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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 A'dran, Rider of Brown Wobath, Dusk Wingrider
 Posted: Dec 29 2016, 11:39 PM

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A'dran (formerly Aydran)
19 (WI 199)
(Strong female preference)
Dusk Wingrider < Dreamdiner Weyrling

Personality - Weyrlinghood
A Turn of Candidacy and his Impression to Wobath has matured A'dran. While still distrusting and standoffish, with a propensity to judge people before he ever speaks to them, his social skills have improved. Not exactly a Harper in charm nor especially warm, he does have his softer moments in which he can be outright tolerable. He's learned some tact and a great deal of patience. He's learned the value of waiting, though in moments of heightened emotion, he can be both impulsive and a hot-head. A'dran can and will argue. He can be abrupt and moody. But Wobath's presence in his life soothes much of the anger and frustration that plagued him for Turns, offering solace and guidance by simply existing.

As time passes and his thoughts shift towards the future, he finds that his thoughts are less consumed by the once pressing goal to find his sister. Instead, he is occupied with lessons and his pets. One will rarely find him without his ever-growing Fair of firelizards. If one were to delve deeper into these wondering of what had yet to come, they'd discover that A'dran felt...at home. That he could picture not only living his life at a weyr, but finding a partner or starting a family. His fondness and gentleness with animals extends to children. He can picture himself with kids some day...once he can get over his frustrating awkwardness around people in general.

Weyrlinghood pre-occupies A'dran away from thinking too hard about the charm of the female species.

As for his platonic relationships with peers, it's a daily struggle, but he continues on. He doesn't especially care if he is liked per se, but he does try. Anyone who can get him talking about his pets is going to get further than most. His friendships are few and his trust rarely given, but A'dran's stubbornness kicks in when he gets attached. Clueless and inconsiderate at times, he makes mistakes, but he is earnest and will try to do right by those he cares about.

Personality at Search:
<div class="tableborder"><div id="spoilertitles">Spoiler <a href='http://java script: void(0)' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>(Show/Hide)</a></div><div style="display: none; background: url(http://i.imgur.com/r9cuC2R.png); padding: 10px;">Distrusting and standoffish, Aydran prefers to watch people instead of socializing with them. He is intensely observant, with a propensity to judge people long before he ever speaks to them. This attentiveness makes him good at reading body language and he adjusts his behavior accordingly if the situations calls for it. However, he is far from very adept when it comes to basic human interaction. Aydran has a habit of insulting people, either intentionally or through directness when some sensitivity is needed. And he has a temper that itches up at inopportune times. Loathing to feel trapped or cornered into a situation, he lashes out explosively, usually with words, but if he is desperate enough, he will start taking swings.

Being both short tempered and competitive means that he can be a sour loser. He doesn't dwell on the loss as much as the need to out-do the other person in some way. Rivalry is something he feels more commonly than hate or even dislike.

But despite all of this, he has a strong longing to belong and some day have a family of his own. He has a soft heart for animals and young children, and will humor their antics more often than not.

His current focus in life, however, is to find his lost sister. A girl he once watched over dutifully, and who he sees in the innocent eyes of the youth. And why he would protect them, even a the cost of his own well being.</div></div>

Tall and gawky, Aydran stands at almost six foot, but is seen almost always in a slouch. His shoulders are broad, and while he is thin now, there are signs that one day he will bulk up with muscle come adulthood. His face is long and narrow, with an angular jaw and a thin mouth that twists into smirks more often than smiles. He has a hawkish visage, his nose aquiline and his brow prominent. Thick eyebrows sit low above narrow, dark grey eyes. His hair is shaggy and a deep brown, unruly curls making it stick up at odd angles. He keeps it just long enough to tie back but that doesn't stop bits from poking out to dangle around his face. His skin is naturally pale, but time spent in the sun has darkened it a few shades, granting him a healthy complexion. And while he doesn't have any visible markings when clothed, he does have a knotted up, half-moon shaped scar on his chest. It is evident that he sustained an injury from which he didn't heal well.

Mother: Fisdryn
Sire: Aneyel
Sister: Fiskya (Cesselia) [-8]
Stepfather: Gallereon

Kadir - Green Pillie - SU 16
Wish - Cyan Firelizard - AU 16
Wonder - Copper Firelizard - AU 17
Waif - Pink Firelizard - WI 17
Wraith - Black Firelizard - WI 17
Wisdom - Brown Firelizard - WI 17
Western - Purple Firelizard - WI 17
Winter - White Firelizard - WI 17
Wrathful - Burgundy Firelizard - WI 17
Wander - Blue Firelizard - WI 17
Warrior - Green Firelizard - WI 17
Whiplash - Bronze Firelizard - SP 18
Watchful - Iron Firelizard - SP 18
Wildfire - Red Firelizard - SU 18
Wordy - Tan Firelizard - WI 18

[TW] - Potentially sensitive material and minor violence

Aydran was born in Tillek to an affair between a young craftswoman and a reasonably wealthy man. It wasn't supposed to happen, and when it did, Fisdryn kept her pregnancy and child a secret from the father. And she did a marvelous job of it for many turns. As far as anyone except her parents knew, Aydran was her little brother. Then came Fiskya. She knew continuing the sporadic affair for so long was a bad idea, especially after the consequences made themselves known, but she loved him. With the birth of her daughter, and recently deceased parents, it was far harder to keep her secret hidden.

Aydran didn't know the truth of his heritage or why his mother hid Fiskya as she did, until four turns later.

For most of his childhood, Aydran spent his time with his Smithcrafter grandfather (who he thought was his sire) and Healer grandmother (who he thought was his mother). Like any child, he was fascinated by all things and wished to learn all he could. He imagined working in the forge like his big, strong grandfather or even tending the sick like his delicate grandmother. He was bright, though verging on a little too serious and somber for his age, and the future ahead looked full of wonder.

Then his little sister was born and the truth came out.

Two turns prior, his grandparent's passed away. His grandfather from a failing heart. And his grandmother from a broken one.

And now who he thought was his big sister told him that she was his mother, and that she needed him to be a good brother and help keep Fiskya hidden. He wasn't certain why. And he was horribly hurt that his mother kept the truth from him for so long, even after his grandparent's deaths. He was eight turns, after all, she should have told him before then!

Aydran quickly let go of that pain in turn to tend to his little sister. She was beautiful. Even as an infant, she was delicate and fragile, with a head of astonishing flaxen curls. He loved her and decided to be the best big brother ever! Even if he couldn't tell anyone that she was his sister...she was his cousin if anyone asked.

When he was twelve turns old, ready to join a craft, his peaceful world took a perilous dip.

Aydran was starting his day, helping his little sister with her shoes, when he heard a strange voice. Now he'd heard this voice before. It was male and on occasion accompanied his mother's. Whenever he heard that voice, it was on evenings that his mother ushered her children into their beds early and told them not to leave.

But this time, it wasn't gentle. It was loud. Frightening. Full of accusation. He heard his mother pleading, crying. Aydran didn't know what to do. Thinking of himself as the man of the house with his grandfather gone, he told Fiskya to hide and hurried out to investigate. He arrived on the scene just in time to see his mother get cornered and slapped.

Aydran rushed to aid her, but the man was far larger than him and clearly not in his right mind. He shoved Aydran away and barked more terrible accusations at his mother. Apparently he wasn't happy about having a half-grown son.

A few threats later the man left, leaving a frightened Fisdryn and a bruised Aydran behind to stare at each other. He wanted them gone. Something about kids being a threat to his station. Able to up and make a claim of inheritance. Aydran had no clue what that meant or why it would apply to a kid who wanted a quiet life as a Crafter, but it unsettled him deeply. It was only later that he learned that his father was a married man and that this affair with Fisdryn was a threat to his relationship and would reflect poorly on him in return. And to have kids from that affair was certainly the last thing he needed.

His mother eventually picked herself up and assured him that everything would be alright, that she'd talk some sense into him and Aydran would be able to follow his grandfather's footsteps.

She never had a proper chance.

The next day, their living quarters were broken into. Aydran never got a clear look at their faces because they were covered, but it was evident they were there to make good on the man's threats. They were there to take Aydran and Fiskya away forever. He did his best to fight back. But at the time, he was too small to do much more than cause a ruckus. Thinking him too much of a risk, the kidnappers grabbed a nearby piece of pottery and shattered it. One of them picked up a larger piece and thrust it right into Aydran's pectoral. He screamed, and then collapsed from pain.

What happened next is a blur of footsteps and shouts as guards arrived to investigate the disturbance, and found Aydran bleeding on the floor, his sister and the kidnappers gone.

Aydran still doesn't know if the man ever suffered any consequences for his actions of that night.

His mother was distraught.

Once her son was patched up enough to walk, she secreted them both from the hold, willing to leave her whole life behind to protect him. The man who helped them leave was a Trader named Gallereon. He was a stoic and strict man, not tolerating any sort of mischief or complaining. But he was kind. When they joined him, it was only supposed to be for a short time, until they found a new place to settle. However, in the short time they were together, Fisdryn and he formed a fondness for each other. The seasons passed, and the pair decided that they were suited. He even offered to take on role of father for Aydran and teach him how to be a Trader. Gallereon thought himself too old to raise up children, and said he'd be glad to make a fine heir out of Aydran.

What should have been a beautiful start to a new life was shadowed by the loss of his sister. Aydran couldn't believe how easily his mother put aside the girl's kidnapping. He was furious and appalled. His anger and natural preference for solitude soon became a harsh thing. He became argumentative and hostile, often trying to provoke a fight with his stepfather. But the stoic man remained calm, choosing to direct the boy's energy into work. He was clever. And proved capable at bartering...when he could keep himself from making a snide remark at a difficult customer.

Eventually, the turns kept passing.

Sixteen found Aydran yearning for escape. He wanted—no--needed to find his sister. It was four turns since he last saw her, but he wanted to know she was alive. He wanted to rescue her! Both his mother and stepfather told him to stop dreaming, that it would only make his anger fester into something worse, but he couldn't help it. He was there when she was taken. He failed to protect her!

If nothing else came from his time with the trading caravan, it was a large pool of information. People from everywhere and all walks of life passed the stall, each with bits and pieces of stories. In every place they stopped, he asked questions, asked about a girl with milk-pale skin, black eyes and curls the color of flax. But something strange happened at the last stop.

It was after the stalls were closed for the evening at Dalibor Weyr. Aydran snuck off to explore, chasing ghosts of rumors, and found himself face-to-face with a dragon. He wasn't quite sure what to make of his situation, but the next thing he knew, he was being told of his Candidacy and asked to remain at the Weyr.

Only the thought that impressing on a dragon would give him the freedom he needed to find his sister made him nod his head in baffled agreement.

Turn 16 History
<div class="tableborder"><div id="spoilertitles">Spoiler <a href='http://java script: void(0)' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>(Show/Hide)</a></div><div style="display: none; background: url(http://i.imgur.com/r9cuC2R.png); padding: 10px;">
His first Turn was quiet as well as eventful. He met numerous people. Had a few interesting conversations. He's building an amicable relationship with bluerider M'rat, who inspired him to seek out pets. Now it is his mission in life to be swarmed in pets, especially firelizards. But his HAF roomie may not approve. He impressed a green pillie, Kadir, in the summer, and a cyan firelizard, Wish, at the Harvest Celebration in the fall. Two things keep this from being one of the best Turns of his life. One: He feels no closer to finding his sister and is starting to struggle with the guilt. Two: Embry. The older teen was someone he knew from his days as a Trader, they did little more than fight. When they were Searched within a day of each other, it almost seemed like they would be terse rivals, able to avoid serious fights. But then, late in the winter, there was a change. The last thing Aydran ever expected his sorta enemy to kiss him! Knowing how manipulative Embry is and not knowing how to process the teen's actions, he is now actively avoiding him. Resolution may be slow in coming for the hot tempered pair.


user posted image

Name: Wobath
ColorBrown (#4d362c)
Age: >1 turn
Adult Length: 41
Clutch: We'll share a dream | Gold Couineth x Iron Baihujinth

Written by Boo
Wobath has particular peculiarities. There is a path he will walk and this is the path he will take every day. Should someone be in his way, he barely notices as he just about barrels them over on his way through or, alternatively, tries to tunnel under or around them in some way. He doesn't even know he is doing it and when questioned, he might mention something about ‘instincts’ and funnily enough, Wobath seems to have a remarkable ability to just find the right way home. In the air, because he can not fly the exact same path every day, he will grow accustomed to the sudden changes and spontaneity of Thread fighting. That said, he will remember formation flying with no problems.

His movements are slow and carefully considered just as with his thoughts. Wobath will consider each situation calmly and thoughtfully before he presents his own thoughts on the matter. Some might consider the way he speaks almost political despite the fact that he holds little interests in the petty squabbles of those in leadership. However, this in itself would make him a fantastic leader. In situations where others might be arguing, Wobath will step in with a carefully measured comment which may have the intended effect of giving pause to the arguing parties. Although, that said, he is not immune to arguing with others.

He is headstrong and tough overall with a streak of stubbornness to boot. Sometimes he is rather unchangeable in his attitude, refusing to cede ground. This certainly ties into his peculiarities. He believes in particular moralities and will not be swayed to think otherwise. He is not as black and white as Oath and will at least judge things based on circumstances. So for example; it is wrong to hurt someone and if someone hurts another they must be punished. But if the circumstances are such that the person who started the fight did so to protect themselves from being tormented, it is instead the other person who must face judgement.

Wobath will not require super frequent feeding throughout his lifetime. He prefers to eat early in the morning or late at night and always takes the exact same path. He will become a little confused if the herdbeast or wherry is not in the exact same spot every time. He will eat slowly which is part of the reason he eats early in the morning.

Appearance by Boo
Wobath is ‘round’ looking and on the larger side of Browns in terms of weight but in terms of length, he is actually shorter than average. This does not affect his flying in the slightest as he knows the shape of his body and the ways he must manoeuvre.

Impression Post
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Cackling laughter echoed across the sands. The same as many a candidate had heard in their head during the touching. An iron and yellow seemed to have taken up a sitting position at the front of the eggs, foreclaws resting on an egg shell as they chattered between the two of them.
This is a very special night, a very special night indeed. I am your host Koath and this is my co-host Kookath. Kookath, how are you today?
Never better Koath, never better and boy isn’t this an exciting night, the night each of these dragons meets their person for life.
That it is, we had a few earlybirds today including Loriketh, our dear sister, Tamanith and little Echith up in the stands. I must say, we were all a little surprised about that one, weren’t we Kookath?
Right you are Koath, right you are but he has made a strong choice today. I can see that our mate Woba over there is making his way through the candidates now. What many don’t know about Woba is that he has a path he will follow today and OH there we are. Right over that candidate (Zaephor) @Catsitta, that one’s gotta hurt too but sometimes a dragon’s gotta do what a dragon’s gotta do and sometimes that involves knocking over a candidate, doesn’t it Koa?
Right you are, I mean you hate to see it folks but Woba definitely has a way of his own. Now let’s take a look at our boxing friend over here. It seems that he’ll pick a fight with anyone, he’s certainly a rough and tumble kinda dragon. He throws a left and right hook and Ooooh in with a kick again. Tell ya what, I wouldn’t fancy being on the receiving end of one of his kicks.
Too right, mate. Let’s turn to our correspondent out in the field. Byth, what do you think about this?
The blue at the front of the clutch who had been perfectly happy with being ignored, thank you very much, looked around with horror at his brothers, shaking his head as the silence stretched on. The two larger males looked upon the blue with eagerness. The blue shook his head ever so slightly and then swiftly hopped away towards the candidates.
It seems we are having some difficulties reaching Byth but I can see that Quoth has joined us now. Quoth, what news from the other eggs.
News? You boys are making mischief aren’t you? Don’t you bother them they're thinking and you should be finding your partners, I know you know where they are.
Ah she’s always got our best interests at heart that Quoth but Quoth, if we know where they are there’s no point hurrying is there? It’s not time for a dinner break just yet.
The pink looked at them sternly but seemed to decide it wasn’t worth her time to continue arguing.
Looks like Woba is just about headed off the sands, look at him go! Climbing back into the stands. And there goes another one, down for the count. He has knocked that little girl clean over (Asha) @Zane and just as suddenly he is back on the sands, walking in a circle around the back of the candidates. He’s come back now for another girl (Seiyr) @Ruriko. What an unbelievable stunt and next he has stopped to run into yet one more girl (Morrigan) @Zane that is his path completed folks or as completed as it can get. It’s all over now.
Not many would know this but Woba has an incredible memory and every single one of those people he remembered from just a few days ago.
Too right Kooka, too right. He’s a dragon on a mission and it seems like he is ready for this mission to end. The question is; who will he choose? Looks like he is headed towards the males, he’s looking, he’s walking amongst them. He stops oop false alarm (Kyzekeidon) @RhiaBlack oh but this time, this time I think he has- yes! He has found his match.
The crowd goes wild! Look at that a perfect match that I ever did see. Let’s allow them a moment, shall we?

The brown dragon in question, Woba as he might have come to be known looked from his two brothers to his chosen candidate.

My instincts told me I needed to walk that path. Sorry it took me a while. The brown seemed totally oblivious to the trouble it had caused and the mess it had made, looking up at Aydran with a rather bemused expression.
Everyone thought I was red. You must shorten your name. What do you choose? But wait. I have something to do first.
And the brown suddenly turned and sprinted at an incredible speed out to the Weyrling feeding area to attempt to run right into Rylin @Zane.
Gotta finish my path...

Alrighty and we are back now. Wasn’t that great to see.
Brings a tear to the eye, it does.
Absolutely. Looks like Byth has made some movement amongst the candidates, he’s walking around the blokes at the moment and OH he will be upset about that. Looks like he’s accidentally hopped over a candidate’s foot (Yonthevro) and is that blood?
You’re right, that is definitely an injury. Poor Byth, he will be trying to fix that one as much as he can but, well, it’s really up to the healers isn’t it.
They haven’t had much work to do, have they. Roiath @Raining what news from the healer camp? I believe Tamanith is content to carry her face injury but it’s hard to tell with a dragoness such as her.
Indeed it is. We cross now to Byth again. Byth, what do you have to say for yourself?
The blue looked around once again with horror at his brothers as he attempted to help Yonthevro with the injury. He was very sorry, he hadn’t meant to tread on the candidate, he was focusing on something else. Someone else who needed him. No one had touched his egg that needed him but he could feel them somewhere. The blue crooned to the candidate and then hopped away as quickly as he could, trying to dive into the sand and hide himself.
Looks like we might have lost Byth again. Not to matter. Let’s cross to our boxer out there. Got anything to say?
The burgundy stopped in its attempt to fight Ruane and turned around, hopping quickly to his brothers. It stared at them for a moment and then kicked the iron right in the chest, drawing blood and charging away, back to the candidates. This time he went to the males and decided to challenge one of them. His chosen opponent was Kyzekeidon.
The iron and yellow were silent for a moment, looking at one another.

GOOD GRIEF he kicked you right in the chest, you’ve seen it here first folks, do not mess with a grumpy burgundy. We’re going to take a short break to handle this mess, we’ll be right back folks.

The burgundy raised up again and started hopping around the son of the Weyrleader, foreclaws held up near his chest.
Come on mate, I know you can fight. Let’s go.
He threw a couple of punches in the direction of the candidate, aiming to hit him on the shoulders.

Meanwhile, the blue was pleased to note that he was no longer the centre of attention, he looked around, nose twitching and then hopped to the edge of the sands, looking up. Echith had gotten up there. How had he done that? Yet he was determined and wriggled his body, ready. Ready. YEP! He had done it. He scrambled up into the stands and then looked around.
Oh no Xe’rik you have a terrible headache, we should take you to the healers right away.

He hopped along the seats and eventually came to the aged-out harper, bringing himself into a small ball as he looked up at his partner.
I waited for you, waited a long time. Well… maybe not I am not sure. But I did not hatch out until I knew you would be here. Here I am for you. Let’s get you fixed up.

Back on the sands, the green seemed to have stopped dancing, watching the purple instead who was… Really not that good at dancing and in fact looked a little more like a chicken. She was polite and thoughtful but raised herself up tall, flapping her wings again. Well, there would be time to teach him, she was sure of that. She turned around as the other small egg hatched out another black. This one had a deep blood red muzzle and white patches on its wings. Then the lying down egg at the front hatched out a blue.

Each practiced step was taken as she walked around the eggs, watching movement. Then another egg hatched, the misshapen egg revealing a deep red dragonet. It was finally free and anyone looking closely would see that its wings were tiny. Far too small to be able to carry a dragon such as this. The dragon lay exhausted on its side for a while and the green chose to step away. She did not want to have its ire directed upon her.

This left two eggs, the yellow and blue. Every other dragon was now on the sands. The purple was still singing his strange song oblivious to the fact that the green had walked away. He certainly seemed content to be the centre of attention for the moment. Especially since his brothers had paused their broadcast for the moment. Now his song would be all anyone could hear!

Now, the spot where the buried dragonet lay moved, sand shifting as the dragonet within revealed a green hide. Its mouth opened slightly displaying ridiculously sharp teeth and it lunged at the pink dragonet who had strayed too close. The lovely pink squealed as it grabbed her back leg and tried to pull her closer. It was the red dragonet to the rescue as it jumped to its feet and ran over to the larger dragonet, using its large back legs and sharp claws to just about trample the dragon. The pink, Quoth was free but ichor flowed from the cut. Together, they moved away from the viridian who began crawling very quickly on his belly towards the candidates, a hissing sound emanating from him. So… Dragons were not food. What about these ones? There was a natural order here and he needed to figure it out. Why, then, had they presented these two leggers to them before if not because they were food?

Oh dear… Looks like Gan is on the move...
This drama allowed the last two eggs to break shell with very little fanfare, the blue egg ending up with two foreclaws sticking out of it whilst the yellow, a back leg.

Adoption Preference: Adoption or Transfer


Kadir - Green Pille
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
user posted image
#0f6701 Heh-sound.
Color: Green
Hatched: SU 16, 11th Pass
Clutch: Cloak (gray) x Parvelet (black)

Devious, anxious, nurturing. This pillie can be a sly girl at times, creating subtle plans to reassure herself about a matter bothering her when she can't ask about it directly. She does have a more motherly side to her, though, taking care of her bonded's needs to make him happy. Though her interpretation of what her bonded needs to be happy, and Aydan's definition are likely to be very different.

Hatching Post
E'do watched the gathering humans with a bit of concern. Only three so far had shown up. These couldn't be the only ones interested in pillies right now, were they? You did inform everyone you could these were here, right? the young man asked his bonded.

Yes! came the abrupt reply. You do not need more of those bugs right now. You have no time to train any more with your new duties as it is. Trust the bright green grouch to get to the heart of the matter; he really couldn't afford the time away from his duties to take care of another pet. In theory, anyway.

Well then, I'll just have to hope a few more people show up, then. Give the babies a little more of a choice than three to choose from. And if not, then he hoped some of these guys didn't mind getting two babies then.

Carissa was given a polite nod in greeting, as was Aydran when he arrived on the scene. E'do knew from experience that the Greenrider would take care of any baby pillie that came her way, so that wasn't a worry for him there. The Candidate boy, on the other hand, was an unknown. Wait and see, was the best he could do there.

Frayya, on the other hand, got a smile from the young man. "Not bad, not bad," came the answer. "Duties eating into my free time, but otherwise can't complain. You?"

Meanwhile, Cloak had finished her small mud nest and laid her little clutch of five eggs. Almost immediately they started to hatch, the baby bugs working to break through their shells. The first out was a Yellow, who climbed to the top of the nest's walls to get a good look around at everyone before making her decision on whether any of these humans were worthy of her or not.

The two pillies that followed the Yellow onto the wall wasted little time observing the onlookers before making their choices. One, a Blue with dark smudged markings on his shell, headed straight for Carissa. He climbed onto her boot without so much as a by-your-leave, and began the long haul (for a newborn pillie, anyway) up her leg. Finding a bare patch of skin on her hand free, he clutched it without considering how pillie claws might scratch bare skin, and secreted the goo that would bind him to the young woman.

Char, he told his new person, sizing her up better now he could read some of her emotions. Charcharchaaaarrrrr, getting downright chatty with her. Let's go on an adventure now! Wouldn't that be fun?

The other pillie that followed was a solid-colored Green, whose demeanor betrayed her anxieties despite her efforts to hide it from the onlookers. She had an idea who she wanted, but would they want her in return? Or worse, cast her aside in revulsion?

That, the little Green wouldn't abide, she decided. But maybe if she was clever about it, she could convince her chosen to accept her. So she began her approach to her intended target, covering up her nervousness with an air of bravado. Arriving at her destination, the Green began climbing Aydran's leg and beyond, not stopping until she reached the teen's neck.

At that point she secreted the bonding goo, making him hers. Hehehehe, she told him, the first sounds she made to him. Now that he was Hers, she would take care of him, and keep him happy. Of course, the fact that her definition of what makes a human happy and what would make a pillie happy were a bit...different was a small roadblock to her plans of keeping her new friend content with her.

Wonder - Copper Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image

(Written by RhiaBlack)
The Queen, in all her radiant glory. This Copper is the Cat's Pajamas, and she knows it; she expects attention from everyone she comes across, no matter their rank or creed. Pets, treats, praise, all of it belongs exclusively to her, but at the same time she also gets annoyed if any others in her fair are ignored in favor of her. After all, a fair isn't a fair without loyal subjects, and this extends not only to any other firelizards or pets that A'dran might have, but to Wobath and A'dran himself. She's a just and fair ruler, always seeing the logical side and just side of any given argument, and she doesn't tolerate infighting among her people or her fellow flits. She adores being oiled, and loves to look her best; that being said, she's also the sort that won't throw a tantrum or somesuch if she doesn't get her way - A'dran will just be in the doghouse, so to speak, until he figures out what it is she wants (this will get easier, and she'll develop tell-tale ways to communicate this to him without 'saying' anything). Ultimately, she wants only the best for Hers and everyone around him - she's his biggest fan, deep down, and will be a driving force in making sure he has the motivation he needs to do anything he sets his mind to.

Hatch/Impression Post

...The Iron sitting on the side of the basket clearly disapproved of such actions, but despite his red eyes he did nothing to counter the smaller hatchling's antics. No, there were FAR more important things going on in the basket, like the arrival of his Queen.

A metallic nose pushed free of the largest egg in the basket, before the shell quite literally popped in half almost as neatly as any egg could be broken. Her wings flared wide, though she was only a Hatchling so it wasn't terribly large, not as large as her mother's. The Copper's brilliant, glimmering orange hide matched her namesake color, and she surveyed the rest of her subjects both in the basket and beyond it curiously. Stretching herself out, she began to explore the remaining eggs, tapping on this one and that to see what was going on with the brothers and sisters inside them...


...That left the Copper, perched still on the edge of the now-empty basket, save for her own shell and those of her siblings; Jyderin gathered the ones that the Tans had hatched from, saving those and bits of the others. Some would probably purchase them, being they were from the first Tan Firelizards to be captive-hatched, as far as he knew. He recalled Q'sis selling them for a considerable profit, but ultimately he had no real desire nor need for more Marks. He was paid a reasonable salary by the Weyr as far as being provided for, and the remainder of what he made outside of the manifests and orders from Dalibor made sure he, Jysk, Aura and Feo would be comfortable for the rest of their days.

The Copper looked to each of those who had Impressed thus far, ensuring her siblings were getting along well enough, before she gave a small sigh and looked up at her Gold mother's awaiting gaze. Aura couldn't be argued with, and now was no different. The Copper had to find Hers, and soon; her daughter had been out of the shell long enough that her wings had dried, and her hide was a little bit itchy. Oil would be a welcome relief, as would a full stomach, and she knew precisely who was capable of doing both of those things for her.

She took flight, comparatively massive wings to the rest of her siblings sailing overhead, before she alighted on the shoulder of her person - pushing the other flit that lingered there either out of the way or to the other shoulder. Because she was the Queen of the Roost, and she would demand all the attention - just like her mother.

A'dran had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into, did he?

Wordy -
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

(Art by Aerona and Description by Captain)
user posted image
Inspiration: Ninetails of Okami
Quote: "You did not have to come all this way for me to kill you. I would have found you and done so just the same."

A mask, that is the first thing you notice on this flitt, that she seems to be wearing some sort of mask. It is of lighter color, with a streak down the center of her face. Swirls of ‘smoke’ like eyebrows, and small diamonds under the eyes. Aside from the mask she seems to have a texture to her in the way her pattern plays.Square back spikes make her rather beautiful looking. An orange swirl on each side and she is complete. Her wings aren’t the largest, but she is very capable of flight.

This flit thinks she is very clever. Very clever indeed! While she couldn’t be described as selfish, she is crafty and won’t hesitate to do things that are self-serving, especially if the results get her more attention and praise. She’s very talkative, usually affecting a mocking tone, however, when told no or in a situation she doesn’t approve of. She’s highly opinionated and prone to mockery when she doesn’t get her way.

Wisteria - [color=#fca527]Orange Firelizard

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

(Pre-Token Hatch)
Bratty, demanding and loud, Wisteria enjoys the spotlight. She will vocally berate Hers if he doesn't give her what she wants, when she wants it, and she does enjoy the finer things in life. Covetous and envious, she begrudgingly accepts Wonder as the leader of the Fair, all the while pining after power for herself. She will plot, plan and scheme to sneak her way into the center of attention. And of course, she adored being coddled. Oiling is a must. After all, a lady must look her best! And she can act the part of proper lady when it benefits her. Though beware her wrath should her favor turn to scorn!

She is a lovely orange. Dainty and elegant, like a little lady holder in flit form. With a light orange hide, a pale muzzle and a spattering of white flecks along the edges of her wings. All long limbs and angles, she possesses a feline grace that hides her much less refined behavior in a pretty shell.

Wildfire - Red Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image

The red is small and wiry. She looks almost fragile, but that’s all a ruse! She is a vicious, tiny thing. And has trouble listening to any order. She’s much more likely to do as she pleases. She’s a rebellious little to boot. She has strong opinions on THINGS and will tell you, even if you don’t understand her. She has a vicious temper, as expected of a red, but is more prone to directing it towards whomever her’s has expressed… Really, any negative emotion towards. Even if it’s just mild annoyance, she will be prone to make that dislike known by attacking them. Her’s has a rough road ahead of her to keep her from just mauling anyone her’s looks at wrong.

She has a voracious appetite and loves fish, and swimming. She will dive into any body of water just in case there is something delicious in there for her to eat. Food is an odd topic with her. She is oddly willing to share it, but only with her’s and anyone her’s seems fond of. But this might mostly be because she thinks it will get her more in the end. The end result is her bonded randomly getting half eaten bits of food as offerings.

Watcher - Iron Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

One of three kings from eggs Kida stole from a wild nest.
Personality: As he is name, Watcher watches. He is observant and mostly non confrontational. He's a calm, rational creature with a deep curiosity about the world around him. This firelizard is the sort to that could easily pass the day away just drinking in the sights around him. One might even liken him to a daydreamer of a kind.

Whiplash - Bronze Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

One of three kings from eggs Kida stole from a wild nest.
Personality: Born hangry, this flit is a thinly contained terror. He likes food and will bully his way into gluttony if allowed. But, he can be managed as well. His temper retreating around His, the great provider of foods.

Wisdom - Brown Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image
(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)
For all that Wisom appearance screams "loud and large," he is the total and complete opposite. The brown exudes a calm that is near sagely. He rarely reacts to circumstances outside of his control, and knows when to step back and allow a situation to play out. If need be, Wisom will intervene and act as a mediator. Set on peace, Wisom will work hard to see to it that A'dran's fair is well looked after. Falling easily into the hierarchy of A'dran's fair, Wisdom knows his place. There's not an aggressive bone in the browns body, which is mirrored in his careful movements. As gentle as they come, Wisdom is a caretaker. It is likely that Wisdom will spend much of his time around Wobath, who shares his belief that all beings have a path--a destiny. Wisdom is quite keen to see how things play out, and therefore is not likely to interfere if he feels that something is meant to happen. Level-headed and self-assured, the brown is wise beyond his turns. He is certain that he'll do A'dran proud.

Western - Purple Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)


(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)
The large purple is an oversensitive flit. He can dish it out, but he can't take it in.
He often tries to impress others with his behaviour, and yet it is likely he will make more enemies than friends. The problem is that Western is childish, and therefore given to childish antics. With time he may mature, but it'll be a long, hard, road. Western loves to play, which is where the majority of his problems stem from. He tends to play rough, and can at times be mean-spirited in his efforts to come out on top. He hates to lose, and will often hide away and pout if he feels wronged. He's like a kid that just keeps poking, and poking, just to see something happen. He enjoys the happenstance of cause and effect, but only when it benefits him. His curiosity is rarely quelled and so he is unlikely to stop until an undesirable effect occurs. He never seems to know when enough is enough. He wishes to please A'dran, like the rest of the boys fair. Problem is, he doesn't know how. He is unsatisfied with the idea of being under the copper queens rule, since exclusive attention is what he seeks. The flit will certainly bring conflict to the group.

Winter - White Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image

(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)

Personality:The white is shy; not because she doesn't enjoy socializing with others. Truth is,
she's afraid of getting sick again. She wants to be healthy, like the rest of A'dran's fair,
and therefore not a burden. She is aware that sometimes she needs help from others,
even if it's embarrassing to have to ask. She has the sweetest disposition, and is heartbreakingly fearful of... well, life. She wants nothing more than to live, and yet doesn't quite know how to let herself do so. Her fear, inevitably, holds her back. It will take some time before Winter is able to evolve beyond her illness. She moves with a grace that is downright awe-inspiring. In everything she does she's careful. She envies the rest of the fair their health, and is eternally grateful that Wonder didn't reject her. She loves A'dran, perhaps more than she can ever convey, and hopes that, some day, he'll be proud of her.

Wander - Blue Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image

(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)

Wander is a natural born flier. He will likely be among the fastest, and pushes himself to be faster still. Wander loves nothing more than to fly, and see the world from up high. A'dran may grow tired of the fact that the little blue feels the need to notify His of every little thing he sees (well, only the stuff he finds interesting). The blue is beyond friendly, readily greeting any and all who cross his path. He loves his own kind, often leery of bothering the Weyr's dragons. A rather sensible little flit, he is unlikely to cause the fair much, if any, trouble. If anything, the little blue is resourceful. He tends to be the sort that randomly has whatever His needs at exactly the moment he happens to need it. One could call it a coincidence, while others may very well recognize the flits keen intuition. While an able partner, the blue has a wanderer's spirit. This isn't to say he enjoys leaving his fair--on the contrary, he prefers to stay close to them. Despite, he often feels the need to go off and scavenge. He finds all sorts of things, given his sharp eye. A'dran is likely to find many hidden treasures in his weyr! Wander is best-described in one word: helpful.

Wish - Cyan Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image

There are a number of similarities between the dam of the clutch and her cyan daughter; both are rather caring and friendly. However it is in one area that they differ drastically - this cyan has a possessive streak that causes her to be very clingy. Over time the clinginess may ebb but certainly as a youth the firelizard is likely to never leave Hers except when she absolutely has to. Perched on his shoulder, his head, tucked in a pocket, clinging to his chest or even on his back; no matter where it is as long as she is in physical contact with him she will be content. A chatterbox of sorts she will frequently 'talk' his ear off with chirrups, cheeps, trills, and other noises. Thankfully she is quite eager to please and very intelligent as well, surely if Hers puts his mind to it he'll be able to train her out of some of her more off putting habits and put her never ending energy to good use.

Hatching Post
At first Rider wasn't certain this was the best idea. The first group of people he'd tried to flag down just kept walking as if he didn't exist. If Ridesk was there she would have gathered the closest people and forced the firelizard eggs upon them; which was a tempting idea as he saw the first egg shudder in its nest. The handler needn't have worried though as he was soon approached by Aydran, who was the recipient of a broad grin and eager nod, "Aye! Free as can be! I don't need four more mouths to feed and care for." Nor did he really need marks as the Weyr provided most anything he could ever want. Spying the younger man's knots he grinned, "Candidate from Dalibor? Dragons or Whers?" Not that it rightly mattered as the handler had siblings that were each and friends among riders and handlers alike. Nodding to the nest he gingerly picked one up and offered it to the boy, "Hope it turns out alright for you."

As if the egg had been waiting for the warmth of a hand it began to shudder and shake, a crack snaking over the pale blue surface before a few pieces fell away. Slowly but surely the small egg hatched open and among the ruins of egg now sat a tiny Cyan firelizard. Her hide was uniform in color without a single variation - until one took a look at her tail. Quite bright about midway down it's length all the way to the forked tip her tail looked as if someone had dipped part of her in dye and forgotten to do the rest. A soft trill sounded from the little cyan before she caught sight of all the others gathered and wrapped that brightly hued tail around Hers' wrist possessively.

"Ah, looks like Skyfetch has a mini-me," Rider piped up before suddenly realizing there were others there as well - a pair of redheads that seemed to be related and another young man. Spying the Candidate knots on the girl and the boy Rider arched his brows with a grin, "Sure you can have an egg if you tell me if you're standing for dragons or whers," looking to B'tor he chuckled, "You're welcome to one as well."

Wrathful - Burgundy Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)
user posted image
Wrathful is a brat, and he knows it. He always has to get his way, and is unafraid to test the boundaries of A'dran's fair. While the burgundy will require a firm hand, and some patience, he is not as hotheaded as he pretends to be. For the most part, the burgundy desires attention. Once given the attention he desires, he can be reasoned with. He feels as if everyone else around him is trying to steal the spotlight, and rain on his parade--not cool guys. He might not be the fastest, strongest, or even smartest, but he does try his best. He is afraid of being forgotten or, worse yet, left alone. Yes, the burgundy is quite insecure. It's alright though because A'dran's fair will keep him company. Chances are he will pester Wonder a fair bit, wanting the other flits to notice her noticing him. A'dran might get fed up with him every now and again, but at the end of the day Wrathful knows he ran into the right person.

Warrior - Green Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

user posted image
(Token Hatch - Hatching by Zane and Art by Sakoru)
Personality:The green is, quite literally, the epitome of happiness. Everything is sunshine and rainbows according to Warrior. She spreads good cheer wherever she goes. She makes it her job to cheer others up. Her self-sacrificing spirit is admirable, for she will often put others before herself. While she tries to avoid danger, she has been known to rush into things headlong if it means saving another from harm. Brave, despite her small size, Warrior is a true friend to all. Incredibly social, though self-conscious at times, the green will gladly associate with flits outside of her fair. If anything, the green tries to recruit new flits for Wonder to rule over. If A'dran ends up with a random flit egg or two in his weyr, it wasn't from Warrior. No, no-of course not. She's innocent of all crimes! She loves to cuddle, and it tends to be at the most inopportune of times. A'dran's having an argument? Time to cuddle. A'dran's busy showering? Time to cuddle some more! Warrior struggles with boundaries. A'dran may have to, gently, scold her every now and again. Of course, if he can't bring himself to do so, it's not a wonder. The poor green is awfully sensitive after all, and it would be a mistake to hurt her feelings!

Waif - Pink Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Impression Post
Hatched: WI:17
Personality: Demure and indecisive. This flit is a natural follower and content to let others make choices for her. She dislikes conflict and one might even call her a coward. But for all that, she loves deeply. She cares for all of her fairmates, and no matter how kind or cruel, she tries to see the best in them. Naturally social, she thrives when around others and quails when alone, easily distressed by solitude. She is a performer by nature, and though she doesn't seek out center stage, her antics will find her there. Often she will perform arial stunts. And she possesses an incredible capacity to create and imitate songs.

Fragile of build with a hide that is a barely there pink. Along her back are darker patches of pink that look like flower petals.

Wraith - Black Firelizard
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Impression Post
This flit is startlingly intelligent for his color. He possesses a great capacity to learn and a decent memory too. Though his mind is his greatest gift, it is also a curse. Unstable and vengeful, he is prone to obsession, and is utterly willing to lash out at anything between him and his objective. He exists in a state of self-loathing and torment, yet continues on, driven by his need to know and possess. Forceful and loyal, he will protect anything he considers his with deadly wrath. This is especially true of his clutchsister, Waif, who one might call his first obsession. He protected her from the claws of their violent siblings and would sacrifice himself for her.

The black was a miserable looking creature. He was scrawny and angular in a way that was best described as skeletal. One side of his face was shredded by his sibling's claws, and the edges of his wings were nicked with tiny tatters. Even when the claw marks healed, the flit was left with horrible scars that marred his hide with vivid pink streaks. The eye on the side he was mauled as a hatchling is useless, completely rendered sightless from injury.

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