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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Ruane, Rider of Burgundy Emath, Dawn Wingrider
 Posted: Mar 15 2017, 03:53 PM


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21 turns (WI:197)
Dalibor Weyr

Many things might come to mind when seeking to describe Ruane, but perhaps the most important is that she is at heart a renegade. Not one to be caught or caged by anything, the young woman is wild, disobedient when it suits her and loyal only to the things she believes in. There is no controlling her – only influencing her, and that can be difficult to do.

While she enjoys the company of others, she relies on no one but herself and is utterly independent, counting only on her own wits to get her out of tough spots. Perhaps this is best, because while Ruane isn’t really abrasive, she is cocky and headstrong, and that can make her difficult indeed to work with. She is also proud, and fully confident in her abilities: she is not the sort to be hurt by idle criticism, nor to listen to suggestion. She will gladly seize control of any situation she can, and she frequently makes her own decisions instead of following orders. Perhaps it’s not really allowed, let alone encouraged, but that never quite seems to stop her. Even when confronted about it, the candidate has an utterly laissez-faire attitude: she isn’t afraid of punishment, and in fact seems to relish the opportunity to be sassy – a trait she’s got in spades. Of course, when she can avoid getting caught she does: she’s well aware that if she wants a dragon, she’s going to have to at least pretend she’s not trouble.

Most important to Ruane is the ability to be in control of her situation. She has been powerless enough times in her life that she cannot stand to feel as though she is under someone else’s control, and it is from this that her core trait has stemmed: she loves to feel strong. Two things in particular make her feel on top of the world: riding, and battle. Ruane spars ruthlessly with anyone she can; she delights in her own strength and in the adrenaline rush of a good fighting match. Were there to be a real battle – and she has faced such affairs many times in her past – she would be the first to jump in, unafraid of either injury or death.

For all her warlike tendencies, the candidate is actually quite laid-back and easygoing. Almost every person and situation is met with a sly smile and a calm wit: very little bothers her, really. Most of the time Ruane is cool and collected, inclined to banter and maybe even flirt a little if she’s in the right mood. Perhaps one should not forget, however, that while the young woman is actually quite friendly, she is heartless as well. Push her, and she will strike back with a vengeance that cannot be ignored. Ruane believes in making the first strike count, the better to discourage retaliation.

Light of build, Ruane stands a medium height of 5’6” and weighs approximately 125 lbs, every inch of it hard muscle. Her limbs are long and lean, her frame angular without much in the way of curves. The young woman trains relentlessly every day, and it shows in both her excellent fitness and the easy, feline grace of her movements. Her skin is baked a medium tan in summer, but becomes much paler in the long winter months. Along her back and on the backs of her legs are a few thin white scars, left over from beatings had in her childhood. The same shade of black as that of her biological father, Ruane’s hair is very long, falling past her waist in a wild tangled mane that is bound into a braid only when absolutely necessary. It falls around her face and shoulders in a wild cascade the rest of the time – often hopelessly knotted because she loves to run and let her hair blow in the wind.

Like the rest of her, the candidate’s face is lean, her cheekbones high and her nose perfectly straight. Her eyes are an intense hazel, and even when her mouth isn’t smirking her eyes are. Brows are wing-shaped and mobile, as well as Ruane’s main form of expression: she does a lot of brow-raising and sardonic staring. Her mouth is a little on the thin side, and not used as much for expressive purposes, although her lips will often twitch into a small smile or a smirk when she’s amused. She isn’t one for revealing her thoughts through her face.

Biological Father: Xiro’el of cyan Tigreath, Dalibor wingrider, deceased
Father: Raliss, 52, master beastcrafter & handler of blue Ralisk
Mother: Tasane, 45, master tanner
Siblings: Everane, 14, dragon candidate

Sabino Viatris – born SP:08, former racing mare

appearance: Stolen as a three-Turn-old racing prospect, Viatris has been Ruane’s horse since she first ran away from home. She is a huge animal, 17.1 hands in height and a powerhouse of a mare. Rather than the usual lanky build of a racing runner, Viatris was somehow thrown the genes to end up big-shouldered and broad-backed, with hindquarters that look like they could kick through stone. While her head is quite fine and pretty, possibly the mare’s best feature is her neck: set high on her withers and well-arched, it gives her a rather attractive profile. Somehow she ended up not looking nearly so much like a racing runner as a tank.

Though cut short when she was young, her mane and tail have grown long, lovingly brushed and cared for by her human mistress. They are black, like her base colour, but what really sets Viatris apart is her striking markings: as a sabino, she has white legs and jagged patches of white across her dark body. Typical of her colour, she also has a wide blaze on her face and one blue eye.

personality: Viatris is Ruane’s horse through and through. Very much a one-person mount, she is prone to acting up and bucking with unfamiliar riders. Sassy and independent, she likes to have her own way, and getting her to do as asked takes a great deal of persuasion, as well as tricking her into thinking it’s her own idea. However, the Turns spent with Ruane in the wild have also made her virtually unflappable: she’s a runner that has seen everything, so she’s not prone to spooking or being overly concerned by anything unfamiliar. On the ground, she is quiet and biddable, a pleasure to handle and sweet-tempered, but it takes an experienced rider to get on her back for anything more than a sedate walk. In the field, she’s more than a bit of a bully with other runners: she likes to be the boss, and other animals frequently bear the marks of her passing. Fortunately she doesn’t kick, but she’s not above biting her herdmates.

Cyan flit Tigrea - born SP:17

appearance: stripy cyan funflits o:

personality: cyan does all the things

user posted image

Black flit Kurat - born SU:18

appearance: see pic I am laze

personality: The little black is quite the trickster. He can dish it out, but he can't take it in. Ruane will have to protect him from the rest of the world, for he is quite oversensitive, and aggressive when picked on. He is aware of his frail being, and is quite self-conscious about it. The smallest of his siblings, he tries to make up for his size with his overbearing ego. It takes Kurat forever to warm up, though those Ruane deems okay he will tolerate. He is forever playing mean pranks, though Ruane and Emath will rarely, if ever, be the recipients of such acts. The moment Kurat realizes that Ruane doesn't like someone, he targets them. If Ruane isn't careful Kurat will get her into more trouble than she's already in. Extremely immature, the black doesn't bother trying to understand why things are wrong, or bad, to do. He doesn't want to learn a different way of behaving even if, deep down, he knows better. He has a good heart, at times. He doesn't like to see others truly suffer, only wanting to have his fun. He struggles to communicate outside of pranks and cruel jokes. He'll be a disaster in any flight, if he ever decides to chase. Ruane is his true partner-in-crime, and he's convinced that there is no one else out there who understands him. He wants to know her darkest thoughts and innermost fears, so that he can better relate to her. There is something about darkness that draws the black in... He and Ruane may have to help one another.

Inspiration: DemiDevimon - Digimon

TW: abuse, violence
Technically, Ruane’s story begins before she was born, with the marriage of her parents. They married young, when her mother Tasane was eighteen, and they were happy enough for the first several Turns of their marriage. After that, their relationship began to fall apart as they began to fight more and more often. So it happened that when a trader caravan came to the Hold, and one of them flirted with Tasane, the pair were fighting fiercely, and in a bout of loneliness and resentment, the young woman accepted his flirtations and spent the night with him. In the morning she was ashamed of what she’d done – more so when she discovered that he was several Turns her junior. Nothing was supposed to come of it, but she fell pregnant, and gave birth to Ruane in the winter of 197.

Materially, Ruane was raised in want of very little. Her father Raliss kept herdbeasts, but the family’s primary income lay in the racehorses that he also bred. The runners were his pride and joy; most of the man’s energy was spent raising, racing and selling the equines under his care, and he even took the trouble of Impressing a blue wher to help guard his stables. Involved less in the runners than in the herdbeasts, Ruane’s mother Tasane made the other part of their living tanning hides and making all sorts of goods out of them. As both were masters of their craft, the living they made was more than comfortable.

Growing up in that household, however, was anything but comfortable. Spirited at best and troublesome at worst, Ruane as a child was too much for her parents to handle. Always getting into trouble and borrowing the racehorses to teach herself to ride (since her father forbid her to learn), she was a hellion and the bane of her parents’ existence, particularly her father’s. By the time she was ten Turns old she was a mounted terror, shamelessly galloping around the Hold on runners she wasn’t allowed to ride and refusing to relinquish them when people attempted to catch her.

Some parents might have viewed her antics with amused exasperation, but Raliss refused to have such an unruly daughter. Beatings and threats were his favoured methods of control; if Ruane would not listen then he would force her to do so with fist or wooden staff, and many of these episodes are still written on the candidate’s skin. It didn’t help that he knew very well she was not his daughter, for she looked nothing like the stocky, brunette beastcrafter. She didn’t look like the fair Tasane either – it was painfully obvious that she wore the feminized face of her real sire. Many times Tasane tried to protect her daughter from her husband, but her attempts only ended in violence for both of them. Ruane tried sometimes to be good for her mother’s sake, but found that her very nature wouldn’t permit it; she got into trouble whether or not she tried, and though she feared her father, she feared losing her own soul more.

For Turns life continued this way. Though she apprenticed as a tanner simply for the appearance of productivity, the girl was never especially interested in her craft, and whenever she had the chance she roamed the Hold causing mayhem. Only when her little sister Everane was born did she find something to care about but herself; she doted on her baby sister from the first, even though she was just five Turns old.

Eventually, however, the abuse from her father was too much to handle. Fourteen Turns old, Ruane stole one of her father’s horses and fled the Hold, wandering until she ran into a band of urchins much like herself: runaways and wild things all. They formed something of a bandit gang, and Ruane stayed with them for two Turns, with each helping the others to learn how to fight and defend themselves. Together they found shelters in which to hide from Thread, and together they raided caravans and stole what they could. Even if their life was hard, and dirty, and hungry, at least she was free. Only when all of her band dissolved – lost, gone home, or eaten by Thread – did she warily choose to return home.

Now sixteen, she rode back to Keroon on the same runner she’d run away on. Braver than before, she went straight home, determined to see her sister and tell her father that she wasn’t afraid of him anymore. Unexpectedly she found him almost immediately, engaged in beating her sister with the same staff he had always used on her. Ruane stunned him with a rock to the back of the head, then ripped the staff from his numb hands and beat him viciously with it. When he was nearly dead she whispered to him that if he ever touched her, her mother or her sister again, she would kill him on the spot. It was only after this that her mother finally told her what Ruane had suspected all along: she wasn't Raliss' daughter – and that was probably why he was so vicious with her.

Well, that would have been nice to know beforehand.

Perhaps a few weeks afterward, an Igen Searchrider descended on the Hold. Volunteering for the Search, Ruane was chosen as a candidate by the green dragon, and she seized the opportunity without hesitation. Less than a month after coming home she was gone again, off to the Weyr to try for a dragon.

After arriving, she threw herself into candidate training, particularly the combat aspects of it, and simultaneously fooled the Weyr into believing that she would be a dedicated, dutiful dragonrider if the time came. As a candidate she was well-behaved, focused and determined to do everything she could to prove her worth. She attended her lessons, did what she was told and kept her head down – at least when the authorities were looking. Fellow candidates knew a very different Ruane: she was sarcastic, opinionated and tough to get along with, not least because if people really pissed her off she wasn’t above beating them up. No one told on her because she threatened to finish them off if they did.

Even so, she kept Standing while her classmates Impressed, and she could never quite figure out why that should be. Even so, she waited impatiently for three Turns, growing ever more bored with the desert Weyr, until at last she couldn’t take it anymore and demanded a transfer to Dalibor. Several reasons popped into mind with this seemingly random choice: it was far away, it was cold instead of boiling hot, and so many weird things happened there that even if she never Impressed, she was bound to be entertained.

user posted image

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
2 turns (SP:17)
Dragon Color:
Burgundy #7E0311
Dragon Length:

Dragon Personality:
Much like his rider, Emath has a stubborn attitude and a bit of a problem doing what he’s told. It’s not to say that he has a problem with authority – he doesn’t really – but he’s a bright little dragon and he thinks for himself. If something doesn’t seem right to him, he’s bound to speak up about it, and from time to time that puts him at odds with those in charge. Diplomacy is not his strong suit; he says what he means and doesn’t usually do it in a very tactful manner. Those that anger the burgundy will find themselves on the receiving end of a hissing, spitting fit and a very angry tirade. Were His to let him get out of hand, he would gladly engage in a physical altercation with those that upset him. Fortunately, Ruane seems to have enough of a handle on him not to let things get to that point.

Much of his being is formed around his quick temper (which the generous might describe as passion). Emath is quick to defend those that can’t help themselves; he understands how it feels to be put down and belittled, and he will fight to the death to keep others from feeling the same. Arrogant individuals can expect to butt heads with him; even if Ruane doesn’t let him fight, the burgundy is more than happy to take people down one or several pegs if they’re getting a little too big for their britches. As well, he is deadly loyal to his loved ones and his Weyr; there is not a fickle bone in his body, nor a wishy-washy thought in his head. Emath knows what he stands for and what he believes in; he might not agree with others in his home, but he will protect them no matter what.

Tremendously competitive and driven to win, Emath tries to dominate his classmates in every area of competition save flying. He hates to be last; if issued a challenge the burgundy will all but kill himself in the effort to best it. Nothing stops him from getting what he wants, and he is surprisingly good at channeling his natural anger into productivity – when he isn’t busy squabbling, that is. Unfortunately, his competitiveness makes him a bit inclined to nastiness; while he isn’t a cruel dragon, he is quite prone to playing pranks on other dragons and people, and they aren’t always the nicest of jokes.

Emath harbours a great deal of guilt following the events of his hatching and the death of Siinari. Despite all assurances to the contrary, he firmly believes that it is his fault the girl candidate died at his birth, and he is convinced it is because he tried to fly. Now this guilt sticks with him: he requires a great deal of reassurance, kindness and guidance to even think about flying, let alone try it. Perhaps when he begins to work through this struggle, his anger will decrease. Until then, the mention of his difficulties, or reference to his stumpy wings, will trigger explosions far out of proportion to the comments that set him off.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Original personality write-up as per Boo!

Emath is quick on land. Normally dragons on land are like fish out of water however Emath is not like this at all. Sometimes he thinks he is a wher and, indeed, his stumpy wings at birth certainly gave cause for concern more than once. For this reason, Emath may take longer than his siblings to feel comfortable flying. It is a point of shame to the burgundy and can prompt anger if anyone other than his bonded even mentions his difficulties in flying. At some point he will be capable of flying but throughout Weyrlinghood, he will struggle and likely need more classes. If anyone were to mention his stumpy wings, Emath will become angry and try to get into a physical altercation with them.

Furthermore, Emath can play pranks on other dragons and people. Sometimes these can be harmless but at times, they can turn nasty and prompt escalation. Emath will never back down from a challenge and has a highly competitive nature. He is jealous of his purple brother’s hide because he perceives it to be more magnificent than his ‘plain’ red one. Part of this is simply because of Lyreth’s attitude. In fact, he sees that those who are arrogant need an attitude re-adjustment and seeks to do all he can to show them a ‘better way’. To this end, Emath will stand up for the ‘little folk’ as he knows what it is like to be one of these and what it is like to be put down.

Emath holds a temper of sorts and can easily get into arguments at the smallest thing. However, he holds a nurturing nature for his family. There is nothing he would not do to defend his family and his Weyr even if he does disagree with some of the dragons within his Weyr. The burgundy will not hesitate to stand up to authority and argue with them even if it would not be the best way to handle confrontation. He is head strong and can sometimes be difficult to manage but he cares about family and friends above all else.

Resulting from the events of his hatching, Emath holds a lot of guilt. He also has a mental block on the prospect of achieving flight, now associating flight with bad events. He will need a lot of guidance to help him through this.

Dragon Appearance:
Feathery looking and red-looking! People thought he was a teeny baby red at his Hatching!

The first thing people will notice about Emath is that he has stumpy, small wings. His hide looks almost ‘feathered’ with different hues of red. He has a rather rounded head and almost angled face. He is both beautiful and ugly in an unusual way. His legs are also rather long. Emath almost ‘pecks’ at his food as he eats it causing a huge mess. On occasion he will pick it up with his back leg and try to reach his mouth. This is usually unsuccessful.

Dragon History:
Born and accidentally murdered Siinari and Impressed Ruane and did weyrling things.

"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
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