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 A'ndel, Rider of Viridian Ganhaarth, Weyrrider
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 02:27 AM

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Name: Arendel
Gender: Male
Age: 11 Turns: Winter.07
Sexuality: Heterosexual Bicurious
Location: Dalibor Weyr
Rank: Weyrrider

Early Childhood
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Arendel is developing into something of an easy child. He is not fussy, he does not cry, and he always seems to have woken up with the best idea of a day in his mind. The problem is that he's decided to become rather rebellious over how this day will go. He learned to walk early, learned to talk early, and spends most of his days stringing his words together to demand, question, play, seek, and generally be underfoot. He needs to see, understand, and discover everything.

Apparently a born empath, he had already bonded to two pets before the age of one and a half turns, and seems well on the road to joining his consciousness with a veritable procession of animals like his father. These tender beasts are his constant companions, and give his parents a modicum of reassurance that though he may wander off, he is always well looked after.

Arendel exhibits little to no fear in the face of new things, which may be attributed to the fact that his constant cradle companionship was a fair of squabbling firelizards and a very large murderous wher--not to mention an exuberant Pink dragon. He is showing increased signs of activity and developing personality, though he has many turns to go on his road to true childhood.

For now he seems pleasant enough, though he is not completely immune to fits of frustration induced tears brought on by seeing something he wants or being tired from a long active day. Amicable and eager, he is eating well and can generally be soothed even by passing strangers; as he has grown independent enough to not need his mother for everything--though try and take his pets away and you'll have such screaming on your hands.

It's entirely likely that, as he grows, Arendel's curiosity will lead him into a lot of rather tight situations, but it will take something truly terrible to break him of his adventurers habits.

With the recent loss of his mother, Arendel is in a difficult position as a child. His father is withdrawn. His sister is withdrawn, and Aren feels as if he has been left to his own devices to muddle through emotions he barely understands; though his growing colony of pillies try to help him understand loss.

Late Childhood
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With the loss of his mother, came the loss of his father, this was a staggering blow to the confidence Arendel had built up throughout the few short turns of his life. Since her passing he has become outspoken, angry, and determined to never let anyone else as close to him as they were. His problems have become rooted and far-reaching, though at his age there is hope he might still turn the corner and put himself on a better path. Confrontational, antagonistic, and with little concern for authority, Aren goes like a storm from duty to duty, half-completing in a haze of moments what should be taking him time and effort.

He doesn't mind his manners, he doesn't mind his elders, he shows no consideration for what skills he might develop as he waits for Candidacy, and is constantly pushed to be better, because it's likely many of his teachers have begun to doubt his chances on the Sands. Lacking any concern for his future, and having been deprived a childish wonder of the world, Arendel simply exists. There is only one true respite he has from the brutality of his every day; his family of pillies. Their quiet minds bring him a solitude stolen from him. They are the only reason he sleeps and dreams of muddied waters.

For such a small boy it is such a great hell living in the Weyr surrounded by the creatures that stole away his mother, and even stole away a piece of his father. He does not fear the dragons, but some small part of him hates them. What once had been an obsession, has now become something else. Something darker. They push and push for him to prepare for Candidacy, but Arendel is simply waiting for nothing at all. Hoping for no future, holding on to not a single wisp of a dream. He simply floats. Exists. Breathes, eats, and allows his pillies to show him sleep. He barely speaks, and always wanders. Avoiding his father if it seems like their paths might cross.

Post-Impression: Tween turns
A'ndel has made a few friends in the season leading up to the Hatching, he is acting slightly more respectful of people, and open to interactions. While he is still intolerant of childish fantasies about life, and those who cannot see the truth, A'ndel is learning from his dragon that there is a balance--not everyone can be so concerned about everything. Ganhaarth is wise beyond his years and is giving the boy a foundation to build upon, showing him how to approach obstacles from different directions and how to overcome adversity. A'ndel is learning how to be patient, and sometimes the kindness of his parents shines through.

user posted image

At 11 turns old A'ndel is already above the average height for a boy his age, standing at 5'3". Son of a giant, a twin, and with a diminutive mother, it is absolutely anyone's guess how tall he will be when he reaches adulthood and finally ceases growing. Otherwise nondescript and boyish, Aren tends toward the skinny side with a varying amount of muscle as he ages and comes into his body. At some point he will be relatively fit--whether that is due to graduation into the wings when he turns 16, or from Apprenticing as a Smith under his uncle, the future is unclear.

His hair is brown of various shades like his father, it bleaches out blond in places when he spends time in the sun, and is usually long enough to cover his ears because he doesn't like sitting still enough to let someone cut it. His eyes are hazel and are normally broody and tempestuous, he is not good at hiding his emotions, but very good at conveying them with a look--a trait he's received from his father.

His head is long and his chin is sharply angled and square leading to a strong jaw, much like his father. His mouth is soft with a thin upper lip and his nose is wide and long, both of which came from his mother. At this age he tends to always be grubby, though recent Impression might mean a change in hygiene if Ganhaarth demands better of him. His clothes rarely fit as he takes whatever he can get, and he tends to smell like his dragon and whatever work he's been doing recently.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Sebolaren Handler of Green Sesk, Father (Distant)
Delilah Horizon Wingrider, Rider of Pink Agnith, Mother ۩
Savanna, Weyrbrat, Twin Sister
Delion, Grandfather ۩
Lionel, Uncle ۩
Izanen, Honorary Wher Uncle TRAN
Fel, Phira, Zeila, Zindy ۩, Honorary Aunts
Day'ar ۩, G'dan, Loki ۩, Esteemed Uncles (Godparents)
Valha, Damali, Atenna ۩, Esteemed Aunts (Godparents)

user posted image
Amber #86300c Pillie Era
(fierce, loyal, independent, troublemaker) - Oorah
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.17

user posted image
Brass #894614 Pillie Bowen
(hero, natural, charming, dramatic) - T'chi
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
Bowen is very forward about his desires, needs, and emotions. Quick to act, and even quicker to jump to conclusions, this Brass will be starting every fight he deems as necessary for the colony's survival, and, with his size and precision, he's likely to win most of them. The firelizards who live with Arendel will have to learn fast if they don't want to be killed by this pillie, who wouldn't do it out of any malice, but out of a deep rooted sense of justice. He came into this world fighting, and he'll go out of it that way.

user posted image
Grey #C3D3D6 Pillie Aresk
(stubbourn, jealous, confused, fierce) - Ssk
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Created and Hatched by Guestperson

As far as grays go, this girl is a very large one. For the most part, she is a pale, misty gray, with taints of blue and even a curious dusky design on both of her sides. These two dusky imprints faintly resemble wings, splitting into several pinions towards the end of her back. On the gray’s head head, two very light, off-white markings stand next to each other between her eyes.

A fierce creature, this gray is. She is willing to stand for what she believes in, and sticks by her beliefs firmly. The gray can be incredibly stubborn, and will jealously guard Hers. She is the one and only for her Bonded; after all, a person can only bond to one wher!

What? She might be rather oddly shaped for a wher, she’ll admit that, but she isn’t that much smaller than other gray whers! They’re supposed to be tiny! Yes, this gray believes she is a wher, not a pillie. She finds it odd she was born amongst a bunch of pillies, but supposes her mother was probably a rather irresponsible fighter. Even if her Bonded chooses another name for her, she will refuse to answer to anything other than a proper wher name. She also harbors the belief that Arovisk must be her father, despite the fact the bewildered black denies everything.

...The largest egg of the bunch and one of the smaller ones hatched simultaneously.

Sssssk, the huge gray hissed, looking down at her smaller sister through dark, calculating eyes. She was pale, and bluish, like her mother, although the blue-black shell of her father certainly could have contributed to her hue as well. The crowd would easily be able to see the peculiar markings on her back, which resembled dusky wings. The yellow, looking up into the gray's face, could see two white markings that speckled the area between her dark eyes. Given the gray's size, it was obvious she was going to be one of, if not the biggest of her color.

The yellow didn't seem intimidated in the slightest. Ney! she said with a huff, looking up at the bigger pillie with an angry glint in her eyes. No doubt this pillie was going to take attention away from her, too!

As it were, the gray was faced with quite the puzzle. She held her body curiously, her feelers not twitching once, as if she wasn't aware that they were even capable of moving. She frowned at the green, looking at her quizzically. Ssk? Why was she surrounded by pillies?

What do you mean? Surely you would expect that you weren't the only pillie to hatch! Our mother's a gray, after all.

The gray tilted her head, feelers cocked backwards like the horns of a dragon or wher. They didn't give the slightest twitch of confusion that a normal pillie would give, and the green was getting the feeling that her sister definitely had something wrong with her. Ss-sssk! The gray said in surprise. But-but, I'm not a pillie, I'm a wher!

Ssk! The gray insisted, a bit bewildered at the reaction she received. Sorry, pillies, but I AM a wher. I know I'm pretty small, okay? That doesn't mean I'm a pillie, though! She turned away from the pillies who seemed to think they were her family, and looked around her.

There were some whers she could see, but they couldn't be her parents. Really, some of them weren't that much bigger than her! Briefly, the gray wondered what wherlings were doing with the people who seemed to be the candidates. Maybe they were here for the pillies. The gray flicked her gaze over to Arovisk, and then tilted her head up at him hopefully. He was big, he must be her father!

Ssk! The gray hissed, skittering over to the black wher who had to be her father. She looked up at him fiercely, wondering what he thought of her. She would show him that she was something to be proud of! She could be a good wher!

Arovisk looked down at the huge baby gray in bewilderment, and grew increasingly concerned when the pillie seemed to think she was a wher, and to top that, his daughter. He looked up at Arovin nervously. Um, Arovin . . .

The handler covered his mouth to hide his laughter. "Better say hi to your daughter, Arovisk."

She is not my daughter! the black insisted angrily, glaring down at Ramora's spawn. She glared back; oh, so he was too high and mighty for a tiny gray like her? Well, she would show him!

"The resemblance is apparent," Arovin said, chuckling.

Arovisk looked at the baby gray, wondering how best to shoo her away. It was apparent she seemed to believe firmly in being related to him, no matter what great amount of evidence supported it being otherwise. Life-partner waiting. Don't baby know limit for Impress? He honestly didn't know if this was true of pillies, but it was certainly true of whers. The silly gray would eat that silliness right up.

Sure enough, the gray tilted her head with a Sssk! She was irritated with how the black seemed to pretend she wasn't his spawn, but that wasn't important. After all, the gray didn't need to like her father. Her Bonded could provide all the love and support she needed!

The pale wher-pillie sprang away, ready to investigate the crowd. She spied a family first, the parents already bonded to a green wher (possibly her mother?) and a huge big-winged creature. The girl child was much too young for her liking, and already had a pillie perched on her. The boy was rather young too, but for whatever reason, she didn't exactly feel opposed to Impressing the tiny humans. Maybe she was a special kind of wher.

A lot of the people were already Impressed to dragons and wherets, and the gray despaired every time she touched a mind and saw a connection. Where there no candidates? Abruptly though, she paused in her efforts to waver over one girl with a tiny-wing creature of reddish color. Tapped on her leg with her one tiny foot, but decidedly thought otherwise. Maybe not. Sssssk, she assured the candidate as she began to move on. The girl would find her life-partner eventually, it just wouldn't be her.

She moved forward again, prowling for someone who didn't have a Bond, and then finally came upon someone else. The boy was standing next to a brownwherling, talking to him. She searched his mind, but found he didn't really need her fierceness or protection. Hmmm.

The gray wandered back through the crowd, mulling over what she could do. Then, she paused, looking up at the small human male with two pillies, Arendel. He was young, but something told the gray no one would mind if she chose him. She scuttled forward, and tapped at his foot with a leg. Sssssk. She figured she'd need a name, preferably something proper for a wher, but doubted the boy was old to think up one. No matter, she was his now.

user posted image
Black #090d0e Pillie Crow
(lordly, demanding, ostentatious, needy) - Awk
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
Crow is as prideful as they come, but it serves a purpose in the colony. He believes they've all been created and gathered to worship him, and he will only abide by a certain way of living. Of course he probably won't always be successful in controlling them, but here's to hoping. Refined, Crow appreciates the finer parts of living, and once he sees the great digs Arendel has scored for himself in a dragon's weyr, he'll never want to visit the dirty lake again. His loss is everyone else's gain, whenever they want to get away from him, that's where they'll be.

user posted image
Black #15110D Pillie Kick
(Rude, Sullen, Egocentric) - Kek!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

This Black is his colour through, and through. He's mean-spirited, nasty, rude, childish, and doesn't seem to care a whit about anyone else, at any time. It's a wonder why he bonded at all when he could have just lived out his whole life in the lake with no one the wiser about how gross he is as a pillie. Unfortunately, he didn't stay in the depths, and now he's just going to roll around making his obnoxious noise at everyone and being a total troll.

Appearance: A nondescript shiny carapace, typical of all Blacks, but this one has no identifying markers. All the better for when you want to turn him in or rat him out to his owner for being a tool.

Adult Length: 2'6" x 1'11"

user posted image
Pillie Hima
(excitable, loyal, sweet, social) - Hiii
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
The only thing Hima wants in all the world is to help, and encourage. She doesn't do it out of love, because she doesn't have to love you to encourage you. It's just what she was born on Pern to do. Arendel will be one of her greatest successes in adulthood, because she will have raised him all by herself through encouragement. Nevermind the colony, firelizards, whers, dragons, and people who were there along the way. All Hima. She'll never let this boy out of her sight, even if the others try to chase her off, and she'll always be the first to encourage him to jump right off that cliff with the rest of his friends because he can succeed!

user posted image
Rainbow [Jaded Rainbow] Pillie Awna
(lazy, laidback, sweet, carefree) - Ahh
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
Awna is relaxed and supportive. Mellow. When Hima convinces Arendel to jump off a cliff, Awna will be sitting by his parents letting them know it's okay, man everything is cool and the world works out just how it's supposed to work out every time because, y'know, the universe. Awna doesn't particularly care where he is or who he's with, half the time he probably won't even be one hundred percent sure it's actually Arendel he's attached to, but that's alright man. That's just how things go, you know? You gotta go with the flow.

user posted image
Blue #849EF3 Pillie Lott
(loyal, formidable, courteous, compassionate) - Lot
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Created and Hatched by Minute
Fierce, formidable, courteous, fiercely loyal to his king and family, extremely compassionate.

Well, all his brothers had made their choices and that now left the blue all alone. His family would always be important but there was also time to make a new family too. The blue pillie looked out at the two leggers. There was one boy who seemed to have a gigantic family of other pillies. Besides that, the blue reasoned that the child needed to be kept safe and protected. He was a kind hearted pillie and although there were others here who needed friends, he could really help the child.

Lot lot lot!!

The pillie hurried over to Arendel and practically bounced up and down where he stood in the mud. Then the blue appealed to the boy for he too was not as pushy as some of his siblings. It was important to the pillie to make sure everyone was happy before moving on with a decision. He continued happily waving a feeler at the boy to attract attention and vocalising his thoughts about making a bond.

user posted image
Blue #93B3CF Pillie Rest
(humble, noble, watchful, carefree) - Rst
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Created and Hatched by Minute
humble, noble, watchful

A blue had crawled out onto the shore while the yellow made her scene. The pale creature silently observed her antics and couldn't help but feel a stern wave of disapproval. Now that was completely uncalled for. Thankfully she didn't continue with it long before finding her chosen one, allowing the blue to continue on his way with little worry of complications. A quick look at the assembled humans had him veering away from the main group and over to young Arendel. He patiently made his way over to the boy and let him pick him up or come to him as he pleased, eventually sealing the bond with a low, rst.

user posted image
Green #B0CC8E Pillie Icha
(adventurous, risktaker, independent, explorer) - Ich
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
Icha maintains her colour stereotype. She is calm. Not even an outright war will rustle this girl. She'll probably spend most of her adult life attached to one of her larger colonymates without any excuse of socializing. She just exists. She eats, she sleeps, she moves when no one will carry her, and she'll sit in Arendel's lap for candlemarks at a time. It's entirely likely the only time she'll go to the lake is when he takes her there. Life is easy, carefree, and simple for this little bug.

user posted image
Green #234a31 Pillie Key
(Calm, Collected, Confident) - Qii!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

This Green is as serene as her shell appears. She never seems to falter, no matter what she may face, and remains level-headed through all opposition. How much opposition could a pillie really know, anyway? She has a powerful presence, if only due to how confident she appears, she walks with grace, and she seems rather stylish if a bug can be so. She's a great caretaker and friend for her new owner.

Appearance: She appears not unlike a forest, her carapace a deep jungle green, but it is smattered with all manner of organic droplet-shaped green hues as if a painting by one of Pern's great Crafters.

Adult Length: 2' x 1'5"

user posted image
Yellow #fdd40c Pillie Drew
(Bold, Direct, Fearless) - Dru!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Just try and tell this Yellow she’s anything less than an Amber, go on, try it! She’ll be the first to put you in your place with a series of commanding rally cries and she’s not shy at all with her mandibles. While youth definitely helps fuel her passion and determination age is unlikely to lessen it, only refine it in some places. A fight broke out with all the other pillies in the colony? Probably due to this one starting trouble, she just can’t help it - it’s in her nature!

Appearance: If ever a pillie’s personality matched their outward appearance this would be it. Draped in vivid and bold yellow her shell does not vary in color with the exception of her markings. Sharp black swooshes follow along each segment of her shell, mimicked by a softer gray below which then melts into a muted white.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"

user posted image
Yellow #F5F1AB Pillie Elee
(motherly, protective, vengeful, demanding) - Leet
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Created and Hatched by Minute
motherly, incredibly protective, vengeful

First came another one of those odd yellows, this one a very pale shade of the color. Behind her came a rather small example of a blue. He trailed a ways behind, almost as if trying to hide behind the bolder pillie. In response the yellow kept glancing at the blue as if to ensure that he was alright. The frightful pillie himself was a medium shade of blue with no marking except for the tip of one of his legs, which appeared nearly white in color. Lee, the yellow crooned at the blue. Did he need a protector? She could help but... there were other things better suited for taking care of him. After all, she had something else she would need to watch out for and he would only get in the way there.

With that done the pale yellow made her way over to the one she would be taking care of. Goodness, what was such a young human doing out here? There were dangerous things about! Even if he had some of the taller ones to take care of him he could certainly use her help. Arendel was alerted of this by his new pillie with a decisive, leet.

user posted image
Yellow #817F2D Pillie Ra
(warrior, teacher, forgiving, protective) - Raa
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Created and Hatched by Boo
Warrior, hides in the shadows, will willingly teach other pillies her ways. Quick to forgive missteps.

In the midst of all this chaos, yet another yellow had hatched. This one had the colouring of flames down her shell. A rather magnificent looking specimen. The yellow watched the chaos from the shadows of her shell. She was silent but a warrior. Yet she knew when to fight and when to sit back. Best to make a judgement after she knew what was happening. Once the black had made his impression, this yellow moved towards the brass. Silent. Deadly. Well… Not deadly because as she got to the sadly flailing brass, she carefully moved to right him.

It was a quiet admission but one all the same. The brass turned to thank her. She slapped him with an antenna. How did he expect to rule more than his shell if he didn’t even know how to fight?! Next time they came, he’d be ready. She would teach him.

All she had time for, though, was a crash course as it were. Teaching him to brandish his feelers in a menacing way. However time was moving and now she had someone else to find. The yellow promised the brass that she had more to teach him and then moved towards the boy with a whole clan of pillies. These pillies could learn her ways if only they were willing to learn. With that, the yellow bonded herself to Arendel.

user posted image
Brown #D2B884 Pillie Ahki
(indifferent, placid, calm, oblivious) - Ahk
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
This little troublemaker will follow his boy everywhere, just like the rest of his colony, the difference is, Ahki will do just as much to get Arendel into trouble, as the boy tries to do getting himself out of trouble. Surrounded by much larger males, Ahki will always have to fight for the advantage he knows he deserves, otherwise how else will anything get done, he's the smartest of the bunch and he knows it!

user posted image
Brown #971a02 Pillie Jock
(Scheming, Shallow, Nihilistic) - Yok!
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Oh why even bother? In the end what does it even amount to? Falling somewhere between caring about his own comforts and not caring at all this Brown is highly unlikely to ever go out of his way for someone else - no matter their species. Every move he makes, every sound he utters, is all for one purpose - furthering his own agenda. He may be a part of a large colony but in his mind he’s more apart from the colony. Unlike other Browns who might feel drawn to chasing Pinks and Greens this one has eyes only for Ambers and Yellows. Sure he’ll follow his new person around but only because he’s pretty sure he can get something out of the deal.
Appearance: Despite not being able to see himself this Brown is aware he’s a handsome fellow. A warm brown acts as the base color for swatches of red, rust, orange, and yellow. If viewed from a certain angle it looks almost as if there are literal flames playing over the segments of his shell, beginning at his head and radiating outwards towards his extremities and back end.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"

user posted image
Pink #E2C1D3 Pillie Burr
(needy, sweet, kind, dependent) - Bur
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born: Spring.11
Burr likes to be in the center, but without all of the attention. She just wants to be nearby whatever is going down, especially if it involves everyone in the world she loves such as her boy, and her colony. As an adult, she'll probably spend most of her time glued to one of her colonymates, keeping tabs on the ups and downs of their life without ever really taking part. That's fine though. Something sad happen? She'll be right there to brush away all the hurt and send out all the bug kisses in no time.

user posted image
Black Arceus, Icehowler

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Age: 8
Born: SU:09
During the first Expedition into the snowy North, Sebolaren bartered with one of the Wherhandlers for an Icehowler puppy which he promptly gave to Arendel when he was 1.5 turns old.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Early Childhood: Blissful Paradise
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Arendel was born during the solar eclipse of winter 7, moments before his sister was born, and was named by his father who had been pondering names for many months. He had briefly considered Ebola, but felt it sounded more like a girls name. Arendel's parents refused to let him be raised in the creche, and so he was raised in a most unorthodox way: his mother belonged to the daytime world and his father to the nighttime one, so they were pretty well able to pass him and his sister off to the other. When neither parent was available, their grandfather Delion usually was - and if even he was busy, there was a hoard of honorary aunts and uncles and other friends who could usually be found to look after the twins. The time they actually spent among their peers in the creche was extremely minimal - only enough to allow them to develop moderate social skills.

Arendel took an interest in Sebolaren's massive amount of pets around the same time Sebolaren decided it was time for his son to have a pet of his own, right around twelve months of age. The boy could already stand and had some words at the time, but that was good enough for the Wherhandler. At his first pillie hatching, Arendel bonded to a Yellow and a Blue, which he named Elee and Rest due to the noises they made. They were constant companions for the growing boy, though they were small, tucked into various parts of his body under his clothes. When he was one and a half turns, Sebolaren bartered with one of the Expedition Wherhandlers to purchase the Icehowler puppy they had brought back to Base Camp one night; Arendel's eyes lit up when the little fuzzball was deposited in his lap. Even as a puppy, the beast was larger than the growing boy, and Sebolaren was certain this was only the beginning for Arendel, and all the things he would grow to love in the future.

Aren and Arceus grew together, as did his colony of pillies. Trials and tribulations may have befallen Dalibor, but as a child, Arendel saw only the wonder in the world. This illusion was shattered when, near his 6th Turnday, he lost his mother to a disastrous Threadfall that fell upon Pern. With his father already a man far too often broken, Arendel was mostly left to fend for himself, and his sister, trying to puzzle his way through new and troubling territories.

Late Childhood: Grown too Fast
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Everything was perfect. Arendel could only pity the children whose parents abandoned them to the creche, without ever really figuring out why it happened. Delilah and Sebolaren were adamant that those children weren't loved any less by the Weyr, and were actually desired and even required to some extent, but these aren't things a child truly understands. All he knew was that his parents were together, and that he and his sister were constantly surrounded with love. His mother was awake by day, his father by night, and then Sebolaren had to care for the children who Stood for Dragons, and he too was awake at all hours. Arendel was never alone, and was very fascinated. Possibly even obsessed.

He followed Candidates around. Tried to sneak into Al'dr's office. Even demanded to join the program early, because hey, look he had so many pets he was a shoe-in for Riderhood, right? He was far too young of course, but none of that mattered anyway. His life changed forever before he even had a chance to change it forever with a dragon.

His mother was taken away.

A lot of people were taken away. Delilah wasn't even the only person he lost that day, but she was the first. Or was she? He couldn't remember anymore. He was six the day the sky opened up and Thread poured out in clumps the size of dragons. When Pern knew losses greater than any sustained over an entire Pass, but in the span of a few candlemarks. None of that mattered to him. It didn't matter that he was part of history, that he would share his story with countless others that day, that he was not alone. All that mattered to him, was that he was. His mother was taken away inside the belly of a great Red beast, and his father was shattered into a million little pieces that Arendel never even had the hope of picking up again.

Maybe one day he would know that, to his father, he was the world. However to his father Delilah had been the universe. It was only Sesk, and the desperation of his father's own pets, that had kept the man on Pern at all.

Arendel didn't care.

He needed his father. He needed someone, and instead he was left with a family history destroyed and torn asunder. Over the coming turns it would only dwindle away until what had once been a great list of aunts, uncles, and esteemed relatives, was now only his sister and Uncle G'dan. The turns passed. New mutations, political intrigues, terrifying biology, attempted murder. Nothing touched him. He felt as grey inside as Sesk appeared outside. He learned to avoid his father's favourite haunts, and instead found ones for himself. He did his chores to the absolute minimum, though seemed to skate by on pity, and perhaps a long-standing affection for his father. Neither of which he wanted. Or appreciated.

He listened to hatchings, and seethed, continued to spy on Candidatemaster classes, but only to hear the part in the lesson where they would warn the Candidates that their lives would be destroyed by the winged beasts that roosted in their home. Arendel had known the story of Sicriath, but had not thought much of it until his mother had been torn away from him and left his family broken. Nothing else mattered. He grew older, a turn away from officially standing as a Weyrbrat, unless the policy changed. Torn between a desire to see for himself what was on the Sands, what had happened to his family, and a desire to run...but to where? A small child, with no skills, without a family, perhaps even without a home.

Tween & Impression: A Change of Heart
A'ndel turned 9 in the Winter of 16, and on the cusp of the turn year Gold Couineth flew and laid a healthy clutch of 17 eggs. The boy found himself curious. His father had Impressed his dragon from Couineth's first clutch seventeen turns previously, and now she had lain seventeen eggs. True, his father's dragon had died, and then he'd rebuilt himself, then everyone had died again and he'd abandoned his son, but that didn't mean the boy wasn't curious. Though still angry and aggressive towards people, A'ndel managed to acquire two friends during the Spring season leading up to the eggs hatching; Nymeria and Kidanyr. The first taught him that it was okay to be angry, and the second taught him that it was okay to help others.

It would be his dragon that would teach him that death was a natural part of life, when the Viridian killed a Candidate on the Sands during the hatching before Impressing to A'ndel. It was the culmination of a Spring of discovery, where the boy Touched eggs though he was not a Candidate, and showed the first signs of acting civil to his Uncle G'dan in as many turns as his mother had been dead. The turning point in A'ndel's life had come prior to Impression, which was most likely why he Impressed at all, but becoming a Weyrling certainly meant that more changes were on the horizon for the troubled young boy.

He knew better than anyone that his father was still out there, and that someday they would be forced together again. For now, the last he saw of the man was at the Hatching, with a Rider who seemed to be more than just a friend. And though A'ndel had been angry about it, he found himself reaching for his father when Ganhaarth called his name. It put a little spark in him, a little memory--one look. But it would be eighteen months before either of them had an opportunity to act on it.

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Dragon Name: Ganhaarth
Dragon Age: 1 turn. Spring.17P
Dragon Color: Viridian #d0d800
Dragon Length: 42ft

Dragon Personality: (By Boo)
Ganhaarth is patient in all that he does. When he wants food, he will wait patiently watching and deciding which one he will pick as his next meal. He has a strong understanding of nature. He will never take more than his fill and he will never go out of his way to disrupt what he believes is the laws of nature. Small bugs clean his teeth, small firelizards clean his hide and he would never harm them. After his hatching and his attack on Quoth, he learned exactly what he can eat, exactly what he is allowed to do and will not go out of his way to harm someone who was innocent unless utterly necessary.

Things have a natural order and sometimes it is easier to accept this. Dragons eat herdbeasts and destroy Threadfall. That is their order, that is their life. Those who watch Ganhaarth kill a herdbeast might be terrified, for he will descend upon it and toss it about aggressively in a way that seems to even be ‘rolling’ it before eating it very slowly. A lot of time will be spent cleaning Ganhaarth’s hide.

He will watch, wait and listen to everything that happens around him and believes in patterns. He has a remarkable memory and an understanding that if something happens once, it will happen again. He just has to stay patient. In this sense, he can easily build someone up and will show his support for others by reiterating his views. Everything has a purpose, everything has a reason and life will be repetitious. Better to understand this now than to be so worried about the uncertainties of the future.

He is very protective of his own and will hide treasures in a ‘cave’ by the lake. Even His might have trouble finding the cave for Ganhaarth takes offense to anyone being there other than himself. As a hatchling this will be a lot easier for Ganhaarth. Some people might come to call him ‘Old Man Ganhaarth’ for he seems to have wisdom beyond his young years and acts as a dragon much older than himself. He also has an expectation of a certain amount of respect being given to him and is very cunning.

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Dragon Appearance:
Ganhaarth presents as very reptillian. He remains still for long periods of time, waiting and watching everything around him. His exceptionally long and sharp snout, littered with pointed teeth that come from all angles, is generally open as if he is waiting for prey to crawl into it. Often there are pillies cleaning his gums. His forelegs are short and thick, and his hind legs are double the length and thickness of the front. His front claws seem thick and somewhat stubby, they splay when he walks on land for maximum grip on slick surfaces, his talons tend to grow long unless worn down.

His movement on land is vastly different than the usual hop of most dragons; his locomotion sees opposite legs (front right, back left / front left, back right) moving together in an arc out from his body and then in again. He is prone to short bursts of speed on the ground, especially when his prey drive is triggered and he is hunting. When he moves with haste he seems to lift back onto only his hind legs which continue to move in a sweeping gate in and out, in and out. When he walks, his tail drags. It is usually limp as if it is too heavy to carry or lift, but do not let that fool you--Ganhaarth can deliver a devestating tail-whip.

His headnobs are stunted, and blend in with the extraordinary amount of ridges the Viridian seems to have. Beginning at his snout and running to the start of his tail he has anywhere from four to five rows of undulating ridges that seem to rise and fall like short rounded squares. At his tail, the ridges taper off to two neat rows and they become pointy triangles that line either side of his thick flat-topped tail. Eventually these triangles become somewhat feathered near the end of his tail, each leading edge splitting into two or three small fringe patterns. These two rows run the length until terminating as sharp points on his short-forked tailtip.

He appears, from a distance, to be two distinct shades of green divided laterally so that his dorsal side is dark green, and his ventral bright green. The separation is clouded by patterns of spots that seem to be many shades, light and dark, that speckle a median middle area from his snout to half-way down his tail. These spots can also be found on his joints such as his wingarms, and all four feet. Where the spots end on his tail, barring begins, the dark green slashed vertically by the light green.

Dragon History:
Hatchling (Written by Boo): TW: Gan kills a Candidate
In a moment, he had leapt out of the way as the sand moved beside him, lunging out at him. The blue chirped a squeal and hopped around in a circle, darting away from the space. This, as many of the candidates would know, was where the buried egg lay. Apparently, it too had hatched. Those that were particularly sharp eyed would see a dragon nose sinking back into the sand to be buried, its eye ridges just about the only thing visible. It was impossible to determine colour, though, for the dragon had completely camouflaged itself with sand.

Now, the spot where the buried dragonet lay moved, sand shifting as the dragonet within revealed a green hide. Its mouth opened slightly displaying ridiculously sharp teeth and it lunged at the pink dragonet who had strayed too close. The lovely pink squealed as it grabbed her back leg and tried to pull her closer. It was the red dragonet to the rescue as it jumped to its feet and ran over to the larger dragonet, using its large back legs and sharp claws to just about trample the dragon. The pink, Quoth was free but ichor flowed from the cut. Together, they moved away from the viridian who began crawling very quickly on his belly towards the candidates, a hissing sound emanating from him. So… Dragons were not food. What about these ones? There was a natural order here and he needed to figure it out. Why, then, had they presented these two leggers to them before if not because they were food?

Oh dear… Looks like Gan is on the move...

Back amongst the clutch, the viridian had further advanced on the candidates...

...the viridian was still slowly creeping up on candidates...

but held concern for the viridian that seemed to be slowly stalking the candidates.

Keep an eye on him, Couineth, I don’t like where he is going with this.

[The Burgundy] stepped back, so singularly focused on his goal now that he wasn’t thinking about the foolishness of this action, the fact that the viridian was lurking in his path. He did it so fast that none would be able to react. The red hided dragon began running, he ran fast and then jumped not realising he would run into Siinari. As he did so, the viridian lunged into the air, raising himself up tall and opening his jaws wide as though trying to get in the way or snatch the burgundy from the air.

What happened next, only the viridian, burgundy and Siinari would know and sadly one of those parties would never be able to tell the tale.

There was a flurry of movement and it was impossible to see which dragon had done it.

A stray claw and an unprotected throat. That was what caused Siinari’s injury. One from which she could never recover. The viridian stood over the candidate as she fell to the ground, blood flowing freely from her neck, burbling where she tried to breathe. The burgundy had landed in a heap and looked back in horror. The viridian leaned close and smelled the blood. Then he looked to his brother.

I didn’t mean to. I didn’t… What have I done?

Nothing. We will tell everyone it was me. I have already attacked others. Do not carry this guilt. It was I who killed her.

Then the viridian raised a claw. The girl would not be able to speak and her breathing would have become even more strained the longer they allowed her to lie there. She would not be able to even speak her final words.
I am so sorry, Siinari, that you did not find your match. This is a more merciful and painless death than the one which awaits you if we leave you here, it is the laws of nature. Think your last thoughts to me, I will relay them on.
Once she had thought her thoughts to him, the viridian mercifully ended her life with a swift slash of his claw. He looked solemnly at the girl for a moment longer and then turned to the burgundy.

You must not let this consume you. It was me, do you hear, it was I who did this. Forget all that happened.

The viridian stood a moment longer then decided he needed to continue the charade. A rumbling laughter escaped the viridian and he hissed at the candidate’s body leaning ever closer. He needed a partner, though, lest they think his actions more worthy of death than he anticipated. He knew the Weyr needed him. Even now, his mother roared her rage and loomed closer to him, jaws opening wide but the dragon, tiny in comparison to his mother, turned. The rainbows in his eyes giving her pause. She could not kill him now, lest she completely destroy and potentially be responsible for the death of yet another candidate.

The low growling rumble from the gold continued at she stopped short of snapping the dragonet in two. He looked from her and then to the stands.
A’ndel. Come. You share my thoughts now. You see what happened yet you will tell no one. This is the order in which we live. Sometimes a quick death is better than a laboured one.

Ganhaarth turned back to his mother, his words for her and her rider.
You know the one I chose. You feared it the moment he stepped onto your sands. Do not fear it, mother. For once, history will not be repeated.

Ganhaarth looked to the stands again, in the direction of his chosen. He was ready now.

In Progress

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