs. No other stuff. You tell Yours.

Ijo was settled on a stool, Isk perched beside him for a moment before the Black-marked Brown chased off a tunnelsnake, then rounded in behind His before he greeted each incoming Wherling pair. There were six buckets of oil, six buckets of herdbeast meat, and brushes in a half-circle around him, obviously for each wherling pair - Isk bumped them towards a pair of buckets and brush as they trailed in.

"Good morning, all of you," he spoke up, once they had all gathered. "All of you, by now, I hope are faring well with your new bondeds. You may have noticed that you have had no chores for the last four days, and that I have been making rounds with Isk to check on you all. We have been trying to get a grasp on which of you will need a little bit of help, and who will not; of course, you will all have to learn, but some of you I believe are used to being around whers. Others, not so much."

He didn't pick out anyone in particular, just generally addressed the small group.

"This lesson, we will be going over the things you have already been told, again - feeding, oiling, and the basic physiology of your whers. What their various parts are, how to make sure you're checking what you're supposed to check, and not simply relying on your wher to tell you. Whers are, by nature, much less prone to complaining than most dragons, and as such, that means you need to be especially attuned to your bonded more than simply waiting for them to tell you there's a problem. Chances are, if you wait for a problem to crop up, it will be bigger than it was if you'd been looking for it in the first place, and thus, harder to solve."

Ijo sipped from his Klah mug, a hand drifting to scratch across Isk's eye ridges. The big brute of a Brown chuffed, but otherwise continued to linger close to His.

"Before we get into that, I'm going to go over some basic etiquette that you all may not have been made aware of. Each Wherlingmaster or Candidatemaster is different, and each has their own set of rules. I've already told you about the curfew, and about the same rules which carry over from Candidacy - no sex, no alcohol, no relationships. But there's other things that most of you will unfortunately encounter, due to the sheer state of our society and the curiosities that people have." He nodded towards Zelsk.

"You have obviously all gathered that Zelsk is the first Copper to bond to a Human on Pern, as far as we're aware. A great many people will be holding this entire class under scrutiny, simply because she's a first. We had the same issue with the Viridians, of which there were two. People will ask you questions about them; you are not obligated to answer them, you do not have to, but please keep in mind that you are the faces of this Weyr as a whole, given this is where you call home. Being snarky, snide, rude, or otherwise directly reflects on your home. If someone is asking you questions and you don't want to answer them or don't know, politely excuse yourself. If they continue to hound you about it, notify myself or Isk immediately - your wherets can contact Isk directly, probably much easier than myself, and he's deceptively quick for his age...."

Isk whapped Ijo's stool with his tail, and Ijo stifled a laugh as the Brown grumped.

"Regardless, you will eventually be learning how to defend yourselves with your whers against outside intruders and such, but I can't stress this enough - do NOT, until that time arises, place yourself or your wheret in harm's way. This is a problem that has come to pass before. I am not one of the people who, in any case, it's 'better to ask forgiveness than permission'. If you purposefully put yourself into a position that jeopardizes your own safety or that of your wheret, I will hold you back and you will sit with the next Wherling class. Those of you who know how few and far between those can be, know what sort of timespan that entails. If it looks like danger, you stay away from it. Return to your rooms, close your doors, and wait until Isk or I alert you that it's all right to come out. You are Wherlings, not Handlers. Not yet. Handlers are tasked with handling things that happen to and within the Weyr proper."

He thought, obviously trying to recall something, before Isk reminded him, and he nodded.

"The corridors down here are not well-lit. While your whers can see very well in the dark, humans and dragonriders can not. Please do not run, do not let your whers run, and do not leave things laying in the hallways outside your door or the storage rooms at any point in time. People can and have gotten hurt because of negligence. Don't bring the Weyrwoman beating on my door, please. You can begin to feed your whers, remember to tear the chunks into pieces, either with your hands or carefully cutting them with the knife provided there on the side. I'm going to keep talking, and I want you to focus on listening, as well as feeling when your wheret is full."

Ijo pushed up off his stool, and ventured around the half-circle, checking each wheret's hide for cracks, as well as watching them all being fed.

"You will have assigned chores, usually in pairs, starting this upcoming sevenday - we will also be going to the Lake at some point between now and then, so that you can learn how to properly bathe your whers. There will be rest days in your schedule as well - you will still be responsible for looking after your wherets, and you will not be permitted outside of the Bowl until they're a little bit older. There are wild whers outside the Bowl proper, and some of them are quite territorial. I do not want to see you or your hatchlings get hurt. Any wherling who is caught outside the Bowl's boundaries before I permit you to go there, will be punished by extra chores as well as being assigned to patrol within the Bowl on your scheduled rest days, for the duration of your wherlinghood. It's a serious offense."

Stretching, he continued his inspection of wherets and Wherlings, giving them plenty of time to feed their respective bondeds.

"It's a lot of information to take in, I know. It's a brand new experience for all of you, and it can be a little overwhelming more often than not. That being said, please never hesitate to come to me if you need to talk about anything, or you need help with anything. That's why I'm here. We're all in this together, like I said, and I would rather you come to me than to try and tough it out on your own." He clasped his hands together behind him. "Now! I know I gave you all a bit of sidework to do after your Impressions - I tasked each of you with learning something new about your wheret, and your wherets to learn something new about their bondeds. The tricky part is, you must understand that you are one another's rock. Regardless of what happens out here in the world, the pair of you will always have one another, pending something unfortunately catastrophic, all things forbid. So you will learn what embarrasses your wherets, and what in turn embarrasses your bondeds. What is acceptable for you, may not be acceptable for your other half, and in these things, you must learn to compromise. So, as something of a pop-quiz, I am going to ask all of you to tell me what you learned about your wherets, and your wherets to tell me what they learned about you - but I also want you to tell me something the pair of you do not agree so well on, and how you intend to compromise. We'll start on this end, and work around; it looks like most of you are getting finished up with feeding, so those of you who are done, I want you to begin oiling your wherets. I've checked them all out, so I want you to oil them, and then I'll be around to see if you missed any spots."

He indicated the first pair on the right side of him.

"We'll start here, first. Go ahead."

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 Posted: May 12 2017, 11:20 PM


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Syrene didn’t want to go to the lesson. She wanted to sleep. She wanted to laze around in bed. But she hadn’t been allowed to do that. Not since that day. Ugh. She almost regretted it. {Almost not really}. But the moment the sun started to sink below the great line of Dalibor’s bowl, she was roused by a rough ‘Syrene.’ in her head. This would continue, and soon be paired with headbuts to her bed until she finally roused.
Wake time is now. We have much to do. Wake up.

“Syrsk no. I’m sleeping.” The small, or at least small compared to how large he would be, iron climbed onto her bed. Thick knuckles weighing down her furs as he climbed on top of Syrene’s sleeping form. Sleepily, she tried to shove him off, mumbling a few protests, but Syrsk was not about to move.

She grunted, defeated by her bonded’s stubbornness. That only caused the wher to flop in her, blue eyes staring at her.
It is time to wake now. Lessons later. He reminded her, causing another groan of defeat to leave her lips.
“Y’gotta get off me dummy. I can’t carry us both around.”
Syrsk here for you. The words were softer this time, but no less gravelly than his usual words. He said that to her often. He was there for her, and surprisingly, she sort of needed it. Syrene didn’t let people know how much self hate she had, but Syrsk knew. He knew all about her.

The two had been a bit at odds. Syrene full of young, teenaged rebellion, and Syrsk the unmoving. There were no fights. In fact, Syrsk wouldn’t rise to the occasion, which meant Syrene was mostly yelling at herself. Syrsk proved that he was not someone who could just be shouted down. Even now, he was silently nudging her through her morning routine, and then through breakfast. When Isk’s request came in, he got Syrene moving in that direction as well.

She wasn’t as polished looking as she had been the night of the feast. Her clothes were a bit too big for her, and her hair was still voluminous as ever. There were faint dark circles under her eyes, proof she wasn’t getting enough sleep. But Syrsk? Well, he didn’t look half bad. His hide gleamed, though it was obvious Syrene was still learning, as there was dullness in the varying nooks and cranniesof the iron’s craggy hide. Syrene would raise a hand to greet Ijo, but would mostly stay quiet, moving to her own bucket. Sitting down, she would begin tearing up the meat, only wrinkling her nose a bit at the feeling of it sliding between her fingers before hand feeding Syrsk.

Ijo’s speech was a good one, and Syrene actually paid attention, her eyes roaming over the body of her sturdy companion. Now, knowing there would be some form of inspection, she spotted where she had missed in oiling, where she needed to spend more time and take more caution. Syrsk just snorted dismissively. She would learn. When he got to the part about being snarky, Syrsk looked directly at her, his eyes whirling with merriment. Oh ho ho, the wher had jokes. Syrene bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from saying something rude about people bein’ dimglows who deserve it.

Bits of meat would be shredded steadily as he spoke on them staying within the bowl. She could do that. Syrene wasn’t looking for adventure, after all, and she doubted no amount of tantruming or lies would make Syrsk move.
Good. We stay. Watch eggsiblings. We keep in like for Zelsk. Syrene just rolled her eyes a bit, thinking something about him being a goodie two shoes. But really, Syrene didn’t want to tangle with wild whers. Not with how big they got. Ijo continued to explain things that were important, reminding them to keep things in their rooms, how to act, and what not. While Syrene was dazing out a bit. That is, until he called on them specifically.


The girl blinked a bit, trying to recapture what they were supposed to be doing, only to get a laughing snort for Syrsk at her side.

Syrsk’s enjoys sweetfoods and cute animals. Acts tough. Is tough. But has soft side.

Syrene could feel her cheeks reddening rapidly, even through her dark skin, and she shot a glare at the Iron who just stared at her, pleased with himself.
“W-well Syrsk likes to be sung to sleep! He likes harper songs about Moreta mostly.” If the iron could shrug, he probably would. As for something they didn’t agree on, Syrene just sighed.
“Where to start? He’s uptight and insufferable most of the time. It’s always ‘Stand straight’ or ‘No fighting’ or something like that! He wants me to be as rulebound as… as… Something really rulebound!” With that, Syrene got sidelnt, instead she focused really really hard on feeding Syrsk, trying her best to detect when the iron was full. But he just kept eating.

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 Posted: May 18 2017, 11:52 AM

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Zel thought she knew what to expect after she Impressed Zelsk. The wher was a demanding perfectionist, but that was fine. She could handle that...or so she thought. The copper wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it, and what she wanted wasn't always consistent from day-to-day. On the first day, Zelsk roused Zel painfully early, allowing the new wherling barely any sleep, demanding that they do the assignment the wherlingmaster gave them on the Sands. What followed was a stilted conversation interjected with odd side commentary about her posture and attire. Who knew whers could have opinions on clothes? Apparently hers were inadequate. When prompted about how, Zelsk offered nothing of substance, just some drabble about dressing to her station. How if she didn't present herself in a certain way, she would never be respected. He clothes apparently emphasized her self-doubt? Zel spent most of that day just trying to get dressed in a way that would satisfy the copper. Eventually, she tolerated a plain white tunic with a braided leather belt her mother gave her shortly before she was Searched. It didn't fit right (Zelsk disagreed) but the too-tight tunic at least stopped the prodding.

The next day, Zelsk slept in late. She had decided that more sleep was what she desired since they had nothing of importance to attend. Zel didn't complain. She was fine with some more rest after the day prior. But she knew that this demanding streak could become an issue if she became too fickle.

On the day of the lesson, Zelsk was ready to be free of the room's confines and gladly telling Zel all about what she planned to do now that they were able to move around more freely. Zel refrained from rolling her eyes, wondering not for the first time how she bonded a wher with leadership and alliances on the brain. The copper planned on discovering what it would take to gain allies amongst her clutchsibs and their handlers. Ollie and Ollisk were the first she set her sights on. The green pair, she claimed, would be won over through Ollie. He was shy and isolated; His would appreciate Zel befriending him. And while Zel planned to be friends with the boy, she shook her head at the thought of doing so for any other reason than because she wanted a friend.

"Alright, I'm ready to go," she told the wheret, fiddling with her braid out of nervous habit. Zelsk, who utterly gleamed after the thorough oiling she demanded the previous night, glanced over Hers. Zel fully expected some kind of reproach. But what she received was something far gentler, almost proud. Zel smiled.

No more doubt, SmartMine. Zelsk chose the best, the copper said. Hands at sides. Chin up. We meet clutchsibs again soon.

The pair arrived at the classroom in relative peacefulness. Zelsk practically strutted at Zel's side, who's pace was slow but certain. They were both hard workers who would do their duty to the weyr. And that duty started by doing well in class. Today was the first test of many. To her surprise, Zelsk did not move straight for Ollisk as expected, instead she settled by Syrsk, her boulder of an iron brother.

As the lesson began, Zel attentively listened and acted as she was instructed, feeding Zelsk small chunks of food as she waited for that full feeling. A small smile appeared on her lips as Syrene and Syrsk answered the questions. It appeared she wasn't alone in being at odds at times with Hers. The girl had a rebellious heart and her bonded apparently was a rule follower. Seemingly opposites, but being exactly what the other needed. When their turn came, Zel blinked at Ijo. She wasn't the best at handling direct attention...

SmartMine write letters when she think Zelsk sleep. She burn them. Zelsk offered unhelpfully, obviously pleased with herself. Zel, like Syrene, found her cheeks coloring. Yes, she wrote letters. She was trying to draft one to send home to her family, to see if her father would acknowledge her as more than just a 'useless, unwanted female' child. Without even skipping a beat, Zelsk added, She like eating fruit most. The copper looked up at Zel. The wherling sighed.

"Zelsk...she understands human speech and concepts...very well," she said, her voice even but quiet, ringing with the fragility of fledgling confidence. "And she wants to know things. She is fascinated by dragons and wants to meet as many as she can." Zel stopped handing food to Zelsk. The Wherling was full. "And she likes extra oiling..." She was fairly sure she used too much oil in order to meet Zelsk's standards, every fold of skin tended until it glowed and Zel's hands ached. "We...we disagree on, well..."

SmartMine's clothes.

Of course, hesitating only had the blanks filled in by the wher. Zel nodded and twisted her braid, "Apparently Zelsk doesn't like how I dress."


"Ah...that. I see no issue with my clothes...but to compromise..." How were they planning on compromising? Zelsk more or less controlled the issue.

Zelsk help find new clothes.

"...In the future. When I can afford clothes that meet her...standards."


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 Posted: May 23 2017, 03:17 AM

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Kaisk preened under her wherling's attention, most satisfied when he paid attention to her and solely her. She was his center after all, his rock if the wherlingmaster was to be believed, and while the whole world did not spin around her, Kaizre did. Just as she spun around him. That included making sure Hers was just as proper as her own shining self. For instance, his hair. Oh sure, it was neatly combed and free of tangles, but why was it in his face? People could hardly look him in the eye when his bangs were threatening to overtake his forehead. Unfortunately, she had yet to win this particular war, but the orange was certain it would only be a matter of time before he saw things her way. They all would, eventually. This whole Weyr was going to be hers.

Kaisk licked her lips after swallowing one last piece of herdbeast. She was full. 'Oil Kaisk.' This was her favorite part. Kai found the corners of his mouth lifting despite himself. 'Of course, your highness.' It was relaxing, not just for the wheret, but for the wherling as well in part because he had become more at ease at feeling what she did. He had even started to wonder how it would feel to fly so long as it was Kaisk doing it and not him on her back. Just the thought of himself actually being lifted into the air made him queasy. Speaking of being queasy, did they really have to say their answers aloud? The blond-haired boy glanced at the wherlingmaster from underneath his lashes as Syrsk began to reveal something about Syrene. This was going to be so...embarrassing.

'Kaizre no need to worry. Kaisk make sound good.' Her fierce love for him spread like a burning fire through his veins. In return, his fingers found a particularly itchy spot on her hide. 'Thank you.' Then it was their turn.

"Kaisk is...a leader. Proper, strong, assured of herself." The exact opposite of me, he thought privately to himself. What else? "She can't wait to fly one day." Satisfied with these few words, he looked to his orange for approval. Her green eyes proved her own satisfaction with his words although she had yet to say her own. 'Kaizre has good eye for design. Knows how look good, but Kaisk must push for more color. And skin.' He could feel her eyes on his forehead. Ugh, he was growing his hair out a little, okay? It wasn't like it was the length of the average women's hair or anything like that.
 Posted: Jan 18 2018, 06:51 PM

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All he could do was listen. He didn't feel comfortable enough to speak out, and now was not the time irregardless. So, the wherling-boy peered over at Ijo and Isk as they began to explain the rules for today's lesson. Waking up on time hadn't been very hard, and Ollisk had been set on making it to class early, so... here they were. Ollivander still couldn't believe that he had impressed. Ollisk was... something. He had a deep respect for the green wheret that he could not yet fully understand. She, in turn, had even stronger feelings towards him. He could always feel her watchful eye, and motherly affection.

Once they had settled, Olli followed the instructions they were given. Carefully he cut the meat that was to be his whers breakfast. He had not yet eaten himself, but that hardly mattered. He had to think of his wheret, and make sure that she was well looked after. He didn't want to mess up. Everyone would notice if he messed up... He didn't want to embarrass Ollisk, or make her feel like she'd make a mistake in choosing him.

The barracks felt hollow, for reasons the boy couldn't quite comprehend. There was a silence, a lull, that accompanied his distant thoughts. There were a few moments when Ijo's voice fell away, and he became lost in his own head. These were the moments when Ollisk listened twice as hard, wanting to be sure that they received all of the required information.

Ijo spoke of the do's and don't's, to which Olli turned to glance at the man. No sex or alcohol. Ollivander's face colored, forcing him to look away. He had never engaged in either pass-time, nor was he ever likely to. Well, maybe not ever... Well, maybe ever--it didn't really matter! He was just a kid, so why worry about silly things like relationships and getting drunk? It all seemed senseless, really. He'd much rather remain a boy than grow into an adult. At this the boy caught his wheret's eye, for Ollisk was staring him down rather hard. He could feel her mind plunging through his thoughts, wishing to decode whatever it was that made him an individual.

The green happily ate the meat she was fed, waiting until it was their turn to answer the wherlingmaster's questions. Ollisk listened carefully to the answers that each of the other wherling's gave. It was important to her to get to know the class, and the sorts of minds that Hers would be associating with. Keeping Olli safe was her priority.

Then Ijo was looking to them, for it was their turn to reflect upon their bond. Olli inhaled sharply, trying his best to clear his mind of all of the negativity that had been welling up in there. "I--," he stammered, peering down at his lap so that he didn't have to catch the querying looks of those around him. "Ollisk is... observant," he noted quietly, trying his best not to fidget or squirm. "She notices things that I don't?" What was he even saying? He didn't know. He could feel the greens encouragement, despite his evident failure to speak coherently. "She's strong, real strong. She wants to inspire confidence." By the end, Ollisk was helping him along. His lips twitched upward for the briefest of moments, thankful for the greens aid.

Ollivander is good boy. Has good heart. Heart matter most to Ollisk. Ollivander sees too. Boy sees and cares. Boy special and so Ollisk choose well. Olli wished, at that very moment, to dissolve into a puddle on the ground. Hopefully no one was listening; too preoccupied by their own bonded's.

Boy shy. Boy not think good. Ollisk help. Ollisk see more than boy see in self. Ollivander, rather than look to the wherlingmaster, gazed upon his wheret. How was it that she had so much faith in him? Couldn't she see that he was just a kid; a kid without any real position, or standing, in the world? "Ollisk, uh... She wants me to do more," he murmured, afraid to speak up. Was that it? Was that good enough? He hoped so, because it was all he had. What more need be said?

Once their turn was over, Olli moved off in order to oil his green. Ollisk, like most of her kind, enjoyed a good oiling. Ollivander was very thorough and always took the extra time to make sure that the itchy spots were properly itched. By the time the boy was done the green was looking splendid, and feeling rather confident in her boys ability to follow instruction.

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