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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Kali, weyrling of Burgundy Bossath
 Posted: Mar 6 2017, 09:59 PM


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Non-binary, She/Her pronouns.
16 turns - SP
Bisexual, strong female preference.
Dalibor Weyr
Junior Weyrling

Those who meet Kali often describe her as charming, non-judgmental, open-minded and self-confident. These are the things Kali would like to be seen as. They don't see the person who is trying to figure out where she fits into the world. Finally free of her parents and her former life, and free to figure out who she is, Kali is not certain why she doesn't feel like she belongs to her gender. Why she seems to feel that she's not necessarily gay, because she prefers females but is pretty impartial if a male strikes her fancy. She doesn't understand that she doesn't feel she belongs to either gender yet. As such, she tries not to think about it at all. She loves lip-color and kohl and yet she loves male clothing. She likes looking pretty, yet she loves looking rough around the edges. The inner conflict is simply too much for her to come to terms with, so she avoids.

It is true that she is open-minded and non-judgmental. Who is she to judge anyone, when she is a literal hot mess? She really can be perceived as charming. She is very true to herself as best as she can understand who she is. She's pretty tough, and very frank with people. She can be really possessive if she likes someone, and easily gets jealous even if she tries not to let on. She tends to be fairly opinionated, without realizing it. She doesn't put up with crap from people. She can be very impatient, wanting things to get done quickly that she doesn't enjoy, and often slacking off on things that she'd prefer not to be doing.

It's fair to say Kali possesses more wisdom than she does learning smarts. She seems very wise for her age, but she certainly didn't seem to have learned a lot from lessons. She recalls bits and pieces, but didn't place a lot of importance on it because it didn't apply to her here and now, technically. Instead she listened a lot to older people, and watched people. An excellent judge of character, she is decent at picking up when a person is bad news, lying, or fake. Of course this isn't always precise, but often enough that she has learned to trust her gut instinct. It's the only thing that never led her astray.

For hobbies, she always liked making things. She would have chosen the Weavercraft if she'd been allowed. She is quite adept at designing outfits, and would have enjoyed it. She plays guitar and has a pretty darn good singing voice. If she'd been willing to learn her ballads and didn't disdain copying so much, she might have made a decent harper. Fact is, as a dragon candidate, her only real wish is to Impress. She's placing far too much into this, considering there's a chance she might not. If she doesn't, she'll have some real thinking to do on what she's going to do with her life. That's not something she ever devoted much time to up until now.

Kali seems to have a lot of understanding and to be able to give solid advice. She listens to people and tries to be helpful. It's too bad she's not the best at taking her own advice--she might figure herself out more quickly. She does have a decent sense of humor, though sarcasm and dryness are her sort. She gets lonely pretty easily, even if she won't admit it. She feels like no one will understand her or accept her when she can't even understand herself. She is afraid to let people in, but trying hard to not let that fear control her. She desperately wants to Impress. There's a hole in her that she feels a dragon might be able to fill. An emptiness. Still, she is also afraid no dragon will want her.

She is actually pretty stable, and doesn't realize she is. She's rational, able to think things through and act accordingly, doesn't suffer a bad temper and is reliable. She just isn't able to really grasp that she's actually a decent, solid human being despite her confusions about her gender or identity. As a friend, she's solid. She won't run from situations that are confusing, or that might scare others off. As a partner, the same would apply. She gets that relationships and people are work to maintain. She gets it, and she's not going anywhere once she cares about a person. She's in it to the end.

Kali is an average height at 5'6", and won't get any taller, either. She seemed to have simply stopped when she hit fifteen. She dyed her hair black when she left home, though it is naturally a very dark brown. her hair is kept in a short, boyish cut, with longer bangs that fall to halfway down her face. Her eyes are a very pale, clear blue-green. Depending on the day and who you are asking, they look either very blue or quite green. Her small nose rests above full lips that might be the only real clue as to her gender when she is trying hard to hide it. With her thick brows and angular jawline, it isn't hard for her to pass as a rather effeminate young man. Her complexion is fairly pale, and she's got very good, clear skin normally. She hasn't been plagued by acne, much to her relief, to the degree many teens are.

She normally sports a black leather jacket and black wher-hide boots. The color she seems to prefer to wear most is black, from trousers up. She used to love to wear khol and lip-color, but now she forgoes it for the meantime. She has taken to binding her chest, which is difficult to do so she wears baggier shirts. Her bust size isn't huge but neither is it small. Binding has to be done carefully.

Kaltan (Father, 39)
Naitara (Mother, 37)


Kali was born Kaliara, a Hold-bred girl to very hide-bound parents at Tillek Hold. She never liked it when her parents put her in dresses and tried to force her to act the part of a good, meek daughter. Her father was very strict and her mother like-minded. Kali did not fit the mold of what they had planned for a good little girl. She was always out playing with the boys, wanting to do as they did and having no interest in learning to cook or be a lady like her mother. Her father was a 'manly man'. He was a miner who worked with a wher partner. At five Kali announced that she didn't want to wear dresses, and she wanted to be a boy instead. Boys got to do all the fun things she wanted to do. They didn't have to act proper or like a lady. It was not that she actually felt she was a boy. She just didn't feel like a girl, either. Her father tanned her backside and told her that she was a girl, and that was that...yet it wasn't.

Kali procrastinated, rebelled, refused to wear the clothing or behave in the manner in which her parents wanted. Her father tried all manners of punishment from restricting her to her room and trying to keep her from hanging with her male friends--almost all the females in the Hold would not hang out with her because she was 'weird'. At nine Turns of age she hacked off all her hair, tired of the beatings and punishments, and wanting to make a statement that hopefully her parents would understand. She didn't fit into what her parents wanted. They restricted her from hanging out with her best friend after this, who had been her only female friend, though they exchanged letters and sometimes met in secret. She of course received more punishment for her hair, and her father decided to take matters into his own hands. He was secretly arranging a marriage to a boy in another Hold--High Reaches. His daughter was an embarrassment, and there was gossip she might be homosexual--something that disgusted her father and mother greatly. Her father was ready to disown her, but he was holding onto the arranged marriage as a way to deal with her.

Meanwhile, she was just turned fourteen, and had her first crush. Unfortunately, that crush was was her friend--despite everything that had transpired. Knowing full well that her parents would certainly abandon her for it, she kept it secret. In a meeting where a dragonrider came to the Hold when she was just turned fifteen, she was Searched. With how things were going, Kali could could see there was no way her parents would allow that. Her father brought the young man he'd chosen to marry her to to the Hold. Kali, horrified and disgusted that her father would try to force her to marry someone she had never met, had no feelings for--and not even sure she would ever have that kind of feeling for a man--declined, and in a no-nonsense, very adamant manner. It was the last time her father hit her. It left a bruise on her face, and that night, she met her friend, Denalia, in secret. In a no-holds-barred move, she kissed her. The friend's parents were also quite hide-bound, and reacted to it with disgust and shock when their daughter told them. After the kiss, her so-called friend told Kali her father had been right and they would not see each other again, and left a distraught Kali after saying she might as well marry who her father had in mind for her, and get her life sorted out.

Kali had only been Kali or Kal to a select few male friends. However, she packed a single sack of belongings and left as Kali, never again to be called Kaliara. She had no real direction or purpose. Where was left for her that she'd be accepted? She didn't feel attached to the idea of being a boy or a girl, and was not aware that this was actually something others experienced, as well. She thought she might try and be a dragonrider, as she had never started a craft as she expected to be a housewife and married off. She had been Searched, after all--only a Turn ago! It wasn't that it was too late to start, she just didn't have a clue what she wanted to do, and a dragon--who might accept her fully in a way no person ever had--might have been better for her. She cut off her hair once more, keeping it shorter, and decided that she would finally be true to herself and that was that.

Adoption Preference:
Transferz plz! :3

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Name: Bossath
Age: 0 turns - WI:17
Color: Burgundy
Hex: #70151e
Size: 28'10"
Clutch: Sanarth x Jaireth

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Bossath is a greedy, selfish bastard who cares for one person and one person only: his rider. Everyone else is a tool to be used or an annoyance that needs to be taken care of and woe betide the poor soul who gets in his way. For once the burgundy has set his sights on something he wants, he will pursue it relentlessly. His rider will find that he is more stubborn and determined than several of his brethren combined. He is also extremely confident in himself and tackles every obstacle with reckless daring. He desires not adventure or fame, but wealth and power to lord over others. Ideally, he would spend the last of his days on his couch, surrounded by gold and jewels, while drudges serve him choice bits of herdbeast and call him 'Lord Bossath.' While he can certainly picture himself and His as Weyrleader, the question is if he has the drive to get them there.

Lucky for Bossath, he is not without charm or cunning. He can be persuasive and polite, if he wants, though such traits lie as a veil over his true brutal nature. He considers himself to be of a fair sort, though in reality he is a treacherous tunnelsnake and will back-stab his so-called 'allies' in order to get what he wants. The burgundy also isn't afraid to fight dirty if it means getting the upper hand. He is ruthless against his enemies, including thread, and is a survivalist above all. He will get what he wants. While undoubtedly twisted, Bossath does genuinely love his rider. He will even look out for those she loves in order to keep her happy. However, he is loyal to His and His alone, with a strong desire to keep her safe and satisfied. If push came to shove, the burgundy would gladly sacrifice himself for her without a second thought out of selfless devotion. As it turns out, Bossath does possess a heart even if it's only for one being outside of himself.

Bossath's hide is deep red like dried blood and dull in color except for the vibrant red markings across his chest and forelegs. Like other burgundies, his build is muscular, meant for power and strength. His wings are wide and reaching like ship sails to guide him to his destination and his tail is long and thick acting much like a rudder. Though not the largest of his color, Bossath appears imposing due to his musculature and regal posture. He bears himself much like a Lord Holder surveying his hold, that is to say, with authority. The folds of skin underneath his chin only further this idea by giving him the appearance of a beard.

The claw marks Bossath suffered on his rump as a hatchling will heal into permanent scars as he grows. While they will forever stay with him, at his full length, the slender scars can be easily missed.

Adult Length: 28'10"

Why Kali:
Bossath needs someone who can balance and control his worst aspects without wilting under his ruthless nature. Kali can be that someone while also benefiting from his endless love for her and a mind that can be quite calculating. While Bossath is not exactly like Kali's old dragon on another site, I believe he will be just what she needs to grow into herself as a person; a passionate challenge.

Fandom Information: Inspired by Captain Hector Barbossa from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean.

 Posted: Mar 23 2017, 07:25 PM
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