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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Eccokorazia, weyrling of black Kayth, Journeyman Healer
 Posted: May 24 2017, 01:25 PM

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Eccokorazia (Ecco).
23 turns.
Dalibor Weyr.


Ecco, stubborn as she is, never does anything unless she wants to. She can however be reasoned with, often following logic. Authority is something she shies away from, though she understands the necessity for a hierarchy, and will obey when necessary in order to maintain her place in society. Rarely hotheaded, or vindictive, Ecco expresses a level of control that is indicative of her maturity. She doesn't bother wasting her time with childish games, and so is unlikely to engage in argumentative behaviour. When displeased, or upset, she is more likely to make indirect comments that are difficult to peg as an outright insult. Never giving people the ammunition to formulate an attack against her character, Ecco is careful about what she chooses to say. Careful wording is something she's practiced at, thanks to her mothers consistent ridicule.

The woman is hard-pressed to trust anyone, given her rocky relationship with her family. Any relationships she's had in her young life have been kept under wraps. Her mother has never known about her lovers, as far and few between as they were. Both women and men have drawn her attention, though only women have succeeded in warming her bed. Not exactly one for flirtation, Ecco is more appreciative of honesty and sincerity than games. Enjoying long-winded conversation more than some would think, Ecco has a fair amount of patience (unbeknownst to most). She enjoys talking about nothing and everything when in the company of tolerable individuals. If the redhead doesn't want to talk with you, or deal with you, she won't. Since having left her family behind she will never again be made to fall to the whims of other people. Striving to remain in control of her circumstances, Ecco has developed obsessive compulsions.

Very organized, and meticulous, Ecco doesn't like for other people to invade her space. Demanding cleanliness, the woman obsessively bathes each and everyday. Going a day without bathing would be a terrible sin. The furthest thing from a touchy-feely person, if you touch her you may die. She will, very pointedly, admit to the things she is and isn't comfortable with. Touching is at the top of her list. The "look, don't touch" phrase could be well applied here. She has practiced ignoring those that stare, assuming that they're judging her from a distance. It's possible that she, in turn, allows herself to judge others. Her self-conscious frame of mind makes her less privy to note the romantic advances of another. This is not to say she's oblivious. Quite familiar with word-play, and intention, Ecco prefers that people don't beat around the bush. If you have business with her, whatever it may be, she'd much rather you come out and state your intentions plainly.

Not all that interested in making "friends", the redhead is fully expecting her wher to become her world. Prepared for the responsibility that comes with being a handler, Ecco has done her research in terms of what is required of wherhandler's stationed at the Weyr. If anything, she is looking forward to patrols. The idea of having somewhere she needs to be, not to mention people relying on her to do her job, is pretty well a dream come true for her. Preferring to be left to her own devices, Ecco eagerly awaits the day she has a wher of her own. Nighttime, in her opinion, is the most soothing time of all, and so she is unlikely to miss the daylight hours. She prefers the quiet that follows the appearance of Pern's dual moons, even if she once loved the feeling of sunlight on her face.

Around those whom have earned her loyalty, it is likely that Ecco would take a clump of Thread to save them. She will always protect, and care for, her own. She has yet to realize that there will be people in her life worthy of trust, or care. Her younger sister has never needed her, and neither of her parents have ever treated her as anything more than an unwanted burden. Aware that her father desired sons to continue on his legacy, Ecco has done everything in her power to be every bit as powerful, and efficient, as any man. She works twice as hard to gain recognition, not at all the sort to complain about unequal treatment. Rather than blame any one person, or the opposite gender for her lot in life, Ecco strives to be the best she can be.

While she's not in-love with her craft, she performs her craft well. Now that she's at the Weyr she wishes to practice dragonhealing. It's torturous, since she loves the beasts so. She desires nothing more than to be a dragonrider, though she feels, with every fibre of her being, that such is an impossible dream. It is likely to kill her seeing her sister impress while she remains on the sidelines. Regardless, she is making the best out of her circumstances whilst trying to find a place she does fit in. Healing is at least a craft that keeps her busy, and gives her purpose. If she is someday made to leave her craft behind, so be it.

Taller than average for a woman, Ecco stands at 5'9". Her long red hair, and freckled face, make her fairly easy to pick out of a crowd. Large grey eyes are met with long dark lashes. She hates her nose, believing it to be her most unattractive feature. The bridge of her nose slants downward, and rounds off at the tip. Her mother has rudely described it as "bulbous." Her features could best be described as elegant. Her cheek bones are set fairly high. For a woman, she has a strong jaw. Her lower lip is notably full, making her upper lip appear dwarfed in comparison. Her brows are finely arched, and lack the intrinsic ability for complex expressions.

Her mother frequently tells her that she has "man shoulders." While her shoulders are broader than some, they lack the muscle-tone that would further depict masculinity. Long of limb, the majority of the young woman's height rests in her legs (as with most women). While not flat-chested, Ecco's mother is set on her belief that she has "bug bites." Caring very little for the lack of development in that particular area of her body, the young woman is obsessive about her weight. Thanks to her mother she has it into her head that she is quite overweight. Toned, Ecco exercises more than what may be considered normal, or even healthy. Self-conscious, she believes herself to be anything but beautiful.

Her wear is exceedingly modest, and over the Turns has become more and more casual. Convinced that there is nothing that will make her appear any more feminine, she has settled into wearing over-jackets, more or less fancy shirts, and plain skirts. While she possesses pants it's not often that she wears them. Aware that pants may accentuate parts of her form, loose skirts are her go-to. Light shades (white) and darker shades (black) are what she can most often be found in. She doesn't consider herself to be particularly stylish, though she spends a fair amount of marks expanding or changing up her wardrobe. Tending to wear things once, and then never again, there is a grey button-down jacket of hers that she wears with just about everything. The article of clothing is a comfort to her, for, in her mind, it's the only thing she doesn't look terrible in.

Razanomalia, Minor holder's daughter - Mother
Ecorrose, Master healer - Father
Korrzalia, Dragon Candidate - Sister (15)

Purple Darcy [9c0990]

user posted image
<div class="tableborder"><div id="spoilertitles">Spoiler (Show/Hide)
<div style="display: none; background: url(http://i.imgur.com/r9cuC2R.png); padding: 10px;">A ittle bit timid and shy at first, this Purple tends to hide behind His in some way, shape or form when meeting new people; he relies on her to tell him who's okay to socialize with as far as not-flits go, and who isn't. This could go wrongly if someone earns her ire, because once an enemy, always an enemy where this Purple's concerned! It isn't to say he's aggressive towards them, he won't be, unless they get within range of his teeth and claws. He knows he can't misbehave, elsewise the hammer comes down on him, and the last thing he wants is to be without his person, so he does his best to make his irritations known on her behalf without any sort of bloodshed. His loyalties shift at random, but never to His; Ecco is HIS, and he won't let anyone mess with her, no matter how little or not he is.

A little bit of a ham when he's comfortable around people, he can easily be taught to retrieve things and master any handful of complex tricks; he's incredibly intelligent, just not that great at social situations with people he doesn't know, is all!</div></div></div>

Ecco, born to the name Eccokorazia, has had a rather... complex, if not frustrating, upbringing. Her mother, anal woman that she is, has never held back her criticism of her eldest daughter. In private, in front of family, in public, at events, the older woman has taken every opportunity to snub her daughter. Anyone looking on in, as an impartial third-party, would suggest that Razanomalia was jealous of her little girl. She had grown into a fine woman, and was far more independent than Razanomalia had ever managed to be. Having fallen into an arranged marriage-never able to speak up for herself lest she upset her father-Razanomalia sought to control the one thing she figured she could: her daughter.

Despite Razanomalia's fathers' status as a "minor" holder, he still acted as if he presided as Lord Holder over the whole of Pern. Having wanted sons, it was made clear to Razanomalia from the start that she was unwanted. Her mother always sent her away to practice her etiquette, and manners. Once she was of age, Razanomalia was auctioned off to the highest bidder-her current husband Ecorrose. Expected to bear children, Razanomalia fell into her role with a fair measure of disdain. She had never felt as if she had the love of her parents. Generational abuse, a common factor in the lives of many, was wrought upon Eccokorazia. The cycle was broken with Razanomalia's youngest...

Right from young Ecco was a rebellious child. She could tell that her mother cared very little for her, wishing only to have her fail at any and all dreams she sought to achieve. Ecco has lived for quite some time with her mothers ridicule. Being told she wasn't pretty enough, wasn't talented enough, or didn't possess the smarts required to achieve her goals eventually wore her down. It was not a wonder that the young woman became a rather detached, distrustful, independent, and otherwise critical human being.

In her first five Turns of life she sought nothing more than her mothers love. As an infant, she could not possibly comprehend her mothers hatred towards her. Her father, indifferent when it came to child-rearing, had a very minimal role in parenthood. The healer left the care of his children up to his wife. Little did he know how harsh, cruel, and downright abusive Razanomalia could be. Just like her mother before her, Razanomalia forced her daughter to take lessons in etiquette and manners. Expecting Ecco to be prim and proper, like a well behaved little princess, the woman was undoubtedly disappointed at realizing she had a savage child with a different plan for her own life.

By the age of ten Ecco had a complex. Aware that, for whatever reason, her mother could never love her, she developed into an introvert. Wanting only to be the best at everything, for her own sake, Ecco became aggressively competitive. Deciding that she was to be a dragonrider, because then she could finally escape her ties to her family-once and for all-Ecco desperately attempted to draw the attention of the Search dragons each time they came. It came to the point where they recognized her by name, and face, each time they passed over. She was not an eligible candidate for any of the clutches that graced their Sands, and so Turn after Turn she was left disappointed.

Apprenticing as a healer, for she truly desired to help people, Ecco found herself growing bitter and resentful of her craft. Try and try as she may her heart and soul was just not in it, and so, as her eighteenth Turn past, she was denied the opportunity to walk the tables. It wasn't until her twentieth Turn that she finally succeeded in attaining journeyman status. Even this her mother balked at, telling her daughter that she would never be half as good a healer as her father. It seemed that the older she got, the harsher her mother became.

It wasn't until her younger sister Korrzalia was born that her mother began to lighten up a little. She frequently demanded that Ecco be more like Korra. She compared her two daughters on a frequent basis, always painting Korra in a positive light while shaming Ecco. While Ecco bore no ill feelings towards her sister, Korra grew to hate her almost as much as her mother. When Korra was Searched, Ecco swore to herself she would find a way to leave her family behind. Ashamed of the fact that her fifteen Turns old sister would soon have a dragon while she had finally aged out at twenty-two, the young redhead started to devise other plans for her life.

Whers, a far easier target, became her focus. She announced that she was leaving for Dalibor Weyr, because that would be where she was most "needed." Her mother, calling her out for her incompetence and failure to make something of herself, cursed her name as she left the minor hold and never looked back. Regretting the fact that she hadn't left sooner, Ecco is hardly sure of what to expect once she arrives at the Weyr.

Adoption Preference: Transfer only ~

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Black Kayth [#17161e] - Impressed to Eccokorazia (Zane)

<div class="tableborder"><div id="spoilertitles">Spoiler (Show/Hide)
<div style="display: none; background: url(http://i.imgur.com/r9cuC2R.png); padding: 10px;">Personality:
To most, Kayth is a mystery. While he is not afraid to offer a sarcastic comment here or there, he is unconcerned with the affairs of others and prefers to move within his own circles. He is notably stoic, difficult to rouse to anger, and not easily impressed. Few are worthy of his public criticisms, let alone his compliments. However, his rider will get to know all of his facets including his private feelings on even the most simple of matters. She has earned his undying loyalty as he lives to serve her. She will find him to be a well-meaning if cynical partner in life, such as stating the poor odds of success not because he wants to depress everyone, but because he thinks they should take a different path altogether. The black is also incredibly honest to the point of being blunt and never holds back his opinions on what's going on around him. That said, this trait of his makes him a terrible liar which he is embarrassed to admit thanks to his aloof nature.

Kayth is an independent rebel and if he thinks he knows better than an authority figure he's not afraid to challenge them. He will often scold others if they fail to take his advice in an "I told you so, you should have listened to me" kind of way. The black is prone to sarcasm with a dry sense of humor. His rider will hear all of his sarcastic commentary which are not made with the intention to harm, but are simple observations in his mind. He will use sarcasm on his rider as well, albeit in a loving manner, because he would never do anything to hurt her including using critical words. Overall, the black's attitude is laid-back and he keeps his calm even under the most distressing circumstances. He is a rock that his rider can lean on when necessary and his sarcasm can be used defensively as well as humorously. He is selfless when it comes to his friends, including his rider, and he would do anything to protect them from harm. He is fiercely loyal and nothing can break a bond of his once made. Naysayers beware.

Kayth is a slender black with especially thin limbs yet a wide chest. His hide's base coat is jet black in color, but a dark purple-grey is revealed when he's underneath a light source. The black's form is streaked with grey markings from his snout to his tailforks and each is of a unique design with no discernible pattern. There are stripes and dots, crescents and vague rectangles, all marking him uniquely from his fellow blacks. His hide appears especially smooth, and when well-oiled, will be wondrous to touch. He is a beautiful creature as if he was designed underneath a master smith's hand, much of which will be attributed to his pretty yellow mother.

Kayth holds himself as if he is much longer than he actually is thanks to his self-confidence shining through despite his small size. Though he is as agile as a black can be, he moves stiffly, like he was made of metal rather than of organic materials. It makes for an interesting sight whenever he moves slowly.

Adult Length: 20'2"

Why Eccokorazia:
Kayth and Ecco have a shared sense of maturity as well as a disliking for authority figures. He's an independent black with a need for an independent rider and he will never see them chained under the will of another. While Ecco can hold back on her words, Kayth can be striking with his biting sarcasm, and she is sure to appreciate his honesty. All in all, I see Kayth as being someone Ecco can trust and love, but who won't shove her out of her comfort zone.

Fandom Information: Inspired by K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.</div></div></div>
 Posted: May 27 2017, 05:23 PM
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