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 Kataya, Weyrling
 Posted: Mar 5 2017, 06:33 PM


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17 turns - WI
Bisexual, strong preference for men.
Dalibor Weyr

When Kat was younger, she tended to be very impulsive and naive. While some naivety in wanting to believe in people and trusting a little too easily still needs to be be rectified, it has mostly passed. Her mother said of her that she always did whatever she wanted, regardless of the outcome. This isn't far from the truth. Kat has always followed her heart. Even if that has at times been to her detriment. She used to be easily jealous. Now that she is older, it has tempered down into envy. This envy mostly applies to the freedom other's have, or the fact that she wishes she looked more like someone else. More attractive.

Kat believes she is not very attractive. She is nearly obsessive about the way she maintains her body and has a fear of gaining weight. This is due to her mother always being very shallow about weight gain. She would notice if her children picked up even five or so pounds and make comments that they were putting on weight. The women on both sides of their family tended to do so easily. So while this was mostly out of a genuine concern for them, it had negative effects nonetheless. Kat loves food to no end, and it is quite unreasonable for her to worry so much. She doesn't tend to put on more than a couple of pounds which isn't even really noticeable. If anything, she is very fit. She simply fears her metabolism will not hold up to the fact she likes to eat a lot.

The girl lacks self confidence in all areas of life. Likely due to her upbringing, she feels she is never 'good enough'. Not good enough at art, or writing, or anything she does. She has a horrible habit of comparing herself to others. She often scraps things she's drawn, simply because they were not 'perfect'. Yet, in the areas of art and writing, she is amazing. She simply can't accept this. In the same way, she cannot accept compliments. She is learning to try. Most often she is used to dismissing them. She doesn't question that she is intellectual. At times she is even judgmental of others for lacking what she perceives to be the same level as intellect as she has. She isn't aware she is. She feels she has become quite adept at reading people, and usually is not proven wrong in this. A very empathetic person, she had trouble not helping people or animals she sees in need. No matter that some of the people she might wish to help were not previously kind to her. It might seem to some that she is the fool for it. To her, she knows well that they wronged her. Some of them she knows would do it again, or continue to do so. It is impulsive to help.

The sixteen-turn-old loves words. Sarcasm and wit are both used in her verbal interactions. It is fair to say that she enjoys debates, and even relishes arguments. Yet she will only get into them if she truly believes she is right and can back what she says with facts. Nothing can argue with truth. Nothing hurts more than truth. While she is a dreamer, she is also very practical. She is a quick learner and enjoys learning. She has a short attention span for things she does not enjoy. This sees her in a bit of trouble at times. A procrastinator, she will leave tasks to the last minute that she doesn't like. Yet she works well this way. She doesn't do a sloppy job, even if she does rush. She gets to the point she panics that it won't be done, and then does it. Often this results in sleepless nights or overdoing things. She does not possess a photographic memory. Yet her memory is very, very sharp and she often recalls the strangest of things she has seen without even recalling that she remembered them to begin with.

While wanting to trust people, Kat has a hard time doing so. She has had experience with bullying, and betrayal. She has found that at least half of all people are not 'good'. They are self-centered. They will hurt others, and use others as a means to an end. It has made her wary, and she dislikes it. She has a very hard time getting close to people. Even when they seem to get close to her, and it might seem a person is a friend. This doesn't mean she is able to consider them that. The only friends she has are ones she had from very young: Yennafir and Alonna. The two girls kept her secrets. Were confidants. Valued her, and accepted her for who she was. Needless to say leaving the Hold will have her missing them. She prefers a lot of alone time, though this does not seem to extend to her sisters. Them she doesn't mind around her in the least. She is happy in her own solitude and rarely finds herself lonesome. She has her sisters or her friends a stone's throw away. It is hard to say how she would feel if she were truly alone, with no one. That thought frightens her. Her two biggest fears are losing a person she loves, and being alone completely. Other than that, she fears drowning. She is not a strong swimmer as she never really learned. Water that comes past her neck sends her into a frantic feeling of panic. If her feet cannot touch bottom, this feeling intensifies to a full on anxiety or panic attack.

When someone wrongs her or she is treated unfairly, nothing makes Kat feel more upset. Especially if she has no way to defend herself, or if she is telling the truth and she isn't believed. While she lied for attention while younger, she does not lie beyond a white one to protect someone. She is honest to a fault, and often too much so. It goes to the point of being blunt. She doesn't seem to always have a filter, and asks and says what she ought not. The only reason she is aware of this is her sister's telling her so. She doesn't mean to offer insult, yet it's not always possible for her to understand the things she says, do.

A lot was placed on physical appearances when she was growing up. This has made her moderately shallow. She is aware she is, but seems unable to simply not be. When she's attracted to someone, it is often because the outside is attractive. She keeps having to learn time and again this doesn't always mean a beautiful person on the inside. She romanticizes perspective partners and places them on pedestals that they don't necessarily belong on. She views them as too good for her. She tells herself that they wouldn't be interested in someone like her. Rather than tell them how she feels, she flirts very cautiously, afraid to 'scare them away' if they discover she really likes them.

Kataya's passions are art, animals and writing. Animals includes dragons, whers and firelizards, as well as pillies. She even like tunnelsnakes, despite fearing their venom. She has been drawing since she could first pick up the materials to do so. She has been writing since five turns of age. The stories she makes up are ingenious, but she never shows anyone but her sisters. She has already become known for her art. She could make a living selling portraits, and had used this to help out Krystin while she lived with her. She loves music but her voice is average at best, if that. She has a knack for instruments--namely guitar and pipes. Yet she hasn't seriously pursued learning these. She spent most of her free time drawing and with animals. Her craft of choice reflects her love for them. She wanted to be a dragonhealer, yet her parents forbade it. She always wanted at least a firelizard, as she adores them to no end.

Overall, Kat is not entirely sure what will become of her life. She's not even precisely sure she knows how she feels about what would happen if she actually managed to get her life to the point it is a semblance of what she wishes it would be. All she has been doing is living one day at a time--her motto. One day at a time. That's all she can really handle most days.

Standing at 5'6", Kat is of an average height. As an active person always on the go, she is physically fit. She has decent hip and bust size, though she dislikes wearing swim-wear and for some reason has poor body confidence--likely thanks to her mother. Her brunette hair is kept down most of the time. It falls to the shoulder blades or a little past. It tends to be a bit wavy at the ends if she doesn't brush it straight after bathing. Her eyes are a blue-grey with hints of green. Her father's eyes are blue-grey. The green is likely from her grandmother on her father's side, as her mother's are brown. In features shes tends towards her father's side: small nose, fuller lips. Her cheekbones and jawline are a combination of her mother's and father's.

She tends to prefer wher-hide jackets, shirts and trousers. She dislikes dresses. Yet if she is in a mood to feel feminine at all--which is rarely--she might don a more skin-tight dress. With her pale complexion, she tends towards burning and then tanning after the fact. She does have a few freckles that are pale brown. As she ages more will appear, mostly on her arms. She does seem to like bracelets and necklaces, though not usually of the expensive kind. More unique in style, and made of feathers, bone, shells, beads and black leather. She prefers darker colors, and won't be caught wearing yellow, pink or the brighter, flashier ones. Black, grey, red...those seem to be her primaries. She will, however, wear white shirts from time to time. She prefers wher-hide boots to fancy shoes, any day.

Katerina (Mother, 39)
Davin (Father, 39)
Krystin (Sister, 18)
Siinari (Sister, 12, Deceased)

Cyan Firelizard Navi
Blue Firelizard Sin

Kat's entry into the world was nothing spectacular, though Krystin was delighted to have a younger sister. Her parents, Davin and Katerina, lived in a respectably sized home at Crescent Hold. They had met at fifteen turns of age, and married at eighteen. They were both born and raised in Tillek Hold, though they hated each other upon meeting, always bickering and fighting, and didn't begin to date until they were fifteen turns of age. They were married at eighteen, and a couple of months after Davin walked the tables as a journeyman. They both moved to Crescent Hold for his placement.

Their first daughter, Krystin, was only two turns senior to Kat. Davin was a Woodsmith of no small talent, and their mother a homemaker who liked to tend a sizable garden, bake and cook. Artistic, she also liked to draw, craft and paint. Her second child took after her in that respect. Katerina was primarily a home-maker. She raised her daughters, and yet worked in the Hold kitchens as a baker and chef part-time. She took the children with her when she did.

The first four turns of Kat's life were unremarkable. She was too young to understand her parents were very hide-bound and very strict. Then her second sister, Sinari, was born. It was a marked change in the lives of the two elder sisters, for Katerina suffered post-partum depression and issues a mind-healer had not been consulted to aid her with. She became verbally abusive towards her elder two daughters, favoring Sinari. Krystin saw the harshest side of her mother's tongue. She was eldest, and therefore expected to be perfect in all things, and forgiven for no perceived slight or failure. While Kat was forgiven all the time, the difference in treatment between the elder two sisters was apparent to everyone at the Hold. Sinari was the favorite. It was through no fault of her younger sister's own, yet it caused no small amount of jealousy in Kat. She had been the child her mother doted on, and the one to receive praise and attention. No more after Sinari. Instead, Katerina would tell her older two daughters that they had been mistakes, and that they were bad children. It was not something the older two sisters could understand.

While Krystin loved both her sisters and strove to better please her mother and earn her favor, Kat rebelled. She began to act out by stealing, lying, and trying to garner attention of any kind. No matter that this attention was negative--it was still attention. She was too young to understand that it was Katerina to blame for her jealousy of Sinari. Her and her younger sister were far more alike than Krystin and Sin were, and Krystin and Kat were very close. It caused a further rift between them, as Krystin never took sides. In lessons, Kat was bright and excelled. She prided herself on having a good mind, and wanted her mother to at least acknowledge this. She was very good at artistic endeavors, and could both draw and write exceedingly well. Yet it didn't earn her attention and she began doing these things for herself instead.

Sin and Kat continued to quarrel. It was always ended by making up, and the sisters would soon be at play again. They could never stay arguing for more than a day or so at most. Both had vivid imaginations, and liked to play as being dragonriders--out of the sight of their parents. Krystin had no desire to join in such games. She dreamed of working with the dolphins. Both Kat and Sin tended towards more masculine games. Play-fighting, roughing it out outside, and having wild dreams. They liked to dress in trousers and shirts, while Krystin was more effeminate. While Davin and Katerina understood that it was thanks to dragonriders Pern was kept safe from Thread, they very much opposed the lifestyle they led. Homosexuality was something that repulsed both of them, as was the fact that flights led to premarital sex, and sleeping with several people. These things were taboo. They told their daughters in no unclear terms that sex before being wed and homosexuality would result in them being disowned.

When Krystin was only fourteen turns, her mother told her she needed to move in with her grandmother. Her and Krystin were always at odds. For some reason, Katerina never favored her eldest daughter and treated her even more unfairly. So Krystin had finally tired of it, and in frustration began to speak out against her mother's unfairness. Kat missed her horribly, though she was only living at the opposite side of the Hold's land. Closer to the dolphins. Kat and Sin were not allowed to visit her. So they exchanged letters in secret. It was during this time that Kat an Sin became closer, despite the fact that Kat was still jealous of the unfair favoritism. She began to understand that it was not Sin's fault, but her mother's decision to behave so.

Then, when Kat was fourteen, she moved in with Krystin to help her as she'd moved into a small home of her own. She was working to become a dolphineer. Kat sold art to make extra marks and help them afford their basic necessities. She also continued to pursue the beastcrafting apprenticeship that she'd started when she was twelve. Yet, shortly before Kat turned sixteen, Krystin met Andraen. They married and moved in together, and Kat moved back home. Only then was she made aware of how hard things had become for Sinari those two turns her and Krystin had been gone.

Kat had never given up dreams of riding dragons, or even bonding a wher if it came to that. She just wanted to live at the Weyr, surrounded by dragons. Her parents didn't even allow them a firelizard, afraid of the flight-lust. Her parents would never approve, therefore, of going to the Weyr, let alone Impression or bonding. She was afraid to lose them. They were the only parents she had. Despite the fact they'd verbally abused her and her sister, she loved them. Yet while Krystin wanted nothing more than to keep her feet on the ground and had a love of dolphins that nothing could rival...she wanted more. She wanted to see a Weyr. She wanted the freedom to see Pern. To fly. To find out for herself what the bond was like. She'd never felt like she'd really fit in. Something was always missing. She had two close friends at the Hold. She was not quick, nor wanted to, make others. She felt restless. There was an emptiness in her life that she couldn't seem to fill. She had her art, and her writing. She had her beastcrafting apprenticeship. Yet it wasn't enough, somehow.

Kat had always found some of the girls in the Hold to be attractive. Yet she had quickly dismissed it, despite the nagging feelings that told her it was more than simply noticing that they were possessed of nice features. No, she knew that she found them attractive. It was to a lesser degree than she did boys. She had always been more attracted to males. As she got older, she certainly noticed she viewed a select few women in the same way. Yet this was easy to hide. She had a preference for males and she didn't entertain the idea of women. It would see her disowned by her parents. Sin didn't have this luxury.

When Kat moved back home, she and Sin shared a room. Her mother had turned the second sleeping room into a place to bake and sell her baked goods to bring in extra marks. Kat and Sin would stay up late at night, talking quietly. It was on one of these nights that Sin confessed to Kat that things hadn't been good while she was away. Her parents didn't speak of it, as though not speaking of it would mean it didn't exist. Neither Kat nor Krystin had even heard of it. Sin had realized she was not attracted to boys. She had grown closer to another girl in their Hold, and kissed her. Someone who was nearly as hide-bound as Davin and Katerina saw, and brought this news to them. Their reaction had been harsh and nearly resulted in their sending their only eleven-turns-old daughter away. She had promised that she hadn't meant to do so, but the things said by Davin and Katerina could not be unsaid. They had cut deep, and Sinari was no longer happy. She was afraid she would be alone, and lose all her family. By that point, though squabbles over silly things still happened, Kat and Sin had become closer. Kat admitted that she also had feelings that were not entirely friendly towards girls in the Hold. Sin told her that she felt like she was more male than female, in a female's body. That she was afraid she'd never be accepted and wasn't sure who she really was anymore. Since finding out, their parents had begun to treat Sin differently...a lot like they treated Krystin and Kat, only worse. Her mother only wanted her to marry a nice man. To be a good, respectable daughter. They were both ashamed of Sin. Sin was miserable, wanting to please them and yet wanting to be true to herself. She, like Kat, didn't want to lose them. Yet what could be done?

Thus were the plans laid. They went to visit Krystin and Andraen. Krystin's home was too small, and her and Andraen were trying to get pregnant. Still, they were offered the option to move in with them. Yet neither of the sisters really wanted to stay at the Hold. Or impose on their elder sister. They'd have to move once the baby came anyhow. All the talks Sin and Kat had had about wanting to go to the Weyr...it was a dream, but a dream they wanted. At twelve turns, Sin had no clue what she wanted to do. Kat reassured her she'd take care of her. That they would be together. Yet it seemed like just so much empty talk. Kat had to at least make journeyman to be placed elsewhere. And then she wouldn't get to choose that placement, necessarily. They could work in the kitchens, or as drudges. The idea wasn't appealing, but it was something. A gather was coming to their Hold, and dragonriders with it. The sisters formed a plan to ask the dragonriders to take them back to the Weyr. Kat said she'd beg, if need be. It was the only thing they could think of that might work. So, with nervous anticipation, they waited for gather-day. All their hopes felt like they were hanging on a thin thread...

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Transfer, please.

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Name: Akashath
Age: 0 turns - WI:17
Color: Red
Hex: #242c33
Size: 39'
Clutch: Rivath x Ovoloth

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Pain is the only language that Akashath speaks. She yearns to cause pain, to be the root of it, and turn it from something displeasing to something near pleasure: though that only may be for her benefit. She learns through pain, and teaches with it. Quick to correct with her talons or teeth, and even quicker to flirt with a vicious lash, there is very little else that she understands or which captures her interest. The world is hers to own and rule over. The creatures that inhabit it are hers to torture, or sometimes ignore.

Someone might one day ask, which is worse; to be recognized by Akashath at risk of immense pain? Or to be wholly disregarded? It takes the dragon only one moment to judge whether a thing is worthy of any time at all, and once she has drawn a line through their existence, they are more worthless to her than the errant bugs she might crush unknowingly beneath her paws. To maim and maul, or treat as if empty air? Sometimes it seems as if she flips a coin to decide. Other times she might pursue a certain peculiarity and nothing else: This sevenday, I will maul everyone with blond hair she will announce, and then a season later ignore them to focus on those who have pets, or gaps in their teeth, or blemishes on their hides.

Akashath presents as a chaotic storm who meanders without purpose. Without a strong-willed guide she will eventually self-destruct, killing as many as she can before being forced between, but she is still a child. She does not fully understand what it means to Impress a human, or how bound to Kataya she truly is. She will test every limit and cause unfathomable agony to the both of them if her Weyrling cannot find a way to control her; to make her understand that they are one and the same for always.

It might take the woman a very long time to find the love inside of the Red’s heart, and it might never truly present itself as anything other than a deep loyalty, but it resides there under layers of malice and cruelty. Akashath was forced to choose to survive, but she was drawn to Kataya among all others. As she comes into herself she will mature into a painful temptress calling to those who might heed her siren song and fall prey to her agonies. She seeks those who can survive the rages of her talons and mind, and she holds them in high regard--paying them only in pain.

Possessive to a fault, those few who weather her tactics will be claimed, and she will always be at risk of lashing out and mauling anyone she feels has slighted those few, her Rider, or herself. She will never be easy to manage, she will never be anything but Red through, and through, but in that moment of fight or flight she reached out and instinctively chose the woman who stood the greatest chance of standing against her onslaught and coming out the victor. Truly, if Akashath has one redeeming quality, it is that she prefers to cause pain, and a creature cannot suffer if it has died.

Akashath oozes a violent seduction. Her blood-red hide is marred only by a wrapping of dark near-black crimson that seems to have soaked every limb from paw to hip or shoulder like silky gloves and socks that have been torn in places to allow the natural hide to show through. These same dark lines spill from her eyes and coil down her long throat to drape around her chest.

The spines of her neck have seemed to melt, pulling up and away in sharp sails that are ridged yet soft to the touch. These spines length down her long neck to near maximum between her shoulders before tapering their way down her spine until reaching the base of her thick tail. There, they again grow in length and sweep the remaining expanse terminating near the tines of her forked tail and becoming nothing more than soft tassels she might use to lash.

Every delicate angle of her body screams the promise of pain, yet also remains feminine and beautiful. She is alluring to watch; though often terrifying to behold. She will be vigilant of her appearance and prefers to always appear glowing with fresh oil; though it will be near impossible for Kataya to tell when she is blood-soaked from the feeding pens, and the woman might often brush her hand across Akashath's hide and find it painted red unexpectedly.

Adult Length: 39'

Why Kataya:
While Kataya lacks a lot of the confidence I really wanted for this Red, she makes up for it with a level head and a willingness to grow. My hope is that, by needing to control her dragon at every moment to keep her from doing serious harm to all living creatures, Kat will find that she is stronger than she ever knew. Her compassion and kindness will balance out Akashath's complete disdain for everything and everyone.

Fandom Information:
Inspired by - Queen of Pain

Long Term Goals!

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White (f) Icehowler - Moro - HAVE TOKEN FOR!
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Black (m) Cat - Jiji
user posted image

Stoat (m) - Teto
user posted image

Horse (f) - Epona
user posted image

White (m) Firelizard/Tunnelsnake - Haku
Bronze Firelizard - Calcifer
Brumble (m) - Kaepora Gaebora
Viridian Firelizard - Link
Pink Firelizard - Zelda
Yellow (f)/Gold Firelizard - Tatl
Purple Firelizard - Tael
Gray (f) Firelizard - Midna
Combie (m) - Crimson Loftwing

 Posted: Mar 6 2017, 07:04 PM
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