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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Red Ingoth

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Al'tair, Weyrling of Cyan Onduth
 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 10:45 PM


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Junior Weyrling


Alistair is like one of those gentlemen from the old world, where men were protectors, respectful and polite, and believed in such things as fighting for what you believed in, and for a cause. His sense of morality and justice is perhaps the driving force behind the young man. He will always follow his heart and do what he feels is right. Sometimes, it might be the wrong choice, but he doesn't do anything without believing fully in what it is he's doing, and he doesn't do anything half-assed, either. When he's in it, he's in it come hell or high water. Brave, charismatic, chivalrous, and fairly modest, he's either hated or loved. Some see him as a 'goody-two-shoes', while others admire someone who can stick by what he believes and do what is right, no matter the cost. Still, with this, comes its own kinds of issues.

Alistair has a hero complex. Even if it isn't his place to step in an fix something, he does. He just can't seem to help himself from wanting to help or protect others. Life on the line? No problem. He's going to be there anyway. His loyalty is unquestionable. He never gives up on people, especially friends and family. They mean the world to him. Still, this believing in people can lead to being used, or being naive. He's not the sort that is going to stop just because he gets stabbed in the back by someone, but he's going to have a hard time of things if he thinks that others will do for him as he does for them, or feel as strongly and passionately as he does. Also, this leads to stubbornness. If anything or anyone gets in the way of him doing what is right, he's either going to go around them, or right through them. He won't back down, not unless he can somehow be convinced that the other person is indeed right through proof. He's not one to spread dirty laundry, or gossip. He doesn't like to talk bad about others, but would rather build up than tear down. He is fantastic at team work, but is known to take the role of a leader if he feels that's what needs to be done, or if someone else won't because of personal reasons or fears.

When it comes to love, he is a downright romanticist. Opening doors, flowers, picnics, being the kind of guy who listens and supports...this is him to the letter. He wants the kind of relationship that is written in the stars. He believes that there are people who are simply meant for one another, and it's hard for him to let go. He doesn't get jealous in the sense many do. He trusts the person he is with, but he's very open to being easily hurt if he falls, because he falls hard, and losing that person will have him stomped into the ground. Friends are the same: he would do anything for friends or family, and to think that they wouldn't do the same, or being betrayed...he will keep trying to fix things, even if it doesn't seem, or isn't, fixable.

When it comes to responsibility and hard work, he is an over-achiever. He does his share, and then helps whoever is left with theirs. He doesn't slack off, he doesn't believe in leaving anyone behind or in not helping where you can. He does have his pride, but it isn't that kind of pride that can be easily bruised, as though while he has his own code of honor and is very polite, he refuses to take offense unless it is directly, clearly, given. He will gladly stand up to bullies, or anyone who he feels needs to be stood up to. Especially on behalf of someone else. He likes to work with his hands, and keep in shape, but also likes to keep a journal. His focus is on people, always. He likes his alone time, but doesn't like to feel alone. He counts on people, as inside he is extroverted, but likes to have a few close friends and be kind to everyone, rather than have to be the center of anyone's attention. Still, he does have that hero complex. He likes to know people are pleased with him and his efforts. To feel he's doing good, and that he matters, and it's recognized. Even if that recognition is simple as a thanks, or knowing he's doing well.


While he started out shorter than the kids his age and gawky looking, Al had a growth spurt between the ages of fifteen to seventeen that saw him really beef up through hard work and persistence, as well as shooting up in height until he hit 6'2" tall. He's not used to the attention being tall and sculpted gives him, and is very humble and shy about it. Clear, sapphire eyes with a distinctly darker outer rim often look rather puppy-dog like and morose or serene, even if he doesn't mean them to. However, this is only when brooding or at resting expression. They tend to light up and be very expressive when he smiles or laughs. His hair is a dirty blond that tends to be darker on the sides, and lighter all on top. He keeps it shorter, but not too short, longer by a bit on the top. Lips are moderately full, with the bottom one being fuller, and his nose is strong, jaw angular and squared. Some would definitely consider Al handsome, even if he is humble and doesn't act vain or egotistical at all. Everything matches, so his hands and feet are a suitable, larger size for his height, and he is very built so muscles give an impression of largeness as well.

His clothing is a little more form fitting, but allows for flexibility. He likes to be able to freely move, and work out, in whatever he is wearing. He loves the color blue, but also likes grey and white shirts with khaki colored trousers, or black. He keeps his nails trim and is quite clean presenting, though not at all afraid to get dirty and do hard work that sees him doing just that.

Play-by: Chris Evans

At'las (Father, Bronzerider, 47)
Natairia (Mother, Greenrider, 46)
Like so many weyrbrats, Alistair was the result of a flight. His father At'las was a bronzerider, while his mother, Natairia, a greenrider, of Benden Weyr. As such, he was raised mostly in the creche with the other weyrbrats of dragonrider parents. He was fairly ordinary as a child, save for the fact that from day one, he always wanted to be a part of things, and to help others. He was ever the one to stand up to bullies, and as he was very scrawny and clumsy as a child, it usually ended up with him the worse off for it. Still, he never gave up, and never stopped standing up for what he felt was right. The crechemother was at her wits end with him always getting into fights, despite the fact it was never his fault. Some of these were when he was ganged up on. No one liked the fact he was always trying to step up and step in. It was annoying to have your fellow weyrbrat preaching about what was 'right and fair'. So, needless to say, he got beat up a lot.

Until Al was 15, he was just that: beat up on. Then, almost overnight, he seemed to hit his growth spurt. He went from short and scrawny to six foot two inches tall and with actual muscles. He worked on those muscles, as he was tired of having nothing to back up his words when it was necessary. Not that he liked violence. Far from. He felt it should always be the last resort. Yet he could hardly stand up for anyone, let alone himself, if hew as getting beat up on all the time. By the time he was eighteen, no one did. During this time, he was a candidate. He never Impressed at any of the hatchings, though he very much wanted to. Being a dragonrider was his dream. What was life if not to be a dragonrider, protecting all of Pern and its people. His parents were supportive of him and believed in him, though they transferred to Fort when his father was asked to be a Wingleader there, and Al stayed behind.

He stayed mostly for a girl he fell in love with, but she went on to Impress a green and ended up falling in love with someone he considered a close friend. There was a lot of tension between the trio, who had grown up together and had been quite close. It wasn't something they felt could ever be resolved. It was no one's fault, but Al couldn't get over her, and it wasn't just going to happen because he wanted it to. It was due to this, perhaps, that Al decided to ask for a transfer to a Weyr where he felt he might be needed more should he Impress. Dalibor was in need of transfers with so many of their riders gone to the new Weyr, and so at just turned nineteen, Alistair decided that was where he would go.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer please thankies~

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Name: Onduth
Age: 0 turns - WI:17
Color: Cyan
Hex: #00a7f2
Size: 30'11"
Clutch: Sanarth x Jaireth

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Onduth is a well-intentioned scoundrel. She is courageous, clever, and answers to no authority beyond those who have earned her respect. Whereas her rider is respectful and polite, Onduth is unrefined and vulgar. She curses like an old sailor and cares little for rules of etiquette as they only seem to get in her way. However, there is a marked difference between being impolite and being downright rude. She doesn't mean to offend and will apologize if she takes things too far. That said, the cyan does have her own rough charm and will mainly try to sweet-talk her way through mistakes. She will make threats and can be rather intimidating, but she's not fond of violence as a means to an end. After all, heroes don't use violence and that's her main problem: she isn't quite sure how to be the hero that she wants to be. Externally, Onduth is a rough and tough figure and she doesn't want others - with the exception of her rider - seeing how soft she truly is on the inside. She takes a lot of pains to keep up her tough front but will cast this mask to the side when there are more pressing concerns at hand. She can also be very impatient and has quite a temper which her rider may have to work with her on.

The cyan is an adventurous spirit and would love to see all of Pern one day if she could. She truly enjoys fighting Thread and protecting others even though she may not admit it in a straightforward manner. Ultimately, she agrees with her rider that doing the right thing is always a good thing, regardless of the consequences. However, unlike Hers, Onduth does not trust easily. Trust as well as respect are things to be earned and once back-stabbed she is unlikely to put her faith in that being again without some serious effort on their part. Similarly, love must be worked for and she will be very protective of her rider's heart. She will also tease him to death about falling in love but in a warmhearted manner. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh, yet is serious when it comes to their thread-fighting duties. Like the rest of her color, Onduth is purposeful and especially ambitious. She sees them in a leadership position one day and will work hard to carry them there with a will stronger than iron. She's not the type to back down from a challenge though she may find alternate ways to go about solving it due to her out-of-the-box approach to life. Where there's a will, there's a way.

One quirky thing about Onduth is that she has a habit of giving others demeaning nicknames rather than calling them by their real names; things like, "boy" or "wherry," preferably short and to the point. If they don't seem to mind, she will continue to call them as such, but will go back to their real names if they say differently.

Unlike the majority of cyans, Onduth is a lithe creature with a build similar in structure to an avian. She has a long, thin neck with a snout that tapers to a rounded point and longer hindlegs than forelegs which allow her to walk on two legs for a short period of time if she chooses to do so. Her wings are well-muscled for flight and her rider will find her to be a capable flyer for both agility and stamina. The cyan's tail is also notably thick, allowing it to act as a weapon against those who cross her. Her glossy hide is especially remarkable under sources of light, though her pride and joy lies in her crest, a purple fin-like spike that covers most of her head as well as the uppermost portions of her neck. It gives her a unique appearance that makes her unlikely to be mistaken for another cyan.

Onduth bears herself with self-confidence and roguish glee, creating a suave aura that is completely natural to the dragon.

Adult Length: 30'11"

Why Al'tair:
I imagine Onduth and Al'tair's relationship to be all about growth. Most likely, they will have their struggles and not get along all the time, but they will also learn from each other and recognize that they have the same end goals if not the same way of going about them.

Fandom Information: Inspired by Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy.

 Posted: May 8 2017, 12:43 PM

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