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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Red Ingoth

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

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Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

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Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

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Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 Maus'en, weyrling of Iron Koath
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 04:24 PM

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Maus'en (Mauschen)
14 turns (created at 11)
Dalibor Weyr
Dragon Candidate
Age-Out Date:
Autumn 25

Proactive: If something is going on, you can guarantee Maus will be right in the thick of it. Despite his meek disposition, and exceedingly polite representation, he will go through great lengths to be in the know-how. Due to his families death he feels as if he has the right to know the Weyr's business, which includes more personal affairs. He's just a kid, sure, but at least he's trying. He attempts to shoulder more responsibility than what a child should rightly bear. He never feels more alive than when he thinks he can make a difference. He just wants to be useful, and feel needed. He's a persistent lad whose unafraid to open closed-doors and break a few rules now again. As long as he garners a sense of accomplishment or heroism from his actions than one can bet he'll carry on.

Truthful: Even when he's made a mistake, the boy is inclined to tell the truth. He doesn't like being lied to. He has recently developed the belief that knowledge is power, and so there are times when he might reword the truth to formulate a different impression. He doesn't consider being sneaky to be dishonest. When asked a question, outright, he'll always divulge what he knows to be true. He is very plain about his feelings, and thoughts, on matters. Some may consider him to be blunt, and yet he knows no other way to be. He doesn't wish to hurt anyone with his words, and yet he knows that sometimes the truth can, and does, hurt. His ultimate goal is to make everyone happy, and he knows how freeing the truth can be.

Kind: For all intents and purposes, taking into consideration that he's but a mere boy, Maus is a good kid. He tries his best to do as he's told, and doesn't often break the rules unless they stand directly in his way. He doesn't ever want to hurt anyone, and will go out of his way to do a good deed or lend a hand. He's not averse to hard-work, even if he'd prefer to have fun instead. He has been known, on occasion, to grump when he can't just go off and play. For a boy his age he's fairly level-headed, and it doesn't take much to reason with him. Like any child, he requires discipline. However, he has a good heart and has proven himself to be rather selfless when it counts.

Brave: Maus will always stand up for what he believes in, even if that means opposing those whom are much bigger, and stronger, than him. He isn't afraid to die, or so he tells himself. He still has a lot to learn. He doesn't quite understand what it is to be brave, yet he does his best to act the part of the heroic saviour. He stands up to bullies, even if that means getting pummelled. He stands up to authority figures too, even if that means he has to apologize afterwords. He tends to embarrass himself when his drive to enact justice is at an all-time high.

Troublemaker: Despite his intention of doing the right thing, Maus comes off as a troublemaker. He breaks the rules when he sees fit to break them, and doesn't do what he's told when he disagrees with peoples reasoning. Again, he has a lot to learn about life and responsibility. He is working hard to discover his place in the world. He desires nothing more than to know where he belongs, and whether or not he can truly make a difference. He's a kid with big dreams and aspirations. He doesn't like to be overlooked. He doesn't take well to being ridiculed or disciplined, and will often complain.

Quick-tempered: This goes hand in hand with his being oversensitive. He has the tendency to have a bit of a fit when he feels as if no one is listening to him. He doesn't like being told that he's wrong without a clear explanation. He gets upset with himself when he knows he's made a mistake, or done something truly wrong. He just wants to be good, and do good, and knows that he's far from perfect. He's got a bit too much pride at times, it's true, but it doesn't take much to knock him down a few pegs. He's a very sensitive boy, and one must be careful not to break his spirit.

Impatient: Maus hates to wait for anything. He has trouble focusing, and setting his sights elsewhere. His mind races, and jumps all over the place from one thing to another. He over-analyzes just about every situation, which is often what leads him to act so impulsively. He needs to be busied with productive tasks, especially when a situation arises to which patience is required. He needs to learn that a person can't have everything they desire simply by going out and grabbing it for themselves. He doesn't seem to understand why he can't just go out, every moment of the day, and live his dreams.

Clingy: If he feels close to someone, or develops a real bond with said person, he can be rather difficult to shake-off. He misses his parents, and has been looking ever since to replace what has been lost. He still wants to be taken care of, and looked after, because he knows he's not ready to become an adult just yet. He doesn't want to be asked to give up on his childhood. He just wants to have his adventures around the Weyr, and be free from any real duties. He's afraid of growing up... he's afraid of expectations.

Maus is a lanky kid with a dirty blond mop of hair set upon his head. His hair is often messy, and his bangs tend to hang in his eyes. His hair, usually in need of a cut, hangs over the base of his neck. He's got virtually zero muscle mass, and often gets called a pipsqueak. Skin and bones, that's what he is. (The kid needs to fatten up). He's small too, which hardly helps matters. He's got a rounded baby face, and squinty blue eyes. He's got a button-nose, paired with a wee mouth. In height, he barely reaches 4'4", weighing in at 75 lbs.

He doesn't have very many clothes, always having worn hand-me downs from his older brother whom passed. Mostly, he can be found in earthy tones. Browns, greys, and occasionally blues, are his per usual. He wears a lot of sweaters in an attempt to hide how tiny he is. His pants are often baggy, and falling off of him. As he gets older, maybe he'll start wearing clothes his own size!

JM. Tanner Marlon - Father {deceased}
JM. Weaver Nichera - Mother {deceased}
Icherlon - Brother {deceased}


0-11: Born to a couple of kind crafters, Mauschen was surrounded with love from the moment he was born. His eldest brother, senior by nearly eight Turns, passed away when he was only four. The young man, twelve at the time, was drowned by a couple of boys whom got carried away roughhousing. Barely able to remember his brother, Maus' memories of the older boy soon faded. His parents rarely spoke of him, instead acting as if Mauschen was their only son.

From the time Maus could walk, his parents exposed him to new things. His family was situated in the Western Hold region, beholden to Dalibor Weyr. They had him train with the holds harper, and exposed him to each and every instrument. Once it was realized his talent wasn't in music, they moved on to other things. His father, who worked out of their home-as did his mother-tried to teach him tanning. The craft required advanced motor skills, which the boy was not able to perform until the age of eight.

It was realized that the young man had an affinity for animals. He grew up with his fathers hunting hound, often asking for a pup of his own. His family, barely able to feed themselves, their son, and Marlon's canine, tried to distract their son with the prospect of becoming a beastcrafter. Taking him to see the holds runners and herdbeasts regularly, there was a young man several Turns Maus' senior that took on the task of teaching the boy. The young man, Tarsus, had a younger brother Maus' age, Casee.

It wasn't long before Maus and Casee became best friends, playing games in the stables among the runners while Tarsus did his chores. Deciding that, someday, they would both be beastcrafters, Maus and Casee began to wander away from the stables, instead favouring the beaches. It was there, upon the sandy shores, that the boys played their adventure games. Exploring rocky out-cropping's and caverns, Maus and Casee played from sunrise to sunset. Maus' parents had always told him he wasn't allowed down near the shore, since that was where his brother had drowned. Maus made Casee promise not to tell. He trusted his best friend to keep his secret.

It was around the time the boys turned ten that the beach became populated with other boys their age. Once their hideout had been discovered, the other hold children wanted to come and play also. With age, came maturity, and so the other boys often brought up the subject of girls. Conversation quickly veered away from playing dragon and rider, and sea pirates, to whom had tried to kiss whom. Then, when one of the older boys came to play, bringing with him a few of his friends, everyone got into the habit of playing truth and dare.

Maus noticed how quiet his best friend became whenever the subject of girls came up. When the pair of them got dragged into playing a game with the older boys, a dare fell to Casee. They seemed to know more about his friend than he did, and so when he was dared to kiss one of the other boys, Maus couldn't help but be confused. Having been raised in a very open family, Maus didn't consider homosexuality to be something strange. The thing that did strike him as strange was why the boys were asking Casee to kiss someone. When his friend turned to him, face flushed, Maus couldn't help but feel embarrassed for him. When Casee stepped towards him all of a sudden, grabbing a hold of his face to give him a kiss, Maus pulled back. Falling down in the sand, right on his ass, Maus could only stare up at his friend with wide eyes.

When Maus saw Casee again, it was at the stables. The pair of them made a pact not to go down to the shore anymore. So, instead, they did their best to help Tarsus with his chores. It was less than a Turn before they could become apprentices themselves.

Casee would never see his twelfth turn... And Maus, well, Maus would never see his best friend or his family ever again.

When Thread fell over the lesser holder, the majority of people knew to return to their homes for safety. It so happened to be the anniversary of Maus' brothers death, and so his family had gathered down by the shore to pay their respects. Maus, having gotten distracted, went off to play further down the shore. He came across the cavern that him and Casee had always hid away in, and remained there. His parents, wanting to return home lest they be caught out in the evening's Threadfall, searched high and low for their son. Unable to find him, they began to panic.

As the silver-strands ate through every living organism they touched upon the sandy shore, Maus' parents had little time to react. The screams that Maus heard that day will forever haunt his memories. Afraid to leave the cavern, arms folded up over his head, it was a rider from Dalibor that landed nearby, to cool off after the fall, that drew his attention. The small boy was in complete shock, stumbling out in hopes of being saved. Maus was escorted back tot he hold by the kindly greenrider. Since he had no surviving family to look after him, Maus, to this day, can barely remember leaving his home behind.

Searched by the dragonrider accompanying him, Maus consented to leaving everything behind. His last request was to see Casee, but when he went by the stables Tarsus told him that his brother had gone down to the shore just before the Fall after realizing Maus had yet to return home. Tarsus explained that he'd Searched everywhere, but found only a few scraps of cloth off of his younger brothers shirt. Casee was presumed dead. Turning into but a mere shell of himself, Maus fought to retain consciousness as the greenrider lifted him up onto the back of his beast. It wasn't long before they arrived at Dalibor!

Ever since the death of his best friend, and family, Maus has been obsessed with the dragonriders and their affairs. He constantly plants himself where he doesn't belong, trying to learn as much as he can about Thread, and where Dalibor fits in when it comes to Pern's protection. He spends a moment of silence each day to which he fondly recounts his time spent with Casee. He's gotten into the habit of recording things in a diary, even though his writing is mere wherry-scratch. Ultimately, he blames himself for the death of Casee and his parents.

Adoption Preference: Transfer only!

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Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
6 mos.
Dragon Color:
Iron. [665d5c]
Dragon Length:

Dragon Personality:
Slow and lumbering, Koath may trick people into thinking he is slothful. Koath also loves to eat food and will constantly be asking for more food. However, he is an incredibly picky eater. He will only eat wherry and turn his nose up at anything else. He is also particular about how he eats, preferring to skewer the pieces of meat onto his claws and then pick them off one-by-one.

He can be lazy and selfish at times, choosing to nap and sleep until someone else has done all the work for him if he can convince them to do so. This is a habit His will have to work hard to mitigate. Once his energies have been channelled in the right way, he will be a far more active dragon and more able to be encouraged. In a lot of ways, he thinks there is no point in doing the work if it is boring and others more willing to do it for him. However, he will be happy to reap the rewards.

Koath believes himself a warrior and may have many an instance where he can go immediately from sleeping on the shores of the lake to launching into the air and fighting threadfall like any of the other dragons. He will defend the younger dragons and individuals of the Weyr most aggressively, believing them to need his protection. There would be no stopping him from fighting if he believes anyone he cares about is in danger.

Koalth speaks rather more than the average iron and perceives himself as a ‘spectator’ of life. For this reason, he will broadcast his observations into the minds of others liberally whilst he lazes about. He will commentate on hatchings, formations, Threadfall, chores and anything else complimenting and criticising the actions of those around him. He does this best when he is working with his yellow brother, both bouncing off one another.

Koath has an almost dry sense of humour and every line he delivers is almost with the exact same tone. There are those who will have great difficulty determining when Koath is making a joke and when he is being serious. He can also be sarcastic at times but again, will deliver it with almost the exact same tone. It is when he ‘commentates’ that his voice takes on almost a whole character of its own.

Dragon Appearance:
A paragraph describing the dragon's appearance (length is less important.)

Dragon History:
A detailed history of the events that have happened specifically to the dragon (length depends on age.)
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 09:07 PM
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