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 Cairenn of Red Ingoth, Horizon Wingrider
 Posted: Apr 12 2017, 12:43 AM
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Cairenn used to be a girl of two minds, presenting a strong, confident demeanor to those she met, while being unsure and somewhat skittish at her core, but her weyrlinghood changed all that. Isolation from her family, along with an inability to form friendships, left her spending all her time with only her dragon as company, and it left her focusing on the only thing she felt was left to her... being the best dragonrider she could be.

Being bonded to a red dragon with a deep, boiling pool of rage for those who threaten what she considers "her pack", Cairenn has spent many long hours in meditation and silent, mental-only communication with Ingoth, strengthening their bond and letting her own self-control and calmness act as a barrier between Ingoth and her red-born temper. Because of this habit and practice, Cairenn herself is extremely calm at all times, letting very little upset her and taking everything in stride. Her experience with watching for any spikes in Ingoth's aggression has also made her very aware of moods and emotions in those around her, though without her bond her perceptions are nowhere near as strong as they are with her dragon. People who hang around Cairenn long enough might very well find the redrider noting their moods before even they themselves realize how a situation has affected them.

Being as close as they are, Ingoth's personality has had an effect on Cairenn, as well, with the red's feelings regarding "her pack" coloring the redrider's feelings on companionship. While her isolation during weyrlinghood combined with her lack of friends early in her life has lead to a general difficulty understanding or reacting properly to social cues likely seen as basic to more socially well-rounded people, she does value the relationships she does form with those who can see past her social difficulties and is willing to put forth the effort to be close to her. Her relationships might be few and far between, but those she does have she protects like the most precious diamonds, and you're unlikely to find a more loyal and supportive friend than Cairenn.

Soft angles surrounded by a thick mane of dark brown hair, deep brown eyes set within; meet Cairenn. Standing at a mere 5'2", Cairenn seems to have hit a lull in her growth... she may gain another inch or two in the next few turns, but it is doubtful; most likely, she'll remain on the shorter-than-average side for Pernese women. Definitely getting her looks from both parents, she has a deep chocolate color to her hair, which she has plenty of. Long locks are often teased to give her a bit of added height, but her hair is almost always straight. Her bangs are feathered across her forehead, swept to rest mostly over her right eye at an angle. Her eyes are also brown, though so dark in color that at times they appear almost black. She has a piercing gaze, hard with only the hint of something softer beneath.

She is a slender girl, and is likely to always be on the slimmer side as she grows older. Cairenn keeps herself clad in nice clothes; nothing fancy, but always nice. She doesn't let people forget that she's a girl, and she enjoys wearing skirts and dresses, but is equally comfortable in pants or shorts. Boots, sandals, regular shoes... this girl has at least one pair of them all, and then some. She also fancies some jewelry at times, especially things she has made herself. Colors that she often wears are blues, purples, and sometimes a pale khaki.

Overall, Cairenn has a young look about her... a look that will no doubt continue well into her late twenties, and perhaps even beyond that, if she takes care of herself.

Eani - Grandmother; Crescent Hold - Deceased
Rusel - Grandfather; Crom Hold - Deceased
Easin - Father; SM 178 || Carenna - Mother; SP 183; Crescent Hold
    Eairen - Brother; AU 199
Rasel - Uncle; WI 182; Crom Hold
Reanil - Uncle; AU 185 - Deceased
Roselle of Green Tserieth - Aunt; AU 186 || C’ian of Purple Shirath - Dalibor Weyr
    Rosian - Cousin; AU 12 - Dalibor Weyr
Selin - Uncle; SM 190; Crom Hold

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Name: Fun
Species: Firelizard
Color: Black
Age: 6 turns (SU: 9)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Born into the midst of an existential crisis, even as a tender young firelizard, this creature has some supernatural sense of the way of the world as if it had been handed down to him by unseen scores of sages. He did not receive their knowledge alone however, but also their baggage, leaving a perpetual weight on the heart of someone who should otherwise be pure. Do not be surprised to find him sulky, or stoic, even seething and acerbic for his emotions rush to him like a man still barely resisting complete surrender and wallowing in an unhealthy sense of dread. It is so sad to see a creature with so much going for him, so strung out on negativity, but for the dusky black this is a constant fact of his nature: he is a scapegoat, he is a lamb, he is willing if hesitant to throw himself to sacrifice. The black is a martyr, but for whose benefit he subjects himself to such torture will never be clear. Perhaps it is for a greater good, perhaps it is for his bonded, or maybe it is for himself and he is simply killing himself time and time again for some form of enlightenment, enduring dread to flower into something better. No pain no gain right?

Coming to peace with his role as the eternal purveyor of doom, he has to make time to find other hobbies right? Right? Well, maybe. As it is, he seems perfectly content to be the perpetual devil on the shoulder of his bonded - of whom he is endearingly protective of - and occasionally add his wry commentary to the situation. Not without a taste for the offbeat, the black likes to fill his curiosities with observation and an inquisitive eye, occasionally taking off to glide about his human counterpart and gain a closer look. He is slow and deliberate in these quests however - but he seems to take on all challenges with the same standards of delegation and planning. For as open as he is to experience, the black firelizard rushes into nothing, even choices that appear to require a rushed and instant decision will be set aside for him to muse over preferring to allow the answers to present themselves in due time. As can be expected then he'll be the last to throw himself to such spur of the moment events as a female’s mating flight, finding it too easy to weigh in his head the pros and cons of participation and potential rejection. What he can commit to fully is perhaps the most the most important thing of all however - he is at one with his human. Hopefully misery loves company, because to whomever he bonds is absolutely stuck with him.

This black's coloration almost seems to match his personality... his hide appears as if his scales gave up partway through darkening up to a proper black hue. If it weren't for his lack of shine and his small size, his greyish color might even make him appear to be an iron.

Physically, he is finely built, not drawing attention for his smaller size so much as the way he was sculpted. His face is classical, narrowed at the snout and widening into inquisitive eyes under a strangely curved brow that gives him the appearance of constant worry. Yet there is a distinct sweetness there underneath the stressed and heavy brow - the physical manifestations of his frustrations. His wings bear an almost elven beauty, sweeping and wistful, pulled into crescents upon his back. In midst of a glide, the long finger bones curve dramatically in a swallow like manner, carrying him efficiently and easily into quick turns and twists should he ever be so inclined to. His tail too proves to be blade like, tapering to a severe point. It maybe a tad flatter than normal overall, but otherwise up to par, and hardly distracting from his exotic appeal. Being slender in all the right places, signs of his feline bone structure come to surface at times, paired with a crease here and there to denote some corded muscle. He does come together to be a rather attractive treat to the eyes.

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Red Ingoth
Age: 1 turn (born SP 17 to Couineth x Baihujinth)
Species: Dragon
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Everything Ingoth does is for survival. She does not become enraged for no reason but will rather turn on someone if they have done something to threaten her survival. In some ways, she can be a solitary dragon preferring to do things on her own but in spite of this, she has those she considers ‘family’. It can be highly difficult to contain Ingoth’s anger and rage. She will use claws and teeth to prove her point. Ingoth also knows exactly how she should bring down an enemy, wasting no energy and adjusting her strategies to deal with different fighting situations. She will never expend more energy than necessary. In this sense, she is quite cunning and intelligent.

Oddly for a red dragon, Ingoth can be incredibly affectionate and maternal. As soon as someone threatens her family or those she considers her close companions it is as though she has been let loose. Once she has selected someone or another dragon as one of her ‘pack’ she will rarely disown them. That said, she has a problem with authority and hates being told what to do, often protesting aggressively. Sometimes it might be better to handle Ingoth by using reverse psychology. Of course, if she finds out she has been tricked this may prompt a less than favourable response.

Ingoth will always have a problem with taking orders. She can be highly independent in this way but she will not forsake her pack. As said before, Ingoth brings certain individuals into her ‘family’ and believes strongly that each individual must contribute something important to the group. There is no denying the complex nature of Ingoth’s ideas surrounding family.

One of the difficult things about Ingoth is that all her vocalisations sound like growls. Including those of happiness. This will have the impact of making people cautious around this red, just as they are cautious around many of her kind. Ingoth doesn’t seem to be terribly aware of the way that people may shy away from her and will likely remain relatively misunderstood throughout her life simply because of her difficulty in vocalising.

Ingoth will have a tendency to carry food around for a long time before finding a place where she can be alone to eat. She does not like to eat in front of people and usually growls whenever anyone gets close to her.

Adult Size: 39’

Carenna was a lovely young girl - she was kind, compassionate, and loving. Her kindness and soft-spoken nature, however, made it easy to manipulate, use, and walk all over her. She was the perfect woman to have as a wife to a Crom-born man; she would never question you, never stand up for herself, and would do her duty quietly. This, combined with her good looks, made her quite sought after by the men of Crom Hold, though her father was holding her like a bargaining chip to try and get something he wanted from one of the other Holders. If they wanted his daughter, they would have to go through him, or that's how he tried to make it work.

In reality, Carenna was not the angel she gave the appearance of. She hadn't been for quite some time, though of course she did what she needed to to make sure her father wasn't aware of this. So, when at 15 turns it was discovered she was pregnant, her father was not only surprised, but furious. How could he use her as a bargaining chip now that she was bearing a child? What man would want a girl with a child not their own... and Faranth forbid it be a baby girl she gave birth to. He'd be stuck with the two of them forever if that were the case.

Enter Easin - a smooth talking young man. Only a handful of turns older than Carenna, he'd had his eyes on her for some time. Having been secretly wooing the young woman for the past few months, he was quite certain he was the father... Carenna wasn't the type to lay with more than one boy at a time, nor the type to lie (except to her father). So, when he showed up at her father's door offering to take Carenna as his wife, the man practically threw Carenna and her things out the door at him.

Easin had a small plot of land off his parents' land, and with the help of his father and brothers he managed to make a decent home for himself and his new bride-to-be. Joined in in late 197, when threadfall was still a distant memory, the couple had little time to spend as a couple before their child was born a few months into 198 - Cairenn. Newly Joined and young, Easin and Carenna were far from the perfect parents to the young girl. Carenna, of course, never had much of a say in the girl's upbringing. Easin's opinions of women mimicked that of both of Cairenn's grandfathers... they weren't worth much, and only good at cleaning, cooking, and giving birth to strapping young lads. A few months after Cairenn was born, her mother was pregnant again; apparently, Easin was determined to get a son from his wife, and the sooner the better.

He got that son, and Cairenn mostly fell into the background of the household when he was born. Little Eairen was the pride and joy of his father while Cairenn was just a mistake he'd rather not talk about. She'd have no real use to him until she was old enough to be married off to someone else, at which point she'd be her husband's problem, not his. He constantly spoke ill of his daughter, even in front of her, to which her mother had no reply to defend Cairenn with. After all, Easin was her husband, and her husband couldn't be wrong.

Easin pawned the girl off on his younger sister; though he had no real love for his sister, she could at least babysit, and that made her useful. When Cairenn was barely two she lost her babysitter… Roselle was searched by Telgar Weyr and whisked away to be a candidate. Turns passed with Cairenn developing a more spirited and curious personality, though the harsh setting of her home life did little to foster such things in the girl. Winter came in the third turn after Thread began to fall and with it came illness. At five turns she was too young to fully grasp what was going on, but she did mourn the loss of her grandfather, even if she was never close to him.

The illness did have a positive side for Cairenn, however, as it caused her aunt to return in order to care for her ailing grandfather, and the two took the time to actually connect now that Cairenn was not just a baby. Though she wasn’t around long, she spent a lot of time with her niece and even gifted the young girl a firelizard egg, which hatched just before Roselle left to go back to the Weyr. The morose little black impressed to Cairenn, and was promptly named ‘Fun’ by the young girl in a fit of irony. With Fun’s help Cairenn was able to send drawings to her aunt, who would always write back. Though her mother was not fond of doing so, she would always read Roselle’s notes to Cairenn… secretly she was envious of the relationship her sister-in-law had with her daughter, though she did nothing to improve on her own relationship with Cairenn.

When most of the snow melted Easin announced something big to his small family: he intended to move them all to Crescent Hold, where he would hold a position at the Mining Hall there. His knowledge as a Journeyman was needed at the still relatively new Hold, and he felt it was the right move. Eani joined the family in their move, as she had nothing holding her to Crom after her husband’s passing. Later that turn Roselle sent word from Telgar that she had impressed… she even included a rough drawing of the green dragon that had bonded to her, much to Cairenn’s delight.

Though Crescent was a far friendlier place in Cairenn’s mind she found her interest in the dolphins constantly belittled by her father. Rather than fostering her interest and encouraging the girl to think of a crafthall to join when she was older, he did his best to keep her busy with mind numbing chores. Easin had plans for his daughter, and they did not involve her making a life for herself in any way, shape, or form. Shortly after Cairenn celebrated her eighth turn day, her aunt became a full rider and visited her in Crescent. Meeting Tserieth ignited a new dream for the young girl… she wanted to become a dragonrider!

Easin did his best to squash his young daughter’s dreams but she had an unwavering determination… and each time her aunt sent a note she became more and more enamored with the idea. Being close to Dalibor Weyr certainly didn’t help Easin’s case against Cairenn someday becoming a rider as she saw riders coming and going regularly. Just before Cairenn turned eleven her grandmother fell ill, causing her aunt to transfer from Telgar to Dalibor so she could be closer. Visiting regularly with her aunt now, the two bonding even closer now that Cairenn was older and they could talk about dragonriding, Cairenn’s life was looking pretty good… until her grandmother passed away and Roselle distanced herself from the girl and others while she mourned.

Left on her own to mourn her grandmother’s passing, Cairenn retreated into herself. She was still seemed friendly enough on the surface, but the loss of her grandmother (who was always nicer to her than her own mother) and her aunt (due to her own retreat from family and friends) caused her to put up emotional walls that were not previously there. Her interest in dragons dwindled slightly during this time, due to her lack of communication with Roselle, and she once more looked to the dolphins that frequented the waters… though once her attention turned to them, her father did his best to again dissuade her. Cairenn made a few friends, apprentices at the dolphinhall, but despite begging her father to join them she was constantly denied.

Easin had plans for her once she was of age, and in his mind, that was that. Time passed with disappointment slowly eating away at the girl’s spirit… fear doing its part as well following the attack on Western Hold. Though Crescent was unharmed, she found herself fearful for her aunt’s life - the teenage girl not knowing what she would do if her aunt was lost, despite the strain Roselle’s grief-prompted retreat had put on their relationship. Were it not for the massive winter storm that plagued the western continent, as well as the rest of Pern, Cairenn likely would have gone to visit her aunt at the Weyr… instead, she was stuck inside with her family for months and months.

Spring finally came to melt away the snow, freeing Cairenn from the prison she felt her home had become over those cold months. When summer came there was big news… not only was there some sort of big expedition at Western Hold (which even her father participated in) but her aunt visited and revealed that she was pregnant! Easin made it very clear he was far from pleased at his younger sister’s announcement, however, knowing how close Roselle and his daughter were, and not wanting Cairenn to get any ideas in her head that would ruin her value.. When Rosian was born just before winter, Easin refused to allow Cairenn to travel on the barge to the Weyr to meet her new cousin, burying her in chores and lessons with the Hold’s harper.

Though she learned to read and write on a basic level from Crescent’s harper, she valued little from her lessons. Her father saw to it that the girl was busy not only with chores at home but elsewhere too, offering her up to babysit for others and learn from housewives about their day to day duties. He had not yet told the girl he had arranged a marriage for her in Crom Hold to a friend of his; these chores were simple preparation, and he planned to send her to her new husband once he felt she was ready to serve him properly.

Following her fifteenth turnday her aunt visited again, with a one year old Rosian in tow. Elated to finally meet her cousin, Cairenn took the young girl to the docks to see the dolphins playing off the shoreline. The fun they had through the day, however was a bit muted when they returned home to the tail end of a heated discussion between Easin and Roselle. She had not heard any of it, but Cairenn had pieced together that the argument had been about her by the way her father acted around her the next season. More lessons and chores were heaped upon her until one day bled into the next… before she knew it, she was celebrating her sixteenth turnday and her father finally told her about her arranged marriage.

Horrified by what she saw as an ultimate betrayal by her father, Cairenn sent word to her aunt by way of sending Fun to deliver the bad news, and Roselle arrived shortly thereafter. Championing on her niece’s behalf, Roselle failed to get her brother to change his mind, so she left.. only to return a few sevendays later to take Cairenn with her back to Dalibor, a red-eyed green dragon convincing Easin where words had failed. Things were suddenly going well, and soon Cairenn was finally beginning to come back out of her shell. As she finally began to feel confident enough to speak openly with her aunt, she admitted she had been hoping that she could stay with her forever, and that she might eventually bond with a dragon. Though Roselle loved her, she informed Cairenn that she couldn’t keep her there forever, as Easin would eventually get the nerve to come get her back, though she planned to have her for the rest of the turn at least. Just before the bitter cold closed its grasp around the Weyr, the beasthall arrived for a demonstration. Though she wasn’t in the weyrbowl or lower caverns at the time, she heard all about the terrible predators unleashed by the unknowing beasthall apprentices… until finally the amoeba-like creatures were dispatched by fire and water.

With the snow fall came her father, finally demanding to have her back. Knowing that staying would only cause more grief for her aunt (and possibly get her into trouble), Cairenn relented and joined her family back at the Hold, returning in time to learn about the Lord Holder’s passing. Easin had her double her lessons with the housewives so he was certain she would behave herself once he sent her up north… and shortly after Crescent’s new Lord and Lady Holder arrived and settled in, he finally figured the time was right.

Arriving in Crom Hold, Cairenn suddenly discovered she was to meet the man she was to marry… a holder ten turns older than she was. It did not take long for her to come to hate the man, considering she was sent to him like some kind of commodity, and when she finally ended up making friends with a young miner’s son, the pair made a bold move and ran away to Nabol. Cairenn told no one of her plans… she did not even send word to her aunt, as she was afraid Roselle would be upset with her for running away. Unbeknownst to Cairenn, however, her aunt sent word to Telgar Weyr asking her friends there to keep an eye out for her niece as her brother would not tell her where he had sent Cairenn.

Things went well for a season, but as winter came to Nabol so did a friend of her father’s… and she quite literally ran into the man while shopping. Knowing that the girl was supposed to be in Crom, the man promptly returned her there… very much against her will. Returned to her betrothed, she found he had a sixteen turn old girl living with him… a girl with a newborn looking suspiciously like him. though he denied he was the father. The man changed the subject during their argument, reminding Cairenn that since she was promised to him by her father, she belonged to him and should not question him. Though she argued against the arrangement and attempted to leave again, he was larger and easily overpowered her… finally locking her in a room in his house, only letting her out to cook dinner and use the wash tub.

As the snow melted, Cairenn was faced with a new problem: her betrothed had decided that they were now a Joined couple. Being such he demanded she get to work bearing him the first of many sons. Quick thinking found her lying to the man, claiming she was already pregnant, though in reality she had yet to even lie with a man at all. Her disgust and anger at her “husband”, however, caused Cairenn to push things too far, also implying that she was pregnant with another man’s child due to her “husband’s” ugly appearance and disgusting personal hygiene. Already furious that his ‘wife’ would betray him, her insults drove the man into a frothing rage, and he backhanded Cairenn to the ground, and began to beat her in earnest. As she fell to the ground, Fun (always protective of His) hissed and assaulted the man, leaving him with a few small claw marks on his face, but the man was too enraged to be stopped by such a tiny creature, so Fun betweened to get some help. Soon, the deafening sound of a dragon’s angry roar was heard as an equally angry Roselle burst into the home. The man’s fury melted away at the sight of the angry dragonrider (and especially the sight of the baleful red eyes of her enraged green through the door), and after some choice words from Roselle, Cairenn was escorted back to Telgar Weyr by her aunt. Left there in the care of trusted friends, Cairenn worked in the kitchens to earn her keep as her bruises healed.

Though her aunt visited plenty of times, and Cairenn knew she was safe in Telgar, she was becoming restless. Living in the Weyr without being part of the bigger picture left a bitter taste in her mouth… why wasn’t she good enough to do something more than work in the kitchens? Her answer came in the cold months when a green took notice of the girl one fateful day. Officially a Candidate, Cairenn requested to be transferred to Dalibor Weyr; she had heard that a Lord Holder’s daughter had been a candidate there and allowed to stay despite her family’s wishes once. There was no doubt in her mind the Weyr would keep her out of her father’s grasp, and her former “husband’s” as well, assuming either saw her worth the effort anymore. A clutch was hard on the sands at Telgar… they needed her as a candidate. What if she left and her dragon had been in that clutch? Denied the transfer, for now, she stayed and stood for the clutch… which did not contain her dragon.

Spring brought forth not only the return of the warmth and longer days, but her aunt as well. Knowing her niece was now a Candidate, she came for her, the transfer now approved. Filled in by her aunt about the clutch of wild wher eggs on the sands from Tuana Hold in the south, she realized her life was about to get far more interesting.

It wasn't long after Cairenn had settled into her new life in Dalibor that gold Couineth laid a new clutch on the sands... a clutch that had a very violent hatching, which resulted in the death of the sister of the one Candidate Cairenn had gotten to know at all in the short time she had been at her new Weyr, Kataya. However, the hatching also saw Cairenn finally go from Candidate to weyrling, Impressing a survival-oriented angry-voiced red named Ingoth.
 Posted: Apr 15 2017, 11:23 AM

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