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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

Upcoming Flights/Runs:
Red Ingoth

Upcoming Hatchings:

Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Rylin, weyrling of Cyan Loriketh, Journeyman Singer
 Posted: Dec 31 2016, 10:38 PM

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21 turns. (18 upon creation).
Dalibor Weyr.
Dragon Candidate.
Age-Out Date:
Summer 19.

Affectionate: Rylin tends to communicate through simple little touches here and there whilst she strives to get her point across. Putting her hand over someone else's, or upon their shoulder, is commonplace for her. She is, naturally, a very compassionate, and caring, individual. With her friends, she could easily be described as affectionate. She's been voted the most likely in her group to give someone a hug, and offer words of encouragement. It's possible that her character is best summed up with the words: touchy-feely. She harbours dreams of romance, though she is far too chaste to ever pursue them.

Considerate: In the habit of putting others first, Rylin has a very self-sacrificing spirit. Her mother-hen tendencies have made her an ideal candidate for working with children. Preferring to work with younger classes of students most oftentimes, Rylin also has the dream of helping children to excel in the harpercraft. While protective of young ones, she, unfortunately, lacks the courage to stand up for herself a lot of the time. Preferring to avoid conflict, she allows others to belittle and intimidate her. Wishing to spare others' feelings, rather than get them into trouble for their own insecurities, Rylin rarely discusses undesirable behaviour among her peers. With her focus set on her work, the young woman fares alright.

Creative: When it comes to her craft, Rylin has a lot of ideas on how to improve things. Devising elaborate lessons for her classes so happens to be one of her favourite pass-times. She considers herself to be an innovative thinker, though she has a profound respect for the traditional way of doing things. The Ballads of old are her sanctuary, and so she studies them on a frequent basis. Working to perfect any and all techniques she picks up, Rylin spends hours upon hours a day singing and writing. There are consecutive days in a row where the girl doesn't leave her room to do more than eat. Dedicated, to a fault, she constantly frets over not being good enough to pass on beneficial knowledge to her students. She all too often compares herself to her peers, which, in truth, bolsters her determination to create works and think outside of the box.

Indecisive: If there is any way to second-guess herself, Rylin does. While she doesn't allow her suspected shortcomings to get in her way, she tends to work twice as hard to make up for her assumed failures. She often has more than one project going at once, starting and stopping many pieces of work in the event that they might not turn out the way she wanted them to. Regardless, she is a studious, and steadfast, worker and rarely gives up. She struggles to determine what it is she truly wants out of life. Hearing her brother talk of draognriding, while inspiring, often frightens her. The last thing the girl wants is to let B'tor down by being a Harper, and yet she knows that her big brother only wants her to be happy. At present, she can't decide what scares her more: The idea of losing her craft, or the idea of never venturing outside of it. As exciting as dragonriding sounds to her, she's convinced herself that she's not cut out for it. A life of adventure, in her opinion, sounds like little more than an unrealistic pipe-dream. She has her place in the world set, and worries that veering off of her present path will ruin her future.

Transparent: Wearing her heart on her sleeve, the young woman is a fairly open-book. Despite, she has been known to keep a secret or three. Her trustworthiness, however, should not be mistaken for a lack of honesty. Her conscience, strong as it is, keeps her from lying on any and all counts. She'll protect someone, if need be, but even then she fights with the insurmountable guilt that comes along with skewing the truth. Striving to be a good person, always, Rylin goes by the philosophy of "treat others as you would want to be treated." Soft-spoken, and gentle, the girl is a true Harper, through and through. Her transparency betrays her a lot of the time, mostly where her true feelings on a matter are concerned. Her romantic interests, depending on the perceptiveness of the individual, shouldn't take very long to come to the realization that she's got a crush. At the same time, her friendliness and outgoing-personality have many a time been mistaken for flirtation.

Her long auburn-coloured hair falls over her shoulders in waves, just reaching her chest. Her almond-shaped eyes are small; a vibrant green in coloration. Slightly under average in height, for she stands at 5'4", with a slight frame, many think her to be younger than her eighteen Turns. With a small-chest, and rather straight form, lacking in curvature, Rylin feels as if she has to be fight to be seen as a woman and not a girl. Long of limb, she's a fast-runner. Always striving to be in pique physical condition, on a good day she'll use exercise to dispel excess energy. With a pallid complexion, she burns easily-never tanning. Even so, nothing could keep her from the great outdoors. Always preferring to be overdressed rather than underdressed-though this more has to do with her level of modesty-Rylin is best known for wearing long-sleeves and sweaters. She's not the type of girl who is comfortable showing skin. She prefers to wear warmer, brighter, colours. Anything that gives the impression of a happy, soothing, disposition.

Father: Baltorrum (hold guard/bronzehandler, 53)
Mother: Bryone (journeyman healer, 48)
Siblings: Keltorra (sister, 22, bluerider, deceased), B'tor (brother, 28, greenrider)

Lyric - blue flit
Ruffles - atypical whersport (poppo)

Born as the youngest child of three, in Tillek Hold-off to the West. Rylin loved growing up on the ocean, though everything else she recalls about her childhood is far less desirable. Her father Baltorrum was a member of the guard, accompanied by his bronze wher Baltorsk. Her mother, Bryone, was one of the Holds more well-known Journeyman Healers. Rylin's half-sister, Keltorra, was a product of Baltorrum, and their homes personal caretaker, Kellmara. Rylin's mother was left in the dark regarding Keltorra's heritage, having been told that Kellmara's husband, a member of the guard, had passed away on duty. Keltorra was raised alongside Rylin and her elder brother, Brytorron.

Very close to her brother, whom had been the one to name her, Rylin seldom wished to be where he was not. Their father was a harsh, cold, figure in their lives, preferring to have very little part in the rearing of his daughters though he showed particular interest in his son. Rylin spent most of her time trying to stay out of her fathers way; loved and cherished by both her mother, and Kellmara.

Bellamy's jealousy of Rylin was made plain from early on, for her half-sister wished to be the one praised, both by their parents, and beloved brother. It wasn't until much later that Rylin discovered her relation to the older girl. Keltorra held a deep resentment towards her, though she could never understand why until she was old enough to grasp the relationship that Keltorra desired between herself and B'tor. The older girl felt as if Rylin was always trying to take B'tor away from her.

While Bryone wished for her daughter to follow in her footsteps as a healer, it was discovered by the holds harpers that the girl had a lovely singing-voice. Accepting the offer of an apprenticeship, it was at said time-as she came upon her tenth Turn-that Brytorron and Keltorra were both Searched. Brytorron claimed that both of his sisters would have to come away from Tillek, with him, before he accepted his token of candidacy.

The holds harper had made an earlier suggestion that Rylin be brought to Fort Hold's Harper Hall, and so everything, for a time, seemed to be working out. Keltorra, though she wished for more of a role either at the Weyr or the Hold, desired to remain close to her brother and so she was quick to accept her offer of candidacy. Rylin was present for the first hatching at which Brytorron Stood, though the young man did not impress. It was at the second hatching, to which Keltorra also Stood, that both her brother and half-sister impressed Green Tavistrath and Blue Tempath.

Rylin enjoyed her time at the Harper Hall, glad to be out of her fathers way, and yet she found that the majority of the apprentices were much more confident than she. The young apprentice visited the Weyr as often as she could to see her weyrling-brother, feeling as if he and his green were her only true friends. Any of the boys that bothered her at the Hold were quickly seen to by her overprotective brother and his dragon, once the pair were old enough to travel to and from High Reaches Weyr.

At eighteen Turns, Rylin walked the tables, graciously accepting her title as Journeyman singer. It was a Turn prior that Keltorra was said to have gone /between/ during a wing-drill accident. Feeling the utmost guilt in regards to the fact that she had difficulty mourning her colder, jealous, sibling, Rylin still carries said guilt with her in the present-day.

When B'tor spoke to her about his wishing to transfer to Dalibor Weyr, she assumed it was because of their sisters death. Not wanting him to be alone, and naturally leaping at the opportunity to live closer to her beloved brother, Rylin went along with him. It came as no surprise when Tavistrath Searched her, and now Rylin finds herself waffling back and forth between the life she figures she should lead and the life that she could, potentially, lead. Indecisive about her future, the young Journeyman is taking it one day at a time. She's afraid of losing sight of what she's worked so hard to achieve. Her focus, as of now, is teaching young 'un's to sing at the Weyr!

Adoption Preference: Transfer forplz.

user posted image

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
6 mos.
Dragon Color:
Cyan. [6cbea9]
Dragon Length:

Dragon Personality:
You will know when Loriketh is awake for she makes loud, musical noises at dawn and dusk. She is a beautiful looking cyan with a multi-hued hide. This can mean she will be a little annoying at times and furthermore will try to encourage other dragons and firelizards to join her in making noises.

She is also not afraid to pick a fight with a dragon three times her size. Yes, she will pick a fight with Couineth, Laanasuth and Baihujinth and have fun doing it! Loriketh is territorial and possessive over food and things she considers hers. Anyone trying to get close to the things she deems hers will see a rather aggressive cyan advancing upon them. She has large wings but seems to beat them very quickly. That said, her stamina is slightly above average for a fighter.

Loriketh can be trusting of others and very curious. She is interested in everything the world has to offer and trying new things. When a volunteer is needed, Loriketh will be the first to jump in and offer a claw. This is good in some ways as it can allow them to be noticed and recognised more readily but it also means Hers can potentially be pushed to do things they may not have wanted to volunteer for. Like extra chores.

That said she is the definition of ‘bonded for life’. Loriketh chose her partner and has no regrets. Through thick and thin Hers is just that. Hers. They are together and she believes they are bonded for life more so than perhaps other dragons might understand. She is also unlikely to Fly unless she knew who she wanted to pick. Loriketh finds the concept of finding a partner for life fascinating and would not initially like the concept of a ‘casual’ relationship. She would defend Hers to the ends of time and do all she could to protect them.

Loriketh is territorial about her food and may need a separate eating time as she will sometimes chase others away from their food whilst she is eating her own. She does this loudly and aggressively. She will also have strange chirps as she nibbles her food down, wings pinned solidly to her side as she picks up each piece in her mouth.

Dragon Appearance:
A paragraph describing the dragon's appearance (length is less important.)

Dragon History:
A detailed history of the events that have happened specifically to the dragon (length depends on age.)
 Posted: Jan 2 2017, 03:37 PM
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