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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Aglaktii, Rider of Burgundy Kangath, Midnight Wingrider
 Posted: May 8 2017, 09:40 AM


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[pronounced: Ag-lock-tee-ee]
Birthday: Summer, 200th Turn, 10th Interval
Bisexual [leans towards men]
Dalibor Weyr
Midnight Wingrider

As cold and haughty as the cliffs that wrought her. Aglaktii will be read as ambitious, domineering, and driven by the majority of Pernese peoples. They will not be wrong. Of the seven cardinal sins, hers will be, has always been, pride. The Wastewanderer deeply, truly believes that her way is the best way... and therefore the only way. Everyone else has three options: get in line, get out of her path, or prepare to fight. Unlike most Pernese, ‘Ti spent her early development without the Harpers’ songs to remind her of the “natural” hierarchy of Weyr life. A Queenrider holds no more inherent authority in her mind than a scullery drudge. She will be hard-pressed to remember (or once remembered, to accept) the notion that the color of one’s companion has any bearing on one’s wisdom, strength, leadership qualities or talent. Actions speak louder than words, and words speak louder than shoulder knots. She has a healthy respect for dragon- and wher-kind in general--they occupy a space in her mind not so far removed from that of “ancestor” or “guardian”--but their accompanying riders will be judged purely on demonstrated merit. This extends also to her own expectations as hopeful Candidate; Aglaktii does not hope for a particular color or sex of dragonet, only that they will be a hale conspirator in her quest to alter the Weyr’s colonial future. To this end she may be disappointed to find herself partnered to a dragon with dissimilar or nonexistent ambitions, or one who for any number of reasons might somehow dampen her influence within the Weyr.

Anyone who finds themselves in need of a leader or who has similar (but noncompetitive) aspirations will find all of this to their advantage. Proud as she is, she is at heart a human who believes deeply in community, and if anyone can harness their will to hers she will do the work for both of them. The problems will arise when her wishes run counter to another’s—Aglaktii is the proverbial “unstoppable force.” Should she meet her “unmovable object,” tempers are going to flare. She is more than stubborn, and will not only hold her stance, but will insist on pushing others until their opinions align with her own. Not a violent person by nature, she will rely on her skills of persuasion, especially that of her storytelling, to sway another’s opinion.

Although prone to haughtiness, the girl is not aloof. She loves people, her people, and although this notion of “hers” largely attaches her to the family she has left behind, it may eventually be transferred to those at the Weyr. She desperately wants to work together with others and to form deep bonds. Even Icemaulers do not survive in the Wastes when solitary—she comes from a community-oriented, teamwork-driven culture, and she will try to replicate that among her peers. When those deep bonds are formed, she is surprisingly capable of vulnerability, trusting even her innermost secrets to the most trusted of friends. She can be almost distressingly loyal, putting the greater good of her family, blood or chosen, above her own welfare. Were some of her rougher edges to be smoothed away, she may actually make a leader that most are willing to follow.

The People of Pern will always come first. She loves her original community and their way of life above all else, and her ultimate goal is to preserve that gilded memory of what they should be. Others may take note that this is her fantasy both of what the People are, and may border on delusional. Where others may resent the difficulty of that life--the constant cold, the threat of Icemaulers--Aglaktii well and truly believes it is the best life anyone could hope to ask for. A conservative at heart, she wishes that nothing had ever changed for the Wastelanders--that no dragon had ever appeared in their skies, no outside world come to steal their livelihoods. It has been nearly ten turns since the fated expedition and she is no closer to forgiving the colonialists than she was when they first landed. She will always be at odds with the path that she felt forced to take, to abandon her people and their culture in exchange for Weyr life. She will likely also always feel something of a martyr because of it, knowing that she forsook real happiness in pursuit of saving the people she is no longer a part of. Even should she Impress, she has no plans on returning to her homeland any time soon. The fewer dragon shadows polluting the surface of that land, the better. Any change that she can affect she will seek to affect in the outside world, pulling at puppet strings without her true community being any the wiser.

Aglaktii bears the pale skin and dark hair of her family and ancestors going countless turns back. She wears it long, plaited in a shining braid bound with a leather thong. Her clothes too are those of her people, largely made of the leather from their peculiar six-legged burdenbeasts, though she owns a particularly fine coat fashioned from the pale spotted hide of an Icemauler.

Even by Weyrborn standards, she is a particularly strong young woman, built more sturdy and square than long-limbed and lean. The Northern Wastes do not favor the thin, and her ancestors have done well these past centuries. She has a healthy layer of fat over a lifetime’s worth of muscle. Not particularly tall at 5’4”, her build and forceful personality contribute to making her seem larger than she truly is.

She has dark eyes set in a rounded, expressive face. Incapable of hiding her true self, emotions play easily for all to see. She is not prone to sitting still--even when telling a story, she will be moving around a room, using her body as its own embellishment. Although largely nonviolent, this makes her anger seem larger and perhaps more frightening than it truly is, although by the same token her laughter is big and infectious.

Mother — Ashyrata (Wastewanderer)— +27 Turns
Father — Enn (Wastewanderer)— +26 Turns
Brother —Yarowen (Wastewanderer)— -3 Turns

Male Icehowler - Chinuk - 3 Turns
A male Icehowler in his prime, Chinuk is a truly majestic canine. He is well-built, more strength- than speed-focused, and moves through life with a jaunty gait that some humans may find off-putting. Like his dam, he is a red-gray agouti, his fur an appropriately wolfish level of fluffy to keep out the bitter cold of the Wastes. Although not the largest of his kind he is not far behind, and standing at ‘Ti’s side he nearly resembles a mount. Deeply loyal to his master, there will be few times that he is not within Aglaktii’s orbit, and although he has been trained to do many things at a command, he seems to possess a strong ability to guess at what she wants through gestures and expressions. He has no such desire to please when it comes to other humans. ‘Ti would never stoop to using him to intimidate a rival… but the threat is always there. Outside of having a strong desire to please, he can be a headstrong, obstinate dog, and may start fights or hike a leg when the opportunity arises.

He is her most prized possession and the strongest link she has to her people. She has grown a touch indolent with him because of this, which has not improved his behavior, but has made him both very interested in the taste of people food and very adept at filching it.

The People of Pern grow up, essentially, in much the same way. Aglaktii’s father was primarily a grower of medicinal green things, her mother one of the revered storytellers of the whole valley. Though not the largest or strongest of the tribes, to have both a healer and storyteller made them feel important, and they held no small rank at the annual meeting of clans. While clans with enough able-bodied members might divide their life's tasks into neat categories, having only some twenty members and only three yurts to their name meant that everyone knew, and did, a bit of everything. Her mother could as easily drive the burdenbeasts as spin a story, her father mend clothes with much the same manner that he mended a body. Aglaktii grew up participating in all of it, never pushed to pursue one path out of the many that made up their traditional daily lives. Even had the practice been common to her particular people, it was easy enough to recognize the headstrong nature of the child--there would be no forcing her to come to a decision not of her own making. When she was three turns old ‘Ti was followed by a brother, Yarowen; a quiet boy, he adored his older sibling and followed without complaint in her footsteps.

Although hardy and comfortable enough in the out of doors, ‘Ti’s heart lay near the hearth. She loved to sit at her mother’s feet while she told her stories through the long winters. Her independence was no great difficulty to her parents, as it meant only that she insisted on being a part of their chosen tasks. Her desire be a part of a peaceful community meant little fighting between them--she was keenly aware of her own abilities as she aged and content with taking on tasks appropriate to a child. As she grew, so too did her responsibilities expand and refine, allowing her father to spend less time harvesting the herbs that he needed for his medicines, and her mother two free hands with which to articulate her stories while Aglaktii took up mending clothes at her feet. As far as she knew, her entire clan was proud of her, proud to perhaps someday have a medicine woman and storyteller all in one. And while she may have lacked the natural deference of most children, her desire for success was keen enough that she acknowledged the wisdom of her elders. She could not learn to be better than they if she could not learn everything they had to teach. There were harsher winters than other--one in particular that even claimed the lives of two of her clanmates--but the harsh reality of her life was lost in the pleasant golden glow of the fire, the softness of their pelts in their safe yurt.

Her world changed suddenly in her ninth Turn. The arrival of dragons, whers, and the outsiders they brought with them was every nightmare Aglaktii had ever had. The dragons were something nearly of legend among the People, but to the girl their riders more closely resembled the monsters of those same stories. Rumors spread--that these foolish people, bumbling and ignorant to the Winter Wastelands, were stealing their burdenbeasts and precious stones, felling their trees, and murdering the People. Aglaktii was too young to lend her voice to the assembly of clans that followed, those who hid themselves on the wintery plains beneath the mountain. What to do with this superior military force? But she was allowed to listen, and made herself bite back her cry of support for those who suggested all-out warfare. Even the white wherries were too much for them, what chance did they stand against the People, who knew every inch of the valley and tundra like it were imprinted on their skin? But not all agreed that bloodshed was the wise course. Some wanted a peaceful truce. Some thought even/more than that may be possible, that the riders would make powerful allies, friends who might even wipe Icemaulers from the face of the earth! The gathered clans argued between themselves for many long candlemarks. In the end it was the cooler (craftier, greeder, presumed Aglaktii) heads that prevailed. No consensus could be reached and so they would stay the middle course. They would not lead their own people into a massacre. They would wait, watch, consult their storytellers. In time the land itself, their own enemy at times, might repel the invaders.

Unbeknownst to those clans on the frozen plains, others had decided not only not to rush into battle, but to reveal themselves and declare peace. While Aglaktii’s family hid in the mountain’s shadow, those in the verdant valley were offering up even some of their own people to the outsiders. By the time her clan had rejoined those in their sacred place of greenery it was too late to mount a coordinated resistance. Dragons came and went. Trade routes were established. And Aglaktii, who loved her people and her way of life more than anything in the world, as beautiful as dragons, watched her world mutate into something more closely resembling a hideous wher.

Her desperation to hold onto the Old Ways changed her. She became less willing to accept the wisdom of her elders, who had lead them so willingly into (she felt) disadvantageous trades, and forfeited their way of life in pursuit of greed or comfort. Where before she had tried to learn the ways of the People at her natural pace, now she was driven to know all of it, immediately. She pestered her mother for more stories and hounded her father for every way it was possible to drive the frost of their bodies away. The dragons she could not bring herself to hate--they occupied much the same role in her stories as ancestors or distant, alien Icehowlers, guardians of humankind--but their riders received no such leniency. Luckily enough for them, and for her (as riders have always been quick to take offense), opportunities for interaction were self-limiting. The burdenbeasts still needed to be escorted on their annual migrations. The fields still required tending, the wounded healing, the other children to be told stories. Only now even some of her own clanmates would disappear for days at a time, digging in the mountains to find gems for the dragon lords. When wings blotted the sky to come and collect those same gems ‘Ti made herself scarce.

Not quickly enough one summer in her twelfth turn. She had been tending her father’s Icehowler bitch during her first whelping when a rider entered their yurt. Her Blue’s head had entered a moment later, his eyes whirling with excitement. Ignoring the girl’s curled lip, the rider informed her that she might make a successful Candidate for Standing. At her sustained glare, the rider pushed on, helpfully explaining that she might sit a dragon someday. Did she not want to leave this hard life in pursuit of the sky? What did the barren wastes have to offer her? Did she understand that had just been Searched? Aglaktii’s answer was to slowly raise and pointed an accusatory finger, followed by a grim command to the ‘howlers: “Icemauler.” That the canines trusted their senses well enough to know that this was not true, yet still set up a steady growl until the rider was fully adragonback, was testament to both an Icehowlers’ intellect and obedience.

Aglaktii did not even need to put the idea out of her mind. The thought of abandoning her people to become an invader held no allure. Dragons might be beautiful and useful but they were the stuff of stories. And what the rider had thought a barren wasteland was still home. She told no one of her encounter, knowing full well the trouble that might rain down on her entire clan for humiliating a dragonrider. But no retribution came and the turns passed. Her father’s Icehowler whelped again in the spring of the 14th Turn (unbeknownst to ‘Ti, for the People do not reckon by such time) and ‘Ti, now old enough to truly/handle the responsibility, was gifted her first pup. A headstrong red-gray male she named Chinuk, much of the next three turns was spent training him to be a fine representative of his breed. Her temper did not cool but only deepened in resolve as her small world slowly but surely stretched to accommodate the world outside.

A breaking point was inevitable. Nothing can bend indefinitely without snapping. Everyone in her clan knew it as well, knowing already that it would not be Aglaktii who finally gave in. They had taken pains to hide what they could from her--her temper being both passionate and enduring--but things cannot be hidden forever, either. The breaking point came when she chanced upon her mother, thinking herself alone, struggling to read. ‘Ti watched for a long hour, absolutely silent, even Chinuk beside her as still as a stone. Her anger would not break upon her mother, who she watched berating herself for her ignorance even as she tried to wrap her mouth around the sounds of the alien markings. Aglaktii slipped away without her mother ever knowing that she had been discovered. Her fiery daughter took that anger that she might have thrown at her own kin, and instead buried it deep, and let it grow until she knew what resolve it would bring forth.

And resolve it did bring, only a sevenday later. Without warning, Aglaktii informed her clan that she would be leaving with the next dragonrider that came. She never told them of her encounter with the Bluerider or that she too intended to seek a dragon of her own. She hardly spoke a word to any of them in the time it took for her unwitting transport to arrive. What they thought was teenage willfulness was only a deep sense of sacrificial martyrdom. She would save them from the outside world by losing herself in it.

Adoption Preference:

Dragon Name:
Kangath [#8a4024]

Dragon Age:
Birthday: SP 17

Dragon Color:

Dragon Length:
Adult: 30'

Dragon Personality:
Written by Boo
Kangath believes in the group. Everyone is stronger when they are in numbers and it is important to stick together. By propping everyone up and standing strong with friends, you can be stronger as a unit. He is aggressive in this and will become very angry when dragons or people try to leave his ‘group’. Kangath can therefore be bossy, rude and pushy when he is dealing with others and likes to get into fights. Yet when others do the same he will immediately pick a fight with them to protect anyone who is being picked on. You could phrase it as Kangath ‘aggressively’ makes friends with others.

He takes it as a personal insult to him when someone decides to transfer to another Weyr or move from being his neighbour. Even when they are no longer roommates with someone, he will become frustrated and angry. There is one person he can count on, though, and that is his bonded. No matter the people who leave, he adores his bonded.

Kangath is most active during dawn and dusk. He will often awaken at dawn of his own volition and request that he and his partner immediately start work. He will become insistent and jittery if the work is not started immediately. Kangath is also active, energetic and as sturdy as a rock wall. If even the largest iron were to try to knock him out of the sky, Kangath would be bumped but never fall. He would then get right back into the air as though nothing had happened.

He almost ‘hops’ when he moves and has a remarkably strong tail which he will sometimes use as a brace. When he was a hatchling, he would often fall back on it to make full use of his claws. As he gets older, he might find it more difficult to do this but can still use it as a strong brace.

Kangath is a hard worker though and will not suffer fools or laziness and prefers to see what ‘game’ he can make of work. Kangath strongly believes that all dragons should pull their own weight and will argue vehemently with those who do have a certain degree of laziness. He thinks arrogance is a waste of time and that those who talk big are just doing so because they are weak. He also has no interest in puffing himself up or even drawing attention to himself. He is certain of who he is and is content with this.

Kangath will hold his food in his foreclaws and ‘nibble’ on it whilst looking around for danger. He also has a tendency to try to ‘box’ anyone who seems to be encroaching on his space.

Dragon Appearance:
user posted image

Dragon History:
With the way things had been going, the burgundy knew he needed to impress soon but he wasn’t sure who he wanted. His other siblings all seemed to just know who they wanted but he was different, he didn’t recall them from the touching but then he also hadn’t been paying as much attention as some of his siblings. Casting a wary look up at his father he began hopping over to the girls and looked amongst them. He felt a strong pull coming from here somewhere, he just wasn’t sure where. He looked at Kidanyr and hopped by her, he looked at Kirryl but she was not his either. The girl seemed to deflate at this. He didn’t really care.

The continued along the line but their thoughts were so jumbled, it was hard to tell where the person was but then he turned and hopped from one end of the line to the other, quickly.
Ah hah! There you are.
The burgundy turned once again and stopped in front of the white haired candidate. She had thoughts that he liked, about being in groups. She was tough and that was something he needed. Maybe she would box him.

Alrighty mate, when I am a bit bigger and you aren’t gonna get inta trouble, we can have a propa boxing match.
He threw a couple of pretend punches Aglaktii’s way and then seemed satisfied with his bond, for the impression was made.

Gotta get a mob togetha.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer, adoption or used for site plots, I leave the decision up to Staff.

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 Posted: May 13 2017, 05:10 PM

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