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 Arcaina, Rider of tan Toppth, Furyflyer Weyrling, Apprentice Harper
 Posted: Dec 30 2016, 09:01 PM

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user posted image

16 (SU 02)
Western Hold
Furyflyer weyrling

Arcaina lives to socialize. She's gregarious to a fault and often doesn't know when to stop talking. But she's honest and earnest, truly believing that there is good in all people. Her wide-eyed optimism often makes her an easy target for criticism, but she takes it in stride. Well, most of the time. She doesn't like being walked on and will stand up for herself and others if she thinks it's the right thing to do. Arcaina will stand by her morals, even at the cost of her own well-being.

She's been known to get into minor physical altercations from time-to-time. Usually when her impulsive side gets its teeth in her, and she doesn't take the time to consider that punching a bully in the nose might not reflect well on her. Even if it felt like the correct reaction at that moment.

When she was younger, she heard some of the older weyrfolk mention that her jittery and act-first-think-later behavior was just a product of youth. That hard work and maturity would calm her down. She would notice boys and want to be a proper lady. But Arcaina doesn't see much wrong with wanting to run and jump all the time. True, it's hard to sit still and pay attention to boring teachers talk, but she believes that actions will always speak louder than words. That the things she does and people she tries to protect, will be what defines her in the end.

Not whether or not she managed to sit still long enough to learn to play a harp.

So far her impulsive must-make-things-right ideals led to her:
+ Jumping into a lake near winter to grab a package she accidentally caused Ollivander to drop

+ Trying to rescue Siinari's body from a red dragonet at Couineth's 5th hatching (earning a bite and a broken arm for her efforts)

She's now fallen on two people: Greyrider Krys and fellow Candidate Tristallon. The first fell fell on by accident, the other she jumped on from a tree on purpose. Call it bonding.

A budding youth on the edge of adulthood. Her face is soft and child-like, her form slim. And she stands incredibly petite at just under five foot. But just being short doesn't mean she's a delicate miss. Her active habits have made her fit and reasonably strong. Not necessarily arm-wrestling with the big-boys strong, but she's hardy and has good endurance built on always pushing her limits.

Hard to tame into polite young woman, Arcaina sports a perpetually ruffled look, like she'd just stood on top of a wall and let the wind blow over her. Her hair shoulder-length, straight and a common brown, but sunshine has given some strands a kiss of blonde. She wears it tied back into a braid, but it does little to 'smooth' her appearance.

Tawny eyes with a hint of amber are perhaps what contributes most to Arcaina's innocent look. They're a bit too large for her face and show her emotions plainly. Perhaps it's a good thing she is honest, because being so easy to read makes her a terrible liar.

Mother: Araina (Harper)
Father: Caindan (Harper)

Yellow Pillie - Jabberwocky
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user posted image

Hex: #d9cd62
Hatched: SP 18
Sire and Dam: Wild Black and Amber Era

Sound: Get!

Personality: (Smart, Confrontational, Tricky)
This Yellow is always scheming up a new plan. Whether it's a trick, or a treat, or maybe something in the middle, she is always doing something, and it isn't always a good something to be doing. She's smart, smart like her colour, but smart for a pillie, and as aggressive as her colour dictates. If caught in her scheming she'll be willing to fight you for silence or tricking rights. Her new owner is going to have to keep an eye on her at all times or risk falling into one of her traps, or seeing someone else fall into it instead.

Appearance: A mellow mid-range yellow is her base colour, layered with hundreds of wavy pale yellow and darker yellow lines that aren't unlike hair. Her underbelly and legs are the same solid colour of yellow, save for circlets of paler yellow on each leg, almost like bracelets.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"


Blue Pillie - Borogove
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user posted image

Hex: #667775
Hatched: SP 18
Sire and Dam: Wild Black and Amber Era
Sound: Coo!

Personality: (Reserved, Comforting, Quiet)
This pillie doesn't like to make much of a fuss. He's happy just sticking in the background until his bonded might have occasion to need him. He'll float around the lake, hang out in a bucket, or even dry out a bit in a bed. There isn't much that excites this one, but on the flip-side there isn't much that gets him down either. He'll be a stalwart companion and guide for the person he chose, even through the toughest of times.

Appearance: The matte shell of this Blue is a dull sort of grey-blue, and where some of his siblings have bright markings, he's lacking in those too. His carapace seems to be outlined in an even darker sort of muddy green mire blue. He's really not that beautiful, sorry to say, but maybe his charm is on the inside.

Adult Length: 2'3" x 1'8"

Arcaina spent her childhood in the shadow of her parents' expectations. Both were Harpers who were working at Harper Hall in the Western Hold who started courting shortly after reaching Journeyman status, and were quite glad to have a daughter to pass the tradition onto. She grew up surrounded by music and stories, her mother loving to sing and play the harp, and her father to weave intricate tales. There was never a night where one of them didn't feed her imagination with some marvelous adventure about dragons or the other beasts that roamed the land.

They were supportive and encouraged her to ask questions. But their interest was heavily weighted with a single goal: to make Arcaina a harper too. Unfortunately, she didn't have much patience to sit still. Learning her letters was a trial, and then trying to pick up music on top of that...it proved a dizzying task. That didn't stop them from trying--pushing her through the rigors of lessons, hoping that the songs they taught her to play and sing from a young age would carry into adulthood.

She liked to run. She liked to cause mischief and play. She would roughhouse with the boys and climb trees when she was supposed to be in lessons. And it wasn't as if she held no potential for the Harper craft. Arcaina was well-spoken from a young age. Even diplomatic compared to her peers. Usually. And she was graceful, moving in such a way that her parents thought she would pursue dance as a specialty later in life if music did not suit.

But as she grew older, it became evident that her path into Harpercraft would be a long one. If she ever managed to make Journeyman at all.

Arcaina, upon reaching her 13th turn, did focus her energy into her craft more. She was an apprentice for a couple years at this point and more resigned to this being her future. Running off during class hours only made it harder to get outside during her free time, so she did her best to sit still. But she is full of yearning.

Wondering at night if the passing Turns would help her accept her place in the Harperhall.

+Searched by greenrider B'tor
+Startled poor Ollivander and jumped in a lake
+Made the horrible mistake of teaching B'tor a song (he's tone deaf, probably)
+Was bitten at Couineth's 5th hatch by red Ingoth, which broke her arm
+Had a heart-to-heart with Ingoth and her bonded
+Fell on a couple people
+Impressed at Sanarth's 1st hatch to tan Toppth!

[align=center]user posted image
Art by Ruin

Color:Tan (#d1a686)
Age: <1 Turn (hatched WI:17)
Clutch: A song as old as rhyme (Yellow Sanarth x Iron Jaireth)
Adult Length: 40'6"

(By Leo)
It would not be wrong to suggest that Toppth is truly and utterly mad. She lives most of the time in a world of her own creation imposed over reality and cares nothing for the opinions of others, except for what Hers thinks. However, if she is mad, it is a willing madness. She delights in her nonsensical narratives and ridiculous ideas, constantly spouting riddles with no answers and hosting parties with imaginary food and drinks. She also creates new words to use whenever she likes much to the confusion of everyone else. While Toppth does have a poor memory, she remembers odd details that nobody else remembers. She finds it fascinating to bring up these details at random moments and watch the subject of her words writhe. To her, it's all fun and games, so long as nobody is physically hurt. That's where she puts her foot down: pain isn't very fun after all. She is inclined to use her crazy ideas to prevent fights from breaking out and is always happy to indulge in spontaneous parties to calm a bad situation. If asked about it, she just wanted to celebrate somebody's un-nameday. Her true intentions are always a mystery as most of the time she doesn't seem to be conscious of her actions until they have been completed.

In many ways, the tan is like a child. A demanding, imaginative and exceptionally quirky child. She is ordinarily happy, but can become depressed when left alone. She is a social creature and does enjoy spending time with others despite others not always wanting to spend time with her. Toppth especially enjoys the company of Harpers who can create poetry and play music, two of her favorite things to do. They also seem to be less bothered by her quirks than other more serious and uncreative folk who are no fun to be around. She's a dragon who wants to be entertained constantly and is always looking for the next adventure; the last thing she wants in life is to be bored. She will actively seek out someone to bother or something to do if nothing is going on. All in all, while she may not be entirely stable, Toppth is a being of amusement and creativity. She wants to bring her unique brand of joy to the Weyr while supporting Hers with genuine affection no matter what path she decides to take in life. Don't you know, all the best creatures are crazy?

(By Leo)
Toppth is a little stouter than the typical tan though she is still a slender creature of limbs, neck, and tail. She was blessed with round, plate-like eyes that allow her to examine everything with curiosity, the pink circles around each orb only heightening their apparent largeness and drawing attention to their multifaceted depths. She was also gifted with broad wings that allow her to reach new heights, especially when performing tricks in the air. Most of the tan's spine is covered by orange-tinged ridges that extend to the top of her tailforks and have a tendency to stick up every which way they can, much to her delight. She likes to bob around and feel everything wiggle.

It's important to note that Toppth never walks. She oozes, she glides, she prances, and she creeps. Walking is for boring, regular dragons and that's the last thing she wants to be.

<div class="tableborder"><div id="spoilertitles">Spoiler <a href='http://java script: void(0)' rel='nofollow noopener' target='_blank'>(Show/Hide)</a></div><div style="display: none; background: url(http://i.imgur.com/r9cuC2R.png); padding: 10px;">
(Hatching and Impression posts)
A loud tapping noise brought Sanarth's head swinging back around to the last unhatched egg. It had started to rock with increasing fervor in a wild rhythm that made W'rone's head ache for there seemed to be no pattern to its tapping, only an ecstatic need to escape. Tap, tap, tap tap tap, tap tap, tap TAP TAP TAP TAP. The eggshell had little choice but to crumble away with a final shiver under the force of all the rocking and tapping of the hatchling. Out of its pieces, egg-wet and shining, oozed a cream-colored form with round, wide eyes that roved around and around the hatching cavern. It tilted its head to one side before collapsing forward onto its neck and forelimbs, its haunches sticking straight up into the air where it kept them, though it appeared to be hardly a comfortable position at all. It wiggled its backside, giggling to itself, before sliding down onto its belly in order to extend itself to its full length. The hatchling licked its lips.

'Sister, sister!' the tan called. 'I am ready for the party! Only, there's no room.' She craned her neck up, up, up, wondering if perhaps there was room up there. Oooh, ooohh, look at all the pretty dragons! Like that little gray one over there! 'Twinkle, twinkle, little derg, how I wonder what you're at, up above the world so high, like a herdbeast in the sky...' She stopped singing without warning. Hmm, what were the rest of the words of the song? Oh, 'Sister, sister! I am ready for the party! Only, we don't have anyone to serve us!'


The cyan seemed to lose interest in the female candidates now that her clutchsister was calling out to her. 'Well, that's a shardin' shame,' she shot back. 'Can't have a party with no room.' She strode over to the tan with quick, confident steps and stared her down like she was the only youngling on the sands. Poor thing obviously needed some assistance. 'I think I'm going to call you...Quirky. You like that?' The tan blinked up at the cyan and sneezed. '...I'm gonna take that as a yes. Now come on Quirky, momma wants us to go find Ours.' The tan's tongue breached her maw and quested along her snout, more interested in finding her teeth than finding her rider. What was the big deal anyway? They were having a party!

The cyan's lips curled back as the tan continued her quest for teeth. 'Quirky, are you gonna listen to what I gotta say?' The tan's eyes were sweet and oh-so round as she looked up at the smaller dragonet in wonder. Had she always been there? The cyan was so pretty, like a lollymat...oh wait, what were they talking about again? Oh right, 'Do you have any idea why a wherry is like a writing desk?' The cyan shifted her weight, her impatience growing, though she did not reprimand her forgetful sister. 'Not a clue.' 'Oh...I haven't the slightest idea either. Are you taking me to the party?' The cyan dragonet thought it over for a moment before bobbing her head up and down in a way that attracted the tan's interest immensely. 'Yes, I am. Right this way little lady.' With the tan following in her footsteps, the cyan led their way to the male candidates. She knew them to be an unlikely match, but for her sister's sake, she took her through them anyway.

Sanarth was pleased to see the good will between her two daughters. She had been ready to coax the tan forward herself but it seemed her aid was unnecessary after all. The cyan acted as a playful guide for the tan, bouncing and winding the two dragonet's way through the boys rather than traveling in a straight practical line as another would have done. She stopped nearby Camille who was offered a curious look from both parties as she was not a boy at all but a girl on the boys' side. 'Do you know why a wherry is like a writing desk?' the tan took the chance to ask. She continued to stare at Camille for several more seconds, eyes unblinking as she waited for her answer, but she turned away if the candidate wasn't fast enough with her words. 'I'm bored! Let's play a game!' The cyan cocked her head to the side and smirked. 'Sure. I know a fun game: the game is go find Yours as fast as you can!'

Oooh, that sounded like a fun game! She was so going to win. The tan giggled to herself as she sank into a stalking position with her belly low to the ground. In this way, she crept to the female candidates, her tail thrashing wildly behind her. 'Twinkle twinkle little rider...you do look strange without your pants!' On the word 'pants,' she threw herself at Arcaina and let out a long 'Wheeeeeeee!' She had done it; she had won! 'I found you! Toppth found you first!' Okay, now what should they play next? Find the meat bucket perhaps?

Fandom Information: Inspired by The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Adoption Preference: Transfer or Adoption

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A Song as old as Rhyme
Flying high like a furious kite
Tea time for all~
Expedition Contamination Quarantine

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Earl Grey
A Change of Pace
My World of Make Believe

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