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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Red Ingoth

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Kidanyr; Weyrling of Yellow Kookath
 Posted: Apr 1 2017, 12:58 AM


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19 Turns; Born Spring 198, 10th Interval
Pansexual, Female Pref.
Dalibor Weyr, born at High Reaches Hold
Rider of Yellow Kookath

Kidanyr's personality has been pretty strong, even when she was tiny there was no mistaking her for anyone but herself. She's a tiny, unshakable force. Hard headed and very set in her ways. She's beyond stubborn, and if she bends one of her rules for you, you better be grateful for the fact that she's doing you a favor! It's not like her rules are that serious. She doesn't ask much, only that people be polite, respectful, and kind, just like her mother taught her to be. Not to say that she's perfect at upholding those rules herself. In fact, Kidanyr is often the source of trouble. Being so easily excitable and curious, if something goes wrong, there's a good chance Kida had her hand in it. She doesn't do it to be malicious, honestly! Trouble just happens to crop up around her. She just wants to know how everything works, and how she can make it work better. Because honestly, Kida loves learning. It's one of those things she inherited from her mother. Her favorite way to learn is by adventure. In her mind, she's the hero. She wants to find wild firelizard eggs, and ride on a wher, and sing to a dragon! Too bad most of the time that ends up getting her in hot water.

Unlike her mother, and perhaps far more like her father, Kidanyr is very, very social. She loves meeting new people. She loves playing with people. She is a friendly, bright spot of joy that will tackle you if you try to ignore her. Kida is a very hands on person. She will be up in your buisness, snuggling or hugging you. Or if you are being dumb? Playfully wrestling or punching you. She has a bad habit of hitting people. She doesn't mean it badly! She really means it to be a bit of a playful cuff, but because of her constant adventuring, she's stronger than she understands. She's quick to apologize, but knowing she hurt someone often sullies her day.

Kida has quite the ego. She's Kidanyr! Daughter of Lyr! She's pretty much the best person ever. Like seriously, how can you not like her? If you don't like her, she will have some words for you, but you just won't hear them. She' would rather angrily rant at Quintin than actually inform you of her hurt. Kidanyr is really, really bad about bottling up her own feelings. She doesn't want to intrude on other people's days or feelings. So to her, it makes more sense to keep everything wrapped up inside. When it gets really bad, she'll hide with her petsand have a little feelings jam to get everything out. She really does try to put on a brave front for the world, so she can be a rock others depend on. That has never changed, even when she was a child.

With her growth and experiences, Kidanyr has learned to be not just a rock, but a shield. The girl will throw herself in front of anyone when problems arise, and will usually take the blame. Even if it’s not her fault. Seeing so many get hurt or die has made her terribly aware of how short life can be. And Kidanyr isn’t one to treat life like a simple game.

She’s become somewhat stony. Apt at lying about her emotions, people rarely see the real Kidanyr anymore. Sure, she seems just as funloving and adventurous as before. But that is all she is. She feels flat, to many. Like there was a spark taken from her. And perhaps there has been. Kidanyr certainly does not act like a 18 turn old. If anything, she acts like an old woman, somewhat acerbic and sharp when her mask slides. Like a drill sergant. Like someone who has seen death up close and personal too many times, and refuses to let others face it.

Kidanyr might be the biggest martyr on pern.

Tall and somewhat lean, Kidanyr is now an adult.A solid child, she has become athletically built with age, looking more and more like a runner.But don’t let that make you think she can’t tackle you, because she can and she will. She's a active and it shows. She's got a litany of little scars, and an assortment of bruises and scrapes on her at any time, despite being an adult now. Even burnmarks mottle her flesh, nothing too serious, just burns from embers and marks from heat.

Her hair, as always, is thick, curly. Honey toned, it has started to darken around the roots, and has an underlayer of strawberry blonge doing on. It’s a thick nimbus, a veritable mass that will devour anything near it if left alone. Seriously though, Kidanyr has to brush it at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed, if she doesn't want it to look like a Wher's nest. Thankfully, keeping it in a thick braid or a pair of runner's tails usually helps in keeping it clean and the tangles to a minimum. Sadly, flying without her hair tied back will be impossible if she ever wants to see, and she certainly does! Kidanyr loves everything about being on dragonback.

Her face, when not hid by her hair, has thinned out, the chubby cheeks of childhood slowly becoming more defined. With high, solid cheekbones and just enough plush to soften the curve of her jaw. Her nose is wider than her mother's, and her lips naturally dark.. The real striking thing is her eyes, if you can ever get a good look at them. Kidanyr happened to inherit heterochromia from her father. While both bright green like her Lyr's, The left has a large splotch of dark brown, while the right has a few tinier splotches. They are also slightly tilted and almond shaped, another trait from her father's side of the family.

Kidanyr's attire is all pretty casual. She's not really into fancy gather dresses or anything of the kind. In her mind, if it inhibits her adventuring, she doesn't want it. For the most part, she wears dark colors that hide dirt well, but one thing she insists on is having a lot of green. Especially moss green in remembrance of F'in and Foranith, a rider and Dragon that she considered family.
She also always wears this necklace tucked under her shirt, a gift from her mother for her 3rd Turnday.
Lyr – Mother; Rider of Pink Zabelith; Dalibor
Leona – Parental Grandmother; High Reaches Hold
Tyrin – Parental Grandfather; High Reaches Hold

K'dan – Father; Rider of Blue Rhaspeth; High Reaches Weyr

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Quintin - Gray Pillie {e3e3e3} - Lululuu:
Quintin is a protective and motherly pillie that took to Kidanyr. She spied her small size and decided she would protect the little girl. She's pretty much Kidanyr's best friend, guardian, and supporter. Kida loves the pillie more than anything else, excluding her mother. And even then, Quintin might be on the edge of broaching that! The two are nearly inseparable. Even when they are apart, Kida tells Quintin everything. She's really the only one the young girl opens up to. On the other hand, Kida isQuintin's charge. Quintin mother hens Kida, always making sure the girl is safe, and alerting people when Kida is hurt, in trouble, or stuck.
Quintin knew that when she spotted the little girl at her hatching that she would listen to her. That she could protect her, unlike her willful brothers and sisters.

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user posted image
Quince - Green Firelizard - 003500 with 00ff00 markings.
-Hatched from Copper Satin's first Clutch; Spring, 5th Turn, 11th Pass-
This green flitter is loud. She's annoying, and is quite possibly the most obnoxious flitter ever born. She's a biter, and tends to get into everything like a toddler. She fiercely supports and protects those she likes, much to the chagrin of the opposition. She doesn't make any of the normal flitter noises, either. No chirps, trills, bugles, or whistles are ever heard from her. Her vocalizations are a loud, annoying honk.

user posted image
Quinzel - Green Pillie {56DB7A} - Mokk
-Hatched from Amber Minerva's First Clutch; Winter, 5th Turn, 11th Pass-
This pillie, it is quickly evident, is very, very sensitive. She is a romantic, and very quickly plan to devote herself to her latest destined romance—but unfortunately the things she so falls for are things that cannot possibly return her love, such as felines, random people about the weyr, or even rocks. She can perceive most anything to be a slight, becoming convinced that others are being mean to her, and when she gets upset, the only thing that can calm her down is the comfort of her chosen human. As such, she tends to be needy, clingy, and sticks close to Kidanyr, and enjoys nothing more than being held and pampered.

user posted image
Quell - Iron Firelizard {#6e757c}
-Hatched from Wild Clutch Sp. 18th Turn, 11th Pass

JUSTICE. This boy demands it, with his loud trumpeting bugle, criminals beware! He's not afraid to get his claws dirty. He's quick to leap into action and fight if intimidation alone won't work. Though,
sometimes, if the crime is light enough, Quell can be bribed. Yes, he's a little corrupt, but who isn't?
He has a rivalry with Quince and sees the older firelizard as a nuisance and a criminal.

Kidanyr was born early one spring morning to her loving mother with the help of a midwife. The labor was difficult, but worth it in Lyr's mind. She has only had a year of life so far, but it has been a busy one. Even as an infant, she was active. Cooing in her mother's arms as she cooked, or rolling around on the floor and playing with pretty toys her mother had bought her. As each day passed, she grew. Sometimes, it was unnoticeable, but at other times, her mother would make a huge deal of it. The time she sat up for the first time, Lyr brought her home a new toy. Though they didn't have much, Lyr did the best she could to get Kida new things. The two were happy.

Her birthday was a sight. It was only Kida and her mother, but it was still wonderful. Kidanyr's favorite dinner was made, and Kida got a new stuffed toy and a dress made by her mother. It was a joyous occasion for all. A fortnight after that party, they were off to Dalibor. Kida did not quite understand why, but she was in a new place! She had flew! Something that even at her young age, she would remember. Now Kida lived with people other than her mother, but her mom came to visit often.

Her first year at the Weyr was awesome! She met dragons and even got to help her mommy with her firlizards! There were so many things to do! In summer, she and a few other Weyrbrats found a clutch of Firelizard eggs, she even helped her Mommy get one. During the Fall, she met her first dragon up close and personal. Foranith, F'in's green. It was then that she decided she wanted to ride on dragons too! Though still small, she has decided that she too will fight thread and keep people safe with her mommy.

Everything was lovely, at least, Kida thought so. Her birthday came and went, and she got to watch her first hatching. It was exhilarating! She sat in the stands with F'in, Satin, and her mother's new pink firelizard Sequin and watched as baby dragons burst out of their shells and found their bonded humans. She was sad when her mom didn't Impress, but her new friend Fel did! Baby dragons were interesting, and she often would sit and watch them when she could.

She was slowly becoming more independent, and in the fall she stumbled upon a pillie hatching. She had meant to only watch, but was excited when she Impressed to a gray pillie she named Quintin. But with it's joys Fall brought tragedy. A fire in the kitchens broke out and many died, even more were hurt. Kidanyr was almost killed in the fire, but was saved by a young candidate named Adaline. Fel and her blue Dhanuth helped quite a bit as well, gathering up the young girl until her mother could get to them. That fire scared her to the point where she closed up some. She didn't talk much or eat much, her nights filled with night terrors that left her sleepy and surly in the mornings.

As thread started to fall, she watched in fear, hoping everyone would be safe. Hoping her mom and friends would be ok, and that Pern would be safe. Of course, well wishes don't always become truths. One day, F'in and Green Foranith fell to thread, devastating the young girl and her mother. Kida wasn't sure how to react. She didn't want to cry too much. She didn't want to concern her mother. So she started spending quite a bit of her time alone with Quintin, this only furthered her closing up to the world. It wasn't until her mother started pushing her to be active that she started to shake off that mopey feeling. Sitting and talking with her mum and Zabelith made her feel a bit better, but she still shielded her real feelings, not wanting to upset Lyr any. She didn't want Lyr to worry. After some time, she started adventuring again, this time pushing herself further, not caring if she got hurt. Because F'in would not be happy if she was just sad all the time, and she didn't want to die with out doing lots of things! She would make him, Foranith, Zabelith and her mum proud one day. She had to.

For a while, it was calm. There was an attack from wild Whers, but Kida didn't know much about it, she just heard rumors from the other children. Whers were quite a bit of a mystery to her. She wanted to go to a Wher hatching, but every time one came up, her mother told her no. So she contented herself with Dragon hatchings, watching as people paired off with their lifemates, wishing one would come find her in the stands. She didn't want to wait until she could stand, she wanted a dragon now.

Time insisted on teaching her patience, and her dragon didn't come. Not yet at least. And Dalibor just got more hardships. A plague hit. A horrible, awful plague. People died. People got sick. It was gross and terrible and Kidanyr was lost. She couldn't help. She was too little, and she didn't understand much. She got sick as well, near the end of the plague, but as it started to warm she started to feel better. For a while, she was afraid she would never get better, and that she would never be able to play with Quintin or her friends again. Unlike the fire and F'in's death, this did not trouble her as much. She was getting used to bad things happening around her. She was starting to understand that sometimes, bad stuff happens and there's not much she could do to prevent it.

For a time, Kidanyr would help with candidates. She would see the birth of a new color, she would help tend to the wounded and give an encouraging word where needed. She did not stand, though she ached to, and perhaps that was for the best. The sands were drenched in blood. There was death, so much death, and though it hurt to find out later, so many had been lost both candidate and dragonet. No matter how often it happened, Kidanyr was not accustomed to death.

Then to make matters worse, they arrived. The Weyrs. Hiding beneath a tree, Kidanyr watched as dragon after dragon arrived, perching and preening, roaring and demanding to see Avelle. Kidanyr would live to see two weyrwomen replaced. Now Rayna and Couineth reigned supreme. Was that a good thing? Kidanyr figured only time would tell. After all, she had thought Avelle and Farja were good weyrwomen. Apparently, she had been wrong. The latter had caused even more death. She was starting to wonder if she could trust any of them at all. Assassinations… These were not the first she had lived through, and Kida feared they would not be the last.

And then the palefolk attacked.

She helped where she could, washing, bandaging, holding hands. She helped clean and order, and she had her piullies and Quince ferrying messages back and forth as best they could. The soft Luu luu of Quintin could be heard trying to soothe the wounded. This was so much. Kidanyr felt like she was aging far faster than she should. She spent much time at Ems side, doing her best to aid in soothing pain and keeping their fighters alive.

Tragedy and Kidanyr started to go hand in hand. She had thankfully not been there when Laanasuth’s eggs had been killed. If she had been, well, Kida might had killed. But no, she was busy. She wanted to prove her worth, she wanted to earn the right to be a candidate, not just because she was raised in the Weyr.

Yet Kida did not cry.

She did not cry when her mother transferred elsewhere, unable to handle all the death. She did not cry when thread fell and took friends and neighbors from her.

Kida would be strong. She had to be.

user posted image
Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
Weyrling - Hatched spring, 17th turn, 11th pass
Dragon Color:
Yellow -#e3dc1b
Dragon Length:
Adult Size: 36’
Dragon Personality:
Sunny dispositions follow yellows around and Kookath is no exception. The problem with this yellow, is that he has a tendency to laugh in even the most awkward situations. This will have the potential to get him into trouble but Kookath believes laughter is the best medicine. He has a loud, bugling laugh and will constantly vocalise. All he wants is to bring joy to the life of his bonded and see them laugh as he knows they can. He believes that they should acknowledge the things that cause pain and then build towards finding joy in the things they do have. However he can also have a dark almost sinister sense of humour at times.

Although Kookath has a sense of humour and likes to joke about most things, he also has a very serious side. In certain situations, he will happily team up with others for a spectacular prank but if they are caught, he will be the one to take all the blame. He is quite self-sacrificing. Part of him isn’t sure why but Kookath believes that his purpose in life is to try to make others happy and protect them from trouble. This can take its toll on the yellow at times but he will continue on for the benefit of others.

Kookath is also likely to join Koath in his commentaries and even take over if Koath cannot be there to commentate. They would very willingly and happily bounce off one another. Kookath takes this job rather seriously. He may even call himself Koath’s ‘partner’ at times and make it clear that they have a job to do.

That said, Kookath will also strut around as though he is a king in a way to ironically mock some of the other egocentric dragons of the Weyr. King of the skies, king of the Weyr, king Kookath. Even though he does this ironically, Kookath is proud of who he is and particularly the partner he chose. After all, he would not have chosen his partner if they weren’t worthy of him!

Dragon Appearance:
Kookath has a rather beautiful yellow hide and takes great pride in the different hues that adorn it. Kookath has an angled body which will allow him to dive fast towards the ground and then just as quickly lift to the skies. He will eat his food by first smashing it on the ground a couple of times then almost ‘gobble’ it down. This can get quite messy.

Dragon History:
A detailed history of the events that have happened specifically to the dragon (length depends on age.)

Adoption Preference: Transfer or Kill.

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